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Psychology Project

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BC: Thanks for reading this! I'm really glad I took psychology this year! :)

FC: psychology semester project | (Dad and Me 2003)

1: The following traits best describe my personality: 1. obsessive 2. introverted 3. easily amused 4. determined 5. independent 6. logical

2: I have attended Westminster Church of the Nazarene (pictured) since I was two years old and I became a member about a year ago. As a Nazarene, I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he died to save us from our sins. Being a Nazarene really isn't much different than any other form of Christianity. Church is a huge part of my life. The people at my church are like family to me. I can rely on them and they are a huge part of my life. I'm not a perfect Christian but my faith is very important to me.

3: The top five values that I cherish are: 5. Integrity 4. Honesty 3. Morality 2. Respect 1. Compassion These things are important to me because these are the qualities that I have been raised to live by and I think should be incorporated into my words and actions. Compassion is the most important to me because I think that the best thing we can do in life is be there for one another. I can think of no better purpose than to serve others.

4: My family is one of the most important parts of my life. My grandma Helen and grandpa John are my dad's parents and they have had a huge impact on my life. My grandpa always has advice for me about life and my grandma is the funnest person I know. She is super competitive-she wont' go to bed until she wins. These two are the glue that holds my family together. | My dad's brothers are also very important to me. On the left is my Uncle Wayne and his wife Lynne and my cousins Jessica and Tina. Wayne is the best uncle ever. He taught me how to fish and how to keep a family together. On the right is my Uncle Shawn and his fifth wife: Terri. I haven't spent much time with him, he's considered the black sheep of the family. He's been in and out of jail and is definitely the troublemaker of the family, but he is always looking out for me.

5: To the left is me and my mom and dad and Grandma Ada. I'm an only child so my parents are the only family that I live with. All of us are best friends and they've taught me everything I know about life. My grandma Ada is a talker. Even though she lives in South Dakota, I keep in touch with her almost every day. She is an opinionated lady with lots of advice and lots of stories. | This is my mom's dad Les. But he's more commonly known as Papa. I see him twice a week. He can't help but bring up politics at the table and fight with my mom about religion He taught me to stand up for what you believe in.

6: The ten things I want to accomplish in my life are: 1. Graduate High School 2. Graduate College 3. Get a good job 4. Get married 5. Have kids 6. Try something new every month 7. Go on an adventure 8. Do something I'm afraid of. 9. Stay active 10. Love a lot

7: My most compulsive habit is biting my nails. I've been biting them for as long as I can remember. I bite them when I'm nervous or upset. Which is actually a lot because I worry a lot. Sometimes I even bite my nails in my sleep. I know it's a bad habit but I don't even really want to break it. I hate long nails, I almost have a phobia of them to be honest. I think they are nasty, so I just keep mine really short. I feel like my nails are something I can control in my life. I don't know if I'll ever stop biting them. | "Do you break things when you get mad? Eat a box of chocolates 'cause you're feelin' bad? Do you paint your toes 'cause you bite your nails? Call up momma when all else fails?"-Blake Shelton

8: My car really represents my freedom. Since I've had a car I've been able to go a lot more places, stay out later, and have more freedom of where to go. I paid for it so I feel like I really understand the value of having it. A lot of people get their cars handed to them but I 'm glad I didn't. This car has taught me the importance of working hard for what I want. | This is my 1991 Honda Accord. I named him Beau. He is a great car. I've only ever been in two little fender benders since I got him Summer of 2009.

9: If I could go anywhere on vacation I would go to Barcelona Spain because I've studied Spanish for 7 years and as a part of Spanish class we learned about Spain. I think it's a beautiful country with SO much to see. I think Barcelona would be one of the most culturally rich cities with the most to offer tourists. I've wanted to go to Spain for as long as I can remember. Something about it is so romantic. If I went, I would not go to a bull-fight because I think those are sad.. But I would love to go sight-seeing!

10: When I look at the sky I think about how anybody, anywhere, at any time, can look up at the sky and see the same things that I see where I am: the sun or the moon. There's a lot of people in my life that I miss: family, friends, old acquaintances. They can all see the sky, the sky can see all of them. It's kind of unifying. We all live under the same cover. The sky also makes me think of God and lost loved ones up in heaven. I'm one of those people who likes to think that the people I've lost are looking down on me from heaven, watching after me and being proud of me. Looking at the sky makes me feel peaceful and comfortable.

11: One of life's simple pleasures for me is playing video games, specifically the Wii. To the left is my uncle Wayne, cousin Luke, cousin Lukasz, and their friend Justin. playing the Wii. It's just simple fun. It's a way that my family bonds and a way to unwind from the day. My favorite game to play on the Wii are the sports games. I love Wii volleyball, it's so fun! Some people might not consider it a "simple pleasure" but to me it really is because it means relaxation and family bonding.

12: Love is when you care about someone more than you care about yourself. It's when you completely accept someone for who they are and never want to change them. I have experienced love through friends and family, and I also know that I love my boyfriend, Eric Neville. I don't know if I'm in love with him, but I know I love him. I don't even know if that really makes sense. Love makes you really think of other people before yourself. It makes you put other peoples needs ahead of your own. | In a life partner, I am looking for a partner, a good father, a motivated provider, and most of all a best friend.. I used to think that it was most important to follow your head in love not your heart, but since then I've decided that the heart is what really matters the most in a relationship. If you don't love someone with everything you have it's just not going to work. I think I could definitely fall in love with someone that I didn't expect to fall in love with. I never imagined my first love to be anything like Eric but that doesn't make me love him any less. Love isn't logical. I heard once that if you can explain why you love someone, it isn't love, it's like. | Future Life Partner:

13: What is love?

14: I am most afraid of ending up alone in life. I'm not afraid of bugs, or snakes, or rats, or heights, or public speaking, or needles, or anything like that.....my fear is much worse. I don't mind being alone for a while, I actually enjoy it, but I don't want to live my life alone. Ending up alone with no husband, no children, no family, no friends...that would be the worst existence imaginable for me. It honestly freaks me out. Sometimes I just think about it so much I get really emotional and depressed and afraid. I cried thinking about it once. I'm honestly terrified of the possibility. I don't think it will happen to me, but it still freaks me out | aaaahhh!

15: The color that best describes me is orange. | Orange describes me best because it has the ability of being really bright and loud and attention grabbing, but it can also be subtle and gentle. This is sort of like me, I can be the center of attention or I can be subdued. Orange is a color that is unique, it's not very many people's favorite color. I think I'm pretty unique. I'm not everybody's favorite person to be honest. But then who is? I can also relate to the color orange because my hair is kinda orange, which is something about myself that I like. My hair color makes me unique. Like me, the color orange is fun and energetic.

16: When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina. I was in dance class and I was absolutely obsessed with ballet. Then when I got a little bit older I informed my mom that I decided to be a taxi driver for a living. I thought it would be fun to drive around all day. I didn't understand why she thought that was | funny. Then I got to high school and decided I wanted to be a neurologist that didn't last long.

17: I now imagine my career to be in engineering. Specifically a civil engineer but we'll see. I want to be an engineer because it plays to my strengths. On a typical day as an engineer I imagine myself solving all the worlds problems, doing some math, and telling nerdy jokes that only other engineers will understand. I expect to be surrounded by men in this profession which suits me. I love nerds. Also, as an engineer I plan to make lots of $$


19: When I look in the mirror I see a successful student, a dedicated Christian, an insecure teenager, a bratty daughter, and a crazy driver. When I look at myself, I like what I see. I'm not obsessed with myself or cocky about myself, but I'm confident in myself and my body. I think that people have to be able to love themselves to have a successful life. But there's a fine line between conceited narcissism and confidence. I see my flaws but I'm not going to obsess over them because I know that I'm never going to look just right. I try to see myself and others for who they are, not by what I see with my eyes.

20: Volleyball | I've played volleyball since eight grade. I played for school and for club. I quit last year so that I could focus on senior year, and because it was getting a little too political and not as much fun as it had been. Volleyball taught me about having an active lifestyle and how to exercise and have fun at the same time. It also taught me how to be successful by working in a team. Volleyball is a sport that you simply can not win alone. I learned how to get along with people that I didn't normally get along with for the sake of winning games. I think that .that's a skill that will help me when I go to work and have coworkers that I don't necessarily get along with.

21: Psychology Class | In psychology this year I feel like I got some real insight into why people act the way they do and what causes behaviors. From this project, I learned that I'm very trusting and honest. This assignment wasn't hard for me at all. I don't mind sharing things about myself with other people. I also realized I kind of worry too much. That seemed to be a recurring theme in this book. I need to work on that. I also need to make sure that I'm never too honest.

22: TRUST | These are the people I trust most in my life: | Marissa Cain (pictured with me in the upper right corner): I have been friends with this girl since we were 2 years old. She knows all my secrets, she has always been there for me. Once we got in a huge fight but we got through it and it made our friendship stronger. We are really different but we love each other. I trust her with my life. Amy Peach (lower left corner): This woman has been my mentor and my friend since I was in middle school. She gives me advice and sets an example of how to be a good Christian woman. I trust her with all of my problems. Carissa Kulaga (you know what she looks like): Carissa is the closest thing I have to a sister. We have everything in common: church, classes, friends, volleyball, everything. We hated each other when we were little but we are incredibly close now. Carter Menely (lower right corner): I can talk to Carter about anything. Literally anything. He's my best friend. I trust him with all my secrets and all my problems. He's always there for me even when it's not convenient for him. He's a true friend.

24: I think that miracles happen every day. To me, a miracle is when somebody sacrifices something of their own, whether its time or resources, to do something that will help another person. On the right you can see Andrew, Scott, Brett, Truitt, Laura, me, and LaShara outside the Ronald McDonlad House after a morning of volunteering. I can't pretend I'm some sort of saint, but doing things for other people is what gives me hope for a selfish world. | I believe in miracles | Be the miracle.

25: These are the things that keep me awake at night: -Stressing about tests and projects -Worrying about family, for example, my grandpa was in the hospital for two weeks this summer...I hardly slept. -Volleyball plays-I used to go over them in my head at night -Things that I get nervous about like going on dates and job interviews -I am a worrier so night-time is when I get to worry about things -Sometimes it takes me hours to fall asleep

26: Number 1: From Carter He told me he likes that I'm not afraid to be myself, and to be real with people. That made me happy. He also said I was a good friend and he hopes we stay friends for a long time. Number 2: From Amy She says I'm a good kid, and she wishes she would have been like me in school and try to get good grades. I think she thinks I 'm a total nerd... Number 3: From Shandy She said she considers me her little sister, and that she is going to have me be a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer! | 3 Letters From 3 Friends

27: 3 Letters From 3 Family Members | Number 1: From Aunt Lynne She said that I'm her favorite niece and that she'll be there for me whenever I need it and that she wants me to go to college in South Dakota. Number 2: From Grandpa John He says he thinks I'm one of the wisest kids he knows. He says my advice might almost be as good as his, that means a lot coming from him. Number 3: From Travis He actually called me amazing. He said I'm fun to be with and that he likes how I care about people. That made me feel really good.

28: Just in case I die today, I'm leaving the following messages for the following people... | Mom and Dad You guys are my best friends, my life. I love you more than anything in the whole world. You are amazing people, and I am so lucky to have you to look up to. You're the best. | Carter I love you so much! You understood me better than anyone. You really made my life worth living. | Pastor Andy I learned so much from you. I hope that I didn't fail you. I hope you are still proud of me.

29: Carissa Thanks for always being there. | Eric I love you.

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