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Rustic Charm

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S: The best is yet to come!!

BC: Cheers!! here's to 40 more

FC: Sinead 40 amazing years

1: To my very dear friend Sinead a little book of memories we all wanted to share Happy 40th birthday love regx

2: On your christening day with godmother Marcella | here you are with grannie and granda and dolly!

3: one year old family portrait

5: your first communion & a family pilgramage to knock not sure what for tho??

7: A long time ago we had a torrential rain storm sinead was about 5.... she ran out the front door of of the house, stood in the middle of the road with her hands and faced to the sky and the rain slpashing down--all the neighbours beeping.......her favorite movie at the time was "signing in,the rain" love mum | A memory from you mam

8: Every summer, a week after we finished school, my dad would load us up in the car and leave us in Mayo for the summer. The summer also signified Sineads birthday so every summer we spent Sineads birthday in Mayo. We would all wait to see what the postman would delivery that day -usually a brown paper parcel sent from Dad. We would be so excited waiting for the postman to see what she'd get. Later that afternoon we would have her birthday party in the garden of my grandparents house when we'd get our summer fix of sweets and cake and our cousins down the road would join the party. It was the highlight of our junior years summers. Needless to say Sinead was the star of the day. - big sister Therese

9: your 6th birthday party love big sis Therese

11: ok, my earliest memory was Sinead always with a bottle hanging out of her mouth, ALWAYS!!!! Everywhere My Mother went Sinead was there beside her. They told a story of how when Sinead was born they wouldn't let her go home from the hospital because she had a dislocated hip, we wanted to take her home, so Dad went outside the hospital room window & Richard & Therese threw Sinead out the window & Dad caught her & then we all ran out of the hospital & jumped into the car & sped off home, we believed this story for years, we were spas! All our noses were put out of joint when the "Baby" came home, especially mine because until she came along I was the baby!!! Anyway, apparently she was in a carrycot by the fire & when my mother came in to check on her she was covered in spit...Therese & Richard were on either side of the carrycot taking turns to spit on her! Terrible Children! Sinead was the most beautiful child, fair silky hair, red rosebud lips, dimples, big blue eyes, she was gorgeous, our relatives would come to visit, the three of us girls would be sitting on the couch for the relatives, Richard was always out, anyway, they would say "oh aren't Therese & Sinead so beautiful" I'd be RAGING!!! I was the runt of the litter, Lol! They used to tell me that even the tinkers didn't want me, that's why they(my tinker parents!) left me on Paddy & Marys front doorstep, every time the knackers would come around I would hide, afraid of my shite that they would take me back!

12: We always had a dog, I think we thought these dogs were another brother or sister because we had them tormented from morning 'til night, Sinead had a soother until she was about 5 yrs. old & Tiger used to rob it from her, the funniest thing would be to see the dog running around the garden with a soother hanging out of his mouth & Sinead running after him! She was always a good child, didn't curse, didn't get into trouble, very, very quiet. She NEVER went to school & in about 5th class she got a prize for making it into school a whole month in a row, Susan Flynn was raging because no matter how sick she was or what the weather was like Susan was marched out the door, she was so jealous of us because we were allowed to run wild! One summer Mum stayed in Mayo longer than usual, Dad took Myself, Therese & Richard back to Dublin with him & Sinead stayed in mayo with Mum, Granny & Grandad. She started school in Currabaggin, local country school, anyway, when she arrived to the school, a girl we became friends with when we were older told us that she was mad jealous of Sinead was wearing a pair of trousers, a jumper AND a skirt!!!!!!!!! Always the height of fashion!

13: I think Sinead was the only one of us that always had a birthday party, because we were always in Mayo & we had cousins that lived close by who would come to the picnic we would have in the garden. The summers in Mayo were the best, we would spend countless hours down at the lake, either catching tadpoles or picking blackberries, making forts, swimming, fishing. On time our cousin Nicola came to stay for a few days & we had this game where we would take turns standing on the last rock of Mrs. Hanleys harbour, whiles the other 2 would fire rocks into the lake & try to splash you. Anyway, Nicola stood on the last rock & we completely soaked her, we had had plenty of practice! Anyway, Nicola was RAGING so when it was Sineads turn to stand on the rock Nicola got this HUGE rock & stumbled over as close to the edge of the lake to fling her rock in...she couldn't manage it & she fell right into the lake along with the rock, she was DRENCHED!!!!! We burst ourselves laughing & she went flyin' up to the house to tell her Da, that we threw her into the lake, bitch! He was a glue-maker & was always high, he says "ah Nicola, a little water never hurt anyone..." & continued whistling away, we were delighted, feckin' tell-tale! | love your sister loretta x

15: A memory form your dad x I had just bought myself a black and green American college style bomber jacket, my first adventure into casual clothing as I was always in suits, shirts and ties. I never got a chance to put it on my back as Sinead clapped her eyes on it and that's the last I saw of it unless it was on Sinead as she was going out the door. She got great mileage out of my jacket as she wore it quite a lot saying that I was too old to be wearing such an item!!! Another memory I have is when Sinead and Loretta were in their teens the phone rang one evening and I picked it up not realising that the girls had already taken the call upstairs and I overheard them making plans to sneak out later when I was gone to work. Having overheard the conversation I had them pack their overnight bags and took them to the Pierre hotel with me. I thought that having them sat in reception watching the partygoers leaving in different stages of inebriation would be an education, silly me!! Love Dad

16: I love Sinead, and have so many great memories of her. We used to Play 'crossmothers' you were the best pretend cross mother Sinead (don't tell Loretta!) But Sinead used to find my mums clothes and dress up in the them clad with a handbag and all accessories. We'd all hop in the bed and pretend to be asleep while Sinead aka 'the cross mother' would go out for the night only to return to find us all jumping on the bed... and there were consequences for this behaviour!! My god, I'm in knots laughing. Happy birthday Sinead, Thanks for making my childhood so much more memorable. You're the nicest mum I've ever known ! xxx Jenni Cooney

17: "OMG Sinead I can't believe you are turning 40!!! I hope you have a great day. Here is my little story. I have been trying to think of my story and so many have gone through my head. From dressing up in my mum's clothes (yellow suit!) to making my Granny's Rice Crispies cakes (mars bar slices) to drinking Mud Slides in the Orchard. I guess what does really sticks in my mind is how happy I was every time my mum and dad told us that either yourself or Loretta were baby sitting us. You always mad those days and nights so much fun, Cross Mothers! Making toasted sandwiches drinking tea and listening to the radio. You are one of the big sisters that I never had (Loretta being the other.) I just want to thank you for being such a great big sister. Happy Birthday once again. " | love karen

18: So here goes ,Just a quick note to wish you a very happy birthday. Dusting off this photos reminds me of the great times we all had together in Germany many years ago. I especially remember the great birthday party you had in your Headchefs house. There is not many chefs would let a gang of wild Irish wreck their house and have them all staying over night. Thanks for all the great times and for looking after us all so well when we come to New York. All the best. Love.... Dave Estelle &

19: With love from Dave

20: I remember meeting her for the first time on Queens Blvd - she was with Mark and we planned to meet at the top of our street (42nd). We all jumped into a cab and headed to Jean Claude for our 1st dinner out. It was a very fun night and my first time to meet Ms. Keogh! I remember her coming over to the house when the boys were home from the hospital, she was heading off to Florida, or just back and she had on the shortest mini and longest, leanest tan legs! And her hair was all the one lenght and the perfect blonde - she was basically everything a new mom wasn't!! I remember having a great session w/them right around Christmas time up @ Taylor's Hall one year and walking home in the snow. Singing Christmas tunes and making a royal fool of ourselves - fun though. | with love the dunne family

22: my favorite memory of sinead is by far her bachelorette weekend having MARK attached to her jeans, or maybe it was when she was alone in the kitchen and i scared the be jeasus out of her, or maybe it was when she stopped a christmas tree from falling on me, or maybe it was when she told me she was pregnant and i drank all her wine, or maybe it was when she hated my guts for the first 6 months of us working together, or maybe its all of them and so many,many more that i dont have a favorite oh wait yes i do it was when i meet you my very dear friend ,nyc would not be the same for me without you x (an yeah you guested it i'm crying)

23: TCB!!

24: Sinead from the Orchard, to the slopes from your lovely wedding to the world of kids we’re glad to have met you and Mark! Have a great birthday! love lessa, george &jason

25: No matter the occation we always had a great time together. Happy 40th Birthday to you Sinead. Slainte!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Iza and Harold. mathew and sebastian In 2004 we went skiing/snowboarding to Lake Tahoe together and that was a trip that I will never forget and I would love to repeat one day love darek,ula,julia & adam

26: Do the sauces!!! love kate,olivia and julia xo | oh my god im allergic alwways be my favoriet quote when you dont like sometthing all we hear is "im allergic" love alison ,martin and rebbeca xx | It's 5 o clock SOMEWHERE!! love Sarah and Hughie

27: many great memories my fav being a weekend in the snug in west hampton beach-cranuim,frittatas and lots o wine love ash,ger dean&falynn

28: your greatest JOY

29: We Love You x | Ich weis warum ich liebe dich so viel SCHATZI!!! with love mark xx thank you mammy for everything btw i need to pee pee!! love Cillian & Evan

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