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Rustic Charm

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BC: Dear Mommy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! These first 50 years of your life is only the beginning, you still have about another 50 more! There is that lady who is 104 years old, you know! Well I wanted to make this book for you because I thought it would be a nice reminder of the good friends and family that love you so much and how you became good friends with them in the first place and the reasons you are still friends with them to this day. I just wanted to let you know that you are a great mom. You will do anything for Mackey, Anthony and I and I appreciate it so much. Even when you’re yelling at me and say I do not appreciate anything, I really do honestly! :) Yes you are a tough mom but you have made me this AMAZING girl I am today. I love you so so much, and I do not know what I would be like without you as my mommy today. I hope your birthday is how you wished it would be, to be surrounded by all the people you love and care about. I hope that this book has brought back so many good memories for you. Through fights and happiness, laughs and cries, drama and boys, you have always been there for me and I always know who to go to for help and advice. You are the best. Love, Sarah

FC: Everything Happens for a Reason May 29, 2011

1: Happy 50th Birthday Mommy! Love, Sarah

6: F U N

8: Dear Danel, We go back to when we started St Anthony’s together. We were young with little children and you have been my dear friend ever since. I helped you cater on Wild Colt, which was funny since I don’t cook, but you must have been desperate because you let me! One day I broke a wooden cutting board in half and Keith came home and made a fuss about the board being in the family for years and here I broke it! I didn’t know if he was kidding or not, I think he was kidding. Maybe not? You moved to Old Town Spring and Mary and I would come down in the afternoon. I think the only thing I could cook was the little chocolates you made. I panicked every time you got a few orders for lunch. We had no disposal system and we had to haul everything outside. What the heck? But you kept me on. One of the first memories is going to SHINE work camp in Orlando Florida. We bunked together in a school room that was a science lab room. There were terrariums in the room, it was filthy and so we lay our bedding down and were up all night listening to creatures in the ceiling or even the room. And doing it all for God and the teens! Then on to Denver ..remember the gym with no air conditioning and Period Pam? You helped me at LIFE TEEN cooking and serving snacks every week for the teens. Starting at Oakridge in the PITT. You were such a great friend. I counted on you every week to help me out and you did it for the past 12 years! You were the Food Queen and I was the LIFE TEEN Queen. From Confirmation retreats24 and counting.senior dinnersSt Lukes, Jim and JudeneChristmas Catering Seasonour children.our husbands..our dietsour nails.. I am blessed to have you as my friend and look forward to the next chapter of our lives! Happy Happy Birthday ..50 never looked better! With Love, Barbara | I met Danel in 2005, when Sarah was in my 6th grade choir. I fell in love with her youngest child for so many reasons, but little did I know the friendship that would develop over the years. I love this woman to the core. She is a wonderful mother who loves and frustrates her kids....and is loved & frustrated by them....I cherish the opportunity to follow this fine example. She is devoted follower of Christ and the church. She is devoted to Keith, her husband and confidant. Danel is the epitome of family devotion -Mackie, Anthony, & Sarah are testament to this fact. Friend to friend, Danel & I share a love of food - I am sure that you can't be friends with her unless you share this same devotion. Finally, what I love the most is having a friend who understands completely how much I care for others....because she does herself. Love, Tescille Riser | There are many fun memories of time spent with Danel. 1. Getting together at Alamo Joe's and getting into a conversation with her when her reply was "REALLY"! 2. Watching one of many Housewives episodes together but the one that sticks out is the one where we helped her with all the Mardi Gras party bags. 3. A Garage Sale in her yard and OMG it was stinking HOT. I have passed on other invitations. ; - ) 4. Numerous trips to competitions with the girls in the back of the Suburban and being on the road & having a blast. 5. Breakfast at IHOP after Recital one year and watching her lose her shoe running to pay the bill before Katerina could. The list could go on & on. Happy Birthday Danel! Love always, Martha

9: Dear Danel, You are a great success in the catering business by you have been the “Food Queen” to me ever since you welcomed me to the neighborhood with a blueberry cheesecake! That seems so long ago, doesn’t it? It was the B.C. era – “before children.” But they came along pretty quickly – first Mackey, then Savannah. It was great going through our first pregnancies together. Well, except the part where Keith taped a picture of beached whales on my front door! I especially appreciated you after the kids were born because I never would have lost the “baby weight” without you dragging me to aerobics classes every week! Then you moved to the frozen wastelands of New Jersey and we had to be long-distance friends. You had your second and third children and I felt so far away. There were challenging times in our lives and sometimes I didn’t keep up my part of the friendship, but I thank God that I could pick up the phone and you’d be there – same as always. It was such great news when y’all were able to move back to this area! I voted for Baton Rouge and had to settle for Houston, but now my life is blessed to have you close by again. It is so wonderful to share the important milestones of life with such good friends – birthdays, graduations, beach vacations (especially the cabana boys!). Fritz and I especially enjoy the annual Carrollton weekends so much more now that y’all are members, too – what a great party, huh? Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, Danel. It has been a true pleasure knowing you for such much of your first fifty years and I believe we will have just as much fun during the next fifty! So let’s keep decorating umbrellas and we’ll just second-line all the way to 100!! Love ya, sweetie! Your friend always, Doris | Danel, What have we not done together? We have sure shared so many fun times from taking Christmas pictures, sharing our blessed breakfasts, serving Lifeteen food, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, organizing showers, barbeques in the backyard, graduation parties, many holiday affairs, block parties and our infamous trip to Europe. After leaving behind great neighbors in Colorado over 14 years ago, we were so blessed to have the same thing happen again in Texas. You are a one of a kind friend that I can rely on for so many different things and David says you "always have his back". Your thoughtfulness and caring is demonstrated by always putting others first. Organizing our birthdays, with our 50th being the highlight, David still has your phone number on his speed dial, as a result. Our three week European vacation was a trip of a lifetime! We have so many beautiful memories. The couples shower that you threw for Matthew and Kristin was so special from the awesome themed invitations to the incredible food you served your attention to every detail is amazing! We can laugh together over so many things! Who can forget your food-making genius with those surprise "brownie droppings" and a few too many margaritas that led to the wicked goldfish pond pose. David smiles every time he see you in your Transit Connect – "ooo la la"! I could simply go on and on! We can't wait to share more memories together! Happy 50th birthday, we love you! Shirley and David

10: Danel, “But Oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject; with whom one’s deepest as well as one’s most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely. Oh the comfort- the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person-having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away” ~Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life, 1859 This is the type of friendship I feel I have with you, my dear friend... No fear, no pain, just pure comfort.. Happy 5oth my Friend Say what you will about aging, it’s stills the only way to have “OLD FRIENDS “... With Love and Appreciation for your Friendship, JAN | Happy 50th birthday dear Danel! I remember hearing so much about you from our friend Katerina, but it took until I came to Boni’s to meet you in person. You were so funny and friendly right from the first time we met! As time has gone by and we’ve grown to know each other better, I am so impressed by your quiet kindness to so many people. You give without expecting anything in return, or even any notice of all that you do, and that is a rare quality my friend. You touch the lives of many people each day, and all are better for having your kindness and thoughtfulness in their lives! I hope the next fifty years bring you love and kindness in return, many, many times over! Have a wonderful birthday my friend, and I wish you many more! Love, Maureen | Twenty-one years ago when I married her brother, I had no idea that I would also be gaining such a wonderful sister. I already have two sisters in my family, but have come to think of Danel as my third sister. She's my friend, my confidant, my cheerleader, my sounding board. Honestly, even if I wasn't married to her brother, I think she and I would have still been best of friends. She's got a heart of gold and always goes out of her way to help those around her. And, she laughs at my jokes! Happy, Happy 50th Birthday, Danel! Here's to the next 50! You are so very loved. xoxo Suzie | Hey Ms. Danel! Whoa! Can't believe you are 50! Of course you know what they say: like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Some of my favorite memories are hard to choose, since we have shared so many together. I love when our families get together for the holidays and special occasions--its just such a nice and comforting feeling. However, one of my favorite memories with just you and I would be watching soap operas in your kitchen next door and helping you cut vegtables one summer. I remembermslicing through those onions and tears starting to come down my face while watching One Life to Live or General Hospital. You have developed into such a successful chef and caterer and most of all a true business woman. I admire not only your work ethic and determination, but your balance of work and family life. You are one of those people that will always offer to help and I truly appreciate that. I look forward to the next 50 years of you and your family being in my life! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! Megan Valicevic

11: We moved to texas in the summer of 2008 . It was difficult leaving all of our family and friends, having no idea what Texas would hold for us . The first thing we did was become parishioner's at Saint Anthony's . In an effort to help our daughter become involved and meet people, I decided to volunteer for the first Life Teen supper she was attending . It was difficult, as everyone knew each other, and knew exactly what they needed to do. I was unsure of what I was supposed to be doing . Then suddenly a red headed woman walked up to me, and shoved a pan of lasagna and a spatula at me . She told me to get out there and serve the kids and to come back and get another pan when that one was empty . During clean up, I was talking with another new parishioner. Both of our daughters were dancers and she was telling me about the studio where her daughter dances . Danel heard the conversation, while working across the room, and asked which studio my daughter was dancing at . I told her the name of the studio , and she yelled back, from ACROSS the kitchen , " Oh you've got to get her out of that studio ! There's a convicted pedophile teaching there ! " Did I mentioned it was from across the kitchen , a very big kitchen . Of course I wanted to make sure that we were talking about the same place . Danel assured me it was and proceeded to tell me the entire sordid story, from across the kitchen ! After the cleanup was done , Danel came up to me. She wanted to make sure that I was going to take my daughter out of the "pedophile" studio and take her to the studio where her daughter dances . She then told me of her precious daughter, Sarah , also a dancer ,who was suffering from an injury . I explained to her my line of work ,and that I would be happy to help her . From that point on, Danel and I have been inseparable . It would have been easy to take her comment in the kitchen as outspoken and nosey. But the truth is, a lesser person wouldn't even bother to it pass on . She didn't know me, or my daughter, so why was she so infatic about where my daughter dances. Because that is who Danel is, she looks out for the people she knows and the people she doesn't know . She looks out for the people that you and I may pass by on the street . She sees the needs of others, and regardless of how tired or crazy her schedule is , she will make sure you have what you need . Danel made sure that I had a family in Texas . She made sure that birthday's and holiday's were spent with friends around us . In our toughest times here, the beep of the "Lazynapper's " food queen bus pulling into the driveway, signaled that we weren't alone and that help is on the way . Or the consoling voice mails after Tommy's or Molly's visits, telling me to get up, put my big girl panties on and quit crying in the corner of the room . I've told Danel numerous times that under her tough gal exterior is the kindest, most generous person I know . She is my best friend , my confidante, my partner in crime, my sister, my reminder, and occasionally the voice that tells me to get the lead out . But most of all, she has become one of the greatest blessings that God has given me on this earth ! Danel, I love you and thank you for everything you have done for me and my family . You are truly the greatest friend ! Love you Gladys ! Katerina

12: F A M I L Y

18: One of my best memories of being with your Mom is the day Paulette and I spent w/thyour Mom and Dad in New York. We went there to see "Cats". When going into NY in the tunnel your Mom put her legs on the dashboard and started singing "New York, New York" while "dancing" (kicking her legs to the music). When we went to see the New York City Music Hall, the three of us stood out front of the Music Hall and proceeded to imitate the Rockettes. We went to a genuine Italian restaurant and enjoyed a big spread. Your Dad told the owner to just bring us out good Italian food. After the show, we went to a place for dessert. This was the first time I ever had Tarimisu. You can imagine how much we laughed and joked that day. So many great meals your Mom has cooked, but my mouth still waters when I think of the creme boulee she made on one of our visits. I love having Danel as my sister. She is truly part of our family and couldn't fit in better with us nuts. Love you Danel! Aunt Carole | HAPPY 50th!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Danel; I hope this birthday is everything you wish it to be and the best yet. Since I am about to exit my 50’s decade, I somewhat cringe when someone ask me to share memories; it seems to get harder and harder by the day. As I think back over the years and the times we have shared I can’t help but remember the great times we’ve spent together. The times with family, special occasions and of course, a lot of great food and laughs are all wonderful memories. Since we were geographically separated for the time you and Keith were in Jersey a lot of the close memories started when y’all moved to Houston. I can remember when you came to Houston for a job interview prior to the final move and you stayed with us when we were on Lovett. I remember the hard time we had trying to locate the place you were suppose to go for your interview and then coming back to the house and sharing a Jason’s Deli supper and discussing y’alls upcoming move. We also went out to see the house being built in the Woodlands. We were very excited over the fact that y’all would be moving close to us. There have been a lot of great times we have shared and we look forward to many more in the future. As one who has experienced the 50s decade already, I can tell you they will be good times. These years will be time to give more thought to your future and actually start planning for the culmination of years, a time when you can reflect on slowing down, a time when you look back on what you’ve accomplished and start to decide where you’re going and the timeframe by which you hope to achieve your life’s goals. The goals will become more concrete and you will begin to realize just when you want to finally take the time to retire, rest and enjoy the benefits of all the past years hard work. This is a good feeling and one that will give you renewed vigor to accomplish the things you originally set out to do. We wish you the best that life can bring and hope the 50s decade will bring you many blessings and much happiness. Enjoy what’s ahead and don’t fret the small stuff. Lots of Love, Russ & Ray | Between our 10 year age difference and our life abroad, Danel and I didn’t get to spend a lot of time growing up together. It’s the simple things I’m most fond of, whether it was staying up late playing Uno or simply just spending time together doing nothing of consequence. Since I have two young sons now, it’s been great to see her spending time with them. The get to experience some of the magic that is Danel. Love, Chris

19: Did you see the photo of your Mom with the bowl on her head and spaghetti with sauce running down her face. When she had enough to eat while sitting in her high chair, she would turn the bowl upside down over her head. Needless to say, I learned quickly to watch her closely while she was eating. Paw Paw may have told you this story:. while traveling in Amsterdam, I think, we stopped to eat at a very upscale restaurant where women had fur coats on, diamonds galore and here we were, a military family with our two year old daughter, who was very hungry. We were seated, then Danel became impatient with the slow service and repeat, she was very hungry. She began banging her spoon on the tray of the high chair, yelling in a loud voice "I want to eat, I want to eat" Everyone, including their poodles and other small dogs, stared at us. Try getting her to shut up at the age of two? Danel took dance at the age of three and four years. At the groups first recital, very informal, but it was on stage with a nice side audience. Upon completion of their routine, the teachers herd the children off so the curtains can close. Not Danel, she was having too much fun in her black leotard and black shiny shoes, she refused to leave, continued to enjoy the audience clapping and calling out to her. Everyone was asking who was the little girl with the beautiful long hair styled with big, bouncy ringlets half way down her back. That is my daughter. What a fun night! Danel grew up with me baking cakes for everyone's birthday, her Dad's, her brother Steve's, her brother Chris's, her birthday and also my birthday als, because children expect their Mom to have a cake on her birthday too. It was so nice when Danel became a teenager and she started baking a cake for my birthday so I did not have to bake my own cake every year. Boy, did I enjoy that! Your mother has always been strong, she stood up for her brother Stephen when they both were attending St. Alphonsun School, she put her brother Chris in bed with her if he woke up during the night when he was a baby. She changed his diapers, fed him many bottles, was a second mother to him as a toddler. I could go on and on, but I know you have many stories, just giving a few from when she was a child and a beautiful child she was. You should have seen your mother with measles, what a mess, so-o-o bad. She had the worse case of the three children. She had measles all on her head with the long hair, even under her feet. all over her body. What a poor baby, it had to have been miserable. I think she may still have a scar from it. Memom continued..

20: Memom continued.. There was the time a teacher called me and said a boy sitting behind Danel had put gum in her hair. The teacher tried different ways to get the gum out but to no avail, what did I want her to do about Danel's hair and the gum. I replied "cut the gum out", no, said the teacher, " her hair is beautiful and I can't cut it" I replied that she had to cut the gum out before more of Danel's hair became tangled in it. She first crawled, pulling herself at the age of 7 months, trying to get to our first Christmas tree in our apartment in Verdun, France, where she was born. In Saudi Arabia, before your mom left to go to boarding school, there was an Arab teenager standing across the street from her, staring intently. She walked across to him and said 'stop staring at me, I don't like it.' He was dressed in the typical long white dress or 'thobe' (sp?). I told her "sorry, but you can't do that here. they can't arrest females due to no jail facilities, but they can either arrest your Dad and put him in jail, or deport you" Actuall, at the time it was funny, but also sad. While living in Saudi, same time period, your Mom got to take a trip to Egypt, with brothers and parents, how cool is that!!! When your Mom came to visit us in Singapore, a friend of her Dad and myself, whose name is Billie, planned a shopping trip for us. She told Danel that we would go anywhere she wanted, along with putting the car and driver at her disposal, This included the driver coming to meet us as we exited a store and retrieving the packages from us and putting them into the car, then on to the next destination, lunch, etc., waiting for us at each stop. Your Mom said 'hmmm, this is the way to live',,,, I remember your Dad coming over to our house on Hackberry, I was staying in the house for the summer, Paw Paw had to return to Singapore for his job. Anyway, your Mom set me down on her bed (before it became the office) and surprised me by showing me the engagement ring your Dad had given her. What a nice surprise. Much later into the next spring, your Dad had heard me saying that all of Danel's 'stuff' went to his condo along with her. He asks me "you mean all of her stuffed animals and dolls have to move in with us??" Yes was my reply. She removed all the animals and dolls off her bed each and every night, then made up the bed in the morning and each and every stuffed animal and doll back on the bed. Whew, that is a labour of love since she did this for years. On top of that, she never played with doll when she was younger. Paw Paw would buy a doll to surprise her, first thing, she sat on the floor, undressed it and put it in her room, never would play with her dolls. One day when we were in Saudi Arabia we wll went on a drive out in the 'country side' or should say 'desert. Your Mom and I wore long skirts to cover our bodies as we were going to stop in Houf Houf, very old settlement, it is written about in the Bible. At some moment in time, she, Uncle Steve and Uncle Chris asked where the Arab cemetaries are, as they had yet to see one. Paw Paw pointed out an area where sticks stood up out of the ground, that is the cemetary. Unusual, to say the least. That reminds me of the day we arrived in Saudi Arabia. Paw Paw and U. Steve road in a truck with an employee, carrying all our luggage and I mean about 10-12 suitcases. Anyway, your Mom , U. Chris and I were riding with Paw Paw's boss, Mr. Bowman in a car. He slowed down and said, Danel and Chris, look to your left. There is the American Embassy, look at the America flaf flying on the pole, that is the only place you will see the American flag. Wow, were we surprised to hear that and unfortunately that was the one and only place we say the American flag in Saudi Arabia.

21: Memom continued.. Your mother was such a beautiful bride. I cried during most of the wedding, she and your Dad did a great job, knowing what they wanted as to the order of the wedding mass. Of course with her auburn hair, she was so beautiful in her ivory colored wedding dress. She and I spent an entire day Christmas shopping at Cortana Mall back in 1980, I think. PawPaw, U. Steve and U Chris and myself came home to B.R. from Singapore. I had just about one day to shop for everyone, including for Granma Laurent's Christmas party. Your mom and left for the mall when it opened, then your Dad met us sometime in the afternoon. We all shopped until the mall closed, dragging huge bags filled to the utmost. Your Mom said it was so much fun shopping all day spending someone else's money, meaning mine and Paw Paw's...Whew, did that just once in my life. When your mom was a teenager. she would get up early to go with me to Granma and Granpa Laurent's house the day before Thanksgiving to help Granma set up for the holiday. We would set the tables for however many relatives were coming to eat, usually ranged from 40 to 60,- 65. There were long tables with long benches down the sides. Your Mom would help Granma count out bowls and serving spoons for each table, each table having a bowl for each different food item. Ha, a lot of bowls and spoons. Had to count out everything, flatware, glasses, etc. tablecloths. napkins, etc. Fortunately, she was able to help us until she got married. It definitely was a fun time. Speaking of getting up early::your Mom and Dad spent their first Christmas Eve sleeping at our house. Christmas morning (we always get up early, your uncles were home), so Paw Paw says "where is everyone, (it was 5 a.m.), I am ready to open presents". He goes to your Mom's old bedroom and knocks, loudly, on the door, sayings ''Ho, ho, Merry Christmas, Santa has come, time to get up" We hear your Dad's voice say '"I had better be going fishing because that is the only time I get up this early". Ha, ha, he was so funny. Your Mom was trying to explain to your Dad that this happens every Christmas morning. Your Mom had so many happy times with family, having so many cousins to play with, talk to, especially when we went to her grandparents house. She could play sports or stand around talking to all the ten aunts and uncles, 25 cousing, some boyfriends and girlfriends thrown in. There were 10 acres to play in and park cars. Granma Laurent always did all the cooking, baking and candy making, dips, etc. until she was in her 80s' when she had me do a lot of them. What wonderful I and our 3 children, daughtersin-lsw and your Dad had at that house, Hmmmm, wonderful food. Love, Mom

22: Dear Mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today or have gotten as far as I have today without you (because we know what dad does J). There is no way I can thank you for all that you have done for me, and a simple thank you isn’t enough. We have had our fights and arguments, but they were always for the better and I never realized it then, until I got older. But I want to say that I love you so so so so so so much and I want to wish you a very happy 50th birthday although you don’t look it ;). Lol. I hope you have a wonderful night out with family and friends and a peaceful night out, because you deserve it in so many ways, for being such a great mother, a hard worker, and a loving, caring person. Thank you for what you have done for me and happy birthday. I love you. Love, Anthony | Of all my many blessing, I cound my friendship with you as one I am most grateful for. We've been friends now for almost 15 years and we've been through a lot together. We've worked together, cooked together, lived across the street from one another, played pratical joke together, ran together, but nothing beats the laughs we've shared together. We've had intense discussions. Nothing has been off limits. We've discussed politics and religions and what matters to each of us in our lives. We've agreed and disagreed and yet nothing has ever gotten in the way of our friendship. You've supported me and listened to me when I was down. You've told me what I needed to hear, not always what I wanted to hear. As Oprah says, "I know one thing for sure" and that is that no matter I'm at, what i need, when it counts, you will always be there for me. I think of you sometimes as the sister that I never had, and for that I love you more than you will ever know. Love, Val | D-elightful A-ssertive N-o-nonsense E-xceptional L-oving | First of all I just want to say.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful night and enjoy every minute of it! You deserve it :) Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have been wonderful to me every since you met me and I appreciate everything. Thank you for all vacations you have taken me on, for putting up with all the shenanigans with Ant and I :), for giving me a place to stay every time I come into town, and for always caring about me no matter what. You really are a second mother to me and I love you very much for it. I can't wait to celebrate with you and hope you have a very special and amazing 50th! You really are a Queen and I hope you enjoy the night just like a Queen should :) I love you and happy birthday!! Love always, Devon

23: Dear Mom, For the past 25 years of my life you have been involved with any little thing that has pertained to my life. Whether it be negotiating carpools for Oak Ridge or bringing the oranges to my baseball games or even helping me apply to law schools and colleges. These little things add up to make one complete series of events that have molded me into the man I am today. Despite my faults and our petty fights, the things I most remember are the ways in which you have helped steer me in life towards necessary and fulfilling choices. Without you I would be sitting behind a cash register at Tony’s Seafood instead of graduating on time from Sam Houston. Without you I would have never volunteered for activities in high school that ensured my acceptance into certain colleges. Without you I would not be where I am today. Sometimes we find ourselves dwelling on the negative times we have had yet when I am old and gray it will never be the fights or hiccups we’ve had along the way that I remember; it will be the constant teaching and memories you have instilled in me that I will look back on. So, looking back on the past 50 years of your life, you have come and gone in people’s lives, changed their moods with a simple meal, and loved Dad more than I have ever seen another woman love a man yet the one thing I hope you remember for the next 50 years is how much of an impact you have had on my life by love, kindness and friendship. I love you, Mom. Happy 50th Birthday and here’s to 50 more. Love, Mackey

24: Happy 50th to my wife, friend and amazing mother of our kids. I have so many great memories of my 30 plus years with you; however, I would have to start with my first one. Baskin Robbins, Jefferson and Lobdell, you behind the counter serving all 31 flavors. That was our first time together, going straight from Baskin Robbins to watch the submarine races.oh! Breaking the rear view mirror off Johnnie’s car what a beginning. My best memories together are definitely when we planned the birth of our kids, their births and raising our great family. All the family adventures with raising the kids. I am such a lucky man to have had such a special mother for our kids. How many huge projects have we taken on?!?! Vinyl siding the whole house in NJ! All the rock and dirt we have moved together, installed wood floors and how you manhandled the post hole digger and put all those post in while I was exhausted There are the times we have spent traveling all over, either together or with family and friends. We always have a great time with each other and make our own party especially if there is music! No one else I’d rather have as my dance partner, even if you still try to lead after all these years! And who can forget the infamous 40th surprise birthday party why did I think I could pull off a surprise.just like this 50th surprise party... Ha! I hope this one is as fun, I know it is the way you wanted it to be! Wishing you many more happy years, it’s been a great adventure to spend all these years with you and I look forward to spending the next 50 with you. All my love, Keith

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