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Rustic Charm

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S: The Cleaver Family Jan-Mar 2011

BC: What an amazing start to 2011! Our family of four is looking forward to all that Spring has instore and life's newest adventures that await us! I hope you enjoyed reading our precious memories. | XOXO, Bright & Macy's Mommy

FC: The Cleaver Family Jan.uary- March 2011

1: This is the beginning of our fourth scrapblog! It is starting in January of 2011. It is shaping up to be a very exciting year for us as our family is going to be getting bigger in the next few weeks! Enjoy our story!

3: January 11, 2011- A lIttle R&R Hello Everyone, We just got back yesterday evening from a week long vacation in Phoenix. We decided it was a good time of year to get away from Missouri weather and a good idea to take a vacation before Baby #2 arrives in 7 weeks! We had a great time soaking in the sun and 60 degree weather that we really were not very excited to come home to icy roads and lots of snow! Bright was a pretty good traveler all-in-all. He refused to fall asleep on both plane rides going out and coming home until literally the plane landed, but other than that he was terrific. When we arrived in Phoenix we were immediately greeted by the beautiful weather and sunshine. Going to Phoenix for us is like going home because we lived out there for two years right after we got married and Jonathan did his rotations out there. We know our way around really well and have lots of favorite places to eat and see. Jonathan's parents still own the beautiful condo that we lived in when we lived in Phoenix and graciously let us use it when we want a vacation. It is fully furnished and three-bedrooms and in a terrific location. Bright got to have his own room and slept well and for Jonathan and I we were just elated to be back there.

4: Can't get enough of this beautiful weather! The picture to the left is of B-Man and Jonathan at La Grande Orange, we ate there at least once a day during our trip! Lattes, yum!

5: Of course one of our favorite things to do is eat, so we went to lots of our favorite restaurants. We ate breakfast every morning at La Grande Orange which is absolutely phenomenal and the restaurant I miss the most. We invited out our very good friends Meghan and Josh and they were able to come stay a long weekend with us. They came out and stayed with us when we lived in Phoenix a few years ago and loved it out there as much as we did.

6: Josh and I had a bet going that the waiter would still remember what we always ordered because we went there so often he had it memorized. Josh said there was no way after three years away he would still know it and so we made a bet that the loser would buy dessert. Well let's just say that David (the waiter) remembered us and our order without hesitation and Josh was thoroughly impressed and a good sport about buying us dessert! | We went to Pizzeria Bianco on Friday night (which New York Times rated the best pizza in the nation) which generally has a three hour wait to get in, but we were able to get reservations by being the first phone call exactly one month in advance! Jonathan and I probably ate there 25 times while we lived in Phoenix and we always took friends and family there so they could experience the best pizza ever.

7: "Margherita with olives & A Wiseguy"

9: While we were out there we took Bright on his first trip to the zoo which he loved and we even got to do a giraffe encounter and feed them. Bright was quite intrigued by the whole thing and a little creeped out when the foot-long tongue reached out to get lettuce from his hand! He loved the animals and we spent three hours there just enjoying the beautiful weather and attractions. Bright even got to pet goats in a petting zoo which he liked doing until the "baa" sounds scared him!

10: Scottsdale has this really amazing kids train park that is perfect for preschoolers. | There is a carousel and a choo-choo train you can ride around the park and a gigantic playground area.

11: Bright loved it so much we took him there three times to play and ride the rides.

13: We tried to stay outside as much as possible while we were there because the weather was so nice and sunny and we knew that once we were back in KV the weather would be keeping us inside. | Choo-Choo! | Giddy-up, Horsey!

16: Sassi Italian Restaurant Scottsdale, AZ Pinnacle Peak

19: Saturday night we went to a beautiful Italian restaurant called Sassi, that is located at the base of Pinnacle Peak Mountain and the food is unbelievable. We ate there the first time with Meghan's whole family when they came out a few years ago for a meeting in Phoenix. The Imhof family has traveled to Italy several times and are Italian and said it was some of the best Italian food they had ever had and we whole-heartedly agreed. So since Meghan and Josh were out in Phoenix again, we decided we had to go there. This time I had the best manicotti in the world and Jonathan's orecchiette stole the show! Josh treated us to dinner that night, thanks so much Josh!!!!

20: All Tuckered Out! Fighting sleep the whole flight, he finally falls asleep as the wheels hit the ground!! | Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

21: I also stopped by the school I use to teach at in Phoenix, Rancho Solano Private School. It was an amazing school to work at with a very homey feeling that you still feel when you walk through the front door. I was so excited to see all the wonderful teachers I use to work with and my students. My students, which I had when they were four years old, are now in second and third grade which I could hardly believe. They are all grown up now and are rapidly losing all there baby teeth, but still all the same great kids I use to spend everyday with. I was excited that they hadn't forgot about me and I remembered everyone of their adorable faces and names. The trip was wonderful and it was great to have Jonathan around for a whole week. Bright loved being with his Daddy so much he really became a Daddy's boy during the week and we were both very sad to see him go to work this morning. Thanks Lloyd and Kathy for the flights out there and letting us enjoying your beautiful condo again, we loved every minute of it!!!! It looks like we will be snowed in for the next few days at home, but I have lots of baby stuff to go through and get ready so I will have lots to keep me busy. I hope everyone has a great week and stays safe on the roads! XOXO, Tab

22: Happy Groundhog's Day! February 2, 2011 | So the thing that cracks me up about Groundhog's Day is the incredible inaccuracy of the whole thing. I mean really, Phil didn't see his shadow this morning which means spring should be on the horizon. Of course this is the day after one of the most crippling snow storms the midwest has seen in decades. Oh well, but Phil really needs to work on his prognosticating! Jonathan got to come home early from work yesterday because the weather was so bad and the clinic is completely shut down today, so it is wonderful that we get this extra time with him. As you can see from the pictures I took today he had quite a workout finding the bottom of our sidewalk and driveway. When he opened the garage door there was a solid 4 ft. wall of snow blocking the garage door. After about and hour and a half of shoveling he found cement again! Of course, that is right when the city snow plow finally hit our road for the first time since it snowed and created a 3 ft wall of snow at the bottom of our drive! I thought Jonathan was going to kill someone! Right at that time a wonderful guy from our church, Mark Taylor (TaylorTurf) came by and saw what had happened and in about 30 seconds with his bobcat had it looking perfect, thanks Mark!!!!

23: I bundled up Bright and took him out to play in the snow for a little bit. He really has never had much of a chance to play in the snow, but he definitely seemed to like it for about 5 minutes, then he was done with snow. He really liked the tunnel Jonathan had made clearing out our sidewalk and "helping" his Daddy shovel.

24: Last few weekends have been busy for us. Two weekends ago Lissy, Allison and I hosted a baby shower for little Violet and Tisha. It was a great time getting everyone together to celebrate such a beautiful life! Violet slept the ENTIRE time and finally at the end opened her eyes for about 30 seconds before she fell back asleep. She got all sorts of adorable stuff and it was lots of fun.

25: I am finally done with the nursery and getting everything all ready for Baby #2, which is due in 29 days which seems hard to believe! We had an ultrasound done yesterday and the baby's weight is estimated at 5lbs. 13 oz. and is growing right on target and everything looked great. The lady did a great job not revealing the sex of the baby and in a few weeks we will know if we are having an Everett (Rhett) Alan or a Macy Alyce! We are so excited! Bright is enjoying all the baby stuff being out. He talks about Baby and is quite insistent on calling it Macy even though we are trying to explain it is very possible it will be Rhett. We even took him to the ultrasound with us and we told him he was going to get to see the baby on tv. He was quite disappointed at the images on the tv didn't really look much like a baby and was quite worried that the lady was somehow hurting my belly. We told him next time we come there he will actually get to hold the baby and he seemed much happier with that idea. If I don't go into labor on my own, we will have a scheduled c-section on March 3rd! That would make this baby's birthday 3/3, mine 4/4 and Bright's 5/5!

26: Last Friday, my wonderful sister invited us and my parents over on Friday night for the 3rd annual Melting Pot Kirksville night. I think she has finally perfected each recipe and it is literally exactly like eating at the Melting Pot.

27: By the end of the three courses we were all so full we felt nauseous, but it was still a good nauseous!

29: And last Saturday Jonathan's office held its Christmas Party. A few years back they started moving the party to January because everyone's Christmas schedules got so busy. This year the theme was "Ugly Christmas Sweater" and let me tell you there were some real doozies! Jonathan's was awesome, it was a ladies small sweatshirt from the 1980's and it said "Hug me I'm from Missouri!" with a santa polar bear on it. He wore it with clashing turquoise pants and red booties. I looked like a gigantic snowflake and everyone had a great time. Well, everyone drive safe and I hope you find the bottom of your driveway soon too! XOXO, Tab | A Really Ugly Christmas Sweater

30: Ah, the memories! | 2:15 am- February 9, 2011- No, I am not going into labor if any of you are speculating while I am titling this 2:15 am, sorry to disappoint! I am writing this at 2:15 am because I can't sleep and I am waiting for my tea kettle to go off. I went to the dr. yesterday and have strep throat and feel totally miserable. It has gotten worse over the last four days and it literally feels like a bomb went off in my throat. Combine that with a pelvis that feels like it can't possibly stretch out anymore and just general aches and pains from being pregnant and sick and I am quite a sight to behold. Well, I am on antibiotics now and hopefully by tomorrow evening I will be feeling MUCH better. So Jonathan has been out of town the last week at a meeting in New Orleans and it was just the B-man and me (and my totally awesome support system of family to help me take care of him!) Jonathan left Thursday morning (after two days at home with us which was amazing) and like the rest of the world we just stayed snowed in till Saturday.

31: Ready for Baby! | Rhett or Macy?

33: It was Luke's 2nd birthday party on Saturday and it was Cookie Monster theme and so much fun. My sister does an awesome job at parties and everything was adorable. She even made these sugar cookie that looked like Cookie Monster that were almost too cute to eat (I did say almost, I think I ate two :) She also had a buffet of all other types of homemade cookies that I sampled one of each, delicious! I love birthday parties in my family, because when my cousin Brooke comes back with Carter, we get to watch 5 crazy boys all play together.

34: "C" is for Cookie! | With Reed being the oldest at 8 and Bright being the youngest at 21 months, they all have so much fun playing together. Brooke and I are both expecting our Baby #2's soon, mine in the beginning of March and hers at the beginning of April, which will expand this crazy bunch from 5 to 7! We both don't know what we are having, but I know if one of them is a little girl she will have to be tuff and spunky to survive this group.

35: "C" is for Cookie!

36: My Poor Little Guy's Eye!

37: Bright woke up Monday morning looking like he had been in a fight with Rocky Balboa. His left eye was almost completely swollen shut and purplish-redish on the eye lid and I totally panicked. It seems like he always gets sick when Jonathan is gone! Well, I called his Papa Lloyd who came over and looked at it and said it needed to be seen by the pediatrician and called and got him in right away. She said best case scenario it was a allergic reaction that would go away with Benadryl or worse case scenario cellulitis and he would have to be admitted to the hospital with IV anitbiotics! Of course, I am an emotional, hormonal mess now anyway and I did not like the sound of worse case scenario. She said to watch it really close over the next 24 hours and if it got worse to get him to the hospital right away. Great. And did I mention I had 3 flat tires due to the temperature that my wonderful sister noticed in the parking lot, switched cars with me so I could take Bright home, and then went and got my tires fixed for me. World's Best Sister, hands down! So over the next 24 hours I had his Papa Lloyd see him four times and my sister three times to help me closely monitor, and even sending camera phone pics to Jonathan. It was touch and go for a while, but by Monday evening seemed to be getting better and when he woke up yesterday morning it was half as bad as it was the day before. Last night when he went to bed it was almost gone, AMEN! Jonathan got home last night safe and sound and isn't going anywhere till after this baby comes. Speaking of baby, I did have a check up yesterday and at 36 weeks and 5 days I am dilated 1-2 cm, 50% effaced and the baby is in the "0" position. All great signs to go ahead with the vbac. I will go back next Thursday at 38 weeks and be checked again. I can't believe it is getting so close, only 22 days to go until they will c-section the baby out on the 3rd of March or less than that if I go into labor on my own. Well, it is 2:50 am now and I am thoroughly enjoying our conversation and my cup of hot peach tea and a beignet that Jonathan brought back from the famous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Maybe after a tivoed 19 Kids and Counting Episode I might be ready to go back to bed. Sweet dreams and I'll let ya know how next week's appointment goes, XOXO, Tab

38: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason

39: 03/03/2011

40: Bright is going to be a terrific big brother! He already loves the baby so much!

41: Only 18 days till our due date!

42: Aunt Tiffer came over to capture some "baby belly" photos for us to be able to remember this special time as we await our newest family member! | B i g B r o t h e r

43: We are all ready for baby Rhett or Macy to make his/her appearance!

44: Coffee stuff!

45: My funny Valentines! Jonathan even got chocolate souffles and Bright got a bathtub fountain! | XOXO | Yummy Suckers!

46: As the snow from the blizzard finally starts to melt, Bright had a great time trying out his new rainboots stomping in all the puddles!!!

47: All Boy, All the Time!

48: Bright's morning hangout spot!

49: 29! | Jonathan got a MU mug from B-Man, an iPad from his parents, Cards tickets from David and a Craftsman tool chest from his wife (a.k.a. me)!

50: Macy Alyce Cleaver February 25, 2011 6:30 p.m. 7 lbs. 1 oz. 21 inches A Blessing From the Lord | With overflowing hearts we introduce...

51: Macy Alyce | Our Baby Girl

54: Love at first sight. | The biggest surprise of my life was that it was a girl! | Our wonderful miracle sent from God above.

55: Jonathan and I are so proud to let you all know that we welcomed Macy Alyce to our family at 6:30 yesterday evening! She weighs 7 lbs. 1 oz. and is 21 inches long. Yesterday morning when I checked into the hospital I was dilated to 3 cm and I stayed at 3 cm the whole day. They tried Pitocin and breaking my water and with no progression eight hours later, we decided to do a c-section. It was so wonderful because this time I got to be awake for it! With Bright's delivery I was put under general anesthesia because it was an emergency, but this time it was very calm and relaxing. When they started to pull the baby out, I was thinking to myself "I finally get to meet Rhett", I was so sure it was going to be a boy! Jonathan watched the whole thing and shouted "It's a girl!" I told him I didn't believe him and they even showed her to me and I was still in utter disbelief! The whole OB surgery staff was so excited because it came as such a shock to us she was a girl. My sister, mom and Jonathan's brother David were all waiting in the hallway and Toni Smith ran to the OB room door and asked if anyone wanted to see "her", after she said that Tiff and my mom started screaming they were so excited it was a girl. (posted February 26, 2011)

56: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

57: Welcome Macy Girl!

59: God's Blessings are many!

60: Dr. Boling did a great job and everything went perfect, we couldn't feel more blessed. This afternoon her big brother is coming to visit, so we will see how that goes! XOXO, Tab

62: Our first tiny moments together

63: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All" | Getting all ready for her first photo shoot!

64: Brother Meets Sister

66: Daddy's Girl

67: Getting all ready to go home! | She slept like a baby the whole way!

68: "It's The Little Things In Life That Matter Most"

69: Friday, March 4, 2011- Macy is One Week Old! Today is Macy's one week birthday! We came home from the hospital late Monday afternoon and have just been getting in the swing of becoming a family of four. The transition has been quite easy because Macy has been the best baby ever! She only wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat and is not startled by any noise in the house. Bright can bang pots and pans together and Macy never stirs, I think she is so use to the ruckus from inside my belly it is all normal for her. Jonathan was off through Thursday and yesterday we had 3 doctors appointments to go to. I got my staples out, Macy had her one week check-up and then she had some manipulation done at the OMM department. All the appointments went great and Macy is such an eater she is back up to 7 lbs. already! Mom came over to help today and we are enjoying her help and company. Next week Kathy is going to help with Bright and entertain him while I am still recovering. After next weekend I should be able to lift Bright again and drive and things she be getting back to a new normal.

72: Dr. Boling delivered Macy. As soon as she came out he pointed her right at Jonathan so he could be the first to make the big news that she was a girl!

73: I can't stop staring at Macy, she is such a joy and Bright is doing great being a big brother. He is always checking on her and kissing her toes. He doesn't like it when she cries and he is quite a big helper getting the stuff I need to take care of her. We are going to be sticking close to home for the next eight weeks or so because when we went to the pediatrician yesterday she said there has been an outbreak of RSV that is hitting hard. She had 3 newborns in the hospital on a ventilator and two the were just sent down to Children's Mercy. She said the best thing for Macy right now is to keep her in a "bubble" while her immune system is so new. She said that come the beginning of May Macy should be ready to get out and see the world. It is so hard because right now I want to get her out and show her to everyone, but it is in her best interest to keep her healthy and close to home. So I just wanted to let you all know that we will be dropping off the map for a few weeks and just hanging at home spending these precious first few weeks with our little girl.

74: She already has them wrapped around her little finger!

75: First smile caught on camera!

77: First Bath, Scrub-a-dub-dub!

78: Vistors Who Came To Meet Miss Macy | Mimi | Great Grandma Kathleen | Grandma Reed | Great Grandma Newman | Papa Reed | Reed | Aunt T-T | Benny

79: We will be very anxious to get out of the house come spring, so we will be looking forward to the beginning of May!!!! Thank you for all your support and prayers, we really appreciate all the love being sent our way! XOXO, Tab | Funny Quote from Bright: So things have been getting pretty lax around the house since Macy came, so for breakfast... | ...Bright asked for jelly, chips, butter and tic-tacs. Don't worry, he got eggs and bacon. :)

80: Lauren & Laci | Uncle D

81: Macy Girl- One and a half weeks old! I used this photo for her birth announcement in the paper

82: Just Me & Macy- March 11, 20100- This week has been so nice and relaxing because my wonderful mother-in-law has taken Bright to her house everyday this week. I still can't lift Bright and to keep him from getting stir crazy Kathy has came in at 7:15 am every morning and kept Bright until Jonathan gets home. I miss him like crazy, but I am really enjoying this time with Macy. She is such a good girl and really low maintenance. We are still working on sleeping at night. Some nights she does great and only wakes up twice and some nights (like last night) she was up like 5 times! It's a work-in-progress and I am trying to follow the Babywise book to get her on some sort of schedule, which I never did with Bright and hindsight would have been a good thing. The book says that between week 5 and 9 she should be sleeping through the night, I am not holding my breath though!!

83: Bright has had a blast out at his Nanny's house and comes home completely exhausted from playing with her all day and pretty much ready for bed! This next week we will be getting back to a normal schedule because Bright will be with me and I will be able to lift him minimally. We have had lots of visitors come see Macy and have really enjoyed their (I just felt Macy pee down my leg, I am going to stop typing for a brief intermission of changing both our clothes!) INTERMISSION

84: Bright checking on Macy. He always wants to know if she is o.k. and really doesn't like it when she cries. What a great big brother!

85: Well, after about an hour and a half intermission here I am again, we both needed baths to say the least! Ah, the joys of parenting! I wouldn't trade it for anything though! As I was saying we have lots of visitors to come see Macy and have enjoyed their company. Our church has been AMAZING and people have volunteered to bring us meals every other day for 3 weeks!! What a blessing to have their love and support, we can't wait to get back to church to see everyone we miss so much. We found out yesterday when a family from our church brought us dinner that their is a pool going to see how long I keep Macy in her "bubble" because everyone knows what a germaphobe I am!! I told them that Easter would be a good bet, he said that he was thinking more like Christmas! I have to say it is nice when people know you so well that they are such good sports about knowing my personality and are understanding. :) See you soon everyone at Hamilton Street! Easter will be here before we know it! Tomorrow I am so excited because the wonderful Lissy Early is doing a photo shoot for us. Jonathan's parents got us a Lissy Giftcard to go towards the Time Flies Package, so we are looking forward to getting a year's worth of memories captured on camera. Lissy did Bright's newborn shoot and we love looking back at those first memories! Can't wait Lis! Well, hope everyone is well and I am really looking forward to some warm weather!!!! XOXO, Tab

86: "May your blessings outnumber The shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go." ~Irish Blessing | I can't believe Macy is already three weeks old! She is very easy to please and is doing much better at night now. For about a week she had her days and nights completely flipped around and was wanting me to entertain her all hours of the night, but for the last two days she has stayed up a lot more during the day and is only waking for feedings at night which is wonderful! I am getting use to our daily routine now and Bright is really adjusting well. I think he use to get bored with just me and him in the house, so I think he is really liking having Macy around. He loves to talk to her and touch her toes, give her Eskimo kisses and lets me know if she makes any noises at all! Last weekend the wonderful Lissy Early did a photo shoot for us of family pics and Little Miss Macy. Her sneak peeks are on her website and they turned out amazing! I can't wait to get them up on my walls! Her sister Allison was terrific and assisted Lissy through the whole shoot making sure that bows were properly placed, the space heater was always on Macy and that every detail was taken care of! What a great team, thanks Lissy and Allison!!! Last week we got to celebrate Uncle "D's" birthday (as Bright likes to call him) and also have Bo, Peter and David over for a little St. Patrick's Day celebration. Bright loves it when they come over and when it was time for him to go to bed he wanted Jonathan, Bo, Peter and David to all come and read him his bedtime stories. I got a really cute picture of them all sitting on his bed, I guess the center of the universe has not yet shifted! Today we are going to my Grandma's house for a March birthday celebration, there are 5 March birthdays in our family and we do one big combined party for everyone. Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins have not see Macy yet, so I am excited for them to meet her. My uncle from Tennessee is even in town this weekend which it's always nice to have him visit. I hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine! XOXO, Tab | Saturday, March 19, 2011 3 Weeks Old!

87: Story Time | The Earlys | Macy Girl | Brighty

88: "For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way- Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day."

89: If you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough! ~Irish Saying

91: s o i n l o v e

96: Best Friends

97: All Boy

99: Hippity Hoppity Easters On Its Way

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