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Rustic Charm

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BC: How does peace become lost?

FC: What is Peace? By Julia Talgo

1: 2. Rubies, Trees 3. Imagery 4. She is peace 5. Personification 6. Fish in the Water 7. Onomatopoeia 8.-9. Hello, Goodbye 10. Rhyme and Rhythm | 12. Simile 13. The Sea 14. Peace 15. Free Verse 16. A Tear 17. Give and Get 18. Me

2: Rubies Flowers are very pretty Roses are like red rubies They are in nature Trees Trees are tall and strong They provide delicious fruits They are leafy and green

3: Imagery Imagery is describing something so well that the reader can picture an image of the scene in their mind. Imagery is usually created by using adjectives. Imagery is also created by using the senses. One example is I hear the soft whistle of the blue jays. The sweet scent of roses is in the air. In this example I use scent and hearing and adjectives. My first haiku is about flowers. This has imagery when I say roses are like red rubies. I am describing how roses are red. The effect on the reader is the reader pictures a beautiful rose. I as;o use imagery in my second haiku I use imagery when I say delicious fruits. This makes the reader think of ripe pears and peaches that taste sweet and juicy.

4: She is peace Peace is a dolphin Calm and respected She is perfected Slipping in and out of waves She is so brave Splashing and laughing People are clapping Swimming with the other dolphins Never afraid She dances on the water Leaping and jumping with delight She never feels fright People appreciate her now They wonder how She loves them They throw flowers and she catches a stem She is wonderful and sweet She is peace Everywhere she goes people, animals, and beings feel peace Fights stop She chats with other dolphins A bubble pops Ah, sweet peace She is like a golden fleece She is joyful She is bubbly She is peace

5: Personification Personification is when you give an animal or inanimate object human qualities. This poem is giving a dolphin human qualities. Personification can be used in many ways. One way I thought of is to decrease deforestation, because if people felt trees were like humans they might not cut them down as much. I chose to use a dolphin to represent peace because dolphins are quiet and they don't seem aggressive and they are playful.

6: I run to my favorite meadow Along the road, through the forest, and I am finally there I lie in the grass, out of breath The air smells fresh It is sunny, with a slight breeze I go over to the river and dip my feet in The water is cool against my hot skin Splash! I dive all the way in The rainbow trout glide by | Suddenly I hear footsteps Thud! Thud! Men walking towards my precious river I get out of the river and watch them They have fishing gear and bait The leader tells me they have rights to fish in the river As I storm out, my fists clench | I sprint all the way home My mom says that it is illegal to fish in the river I jump up and down My mom and I run to the river The fisherman are still there My mom speaks with him, and he leaves | Yes!! I scream SPLASH!! Mom and I jump at the same time I surface and smile at her She smiles back Rainbow trout seem to dance around me I swim downstream to my favorite rock I sit with my feet in the water

7: Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeias are words that are sounds. For example, thump. Onomatopoeias are a good addition to any poem. I use them when I say'' Splash." I also use it when I say "thud." The effect on the reader is that it makes the poem almost come alive. Another effect on the reader is the reader can almost hear the sounds in their head. When I use "thud" it implies a heavy sound that is not good. When I say "splash" it implies a light, happy sound, in different context it could be a dull sound if something heavy thrown in water.Combined with imagery this is effective at making the reader feel as though he or she is part of it..

8: “Hello” “Goodbye” People try, people cry We create And follow fate In my tree house I laugh, I cry As time passes by I sit silently Trees swish un violently The earth is everything Fall, winter, summer, spring Mountains, desert, sea Lots of trees | In my treehouse I laugh, I cry Yet time still flies by I think silently Trees swish un violently Peace is quiet and still I can hear a bird’s trill Peace is like a Golden fleece In my new home I laugh, I cry Time doesn’t wait, it flies by I sit silently Trees swish un violently

9: I wonder why Why does time fly? Why is a cat a cat? Why is a hat a hat? In my comfy house I laugh, I cry Yet time goes by As I sit silently Trees swish un violently Peace is sweet Because birds tweet Home is home I am writing a poem | In my special home I laugh, I cry Time passes by I sit silently Trees swish un violently Trying, crying I could be flying People please me I hug a tree Time is like a race Without a face It never slows down But I never frown

10: Rhyme and Rhythm Rhymes can be used in many different ways, they can make a poem more or less serious. The rhyme scheme I used in Hello, Goodbye is AABB. Rhyme schemes can vary, some are: ABAC, ABBA, and AABB. The A's all rhyme with A's, B's withB's and C's with C's. You can tell the rhyme scheme of any poem by looking for rhyming words.

11: Rhyme makes the reader feel as if there is a rhythm to the poem. The rhyme also makes it easier to remember, so even after only reading it twice they feel that they know it. Some people think poems have to rhyme, however they don't. Poems can rhyme, but it is not a rule. Rhyming is hard to manage, because the writer can't write what they want to. rhyming is easier if you just change the first bit of the word. Most songs rhyme because it is catchy.

12: Simile A simile is a caparison of two things using like or as, for example "the boy is as fast as a cheetah." Similes are useful when comparing things that aren't alike. Most similes are obvious exaggerations, the boy could never be as fast as a cheetah. The person stating this is saying he is very fast.. Writers use similes because they make everything more interesting. It is boring to say “the boy runs fast.” Metaphors are similar, except in a metaphor the writer doesn't use like or as.. Similes are good to use in writing because it gives more variation in the writing. Similes make the reader understand what a person is thinking

13: The sea It's calm as a dolphin It's as big as an elephant It's as warm as a hug It;s as cold as ice It's as fun as roller coasters It's as beautiful as the finest jewels It's as dangerous as bull riding It's as grey as rock It's as colorful as the rainbow It's as clear as glass

14: Peace Amazing, Wanted Loving, Caring, Hugging Sun, Grass, Breeze, Sea Hating, Shooting, Bombing Bloody, Sad War

15: Free Verse Free Verse is a poem without a set rhyme or rhythm. A free verse poem is generally easier to write, because the writer can write anything. Free verse poems can be literally anything. They can be sad, joyful, or exciting. Some poems make no sense, like the poems in the book "Alice in Wonderland." Free verse poems can be short or long. The type of poem I wrote is a diamonte poem. It is a poem that starts out with one thing and ends up the opposite.

16: A heart for love A smile for happiness A clover for luck A hug for warmth A tear for you

17: Give a tear Get a hug Give a present Get a thank you Give a smile Get a smile Recycle a paper It comes right back to you Life i s gives and gets

18: Julia Happy, Unique, Flexible Sister of Melissa and David Who loves the sun, earth, family, friends Who felt happiness, grief, anger Who fears heights, bats, forgetfulness Who moved to London Who wants a ride in a helicopter, peace London, England Talgo

19: S i m i l e | Rhyme scheme | Free Verse | Metaphor | Imagery | Peace on earth | Poems

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