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Rustic Charm

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S: Speancer's Journal

BC: To Ali: I always hoped that the secrets that you knew would never be known now all I want is just for people not to judge me for them and to know that it isn't you telling them. -From Spencer

FC: My Journal "Preetty Little Liars" -By Sara Shepard

1: I dedicate this journal to Allison because she is the one who knows about all of these secrets and the only one that I can tell them to.

2: Entry #1 Summer before 8th grade Today Ali, Aria, Emily, and Hanna came over to my house for a sleepover. Everything was going well until Ali wanted to let her hypnotize all of us, I didn't want to, but I gave in. When she hit two from counting down from 100 I had her stop. She was so mad at me that she stormed out of the barn(bedroom) and I ran after her, but she was just gone. I called her

3: We miss you Ally!!

5: screaming"Allison, Allison"(p.14), but she didn't answer.Ali's mom called and asked where she was and at first we covered for her and said she was with a hockey friend, but then she went gone for over a week. People looked for her for ages, but after a year they pretty much gave up.But everyone still has the same question,"What happened to Ali?"

6: Entry #2

7: My shoulder was so sore from field hockey that I went in the hot tub in my back yard. All of a sudden Wren (Melissa's boyfriend) comes out of nowhere. I asked him why he was there, he told me then he asked me why I as there, I told him it was because of my shoulder. He said he knew a really good way to massage the shoulders because he is a doctor. Because he is a doctor I didn't think that it would be that bad to let him even though he is my sister's boyfriend. After a while I said"Um, where is my sister?" Then Wren answered "The store, I think? Wawa?" (p.82) then I knew she would be home any

8: second, and Melissa would not be happy to see me like this with Wren. So I run upstairs to get changed when I see my computer flash up, it says you new message and I opened it. The e-mail said that the person just saw her with Wren and it was signed by an A. Only Ali knew about that time with Ian, so I think it would be her, but everyone thinks that she is dead. After I thought through that I looked out the window and saw Ali's old bedroom window and say a flash of blond ponytail, but the new family moved in there didn't they? Am I going crazy?

10: I am so tired of Melissa being better than me!

11: Entry #3 Today I was just thinking of how sick and tired I am of Mellisa. She is always better than me and gets all of my parents attention! I just want to be better than her for a day. Well that day happened today. I was pulling in my driveway from school and I got the mail to see if my PSAT's came. They did! I was so happy I screamed "Yes!" Then I heard a voice say"Whoa! Someone's happy!" (p. 124) Of course it was Andrew Campbell

12: the know-it-all from school who is always fighting with me for 1st place as highest scores in our grade. He was driving past my driveway with his head sticking out of the window, by the time I was going to say something snappy back he was already gone. Whatever. His ignorance isn't going o put me down today because my PSAT scores Were.Higher.Than. Mellisa's! Right now Thomas Jefferson's quote was in my head and it said "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." That is totally true because I worked my butt off for those scores and now I got my luck.

14: Entry #4 Today I was in the library looking up stuff for homework when I decided to look up pictures of Mellisa's boyfriend Wren. When I was looking him up I saw a picture of him in a costume for a Shakespeare play. When I was zooming in on his face Andrew Campbell came up from behind me and said "Is that your boyfriend?" (p.142) It scared me to death! That teaches me not to stalk people!

16: Entry #5 Today I was talking to Wren. He was mentioning of he hated the way that Mellisa decorates. He said she has a weird way of renovating and that he doesn't like it. We were also talking about other things

17: when I almost let something slip. Yesterday when I was on the internet stalking Wren I saw him all dressed up in a Shakespear plays so I asked him "aren't you into plays?"(p.174) he just looked at me confused and was about to asked me how I knew that when I totally changed the subject. Better watch my mouth!

18: Uhgg... soo much homework!!!

19: Entry #6 So a while ago I was invited to this big party held by Noel Khan,who is good looking, rich, and smart, but guess what, I'm at home, doing homework. Fun right? I am doing this because I am tired of Mellisa always being better than me, so I'm going to be better than her. So instead of partying all night and having fun I'm at home, doing calculus which is really hard, but I am doing my best so I just have to remember what General George S. Patton said which is

20: "If a man does his best, what else is there?". I'm just the life of the party, right! Oh whatever it is all pay off when I get better grades,do more extra curricular activities, and get better at sports than my annoying sister who hogs up all of my parents love. Luckly it gets better,when I'm saying out loud "The limit of x is..."(p.207) I hear a knock on my door. I open it and guess who it is, but Wren. Maybe I'm not so boring after all. :)

23: Entry #7 Yesterday I was doing homework late at night just doing when homework when heard a knock on my door. It was Wren.He asked "Am I interrupting"(p.208) and of course I said no. Its not fair that he has to | be in collage and even worse he is Mellisa's boyfriend.Its just not fair Mellisa always gets the better things,people, and treatment.

24: Wren.....

25: Entry #8 Today my jealously went a little to far. I will definatly remember this quote from Albert Einstein from now on, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former" because I sure did something stupid.I started when Wren came into my room to talk to me. Everything was fine until Wren had to come to close to me. | I ended up kissing him. I didn't mean to it just kind of happened. After it happened I thought that it would be fine, Wren wouldn't tell Mellisa because Mellisa would break up with him. While Wren was in the bathroom I saw a instant message saying"A A A A A A: I already told you:Kissing your

26: Sister's boyfriend is WRONG." Only Ally knew about that:that time in 7th grade when I had kissed Mellisa's old boyfriend Ian.The thing is only Ali knew about that. This is just getting scary, was this Ali, or had someone found out about all of my dark secrets, and why were they just doing it to me and not Hanna, Aria, and Emily because if A did they

27: would have told her right? I refection off of my computer caught my eye. Just then Wren came out of the bathroom, he said something to me, but I didn't hear him.Wren asked "whats the matter,"(p.214) but I was to busy looking at Mellisa threw the window who was starting at me with a discusted face. She had seen everything.

29: Entry #9 Today when I woke up I saw that police cars were all over Ali's old house. My family and I went over to see what going on. When I got over there I heard snippets of conversations of the police men through their walky talkies, but then I heard a work that made all of the bits made sense, Ali. They found her body. I don't remember anything really after that, but I just remember hearing a voice that said "You're in shock, try to calm down" (p. 263) I later found out that it

30: was Andrew Campbell which surprised me. After I heard that I was still in shock, but I do remember someone putting a blanket down and made me sit on it. I sat there for a while. When I got up I realized that my parents and sister just left, they didn't even see if I was okay. When I was walking away I saw a circle of flowers and somethings that Ali liked with a picture of Ali in the middle. I went home in tears with no one to support me.

33: Entry #10 Today was Ali's funeral, even though she was really dead about three years ago they only now found her body. All of my old friends were there; Emily, Aria, and Hanna. We all sat together and were all very upset. We were all talking about the good times that we all had together in the 6th and 7th grade. Aria got a text and Hanna was all scared and asked who it was, Aria said it was her mom and then Hanna relaxed. Aria asked why she was so

34: scared and Hanna said that she has "but wait you guys too?" Hanna and I said "Texts and Emails?" Then Aria said" about stuff from 7th?" Then lastly Emily said "are you guys serious," (p.279-280)then the casket came through. Later after the service we were all outside when all of our phones rang. We all cautiously opened our phone to see a text saying "I'm still here b***** and I know everything" and of course it was signed A.

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