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Operation Glendaweek

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1: Table of Contents | Table Art..................................................................................2 Early Days................................................................................3 Picnics.....................................................................................4 Senior Year Adventures...........................................................10 Letter to Prince Carl................................................................13 Tyler the Donkey.....................................................................14 Let's Go to the Farm...............................................................16 Remindings............................................................................18 Baked Stuff............................................................................22 Winter Olympics......................................................................24 That Time We Almost Died by Snow.........................................28 Delinquency............................................................................30 Prahm....................................................................................36 Last Days of Art......................................................................38 Glenda's Wheels......................................................................41 Senior Week...........................................................................42 Glenda's NY B-Day...................................................................46 Summer Adventures................................................................50 Surprise Party.........................................................................52 Fall to Spring..........................................................................53 The Sims................................................................................54 Psycho Photoshoot.................................................................56 Furries...................................................................................62 CASS.....................................................................................68 Sexy Ladies............................................................................70 Music.....................................................................................71 Storytime.............................................................................END

2: If these books did music, right about now you'd be listening to the Mortal Kombat theme and looking at our bookmarks. But since they don't, please imagine our artistic masterpieces and I will provide the DUN DUN DUN DUN DAH DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DAH DUN MORTAL KOMBATTTTTTTTT!!!!! This is a book chronicling our friendship from the beginning of Senior Year. While it is impossible to fully include every awesome memory, I hope that the buttload of pictures/chapters/stories I did include comes close to portraying our vicious, heated rivalry. | Table Art | Hey remember our "best acquaintances" Blake and Justin? | They observed us painting our Mona Sphinxa ceiling tile and learned that the Giza Pyramids were a real place, and not just a set piece in the movie "Jumper"!!!! | But we learned things too. We learned that Kara had sweet wings tatooed on her back.

3: "Your brother is so cute" | DIS IS THE BEGINNING, YO | I know Brandi took this picture but idc YOU'RE MAKING A HEART!!! | I texted you this from across the table at one of my first awesome dinners at your house. | This is from the very first batch of muffins you ever made me. They were amazing and I taped this note to my wall. | Your son, Tot Cow. | Your daughter, Tater Pig. | You look pretty bored here. | Sexy close up | This is still great art.

4: PICNICS | Ok so there's a reason Wild Taterpigs Volume I's cover is of a picnic. We've had a fair number of excellent and/or fancy picnics in our time, and it was through picnics that I feel we really got to know each other. It was the first activity we went and did together, our first "thing", and the first time we hung out technically outside of school. I had so much fun planning them with you, taking advantage of the art department's little teacher's lounge thing and stealing their microwave to make tea or really obvious popcorn that we would then try to sneak past the new classes. Also trying to avoid the frightening Mr. Batterden. I wonder if he's still hanging out with the janitor. I wonder if they've killed anybody yet. Anyway, picnics. They always remind me of you, and the sheer excitement of making a friend at the beginning of a particularly fantastic school year. It was picnics that gave me a best friend and so they get to grace the cover. | 4

5: Things you need for picnics: | -silly hats -tea -awesome muffins and apples + peanut butter -blanket -THE MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP -hot chicks | 5

6: I feel like it looks like we're selling something. | 6

7: The theme of this picnic, was "Hats" | 7

8: This was from the day of the Pep Rally. It wasn't until the very end of the day, so we killed time with a ~scenic~ picnic by the trees and the field. We had popcorn and teddy grahams and these awesome off-brand oreos you brought. There were like vanilla oreos too, I remember I ate a lot of those. I think I knew about your secret vegan-ness by now. It was starting to get fairly cold by this time of the year, and it being pretty cloudy and windy too didn't help, but it was still fun. We had sweaters. It was such a nice day though, even despite the weather. Like I just remember this really peaceful, content kinda feeling. Oh and then James Dougan showed up and chilled for a little while. He was impressed by our picnickery. We all walked to the Pep Rally together. | 8

9: This is much later. I get the feeling it was maybe pretty close to summer, but I could be wrong. I know we went outside to your backyard, and we sat on that neat little bench near your garden. I think mosquitos were biting us so we didn't hang out there for too long. I was super impressed with your fancy salads and your pretty little triangle PB&Js though. OH WAIT did I help cut up those strawberries?? I think I did?!? I think you grew them though, so that's even more impressive. A+

10: SENIOR YEAR | This is from our Beowulf project in AP Lit. It's the dragon Grindelsomething. Grindel? We got a good grade on this too. Do you remember the Hamlet puppet show disaster we had to do? I hope it never found it's way to youtube. That had been Kate's plan. Steph's puppets themselves were pretty great though. Just everything else...was not. | Costco Adventure | I REMEMBER WHEN YOU GAVE THIS TO ME. I was so excited, srsly. You are the best at watercolors and I was so surprised you actually like sat down and did this and then just gave it to me. I love it. | Cambodia shirt. Speaks for itself. | Oh ho ho ho. This project. I still remember running upstairs during lunch to sneak into the lang comp labs to print out papers because the library was closed or something. We glued everything together seconds before presenting, in a rapid dash. Still got As I think though. | This isn't from one of our brinners, but it is an example of the many fantastic photo-less brinners that we did have.

11: AWESOME | So we went to the bookstore at the mall one time and there was a jedi there. | "You are always being judged" You learned so many great things from your FBLA trips. No wonder you loved them so much!!! | Glenda with her brother for senior siblings, and then with her dad in the past. Your dad's photoshop skills, Glenda. So good. I still think this is the funniest thing. | Above: Glenda was so poor after selling all her worldly possessions/family members for watercolors that she had to be sent to the city orphanage. | 11

12: Most giant apple. From the Goucher visit we skipped class to go to. That was fun. | what | We made pretty great nametags for our art history field trip. | Dr. Meow says you are in ~purrfect condition~

13: Dear Prince Carl, Hey I'd like to tell you 'bout this really hot chick named Glenda. I know you're a Prince and can have pretty much any girl you want, but you gotta listen to this first. She's totally hot. I've attached a picture to prove it. She's also American. I know how you Europeans like exotic women, and let me tell you-Glenda is the exoticest of all. She eats leaves and plants and stuff. Like a dinosaur or a bunny rabbit. How cute is that?! She also likes pasta. Do you know who also likes pasta? Italians. Do you know who's Italian? Michaelangelo was Italian. He was an artist. You know who else is an artist? Glenda is an artist. And I bet she's better in bed than Michaelangelo, who by now is probably really gross and decayed and stuff. And old, ew gross. Glenda is so young and fresh. She's like the crisp sound of a new ziplock bag being opened. She's pretty good at drawing, she'll draw you lots of pictures of cats. She could probably draw you too, but then she'd get self-conscious and scribble all over it, so just have someone ready to jump her in case she tries anything. Glenda loves Swedish men, she's actually a bit obsessive. She made a nametag of your country's fine and noble flag and desecrated it with her name on it. Don't judge her too harshly though, she was probably just overcome with adoration of you and desire to be a part of something. She also loves Swedish fish. She eats them a lot, so I'm sorry if your fishing industry is suffering, I'll try to control her intake of them so they can reproduce a bit more. She's also very clean, so she'll fit right in with you Swedes. Seriously, she uses hand sanitizer like 50 million times a day. You could show her around Ikea and you could totally trust her not to get things all germy. Oh, also, if you wanna grow your hair out longer, she's really good at braiding, so there's that too. Glenda doesn't smoke or drink, although she did have a serious cocaine addiction at one time-she's past it now (30 days straight and counting!). Glenda is a fine upstanding young woman, she takes AP Human Geography and knows the capitols of all your neighboring countries, so she could help you with diplomatic things too. She cooks and cleans and could potentially breed you some strong and healthy Swedish-American kids. You should act soon though, as she is acquiring quite the fan base back here in the states. Lately, I've had to beat men (and donkeys) off her with a stick. I know America is the best country in the world, but if you want a shot at number two, you really need to step it up a notch. In conclusion, your country is a total suckfest without this hot piece of tail on your arm, so please take my email into consideration. Sincerely, Morgan ps- I know in that second picture, it looks like she's about to get to first base with that donkey, but I assure you, Glenda is usually quite the lady. Not a donkey-kissing whore. Unless you like donkey-kissing whores, then I retract that statement. | 1/21/10 | (I mixed up Sweden and Denmark's flags lolwhoops they're close enough) | 13

14: Tyler the Donkey | 14

15: 15

16: ~Let's go to the Farm~ | 16

17: 17

18: 18

19: Things that remind me of Morgan Leavitt By Glenda 4/3/10 Spiders Mushrooms Degrassi Girl parties Braids Snape The internet Gross stuff on the internet Everything you’ve ever drawn for me Moustaches Inuyasha Red Expired teddy grahams Chipmunks Hamsters Squirrels 7681 Fanfiction Happiness Youth Lists Taterpigs Dreams Disneyworld (worlllll) Chester and Ichabod Shaboodle Sochi Paper cranes Bikes Like such as maps A lot of songs Everything Forever | Things that remind me of Glenda Clulow By Morgan 4/3/10 Hairclips neat dangly earrings giant pretty blue eyes cool clothesss (YOUR STYLE IS VERY DISTINCT) kittens baby animals keyboard cat the office Taterpigs of course watercolors /art in general breaking into buildings summer days sushi little tiny dogs obsessive cleaning hand sanitizer MUFFINS OMG DELICIOUS MUFFINS pasta people that can cook well special popcorn vegans lol walmart driving with the top down frozen peas canned tea lolol saffron flowersss +daffodils aw naww shaboodle shows about haunted things ice skating stephane lambiel league of extraordinary gentlemen bookmarks movie nights/SLEEPOVERSSSS single-topic blogs adventuring sochi and bikes for me too hugs really long hugs secrets sunshine strawberries swinging good music grandmas xbox live and so so much moar | also also glinda the good witch horses horses horses horses funny internet pictures smiling rice tomato soup florida maple syrup PEOPLE THAT UNDERSTAND ME SO WELL AND THAT THINK LIKE I DO LOVE ACCEPTANCE omg this list is gunna get really long | Remindings. Reminderings? These are all things that remind us of stuff. | 19

20: You remind me of middle school Those awkward years Chewed up pencils Irrational fears You remind me of oceans I see it in your eyes Hair flowing freely Against clear blue skies You remind me of class Top hats and things Male figure skating Little bits of string | A Poem For Morgan By Glenda at almost 2 am | YOU REMIND ME OF CAPS LOCK YOU CAN BE REALLY LOUD Internet memes And being really proud You remind me of sleepovers Staying up all night Awesome infomercials And naked pillow fights | You remind me of girl scouts Cus that’s what you are Chocolate chip cookies And shooting stars | What You Remind Me Of | You remind me of the future Because I know you’ll be there We will live together And I’ll braid your hair. | You remind me of sunshine That’s what you are to me A big red backpack Small insecurities | 4/4/10 | 20

21: (He's a phantom Danny Phan- Danny Phan- Danny Phantom) Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine It was designed to view a world unseen (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom) When it didn't quite work his folks they just quit but then Danny took a look inside of it there was a great big flash every thing just changed his molecules got all rearranged (Phantom Phantom) When he first woke up he realized he had snow white hair and glowing green eyes he could walk through walls disappear and fly he was much more unique than the other guys it was then that he knew what he had to do he had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through he's here to fight for me and you (He's gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's Danny Phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's) Danny Phantom | There is no way a Canadian would be able to burst into song with me one day and spontaneously sing the entirety of the Danny Phantom opening. That was a good moment for us. | One day at the beginning of the school year, we were walking around the parking lot near your car and you were trying to convince me you were really Canadian. I did not buy it. | 21


23: THINGS YOU BAKED ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY~! | ^- Best muffins in the entire world omggg | THESE WERE DELICIOUS | No but seriously. I never even used to like muffins that much. Now I'm just. I am the opposite. They are my favorite. | This is gorgeous how did you do it. | 23

24: The Vancouver Winter Olympics | We watched part of the Olympics at your house, I'm pretty sure it was the final round of the skating. | Plushenko should've won. He wanted to be the next Dick Button. | I was very upset when Lysacek stole the gold.

25: The best Birthday/Olympics condolences card I have ever received ever. | It seriously astounded me how amazing and elaborate this card was. It still makes me laugh so hard. | P chiddy | The saddest thing I have ever seen | Plushenko jumping around first place where he belongs

26: This is the best and I love you. | Everything about this is amazing. | You get him, Dick Button. | The winter Olympics are next going to be held in Sochi, Russia in 2014. I still think we should go. But even if that doesn't happen, we will still have our flag friendship pins to throw at Evan Lysacek in spirit. And to remember how close we were. To the next Dick Button.

27: I made this for you for the opening night of Grease. I also cut out pictures of just orchids and begonias to throw at you. | I went twice and it was really good and you were the best crew person ever. I never did stage crew in high school but I think it would've been fun. You and Steph seemed really melancholy that it was over. But the songs stuck around at least 2 more weeks anyway, haha. | This was from a different experiment, but I doubt it would look any less out of place on any other page so it's staying here with the other shoops. | A beautiful couple. | I was just bored one day so I made these

28: That winter, it snowed a lot. | WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE | D E A T H | T H E E N D | S N O W P O C A L Y P S E | S N O W M A G E D D O N | T O O S O O N | 28

29: That Time We Almost Died By Snow | So this was awesome. You came over my dad's house after snowmageddon, and the wind+layers of snow/ice made about 90% of the farm 5 feet deep with snow. You couldn't walk in it, or you'd sink to your knees. Try to lift your leg out, and you'd break through layer#2 and be trapped forever. After struggling just around Tyley the Donkey's turf, we gave up and retreated, lying back on the sleds and kicking like a speed boat. You thought of it first, and were better at it. I hit one of the phone line posts, haha. Ben and Matt were light enough that they didn't sink, so they shuffled slowly across the surface like penguins. Sledding was 100% unsuccessful. No one could create any momentum and the snow just ate the sleds. It was so intensely windy and freezing, neither one of us could feel our legs when we finally made it back alive. | I did make a heart for you though | <-- Glenda surfing | We are eskimos. | 29

30: ~DELINQUENCY~ | We are the coolest people and this is proof. LOOK AT US, BROAD DAYLIGHT SNEAKIN' INTO PLACES! Yea, so this is that big like reception area thing now down by the water by my house. We went bike riding, found it, saw that they had been doing construction stuff on it, briefly took a look around inside (found a pentagram!), and then came back a few days later with a real camera. We then took a million pictures, and I got to use a bunch for my AP 2D Design test thing. It was a lot of fun, and you are a crazy awesome poser. I'm better at taking pictures than being in pictures but there's a couple pictures you took of me that I actually really like, so that's pretty awesome. Few more records that I exist!!! There was a point, I remember, where we thought a car was pulling up outside and we were gunna have to beat it, but it like turned around and left. We left soon after that and then you made me a CD with all our awesome pictures on it. | 30

31: 31

32: 32

33: 33

35: 35

36: Prahm | ~I did not go BUT I DID HELP YOU GET FANCY~ | <-- The famous Glenda Taterpig Clulow and her AMAZING A-LIST CELEBRITY STYLIST/ PHOTOGRAPHER !!!!!!! | 36 | and there's just so many good pictures of you from this so in they go

37: Glenda Taterpig Clulow is most famous for her | line of | catmere | gem- sweaters for orphaned and disabled kittens | meow


39: We spent a lot of time in this art department. Art, Art History, Lunch, I&I, Fourth Period, and your aiding period. All within 2 days, for an entire year. That is 545637 times more art than most people can handle. At the last day of Art History, we drew ourselves all as Disney characters. Ms. Waters was the dog from The Neverending Story. Josie snapped one day and made a "KEEP OFF" sign for the grass that she was very serious about. She yelled at some kid walking to the buses. The art closet got cleaned out, your fancy little hangout cove all cleaned up and prepared for the next awkward art kids to inherit. I kinda regret taking AP Psych. It would have been way more fun to get to hang out with you guys in the art closet all day. I liked Psych though. Ms. Bender was nice. | 39

40: THE BEAUTIFUL ART OF OUR SCHOOL | If only I had a picture of the "Think about it Chesapeake" eyes | 40


42: ~Senior Week~ | DRUNK BUS ADVENTURES | 42

43: 43

44: A million potatoes | Waitin' for the Drunk Bus | Taylor being ~Attractive~ | meow | meow | RIGHTEOUS | 44

45: Preparing for the ~Dinner of Champions~! | RIP Peenickel and Chuckie | Stephanie and I were moral support to your guys' dinner efforts/potato slaying | ~Brandi slaving away behind the cute couple~ | I did totally take out the trash though | Serial Killer Glenda

46: Glenda's 18th Birthday | 46

47: This was one of our best adventures ever. We took the sketchiest bus ever up to NYC for your birhtday. I remember we were waiting for it in Baltimore and your dad joked that it was going to be a sketchy white van, and then it was. They threw their doors open and yelled "NEW YORK?" We got in, thinking that this might be the end, but it only drove for like 10 minutes before we got to a parking lot containing the actual coach bus. We were still the only white girls though. Everyone else was black or chinese. We got to China Town and walked to "West Broadway" I think it was for lunch. They had the best french fries ever. We wandered around into a couple parks, and then met Nathan, the friendliest guy in the world, who told us about his rapping and his friend that died. You can't tell in that picture, but he had bright red velvet pants. I am almost certain they were velvet. He sang you a song about your birthday and about you being a Gemini, and he complimented you on your thighs. Then we thanked him and he rode away on his red bicycle. Sometimes I wonder if he was real. We walked to Lula's Sweet Apothecary but it was closed until 3 so we killed time in this pretty little garden between some buildings. A guy was shooting heroin in the back of it, and then later when we passed him walking down the street, he waved to me. Lula's was awesome. I wish there were more of them, and everywhere. After that, or possibly before, we found a cool dog park too. We never got to see Franco, and I still feel bad about that, but hopefully your birthday was still awesome regardless. It'll always be a very happy memory for me.

48: This English guy was grumpy, but he was good at painting leaves. | Needs more flying buttresses though. | We accidentally got off a stop too early at Aberdeen, You kept apologizing but I was like 'lolol this is hilarious'. Then we waited for your dad in Starbucks and got strawberry frappuccino drinks. They were playing really good music at the time, but I never figured out the names of the songs. | You made a super awesome pal in the talkative Asian girl in front of us, if you recall. (See opposite page) | We got ice cream milkshakes You got drumstick+toffee crunch and I got caramel ginger cookie or something. They were AWESOMEEEEE | ! | + | ~ ~ | We went back to Cinatown and got obscure snack foods while we waited for the bus. You got these dried peas thing and the old people complimented you on your good choice. I got candy. | 48

49: Oh lady in front of Glenda How obnoxious you are You threw your seat back really really far You sort of took a nap And then checked your voicemail And then you called some of your friends And spoke in a loud scale Erratic Chinese on a quiet bus Why oh God why Did you sit in front of us Now you are eating a sandwich But we totally did that first Your open mouthed chewing Is simply the worst You're like a camel chompin' that snack Plus you've got some grey hairs On your head, in the back Oh look here comes your iPod But you still cannot sit still You're looking at your phone again Texting, if you will It takes you five whole minutes To text "Have a good day" But that's not exciting enough An emoticon, that's your way | "DID YOU GET MY TEXT?!?" I imagine is what you said You're talking to your friends again I want to punch you in the head Do you really hate silence This much It's wrong to promote violence But it's getting really tough Glenda really hates you You're stealing all her room So I'm writing her this poem In the hopes you'll do something else funny soon We're going to call you Angela After a stupid sounding dog We heard about it from a lady Getting back from her jog You really are quite impressive Multitasking as you are Twisting your hair into knots and gossiping with your friends afar If Glenda accidentally Got her lolipop stuck Your silly knotted locks Would be all effed-up Oh no Glenda's chewing It's getting pretty loud If your obnoxiousity is infectious GURL YOU GOIN' DOWN | Was it really necessary to read aloud "Noo Yohk fried cheek-in" to your friend? But then again, you are special and your phone call doesn't end You wouldn't have had to fix your hair If you hadn't twisted it up you know But watching you check out your reflection Is still a pretty great show Suddenly you are out of your seat You are leaving us at last We never expected the sadness we'd feel Though I am sure it will pass We'd grown attached to your antics Nothing will ever be the same But I'm comforted by the knowledge That you will never change So keep calling your friends in Chinese Recline that seat all the way Be the best part of public transport And these leg cramps will be here to stay. | The Bus Poem by Morgan Leavitt With dedication to Glenda Clulow | 49

50: SUMMER | Ichabod+Glenda's car OTP This was the best summer. | 50

51: Southern Ladies Up To Something. You texted me this when you went to Florida, lol. | I still think you should've bought that "This Girl Loves Horses" shirt. It came with a horse. You should've bought that shirt and I should've bought Cambodia shirt. And then we could've worn them together while going on bike rides, long car rides, snowball trips, strawberry picking at Larriland, picnics, sleepovers, brinners, and other various adventures. As it was, we still had a pretty fantastic summer, but we could have been way more stylish. | THIS GIRL LOVES HORSES! | 51

52: Ok, seriously, I won't be able to put into words how happy this surprise party made me. I thought about it a lot through the school year, and I kept this picture of all of us above my bed. I seriously have the best friends. You and Mary like, plotted how it was going to go down and you made me a FANTASTIC CAKE MY GOODNESS and cupcakes and my whole party was double rainbows. Seriously, Jesus Christ, I had a banner and streamers and I was so surprised, and I'd been worried that I wouldn't get to see everybody again before I left, and just. This was the best party. Ever. Thank you so, so much. | The best and most fantastic surprise party ever thrown ever ohmygod | I could use this memory to fight dementors. | 52

53: Over winter break, I got to meet your aunt and uncle in Culpepper. It was a long drive and you didn't tell me where you were going but I was just happy we were having an adventure. We got there around lunch time and stayed pretty late. I got to hear stories about you when you were younger and see pictures and your aunt's super cool house, and your uncle's cool glass stuff and his cars, and it was really neat. I'm glad you wanted me to come with you and that you let me meet your family and stuff. You apologized because you thought I was bored a couple times, but I wasn't. I was really happy. | I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKED YOUR CARE PACKAGE. | Fall to Spring | Sharon got really into it, and I gave her a list of stuff you liked and I still have your text message reaction to when you got it. It makes me smile so hard. I'm so glad you liked it ahhhhflsjfsfelj | 53

54: The Sims | This is our ginormous house | I love playing our house in the sims. It's hilarious and also frightening how similar they are to us sometimes. Onica in particular. Jfc. | I started with you, me, and Onica. We are the Pungus household. I made Mary and Mandy too, but they haven't moved in yet. Stephanie's next. | Glenda eatin' cereal | Goodtimes: Onica doin' nothing, Glenda paintin', and Morgan readin'. | Super awesome sims-picnic. You had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I had a hotdog. | 54

55: You have made this exact face so many times. | Psh you guys | This is what Mary would be as a toddler. | As soon as we moved in, you had this meltdown about the rug. Onica hated the neighbouring rug. | It was only the telescope that brought sorrow though. | Here I am eating and falling over and dramatically playing a video game on a computer that happens to be off on the other side. | (Eggs are vegan in the sims) | Sitting like a lady. Yup.

56: ~PSYCHO~ | Thank you for helping me with this. Everybody in my class said you had way better facial expressions than everybody elses' actresses. Plus we had way more fun with it. We stole Wesley before he had to go to track practice so he could kill you, and then we took like an hour break and played with your dogs before covering you with ketchup and rendering you murdered. | 56

59: ~Time for a Break~ | 59

60: The Face of a Killer | Wouldn't it be a great plot twist if you had been the murderer all along? Jinkies. | 60

61: DOGBUTTS AND MURDERERS !!!~Goodtimes~!!!! | 61

62: YIFF YIFF | Our Furry Friends | This is a pet appreciation post. | 62

63: CATS | meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow | Chester, Ichabod, & Edy


65: Damnit, Oscar. | DOGS

66: 66 | 66

67: This is cool stuff that reminds me of you | 67 | 67

68: Cass | If Cass were made of glass She dare not fall Her ethereal beauty that of a porcelain doll Would that she break- A heinous mistake- The greatest loss to the sport of volleyball. | To be Will Ed The Walrus said Is a terribly sad kind of thing To lose, to miss, the mighty Cass To become the sorrow king- I do not think I could handle that The World's Greatest Love now a fling. | Here's a good one from you: There are lots of things that rhyme with Cass but most things are pretty bad I don't want to be mean though that's how it seems BUT BABY THAT GIRL GOT BACK | This one isn't Cass but you wrote it and it's beautiful and there's nowhere else it will fit and it's still poetry, so: roses are red juggalos are jerks how do those magnets fucking work | 68

69: There once was a lass, name of Cass Of whom no man could ever let pass This heart-stealing girl Could rule the whole world Her number one export being sass. | What do you give to the girl who has everything Money? A puppy? A house? No this girl is just fine She's simply divine Though she could use a more conservative blouse. | If Cass is the prince, Cassdad is the frog A family of magic as thick as a fog They've got something special, The good looks, they hog But for the last time Will someone please help this dog | Here's another from you I found: There once was a girl with some sass she had a boyfriend and he was sad she liked volleyball and her maw and paw this lovely girl was named Cass | 69

70: WE ARE FRIENDS | (In case you hadn't figured it out)

71: MUSIC | Alexander Rybak – Fairytale. Rogue Wave – Solitary Gun. Matt & Kim – Good Old Fashioned Nightmare. Chairlift – Bruises. The Fratellis – Henrietta. Rebekah Higgs – Mr. Weatherman. Jesca Hoop – Intelligentactile 101. Tullycraft – The Punks Are Writing Love Songs. Matt & Kim – Lessons Learned. Kent – Velvet. Rogue Wave – Good Morning. The Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division. The Rakes – When Tom Cruise Cries. The Fratellis – Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy. Tullycraft – The Neutron. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home. Faded Paper Figures – North By North. The Beatles – Hey Jude. The Pernice Brothers – The Weakest Shade of Blue. Valencia – The Good Life. The Beatles – I Want to Hold Your Hand. Rogue Wave – Good Morning. The Mountain Goats – No Children. The Scissor Sisters – I Can’t Decide. The Dangerous Summer – Where I Want to Be. Bowerbirds – In Our Talons. Ludo – Streetlights. Bayside – They’re Not Horses They’re Unicorns. Yael Naim – New Soul. The Smiths – Ask. Tommy & The High Pilots – Where to Start. Modest Mouse – Satin in a Coffin. Matt & Kim – Daylight. Surferblood – Swim. Ludo – The Horror of Our Love. The Fratellis – For the Girl. Bayside – I & I. The Cat Empire – Reasonably Fine. Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance. Ludo – Anything For You. Surferblood- Anchorage. The Whigs – In The Dark. Belle and Sebastian – I Could be Dreaming. Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty. Matt & Kim – Red Paint. Bayside – The Walking Wounded. The Beatles – All My Loving. Modest Mouse – The Good Times are Killing Me. The Cat Empire – All Hell. Brandi Carlisle – The Story. Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup. Mumford & Sons – The Cave. Franz Ferdinand – Twilight Omens. The Fratellis – Acis Jazz Singer. Modest Mouse – Fire it Up. The Cat Empire – Fishies. Mumford & Sons – I Gave You All. The Good the Bad & the Queen – History Song. Modest Mouse – Float On. Matt & Kim – Sidewalks. The Carrots – Doing Our Part. Best Coast – When I’m With You. KT Tunstall – Other Side of the World. Maximo Park – Books From Boxes. Belle & Sebastian – I Don’t Love Anyone. Cloud Cult – Moving to Canada. Bayside – Baby Britain. The National – So Far Around the Bend. Portugal the Man – People Say. The Fratellis – Whistle for the Choir. Semisonic – Secret Smile. Coldplay – Violet Hill. Athlete – Modern Mafia. Lush – Ladykillers. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You. Neko Case- Maybe Sparrow. Ok Go- Don’t Ask Me. The White Stripes – I’m Slowly Turning into You. Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. The Dandy Warhols – We Used to Be Friends. Regina Spektor – The Calculation. The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You. The Gorillaz – Stop the Dams. Tommy & The High Pilots – Everynight. Queen – Killer Queen. The Blow – Parentheses.The Cat Empire – On My Way. Bowerbirds- In Our Talons. | MUSIC

72: Dearest Glenda, You have now reached the end of Wild Taterpigs Volume I. I hope you have enjoyed it thus far, and will continue to contribute memories and adventures to Wild Taterpigs Volume II. You are one of my very best friends, and you mean so very much to me. I've wanted to make an album-book type thing of this sort for you and me for like forever. I think I first thought of it at the beginning of last summer, but it's only now it like. Actually exists. I hope you like it. I know you keep journals of some of the cool stuff we do, as well as probably a lot of the mundane or stupid things we do, but I thought it would be neat to have a sort of visual hard-copy amalgamation of everything altogether. And just happy stuff. Nobody wants to read about that time you punched me in the face and killed my whole family, or that time I kidnapped Rosebud and sold her as a Russian bride. Anyway, so this is the first of hopefully a great great many volumes of our friendship, so don't die or anything okay? We have a lot more adventures to get to. You are, and hopefully this book shows as much, truly one of my closest friends. No fight or unpleasant situation in our future will ever change that. I treasure hanging out with you; whether we're doing something exciting like inter-state travel, or something little like just watching stupid ol' King of the Hill (gotdangit Bobby), it becomes a happy memory that I can't forget. Nor would I want to. Spending time with you, having fun, trying to give you a happy memory worth writing down in your own way, is my way of trying to repay the joy and happiness you have given me by sitting next to me in our first art class, beating me in that bookmark contest, and letting me be your friend. | Love, Morgan | end

73: still end

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