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My life

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My life - Page Text Content

FC: Don't let life pass by without memories, Friends and wild times. If it ever comes to the moment when My life flashes before my eyes this is what I would want to see. | 2010-2011

1: "If you should die before me, ask if you can bring a friend."

3: What do I do with my hands!?

8: Creeper van. I made Chandler stand by it and fear that someone was going to jump out and kill her :) It was fun.

9: We had to take like forty pictures to get this one good one.

16: MINE

19: Again with the hands and the not knowing what to do with them... Haha I love her :)

23: This has Chandler written all over it! <:)

29: Hey, Hey I Get yo' numba? Can I have it?

31: "Eww his face makes me want to throw up."

32: Me to Chandler: So um you got a boyfriend? Is he big is he scary? Is he healthy? Is he coming back!? | So umm...Can I have yo' numba? Can I have it? Can I have the digits that will connect me to you telephonically?

35: She's a dork :)

52: Wait...where are my fingers?

53: "I see..I see what you did there and and I don't, I don't like it." | Stay away from Shag carpet!

57: This reminded me of two people Sharon, Of course. Also Emily haha Don't deny it (It be me too)

63: Big Brother your sometimes a pain, T.j. you've seen more than I have in this life. Big Brother we sometimes fight. T.j. you've always we're there for me, Big Brother you've protected me, T.j. you helped me learn some things, You always told me to be me and never deal with other peoples drama and Lies unless it was for a friend. So T.j. thank you and I'll never forget all that you've done for me. I love you & I wish the best for you.

68: Chandler Walker-I have a heart, I secretly love people when you aren't around. | Laura, "This friendship has gone too far. We've already had a child, and sold it to someone for crack"

69: Sharon Hale- Yes, me and laura are like best friends now, does that bother you? | Sharon Hale- witnessing a drug deal. Its so painfully obvious, its just not even funny.

70: What is wrong with your toe?? This is not funny...Lemme take a picture and send it to Jacob. He wants to see this impregnated toe thing, he doesn't believe me.

71: No something is seriously wrong with your toe. Like it was funny at first *Laughs* But you forreal need to go to the hospital like now..some freaking demented toe babies.

72: Chandler Walker -I'm breaking up with you now. Chandler- no! -Yes, we are over. Chandler- no, La la la I can't hear you lalala Can't hear you so it's not happening! That Jess chick makes me me feel awkward...

73: Laura Miller- *Head shoots up* "Oh crap, Sharon's within a mile radius...KIDS TO THE BASEMENT! I SAID TO THE BASEMENT, NOW" ahaa fun..... What's bad is I'm so serious. Sharon Hale- I'll be the favorite aunt that gives your kids drugs Laura Miller- ahaha of coursee :D

74: Chandler, please stop crying and singing "I'm so lonely I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely. I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely"

75: Chandler Walker Oh you like Mike&Ikes? You like those....oh that's cool, that's cool. So um listen....can I have yo number?! Can I have it? | Chandler Walker- You know what I just remembered.....I come back two seconds? Ok, I come back two seconds....HIIIIII, I'm back.

76: Sharon Hale= Teach me your ways of being heartless, then ill stop giving you my irresitable-ness, k? | Laura Miller- So like for five minutes me and Sharon were wrestling in the backseat of my car so she wouldn't jump out the window and kill someone....

78: Chandler-Oh that's not a good sign...Laura...Skittles...ummm, heh, what did you do? Laura-Nope, I didn't do anything. Chandler: -_- Laura- What? Just like you said, I did not do anything. Nope, not even a little. Chandler-I'm kinda scared now... Laura- I said I didn't do anything? Why are you scared? You said I wouldn't and I didn't. Yupp Be happy. Chandler- god, you're good at this! Fine...you win. I don't know what the crap you did...I tip my hat to you. Even though I'm not wearing a hat... Laura-Hah good at what? Telling the truth? I know :) Or do I

79: Chandler-Ahhh, stop it! Laura-Stop what!? Chandler-THAT! It's un-laura of you, stop! Laura-I don't know what your speaking of. Chandler- Don't play games with me... -_- Laura-What games? Chandler your paranoid hmm...I wonder why? Chandler-Rodda rodda!

80: Youth director: What's your favorite animal Laura?> Me: *Looks around the table* "A scorpion because while they distract you with their tales your not paying attention to their sharp claws. and then BAM you don't know what's happening you don't know where you are, and I'm pulling you under the church pew and slowly killing you. I don't want to be the bigger person." *Emily burst out laughing because she's the only one who knows what I'm talking bout* I die laughing with her :) ^Insider^

82: Chandler to me: I've just realized....you are a defective sour patch kid. You're sour all the time...never sweet.

83: Sharon: So today was the most amazing day. And me & Laura are so awesome that if you were to actually find out how awesome we are, you would drop dead. Boom.

87: Hah The meaning of my name on Urban Dictionary Shut up Sharon. -_-

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