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Mom's 70th Birthday

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S: Sandi Carr's 70th Birthday

FC: Happy 70th Birthday Sandi Carr!

1: Dedicated to Sandi Carr Daughter, Mother, Artist, Brownie Leader, Horseback Rider and Instructor, Occupational Therapist, Pet Lover, Grandmother, Sister, Neighbor, Pianist, Calligrapher, Caretaker, Inventor, Massage Therapist, Scholar, Nature Lover, Teacher, Painter, Loyal Friend On her 70th Birthday!!

2: Wishing Sandra a very Happy 70th Birthday! Love, Ron, Brother I remember when I took Sandra for a snowmobile ride and she was hitting me on the back to slow down, but you know I wouldn't! Happy Birthday! Love, Barry, Brother | In the past when our families got together on the Holidays, I remember Aunt Sandi as such a nice and caring person. Looking back I think she is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and it is not just flattery, I really believe it. I hope she has many more wonderful and happy birthdays to come! Ron, Nephew | Family

3: One of my favorite memories with Aunt Sandi also includes Grandma. Thanksgiving was coming up and Grandma didn’t want to fuss over making a big turkey dinner. There was only going to be a few of us for dinner, but I told Grandma that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without turkey and her stuffing. I finally convinced her to have it by telling her that I would do all the work, if she would supervise me. We had a deal. I asked for it and I got it! I had to clean out the bird, dry out the bread, and chop and chop and chop onion and celery for the stuffing. It seemed like I was chopping for hours, and boy were my fingers sore! Aunt Sandi was there too. She encouraged me like always, kept telling me how good a job I was doing and offered to help, but this was my idea and I wanted to do it myself. It was a lot of fun to be in the kitchen learning how to cook Thanksgiving dinner with them both. It was a few weeks after that I got a surprise. Aunt Sandi got me a present for Christmas - an electric chopper! She said that I worked so hard on Thanksgiving that I deserved it. An electric chopper, what a great idea! I loved it! It was so thoughtful of her to think of me. Since Grandma has passed, I still carry on her traditional stuffing recipe each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each time I make it, I think about both Grandma and Aunt Sandi and how much fun we had that Thanksgiving day. Happy 70th Birthday, Aunt Sandi. Thank you for all of your encouragement over the years and thanks again for the electric chopper, it was a live saver! Nadine, Niece

4: Sandi, can you believe that we are 70 years of age? Seems like yesterday we were young girls. The years seem to just fly by. Especially as we get more MATURE. I am so glad that I can celebrate your birthday with you. I am looking forward to us being together again. I was looking for the pictures of us on our Senior trip, but they were no where to be found. I know that they are in my basement somewhere. Remember all the fun we had in school and the pajama parties? I am not sure if we met in the 7th grade or the 8th grade. We probably were put together because they put the ABC names all together in home room. | I met our friend Pat Mack through you and we are still in touch because of you. You and Pat lived on the same street and went to Bulman and I went to Roosevelt. By the way, I heard that they are going to knock down those schools. | Friends

5: It is great that You, Rose Marie, Pat and I have stayed in touch over the years. I have lost contact with Sylvia. I talk with here Sister-in-Law every now and then and she does not know where Sylvia is either. She said that when she calls her, Sylvia never returns her call. Rose is coming sometime this Summer and we will get together and go out to lunch. I remember being in your wedding, and you in Del's and My wedding. My Mom's friend Mrs. Admundsen made all of the dresses. I still have the dress I wore to your wedding. Now we have children and grandchildren in our lives that make us very happy. Erick is almost 15 and Elaina will be 12 in March. So looking forward to your celebration! One of Your BEST FRIENDS who loves you very much. Janet (Brusseau) Moore, Friend

6: I remember well when we first met. It was in 1951 (you were 9, and I was 10 years old) when you and your family moved into your new home on my street, Student Avenue in Redford Township, Michigan. We were both in 5th grade and attended Bulman Elementary School. Our teacher back then was "mean" Mr. Anderson. You were so quiet, kind, intelligent, and shy, Sandi. I always wondered how it happened that you were placed in his classroom. I also recall the delicious cookies and treats your beautiful and kind Mother would bake for us whenever I came over to visit, and play ping pong in your basement with you and your brothers, Ron and Barry. Ever since 5th grade, Sandi, you have been a VERY SPECIAL friend to me.

7: I have many fond memories of the deep love you had, as a young girl, for your favorite things...HORSES!!! You made so many beautiful drawings of them! You were such an artist!! You often convinced me to "ride" with you at the stables near our home. Though I accompanied you, I was ALWAYS afraid, and, BELIEVE ME, those horses knew it!! Each one often raced right back to the barn with me screaming in fear and still in the saddle! My very fondest memory of you, Sandi, though, occurred in 1999. I read to you a poem that I wrote. Writing poetry was, and continues to be, my passion. It was a poem about my special love for the students I taught in Livonia Public Schools. You, at the time, worked too, with special needs children at the Livonia Skills Center. A love of children was truly something we shared. You loved my poem VERY much..SO MUCH SO...that you painted my poem for me in calligraphy on French watercolor paper as a gift. It is on my family room wall to this day, and is a gift I will FOREVER treasure. Sandi, you belonged to The Michigan Association of Calligraphers. Together, we proudly displayed this special piece of art at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center in Birmingham, Michigan. We were both SO excited and proud of this achievement. It proved to be a true expression of our long-standing friendship and combined talents. I was then, and continue to be, SO grateful to you for my VERY SPECIAL gift! Today, on the occasion of your 70th birthday, I find it hard to believe that we have been friends for 61 years. May you have a wonderful birthday party today enjoying your friends and family. May God always bless you, as you have blessed so many, including me, with your kind friendship and love. With Happy Birthday wishes and love always from: Pat (Wellard) Mack, Friend

8: I first met Sandra in 6th grade, Bulman School, Redford Twp. 1952. Then when we went to Junior High we met Janet (Brusseau) Moore and Sylvia (Bartch) Miller. We became a foursome all these years. Our Senior trip to Washington on the train, etc. I stood up at her wedding in our beautiful pink rose dresses. When I married and moved to Oklahoma, I would visit in Redford. Sandra has always been a very quiet, loving person - very giving - a great artist. She would draw horses and loved horses. A beautiful teacher too and of course a wonderful Mother, Grandmother and Friend. In caring friendship, Rosemarie (Czerniak) Smith, Friend

9: You were ten years old and I was eleven when we first met. So, we have been friends for 60 years. My goodness can it be that long? Where has the time gone? Sandi, Patty Jo and Carolyn, pals who lived on Student Avenue. Back then, all the kids in the neighborhood would play outside hop scotch, jacks, red rover; you name it we played it. We also would go down to Bell Creek Park and play on the swings and slides. Sunny, fun filled days that we were lucky to share with our friends. One day, you and I got into a squabble. You had stopped by with your new 2 wheel bike and were proudly showing it to me. I can't remember exactly what happened between us but I ended up smearing Popsicle all over your new bike. Well, that was it. You were madder that 10 wet hens. You marched up to my house and told my Mother on me. Good for you. I got a good scolding from my Mom. Well deserved. That was the only time that we ever got into it. Not so bad for 60 years. You were always a kind and caring friend. Over the years, Pat, you and I had many girl talks about life. When I look back we were so very young. I was there when you got married. You were a beautiful bride. One of the things that I always admired was your artistic talent. You put your talent to good use by becoming an Occupational Therapist. I remember when you got your first job how happy you were. I remember when your children were born. You invited me over for lunch so you could introduce me to Pam. We talked about being new Moms. As time went on each of us went our own separate ways. Busy with our lives. But, when we would meet for lunch or dinner the time in between didn't matter, it was just like yesterday. I have enjoyed being part of your life, Sandi. Good friends are hard to come by. Happy Birthday. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Carolyn (Sopha) LaFrance, Friend

10: Sandi has been an enthusiastic and devoted member of our church, The Aetherius Society, for over 30 years. She has climbed two our holy mountains. One of them, Mt. Adams in New Hampshire, she climbed numerous times. Also, she has visited our American Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, and our European Headquarters in London, England. When we purchased our new building in Royal Oak, Sandi was instrumental in cleaning, painting and refurbishing it. I call her "Queen of Clean". Sandi and I have many laughs as we drive back and forth to church. She loves going to Charlie's Restaurant on Sunday for scrambled eggs and cinnamon raisin toast. Happy Birthday Sandi! Kay Weber, Friend | You are always so friendly. I especially remember your sharing a Craft-of-the-Month Club that you belonged to. It got me started doing crafts and I still love cross stitch. Our children remember playing grocery store in your house. I'm very glad that I was around to help with your family's medical questions, and to help you get to the hospital when you had a gall bladder attack. Have a great birthday! Edie Butcavage, Former Neighbor

11: "My Mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune." | Kids | Pamela Christine Lisa Marie Christopher Patrick

12: You may not realize it, but you have been a big influence on my life. I have inherited and adapted some of your strengths including: * Love of Animals, Especially Horses – Everyone talks about your passion for horses including drawing them as a child and even making bridles out of scrap string you found. Then when you started riding at Ivory Farms, and eventually got your own horse, it was your dream coming true. Your excitement for horses rubbed off on me, and still continues as I enjoy my two horses Commissar and Chloe. Also your connection with dogs like Sparky and now Happy is remarkable – they are all calm in your presence. * Creativity and an Artistic Flair – As an artist, you are almost like a human copy machine. You can draw/paint an exact replica of anything in nature. But it extends beyond that because you are also a very creative problem solver, and can figure out solutions in the most difficult situations. Although I am not an artist per se, I have inherited the ability to manage projects with an artistic flair, and can provide innovation to complex business issues. * Belief in Intuition – You have always kept an open mind toward alternative ways of healing and communicating. You are very sensitive to other people’s actions and feelings as a means to understanding what makes them tick, and finding the best path for the future. I, too, am tuned in to my sixth sense, and keep an open mind toward alternative solutions. * A Friend to All – You have made friends throughout your life from all different backgrounds and experiences. Some may be handicapped, some may be shy, or even just a little different from the rest, but that doesn’t matter to you. All receive the same respect and caring from you. I have also tried not to discriminate against people, and have a diverse group of friends thanks to your inspiration. * Keen Observer, Detailed Storyteller - Your ability to absorb all of the details of a situation or experience and then recite them back flawlessly has always been impressive. When you tell a story or create a piece of artwork, you make the listener/viewer believe that they were right there with you. This perceptive ability continues to help me interpret customer feedback into successful Marketing campaigns. * Never-Ending Curiosity to Learn – I don’t remember a time where you were not reading a book or attending a class or involved in some way to improve your knowledge. You are genuinely excited to learn how things work or how to develop into a better person. That trait continues to motivate me to create my own environment of continuous learning and risk taking. * Fierce Courage to Overcome Obstacles – Although you are a shy person, you are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in, or be a caretaker for others in tough situations. In your career, you have helped numerous individuals overcome their challenges and become successful. I try to utilize this same optimism and strength when faced with adversity; even cancer. Thank you for sharing these strengths with me. Love, Pam, Daughter

14: What I remember most about the "Carr Girls" (including Sandi) is our fun times at Ivory Farms and Nature's Last Stand. Meeting after school at a restaurant on Grand River so that we could all drive together out to Ivory. Our many lessons, pony rides in the winter, weekends at the farm, Girl Scouts and endless hours of horse talk. Anne (Portelli) Foreman Friend | Horses | Sandi was both a rider and instructor at Ivory Farms in Union Lake, MI

15: Sandi and her horse, Ahmeer. Nature's Last Stand Plymouth, MI

16: Art | Sandi's art expertise spans across a variety of specialties, and has been honored with multiple showings and awards.

18: Career | What fun I have had looking through pictures to select some for your memory book! The earliest photo I selected is from May of 2001. Just look at what you came up with so Diana Germain could work out at Cintas. She could only move her head and hands a little bit so she had a bird and dog she brought to school to help her. I also remember you working with her to use a feeding device to help her feed herself. The next picture is also from June 2001 and was taken at Mayberry State Park. Remember the many years we took the students in wheelchairs on a hike to the playground and transferred them onto the swings? What a lot of energy we had! | Sandi retired as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

19: In 2003 we found ways for this group of students to create this mural which for years hung in the hallway near our room. Brian Smith took it home to hang in his basement when he graduated. | In 2004 you were leading Brian Brant, Rod Eagle and Bill Fiddle in a horse race game. They sure enjoyed naming their horses. Bob could be so stubborn or so sweet. Wonder what they are doing now. | Another fun activity was cooking with students in the upstairs apartment at the Skills Center. In this photo from May 2006, is Scott Dz, Debbie Ismair, David Riley, Richele Frankford, Lindsay Martin, Ryan Varley, and Ed Woods. | This photo was taken in May 2007 at Debbie Ismair's graduation with Anna Laura Konarz and Megan Campbell.

20: In June 2005, we posed with Brian Brant at his graduation. I think we look younger than in Karen's 2001 graduation picture! Remember for years we rented extra large sidewalk chalk and a contraption so the students like Brian in wheelchairs had something fun to do on Field Day each year? We also helped them with wheelchair races and obstacle courses. | I have many other fond memories like the time when we painted the wall in our small office without Al's permission. It was the first two days before students started and we didn't think the new blue carpet looked good with the yellow wall. When he finally called us into his office to respond to our memo asking if we could paint, he said "No". Then I said we had already done it, he stood up, put his hands on his hips and said, "You did what?!!!" I swear steam was coming out of his ears and I was trying so hard not to laugh. Many times I have wished that we still worked together. Your recipe templates and special way to tie an apron are still used today, so you continue to make a difference in the lives of students you have not even met. I will always be grateful for all you did to help me and the students. I wouldn't be the therapist I am today without your support all those years. Happy Birthday and many more! Your Friend Always, Pam Facchini, Colleague

21: Many good thoughts and wishes for your 70th Birthday. My 1st memories of you were from Webster Elementary when I subbed for the little Pre-schoolers (very cute, but very active). You would come in the class in the morning and pull out all of these adaptive toys and play and show the little ones what to do. I learned a lot during that sub assignment. LIke how students need to put on a jacket flipped backward on a table and the adaptations for the zipper (zipper pulls). Thanks to your artistic and creative ability, I have been using the templates you made for the bakery class for about 7 years now, so hundreds of students have used them. They are currently being used by students with great success. I remember you always being so gracious in spirit and assisting me and staff with problem solving for student needs. But most of all for truly loving and caring about the students and those you worked with. Health, Happiness Always. Anna Borden, Colleague | You are a caring, creative and knowledgeable person. Your ideas, compassion and abilities to set up adaptations for students are really amazing. You always had a real keen eye for modifications which helped students become more independent. I will always remember the ideas and collaborating when we worked at the Western Wayne Skill Center. Thanks for working so diligently making our physically challenged students within the Wayne-Westland Satellite Program as independent as possible. Happy Birthday Sandi! John Kitchen, Colleague

22: Mother Nature's Son Born a poor young country boy Mother Nature’s Son All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone Sit beside a mountain stream See her waters rise Listen to the sound of pretty music as she flies Find me in my field of grass Mother Nature’s son Swaying Daisies sing a lazy song beneath the sun. John Denver | Nature

23: Travel

24: “Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky” | Pets | Sparky | Happy

25: Happy Birthday Grandma! Love, Tyler Anna Kyle | Grand Kids

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