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Rustic Charm

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FC: Susan Carol Wommack

1: When it's over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms. When it is over, I don't want to wonder if I have made of my life something particular, and real. I don't want to find myself sighing and frightened, or full of argument. I don't want to end up simply having visited this world. -Mary Oliver

2: Once upon a time in the House of Beaver, there was born a baby girl that Daddy named Susan Carol. She became a part of the family with two other sisters- Marcia Lynn and Jan Melinda. It was a happy family and Susan was a good baby. She went to Parker Elementary School-- walking each day unless she could talk her mother into taking and picking her up. Behind Parker School was a city swimming pool that made a fun place in the summer. It was full of kids--so full-- that the life-guard had to get everyone out very often to see if someone might be on the bottom of the pool and no one knew that they were missing. During this time, the Daddy of the House of Beaver decided that we would all go to France to live. Susan and her sisters went to a French school and soon they were jabbering away in French while Mom and Dad struggled. I would ask her to translate what was being said and she would only say that she couldn't translate for me but she KNEW what they were saying. One day I got a call from school that Susan had run into a rope (that had one day been a net for a ball game) and it had knocked her out. We took her to the Doctor and found out she would be okay except a huge welt on her neck which they painted red. Several years later the Daddy of the House of Beaver decided that we would go to England to live. Susan attended the American School in London. She and Jan rode the train each day from the House of Beaver in Weybridge to Waterloo Station. The straid English men weren't too pleased with the American kids and so they ended up riding in the fish car where they could make as much noise as they wished. Susan graduated from High School in Houston and made her way to Baylor. She wasn't exactly happy to have her Daddy on campus but her told her that he wouldn't even acknowledge her on campus if that would please her. I do believer after a while, she thought it nice to have a Daddy near. Several years later a young man entered her life. The night Tony came to the House of Beaver to ask for Susan's hand, it took him all evening to ask. Daddy agreed right away. We have been blessed to have three daughters and as Grandma Barnard used to say: Susan was her best youngest grandchild and we agree that Susan was our best youngest child. THANK YOU FOR BEING JUST SUSAN

3: Love, Mom & Dad

4: WHAT A FRIEND I HAVE IN SUSAN!!!!!!!!! I have known you since May 1981 - wow that’s a long time! We have many wonderful and exciting memories that we have shared! I remember you inviting me and 3 other brand new Moms to your house for a luncheon and thinking what a very nice thing for you to do especially since you were not a Mother yet! We had our first Mexican stack-up at your house on 58th street at a Sunday school party (never heard of it before). We remember you talking about your “refined” Ky neighbors next door and comparing them to us! I remember you coming over to our Hewitt home when we moved and putting in shelf paper for me—true friend! Do you remember trying to teach me to do that Christmas needlepoint—unsuccessfully I will add! It’s probably still somewhere in a box I ‘m sure! I remember the snowy day Paul was born and being there with you! Baby Paul! We had such FUN Wednesday playgroup days going to each others’ homes or the park after Storytime at the Library! I remember my 30th birthday party you helped surprise me with – and I was surprised! We had 3 fun family vacation trips to Colorado we will always remember! Our precious little children—what angels! AND Stubby You made Emily that darling white dress with the red tulips for her first day of school that she wore proudly! I’m glad you sewed since I did not! I remember BethAnn saying “Do the Granny, Merle” or all of our kids learning to say “Move it or Park it!” Remember our movie adventure and getting the free tickets which Paul was impressed with or Corsicana trips especially when we got to save all that money for Tony and Jamie with the coupon we didn’t have? We had to fight for that one! Remember our Sunday School Director days in the Green Room and our singing debut as a quartet—Good Christian Men Rejoice? We were pretty good weren’t we? The days we use to call each other every afternoon to refresh ourselves and discuss our days and what we were fixing for dinner! Sharing recipes and also kids with our Babysitting Co-op! I didn’t mention all the support you all have been with health issues—Tony sitting with Jamie when he had his appendix out and then of course there’s my seizures that Jamie could not have gotten thru without both of you! You and Tony have truly been our family here in Waco when ours was far away. Great lifelong friends are very hard to find and keep! We are so Blessed to have that with you and Tony! Thanks for being there through it all! Love you dear friend! Merle

6: Mom, I want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do and have done for me in the past 25 years. I am thankful for the great example you have been of how to be a loving and godly parent. I cherish the fun and laughs we have together as well as the great conversations about life. I know that you are always there for Angela and I no matter what happens and that is a great feeling. I couldn’t ask for more from a mother and I thank God for you every time I pray. Merry Christmas and I love you. Paul

7: Dear Susan, I wanted to write this letter to let you know how much I appreciate and admire everything you do for us. I’m so blessed by our friendship and thankful that I married into such a wonderful, loving family. You truly have been an inspiration to me by the way you handle what life throws at you. Thank you for being a great role model and always offering great advice. You’ve always said that I married the younger version of Tony Thank you for all the encouragement over the years and telling me to go for my dreams. I know that I can always come to you with questions and you never judge me for who I am. God could not have blessed me more and I’ve prayed my “second family” my entire life and God never ceases to amaze me. I love you and look forward to all the memories we will make in the years to come. Merry Christmas 2010, Angela

8: Margie Hoefner | Dear Susan, The saying that says, "You don't know what you have 'til it's gone!", is sadly so true! I really miss getting to see you on a regular, almost daily basis. You have been a real blessing to me over the years we lived close by. In the hundreds of miles we walked together, (don't you wish we had kept track?) your listening ear and friendly advice were what I needed many days to lift my spirits. Since Paul and Beth Ann were just older than our kids, I have been able to gleen from your experiences as a mom and watch how you handled things from sports at Midway and teenage drivers, to dating, and college. How many times did we read the "Zits" comic strip and sware the writer was peeking in our window? As Beth Ann compiles letters from your many friends, I hope you feel the hugs that come through the words. You are an amazing person, and I am glad to call you a friend....even though I'm still working on forgiving you from moving away! Love you bunches!

10: "Susie. Susan. 'Sis,' as my mom calls you. To me, you're Aunt Susie. And to me, you are the place where every holiday, there are festivities and desserts and games and laughing. Ever since I can remember, besides the multiple excuses for enjoying these times, I knew we got to see Aunt Susie. We get to laugh. We cringe at painful massages. We get to see a creative something that's just suited for the event. And we get to be loved. It's Aunt Susie."

11: Hello there, wonderful aunt of mine. I made the decision to go the letter route, as story-telling is not a strength of mine. Essentially, what is going to happen here is that I will tell you how amazing you are. How your laugh is one of my favorites to hear on holidays, and your voice is one of the loudest I have ever heard, but I think that’s a familial trait. I want to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you believed in me from the beginning (you know, as far as conquering that “living” obstacle and such). I admire how dedicated you are to your faith, as well as your family. I love how very holiday I see you, there is a new story about something new you’re doing. – you’re always busy, and the stories are always entertaining. Speaking of that, you’re a good storyteller. This is not a shared trait, and I’m pretty jealous. Also, don’t tell anyone, but you give the best birthday cards. Your taste is pretty astounding in general; I’ve always thought so. This entire paragraph has been pretty rambling in an attempt to get my final point across –I love you, and I’m so glad you’re a part of my life. You’re an astounding individual. Love, Sarah (I’m your favorite nieceright? You can admit it. This is a private thing. Oh.wait.)

12: Susan, So it is hard to put someone like you into words, all the words that come to mind do not suffice. Now there is a title that comes to mind and works well, Mother Superior. I think if for some reason you ever have a second career as a nun, you will quickly rise the ranks to the status of Mother Superior. Sure you would never want this, but like all great Christian vocations you would get it because you lived your way into the title- not because you wanted it. The first evidence would be your leadership, your natural leadership. You have the ability to walk into a room and be in charge in no time. You do so with grace, a servant spirit, and by genuinely caring about people. People respond to you because they know you care about them. It is obvious. The second piece of evidence would be your faith. You are the type of Christian the world needs many more. You understand what it means to follow Jesus and to try and live a life similar to his. This shows in your love of others, your compassionate heart, your mind that seeks truth, and a determination to truly do this faith journey right. The third evidence would be your humanity. So many people forget that being a good Christian is being a good human. It is a sense of humor, a proper understanding of emotions, a sense of balace in life, and the ability to live a life that others want to follow. The main piece of evidence would be the lived that you have affected by simply living your life. There would be countless fifth graders who learned a lot more than just history from you, a bunch of children and adults on Nicaragua who you shared God's love with and in doing so you touched them, a bunch of Paul and BA's friends who found in you the mother everyone wanted, your own friends who know you are a rock and trustworthy, and then a ton of people like me who you made better by simply being around them and sharing life. My life is better because I know Susan. I know there are many others who say the same thing. So may you always know how loved you are and how truly wonderful you are. And please understand that for us Baptist, you are as close to Mother Superior as we will ever get. I love you Susan,

13: Grace and Blessings, Griff & Abby | Oh how I miss eating lunches packed from home, while sitting in student desks, trying to get "the finer things club" up and running. Is it bad that lunch was my favorite part of the day? I can't think about you without thinking about the entirely-to-short-year that we worked together. Not only could I not have gotten the job without you, I couldn't have done the job without you. (I believe the phrase "I blame Griff" is appropriate here.) Anyway. One of my favorite things about working with you was seeing that you're the same Susan at work that you are at home, or anywhere that you may be. It's one of the things that makes you a great teacher, a great mentor, and a great friend. You are consistent, thoughtful, kind, fair, and exceedingly patient with every single person that you deal with. And it was one of the most important lessons I learned during the entirely-to-short-year that we worked together. You showed me what it means to be a great teacher, and for that I will always be so thankful. Everyone needs a Susan Wommack in their life. Thank you so much for being you! It is a blessing to me. Love you!

14: Merry Christmas Susan! You are a wonderful friend, teaching companion, travel buddy, and confidante I am blessed by your friendship, kindness, abilities and love. Thanks for always being there fore me in so many ways. My life is richer because of you! Love Diane Williams

15: Dear Momma Wommack, I am so thankful for you! Since freshman year, you have taken care of me so well. You fed me many a delicious meal, introduced me to Leall's and El Con, taught me games (including settlers, which I'm sure you now regret :)), taken me and your other (biological) daughter to the airport, even done my laundry for me and taken me in for a month! I couldn't ask for a more supportive mom-away-from-home. You season everything with a dash of humor and contagious joy. I feel so privileged to have learned from your wisdom, especially this summer, while just taking a lap around the lake or sitting down at the dinner table with you. Thank you for loving me so well and setting a beautiful example of a cheerful giver and servant of Jesus. You have blessed my life. Love you so much, Annie

16: Dear Susan, I’m so excited to get to contribute to your Christmas present this year! What a sweet thing for Beth Ann to do. I hope you already know this, but it never hurts to make sure: I treasure you and our friendship. Some of the best years I’ve had in my teaching career were the four years we spent together in the Red Team. Sometimes we had to laugh to keep from crying, but we sure had a lot of fun! There’s nothing that brings people closer than shared trials, tribulations, and triumphs and we had them all! Any good qualities I’ve acquired as team leader this year came from watching you. I wonder how many miles we’ve walked together? I miss that more than you know, and if I can ever get these knees healthy, I want my walking buddy back! I love you! Lisa Klumpp

17: Dear Susan, Every year at Christmas time when I unwrap a certain Santa, I think of you. We were together when I picked him out. It was on a trip to San Antonio to some kind of meeting and we stopped on the way home at an outlet mall in San Marcus to shop. It was a festive shop decorated for the holidays and I was determined to buy something. Our sweet friend Alice' was with us as well. I spotted this Santa because he has sports equipment all around him and it was a time in my life when Leslie and Ryan were in the midst of many sports activities! He fit in with our life and would look perfect! I remember that I thought you should get one too because your family was also busy with multiple sports activities however you had more willpower! Anyway, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your sweet gift from Beth this year for Christmas! Take care and Merry Christmas, Sheri Rister

18: Love, Deanna

19: Thirty Years/Reasons/Memories of Loving Susie 1. Meeting her with a kiss for Steve! 2.Her all-Baylor wedding 3.My wedding house party 4.Curry hotel in Pala Duro Canyon 5.Cabin in Colorado, complete with games with WW 6.Hardee’s meltdown 7.Season football tickets, choosing favorite players 8.Homecoming Breakfast cooking 9.Tri-Delta Breakfast crashing 10.Hallway pokes for Tony, and a lifetime of teasing 11.Ghostbusters costumes for Sunday School party 12.Ordering food for my son, Tiny Baby Paul 13.Gulf Shores 14.Los Angeles/Beverly Hills tourists 15.Schlitterbahn condo 16.Tubing on the Lazy “Susan” 17.Sing/Pigskin 18.Pregnancy phone calls 19.Smocked outfits for the girls 20.MA Simms shopping 21.4th of July in our pool 22.Ranger Game championship on your couch – our special “wave” 23.Baseball tournaments, complete with earrings 24.Moving girls into Collins 25.Sorority Bid Day 26.Beth and Whit as roomies for two years 27.Geology Open House nights before bonfire 28.Queso and chips during movie nights 29.Making up songs together to match all occasions 30.30 years of housing the Sims for Baylor football! Merry Christmas, Dear Susie! For all these reasons and more, you are my BFFL!!!

20: I have so many memories in our friendship it’s hard to pick a favorite. I absolutely love Baylor Basketball with you, drafting our players and lecturing them from the stands just loud enough that only you and I can hear it. I love sharing dinner in our homes to celebrate a big game on T.V. but especially celebrating tournament/playoff games together. (Remember when we ran around the couch upstairs?) I love our movie times with it’s just you, me and a great (or not so great) movie. I even love when we invite our guys to come along or when we agree to go with them and the movie isn’t so great. It’s fun to laugh about our lapse of judgments when we get to share them. The memories that we share from when our children were young are also very special. We’ve shared our knowledge (for what it was worth!) in sawing, smocking, chicken pox and appendicitis. Then they grew up a little and we shared our feelings and prayers about boyfriends, girlfriends, school, showers and weddings So many things to choose from and so few pictures! We are not like our daughters in that regard. I did manage to find a few pictures and I think they represent my fondest memories (two week’s worth). Our trip to Europe has to rank at the top. A few that come to mind are: three of the four of us napping in St. James Park, small hotel rooms, subway and train rides, rushing the guys at the train station because we thought the train was coming, driving (napping) through France, excitement over bathtubs and king size beds, churches, churches, and more churches, beautiful buildings and lots of history, fruit de la mar and my favorite gouter. I hope these are some of your favorite memories also. We really must take a cue from our girls and take more pictures!

21: Love, Alicé

22: Dear Susan: I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much you mean to me and share a few impressions I have of you over the years. I’ve always been the “Big Sister” and think I didn’t really begin to appreciate you until you were in college at Baylor. You have always been a doting Aunt Susie to Laura and Steve. They love you and see you as such a fun aunt. Thank you. That is such a blessing to me. When you became a wife and mother, I saw you blossom. You’re creative side came out when you smocked those pretty little dresses for Beth Ann. You were the consummate “Team Mom” during all those years that Paul played sports. You rejoiced in his successes and supported him in the losses. You have always been a great helpmate to Tony keeping the home running smoothly and the kids shuttled to their activities while he worked long hours. You’ve been a wonderful Christian example to your children which is evidenced in the fact that they are both living Christian lives. You’ve always been such a giving and thoughtful person. I’ve learned how to be more giving and merciful because of you. You’ve always mad me laugh. I looked forward to sharing much more laughter with you. I thank God that you are my sister and pray his mighty blessings on you. Love you, Big Marsh

23: I guess the most famous story is about Susan taking the blame for my writing on our little red table that we played at when we were very young. I wrote on it but did not admit to it for along time. I guess she was too young to defend herself. Sorry Susan One of my fondest memories was playing "bridge-it "acrosss our beds when we should have been asleep.One of us would crawl across the others body. Knees would dig into the bridge.Of course we would laugh and get into trouble.Dad would tell us to go to sleep or he would come in. Also during our shared bedroom days, we had an imaginary line that was not to be crossed. Any one in violation was threatened by a dangerous kick

24: Look! It's us. You and me.. From even the beginning it was obvious that we had an inexplicable bond. I have inherited your face, your trait of laughing at inappropriate times, your personality, your terrible sense of direction and your creativity. All of these I cherish. Thank you for being so consistent in my life and being the best mother a girl could ask for. I am blessed by the woman that you have been in my life and I am so thankful for the influence you have had on my life. "So much of me comes from what I learned from you" love you mama, BA

25: Dearest Susan: Thanks for thirty fast years. I have told you before that you married a bumpkin but I think I managed to turn out okay. Have I made up for Bowie yet? Have I made up for our fifth anniversary yet? Have I made up for ..the list goes on and on. Thanks for overlooking the bumps and supporting me in all my adventures. I’m still a little boy at heart and appreciate you letting me be that little boy. Hold on tight, I believe that we will have another fun 30 years. I love you, Tony

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