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My Life In Short

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My Life In Short - Page Text Content

S: Summer of my Life

BC: My Life...

FC: My Life in Short Ali Herr 2010

1: Dedications | I would like to dedicate this book to my family, especially my mother because she has been supportive throughout my life. Also, she has allowed me to be involved in many activities. My friends have made my life amazing and the best and I would like to thank them for that. | 1

2: Table of Contents | 2 | Setting...................................................4 External Conflict.................................6 Climax..................................................8 Round/Dynamic Conflict...................10 Foreshadowing...................................12 Resolution............................................14

3: 3

4: Setting | I was born on September 4th, in the year of 1997. It was around the time of 7' O'clock in the morning when i was officially born. This birth took place in the Harrisburg Hospital. I have only been back to the hospital once ever since, to visit a friend. I do not remember anything about the morning I was born in the Harrisburg Hospital. I have heard, however, stories of how my godmother, Paula, was there. Also, that my dad had to go on a business trip that same day, after i was born. | 4

5: My Mother and I | 5 | Harrisburg Hospital

6: External Conflict | When I was in Preschool, I was very shy. I would cry until my mother would come back to pick me up because i hated being left with strangers. Everyday, my mom would trick me into going in and then would leave and I would start crying. Then, the counselor who i hated, would call my mom to come back. One day, she never called her. I was crying and crying but she never came. Eventually, i got down from the loft in the preschool building because I saw some children playing with legos and my counselor. It looked like fun and I felt left out because I didn't get to do that. I had to face my fear, and crack out of my shell and get along with the person I hated. That day, I made new friends and I started to love my counselor who i had hated before. | 6

7: The toy that made my preschool experience the best. | "Thank you, Miss. Brandy for helping me move on and be more independent." | My Preschool Teacher

8: Climax | At the end of 5th grade year, I had a 5th grade celebration, proving that I have graduated 5th Grade and soon would be a middle schooler. I wore a red top with white pants, which was considered dressing up for me. My class, Mrs. DeSanto's class, sat in the second row. We sang a song (I can not remember what song) and then were called up to receive our certificates. That moment of my life, when they announced "Ali Herr" was life changing because it showed that I was growing and maturing quickly. I strutted up to the front, smiling from ear to ear and received my award, feeling like the queen of the world. All I did was put my hand out, but i had a big imagination. I can remember that day, exactly, still to this day. | 8

9: My fifth grade teacher | Fifth Grade Picture | 9

10: Round/Dynamic Character | My brother has always been a major character in my life. He definitely has changed and matured throughout his life. When we were younger, we would often fight for fun or when we were mad. Now, we hang out and talk to each other at school a lot. Even when we were younger, I did have some good moments with him. One time we got a couch pillow and took a ride down the stairs. Also, he got me in trouble one time because I bit him and he pretended to cry. I was told to go to my room. My brother was always someone I wanted to be like and still do. He is amazing at Sports and has friends from all different grades and schools. Someday, I hope to be just like him.

12: Foreshadowing | When i was in preschool, I went to a place in Hershey. It was very convenient because my mom worked right next to it in the Hershey Hospital. I remember her and my father discussing the issue of money one night and how we were lacking some. I had been guessing that I would stop going to preschool there, since it was a private school and cost more than an ordinary preschool. About a month later, my mother switched me to a more local general preschool. I discovered some of my best friends that I am still very close to these girls and have created and amazing friendship that will last forever. Before I switched, I had been very worried for my family and our money, but this decision has been a living changing choice and I would like to thank my mother.

14: Resolution | One night, when I was getting ready for bed, my brother and I got into a fight. I was about four years old and Ryan was about seven years old. I had justed brushed my teeth and put on my pajamas. Usually when we would fight, it was just for fun. This time, it was serious. He had taken one of my toys and would not give it back. I got on top of his bed, and body slammed and kicked him. Of course i felt like I was winning, but he actually wasn't fighting back because I was so much smaller. So he was just laughing and I was getting angrier and angrier. Soon, I'm sure my mom could hear us, so she walked in and saw us fighting. I never got blamed for anything when my father was home because I was his little angel. He actually was not home at this time. It was my mothers choice who to give a time out. She was going to give both of us timeouts, when I jumped back on the bed and bit my brother. I think that resolved her decision! I was sent to my room and I remember I was crying and crying. That was only my first time I got in trouble. After that, I only once received a time out in my childhood life!

15: My brother and I nine years later.

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