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Phi Sigma Pi Beta Rho Yearbook

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S: Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity Beta Rho Chapter, JMU 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1

FC: Phi Sigma Pi National Co-Ed Honor Fraternity Beta Rho Chapter James Madison University Spring 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1

1: Phi Sigma Pi National Co-Ed Honor Fraternity beta rho chapter James Madison University Spring 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1 | 1

2: Table of Contents Events Rush Alpha Lambda Pinning Founders Weekend Big Reveal MS Week Formal Regional Conference Megan Concert Pledge Classes Alpha Epsilons Alpha Zetas Alpha Etas Alpha Thetas Alpha Iotas Alpha Kappas Alpha Lambdas Executive Board and Committee Head Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Initiate Advisor Brother Relations Brother Historian Initiate Historian Parliamentarian Regional Delegate Rush Chairs Fundraising Chair Scholarship Chair Service Chair Social Chair Public Relations Alumni Chair Intramural Chair Philanthropy Chair Webmaster Spirit Chair Seniors Brothers Send Off Messages | 4 5 6,7 8,9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 23, 24 25, 26, 27 | 2


4: Rush (1/23-2/3) | "More than anything, we hope our events will help Brothers get to know rushees on more than a name and major basis. Building lasting and meaningful impressions with rushees is one of our biggest goals for rush this semester! We also tried to change up rush events to keep Brother and rushee participation at an all time high." Erica Holsclaw and Teresa Huynh Rush Chairs | "Special thanks to Teresa and Erica for all their hard work, time, and dedication!" Matt Hartmann President | 4

5: Alpha Lambda Pinning (2/8) | "Kudos to 21 amazing little lambs!!!" Alisa Baroffio Initiate Advisor | 5

6: Founders "A Night at the Oscars" | “Founders Weekend is an annual event that celebrates the founding of our chapter, Beta Rho. It is a weekend long event that encompasses social, service, scholarship, and alumni events. Founders Weekend is a time to reflect on how much our Brotherhood has evolved and how it continues to grow each year.” Melanie Moon Brother Relations | 6

7: Superlative Winners Best Dressed Erica Holsclaw and JayJay Urgel Best Big Little Pair Courtney Sibiga and Deanna Siroonian Most Likely to be Arrested Alan Becker Most Phi Sigma Pi Spirit Teresa Huynh Most Likely to be on the Bachelor Shelby Whitwell Biggest Bookworm Stephen Taylor Most Likely to be President of the US Heather Imoehl Most Likely to become Famous Sallie Drumheller Most Dependable Teresa Huynh Biggest Flirt Navid Ghatri Chapter Clown Ryan Nessle Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize Luis Parada Best Hair Colleen McArdle Most Likely to Get Married Laurie Price and Jhosdyn Barragan | Banquet Paparazzi | Weekend (2/17- 2/19) | 7

8: BIG | BIG: Darci Bohmer little: Karley Kranich | BIG: Courtney Sibiga little: Mollie Moran | BIG: Luis Parada little: Julie Glauber | BIG: Jordan Gurganus little: Maura Dolan | BIG: Deanna Siroonian little: Jenn Manes | BIG: Matt Hartmann little: Trevor Nichols | BIG: Camron Jenkins little: Erik Simmons | BIG: Sally Boyd little: Brad Weidner | BIG: Patricia Ahn little: Bethany Ashworth | BIG: JP Patel little: Jamie Phlegar | BIG: Danielle Winkler little: Lexie Jewell | 8

9: Reveal (2/19) | BIG: Erica Holsclaw little: Olivia Massa | BIG: Lauren Danker little: Kiera Guralnik | BIG: Elizabeth Palmer little: Lauren Altonji | BIG: Duane Bock little: Katie Russo | BIG: Teresa Huynh little: Jordan Haines | BIG: Rima Janusziewicz little: Josh Temple | BIG: Kettie Holland little: Sarah Golibart | BIG: Jimmy Kalina little: Jake Braun | BIG: Scott Dudley little: Sam Easley | BIG: Marcus Hoang little: Eric Lehman | 9

10: MS Week and Sleepout (3/19-3/22) Raising awareness and money for Multiple Sclerosis | Money Raised for MS: > $125 “March 19th to March 23rd, Phi Sigma Pi will be holding its semi-annual M.S. Week. During this week brothers of Phi Sigma Pi collect donations, promote awareness, and try to educate individuals about Multiple Sclerosis, our local philanthropy. During the night of March 22nd, we will have performances from JMU acappella groups and brothers of Phi Sigma Pi will sleep out on festival lawn.” Joanna Tu Philanthropy Chair | 10

11: Formal (3/24) Sheraton National, Arlington VA | “Thanks to everyone for their support and helping me plan formal! I'm glad so many people had a fun! And thanks to the alumni who came back, even those who surprised us!! Love you bros so much, without you, formal would have not been the night it was!” Courtney Sibiga Social Chair | “Each time I go back to a PSP event, I worry for a little that I won't know a lot of people there. As someone who graduated 2 years ago, I'm always amazed at how welcome I feel, not just by my family, but by all of Phi Sig. Formal was a hit, and it's always a pleasure to see good looking smarKes breaking it down on the dance floor. “ Polly Reuter Alumni | 11

12: Regional Conference (3/30-4/1) | Brothers 'til the world ends. | 12 | 12

13: Megan Concert (4/2) | M . E . S | Madison Dance Low Key New and Improv'd | Unaccompanied Overtones Madison Project | "Megan Concert was a great success. We made about $200 in profits from raffles and donations alone, had a great turnout of brothers and non-PSP members alike, generated a lot of interest about our raffles, and had some amazing performances. But most importantly, we remembered a wonderful brother and person!" | Molly Karabinus Spirit Chair | 13

14: Pledge Classes (Spring '09- Spring '12) | Alpha Epsilons Alpha Zetas Alpha Etas Alpha Thetas Alpha Iotas Alpha Kappas Alpha Lambdas | 14

15: Alpha Epsilons, Spring 2009 | Alisa Baroffio Darci Bohmer Chien Chen | Jenn Chevalier Navid Ghatri Sam Hunt | Pam Inserra Meaghan O'Toole Joanna Tu | Graduated Mark Browner Mhairi Connolly Kaitlin DiGiovanna Abby Godfrey Cait Griffiths Mamiko Hirose Brad Miller Sarah Pike | Initiate Advisor: Jessica Washington | "Blame it on the A-A-A-Alpha Epsilons" | 15

16: Alpha Zetas, Fall 2009 | Heather Imoehl Kate Ludin | Ryan Nessle Stephanie Phillips | Stephen Taylor Malissa Watterson | Graduated Megan Goard Meghan Groves Caroline Kogler Adam Kunze Kelly Meehan Courtney Miller Hanna Noel Jenna Norwood Beth Principi McLendon Pruette | Initiate Advisor: Stephanie Smith | "amAZing" | 16

17: Alpha Etas, Spring 2010 | Jhosdyn Barragan Duane Bock Carly Botero Lauren Danker Sallie Drumheller | Matt Hartmann Rima Jaunsziewicz Rachel Kachuriner Molly Karabinus Brandon Lawlor | Melanie Moon Sameera Navidi Chad Newton Katie Nguyen Stephanie Nielsen | JP Patel Laurie Price Sky Riddle Ali Seibert Courtney Sibiga | Caleigh Simpkins Colin Smith Rachel Stottlar Caroline Turnage Danielle Winkler | Jeni Zielonis | Initiate Advisor: Brianna Blefko | Graduated Andrew Knisell Hannah Lanis Jenny Moling Michael Stanley | "Etas Everywhere We Go" "Dirty 30" | 17

18: Alpha Thetas, Fall 2010 | Patricia Ahn Sally Boyd Ian Brown Scott Dudley | Jordan Gurganus Elisa Hernandez Marcus Hoang Kettie Holland | Erica Holsclaw Teresa Huynh Camron Jenkins Sarah Jones | Jimmy Kalina Colleen McArdle Elizabeth Palmer Courtney Simon | Deanna Siroonian Brook Teklegiorgis JayJay Urgel | Initiate Advisor: Haley Smith | "Alpha Thugs" | 18

19: Alpha Iotas, Spring 2011 | David Adam Alan Becker Carlie Bennink Michele Freedman | Mike Gaetano Alix Gore Alanah Jones Mary Katherine McCarty | Robert McNerny Michelle Newman Luis Parada Jordan Schwartzbach | Sarah Sloan Brianna Therkelsen Lauren Vaccarello Steven Voss | Emily Walker Matt Weltz Shelby Whitwell | Initiate Advisor: Carleigh Smith | "Alpha Iota state of mind" | 19

20: Alpha Kappas, Fall 2011 | Daniel Benn Katie Casey Bea Chua | Alyssa Damstrom Brittany Hatchett Alicia Henneberry | Lauren Hill Jamie Kerr Brooke Matherly | Jeff Ralph Gina Settimio Matt Sese | Emily Volkmann | Initiate Advisor: Matt Hartmann | "We are one" | 20

21: Alpha Lambdas, Spring 2012 | Lauren Altonji Bethany Ashworth Jake Braun Maura Dolan | Sam Easley Julie Glauber Sarah Golibart Kiera Guralnik | Jordan Haines Lexie Jewell Karley Kranich Eric Lehman | Jenn Manes Olivia Massa Mollie Moran Trevor Nichols | Jamie Phlegar Katie Russo Erik Simmons Josh Temple | Brad Weidner | Initiate Advisor: Alisa Baroffio | "Little Lambs" | 21

22: Executive Board and committee head officers | Executive board Matt Hartmann JP Patel Deanna Siroonian Colin Smith Alisa Baroffio Melanie Moon Carly Botero Michelle Newman Rima Janusziewicz Skye Riddle | President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Initiate Advisor Brother Relations Brother Historian Initiate Historian Parliamentarian Regional Delegate | committee heads Erica Holsclaw Teresa Huynh Michele Freedman Kate Ludin Courtney Simon Courtney Sibiga Lauren Vaccarello Kettie Holland Alan Becker Joanna Tu Brook Teklegiorgis Molly Karabinus | Rush Chair Rush Chair Fundraising Chair Scholarship Chair Service Chair Social Chair Public Relations Alumni Chair Intramural Chair Philanthropy Chair Webmaster Spirit Chair | 22

23: seniors | Name Alisa Baroffio Darci Bohmer Sally Boyd Ian Brown Chien Chen Jenn Chevalier Lauren Danker Scott Dudley Navid Ghatri Jordan Gurganus Marcus Hoang Kettie Holland Sam Hunt Teresa Huynh Heather Imoehl Pam Inserra | Major/Minor IDLS/ Elementary Ed/Exceptional Ed Geographic Science Psychology/Pre-Med Biology/Chemistry Nursing IDLS/Elementary Ed Computer Information Systems International Affairs Finance Modern Foreign Language/ Latin American and Caribbean Studies/ Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations Biology ISAT Computer Information Systems Psychology Intelligence Analysis/ Chinese Language/ Asian Studies SMAD | LITTLE(S) Jeni Zielonis Katie Casey Karley Kranich Brad Weidner Jenny Moling Katie Nguyen Rachel Kachuriner Kiera Guralnik Sam Easley Marcus Hoang Maura Dolan Eric Lehman Sarah Golibart Alyssa Damstrom Jordan Haines Michele Freedman Emily Walker | CONTRIBUTIONS AE Historian Philanthropy Chair Service Chair Vice President Initiate Advisor AT President Alumni Chair Fundraising Chair Intramural Chair Webmaster AT Treasurer Alumni Chair Intramural Chair Spirit Chair Rush Chair AZ Treasurer Spirit Chair President Regional Delegate | FAMILY Royal BAMF Classy Troublemaker Shoes=Nuts Hot Damn Shoes=Nuts Pretty Black Pinky Black BAMF Dynasty BAMF BAMF Pretty | 23

24: Name Camron Jenkins Jimmy Kalina Molly Karabinus Kate Ludin Sameera Navidi Ryan Nessle Meaghan O'Toole Stephanie Phillips Ali Seibert Courtney Sibiga Courtney Simon Stephen Taylor Joanna Tu JayJay Urgel Malissa Watterson | Major/Minor Biology Intelligence Analysis/ Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations Nursing/ Human Science Anthropology International Affairs/ Spanish/ Modern European Studies Anthropology Communication/Public Relations/Business Spanish IDLS/ Elementary Ed Marketing/Chinese Business/ Asian Cultural Studies SMAD WRTC/SMAD/ Humanitarian Affairs Biology International Business/ Spanish Nursing/Health Communications SMAD/WRTC | LITTLE(S) Erik Simmons Jake Braun Sarah Jones Carlie Bennink Daniel Benn Brittany Hatchett Carly Botero Michelle Newman Alix Gore Deanna Siroonian Mollie Moran Jamie Kerr Jay Jay Urgel Erica Holsclaw Brooke Matherly Alicia Henneberry | CONTRIBUTIONS Intramural Chair Rush Chair Spirit Chair Scholarship Chair AE Historian Public Relations Chair Public Relations Chair Fundraising Chair AH Vice President Secretary Social Chair Philanthropy Chair Service Chair AZ Historian Brother Historian National Delegate Brother Historian Alternate National Delegate Initiate Historian Philanthropy Chair Webmaster | FAMILY Pretty BAMF Classy Baller Classy Troublemaker BAMF Kennedy Kennedy Pinky Kennedy Kennedy Pretty Kennedy BAMF | seniors | 24

25: SENIOR SEND OFFS | Jimmy Kalina Now usually I would say something sassy and sarcastic here, and then you would respond that I'm a "dirty Steelers pirate hooker." But I figured since this is kind of a sentimental time, I should write something nice about you..........nope can't think of anything. In all seriousness though, I honestly can't imagine what my JMU experience would have been like without you. You embody everything that MYMOM and Phi Sigma Pi stand for and have become one of my biggest role models not only in school but in life. I will try my best to continue to be your "protégé" and not disappoint you. This past year I have looked up to you as my pseudo big and always knew that no matter what was going on in my life you were always going to be there for me to help me through and also to probably make fun of me. I know I tell you this a lot, but I don't know what I'm going to do without my BAMF-partner-in-crime next year. You have truly changed my life for the better and I'm so glad we've become so close. I love you so much Jimmy and you better come back and visit my hot-mess-of-a-self all the time. One last thing, Megan Goard and I always said that were going to marry you someday, so I just wanted to end on a quote I'm sure only you will appreciate and that sums up our relationship perfectly Ron Burgundy: "I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I... I wanna be on you." Love, Shelby | TERESA HUYNH TeeTee!!! i am so sad to see you go, i will miss our weekly sleepovers, late night study sessions and the creation of many new words which you usually create and i steal. you're such an amazing best friend, role model, brother and all around person. i am so glad to have had the honor to be in the same pledge class as you!! i cant wait to see what you do in the future because i know you are going to do big things. come back visit anytime you want and hopefully often because you will always have a place to stay with me :) love you so much!!! <3 dee dee | courtney sibiga Biggie/CeeCee!!!! It must be fate that i got you as my big because you have made my phi sig experience so amazing and memorable. From our pre- voting sleepovers to crying in the bathroom at my bid cel, i am so fortunate to have you as not only my big but a lifelong friend. while i am so sad to see you leave i am so happy that you have a job that you will love. i know you will do amazing things in life, and i cant wait to see the day you have your own talk show because i will be your #1 fan. thanks soooo much for putting up with me since i know that sometimes i can be a you soooo muchh <3little/ Dee Dee ;) | 25 | COURTNEY SIMON Courtney, I am so glad i got closer with you this year im going to miss you sooo much so please come back and visit often so we can continue our wine nights. you have been a positive role model and amazing brother i am sad to see you go but im glad your legacies will stay. love youuu - deanna

26: SENIOR | DARCI BOHMER What to say about you, you are the reason I love Phi Sig as much as I do. From the first time I met you, I knew we were going to have an relationship like no other. During my second interview when asked who did I connect with the most during rush the name that came to mind was yours. I do not know how to describe how much you mean to me. Even though we do not have a title, we don't need one, you are everything I need and never think twice about helping. It is hard for me to open up yet you still make every effort you can to make me feel connected, wanted, special, and accepted. A feeling I rarely feel, but you always seem to brighten my day. From sending me a v-day card from mosaic dance team during spoils week (Why i thought you were my big), to sitting next to me during my first voting making sure i understood what was going on, and helping me run for almost every position possible. You continue to inspire me with you spirit and love for life and easy going way. What make you so special to this fraternity is you don’t let anything stop you from doing what you know is right or what you believe needs to be done. Even though you never had a formal title, you never let that stop you. You showed me that titles might be great for resumes but do nothing for what really matters, how you impact others. I am so thankful for that because it made you be apart of my life and you were the role model I needed during my initiate semester and throughout this year. While I am sad you are graduating, I know that you need to in order to make the impact on this world that you are destined to do. "A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king" While the sun is setting on your time here, (like the sun over the mountain you see form ISAT and take awesome pictures) it is rising for me and just know what ever I end up doing is because you. YOU saw something in me and I am forever grateful and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. mucho philia, Jordan Schwartzbach PS just because you might be in a different country gives you no right NOT to be a creepy alumni... so don't even try to use that as an excuse :D | teresa huynh TeeTee, I have had so much fun getting to know you, hanging out with you and laughing with you. I can't believe we waited so long to hang out. You have made such an impact on my life and you better come to Florida to see me. I love you so much! -CeeCee | SALLY BOYD Dear my classiest of classy ladies. I wrote you a poem. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I love when the creature comes out. & I'm really going to miss you!! You better come back and visit all the time. Love you so much! | 26

27: JOANNA TU Dear Joanna: It has been a pleasure getting to know you this past semesters!!! I am very thankful for all the hard work you did to us (AIs) as an IA :) and also that you went so far out your way to make us feel comfortable as initiates and then as brothers. As I told you already, I have so much respect, appreciation, and love for you as a brother and a friend. I wish you the best in the next chapter of your life, and know that I will always be here for you in case you need anythings or just to say hi!!! Philia, Luis Parada | MEAGHAN O'TOOLE Meagh/BIG/BIGGIE/LJB/LORIS, From day one, I knew it was you. Don't try saying you didn't put that smiley in the e-mail, ‘CAUSE YA DID! But thats okay because it made me the happiest little in the entire world. You spoiled and loved me (and still do) to death, and I cannot express how thankful I am that you took me and cried tears of non-joy. Weird. But that's what I love most about us, is that we're weird together. Perfect match, perfect fit, it's seriously scary (in the best way possible, obviously). Our strange antics, weird voices/language, and constant lorising in public places are things I will remember after you...graduate (grrr). But more than that, I will remember the wonderful, charismatic, caring, and ridiculously funny person you are. You show me unconditional support and love through everything I do, PSP related or not. Saying I am lucky to have you in my life would be an understatement, so I’ll go ahead and say that if I had never met you, my experience at JMU and in Phi Sigma Pi would be incomplete. You are there for me no matter what, and I can honestly say that over the past two years, I not only gained a BIG and a Brother, but a best friend in you. You are forever the loris to my forest. Sounds creepy, but you understand the sentiment in that sentence. I LOVE YOU MEAGHAN KATHLEEN O’TOOLE, daughter to Tony and Dave, sister to Katie, born on October 13th, (978)-501-****, can birth goats (awk). <3 <3 <3 Carly/Carrrrllll/Little/Little One/Little Love/Smalls/LJL/LIL LORIS. :o) | SEND OFFs | HEATHER IMOEHL Heather, I knew we would be good friends the first time we met. Little did I know you would quickly become one of my best friends and the best big I could have ever hoped for. Everything I have done in Phi Sig I've done hoping to make you proud, because I know that as hard as I can try, I could never be as good of a little as you were a big. You've helped me with so much, not only in Phi Sig but also in my everyday life. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without you after you graduate, but I know that I'll look back on our memories at JMU with so much fondness and I know you will be in my life far past our times at JMU. I love you SO much, and thank you for everything. Michele | 27 | DARCI BOHMER Dear Darci, My experience at JMU was forever changed for the better when you held my hand at Phi Sigma Pi steps. I have finally found the big sister I never had, a new best friend and the perfect dance partner. I don't know what I'm going to do next year without you, but I can assure you I will think of you every day. I love you so much and want to thank you for helping me find where I belong at JMU. You are always encouraging me to get involved and be the best brother I can be and for that I am so grateful. I look forward to the lives ahead of us, especially because I know that we will never drift apart. Love, KTKC aka Widdle

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