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Personal Creed Document

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Personal Creed Document - Page Text Content

S: My Personal Creed Document

BC: Tiffany Bostrom

FC: Personal Creed Document

1: The Paradigms that Make Me Who I Am 1.Success is in the eye of the beholder. Success for one person may be making a lot of money, where success for another person may be accomplishing a goal. 2.Friendship is an important part of life. Without friendship, we would be lonely. The people we marry will be our best friends, and will be the ones to carry us through all of the trials we go through. 3.Change is difficult to endure through at times, but it is important to experience. Without experiencing change in our lives, we wouldn’t gain experience in anything. We would simply go through a monotonous lifestyle. 4.Experience helps us gain knowledge. Without experiencing certain things, we wouldn’t be able to understand the things that we do. As church members, we are able to experience the gospel, and know of things that others do not. 5.Punishment is an important part of our society. Without punishment, think of how much worse off we would be as a society. We would be stuck in the middle of a chaotic world. No punishment creates a similar environment to that of the book Lord of the Flies. 6.There is always room for improvement. None of us are perfect, so we require a lot of improving. Improvement helps us build stronger relationships with our Heavenly Father and with those we love. 7.Education is an important part of our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to understand what happens around us. We wouldn’t be able to ponder certain aspects of our lives. It helps create who you are. 8.Forgiveness is a necessary part of our relationships with others. Heavenly Father can forgive us for our most outrageous sins, so why shouldn’t we be able to forgive those around us. 9.Trials make us stronger personages. We are able to grow spiritually and intellectually through our experience in trials. 10.Without family, you would not be the person you are today. Remember who you are and what you and your family represents. They will always be there for you. They love you and support you in everything that you do.

2: Jamie | Adam & LeDawn | Sarah

3: Board of Directors Jesus Christ – Jesus died for each one of us on the cross. He was such a strong personage, and He knew what He had to do, even though that wasn’t His ideal situation. He has done so much for everyone. He healed the sick, forgave the sin-bound, fed the hungry, among many other things. He is definitely one of my heroes. I absolutely love my older brother. He knows me better than anyone, and I hope to know Him like that some day. Adam – Adam is my older brother who I love dearly. He has always been supportive of me, whether I wanted to be an Egyptologist or be in the FBI. He has always told me how smart I was, and he is not afraid to tell me when I need to rethink things or when I am being downright ridiculous. He has always been someone that I have looked up to. I trust him with my life and the advice he has given me in the past. LeDawn – LeDawn is my sister-in-law. She is absolutely fantastic! She graduated in Psychology, which is what I am going into. When I was weary about whether or not I wanted to go into Psychology, she talked to me on the phone for hours to help me decide if that was the right path for me. She answered all of the questions I had and supported my decision. She was always willing to help me do research on careers. She worries about me and makes sure that I am always on the right path! Sarah – Sarah is my best friend. We have been best friends for 10 years. I love her, because she is willing to tell me the truth about anything, whether it hurts or not. She knows that I need to hear the truth and she doesn’t soft coat it. I love her for this, because she has helped me through so many things. She is so supportive and is willing to listen to me rant about all of the nerdy things I love to talk about. We also have similar interests, so when we were younger, we would always talk about how we would work together for crime labs. Mom – My mom is an extraordinary lady. She is the epitome of a saint. I was a difficult child to raise, but somehow she was able to do it, without giving me up for adoption. I find that to be an extremely great accomplishment. She has introduced me to the careers that I have had a great passion for. She is so gung-ho about all of the career choices and choices to get to those careers that I have made. Dad – My dad is an extremely loving person. He supports me in everything I do and pushes me to be a better person. He brings humor into whatever he can, which helps lighten many situations. He always talks about how “when he grows up” he wants to be an FBI agent, just like his daughter will be. Without him, I don’t know where I would be right now. Jamie – Jamie is one of my childhood best friends. She died a week before we turned 18 years old. She was always extremely smart and always knew what to say. She was the one to tell it like it was and give good advice. I love her with all of my heart and miss her dearly, but I know that she is still watching over every move I make.

4: Understanding Myself While determining what exactly what behavioral style(s) I consist of, I have figured out that I would consider myself to be mainly Influencing/Interactive and Steadiness/Supportive. I am an optimist! I feel that looking at the negative aspects of life, just tends to bring people down and make them bitter. I know, from experience that I don’t enjoy being bitter about situations, so I have made it a point in my life to be optimistic. I find that I get along easily with most people, and I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. I feel that most people find it difficult to pull certain good qualities out about themselves, and I am one of these people. I find gifts in the social aspect of my life, but when people ask me about physical gifts, etc. I usually can’t think of many, if any at all. I am a pretty social person, and I love learning about people. I am fairly good at remembering random facts about people, which could or could not be a good thing, along with remembering names and the faces that go with those names. Along with being good at remembering things about people, I am also in tune with peoples’ feelings. I can tell when something is wrong with someone, and I usually can help them through whatever is wrong. Something unique about me is that one of my friends and I find someone who is quiet and more secluded and befriend them. We make it a point to make them comfortable, which brings out the true personality in them. I find it a blessing to be able to talk to people and joke around, because without it, I really don’t think I would have met most of the people I love today. I am definitely not a perfect person, and I have many things that I need to work on. One of the things I need to work on is patience. I have been trying to work on it for a couple of years now, and I think that I am finally progressing. Patience is something that I know I will need for when I get married and start my own family, so I feel that gaining a greater understanding and strength for patience is better done sooner rather than later. Another quality I need to work on is to not be as judgmental. I have also been working on this, but I feel as if my initial reaction to someone is judging, then taking into consideration that they may have disabilities or that they were raised differently than me. I would like to make it so that I take into consideration the different things that they have been through in their life first. I have many other things that I need to work on, but I feel as if these are the two most important things that I need to work on at this point in my life.

6: * I am a hard worker. - I make sure everything gets done that is asked of me. - I make sure that the quality of work done is of a high quality. * I am a caring individual. - I try to help people out in every way that I can. - I am always there to listen to people, when they need me. * I have a great deal of self-respect. - You can’t respect others, if you don’t respect yourself. - I know that respecting myself can only help me stay strong to my morals and beliefs. * I believe in growth. - Spiritual growth is the most important to me, because it helps us become more like Our Heavenly Father. - Mental growth is also very important, because it helps us learn who we are and what our purpose here on earth is. * I like to live a harmonious life. - Contention never brings the Spirit in. - I am a people pleaser, so harmony is one of my tactics in pleasing the people that surround me. | * Having “me” time is a very important part of life. - I like to reflect on things that I need to work on and things that I am particularly proud of. - I feel that getting to know yourself is an important part of getting to know others around you. * Trials help you grow. - Going through challenges/problems, help you grow spiritually, mentally, and sometimes even physically. - They help you understand why you are here on earth, and they help you realize what your strengths are. * My family is a very important part of me. - Although, they can be frustrating at times, they make me who I am. - They would do anything for me, as well as, I would do anything for them. * Culture is who I am. - I love being able to participate in so many different cultures. - You don’t share culture with just your family, but the people that surround you throughout your life. * The gospel helps guide my life. - I wouldn’t be nearly the person I am today without the gospel in my life. - Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are a blessing in my life, along with all of the things that they do for me. | Values

9: * I am a hard worker. - Within the next 5 years, I would like to have my master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. > I will finish my bachelor’s degree within the next 3 semesters. > I will take my GRE and send applications out to Grad schools. > I will get into the Clinical Psychology School in Chicago, and finish in 2 years. * I am a caring individual. - I will become more Christ-like towards those around me. > I will open myself up and become loving towards those that are harder to get along with. > I will become more patient towards those around me. > If I think badly about someone, I will come up with 5 good qualities about them. * I have a great deal of self-respect. - I will gain a stronger respect for not only myself, but others as well. > I will compliment people on things that they accomplish. > I will treat people the way that I would want to be treated. * I believe in growth. - Over the next year, I will make sure that I continue to grow spiritually. > I will read my scriptures at least 5 times a week and keep a spiritual journal. > I will pray night and day, and always have a prayer in my heart. > I will actively attend my church meetings. > I will participate and fulfill my callings. * I like to live a harmonious life. - I will work towards being more patient. > I will remember that patience is a virtue. > I will remember that not everyone understands things that I do, vice versa. > I will learn to calmly collect my thoughts. * Having “me” time is a very important part of life. - I want to get to know myself better over the next year. > I will learn what gets me motivated the most, and use that as a tool throughout my life. > I will learn what I truly want in my life. > I will learn what my purpose here on earth is, by studying my patriarchal blessing and studying the scriptures. * Trials help you grow. - I want to be able to turn the negative of a trial into a positive experience. > This will be difficult, but I will need to understand why I am going through this trial that I am going through. > I will need to look at the positive outcomes that could possibly come from each trial I face. > I will need to realize that I will gain blessings through each of my trials. * My family is a very important part of me. - I want my future family to understand this value as being important to them as well. > I will make sure that we have Family Home Evening every Monday, as a family. > I will have family dinner most nights, assuming our schedules permit it. > Family scripture study and prayer will also be part of our daily routines. * Culture is who I am. - I want to carry my traditions over to my future family. > I will explain the significance to each of our family traditions to my future family. > I will start new traditions as well as continue old traditions. * The gospel helps guide my life. - I will gain a stronger testimony of the gospel within the next 5 years. > I will listen to and study the talks of the General Authorities. > I will search, ponder, and pray about the scriptures. > I will pay more attention and become more in tune with the Spirit. | Goals

10: Those Who Have Changed My Life My Brother, Adam – He is six years older than me, and he is one of my best friends. I have always looked up to him. He has always been protective over me, and I have gained a great deal of respect for him because of this. He doesn’t like to give up, and he is extremely creative. My Sister-in-law, LeDawn – She joined our family in January, and I already feel like we have been sisters all my life. She is so fun to be around, and she is so willing to give advice. She has been such a great comfort for me over the past semester, when I was having a really difficult time with all of the change I was going through. She was willing to take off a day of work just to come and talk to me. Sarah – I have known Sarah for ten years. We have always gotten along, and she is also one of my best friends. We have the kind of friendship where you can watch TV in the same room, and just enjoy each other’s company. She has always been there to help me through the hard times. One of my really good friends died about six months before Sarah’s dad died, and she was there the minute I found out. Mishelle – I met Mishelle through my brother, so we have only known each other for about three years. I feel like I have known her my entire life. She is so funny, and she recently got married to another good friend of mine. She has always been there to talk and calm me down. She is the mediator. We had a particularly difficult roommate one semester, and Mishelle was always the one to calm me down after a dispute. Nelva – I have known Nelva for about three years now, and each year we get closer and closer. She is now living with my family and I which has been so fun. She has been the one I go to when I can’t be around certain people. She always helps me find the good in others. The Savior – Although, I am getting to know Him more each and every day, I wish to be more like Him. I have recently started new techniques, so that I will learn to love everyone, just like He does. He has been there to listen to me complain; He atoned for my sins; He loves me, even when I am being difficult; I could continue talking about what He has done for me, but this would never end. One of my “switch points” in life was when my childhood best friend, Jamie passed away. This was extremely hard on me. She attempted suicide, by lying in front of a train. This didn’t initially kill her, but put her in a comatose state for about two months. I hated seeing her like that; she wasn’t the Jamie I remembered. After she passed away, I was mad at myself for not being there for her more. I felt that I could have fixed this, but it brought me closer to the Savior in the end. I figured out that she wasn’t happy here on earth, and I couldn’t have done anything to save her. She was now in a place that she was happy in. Another “switch point” in my life is when my brother got married. I was excited at first, because I absolutely love my sister-in-law, but on the way to the temple, I couldn’t help but cry. I was sad, because I felt that I would have to share my best friend with another person. I was afraid that I would never get to see him. My sister-in-law’s dad came up to me and explained that I wasn’t losing a best friend, I was gaining one. I have absolutely agreed with this ever since. I talk to LeDawn about everything. My last “switch point” was when I decided to go to BYU-Idaho. I had previously gotten accepted into all of the schools that I wanted to attend. I had thought that I wanted to go to Illinois State University with my best friend, Sarah. I had really just applied for BYU-Idaho to please my parents and my brother. When I got my acceptance letter for BYU-Idaho, I knew that that was the place I needed to be. I really didn’t like the idea of living in the middle-of-nowhere Idaho, but when I got there and experienced my first semester, I loved it. My brother lived in the apartment building right next to mine, so I could see him everyday, which helped a lot. In order to keep myself from thinking badly of others, I have recently started the technique of thinking of five good things about a person for every one bad thing I think. It has helped me a lot, and I have become a more loving person towards those that I didn’t particularly like before. I have also become happier and a better listener through this technique. I have always been willing to forgive most things, but I think that understanding the situation in which the person that wronged you is in, really helps. I think that you can’t hold grudges on someone, because you don’t know the situation in which they are/were in. This is the technique that helps me forgive others easier.

13: Mission Statement I will make sure that I follow a Christ-centered life, that allows me to be who I want to be. I will love others, and share the gospel to those around me. I will make sure that my future family grows up to understand why the gospel and Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so important to me.

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