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Lex and her friends

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Lex and her friends - Page Text Content


BC: “Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends.” | "THE ELEVEN FOREVER"

FC: "The Eleven", and all the wonderful high school memories we shared

1: TO OUR LOVELY GIRLS This book is dedicated to you for all the wonderful memories that you have shared over the last four years. You have laughed, cried, been good & bad, and you have been through it together. We will miss you all when you go, but know that we will always be here if you need us. When you are feeling sad or just need a good laugh, we hope you will pull out this book & remember all the good times. This is mine and your parents gift to you. We love you, Jeanne & all your other mom's We hope you enjoy!

2: Paintball for Alexa's 15th Birthday | September 2008 | Do you remember the "hot" boys

3: Let the good times roll. Do we need to say more. . . . | Smile ladies

4: We're livin' life and loving every minute of it!

5: Thanksgiving Break San Diego 2009 Alexa, Danielle, Natalie, Nicole & Tory | Excuse me, is the fish & chips- Chicken? or Fish?

6: Life experiences are always better when you share them with your best friends!

7: Enjoy life and always make sure you put your mark in the sand . . . | Another successful journey! | Makin our mark

8: Dear "the eleven", WE DID IT!! I am so happy that I found a group of friends like you to go through high school with. You all mean the world to me and I wouldn't have made it without you. No matter what, I know you will always be there for me and never judge me. We’ve always had fun when we were with each other, whether we were laying around watching movies, or dancing on tables and taking shots :) I'm going to miss each and every one of you so much and I know I will never find anyone to replace you. Alexa, You always opened your home to all of us and I gained 20 pounds because of it! Alyse, You brought me into the group and then tried to kill my fish. Danielle, I’ll always know who to call when I need to go out and get something to eat or watch Desperate Housewives. Frances, You crazy bitch- it was so much fun playing Snooki & Deena. Katie, You better become a plastic surgeon because I need a boob job! Kerry, I was never able to find anyone to replace you on those cheer bus rides or find someone who truly understands how bad that whore makeup really is. Nicole, Dikes on bikes for life! Shelby, Every time I eat Honey Baked ham I will remember our Easter trip to one will ever know. Tori, I’ll miss our Sunday walks with Cooper/yogurt dates- after a crazy weekend. I love you all with all of my heart and thank you for making high school the best time of my life. I can’t wait to see where life takes us all and I know we will still be best friends through everything. PS "The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in." Love always, Natalie

9: Bffs forever | I love ya! | Stuck together like glue | "Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together"

10: It's just another day of dress-up and fun for these ladies

11: Uh huh bring it on - girlfriend | Nat . . . nice fly boys hat | Alyse you are one hot mama! | Hey baby want a kiss

12: Woo hoo Party at BJ and AJ's house. Ruby Hill here we come! | Let the party begin!

13: We may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly, but let us never lose sight of the reason for the journey or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way. Gloria Gaither | Sisterly Love | Do we have to take another picture? | Good things come in three's | Say cheese!

14: Sophomore Homecoming Dance at Alexa's House October 2008 | Let's start making great memories | Girls just want to have fun! | What a line up. . . Here we come boys

15: Sometimes you meet people who forget you. Sometimes you forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are called your 'friends.

16: The dance wouldn't be the same without the boys. . .

17: All about Trevor and Allen You go baby!

18: Don't I have a cute date? | No way mine is cuter | Sorry I win, mines the cutest | A look at our beautiful crowd

19: What is Friendship A friend is someone you hold dear: Someone who is alway there, through thick and thin; and is only a phone call away. A friend is someone you can alway rely on: Someone to share your thoughts with;, who will listen, no matter what the subject. A friend is someone you can trust: Someone who will guard your deepest secrets; and who will never let you down. A friend is someone who is not judgmental: Someone who will gently offer advice and opinions, Yet, someone who is not overbearing or critical. A friend is someone who shares unconditionally: someone to laugh and to cry with; Someone to lean on, through both the good and the bad. A friend is someone you choose wisely, For a friend is your own mirrored image: Someone to compliment your own self; Someone who indicates who you are as a person. A friend . . . is what you are to me.

20: Halloween 2008 We're gonna catch ourselves some ghosts and gobblins | One hot Kitty - MEOW | There's that missing 11 | Teddy anyone?

21: We are HOT... | Gotta love the one your with

22: It's been four long years, and we're still as close as can be. I think we would all be lying if we said high school was full of no drama, and just straight loving moments... But from all the drama, and all the "un loving" moments, it made our group strong, and unlike a lot of the other groups REAL. Staying together for four straight years is something we should all be proud of. We all truly went out of our way to make sure we would all be at peace, and at the end of the day, we all knew, no matter what happened, we ALWAYS knew we had each other. These four years were just the beginning to this amazing friendship we all have together. Although we are not all going to be in the same town anymore... No distance is going to be far enough to break us apart, no doubt about that. I have memories with you guys that I will be laughing about when I'm eighty years old. Dancing on tables being freshman thinking we're the shit... (which let's face it... we were... did you guys see any other freshman going to 08-09 parties... no EXACTLY ;) ) Sophomore year when we got risky and started throwing parties at our own houses... Junior year when we just went absolutely crazy... and now senior year... a year that we've all realized that it's our last year we will all be going to the same school together. Although it's heart breaking, I think we can all say we did an AMAZING job living it up, and making the best memories with the time we had. I know we are supposed to be writing about memories, and fun times... but honestly, there are just too many! You know I love each and every one of you girls... Can't wait to visit, and go on some crazy adventures with you next year. This next chapter in our lives is about to be insane, but at least we all know we will always have each other.... I guess what this letter really means is .... Thank you for an amazing four years of school... I LOVE YOU. Shelby Terschuren <3

23: Congratulations to our next USA Gymnastics Olympic Team

24: Celebrating Alyse and Shelby's 16th Birthday Casa Orozco Style November 2008 | Wow! There were actually 11 of them - Shhh - don't tell

25: Can you say TEQUILA does a body good

26: What's harder than gettin in, is stayin in - gotta feel the love | Our future is sooo bright, we gotta wear shades | How many of us do you think we can fit into this photo?

27: You girls are lookin lovely | It just keeps gettin better | Nice hat Tory kisses to you babe!

28: Tory I'm soo much stronger than you | Yeah dude good luck with that | Bring it on babe | Hey Nat, watch out here I come | I gotcha babe | Tory you go girl

29: Hey baby I'm late to catch my plane to Russia | Who's the STAR now! | Can't touch this | When our days were so crazy people thought we were high. When our days were so bored we laughed so hard we cried. Remember all our inside jokes and saying “remember when”. These are some of the reasons we will always be the best of friends.

30: Dear my eleven <3, Where to even start, we have been through so much together I honestly don’t know where I would be without you guys. It’s weird to think we have only been “the eleven” since sophomore year because I feel like we have been friends for so much longer. Yeah we fight and bicker, but we’ve always managed to get through it. It’s probably because we are all like sisters and that’s just what sisters do. We have so many memories together. I will always remember my house as the house that we’d always go to and just eat, Franni’s house as the house that we’d go to and play table topics (or kings ;) ), and Katie’s house for taco night. I will never forget all the times we dressed up just for fun, whether it was putting on all my leos or dressing up to go TP someone’s house (ahem Tory ;) ).Tahoe and Tulloch were two of the best trips I have ever been on, even though the boys abused us by Brian giving Kerry a fat lip and Zach landing on Franni’s knee. ‘Like a G6’ will always remind me of Tahoe and I could never forget going sledding down the snow hill that the boys made. I could go on and on with memories but I’m just going to go through everyone one by one and do it there. Tory; you are always the one with the biggest smile on your face. You know how to make everyone laugh and I can always go to you for advice. You make the best facial expressions that never get old. I will never forget our SLO trip togetherwhat would I have done without you ;).You are going to do amazing next year on the swim team, I can’t wait to come visit ASU to see you :). Frances; I’m going to miss the Francastle so much :(. We have had so many good memories in there. Even though you got grounded for almost a year, those nights at your house will always be some of my favorites. Remember when you guys tried to cut down the treehaha. Along with the Francastle comes the Shack, AKA where we hopefully will be practically living this summer. By the end of summer we better have the Busta Rhymes part of ‘look at me now’ memorized. You’re going to have a blast at UofA! Danielle; I will miss our long drives to nowhere. I will never forget the night you and Natalie took me to Finkles house, honestly one of the best nights of my life. I’m still wondering who Kenny is to this day haha. I’ll always remember the night you had people over and we made it a “hat” party. Remember when we were in my mom’s closet playing Ouija board and it said Jon was coming home the next day. We didn’t believe it because it was true and we kept asking it to show us a sign, but then later that night when I was sleeping my A fell off my shelf and broke right near my head. . . and the next day Jon ended up coming home! Soo creepy. I’ll miss you when you go to SB.

31: Alyse; Nappy Infant, I will never forget that time we all went to the park by your house and played mud football with everyone or during the summer when we played football at Amador with just us girls. I will always remember your great dance moves and your amazing acrobatic skills. NEVER will I ever forget your love/obsession for cats, not going lie you made me like them more :). Even though you are staying home, you best be coming to SD all the time to visit :). Natalie; you are one of the funniest people I have ever met. My favorite memory of you will always be Reno when you turned into Natalia, and convinced yourself you were getting married. You were a riot that night! Or when we went to San Diego and went to the restaurant where you asked if fish n chips was fish or chicken and our waiter completely called you out on it haha. Also when we were in San Diego when you got so mad at Nicole, Tory, and I that you threw water on us haha. I hope it’s still not too soon to bring that up. You are going to do great at Boulder next year, it’s the perfect school for you! I can’t wait to come see you! Kerry; we have had so many memories together I don’t even know which ones to talk about. I’ll never forget all our dates we went on out to dinner, especially Panera. I’ll always remember the time we were walking back home to my house and we started rolling you down the hill haha :). I’m really going to miss not having a cuddle buddy next year :(. That just means I’m going to have to visit SF all the time :). Shelby; you always have all of our backs and are always there to stand up for us. I will never forget your crazy ways of doing things and just living life your way. You better come visit next year! Nicole; since third grade, we’ve always been close. I will never forget all the trips we’ve taken together or that one time in the hot tub when you had your swimsuit on backwards and switched it in front of Trevor and he freaked out haha. I’ll always remember our visits to SLO and San Diego and how much fun they were ;). I can’t believe we are staying together next year and I know we’re going to have an amazing time :) (can’t wait to become bff’s with Zach next year. Katie; remember when we slept on your trampoline and nearly froze to death, or when we wanted to go tping so we pretended like we were on a scavenger hunt and knocked on people’s doors telling them that we were in a competition and toilet paper was the last thing we needed. You are going to do amazing at Claremont next year and I can’t wait to come visit you :). I am going to miss you all so much next year. I love you all and will never forget all the memories we shared <3. Love Alexa

32: Our Sophomores at Junior Prom 2009 "I get by with a little help from my friends." John Lennon

33: Our Sophomores at Senior Ball 2009 Celebrating the joys of life with my friends by my side

34: Kickin it in Santa Cruz Summer of 2009 | Life is never lonely when you've got your friends | It's so good to be us

35: Treasure the moments that are made... hold on to the memories that you want to stay... Treasure the friends dearest to your heart... and know that a friend is never worlds apart

36: A fabulous trip to the city for Natalie's 16th birthday September 2009 | What a beautiful group

37: Happy 16th Reaching 16 is a milestone, a happy point in life. You've set your personality and your tolerance for strife. By now you know right from wrong and how to influence friends. It’s time to look down the road at forks and around the bends. The road ahead is wonderful, some choices will be clear. Your path depends on bravery so push aside your fears. When you chose this way or that, slow choices or if snappy, make the choices best for you, the ones that make you most happy.

38: May 20, 2011 Dear “The Eleven,” I don’t even know where to begin. The past four years have been amazing, crazy, and unforgettable. I have become so close with all of you and my high school experience just would not have been the same without you all in it. The nine of you are like sisters to me and I will always remember the late nights, drunken heart-to-hearts, and the weird things we’ve done together. I first started hanging out with you ladies freshman year on the weekend of BJ’s black party and since then we have been inseparable. Whether it was going out or watching movies at someone’s house, we always found a way to have a good time. Freshman summer was a blast, but it was nothing compared to sophomore year. If I were to say sophomore year was crazy, that would be an understatement. The night we had a party at Fran’s was possibly one of the best nights of my life (even though Jiggy was thereI’m glad I started a rumor about her). From there you guys helped me through some pretty bad relationships (I can really pick em ;) and showed me that no matter what I would always have a shoulder to cry on. Looking back, it seems as if junior year flew by. Lovefest would have to be the one event that stood out the most. I’d love to elaborate, but to be honest, I don’t remember much about it other than it was the most fun I’ve ever had. Going to Tahoe that winter was one of the best trips I have ever been on and I don’t think I’ll ever forget Nat screaming, “Look at it!” from her bunk bed, hiding Pope’s fan from her, or the moose we decorated. As senior year comes to a close it’s difficult for me to think about what next year will be like without you all. Graduating is just too bittersweet; I can’t wait to go to college, but at the same time I don’t want to move away from the people I love. You nine are truly an amazing group of girls and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I wasn’t an eleven<3. Love Always, Katie/Kath/Kathybday

39: The Beginning of Junior Year

40: Junior Homecoming at Alyse and Shelby's house October 2009 Truly a night to remember

41: Friends that will always lend a shoulder | One Beautiful group

42: Halloween 2009 Party at Natalie's House You thought we were gobblin's last year, you just wait!

44: The Girls Show Their Team Spirit!

45: GO DONS!

46: Tahoe Trip Thanksgiving break 2009 Just the start of many memories

47: Champagne toasts, dancing on the tables and sledding down the driveway - oh and lets not forget the boys and great friends!! | What happens in Tahoe . . . stays in Tahoe!! | Let's not forget the moose!

48: Celebrating 1920's Day December 2009 It's moments like these that will be painted in our memories forever | Franni, I wish I could wear this outfit every week | Hey Shelby, we have matching bows! | Tory oh Tory where are you? | Dang. . . Nats always showing us up by standing out in red!

49: OK . . . who forgot to tell Shelby to wear her black jacket? | Nat, 1920's day is my very favorite day | Lex, so glad we could be twins | Dang, I forgot to wear my purple skirt

50: Dearest sisters/friends/lovers, It's amazing to look back at these past years and try to remember all of the memories we share together. These memories are a way for me to hold on to things I love, the things who make me who I am, and the people I never want to lose. We have laughed, cried, slept, complained, convinced, fought, and made-up together, but mostly we have grown together. We have grown to be one big family, and although our family consists of just girls, I think we do a pretty good job at keeping each other in check ;) if I had to say so myself this is how our family would lay out - Nicole - the mother / Queen of everyone :) Alexa - the helpless little baby :) Kerry - the ghetto fab, says whats on her mind gal :) Frances - the most innocent :) Alyse - the athletic little cat lady :) Katie - the brains :) Danielle - the one that lives in her own world..... Haha but the craziest! :) Shelby - the one to stick up for everything she believes in! Natalie - the little princess/ HILARIOUS one :) It's crazy to think that our high school days are finally over. All of these girls, through the good and bad times, have helped shape me into the person I am today. No matter what, I will always remember some of the craziest and happiest times of my life, I was lucky enough to share with these girls. No one knows what it was like to have been in the "eleven" in highschool! Haha. All of the rumors about us hating each other behind our backs were completely false this whole time. Our friendship is stronger than any other group of friends! I love you ladies :) and always remember - wherever you be, wherever you may, seek the truth, strive the beautiful, and achieve the good! I hope our friendship last for a lifetime ladies <3 <3 Tory Marilyn Houston PS - the only thing harder than getting in, is staying in ;)

51: It's all about the kisses!

52: WE ARE FAMILY - I've got all my sister's with me

53: It's Love Fest. . . Aren't we lovely? | We R M&M's Halloween October 2010 | Partying is so tough. Bedtime for baby's

54: True Friendship Me and You Are True Friends . . . When You Fight, I Fight . . . When You Hurt, I hurt . . . When You Cry, I Cry . . . If You Jump Off a Bridge . . . I’m Really Gonna Miss Your Dumb Ass!

55: Mirror, morror on the wall . . . Who's the prettiest girls of all | I got you babe | You sexy things . . . LOL

56: When we hang out together, the world seems a lot brighter. Summer 2009 | Jungle book has entered the building

57: Nicole's 17th birthday A sunny day at Kottinger with the girls

58: “Best friends are like four leaf clovers, hard to find and lucky to have”

59: Dear the eleven, Where do I even begin writing when I’ve had four years with all you crazy bitches! One of my first fondest memories with some of these girls made me realize they were going to be keepers for a lifetime. When I first starting hanging out with Kerry and Tory I remember after leaving Tory’s office Kerr and Tor both called me and Tory just simply asked, “ can we just be best friends, me and Kerry just really want it to happen” I will never forget how happy that made me and after that things just kept falling into place. It certainly took some time to weed out all the bad seeds in our group. I think we all know what I mean when I say this! And you guys, we honestly will never escape her because I see her literally everywhere >.< Hands down the two best trips of my life was when we went to Tahoe and to lake Tulloch. With popping nine bottles of champagne in one night to Liz singing SHOTS on karaoke and dangerous sledding in Tahoe and Kerry getting a fat lip! Oh and obviously dressing the moose up! Then to the last gasp at the lake and being iced every second! I loved and cherished every moment. I hope till we are all old grannies we still do big group trips and yes with the moms too because they are part of the eleven as well ;) I think it is safe to say we have the best group of girls that anyone could ask for. Each of us have a different bond with one another that no one outside of this would ever be able to understand, and I would never wish to share with anyone else it just wouldn’t compare. The times we have all shared together and even the hardships we have been through not only grew a stronger friendship but also have only brought every one of us closer together as a family to lean on and always be there for one another. Before I had friends like you all I was very shy not very outgoing and very insecure and didn’t know how to stand up for myself. Each and every one of you has taught me something that I am very grateful for. Kerry has taught me that everyone else is a peasant so it does not matter what I say or do the people who matter are going to love me for me. Nicole and Katie both have taught me to be strong and come forward with what I am feeling. Lex and I are a lot alike so I am grateful I know someone will always understand how I am feeling. Nat Danielle and Shelby have taught me to come out of my comfort zone and have a blast. “Paparazzi please!” Franni and Tory have given me the gift to live carefree, TRINAA! Without all of you I have no idea where I would be today. All together you guys have made me who I am and who I want to be in the future. I will love you all forever and always! The bond we have now I know people say once you go to college it changes but I know for sure ours will not. We are all sisters and I will never let go of this. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder:) and while I sit here and watch each and every one of you one by one go off to college I will say goodbye with some tears but I know it will only be temporarily for the future holds great things for each of us and will certainly bring us all back together for every holiday, summer vacation, and special occasions. Oh and when I come and visit all you crazy people, I love you guys!!!!! Till death do us part. Literally. I expect us all to end up at the same home when we are older sipping our tea together saying remember back in the day<3 So much love, Alyse Terschuren

60: Can you say PARTY! Summer 2010 | Who knew Brian had the dance moves | Love my girl Nat! | Hey dude we're trying to watch the game | Nat - Get off the damn phone, we have a pic to take

61: Life's just better when you share it with friends | Let the party begin!! | Hangin with the boys

62: Here we come! | "I get by with a little help from my friends"

63: Girls, you're lookin HOT! | Don't worry, BE HAPPY! | Life is gooood . . . | YO babe! | Yes we're a 10 count them 10

64: Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

65: Though we will be apart you will always stay close to my heart. . . You are only a text away. Friends for a lifetime.

66: All about Kathy and Franni | Franni there's Santa | Luv yur sweater... | KT . . . Say cheese

67: Dear The Eleven, Or should I say the “ten”? Ever since our best friend Julia left us, I really think that we have never been the same NOT! Truly though, these four years of high school have been quite the ride! And I can honestly say that we have grown from freshman babies to senior ladies! Remember freshman year when sneaking out was the best way to have fun on the weekends? And sophomore year, that night we will never forget- the party at my house that ruined the rest of my year. Ha. Ha. Why did we think it was okay to have about 20 people sleep over?! So nave! “Katie, why did you start a rumor about me?” “Because you stole my alcohol!” That will never get old. How about junior year, the best day of our lives that we will never forget, Love Fest 2010! Or should I say never remember? It’s so sad that we will never get to relive that day. And this year, senior year, has had too many memories to pin point the best one. It’s mind-blowing to think that soon enough, we are going to be traveling our own paths, after we have all taken that same wild and crazy path together to get us to where we are now. To be honest, I feel bad for any other group of girls graduating high school because I don’t think they have the same memories that we have. It’s very rare to find the friendships that we have! It’s going to be hard for all of us to make a whole new set of friends when we step off to college because we’ve become so spoiled and accustomed to the group we have now. I know I will have a new group of friends, but it’s sad to think that I won’t have the daily conversation about butthole because of Nicole, someone to make their booty clap like Natalie, the crazy over-excited facial expressions like Tory, The taco nights at Katie’s house, a cat obsessed friend like Alyse, the hilarious friend that is not afraid to admit she’s a bitch like Kerry, someone to constantly be looking for because they disappeared, like Pope, A house to always go to and eat an insane amount like Alexa's, and I definitely won’t meet someone with the unique laugh like Shelby’s. I also know for certain that I won’t have a group of friends that the whole entire school has given a nickname. I will miss you all so much in your own different ways, and I will miss the careless high school years that we went through! But like we always say- You only live once, but when you live like us, once is enough! Love you girls! Love, Franni

68: Alexa's 17th birthday August 2010 at Lake Tulloch | Live life in the moment | We rock at beer pong | KT the vest is lovely | Oh the stranded moments!

69: Captain Bri-Bri | Who's the dumb ass who jumped? | Tan lines suck, sure we can't go topless. Uh oh there goes Liz - CANNON BALL!!

70: shots, shots, shots, shots, SHOTTTTZZZZZZZ!!!!!! | Happy Birthday Lexi Loo

71: It\s all about Tory and Alyse A friend is someone who shares unconditionally: Someone to laugh and to cry with; Someone to lean on, through both the good and the bad. A friend is someone you choose wisely, For a friend is your own mirrored image: Someone to compliment your own self; Someone who indicates who you are as a person. A friend . . . is what you are to me.

72: Junior Prom May 2010 Pictures at Alexa's and off to the Party | Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman | Junior Prom Beauties

74: “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” This group has forever changed my life.

75: When you need a friend, just call my name and I'll be there.

76: Dear "Eleven", Freshman year......damn that was so long ago and Soooooo much has changed!! The memories, the laughs, the fights, the cries, and Here we still stand closer than ever. I never knew coming into high school I'd be lucky enough to meet 9 amazing people who are so much like myself, yet completely opposite. I also never thought I'd graduate high school with 9 new sisters ;) (neither did my mom) we can definitely say we've been through it all together and we still have much more to come. I honestly believe we will stay Friends forever because it's very rare that u find people who get along (kinda) as well as us (some more than others ;)). I have no idea what I'd do without you guys your seriously my sisters for example during the every 15 minutes I really felt it hit us all really hard. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do without you guys next year it's gonna be a crazy change in all of our lives but I know we'll all keep in touch, and it will be just that much better when we all reunite and visit each other! Love you all to death <3 -Pope '#7' ;)

77: All about Shelby and Danielle | Smile for the camera | Big kisses to you

78: First Day of Senior Year The beginning of the last year! August 2010 | We're King of the hill! | We rule the school | Seniors Rock

79: Say cheese. We are sooo out of here. | Woo Hoo! Seniors finally

80: Halloween 2010 AT NAT'S HOUSE tHE PARENT'S HEARD it was A PARTY TO REMEMBER! The question is ... do u remember?

81: Party out of bounds | BOO!!

82: did we hear the police paid a visit?

83: “Yesterday brought the beginning, , tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.” Everyone always says high school is the best time of your life; the place you start to experience life and make friendships that will last forever. I remember going into freshman year so ready to find out what the ‘best 4 years of my life’ would be like, and thinking like okay when’s it gonna happen?! Freshman year went by like a blur. A bunch of awkward 14 and 15 year olds trying to figure out what group of friends they belonged in. Sophomore year came around and all ten of us seemed to find each other. That year was filled with hanging out with older kids, driving around without our year’s up, certain parties that f’d some of us over LOL but most of all, it was the year that really brought us all together. Junior year was when the slore Jiggy was finally gone. We had the whole going out thing down and we all seemed to be closer than ever. I’ll never forget all the times though when we could just all hang out and be close that year; when we didn’t NEED something to go on to have fun. Then we reached senior year. I think it came faster than any of us had anticipated, and now that it’s practically over, the reality of our high school experience is really setting in. I think we’ve all seen from other groups at our school that it’s hard for 10 girls to actually be good friends, but we also know how many ups and downs it has haha. Through it all though we’ve made it out alive, and I’ll never forget all the experiences that we’ve had and how I love each of you for so many different reasons. Aleasy- you and I are similar in far too many ways...from getting sick of our annoying boyfriends;) to keeping everything inside and hiding all our problems; I know you’ll always be there for me to talk to just like I’ll always be there for you <3. Alexa-starting out as the new girl in 3rd grade to now.I think you’ve made it quite far;) I can’t wait to go to San Diego and have more moments peeing our pants laughing over nothing like we have ever since we were 8 <3. Danielley- I’ll never forget the first time we hung out with Ronnie and Tyler hahaha! Or how we wallowed in my guest bedroom for like a full 24 hrs just watching True Life of the American Teenager;) you’re the most laid back hilarious bz ever and I hope you go to SB so you’ll be closer <3. Frannii- “I’m from Jersey so I walk fast.” LOL shot down the first time I ever talked to you in 6th grade :/ hahah I admire both your creativity and how you’re always able to stay calm in any situation. Be ready for me to come visit my would’ve been school lots next year so we can go cuhhrazy <3. Katie-we met when we were 5 years old and automatically knew we were gonna be BFFs;) our sarcasm and blunt comments that some people don’t understand are what make us so perfect for each other <3 hehe. Kerry- the best head scratcher in the league;) along with being the one who’s never scared to keep it realSF fits you so well boo <3. Natalie-in all honesty you’re the realest bitch I’ve ever met. You’re so kind and generous to the ones you love but you’re not afraid to say what needs to be said. I have way too many memories with you and you better be expecting just as many visits to Boulder as I am from you to San Diego <3. Shelby- I love that no matter what, through any ups or downs I know you would be there for any of your friends. We’ve had our times butting heads but I think we both know how much we love the other and I’ll never forget any of our crazy times we had together cause it was always an adventure <3. Tory- “Where’s my shoe?? I can’t find my shoe!!!’s in the bed” hahhaha ever since freshman year<3 I love you my lil baby torr and even though we had our ups and downs before, I’ll always be there for you and I know you will be there for me too<3. As we all go off on our separate paths, I hope we never forget all the amazing times we’ve had. I love you all to the moon and back <3. “You have the brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go. Lov Nicole

84: Homecoming 2011 When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. We are family!

86: Ain't it good to know that you have a friend in me

87: It's all about the shoes . . . | Your future's in your hands

88: It takes two babe . . . It takes two babe . . .

89: Me and You!

90: It's all about Kerry & Alexa A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious, and that my friend is you. | You and me against the world | I'll always be here for you

91: Dear eleven, well actually ten but who’s counting? 4 years ago we were 14 years young and now most of us are young adults except for the babies of the know who you are;) my point is that we have grown so much over these past 4 years not only as individuals but together as a group. Of course we have our times when we want to rip each other’s heads off and those times where we love each other so much people look at us like we are crazy! So let’s take a little trip back to the younger days Freshman year oh boy where to start! Coming from all different middle schools I’m sure you guys were just as nervous as me about making friends and keeping friends, if not then this is embarrassing and I was a loser. I’m so thankful that all of us found each other though, without you guys who knows where I would be! I don’t remember much about freshman year except for being the only freshman group to sit not under the freshman tree and sit where we could almost see the seniors and the quad, that’s where it all began... wither it was standing while eating our lunches (why did we ever do that?) or launching pizza across the table smacking someone in the face... some things just never change. Sophomore year hahahah here goes nothing. This was our year to find out the true meaning of friendship. Everyone always says don’t trust anyone in high school because everyone’s fake well we definitely figured that out by the end of the year. Trust is a word that our group now doesn’t take very lightly since we believe everything happens for a reason I’m glad these opportunity’s came so we can share these experiences together and learn from them. And of course this was our year to be named “The eleven” basically to wrap up sophomore I can only say the only thing harder than getting in is staying in. Junior year damn did we party! Although junior year was the year to stay the most focused on school we quickly learned how to balance partying and studying:) personally I think this was our year when we started becoming extremely close! We were always together all of us every weekend every movie night and those are the times I’ll miss the most. Of course just like every other year there was drama but we moved on and grew stronger and that’s what people don’t see about us! Senior year remember how excited we were about being seniors and thinking we can finally do all of the cool activities that only seniors got to do? I can’t tell you how a many shirts we made or how many signs we made just about being the best because we were the oldest, man that felt great;) senior year has gone by so fast from the beginning our problem was getting “the” lunch table and well we got that to the end when we needed the front row of senior panoramic got that too. Everyone in the school seems to think they know us by now but honestly they have no idea! Do they know we fight like sisters? Do they know we don’t always party? Do they know we can just be sitting around on a Friday night with our friends talking and have it be one of the most memorable moments of the year? I can tell you right now NO ONE knows but us and that’s all we need, if we believe in each other then we can be any one we want to be! It’s funny how everyone labeled us “the eleven” and actually thinks we number each other. Come on people we aren’t robots we don’t talk to each other like “ hey number 4 wana go see a movie with numbers 6, 7, & 8?” but what’s the best thing about our group is we can always take the negative and turn it into a positive with laughter and that’s truly what friendship is! From freshman babies to senior ladies we have all grown up together but now its time for us to take a little break from each other and explore the world through our own eyes. I am SO proud to say I was one of the eleven and I don’t have a doubt about it! I love you guys with all my heart I will never forget any of you because we were all like sisters and family is forever<3 this is not a good bye but more like a see ya later! Lots of love your best friend,Kerr

92: Senior Ball May 21st, 2011 Alexa's house before a beautiful night sailing on the bay

93: "Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts. and we are forever changed."

94: We're gonna party like rock stars . . .

95: Senior Cut Day at Lake Don Pedro after Senior Ball May 2011

96: Don Pedro will never be the same. . . There must be a reason we can't find all the pictures!

97: A wonderful end to a fabulous Senior year!

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