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Maddy's 2011 Book

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S: 2011 Maddy In Review - Another Year Of Changes & Turning 2!

FC: 2011 Maddy In Review Another Year Of Changes & Turning 2! | 1/1/11 | 7/27/11 | 12/31/11

1: You have grown leaps and bounds this year! You have really taken on your own personality, which most of the time is just a happy-go-lucky attitude. Although, as you can see in this middle picture, you can be pretty stubborn at times too, which you get from both of your parents! (Yikes!). You are very good with comprehension skills and you talk up a storm! Some of the things you come up with are beyond comical! You have your own little made up song you sing and we laugh every time you sing it...because it makes no sense. (Ah-By-Side) We have enjoyed this year watching you change and grow...well, mostly enjoyed, ha-ha. You know all the letters in the alphabet and you can count to 10 easily. When you say the alphabet, you say "A, B, C, X, Y Z as in Zebra". You are too cute!

2: Happy New Year! We celebrated in Enid with family. Here we are with Aunt Janet! 1/1 You & Daddy outside on the 1st snow 1/9.

3: Above, you are wearing a vest that my friend Angie Valdez bought for you before you were born. She thought you "had" to have it. Now that you are finally big enough to wear it, we had to take a picture to give to Angie. This photo was taken on 1/2 and you are 15 months old. You started feeding yourself real food. You were quite messy, so every meal almost took a bath to get you clean! Ha. You LOVE spaghetti and it's one of your favorite meals. Here you are on 1/23 and 1/26 feeding yourself. 1/31 We went to the Dr for your 15 month check-up & Audiology hearing test. Your appointment went great!

4: 1/29 Today, we had fabulous temperatures for January! It was 70 degrees today. Daddy and I were determined to take you to the park to enjoy the warm weather!! You were playing with the Childers' girls last night when you hit your eye on your piano. You didn't cry though! A big ouch-y!

5: 2/9 WOW! The 2010 Arctic Storm! Temperatures dropped to a freezing 6 degrees, but the wind chill was much colder, into the -20's. We received several feet of snow and couldn't even get out of the neighborhood for 3 days. We made snow ice cream, which you loved!

6: Happy Valentine's Day! 2-14-11 | Above: 2/18 Playing in the backyard. You look so small. Below: 2/20 Rocking in the OSU Rocker. | February was a little rough. Your molars were trying to come in and you were cranky a-lot and didn't sleep well many nights! We have a Cinderella growth chart in your room and we started measuring your height this month!

7: 2/27 Taking some photos in your super cute boutique outfit | 3/5 Making an Enid visit to see Papa Schlecht & Jan

8: 3/5 We celebrated Grandma Carol's 63rd birthday. Grandma Carol held you up to the deer head on the wall, you got to sit in your own big girl chair to eat, and had such a big day you fell asleep on the way home.. On 3/6, you and daddy rocked side by side and you realized your desk was "all yours" with your "all mine??" reaction!

9: 3/10 Above the infamous "Hurricane Maddy" arrives daily . On 3/12 we had another busy day! We went to Stephen & Jolina's shower and you jumped on the trampoline, rocked on your horse, made a chair out of your basket (so resourceful, ha), watched outside our new front door, and then ran around a little nude before your bath.

11: On 3/12 we watched you work and work to get into the rocking chair on your own. After several attempts, you figured it out, which was fun to watch! On 3/16 sitting in your chair, 3/17 Happy St. Patrick's Day, and on 3/19 Mommy gave you your first pedicure!

12: 3/25 We went to Enid today to celebrate Grandma Stout turning 91! We had family come in from Arkansas to celebrate too! The rocking chair you rocked in was Grandma Carol's when she was a child.

13: 3/27 You love playing with bubbles. You also watched me sew your pants into capris, wore daddy's shoes, & Grandma Jo read to you. On 3/29 you rode in your beep-beep and played. The month of march daddy was gone for a week which was hard on us. But we made it through! You turned 17 months old this month!

14: 4/2 Wearing daddy's OU hat, 4/6 playing with mommy's phone, 4/9 You stayed the night with Grandma Jo while we went to the Thunder game. | In April, you went to the Brown family reunion with Grandma Jo, your car seat was turned to face front, 2 more teeth came in, you tried fresh pineapple, & you are 32" tall and weigh 28.8 lbs.

15: 4/23 We went to the Easter Egg hunt at the ballfields in Blackwell. You were a rockstar picking up eggs! We also saw cousin Taylor there.

16: 4/23 & 4/24 You got to do 3 different Easter Egg hunts this weekend! You did the one at the Blackwell ballparks, we went to Uncle Hershels house in Ponca City, and you got to do one at home in the sunroom (the weather was too cold outside)! Daddy's family had a big egg hunt in Ponca. We also cooked out and had lunch.

17: You enjoyed playing with all the kids at Uncle Hershels. You had a very pretty Easter dress and got some candy, clothes, a princess blanket and some toys.

18: Maddy's hand next to the bears' hand...yikes! | 4/30 First Zoo Trip! We drove to Wichita, KS (1 hour from Blackwell) and went to the Sedgwick County Zoo. We made it almost all the way through the zoo before you fell asleep. You had a great time and we did too! You slept nearly the whole way home.

20: 4/30 Your 1st coloring book! | 5/1 You couldn't hold on while eating your snack, you ending up falling asleep. Then lots of giggling after your nap!

21: 5/7 Aunt Janet was in OK ! We went to have dinner in Enid. You were chowing down watermelon at the counter. 5/8 Mommy & Maddy for Happy Mother's Day! | 5/20 You decided to pull your chair up to the back door and just relax. Then a little scrub-a-dub-dub in the tub. You love your ducks!

22: 5/23 Playing in your toy bin 5/30 Happy Memorial Day in your flag tee! Such a cutie :) | On 5/31 we had to take you to the Blackwell ER because you were obviously very sick. We spent a few hours there and found that you were diagnosed with "Croup" a respiratory infection. They gave you a shot of steroids and you threw up all over mommy. (yuk) It was a rough week, as we had very little sleep and I wore throw up on more than 1 occasion.

23: 6/2 Natalie had been playing dress-up with you. You were wearing lip stick and you were all prettied up, ha. You were so tired, you passed out when we got home. | 6/5 All dressed & ready for church. 6/6 Looking cute in your pony tails :)

24: 6/14 Enjoy that's going away very soon! You get up early, so you come lay in bed and watch your favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba! I'm not sure what we would do without the DVR full of Gabba! | 6/16Wearing Mommy's heels! | 6/15 While doing my nails, you pouted because you didn't get a cotton ball. After I gave you one, you mimicked me & did your toes. You did daddy's too (through his shoes, and the stuffed animals, ha.)

25: 6/16 & 6/17 Father's Day weekend in Enid. We saw Papa Schlecht for Father's Day, and my friends during my annual reunion. | 6/19 What a difference 1 day makes. You threw a fit for a picture with daddy.

26: 6/26 We bought you a pool this year to have fun in. You love it! And of course you look super cute in your swimsuit and glasses, ha. | 6/27 Last night you woke up and wanted milk. You refused to let me carry you back to bed. You stumbled across the brick by the front door and tumbled directly into the corner of the wall. After curdling screams and only 1 minute later, your head had a large goose egg on it. Scared me quite terrible!

27: 7/1 & 7/2 Swimming at the Skaggs' with your new float. Swimming with your cousins at The Ashby's (in your float from last year). You cousins Sadie, Lucas and Alex were there.

28: 7/4 Parade in Downtown Blackwell. You got a couple of suckers, and you wanted to share licks! It was SO hot there that we were glad it only lasted about 30 minutes!

29: 7/9 We had GG Penny, GG Brown, and Grandma Jo over for dinner. It was 118 degrees today! So we didn't 'cook' in the kitchen too much. | 7/9 You eat crushed ice like people eat popcorn. And you love sunglasses, even if they are mommy's! | 7/10 Playing leggos with daddy. Aunt Joyce bought this tub of leggos for you at a garage sale.

30: 7/16 We went to Enid to celebrate July Birthdays. We went to Western Sizzlin for lunch, then back to Grandma Stouts for cake, ice cream, and presents. We celebrated mommy's, Taylor's, Corey's and Chuck's birthdays. After we left the restaurant, we went to get daddy's oil changed across the street. We were inside waiting on the car when you had decided today was the day to shout out that you had dirtied your diaper. There were 2 other men in the place and we couldn't get you to stop saying "I POOPED"......and of course your bag was in the car that we couldn't get!

31: July was filled with hot, hot days with 100plus temps that made us stay inside everyday. It was miserable. The drought was so bad that many towns across the US, including Blackwell had water rationing. We couldn't water the lawn and we could only hand water the plants every other day. Fines would be given if you were caught breaking the rules. You ended up with another case of Croup on the 18th, which made for a miserable week with no sleep and you feeling, and sounding terrible. Everyday we get in the car now you HAVE to have your sunglasses! You always say "glasses, glasses". You also have to have your baby in the car with us everyday too. You are 21 months old, but you still refuse to sleep through the night..... | 7/24 Coloring with Daddy 7/27 21 month old pics in your overalls 7/30 Coloring with Mommy

32: 8/13 You got a Foofa doll today! Recently you started handing us the remote and saying "ba-gawk, ba-gawk" which stands for Yo Gabba Gabba. You love watching this show! Foofa sleeps in your crib with you every night. | 8/18 Well, this was just an awful morning. I was trying to get you ready so I could go to work, but you just insisted on everything being a major problem. I couldn't figure out why you were crying, so I tried to hug you but you pushed me away. Your first real meltdown. | 8/20 We were heading to the Skaggs' house for a summer swim. You are just a cutie. We had your new float suit on. You were ready with your juice and your new water toy too!

33: 8/24 I went to Florida for 3 days for work. This is the largest Banyan tree in the US planted in 1925. Aunt Janet & I shopping. | 8/29 We were taking your 22 months pictures in front of the house. You now look at the camera and say "cheeeeeese" You now clearly say "milk" and you are calling people by name.

34: 9/3 We went to the Skaggs' for the last swim of the summer! Julie had green olives by the pool and you ate olive after olive. Then you just wanted to play in the sprinkler. | 9/5 You and daddy have a routine of flipping. Here are a series of 5 photos, across both pages, showing what you and daddy do. When you are done, you stand up and raise your arms and say 'Tadaaa!!!"

35: 9/13 The Free Kay County Fair! We started off on the carousel and you were fine..until the ride started and the horse went up and down. You clung on to me like your life depended on it. Daddy took you down the slide, but that horrified you too! Lastly we tried the pony rides, and luckily you did okay with that one.

36: 9/17 We went back to the fair today. We took Grandma Jo with us. Daddy, Grandma Jo and you rode the ferris wheel, which you did pretty good on. I took you back on the carousel, but this time we rode on the bench. You got to see the rabbits, chickens, and other live animals.

37: 10/1 We took Grandma Jo with us to Chesters Pumpkin Patch in OKC, just outside of Okarche. We fed the animals, went through a wheat maze, rode the slide and picked out pumpkins. Then we went to Eischen's, the oldest bar in Oklahoma for the 'best' fried chicken. None of us thought it was very good chicken. We drove a total of just over 4 hours today! | You & Grandma slept most of the way home.

38: 10/7 You went to Grandma Jo's today even though I took a vacation day. I spent the day with Grandma Stout and helped her clean her pantry and took her grocery shopping. Grandma taught me how to make the infamous "Pasta Salad". I would've never been able to figure out the recipe on my own. Grandma and I made a few dishes for tomorrow's birthday dinner. | Dressing: Whisk 1 c. sugar, 1/2 c. Italian Dressing, 1/2 c. Cider Vinegar, 1 tsp McCormicks Salad Supreme, 6-8 shakes of Accent seasoning, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Pour over cooked & cooled pasta & raw cut up vegetables. Add remainder of Italian dressing bottle to salad. Toss to coat. Chill for 2 hours. Serve. YUMMY!

39: 10/8 October Birthday dinner at Grandma Stouts. We celebrated yours, daddy's, Ty's and Aunt Tonya's birthdays. You had such a fun time.! I made the birthday cake.

40: 10/14 You were signing daddy's birthday card. You also took my file out of my drawer and you thought you needed to file your toes. Luckily you don't really do much, you just pretend. | 10/9 You love raw vegetables and it doesn't matter what they are, with the exception of broccoli (you don't like it). You were helping me make a salad, but you kept eating everything I chopped. You took your chair and went to the back door and just had your own moment of quiet.

41: 10/21 Daddy had his 15 year reunion this year. Homecoming is a big event in Blackwell. We went to the parade and daddy threw candy at you. You had a hard time getting candy with all the other kids, but you managed to pick up a few celebrated when you got one, haha. Julie went with us and we had a good time! | Yay! Got One!

42: 10/23 Carving a pumpkin! We roasted the pumpkin seeds, but didn't like them much. You also decided that you would use the pen to make tattoos on your arm. | 10/26 Pink Heals Tour came to Blackwell! We went to the parade and supported our local cancer survivors. We also had our picture taken with Melissa and one of the firemen that travel across the US on the tour.

43: 10/27 Maddy is TWO!! You opened some presents first thing in the morning. Then we had to go to the Dr for your 2 year check-up. You are 35" tall and weigh 30 lbs. You say "I'm TWO" and hold up 2 fingers

44: 10/29 Maddy's 2nd Birthday Party! Yo Gabba Gabba was the theme of your birthday party. I made your cake and was able to purchase a Gabba transfer. All of our family was here and you had a wonderful time! You had so many presents that it looked like you robbed a ToysRUs.

45: Grandmas | Great Grandmas | Cousins

46: 10/30 This kitchen was given to you by Grandma Carol and Chuck for your birthday. Daddy got it put together and we had to take your picture! | 10/30 You were sitting at your table, eating lunch and watching Spongebob on the tv in the sunroom. | 10/30 You and daddy were jumping off the brick in the sunroom. You got some air!

47: 10/31 We went to the Skaggs', Grandma Jo's, Melissa's and Dessa's houses to trick or treat! You had fun and had quite the candy haul! Your costume was a gift from Great Grandma Stout.

48: 11/5 Yo Gabba Gabba Live Show in Tulsa, OK! We got floor seats to the show, but moved to a different section after the 1st half so you could see better. You loved the show, but was sad when it was over :( You were okay once we hit the door! | Plex, DJ Lance Rock, Brobee, Toodee, Muno, Foofa | So sad it was time to go...

49: 11/6 You signed your thank you cards from your birthday. You also love your baby that Great Grandma Stout got you for your birthday. | 11/11 We were headed to take 2 year pictures at Wal-mart, but I took a few before we left. | 11/20 You were pouting...this is you pouting.

50: 11/22 You had been running a fever at Grandma Jo's all day, so I got you some ice cream after work. While you were eating a bowl, I dropped something and said "oh poop". You thought it was the funniest thing on earth. Here you are laughing! | 11/24 Your new trick is falling on the bed. We also took a few pictures in your Thanksgiving shirt.

51: 11/26 We put up the decorations on the mantel today. We also decorated our Christmas tree and you were a big helper! We started a new tradition for you of having your own tree that you will decorate each year! You loved it!

52: 11/27 Christmas Family pictures! Our 1st time to take them and we sent out portrait Christmas Cards this year using the top picture. | 11/29 You love olives (both black & green). Here you are playing with your food, ha

53: 12/4 You are wearing your fancy glitter shoes from Aunt Janet. You were dressed up for church. You are also obsessed with the front door. You always want us to sit on the brick, but we just stare at the door. Today, daddy moved your chair so you could sit there, which is all you wanted to do. | 12/10 Laying with your baby doll. | 12/11 Making cookies for a Relay For Life bake-sale!

54: 12/4-12/9 Elf On The Shelf was new for us this year. We read the book and named our Elf "Buddy". The first couple of mornings, you didn't do much. By the 3rd morning, you would wake up and walk through the living room calling "Buddy! Buddy!". | 12/4 At first he decided to hide in the tree..... 12/5 Then it was the greenery I see..... | 12/6 A crib to peek through..... 12/7 Or glass to see through..... | 12/8 He was hiding on top of the table..... 12/9 Then in the garland around the fireplace.....

55: 12/10-12/15 Buddy hid in the best places. From the wall hangings to the greenery, you didn't have much of a problem trying to find him. | 12/10 In the flower wall hanging...... 12/11 Perched on top of the 'peas' as you call them..... | 12/12 He was caught hanging by a knob..... 12/13 And sitting atop the window..... | 12/14 He clung to a poinsettia..... 12/15 And ribbon on the little tree.....

56: 12/16-12/20 Sometimes Buddy hid high....and sometimes Buddy hid low. No matter where he decided to hide, there was no place he could go, without you finding him! | 12/16 He took over the toys..... 12/17 He took over the tree... | 12/18 He climbed up on the curtains.... 12/19 Then climbed up on your picture! | 12/20 Buddy was swinging from the ceiling fan!

57: 12/21-12/24 Buddy was only around for a few more days. When Santa came to see you Christmas Eve, Buddy went home to the North Pole with Santa. He'll be back next year! | 12/21 He hung from the speaker... 12/22 Then hung from the wall...... | 12/23 He popped out of your stocking! 12/24 He hung from the snowman | 12/24 We let you give kisses to Buddy before he went back to the North Pole. Buddy sat on daddy's shoulder, so he had to sit on yours too!

58: 12/14 I've always loved your cute little hands. I've been fascinated with them since you were born! Today we made your hand ornament. I can look back years from now and still look at the cutest hands I've ever seen! | 12/16 Wrapping presents with daddy. | 1217 Daddy plays the guitar and you have your tambourine. The faster daddy plays, the faster you beat your tambourine! It is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen! You tend to panic if you can't find it and you start screaming "Mommy find it!!!" You call it your "temrine". Best $1 spent! :)

59: 12/17 Busy day! You always want my hat, so I let you wear it for a few minutes. We took a picture with a Strawberry Shortcake doll that my Grandma Stout made for me when I was young (maybe 6-7 years old) as it was my favorite, along with the shirt I had just found for you. | 12/17 We also painted an ornament. You kept saying "I paint, I paint". Then you would say "Maddy paint". You did a good job. A little paint on your face, but it was fun!

60: 12/18 We told you if you took a good nap, you could go outside and ride your tricycle. The moment you woke up, you said "Bike, Bike". We bundled up and went outside and you actually were able to ride down the driveway, if you were going downhill. You still aren't strong enough to pedal the tricycle on your own yet, even though you can reach the pedals. | 12/19 Just bought you your own hat so you don't have to 'borrow' mommy's anymore. You were so excited!!

61: 12/24 Christmas Eve you wanted your nails painted since I was painting mine. Top Right, you were in your chair for your nails to dry. Above is our yearly family picture. Right, you guys were holding up your age by your fingers. Below are pictures of us opening presents. We went to Grandma Stouts house, even though she was in Florida. We had our normal Mexican food!

62: 12/24 More pictures from Christmas Eve. Above, you and Taylor. Top, you with your new doll Hannah (which you love). Left, you colored a picture for Uncle Rob's birthday because it had a birthday cake, out of your Dora coloring book. Below, this year you gave Grandma Carol a blanket embroidered with "Grandma Carol" on it. Also a picture of you helping me!

63: 12/24 After we left Grandma Stouts house, you were beyond tired since you hadn't had a nap. You fell asleep before we could get out of grandma's neighborhood! We drove the long way to Papa Schlecht's house. We took our annual family picture and you had fun laying on the floor with your new coloring book and crayons. You gave a crayon to each person that matched their shirt. A picture of Papa and Jan with all the grandkids, and of course, one of you eating chocolate!

64: 12/25 Merry Christmas!! You had your Christmas pj's on and came into the living room to see what Santa brought you! He brought you a dog, a stroller, and a few other things! You got some new sunglasses, clothes, and toys! You could've opened your own toy store! Ha. You loved the new dog and the new stroller!

65: Grandma Jo and GG Brown came over and you got the dancing doll that you wanted really bad! You also got a BIG present and that was your Barbie Jeep from Grandma Jo and GG. It was so funny to watch you in your new car! You got a Foofa ornament for your tree this year. We also started a new tradition of chicken & waffles along with cinnamon roll waffles for breakfast! Yum-my!

66: 12/25 Christmas at Uncle Hershel & Kristi's house in Ponca City. Today you kept saying "I'una go Ponca City". So cute! Uncle Donnie was playing the dancing Santa, but you were very stand-offish as you weren't to sure about the Santa. We got an updated 4 generation picture of daddy's side too!

67: You and Quanah had gifts to open while the adults played Dirty Santa. We also had lunch there, but you weren't interested in eating much. You got a new book from Aunt Sharon, a bracelet (that you love) from Aunt Debbie & Natalie, your super cute apron and chef's hat from Aunt Joyce, and a talking tea set from Uncle Hershel. You HAD to play with it all the way home. Daddy took your picture out by Santa before we left.

68: 12/25 You were playing with your new laptop toy on the floor. You were happy and content. You also got to go outside and ride around in your new jeep! You don't have the hang of it yet, but we know you will soon! | 12/26 Hello Little Hollywood! Here you are decked out in your purple sequined hat, your new red sparkly sunglasses, and your pink polka dotted scarf! Daddy got you dressed to go see Grandma Penny.

69: 12/27 Well Maddy, this is by far one of the biggest panic attacks I believe I have ever had...thus far. You were playing in the sun-room watching SpongeBob. I was in the kitchen cleaning up waiting on the floor installers that were nearly 3 hours late. You had (some how) managed to get your torso stuck in the rocking chair. You were screaming and crying once you realized you couldn't get out. I came to you and calmed you down. I tried to pull you out, but couldn't do it, and quickly realized we were in some trouble. I was scared that you were going to have injuries from the pressure of the chair on your stomach and back. I propped the chair on top of a toy table and got the hammer. I tried to break the joint of the chair to free you, but couldn't get it to break. I told you I couldn't get it and you broke my heart. I called 911 to come help us. While waiting on them and being impatient, I called Grandma Jo and she rushed over, but the paramedics and Grandma Jo & GG showed up at the same time. Three firemen came into the house, assessed you, striped you down, and pushed you back through the hole. You had a large red line on your back and stomach from the pressure of the chair. You kept saying "Maddy cut" because I told you the firemen had to come 'cut' you out. I didn't have any tools to cut you out, but will be changing that. If we need them for any future needs...hopefully we won't need them for something like this!

70: 12/29 It was a pretty good December day, so we went out to the backyard so you could go 'jeeping'! You ran as fast as you could to the jeep. You are really getting the hang of the jeep now! You love having the music on in it too!

71: 12/29 We made some chocolate pudding and you were wearing your new fancy apron. We even washed your 'utensils' so you could mix too! | 12/31 Grandma Jo's friend, Peggy Wood, has brought several toys over for you! This shopping cart with groceries was one of them. You like to push this cart around with your groceries. You also like to carry them in a bag!

72: 1/27 - 15 months | 2/27 - 16 months | 3/27 - 17 months | 5/27 - 19 months | 4/27 - 18 months | 6/26 - 20 months

73: 7/27 - 21 months | 8/29 - 22months | 10/2 - 23months | 11/26 - 25 months | 10/27 -24 months | 12/26 - 26 months

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