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Mr. Majeske's Retirement Gift

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S: The Donald Dynasty

BC: From your beloved students | To our beloved mentor: Being a teacher for thirty-seven years creates more memories than a measly book can hold. And yet, we hope to remind you of some with this. You aren't like all teachers, Mr. Majeske. You're the kind of teacher that we remember beyond our high school career. Students from a decade ago still recall your lessons, in class and in life. So as a parting gift, we present to you this book, a small token of our appreciation for all the thoughts you started churning, all the laughs and smiles you won over, and all the memories we made with you. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, and please come visit us!

FC: A dedication to the BEST teacher whose influence has always exceeded the classroom. | 37 Years of Memories

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. Cathy Allen

2: "Welcome to Enlightenment Salon 17!"

3: Thanks for being an amazing guiding light at TJ! ~Malaika Murphy Class of '11 | Thank you for being my favorite high school teacher Mr. Majeske. I look up to you and will always remember you. I'll miss you! ~Bobby Ends Class of '13

4: "After watching this movie, every guy will want a wire-frame bed!" | Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor: the most beautiful woman in the world

5: Donald, look into my eyes...

6: "My favorite 12 year old!" | "He shot up like a weed"

7: Mr. Majeske, I remember getting the syllabus for AP Psychology on the first day of class and thinking it was going to be an interesting year. I turned out to be correct -- but in so many more ways than I ever could have imagined. A few weeks later, you stopped me as class ended to tell me that I was doing a great job. I remember being amazed that a teacher would take the time to tell me that I was doing a good job in a normal everyday discussion. Thank you for stoking my love of psychology, for increasing my confidence in the middle of the stress of college applications, for being an inspiration, for giving me a chance to let my inner dork out through Jeopardy, and for just giving me one class to enjoy and relax in every week. I hope you know how much every single one of your students enjoyed your class and how much you affected all of us. Thank you for an excellent year, and I hope you love your retirement (and finish that book!). ~Anna Burke Class of '11 (a prospective Psychology and Government major (with a Drama minor!) at UVA) | "She knows her place."

8: "You always wear purple, Serena." | AP Psychology Period 3 2010-2011

9: From government and psychology to life lessons and inspirations, you are the man. | You have been an amazing teacher, one of THE most memorable at TJ! People keep asking me if I regret going to TJ, and I tell them no, because there are teachers like you that make learning fun and realistic. I have grown in your class, and for that I am most grateful. I'm sad that I won't get to visit you when I come back, but you deserve some peaceful time without us teenagers! Don't forget to let me know what Seema's wedding is like, Mr. Majeske! ~Mashal Wakilpoor Class of '12

11: Mr. Majeske has been one of my all time favorite teachers at TJ. There are simply too many good things to say and too many good memories to recall, but I will never forget him and his wonderful fueling of my cheez-it addiction. ~Cynthia Chen Class of '12

12: I will never forget Mr. Majeske's infamous questions on tests for extra points. On one test, the question simply stated "Yes." Some of the options were "yes," "no," and "maybe." I don't know where my head was at that day, but I decided that "no" was the correct answer. Unfortunately, Mr. Majeske did not award me a point for that response, but after that test he would always remind students not to be like me and to answer correctly. ~Christine Contreras Class of '07

13: Those eyes....need we say more? | Thanks Mr. Majeske for two great years. I know that no matter where you go, I will always be in your headlights. ~Pavan Naik Class of '12 | "It-Don't-Make-Me-No-Nevermind"

14: Dear Mr. Majeske, Thank you for everything you've done for TJ! I really enjoyed being in your neuropsychology class, even though I don't remember ever signing up for the course. Every day was memorable, and you made class something I looked forward to. I especially liked jeopardy and our occasional lunch chats with Latika. Even though you called me Scarlet sometimes, I won't hold it against you. 39 year olds are allowed to have memory slips every now and then. Enjoy your retirement! You deserve it. Sincerely, Shannon Smith Class of '12

15: "No means yes. I mean, no means NO!" | Does she look like a killer to you, Mr. Majeske? | Mr. Majeske. A man of shirts and shorts year-round!

16: "I don't teach because I have to. I teach because I want to. You students are just about as good as any medicine that any doctor has ever prescribed me."

17: 6th Period, Fall 2010

18: "Little-Miss-Debby-Snack-Cakes" | Mr. Majeske, I really don't know where to start off but you absolutely are my favorite teacher at TJ. Learning AP Psychology was barely any of it, I looked forward to every day I had your class, and that's not an exaggeration. Your dry sarcasm is hilarious, and the stories you told are always entertaining. On top of being able to have a great class, your personality is one that I'll never forget. I can't tell you enough how much it really means to me to have a teacher who truly cares about both my life and academics. To see a man face such a huge battle and earnestly want to come back over and over to see his students and teach is such a huge compliment and inspiration to everyone around him, and reflects in all the praise and lack of negativity I hear about him. You have such a kind heart and truly find the best in everyone. I also can't thank you enough for the amazing recommendation you wrote me, I read it often to remember kind words when I'm down. Thank you for inspiring and touching the hearts of everyone you have taught and been around. I hope we keep in touch, and best wishes to your recovery. ~Brianna Kim Class of '11

19: Mr. Majeske is an amazing teacher. He truly cares about his students. I believe it was his passion for teaching my AP Government class that led me to where I am today. I originally started at NYU fully intending to major in Neuroscience and enter Medical School. In order to be completely sure of my decision, I chose to explore my other interests; namely Government. I ended up loving International Politics and now my goal is to one day work for the UN. It was Mr. Majeske who sparked this interest and I can not ever thank him enough for this! I wish him well in retirement - in however many homes it is that he owns these days. ~ Cassidy Dale Class of '09 | "Always 39" and looking the part!

20: For Christmas my senior year, 2010, Mr. Majeske's wife gifted him with a new smartphone. I'm pretty sure it was some Droid model. Point is, he had no idea how to work it, and I had to explain to him how to turn it on silent and how to unlock it, and in the middle of my tutorial, Varun Kumar decided that it fell under the category of "gadgets," and that Mr. Majeske was secretly a masked vigilante. Thus, Nighthawk was born. ~Olivia Walton Class of '11

21: "The Bearded One" | Mr. Majeske is one of those people that kids like us can look up to. He does everything he can to make sure we can learn as much as we can , and he serves as a wonderful mentor and friend to those who know him. I want to wish him the best as he makes the transition from his enlightenment salon to retirement. After all, you're only 39 once. ~Michael Ramada Class of '12 | "Men Are Pigs"

22: I gave Kunyao baby chicks for homecoming. I told Mr. Majeske about this, and he thought I was nuts! It ended up being featured on the front page of the TJ website. Anyways, in March I decided to give him a Faberge egg since he has always told many a fabled story about his extensive collection. Kunyao and I brought in supplies one day and made a pseudo-Faberge egg for him using one of the hens' (now all grown up) eggs! ~Michael Gnitnub Class of '12 | Question Nine

23: “Listen carefully. The most important things for you to remember in here are the number thirty-nine and Elizabeth Taylor.” I knew from the first day that World History and Geography 2 was not going to be an ordinary classroom experience. I could also tell that Mr. Majeske—a man with a white beard and a youthful glimmer in his eyes—was not the typical book-homework-quiz-test kind of teacher. His voice wasn’t dry, but the way he spoke just oozed sarcasm. His sentences were stilted and always a bit unexpected; he’d say one thing, and then follow up with a sarcastic kick, usually directed at a student. No one in the trailer was spared from the picking, but that’s exactly what made the environment so warm and easygoing. That, and the fact we would burst into applause every time he wore something other than a t-shirt and shorts. ~Patricia Li Class of '12

24: Nighthawk, The one thing I never want to hear is that someone is disappointed in me. Only four weeks into school and I already had to hear those words from you. I had missed a test in AP Psych for early morning Homecoming festivities and had not re-taken the test within a week of the originally scheduled date. Clearly I had not read the syllabus. It was only a month into school – I had barely known you yet – and I was still so affected by that moment. I just about cried in front of you but instead I awkwardly adjusted my backpack and left. I didn’t understand why I was so affected by your expressed disappointment, but I was. I can’t quite pinpoint one specific reason why, but you have had a profound impact on me. It is because of our mutual love of Michigan and Prince William County. It is because everyone in our AP Psych class shared such a deep respect for you. It is because you cared about every one of your students. It is because every time you told a story of a former student, you were able to mention their full name and what they went on to do with their lives after graduation. And just maybe it’s because I have never known anyone that could go on a talk show and easily pull off such a crazy patterned sweater as you did. Mr. Majeske, you are so greatly loved by the TJ community. I’m sure you’ve realized that by now but I think that it is important that you are reminded of that every day. No one can rule the Enlightenment Salon with such dignity and power as you have. Without you, TJ will miss a piece of its heart and soul. Thank you for being such a great influence on so many people. Thank you for affecting my life in such a wonderful way. ~Michelle Gahagan Class of '11

25: Mr. Majeske, Summer WHG1 2010 was the best learning experience I've ever had. Thanks for making my transition into high school so much smoother. We'll miss you! ~Karen Xia Class of '14 | Priya Krishnan-Cotton will miss you very much!

26: Impossible task of describing Mr. Majeske, attempted by his faithful students

27: Thirty Nine Chef Profoundly Hilarious Cheese-it crusher Passionate Understanding Life Advice The Best Big Boned Biggest Troll Mind Games Hormones | All knowing Enlightenment Salon Technology Expert Grand Chair Facebook Friend Wants Grandchildren Beast Mode Jeopardy Roller Coaster Doesn't Digress Match Maker Healthy Food | Majeske Math Helicopter Man Swan Dive Five Guys A Statistic Math Whiz Never Stereotypes Fabergé Eggs Academic Altar Night Hawk Hair Stylist Six Digit Salary

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