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Orange Mike

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S: Orange Mike By: Raquel Ramos

BC: "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

FC: Orange Mike | By: Raquel Ramos

1: I dedicate this book to all those people out there who read this because they love basketball with a passion never give up!

3: I start out as a balloon like bladder. Then a cover is placed over me! It is orange and bumpy I liked it a lot. My friends got them too. Then I was placed on a conveyor belt along with my friends Tim. I got this tattoo that really hurt! Tim said “dude it says N.B.A.” I answered him “Really bro.” I was ready to be packed and shipped out. So many package boxes I am going to be in one of them yay! They are really pretty. They are so many boxes big small, and square unlike me. I got shipped in a big box with all my friends and 24 more balls were going to be shipped to a school. I told everyone to go to sleep so we could not be tried but we were too excited to fall asleep!

5: I was then brought to a truck and placed in the back. I then was driven like 1 hour and a half. Then I arrived at a school. The first time I ever bounced was really awesome. My friends and I were so excited to be here! All of these kids would be here in our home. They would be able to play with us every day and make preferences of which ball is better than which. I was picked out of many balls to bounce. We were all so excited then they reached for me. What was I going to do I had never bounced before! The teacher scooped me and said to the kids “Guys this is how you bounce a basketball.” And he showed various ways of bouncing me. Then he got to how not to bounce a basketball and it hurt. I was yelling “Stop!” But he would not listen. Then he said “Okay kids, now it’s your turn he threw me to Sarah. She said “Thank you Mr. D.” Then she dribbled and passed it to her friends over and over again.

7: “Hold your balls guys.” The teacher said. We all stopped dribbling and paid attention. Then Mr. D said “Malire pass the ball” then Malire bounced the ball to him. Oh my gosh it was my friend Tim. Then Mr. D said “Guys you will be shooting.” Whoosh he threw the ball. Nothing but net then my Friend Tim yelled “That was awesome again!” He now said “ start shooting with your partners. The First Time I ever met Monica I was flying in the air next to her. This little boy they called Jason shot the ball up and I said “Hey!” Monica got startled and said “I’ve never seen you!” I then said “let me introduce myself my name is Mike. What about yours?” The hoop responded” My name is Monica but they call me Hoop. It’s like my nickname!” Jason shot me again, I actually got in this time it was awesome. I touched Monica’s rim and went around it like 3 times. Then I got into the net. The net was very rough and bumpy. Monica was an older net and she was rusty too! I think they might get rid of her soon. I got picked to play in a basketball game. It was so amazing lots of kids had really competitive faces on. Everyone smelt like fresh deodorant. As the game went on I kept slipping through everyone’s sweaty hands the kids continued sweaty it was nasty. It was getting into my eyes. Everyone smelt so bad now. It was torture!

9: Mr. D said to Timmy “hey pass the ball Tim.” and so he did as told. The feeling of being swooshed is an amazing feeling. Well Mr. D took me and angled me in the air then whoosh. A rush went through my body really fast. It feels amazing to be the cause for your team getting a point. Monica and I see each other a lot. But I overheard the principal and Mr. D saying they were going to get rid of her and replace her. I thought oh no I have to tell her. But then I thought to myself what if she gets mad ugh I don’t know what to do! Later on that day I tried telling Monica what I had overheard. She exploded. “I am such an old hoop I’ve been here for so long I can’t even remember. And you believe they are going to get rid of me now. Honey compare our ages and you will know whose right and whose wrong. And I know you know who is right.”I then blew up on her “don’t tell me I never warned you!”she yelled back “THEY ARE NOT GONNA GET RID OF ME!” “Monica calm down no need to yell!” “But there is a reason Mike I don’t wanna go!” Monica got all emotional. I apologized for upsetting her. It was all good then.

11: Everything went downhill from then on. My day was ruined! And it was not a big help that Monica blew up on me! I was feeling so miserable and bad for bringing that up. And then I thought to myself why would she get mad if she knows she is older and she can get replaced any minute. But that’s what I saw about Monica since the day I met her she was way confident in herself and I wanted to be like that. I thought it was different though her life and mine. I mean she lived up there and had no company whatsoever and that was unbearable to watch. That me almost her only friend that she trusted and was loyal to just caused her sadness. Well that was not the worst of it. Sally yep that was her name. she was a 7th grader and her class was going to play basketball like the rest of the other periods. Well she decides she was not gonna shoot her choice is to pass the ball! She did but a little too high and with a lot of force. You know what happened then? A clock got shattered everywhere. Sally was saying “Oh my gosh I never intended to. It’s not my fault.” Tears roll down her face, and onto me.

13: The day went on and I realized wow I am so beat up! I have glass stuck to me and my cover is coming off. I smell old and nasty. Dust covers me and my whole body. I feel the cold rac I am sitting on, and flashbacks run through my mind. Like when I was the most wanted ball. Now kids don’t even think about picking me up I hear other newer basketballs talking about their day. Mine is horrible I feel upset and unwanted! Umnhhh why do I have to be the sucky ball. I hear kids complain “I am stuck with the boring ball, the ugly ball, the smelly ball, the old ball.” Story of my life I hear one of those crude comments every day! I also see lots of kids run towards the newer balls. That means they don’t want me anymore and I will never be worth as much as I was worth before.

15: Being discarded is the saddest thing you could think of. But I knew my time was coming to an end. Well I wondered how Monica felt. When they took the nails off and took her down. Will I ever see her again? I feel like I can relate to her and talk to her now. I would understand her way better. I guess you don't really know what you have till it's gone! I have a feeling today is going to be my last day. The P.E teacher picked me up and said “I think I know you. I remember 5 years ago when you were shipped in.” That made me the happiest ball ever and then he kept talking “Wow I remember you won a girls game. You are our lucky ball why are you back here you should be in use!” Well I knew that today there was a basketball game because the newer balls were talking about it. And suddenly I saw that Mr. D went into his office and came back with Monica I was so breathless and happy to see her. The girls were playing tonight. We had a girl's game long ago and we broke the losing streak. I guess that Mr. D brought out for good luck and thats what the girls got. A wining game Monica and I were amazing out there and it was fun. Mr. D then took us after the game and displayed us. And now Monica and I store a really warm spot in our P.E teacher Mr. D.

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