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Kriselda's Memory Timeline

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Kriselda's Memory Timeline - Page Text Content

S: Making Memories: Kriselda's Memory Timeline

BC: Memories are worth the people and time we put into them... We are all blessed to have spent time with you, together... always...

1: This is dedicated to the girl who misses the good times and the good memories... here they are, waiting for you to remember them... Kriselda Bonifacio

2: Times...with Albert Jao Ignacio | Dearest Kriselda, It’s almost Christmas time :D It’s the most wonderful time of the year and this is going to be our 3rd Christmas knowing each other. Is that right .. ? *counts fingers* 2008, 2009, 2010 .. yeah, 3rd year already ^-^ The only difference between this year and the past two years is that we’re (although not officially) pretty much a couple. We’ve been through so much since we met, and every conversation we’ve had on AIM, every night we’ve talked on the phone late at night, and every time we got a chance to talk in person, whether it’s at a competition, VULCAN practice, cotillion practice, or wherever, allowed to us to get to know each other better and grow closer. It still amazes me how much we’ve been through and where we’ve ended up. I’m happy though, just so you know :] Every time I’m with you, I’m happy. I feel safe, comfortable, warm, loved, and just like I could be a complete dork without feeling stupid. Especially when I’m tired .. because you know how I am when I’m tired. I start talking nonsense and I start laughing a lot .. but you still laugh and you make me feel loved. Geez, just randomly thinking .. I love your hugs so much :D They seriously make me feel as if nothing can go wrong. The time I spend in your arms are just a time of bliss .. a time that I enjoy because I’m just happy and I don’t have a care in the world. I just forget about everything bad in my life and I start remembering the good things .. especially how lucky I am to have you. Your hugs always remind of me that [:

3: And now, on to memories :P I like this one in particular, because it was the very first time you told me you had feelings for me. You had courage telling me that straight up, but I’m glad you did. It gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside ^-^ | DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (11:28:06 PM): aren't you forgetting something you said you would tell me .. ? Kriz3lda (11:28:22 PM): ahah.. I thought you forgot.. -.- DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (11:28:33 PM): -_- Kriz3lda (11:28:46 PM): ok ok.. Kriz3lda (11:29:05 PM): so I'll just be straight about it Kriz3lda (11:29:12 PM): since you're pretty open with me about it Kriz3lda (11:29:38 PM): I hope this doesn't make a difference Kriz3lda (11:29:59 PM): but I kinda have feelings for you.. Kriz3lda (11:30:02 PM): kinda! Kriz3lda (11:30:05 PM): kay.. DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (11:30:20 PM): like what you said with me .. it's cool [: Kriz3lda (11:30:24 PM): you're too freaking easy to talk to! DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (11:30:32 PM): dont worry about it, okay? haha. Kriz3lda (11:30:35 PM): ahah Kriz3lda (11:30:36 PM): ok | This one was just random. I had no idea what a gerb was, haha. DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:57:00 AM): yeaah. but i still think you're gerb (in my terms: cute). haha. DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:57:06 AM): i still think that's what gerb means .. DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:57:08 AM): geez. Kriz3lda (12:57:24 AM): ahah Kriz3lda (12:57:35 AM): it's the other way around buddy =P DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:57:41 AM): im gerb? Kriz3lda (12:57:48 AM): yay! erik is coming on saturday! Kriz3lda (12:57:54 AM): yes, you are. DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:57:58 AM): which gerb? DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:58:01 AM): gerb gerb? or gerb? Kriz3lda (12:58:08 AM): I don't know the difference Kriz3lda (12:58:13 AM): lol DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:58:15 AM): me neither -.- Kriz3lda (12:58:18 AM): ahahaha DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:58:35 AM): haha, okay. now i just feel stupid >.< DeeJayDonkeyFo0 (12:58:39 AM): go to sleeep!

4: I’m so glad I saved these convos, so I could just look back on them and smile and laugh at our random/funny/serious moments together. Which reminds me .. it’s absolutely adorable when you have Totes talk [; (from text messages) "Bonifacio Kriselda" That does not prove you're innocent =P right totes? Totes: *in a judges uniform* awbert is gwuilty! :D (Mon, Jul 21 2:08am) "Bonifacio Kriselda" Heey! I know he's adorable, but don't tickle judge totes, he decides your fate ^-^' totes: *giggling* Yupp! awwbert put me down pweaase :D (Mon, Jul 21 2:14am) "Bonifacio Kriselda" *judge totes and I whisper, look at you for a quick sec, and start whispering again.* totes: *bangs his squeak toy hammer on the ground* awwbert ignashwio. My vwerdict is gwuilty, you aren't an inwoccent little boy anymore. D: (Mon, Jul 21, 2:27am) | And this one .. I’m took off your blogspot :P sorry ^-^’ Kriz3lda (9:50:08 PM): what's your definition of happy? LilpNoy10 (9:50:45 PM): the feeling you get when you know everything's going right. the feeling when you know that nothing can possibly go wrong at the moment .. ok so I was looking over some of the convos that albert sent me and those were just a few of my favorites =] the last one is my all time fav though, it's a really good definition! haha reading these convos again made me laugh, smile, think, and feel depressed all at the same time. weird huh? I feel like I'm looking at a yearbook or something. oh you know what I realized..? A.I. and K.B. are mentioned anywhere here, and neither is the house =[ oh well, maybe we'll get that one saved soon =D it's funny how those names came out haha XD it's 12:11. you know today started out like crap. kinda. I'm glad I can say I like the ending. btw. thanks for being there :] [LND ALL DAY YOU BITER] lol just kiddding. =]

5: Thinking about it now .. when I’m with you, I definitely fit that definition of happy. I feel as if nothing can go wrong. I feel completely at peace with the world. Kriselda, thank you SO much for everything .. thank you for putting up with my problems, thank you for taking the time to listen, thank you for being there for me, and just, thank you for being you [: Geez, as I’m typing this, more random memories come to mind ^-^’ haha. So at VULCAN practice (Sun. Dec 12th, 2010), when we were playing lava tag on the playground at Wardlaw and Jammie called you girlfriend, not gonna lie, that made me happy, haha. I know we aren’t officially going out .. but babe, it sure feels like it. I love you so much. No words can describe how I feel towards you .. but just know, you make me feel like the luckiest/happiest guy on Earth, so thanks [; I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years’ with all you family and everyone else you spend it with Over Christmas break we can finally just take a well-deserved break from school. You’ve been working hard lately. You deserve the rest, especially. Babe, thank you so much for everything, and I’ll talk to you soon :D Love, awbert. P.S. Thank you for choosing me to be your escort for your cotillion. I absolutely love dancing with you and spending time with you at all the practices. It’s hella fun [; P.P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays again! [= P.P.P.S. I love you :D

6: Heeey Kriseldaaa :] Remember the day we stayed on the phone for an hour or two? That was my most favorite memory with you! Even though it wasn’t in person, that was probably like the first time I spoke to you like that since you promoted from middle school! It made me think about how things were going to be from there on out and that we were still close friends even though we don’t talk as much as we do with other people. Remember when I told you about how I learned that you don’t talk to your close friends like everyone else? Well, THAT was the time I learned that haha. It probably isn’t a great memory to you, but it was for me :] I love you Kriseldaaa :D Joanna | Times spent with Joanna Lim

7: It's those random memories that are worth remembering...

8: Times and Memories with Jon Duldulao... | Dearest Kriselda, Our time together goes back to before I even knew you because I knew of you and I remember the first time I heard your name from Justin, I had to double take and hear your name again and realized that it was a name that would forever stick with me. Little did I know it would be meaningful 'til this day. | I miss you and think about you all the time but one of my fondest memories is actually one that may not even seem significant to anyone but myself. I remember coming back from tour and seeing you at Bethel already running stuff and truly stepping your leadership game up not only in what you were responsible for but also more than that! I remember (and still am) being extremely proud of you and so at peace knowing that one day the band was going to be put in your hands and that was fine with me since the potential I saw in you from the beginning has never failed to transform into talent and charisma. I pray that our paths continue to cross over time and everything you do in life brings you legitimate happiness because you wanted to be happy, not because you saw that you needed to do it for the better of others. I apologize for not being around anymore, countering what I promised to you but know that my spirit is always with you and as I inspired you back in the day, watching you from afar (non-creeper) keeps me inspired and driven as well. Continue showing those teeth to the world.

9: Cake and Sushi!

10: The things we do with others that's out of the ordinary always seem to be more extraordinary than anything else we can possibly think of... Those are good times...

12: I don't think I can narrow down to just one favorite memory with Kriselda. Every single one that I have had with her, have had an equal impact on my life. I've only been close with her for about a year, and yet, we've had so many memories together. I remember when we found out that Garrison was moving out of E103, and there was a possibility that there would be no choir for the 2010-2011 school year. Oh God, that was a sad day. We were being forced out of the room that we have practically lived in for 3 years. It may sound ridiculous, but we did cry. So much has changed between them and now. Back then, choir meant so much to us, and now, it's so easy for us to drop it. I don't think I'm even going to reminisce on any other memory with Sel. Instead, I'll just mention how much this girl means to me. I don't know what I would do without Kriselda. I've known her since freshman year, but I've only gotten closer to her during Junior year during McMoyler's class. Or maybe it was Sophomore year in Biology. I know that I can tell her anything and everything, and she'll give me her honest opinion. I also know that if I ever needed her, she'd be there to help. I don't know what I would do without her during choir with all of those underclassmen. She's my "co-minion." I love that although she may have read through a chapter over and over for a week, I can just walk into class learn from her summaries for 30 minutes, then end up receiving a higher grade than her on a test. Hahaha I think I would be lost without Kriselda afterschool. If it wasn't for her, I probably would not be as close to some of the band kids as I am. I love how laid back Kriselda is. Despite her relaxed attitude, she is a very determined and intelligent person, and I admire her for that. She is also extremely talented when it comes to writing, singing, playing instruments, drawing, and dancing. Honestly, I am jealous of her many talents. I love you Sel!(: | Times with Ellie Antonio...

14: Times spent with Jina Bayongan | Dear Kriselda, I just wanna let you know that you truly are the motherfucking best! You're always so bubbly, hopefully you stay that way. Haha You're always there for me whenever i'm crazy mad venting about crap that goes on, during choir, when I didn't do my Physics homework and lastly because you never judge me what so ever. I love how I can tell you things that I can't even tell Ellie. Ooooooh, I HELLA love how your straight up with everything instead of buttering things up when I ask you to be honest and junk. I am very thankful to have you as a friend. I hope the best for you in life with McLovin and in general of course.

15: You spend enough time with these guys... | Why not take time to think about the good times!!!

16: I remember freshmen year when I got a call at like midnight as she asked me to be her partner in Maggies quince haha. At this one practice, we had to do this drop where you let go of one hand and hold the girl still. Well the first time I did the dance with Kriselda, I let go of one hand and sure enough I dropped Kriselda flat on her back (on cement). My bad Kriselda! Bit even after that, I'll still never forget all the practices and dances with my partner that year! Hecka chill partner, and an awesome friend! | Good times with Steven Biasca...

17: Good times with Hannah Mae Lipa... | yo yo yo mizz bonifaciyooo, i have no idea if you remember this, but this is a very random memory i have of us. and this one goes back all the way to middle school when we were tiny little babuh 8th graders in mr. hunter's class.. (haha remember that man? coolest class ever) but anyway, i remember we were waiting for the bell to ring and idk why but i wanted to see your nintendo sp (LOL so old school dude) but you wouldn't let me and you kept hiding it from me all ninja status and what not, laughing at me cause i was hecka slow. lol, you had a good laugh that day and i had a good workout. oh and remember tamagachi's?? and how we'd sneak them under our desks and we'd be hecka obsessed with trying to "connect" with one another and having tamagachi children?? LOL. thooose were the days. :) well gee, time sure flies. you and i were humanities table buddies for 3 straight years in high school and every year, we always sat there and ate any kind of food we could get away with in that class.. then we'd sleep our heads off and stress over tests. haha oh good times, good times. just picture you and me stuffing our mouths every garrison period and we're good to go. :) love ya dude


19: This is what talent looks like... it's a great thing to look back on... | Why? Because you can say, "I was good at what I did... always..."

20: Times spent with Erik Gerolaga | Lil sis, No matter how I think about it, I can't believe how far we've gone and where we've gone in these past couple of years. I've been so blessed to have gotten you in my life that I'm unsure how to even choose one memory to talk about! I have so many memories that I cherish with you, all the talks we used to have, all the funny and hilarious things we've done, even all those times we spent just filling our stomachs with delicious food! I remember all the moments we had just talking and enjoy yourselves while you were away in Hawaii, and I still wish I could have gone myself! I need some Hawaii in my life, haha... There were even those times when we'd go to your house and just spin and what not, that one Masters' practice was pretty fun all on its own... and then there were those times where I'd get to spend time with you and Albert during those isolated cotillion practices where we'd just work alone, and yet, I still found it enjoyable... to be honest, when ever I was with you, I was always happy, because you always had a smile and thoughts that brightened my day, and you've always been there for me when I needed you. If there are any things I hope you always remember, it is that I will always be here for you, no matter what, and that I will always do my best to make you happy. I love you very much, you're like the little sister I never had, ESPECIALLY because I have a twin sister, so technically she's not my little sister haha! Still, there is one memory that came to mind... when we were talking about your dreams and I interpreted them for you, and you seemed so happy to know what kind of gentle and peaceful presence Albert had in your dreams, I'm pretty sure he still serves that purpose! Haha, anyway, thank you for always being a part of my life, I pray for the best for you always... in EVERYTHING you do! Love, your Kuya

21: Times spent with Myles Penaflor | KRISELDA! Well I’m not quite sure how you and I met but I think it was in Mr. Grout’s Geometry class! Ahah forgive me if I’m wrong. But yeah after that I didn’t really see much of you until my senior year. I remember when I wanted to join band you were like “TROMBOOONNEEEE JOIN THE BONE LINEEE!!!!” ahah and may I say that was probably the best decision I have made. First period was always crackin we never actually do anything but sit there and talk after YOU do your projects ahah. We all know me and greg and them hardly did any. As a section leader I think you did a pretty good job and look at you now Ms Drum Major. Ahah I am proud of you. We have had a lot of good times and you know that if you ever need anything you can come to me. =]. Remember BREAKFAST CLUB!? Ahahha everyday before 1st period hahah! And of course our crackin ass sectionals in that cramped room. You’re always a happy person unless you’re really frustrated and you have to be serious. But hey over all being able to hang out with you whenever we did was always fun. You’re aura rubs off on the people you’re with and you’re always smiling. Stay like that k? haha I promise once I get back from wherever the hell I might go I’ll hunt you down so we can hang out! And of course I’ll keep in touch. =] OH YEAH BEFORE I FORGET REMEMBER THAT DAY YOU GOT CAKED HAAHAH! And you were going to Vallejo high after? Ahah yeah I don’t think the bone line was sorry for doing that x] ahaha. I LOVE YOU KRISELDA! Sincerely, Myles

23: Times spent with Florence Malasan | Man, Kriselda's my home girl. I know that if there's ever a time when I need someone,I know I can turn to Kriselda. Her and I met through MySpace basically,and knew of her before that from competing against each other in middle school.I knew i would look forward to drumming with her once I got into high school,and by the time I got to bethel,we got pretty close.We can talk to each other about almost anything and everything, She really IS like the ateh i never had; we could talk about relationships, random stuff, drumline, guard, literally anything.we'd laugh all the time at all the stupids things happening around us and sing random songs stuck in heads at drumline practice.I'll always have those memories of my freshmen yr with her being a big part of it,I remember the car rides with her to comps with the gang in her parents' sequoia."Pass the veggie fries!" and "YOU HAVE COOKIES?!" are things you'd always here us say in the car."What happens in the car,stays in the car" was our rule.We all had some deep ass talks in that car,on our way to and from comps.I look up to her a lot with her leadership skills,pride,and motivation.I'll always support her and have her back through any situation.I appreciate everything that she has done for me,and I'm thankful to have such a great person like her in my life.

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