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Rad Plaid

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S: Happy 30th Birthday Tim - Love Katie 2011


FC: It's the little things that make life beautiful 1-12-11 | This book contains memories and wishes from your family and friends. Happy 30th Birthday. I wish you many many many more years of happiness, health, wealth, and love. ALL MY LOVE katie


2: 1) I won't give you the details, you'll have to ask him about the time he asked me to come into his bathroom. He was having a problem with the soap he used. 2) This still stands out in my memory. We were at a Christmas function at St Babrara. Tim and Renee were in the play. After the play we were having coffee and donuts with our family and Renee's family. I was "trying" to joke around and I said hat someday Tim and Renee would get married.He instantly kicked me in the shin as hard as he could kick with everyone standing around. He took off like lightning to the car. I was the one that got into trouble with Pam, go figure. 3)My second proudest memory of Tim, first was marring you. He worked extremely hard at Slippery Rock to graduate with a 4.0 average. Me and Pam were as proud as any parents could be watching him graduate with his cap and gown with honors ropes around his neck. Happy 30th Birthday Tim. Many more happy healthy years. Love Dad Tim would hide under his brothers bed and I would have to pull him out to go to swimming classes because he was scared, He also would want us to hide in the basement when he were having a summer storm. I will never forget the day he sat at the kitchen island and said he met his soul mate and he is soooo happy but mad that everyone he tells laughs and wont take him seriously. Well, he proved them all wrong because Katie stole his heart and became is wife. Tim has been true entertainment from the time he was 2 years old and he still is. DON'T EVER CHANGE. I will always remember his calls at 3 in the morning for me to go in his room and get him phone numbers or coming in at 3am and waking me up to talk to him while he cooked. Thank god i didn't require sleep back then. Happy 30th Birthday! Enjoy your day, Love Mom

3: dad | mom

4: Tim, Timmy, Tim-I, Little Dick, Happy Birthday Little Brother! Thanks for the 30 yrs of entertainment. Actually you should be thanking me and Jay for making you who you are today. You have learned from our gains and our mistakes. Our relentless tourcher molded your quick wit comebacks and our incredible athletic skillz and competitiveness made you work harder to beat us. (who's the champ?) Nintendo matches developed your intense temper. Still don't think you ever won a game. Im so glad that we helped develop your mojo so that i was able to steal it when i moved in with you. Even though your the youngest, you are the biggest, but unfortunately for you and Katie, not in the pants! Maybe your going bald because me and Jay made you inhale our farts from the couch cushions until you almost puked or tickled you until you peed your pants over and over or maybe its a result of hosing down feces at the shit plant. I don't know, you're paranoid. Now that you are turning 30, let me give you some more advice. Remember, as your belly grows, your d**k looks smaller. As your face gets fatter, your eyes look more crossed. You have to work out 2 times harder just to keep your man t*ts in place. Its no longer cool to have long hair and like you told me when i turned 30, "your not in style anymore" no 30 yr old man should be wearing "jorts" and a flat brimmed hat.I hope that your 30's dont give you what they gave me but if they do, i will be there for you like you were for me. | 2010 MB Studs | Its great to have you as a brother even though you are "soooooooooo gay" Love, Big B

5: "I always wanted a brother & you're probably the best & funniest that I could have hoped for. My favorite memory of us together would have to be the time that we went to the Jimmy Buffett concert at PNC park, without any tickets, of course. We pretended to be a poor couple & convinced some drunk guy to sell us his 2 tickets for $10. We didn't have any money, so we borrowed it from Runco. When we got into the concert we had awesome seats and sat like 4 rows back. After the concert we needed to find your mom's car, which she told us was parked somewhere over the Clemente Bridge. On our way to find it, we sat so close to the fireworks that we had ash on our faces. Eventually we found the car and made it home safely! That was definitely one of my favorite Buffett concerts!" Have a great 30th Birthday!!! - Gina | From the time I was 7 years old and from the day you were born we shared a bedroom, so I waited a long 14 years to get my own room in our new house on Seanor Road. I just want to say thanks for ruining that for me, by sleeping on my bedroom floor until you were 16 years old. FOR THE RECORD, I never once complained or kicked you out. I just laid there and let you verbally assault me until I fell asleep. You are no longer welcome to sleep on my bedroom floor." Happy 30th Birthday - Jay | The Kearns Boys

6: I like Timmy because he has good art work and long hair! Happy Birthday Love Reno Tim eats lots of ketchup and can do the moon walk really good. Happy birthday. Love Malia Timmy has really silly and pretty hair. Love Vienna | reno | malia | vienna | THE KIDS

7: Happy 30th Birthday! One of my best memories of us is you dropping Dante and I off in the parking lot of the school and then driving away! Oh, and you did that to me at the highschool and did a U-turn in the middle of the road (thanks for that by the way!) Hope you have a great birthday and looking forward to many many more! Love Carissa Happy 30th Birthday Brother in Law! I hope you have lots of fun celebrating and get to eat a bottle of ketchup. Please don't flip out! I owe you a PT's Pizza with 30 pepperonis burnt so that the edges curl up! Happy Birthday, Have fun! Love Natalie Well I have known Tim for about 5or 6 years and I am proud to say he's my brother in law. My best time with him is when we go on vacations with our whole family those are the best. And one of my best memories with him is when I was in the carpool line in about fourth grade and he says "hey aren't u Dante Luther" and I said "yeah" then Tim says "I'm dating your sister" so as I heard that I hurry up and got in my car and left. Happy Birthday Bro! - Dante | Happy 30th Timmy! Can't wait to get back to school to see if you can still hang. Have a great birthday with my sister. Love Ricky | Happy 30th Birthday Tim! Avoid the bad ice, it hits you harder in your 30's. From - Ronnie | Goga - Luther- Kearns - Onderick

8: The In-Laws | Tim, I knew you were in big trouble when we had that big summer party in 2007 & you had a little too much to drink. You hung on me for 2 hours professing your love for Katie. I told you "back away" a dozen times. You were definitely invading my space. Didn't matter to you, you just continued. I guess the rest is history. Happy 30th Birthday, Love you, From Mario | Katie came home one night after being in Pittsburgh and said “Hey mom, do you know Tim Kearns? I met him tonight at Buckheads.” (I believe this was Katie first outing after her eye surgery and recuperation and I think she was wearing a “bedazzled” eye patch as only Katie could.) I answered, yes I know him. He was also friends with Jason and Josh. He fell break dancing at a birthday party I had for you and Natalie when Jason and Josh’s band was playing and I had to call his mom so she could take him to the hospital for stitches. I also said that I knew his mom because she was the receptionist at our dentist and I always talked to her about her boys and looked at their current pictures on her desk when we were there. Katie could not believe I knew so much about him. She couldn’t believe he had been to our house years ago and died laughing at the stitches story. After all that, I said “why do you ask?” She said I met him tonight and spent the night talking to him. He seems like a really nice guy. Fast forward a week or so and I’m in the car pool line picking Dante up from Maxwell Elementary School when low and behold, there’s that cute Timmy Kearns helping to get all the kids in their cars. When I pulled up, before Dante got to the car, Tim leaned in and said, “Hey Mrs. Goga, would you mind if I asked Katie out for a date?” (typical Eddy Haskell move). I gave him my blessing and he called, she said yes, and they started dating.... Not even a year later, Timmy asked me a similar question, only a little more serious and with a lot more importance, “Nannette, I’d like to ask Katie to marry me.” Again I gave him my blessing and as they say.the rest in history. In closing I’d just like to mention Tim’s profound love of ketchup. It’s a subject he and I love to talk about and discuss in length. Love you Timmy..Happy Birthday. Love Nannette

9: Tim, you are a wonderful addition to our family! You fit right in. I hope I am able to be around to see your dream home. I'm sure you will perservere and be successful in building your beautiful house. With all love, happy 30th birthday. Love you, Grandma Clara and Pap Ducky | I remember Tim Kearns was the "man" back in the day with football. I didn't know years later he would marry my daughter. Nice to have you part of the family. Hope you have a healthy, safe, and happy 30th birthday. Love Rick | Father-in-Law | BIG RICK | Christmas everyone was next door at Nuna's house for dinner. Tim was only 2 but he went over to our house with the older boys. Somehow someway he had his lip split open. Tim had to go to the emergency room in his little red suit and get stitches in his lip. I felt so bad for him.Years later Ralph, Frank, Brian & Jay let us know what had happened. They were hitting Tim with a sleeping bag and he hit into the wall and split his lip. They made him promise not to tell at the time it happened. Timmy never missed his nap no matter where he was. I can remember him sleeping under picnic tables, benches and in blankets at the soccer games.He even slept in the press box at the high school stadium when it was cold outside. We remember when your mom came with her bags packed for the hospital on Christmas eve because her due date was dec 28th then to aunt Janes for new years eve with her bags still packed then as your dad took the decorations down Jan 6th the suitcase was in the car ready then on Sunday jan 11th after dinner at our house you decided you might be ready so Brian and Jason stayed with us and we waited all night to hear if you were a boy or girl and still no word the doctors said you were nice and cozy and didn't want to be born then at 7:35am Tim was born and we sent Brian and jay off to school where their dad went and got them out of class to tell them they had a baby brother. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TIM! WE LOVE YOU. LOVE GRANDMA AND GRANDPAP BRUNO | GRANDMAS & GRANDPAPS

10: Smiles Are Contagious! | I can picture Tim in his room dancing to Michael Jackson growing up. At all the recent weddings, he was reluctant to display his talents. A little coaxing and the show was on! Thanks for making Katie happy too. Happy 30th birthday! Love, Aunt Diane & Uncle Todd | I met a very nice, friendly, and cute mother of three boys one day in the dentist office. We began talking and she began telling me about her three sons. Being that my boys were younger than 8 years old I found her stories about her three sons very amusing. Not funny any more! She told me about their antics but what was most unbelievable was the quantity of food that they consumed. Well...one day I am visiting my sister Nannette and her family and I had the pleasure of meeting Katie's new boyfriend. Through our conversation I discovered that Tim was one of the boys from the stories. I couldn't wait to watch him eat. Let's just say he didn't disappoint. Tim loves his food and always eats with gusto.Over the years, while getting to know Timmy better, I have found that he is not only passionate about food but life in general. What a great way to be. Happy 30th Birthday Tim. Wishing you many years of health and happiness - Love, Aunt Amy | My Man Timmy - Happy 30th B-day! Maybe a trip to Seacrets to celebrate? You are the man....all my best - Billy Mac | I will never forget sitting in the stands at Pt football games and wondering how in the world you could catch a football like you do? I was always amazed....so when you least expect it I am going to blast a ball at you...remember when you least expect it! Ha Ha HAPPY 30th Birthday - Love Uncle Larry

11: The best people in the world were born on January 12th, Tim and I!!!! We share the same traits: good-looking; talented and most importantly, have surrounded ourselves with great women!!!! Love, Uncle Tony | A memory I have a Tim that is still so vivid, is when his Uncle Chip and I would stop in and visit and we would be sitting around the kitchen table talking with Rick and or Pam, and Brian and Jay would be running round and round with Tim lagging behind. He would try so hard to catch up to them but instead of crying or being frustrated, he would have the biggest smile on his face and just kept running to try to catch up. He look up at us every time he'd run past with the cutest smile on his face. This could go on for what seemed like hours but he never lost that smile. Years later, any time I'd see Tim , I'd see that same smile on a much older but handsome ( although still cute face ) and be instantly transported back to his toddler years. Love that smile ! Happy Birthday! Love Aunt Pam | Timmy and I spent the whole day skiing a 7 springs when he was about 19 or 20. It was a great day and we skied most of the day.and of course watching him play football was one of the high lights of my life. He was a fine athlete. Happy 30th Birthday Timmy! Love Uncle Chip | I think the single most special thing is his growing his hair for locks of love. I can't think of anything more special than that. Have a wonderful 30th birthday Tim! We love you. Aunt Susie & Uncle Mike | We love your sense of humor and your animation! It makes you lovable and sweet! You are a wondeful addition to our already crazy family. God Bless you on your 30th! Love you lots, Aunt Karen and Uncle George

14: A good memory was when he lived above us in the apt in Trafford and had a mullet and would knock on our door to heat his pizza in our microwave another memory was when i wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning because i worked past the airport all week and got up really early he either had a friend sleep over on Friday night and would play basketball in the room above mine or would sing really loud when he was getting ready for CCD and i wanted to strangle him. Happy 30th Birthday! Love Tammy | Tim was 10 and a sports fan like me when he lived above us for a year and 1/2while his house was being built. We made a$2 bet on a game he picked notre dame i picked colorado i won he lost so the following year he picked colorado and i picked notre dame i won again and he lost. Never seen my $2 and with interest it should be $150 by now. Happy 30th Birthday! Love Tony | I always had a saying that nobody loves Timmy like Timmy but I definately admire him very much for growing his hair for cancer patients and his kind heart. Happy 30th Birthday - Love Aunt Jane & Uncle Kenny

15: Tim - One of my special memories is how special you made Stephanie feel freshman year homecoming when you were kind enough to take her and her date. Having a big cousin take her made her night! Thanks for everything, We Love You, happy birthday Aunt Chris and Uncle Marco | I was impressed by Tim the night Katie had her jewelry party and a few of your friends brought their little ones with them . There was Tim upstairs in the living room with these children having a great time with some art supplies teaching them some art and keeping them occupied. I know he will make a great Dad.. Happy Birthday Tim all wonderful people are born on January12th. Love Aunt Gloria | Happy 30th Birthday TIM | Tim - You always make us laugh! Our favorite memory was when you dressed up like the "Ken" doll for Halloween! Happy Birthday and keep making us smile. P.s. For your birthday I have given you a lifetime supply of Z-PAK. Love you man! Ralph, Niki, Tyler, Breanna, and Carleigh

16: grandpap | steeler game

17: Kearns Family | god son | gram | Malia & Reno

18: So we went out for my birthday and Tim had to be "DD" for the first time ever for Katie haha! While Katie and I were taking shot skis Tim was pouting in the corner the whole night. To top if off Katie and Ryan dragged Tim to stop for drunk food on the way home while singing to the radio to escalate his rage. Tim vows to never be "DD" again. Happy Birthday Tim, hope you are not the DD on your own Birthday! Love ya! Micala | I love how your long flowing locks secretly remind me of the bad guy on Kindergarten Cop, and how I'll never quite understand your love for ketchup is up there with your love for Katie. Happy Birthday - Love Julianna Happy Birthday - Don't ski from Michael | Oh Tim, how many adjectives I could use to describe such a charasmatic person...But if I had to pick one it would be FUN. I think I speak for the whole family when I say that you really have brightened up every family event you attend. Happy 30th! Love Matt p.s. lets celebrate your and mine b-day at some point Happy 30th, enjoy your B-day, have many bacardis on me! from - Sean

19: Tim, you the man. I can't tell you how happy I am that you married into our family. You quickly became one of my favorite cousins. Enjoy the 30th, Ill drop 30 for ya next week. Love Luke | I remember when I was in 9th grade and Tim told my current boyfriend to never hurt me because I was just like his little sister! HaHa, Happy Birthday Tim! Love you! xoxo Maria Love you so much! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday! Love Steph & Sal | cousins

21: old school | friends

22: Well, Well, Well, It's pretty great that we met in Mike Simpsons basement in highschool. And years later Katie told me she was dating a new guy named "Tim Kearns!" I am so glad you are part of the family. You've been an amazing addition! Come visit us in New York already, will ya!!! xoxo Happy 30th Brithday! Love Ashley & James | I haven't known Tim very long, but in the four years I have known him, he's always managed to help me have a good time whenever I am around him. He has an infectious personality. I'll never forget when we went out in Philadelphia the night before our cousin Nathan's wedding. He was just making everyone laugh, getting drinks in a second when the line at the bar was backed up ten people deep, and dancing like nobody's business. It was a really fun night, and from that point on I knew Tim wouldn't have a problem fitting in with the family. Happy 30th Birthday Tim - Cousin Adam | Ill always remember Timmys nick name at camp in the showers. You were still in middle school, poor kid. Sorry if its too graphic its the only embarressing story i could remember. Happy 30th Birthday Tim! Glad you are part of the family! Love Jason and Joelene

23: Tim was like a little brother that I never had taking him out on his 21st birthday but what a pain in the neck. He went back to my place, he was so drunk i gave him a garbage can and put him on the couch, every time i got up to check on him my front door would be wide open and he would be laying in the driveway i would carry him in go back to bed but he did this a couple of times until his dad picked him up in the middle of the night. Happy 30th, Hope you aren't still doing this! Love Jason P. | Happy Birthday Timmy! You're over the hill now. I hope your metabolism slows down and you get fat again and try to squeeze into that Italia soccer shirt. Have a great day! - Mark Golen | "Happy 30th Timmy! I'll forever miss the days of waking up every weekend with you on our couch in the Southside....and deliveries of sauce from Pammy for taking care of you. Now we're on to marriage and babies. Here's to the next phase of our lives together! Cheers baby!" Love, Jenny Golen | I'll never forget when Timmy and I had gym class together and it was handball season. We ended up on the same team and just completely dominated every game. It wasn't even fair, we were doing 360 spins as we scored a goal, no looker passes back and forth, shooting left handed, goofing around and having a blast the whole time. I think this was the beginning of our friendship even though we knew each other long before the dynamic duo took over the gym class handball scene. Hope you have a great 30th Birthday! Love Josh and Lacey

26: "From raising trophies to raising glasses together...we have shared some great times. Happy 30th Birthday!" - From - Matt Bostick | Happy 30th Birthday Tim. We hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. Best of luck in everything and heres to another 30 years. Remember 30 is the new 20! xoxo Love Kristen & Nick | Tim, We've had to many great memories these last couple years. From bar crawling in ocean city, to seven springs, going out in pittsburgh, and all of our weddings. You are such a great friend! We are so happy that you are a part of our life and also Gia's Godfather. Happy 30th Birthday!We love you! Holly Robby and Gia | I remember going out for your 21st Birthday all meeting up at Sandywood getting on a mini bus (you know the one that you took to school everyday of your life) and a quarter keg of beer while doing keg stands and everyone singing "one little, two little, three little indians" while driving through the squirrel hill tunnels to see how far they could make it through the tunnels. So it's been fun being part of your 21'st to your 30th. So let's keep it rollin. Happy Birthday Old Man. - Hodge

27: I knew of Tim in highschool because my Dad used to drag me to all of the boys basketball games and he was a big fan point guard (I think) Tim Kearns! One of my fondest memories of Tim is when him and Jeremy Reck came to CAL U to visit Katie. It was in the beginning of their relationship and we had a blast! We went to J Coles and spent the entire night on the dance floor! Tim really broke it down to my favorite song at the time, "I like my beat down low, and my top laid back"! I will never forget Tim's dance moves! Any time propsal stories come up I always tell the story about how Tim proposed to Katie on Thanksgiving day. I think it was so creative and special. I am so happy that my best friend married such a great guy because she only deserves the best and she found it in Tim. I also had an amazing time at the Goga-Kearns wedding! Holly and Robbys wedding gets a little fuzzy for me but I do remember Tim rocking out on the DJ in a Box microphone singing and dancing and most of all making everyone laugh and have a good time! I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tim!! Love, Lindsay and Dave | Happy 30th Birthday!! We've already created years of "douche" chills together and look forward to making many more!!! - Love Nin and Mike | HAPPY BIRTHDAY. LOVE JOE & EMILY | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A GREAT FRIEND - ROB G.

28: Well, its taken us a long time to think of what to say here. We have so many fun and interesting memories involving Tim. For Tara it starts very young, when Tim was at her house and witnessed her sister chugging a beer at the age of 5. While for Nick he got to know Tim later in life and has been able to accumulate some crazy memories, mostly involving beer, Bacardi, getting left in the southside (with Hodge and Bruno) while Tim went into an after hours club, and "Moons over My Hammy" at Wilsonpalooza. The best memories, though, involve everyone at 7 Springs. Tim is the happiest person in the world for two reasons, (1) he has all of his friends in one place and (2) everyone can booze because no one has to drive. Which for Tim and, everyone else involved, means those nights have been some of the best times of our lives. Tim loves life, family, friends, and Bacardi and we love him for that. Happy 30th Birthday!!!!! Tara and Nick | Tim and I have become great friends throughout the years. Even though we may not see each other all the time, we pick up right where we left off. We always have fun together, especially when we go to Seven Springs! I'll never forget all the fun memories we created together at Slippery Rock. Even though Tim's attention span is terrible, he is still a great listener and gives good advice. Tim is a great friend and I am so glad that he is a part of my life! Happy 30th Birthday! - Jeremy and Janielle | TK, Since we started to hang out in High School and went to College and had a blast at SRU I have enjoyed every second of it! I had no idea when we 1st started to hang out that I'd go to college with you or live with you for 12 years either. It's crazy to see someone as much as we saw each other and not really have a disagreement, which says a lot for our friendship. I appreciate you for the friend that you are. Now that your 30 life will be different, trust me I know I'm almost 31 now. Kidding buddy it is all still the same. Happy B-Day buddy! - Mark & Danielle

29: My first memory of meeting Tim was on a humid day in the summer of ’95. For Tim, being a hotshot ball boy for JY had its perks but not on this day. For me, that summer was the summer I got mystery hives and rashes from the heat. As fate would have it, an odd number of players at football camp on that particularly hot summer day meant that Tim was appointed by JY to stretch me out during warm-ups. We’ve been BFFs ever since. happy 30th! Love Ryan & jenna | Hey Timmy, this is a happy birthday wish from your buddy Bernard... My abs still haven’t recovered from eating 4 helpings of your mom’s rigatoni on vacation 13 years ago... Thanks for all the great times and the laughs... Topper | HAPPY 30TH TIM | LOVE JOHNNY & ERIN

31: My Mr. Mr My BEST friend and soul mate. I love you more than you could ever imagine. You've changed my life in so many ways and I love you more and more each day. Our memories the last few years are priceless. Thank you for all of the fun times we had together. You are the greatest person I ever met and I am so lucky to be your wife. I LOVE YOU AND HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Katie

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