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Lynn Blank

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FC: All That We Love About Lynn

1: You never really lose anybody you have loved. No matter what may separate you-time, distance, the relationships that preceded or may follow this one, even death-the love you shared and the soul you encountered through that love is yours forever in your heart. Every person you have loved has changed you. What you have become because of loving them is how they will be with you always. A relationship may come to an end. But love is eternal. You will never lose anyone whom you have truly loved. Daphne Rose Kingma

2: Passing the toilet brush torch

3: Fantasy Football

4: I am so blessed to have had Lynn in my life - even if just for 5 years. She was so amazing, but so humble about it. She had that unique quality that not many have - to be your mother, sister, and best friend...all rolled into one. She made anyone near her feel special. She took the time to care for and about others. And it showed in her actions. I hope she knows how much she meant to me...to ALL of us. She truly had a heart of gold. I will carry her with me in my heart. She was there for me when I needed her especially recently with my father. I will never forget her and I only hope that I can do her memory justice. I will never look at a rack of clothing the same again. I will think of Lynn every time I hear "Just the Way You Are" or when I have a frosty. I love you Lynn! You will be missed! Janelle Walton I will remember Lynn's vibrancy for life and her smile. She always had a smile on her face and a warm welcome for everyone. She loved her family deeply and spoke highly of her children and Jim. She was very proud of all of you. Thank you Lynn for your warm spirit that will live on through the lives you touched. Fondly MIchelle Dahlke The trait I admire the most about Lynn was her clear vision of priorities. Her Faith and Family guided her through life and positively affected all decisions made. You are my role model that I turn to whenever in doubt. Affectionately Mary Kay Norman Lynn, I will miss all our wonderful discussions of your DC adventures. It was a blast working with you. Ron Niesing | It always touched me how involved and dedicated Lynn was with her kids. I used to tell her weekly at least that they were so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and tried often to get her to adopt me! I will miss her daily rounds of Good Mornings and pleasantries. I looked forward to seeing her smiling face and great outfits every morning. Lynn was always so concerned about how she made other people feel by her actions; I hope she realized how wonderful she really did make everyone feel. I love hearing about her adventures to D.C. to see Beth and shopping for "pencil skirts" with her. Lynn was always so excited when she was going to see her kids, especially when it was going to be all of them together. She had me cracking up one day when she was talking about Jim putting up the Christmas light display. You could just tell that she was so in love with him and every little aspect of his personality. I think it was even more funny when she talked about him and Andy taking them back down again. I loved seeing Lynn smile and laugh when she told funny stories. She had me laughing so hard I was crying when she retold her story of slipping in the mud at a Madison festival while visiting Maggie. I think we often try so hard to find out why God decides to take someone away that we love so much; instead, I will focus on the love that they stirred and nurtured in our own hearts and anticipate reuniting with them again someday. Katie Erickson

9: Lynn was an amazing friend and a "Mom" away from home for me. She always was concerned about me and wanted to know how things were going in my life. Whenever my car was getting fixed, she would pick me up and take me home from work. Every Monday she would ask if I had a date over the weekend and if I did...how it went. She was a tough competitor in Fantasy Football, and introduced me to Beth and "Tini Tuesdays" at Top Hat. When my Grandpa was ill, she always asked for updates on how he was doing. When my brother got married she asked for the latest on the wedding planning. When I went on vacation, she was one of the first to want to see pictures upon my return. One of my favorite stories Lynn told me was about a festival that she went to with her kids. It had been rainy out all day and as they were leaving she slipped and fell down the hill and was covered head to toe in mud! When they got back to the house, the kids hooked themselves up to IV's so they wouldn't get hangovers the next day. Lynn was always so put together, so this just made me laugh my head off. I sure wish I could have been there to see that! Knowing Lynn has changed my life, and made me see the good in even bad situations. I know my faith will give me strength and I always remember to TRUST...because He has a plan for all of us. Missing you, xoxoxo Kinsey Black | Lynn would brighten any room. She was full of life, happiness and contentment. She always said "I know I'm spoiled. I have the best, kindest husband in the world". Her children were her pride and joy. Lynn was a Fashion Diva, clothes were like art to her...expressions of light and joy. She never took herself too seriously though she had a wonderful sense of humor . One day she forgot earrings and felt "undressed" so Jim Sweeney fashioned her earrings out of paper clips! I miss her smile, her "how are you ?" every morning. Her loving care and kindness to every one. I am better because she was in my life! Laurie Ropson Lynn was one of those rare people you feel you've always known, but 5 years wasn't nearly long enough. Her contagious smile cheered you up on even the dreariest days. Her never failing attitude of helping in any situation, in any way, on any problem made the reception desk better! Knowing her loss to us, I can't even imagine the loss to you, her family. She was so proud of all of you - and I know you made her more proud in her last weeks. May God bring you peace. Snooky Zuidmulder | Lynn will always be remembered as the one who had that zest for living each day to the fullest. She could find the good in every situation and the best in every person. She took time out for everyone else and always thought of herself last. I am truly blessed for having known her. She brightened every life she touched with her smile or just a laugh. She will be missed but never forgotten. Memories will bring comfort and peace. Arlene Westphal I always liked Lynn's shoes, they were always the coolest and I always told her that. She told me she liked to get shoes at Klika's Shoes in DePere and that she liked the Clarks brand. I took Lynn's fashion advice on shoes and now wear Clarks because of Lynn. Cindi LeRoy I have to add that I also wear Clarks because of Lynn and shop at Coldwater Creek. I think everyone admired Lynn's fashion and wanted to look as good as her. Starr Lyon I loved working with Lynn. She was the I & A "yellow slip" person and they called me "The Loan Closet Queen". We helped each other and it was always happy and upbeat times. I will miss her and feel sad for all of you. We can keep her in our heart and mind and continue our own journey. Dorothy Ulmer (Dot)

10: Lynn and I served together on the Agency Decorating Committee. She always loved it when Sunny would call an impromptu meeting to evaluate paint colors or decorating strategies. We had struggled for months with finding the right wall art for our board room. On a particularly snowy, messy day, Lynn volunteered to check out Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx after work. The next day she arrived with some art samples. She had risked a whole different look but it was perfect. I know she was so pleased that we unanimously loved her idea. That art was hung yesterday along with her Journey sign. I will think of her whenever I see them and remember her loving, giving spirit. So often when we collaborated to assist a client, Lynn would praise me for finding a speedy or appropriate solution. That kind of feedback is rare in the workplace and it was one of the things that made her so special. She always went to extreme lengths to help a client, a friend or a colleague. She was a friend to all and will continue to inspire us in our work and in our lives. Holly Lorenz | Lynn offered so much to so many people. She is a true model of what good can be in people. We should all be so lucky to know "a Lynn" in our lifetimes. Every time you walked past my door, or me yours, I always hoped you'd stop to chat or share a story. I'm sure occasionally you hoped I'd keep moving:) My wife and I will always celebrate the way you danced, dressed, loved your family and gave so much to all those you touched. You will always be with us!! John Fritz Did you ever notice that in any picture of Lynn she is always smiling! She was that way in life also...aways smiling. Lynn loved life and people. She was "everyone's mom" even if you were older than her. She had a way of caring for everyone around her. She never judged people and always had a kind word. She made you feel special and important. She taught me to slow down and to listen (really listen) to the people around me. Lynn, I'm going to really try! You touched me in ways I didn't get a chance to tell you. You are missed! Starr Lyon | Lynn was a thoughtful, generous, and kind human being. She made my transition into the agency much easier. She always made me feel welcomed and a part of the team from day one. I won't forget how she cared about and worried about each of us. She called me after one of my late night home visits to make sure I was ok. Thank you, Lynn, for all your kindness. I truly feel blessed to have known you. I just wish there had been more time. Angela Biese I feel so blessed to have met and known a woman as great as Lynn. So many words describe her. Smiling, fun, great shoes, loving, happy, and supportive! She will always be with me in my heart and I will use her as an angel on my shoulder... so missed... so cherished! Kelly Long I will always cherish those light moments with Lynn: a good laugh, stories about our children - usually both at once. Lynn you had a great understanding of people. What an extraordinary gift. I will hold you in my heart forever. Jim Sweeney

11: II will never forget when Lynn sent Beth a care package during an extremely stressful finals session at La Crosse. Beth was so busy, she barely had time to sleep, never mind do laundry. Lynn to the rescue with a week’s supply of brand new underwear!! Holly Lorenz Lynn was my "partner in crime". When it came to feeling overwhelmed by more training information we would toss around the "R word" (retirement) to get a reaction. Although we love our work and co-workers at the ADRC, we are the over 50 I & A's. Lynn would say "I am too old to fit anything more in my brain". Of course we were never serious about the "R word"! Mary Jo Van Gemert | Weekly Football picks: Lynn would get the sheet on Tuesday morning and it would be out on her desk every day until Thursday morning. She would stress over the picks each day. On Thursday morning, she would still be hemming & hawing at which way to pick. Towards the end of the season, she was improving and getting close to that potential win. However, she and I ended up being the ONLY two that didn’t win SOMETHING during the season. Not one single win.. But we loved it anyway. Janelle Walton I want to thank Lynn for the “Project Janelle” as it was dubbed. And thank you to Jim for allowing her the time to spend helping me. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Certainly I would have been endlessly lost at TJ Maxx. Janelle Walton | I’ll always remember Lynn for saying -“I just want everyone to be happy”- and she always seemed to be trying to make that happen. Lynn was considerate, selfless and kind, and her family should know how appreciated and loved she was at the ADRC. Brian Binder The loss and void I feel from Lynn’s passing is being filled beyond capacity with memories and moments that bring initially sadness, but then warmth and a smile, having had the great privilege of knowing Lynn. I will always feel a special bond with your family. They say a child laughs hundreds of times a day, and as adults we lose that ability. Lynn helped bring out the child in me. Jim Sweeney | I can't help but mention the shellacked (?) toenails she was so proud of. Love you Lynn! Amy Lancelle

12: Wanting Memories to Teach Me My fondest memory and personal achievement is that I was able to convince Lynn “the fashion police” that wearing plaid was a good look and that it was not just a good look for gay folks. It makes my heart smile when I recall her being a part of leading the I & A Team to all wear plaid to a training and to up the ante a bit they got another county and state staff to wear plaid to the training as well without me knowing about it. I gave her that one. I enjoyed bantering with her about her acceptance of the plaid look. On New Year’s Eve, I was so honored that Lynn and Jim would drive to Manitowoc to celebrate my 50th birthday. Lynn gave me 3 gifts that night: a Farkle game, a journal book and a plaid scarf. She shared how she loved shopping for the scarf and that it was the “perfect scarf”. She was so excited to give it to me. She encouraged me to use the journal and jot things down now that I was 50 yrs young and to play games and have fun. I have worn that scarf every day since and it is the perfect plaid scarf. Lynn put a sign in my office the Friday that she became ill. It said, "I've got my eye on you" and with that sign was a stress eye ball she got from her eye surgery. Well that sign, eyeball and scarf have profound meaning to me and they will always be in my office. Lynn and I would compete at brown nosing and would rub our noses each time the other was talking to the bosses. It always made us laugh out loud. Lynn also made another sign a while back that said we would office together and our door sign was Lynn Komisarek and Mary the"Nun" Schlautman. (I attempted being a nun, it failed, I wanted to wear plaid:) I have visions of Lynn sitting up in heaven having a cold beer with God and she is looking down on all of us to make sure everyone is ok. Someday I will office with her and she better not have consumed all the beer. I only knew Lynn for a little over 2 years and I know that I've been Blessed Again, and Over Again by knowing her and getting to know her family. I do miss her and she will not be forgotten. I am committed to being a bit more like her in my work and in my personal life. Memories of her will teach me. Love, Mary Schlautman

13: Mary's Uniform | Lynn, "Is this plaid?" | The perfect plaid | Scarfs, skirts, jackets, vests

14: Live - Love - Dance But I'm not wearing a hat to the party

15: Several years ago-we were recruiting again for another I & A position at our agency. We have added many staff in recent years and the interviews had become routine. We have a certain expectation for who we hire-a very high standard that includes: skill, education, experience, and just the right personality. Sometimes I hold my breath hoping all I saw in the interview is what we would experience once that person started. Quite truthfully, when Lynn came to interview, we started the drill as always: exchange of pleasantries, explanation of the process, review of benefits. We would all write furiously to capture all that was said. After question one was shot at Lynn, we all put our pens down and just listened-out of character for us. When she finished and stepped out-we burst into laughter and said in unison “no need to go any further-perfect”. Lynn was perfect for this job: for our morale, for teambuilding, for support, for mentoring new staff, for encouraging “old staff”, for being in just the right place at the right time. She had the uncanny ability to say just what you needed to hear as an individual, and as a friend. She was the first to volunteer for any social event or project. She would comment “ I am last minute Lynn” but she would be the first to be thinking ahead, planning, and crafting a wonderful event for others. She became such a dear friend. She was a beautiful writer and a beautiful person-everyone would send their prose to her for feedback. Lynn wrote a nomination application, on my behalf, for the Dreamer and Doers Award-so Lynn. I will cherish that application much more than the award-her words are throughout. Lynn had the most wonderful laugh-I can still hear it down the hallways-almost hauntingly. We all felt Lynn was one of our best friends-she had that way about her. The color red, and plaid, will never be the same for me, I can't walk by a shoe store without thinking of her, and a vest will always be the perfect piece of clothing for all women. Lynn talked endlessly about her children and husband. We all have stories to tell. Her trips to Washington, Minneapolis and Madison are infamous-all marked by the best place to shop and eat! She had so much advice for me as I worried about my sons and their progress. She said many times “Your children raise or lower to your expectations..they will be who you expect them to be-don't worry.” Well, Lynn was always a comfort-but she did worry about others, about doing the right thing, about doing enough, about her children getting everything they needed from her and the world. But she did sit back and marvel at how wonderful her children had become. Jim was the love of her life. I couldn't count the number of times she said “ I am the luckiest women in the world-Jim has never raised his voice in all of our years of marriage, I am spoiled rotten”. She would also say “he is an engineer-we all know it, and can expect him to think that way about everything even putting up the Christmas Tree!” The stories of the Nob weekends kept us on the edge of our seats. Their love and adventures together gave us all hope. They were like bookends-things just held together with the two on either side. Lynn was so accepting of others-always looking for the positive contribution they would bring. We recently went to a New Year's Eve party with Lynn and Jim-she was supposed to wear a hat-but of course, would not mess with her hair, so found a stylish alternative. At a party where others might sit back and judge others for how they dance, or how they act, or who they choose to beLynn said to me “can you just feel all the love in this room?” That says it all. Devon Christianson

17: The World According To Lynn | The Vest: The perfect piece of clothing | You know when Lynn approved of something because she would say "FABULOUS!" | Your lack of planning does not constitute a crisis for me | You have to wear a slip. You just have to | Spanx are a must they smooth everything out | Never wear silver and gold at the same time (just wear gold)! | Every child needs a hug once a day!

18: I saw on TV this morning that black wedding dresses are the new thing. I thought right away that Lynn would not approve. She loved wedding dresses and just looking at them. I remember hearing from Lynn how she helped one of Maggie's friends with wedding dress shopping because the friend's mom didn't want to go. Lynn was just so excited about that trip as if the friend was her own daughter. Lynn loved everything wedding. When my own daughter got engaged and I was talking to Lynn about possibly trying to hire someone to help with the wedding planning. Lynn said "I'll do it" and wouldn't accept any payment. She was such a huge help in planning my daughter's wedding. Starr Lyon To Jim: You and Lynn were married the same amount of time as Pete and I. Lynn and I used to compare notes and argue over which one of us were more spoiled by our husbands. We agreed that we both had married the best husbands ever and that we were both pretty darned spoiled. She loved you soooo much! Starr Lyon I remember Lynn telling us the story of what happened to her at the wine festival in Madison where she ended up skidding down the wet/muddy hill on her knee. Wasn't she wearing white pants too? And then the unmentionable stuff that was going on back at Maggie & Gabe's apartment. But it was OK because they were all nurses or nursing students. Janelle Walton | It is obvious Lynn was an amazing mom and wife. Her pride for her kids and husband was obvious as she shared stories about them often. I remember a story Lynn shared about Jim putting up the Christmas lights. She said that JIm enjoyed decorating their house and yard with lights, but that he always chose the coldest day of the year to do so. She shared how one year he was out when it was -30 degrees. She said that she got a call from Maggie who was in Madison at the time, asking what dad was doing outside on the roof in this weather. One of Maggie's friends had called her after seeing Jim on the roof to tell her what her dad was up to. Lynn simply said that she had told him to come in a number of times, but that there was no changing his mind :) She told this story lovingly and with a smile on her face. I knew that Lynn and Jim had a great marriage and a lot of love for each by the way she talked about him. I remember her telling me how great of a husband Jim was. She said that he was the one that handled the finances, and that even though he was frugal, he was very generous when it came to his family. She said that he always made sure that she and the kids had what they needed and wanted, and he would sacrifice instead so that they wouldn't have to. Angela Biese | “The constant smile on her face, twinkle in her eye, and positive attitude let you know that she loved her life, and all of those in it -especially the husband who “spoiled her” (her words) and the children she took such delight in. An inspiration to us all. Sherry Sinkula

19: Lynn was a friend like no other! I was blessed with the opportunity to work with her. She was way more than a co-worker. She had the unique ability to befriend everyone she came in contact with. She always saw the positive, even in dismal situations. She always found the good in everyone. We could always count on Lynn for a big bright smile. She could bring a smile to everyone's face. Lynn spoke so highly of her husband and her family. She was a great example of wife, mother, friend... Now we can rely on our new angel, Lynn, to continue to bless us with her gifts in a new special way. I will cherish my memories of her forever and I'll never forget the impact she had on my life. At the ADRC we will honor Lynn's memory by trying to emulate some of her greatest qualities of friendship to all, optimism and laughter in our daily lives. We love her and will miss her. Deb Vandenbusch BELOW ARE SOME WORDS TAKEN FROM THANK YOU NOTES LYNN RECEIVED FROM CONSUMERS SHE HAD WORKED WITH. SHE HELPED A LOT OF PEOPLE AND THEY WERE GRATEFUL. Dear Lynn, Thanks for all you've done and continue to do for us... I've had many challenges in my life and so far this is by far the biggest... Thank you so much for helping us through it and for all the others like us you help...Sending you a picture of us and me with my injured arm that started us active in your files AGAIN! Your smiling face is in my blessings journal.. Dear Lynn, Thank you for ALL your help with the recent situation with my husband's parents. You were a life saver!! I don't know how I would have gotten through ALL this without your help! You do an awesome job Thanks again! P.S. The information came in the mail the next day! Dear Lynn Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and for giving me a tour of your agency. ADRC is such a wonderful service to the community. My internship is going well. I am slowly getting through the "big stack" of resource material I took away from your agency. I'm sure what I have learned about the ADRC will be very useful in the future. Take Care. Dear Lynn, The staff at the ADRC said you were on a leave of absence. I hope you are doing ok. I'll say a prayer for you. I think of you often and appreciate all you did for my dad and mom. With your help my dad was able to live out his days at home. We're now hoping for the same for my mom. Thank you again for your kindness. Wishing you well. THIS WAS FOUND ON A CUE CARD IN A DRAWER IN LYNN'S DESK Lynn The epitome of happiness, optimism and love of life. Always a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. Total dedication to her family, faith and friends. A true angel.

20: When I first met Lynn it was when Beth was venturing off to Washington DC and Lynn was so proud of her and wanted her to fulfill her dream no matter what. I always remember her saying "Jim and I will do whatever it takes". Lynn always talked about needing to go on a shopping adventure to Minnie to show me the "Opitz" and the "TJ" that she loved, and I regret deeply we never made that happen before her illness. I'll always remember her saying "see my red shoes...Opitz!" She would always tell me about the fun visits to see Andy when visiting him and also wanted me to experience those places while my daughter was in college at the U. She was always the first to say "Hey, Andy is coming home does Anna need a ride?" I cherished her many stories and advice when I was preparing to send my first off to college. I remember her sharing her proud moments of Andy pursuing his dreams of engineering, and if he transferred schools it might take an extra semester...didn't matter to her...as long as he was following his dream...though she knew he would likely live far away because of where that profession would take him. But she talked of the positives with that and being able to explore another city when visiting him wherever he would land. And, how excited she was about Andy's graduation and making a special family celebration for him especially since the U didn't have a graduation ceremony. It bothered her why such a huge university wouldn't have a graduation ceremony. I remember her saying "Yeah, Jim and I just got a huge raise...no more college tuition." And, talked about her excitement about their upcoming trip she and Jim had planned. Ill miss her uplifting voice saying "hey" and "Hey, how are ya" as she would stop by my office. Lynn...forever in my heart as a woman of inspiration, class and kindness. Barb Michaels | FEEL NO GUILT IN LAUGHTER Feel no guilt in laughter, she'd know how much you care. Feel no sorrow in a smile that she is not here to share. You cannot grieve forever; she would not want you to. She'd hope that you could carry on the way you always do. So, talk about the good times and the way you showed you cared, The days you spent together, all the happiness you shared. Let memories surround you, a word someone may say Will suddenly recapture a time, an hour, a day, That brings her back as clearly as though she were still here, And fills you with the feeling that she is always near. For if you keep those moments, you will never be apart And she will live forever locked safe within your heart. Nancy Kolosso

24: "Helping the people" An ADRC expression used when staff have important work to do

25: Lynn: The first time I met her, I felt her warmth and kindness. She was smart, witty and always had a smile on her face. She was the kind of person that was always willing to help others. Although she didn't show it, she made sure those around her felt included. I remember when she started at ADRC, she always waited for another one of her new team member when the I & As went on trainings or tour facilities. She cared for those around her. I sometimes stayed later to finish work and she often peeked in my office because she was concerned. That was just who Lynn was. She loved her children and husband. She raised her children well and it was apparent that she was extremely proud of them. She loved fashion and shopping. She loved life. I’ve been blessed to have known her. When I think of her, I see her smiling. -------Vue Lor-Yang | Every time I wear a scarf or try on a cute pair of shoes I think of Lynn. Us girls do love our fashion talk. Lynn was such a great coworker and friend. Always a smile on her face and a kind word to say. Whenever I struggle with a consumer, I think what would Lynn have done. She could always find a positive in any situation no matter how bleak things looked. We all love her and will cherish every memory of the time we were given. I feel truly blessed to have known Lynn. Tina Brunner Lynn was our sunshine. We will miss her everyday! Dede VanderKelen | Lynn and I shared a birthday - and I shall always remember her on June 26. Lynn brightened a room with her smile and contagious positive energy. She knew “things” long before I knew there was something to know - but she never gossiped and never said a mean thing about anyone. She introduced me to Klikas - and I now have shoes that actually don’t hurt my feet! Lynn showed me how to tie scarfs (more than once) and finally sent me the link to “25” different ways. And - she always made that great turkey in the crock pot for our special lunches. From her smiling eyes to her painted toes - Lynn loved life and made everyone feel special. I shall always hold Lynn in my heart. She had a way about her. Sunny Archambault

27: When I think of Lynn I think of joy love and devotion class integrity genuine care Lynn’s husband was the love of her life and their children were her pride and joy! At the ADRC we had the wonderful opportunity to hear about work, school, wedding plans, trips to DC, landscaping projects, shopping, beer fests, get-aways with Beth and Maggie, and weekends with Jim and Andy. People and relationships outside of family were also important to Lynn and she committed herself to being truly present when with someone. She often said, “let me take the first thirty minutes of my morning connecting with people, visiting and finding out how they are. I will stay late to make up the time, because it is important to me and is a part of the day that I love.” The energy and commitment Lynn put into relationships is an example to me. In her work with consumers, her compassion and tenacity ensured the best possible outcome. She made a difference for so many. Lynn was able to share her fears and then conquer them. I remember her apprehension in going into the field in all neighborhoods and home environments, but she went and encountered circumstances she had never dreamed of. She often said, “if my family ever knew what I do!” I know that I am a better person for having known Lynn. Though I am sad she is no longer here with us on earth and I will miss her deeply, I am inspired by her life – a life she lived to the fullest. Lynn lived as William Penn wrote, “I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.” Christel Giesen

28: Mimicking Holly's "DD"'s in her community theater debut | Lynn was first to stuff with Nerfs

29: Lynn tried to convince us that orange was a costume

31: One of the many special memories I have of Lynn is her love of dancing and having fun. She and Jim attended my wedding (which she was so excited about), and that was the first time I saw her on the dance floor. I remember how much fun she was having and how she convinced a few others to dance! At our last ADRC holiday party, she even convinced my husband, Donovan, to get out there and dance with her to "Dancing Queen"...not an easy feat since he hates dancing! Lynn had the biggest smile on her face the whole time. Lynn had the special gift of being able to create fun around her and to make others want to be a part of it. She will always be the "Dancing Queen" to me! Nicolette Miller

33: On Sunday morning, January 22, 2012, I had a dream. A couple of co-workers and I were at a conference at a hotel and we were packing up getting ready to leave. We didn’t want to leave. It was as if we left we’d be leaving a place we would never be able to come back to. Finally we decided we had to go and just as we did Lynn appeared and said “I know what you mean. I don’t want to leave either, but you know I have to.” We all started down the hall and then decided to stop in a lounge. We chatted and as we did Lynn’s outfits kept changing and we would comment "oh I love this or that" as they changed and Lynn would tell us where she bought each one and wore them last. I looked out the window and saw that the entrance had a Victorian type facade and I said to Lynn, “Did you ever want to live in a Victorian style house?” She said “Oh no, my house was perfect, Jim was perfect and I have the best children in the world. I am perfectly content and would not change a thing about my life.” Then she turned to a painting of the Last Supper on the wall and started writing in the names of the disciples above their heads. I looked at her and she smiled and nodded to me as if to say yes I’ve met them all. She said “Tell everyone not to worry about me I’m all right, I’m happy.” And then she said “I’ve got to go and so do you.” Laurie Ropson

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