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Orkfest 2010

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Orkfest 2010 - Page Text Content

S: ORKFEST 2010 - Virginia Beach, VA

FC: ORKFEST 2010 Friday, April 9 - Tuesday April 13 Virginia Beach, VA

1: Kim wasted no time posting the Orkfest menu and the new for 2010 Chore Chart. YAY! | The calm before the storm ... words can't describe the awe as we walked around the Four Seasons for the first time.

2: The liquor counter begins to accumulate various spirits. Atherin shows off a sadistic YouTube video of chocolate bunnies melting. Denise and Jill display the contents of the fridge. | EPIC FAIL as Quin attempts to piece together the outside of a Settlers board. Ben, Jesse, and Dan play Ninja Burger.

3: A quick sandwich (or three) for lunch on Friday. | The board finally together, after Jesse's struggle. And Cutter pointing out that he is the winner of the first button.

4: Paul and George enjoy a beer and some conversation. | Tyr wins Game 2 of Settlers against Orkette and Atherin. Meanwhile, Kim and Pat relax and chat in the kitchen.

5: Steve shows off the rapidly growing liquor counter. | While Blood Bowl is played in the background, Ork asks Orkette if his watch smells like alcohol yet. No? More beer then! | Witchducks doing unspeakable things. Inn Mates catching up upon arrival. | Ben plays Settlers with Fritzy, Barb, and Susan.

6: Jill and Jen send movie and Smothers Brothers quotes to one another telepathically. This feat requires their eyes to be closed and for them both to wear purple. David oversees the process. | Beware - Charles is about to sing (moo?) in Rock Band. | Jen contemplates her strategy while munching on a gummy worm. | Steve belts out a tune in Rock Band. Atherin probably FAILED :P | Ben, Cutter, Amanda, Clint, and Jesse play Power Grid.

7: More Power Grid | Firan has a nap during Rock Band. Cleaning that kitchen was tiring. | Kim works her voodoo magic, trying to get people to clean up her kitchen. | All of the cool people with names that begin with 'J' are playing Monty Python Fluxx! | Kim's voodoo worked and she cheers while her Friday night minions clean!

8: Fritzy shows off the EQ2 guild hall while onlookers gather behind her. | Jasia demonstrates the sekrits of the oven to Atherin who cannot make it work. | Breakfast gathering. Poor unsuspecting George is about to get a wet willy from Barb. | David, Charles, Tino, and Jen showing off how "white and nerdy" they are.

9: Jen (and Ebie!) and Kim made donuts for breakfast on Saturday. And Donut Babies (tm). Susan helped to frost them. They were sooooo | YUMMY! | TA DA!

10: Somehow I doubt "be fruitful and multiply" meant "PLZ bring more booze, K THX BYE". | Touch mah bacon and DIE! | Jesse, Jen, Charles, and Ben play a game called Strange Synergy.

11: Linda and Eric had not seen each other in many months! Needless to say, they were snuggly and inseparable.

12: Jesse felt that to be proper orks, we should write stuff in the sand. We all liked his choice of font. Great idea!

13: Lookout Quin, the neighbor's bulldozer might come ruin your masterpiece! | Tino and Denise enjoying the sun. | Denise, Jesse, Jen, and Tino take a family shot in front of the ocean. | Jen and Jesse photoshop themselves into a picture.

14: Some of the more foolhardy orks ventured outside of the ork castle to play disc golf.

15: We convinced Denise to play a game of Settlers. Not only did she win, she was the wheat baron! | George gets schooled in Catan by Fritzy, Barb, and Susan! | It's all mine, MWAH-HA-HA-HAH! | The witchducks subject a poor unsuspecting owl to their evil ways! | Pat and Paul relaxing.

16: Tyr and Atherin mix Orksnot with gelatin. | Jesse and Denise enjoy the view from the deck. | Various pictures of Tyr and Bhinder, one sans drink, a request from Jesse, and one with drinks in hand. | Tyr sips Orksnot. | Cutter and Amanda during Quelf. | Kim & Linda smile for the camera.

17: Cutter's got a little Captain in him. | Kim supervises as Jesse and Cutter go head to head in Ninja vs Ninja. Meanwhile, the booze fairy mixes drinks. | Steve and Laura relax while Kim and Linda chat in the kitchen. | In typical Inn Mates fashion, groups threw themselves at Ghost Stories. Massive death ensued. | Proof that some of us did go in the pool!

18: Folks gathered in the living room for an impromptu sing along with Tino.

19: Jill & Jen's parents stopped by for a visit. We were also introduced to the yummy sekrit Bangerter Family Chip Dip! | Jesse and Jill, and Paul and Pat pose for pictures.

20: Susan explains to David that she has cheesed the potatoes. | Ben and Atherin were put in charge of grilling meats. Fire gud. | Carynne's pasta salad spawned a much more manageable baby this year. | Mmm, pulled pork.

21: Treehouse. The alternate drunk rules are better - "Wear the game as a hat". | Eric demonstrates his newfound love of Absinthe. | David shows us the proper way to mix Absinthe. | A rather large game of Apples to Apples was played.

22: Top 10 Things we learned from Quelf at Orkfest 2010: 10) Kim is the winner! 9) Jasia is good at making up words. 8) Only a real flinker would steal someone's battycuda gamepiece. 7) Jill is feeling a bit malorange. 6) Jesse is very good at hide and go seek. 5) Atherin is an excellent golf announcer. 4) Quelf in the land of the farm! 3) Susan keeps a machete in the trunk of her car. 2) Glowies are fun. 1) Ben does not like Quelf.

23: David and Linda ... one normal and one "through the absinthe glass". | Bhinder and Alluvian doing their Rock Band thing. | Not quite as rare as the Rare Foot Bird of 2008 - Ben sweeping

24: Proof that we did venture out to the beach!

25: The finished sand OrkFort, complete with a pit to throw your heretics in and a sea monster to guard the moat. And a dragon skull. Yeah. We killed a dragon.

26: Ghost Stories earns itself another winner button. | Carynne and Reflex take a photo - cute picture! | Amanda and Clint debate who has the better partner for kitchen chores. | Ben, Jesse, Tino, and Jen play a game of Settlers, with the Cities & Kniggits expansion.

27: The amazing chefs take a photo! | Amanda and Cutter go head to head in Ninja vs Ninja | Tyr - the soon to be Booze Fairy - mixes mojitos for all. | Eric mixes a drink while Linda waits below for him to spill some. | Ah, sisterly love.

28: Steve and Laura pose. | Steve helps Laura put on her glowy bracelete. The orange goes nicely with her shirt! | Pat and Paul relax in the comfy chairs and watch the Rock Banders. | YAY TUBIES! | You know you're drinking too much when the Ork retrieves ice from the garage because the ice maker in the house is not keeping up with you.

29: ROCK BAND! | Dan and Susan rock out! Jen and Linda strumming the guitars. Atherin hands over his mic while Eric waits to drum. | Susan sings while Clint demonstrates his l33t drum skillz. Dan tinkers with a guitar while David watches in the background.

30: Amanda waves from the kitchen | Dan made us a fancy Orkfest pancake. | Kim begins the food preparation for Sunday. | Carynne and Jasia are sending each other sekrit messages again with their eyes closed. This time, it must have been about their Sekrit Kichin Projekt.

31: Eric contemplates his San Juan strategy. | Jasia attempts to send everyone into a frosting coma. | Ghost Stories says "All your winner buttons are belong to me!" | OK, now they really look like they are plotting something.

32: Jasia, Carynne, Atherin, and Tyr played another few games of Monty Python Fluxx. Atherin could not stop himself from organizing the rule cards. Jasia showed us how to properly dip a chip, and Carynne brought us a shrubbery. | George and Jen play some Civ 4. George was winning until the war started. Next year, Civ 5! Mwah-ha-ha-hah!

33: A game of Dominion is interrupted by yummy tacos (and beer). | Cutter's beer mug made it through the weekend this time! | Denise double-fisting it - absinthe and pinot grigio. | Ben stares down a taco.

34: Jen is assaulted by the cake-arazzi. | The backup cake. As if she needed one ... | The Sekrit Cake Projekt is unveiled! How cheesy ... hehe.

35: Jen plays in the elevator. | Jesse cuddles with Skully 2.0. Thanks, Steve! | Susan, Jen, and Barbara take a family picture. | Bhinder poses with Amanda and Susan, and Eric provides us with the obligatory flashing picture that seems to occur at every Orkfest. He looks very proud of himself too!

36: And now, the game that took over an hour and was way more fun than it had any right to be ... | ROCK PAPER SCISSORS LIZARD SPOCK TOURNAMENT | with your host, Linda "BRASSE" Carlson

37: Barb: Special combo attack "Rock-Paper-Scissors" when Susan and Fritzy are called in for support. | Ben: Highly resistant to paper cuts, weak against randomness. | Barb is this year's Biggest Weiner! | Jill: Runs with scissors. Known to be dangerous - sometimes cuts even herself. | Amanda: Has discovered the secret to being a rock WITHOUT being an island.

38: Cutter: Kan we ad ork to dis gaym? Ork bedduh dan leezurd. Ork eet leezurd fur brekfast. | Jen (Fritzy): Can regenerate, much like the lizard maneuver she favors. You win this time rock, but your days are numbered! | Susan: Special attack: HAXXOR! Brings two scissors with her every time she uses this move. | Clint: Can read the intent of his opponent. It is most illogical to counter like with like ... that is why they will never suspect it!

39: Pat: Paper is made from trees. Like a tree, Pat stands strong and stoic against those that would fell her with their scissors or Vulcan logic. | Dan: Has strong scissor attack. He will turn your paper into a string of paper snowflakes in the blink of an eye with one hand behind his back! | Steve: Shows off his nuke-based strategery. Unfortunately, Brasse banzors this still powerful attack, leaving him with the Paper Karate Chop of Doom! | Paul: Has upgraded his paper attack from Wide-Ruled to College-Ruled. Now, HE will rule ALL!

40: Jen (Jasia): Her impenetrable Vulcan logic is doubled by the youngin' in her womb. For some reason, she calls this attack the EB. | Denise: Varies her rock attack by interchanging igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary varieties. | Jen (Tyr): Can summon aeon "The Booze Fairy" if she has had too many mojitos. If this happens, all opponents die to tubies! | George: Has perfected his technique through his knowledge of many ancient Civilizations.

41: The general use of Spock in this game at Orkfest was 3 times the national average. In this particular match, it was used 90% of the time! | Charles: Resistant to recycled paper. Weak against bacon. | Eric: Forgot to attack Charles with Spock's new bacon-ray vaporizer. | Eric vows revenge upon Charles with his ultimate CLAW!!!!!

42: David: Blames the three pronged scissor attack on the pre-match Absinthe he drank. | Tino: Shouts "Opah!" to distract his opponents while the Ouzo wins the battle before it's even begun. | Clearly, the winner of this match is not a winner at all. | Careful not to make her mad while she's holding those scissors there, Cutter!

43: Jesse: Ladies, beware of his "ninja lizard" attack. We don't need his smiley shirt to know what he may be trying to grab. | Linda demonstrates her spontaneously created Octopus attack. She may be missing a few tentacles. | After a fortifying potion provided by the Booze Fairy (tm). They seem to think the tubies taste bad. | This game is confusing. You have to look at the audience to figure out who won the round. | Linda: Look out for her special attack - the "drunken dwarf". Axes and a strong ale defeat everything!

44: More epic battles occur along the road to the championship. At the end only three remain standing ... | Brasse demonstrates the proper technique for her Drunken Dwarf attack. | Ben sulks and contemplates the evils of randomness. | The crowd was clearly getting too rowdy. | Battle of the Jens! Jen's confuse spell has made Jen forget which Jen she is.

45: Barb, Amanda, and Clint face off in ... | The last round was so complex (and we were all so drunk) that we needed human scoreboards. | Amanda is the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Champion! She wins a tubie from the Booze Fairy. | The final round

46: The post tournament party involved Tino pouring shots of Ouzo for everyone. Except Cutter who preferred the XL size. Honestly, probably safer than attempting to use the melting ice shot glasses. | Jen shares her "I-don't-have-to-drink-any-Ouzo" expression.

47: Amanda tries the Ouzo, while Linda demonstrates its zombie-like effects. | Atherin makes Chambord milkshakes for several folks who were not interested in the Ouzo games.

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