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Rustic Charm

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S: The Pecaut's 2010

BC: 2010 Lots of excitement this year, we welcomed a new baby, Odessa to the family, as well as a new brother/uncle, Steve. There were loads of dance classes, trips to the Museum of Play and Zoo, birthdays, Mark's trips to two telescopes and a 100 mile race! Athena starting school and both Ambrose and Athena learning and laughing together with a new baby sister, whom they both adore.. What a wonderful life we have. <3

FC: The Pecaut's 2010

1: Athena says to Ambrose, "You have to learn how to make this voice (high pitched) if you want to be a princess." | Conversations with small children in 2010: | We're watching He-Man and I'm saying to Ambrose, "I have the power!" And he keeps shaking his head and saying "No power Mom." | How do I love you, let me count the ways.: 1. I love that you decided to unleash your artistic tendencies on my bed sheets. Because, you know, they look so much better with the purple marker all over them. The black marker all over the carpet was a nice touch too. 2. I love that you wanted to help me cook. However, in all honesty I did not need two sticks of butter unwrapped and waiting for me on the kitchen floor. 3. I love that you used Dad's entire bottle of travel sunscreen and toothpaste in your never-ending quest for lotion. And yes, it does look like lotion but it isn't. Thanks for staying away from my stuff. :) 4. I love that you are excited about knitting. It will only take me a couple of hours to painstakingly reorganize all my knitting needles once again. And they did look pretty cool strewn all over the living room floor. And to sum it all up, a quote from the little guy himself. Me (as I give him a hug)- "You're a good kid." Him- "Not kid, Mommy." | Me, as I push the glass closer: "Drink your smoothie, little guy." Him: "Mom move it!" Me: "I just moved it a little bit." Him: "Where is him? Better?" Me: "What?" Him, as he takes a drink: "Welicious!" Me: "Do you like it?" Him: "Chawberry right there." Me: "You like the straw?" Him: "Oh no! It drippin in table!" (wipes with the rag I hand him) "Ta-da, it done!" | Conversation overheard: Ambrose- Noooooooo! Athena- Ambrose! Everything is not yours! Ambrose- Mine! (And yes, there were that many exclamations marks simply because they were both yelling.) | Athena- "Mom, I feed Ambrose lots so that he can grow up to be 5 yrs old like me. I fed him apples, cucumbers, pickles and whole BUNCH of crackers!" | Athena was eating one day and started using her fingers. I told her to use a spoon. She told me, "Don't worry Mom, I can lick them."

2: Buddies! Seeing the two of them together now is just amazing! They both want to do everything together, painting, reading, sledding, face painting.... :)

3: Cranky little guy | Going crazy with the markers, aka using the markers as lipstick

4: First year as a Daisy Scout | Ambrose words: Bath (baf), Mouth (owf), Eye, Nose (no), Belly (be) Wall (waw), pretzel (putz), black olive (bla-oli), ear, uh-oh, book, milk, apple, ball, coat, sock | Making Dinosaur Soaps

5: Drinking from Athena's play tea set when she isn't looking | Bob the Builder!

6: Belly Shot | Valentine's Day Town party | Making Valentine Cookies | Ambrose rocking out with some tunes

7: They were cold

8: Athena's Daisy Scout Troup, snow fun in the bathtub, buttons, nap cuteness and making bead necklaces

9: Athena showing off her 3D book | Caught red-handed stealing Athena's popcorn | Athena made me a phone, Mom!

10: From Athena To Amy, I know you are busy.

11: Pregnant | Athena was eating one day and started using her fingers. I told her to use a spoon. She told me, "Don't worry Mom, I can lick them." | Laundry? | Visit with the Henry's | Calliope's Forget-Me-Nots | Conversation overheard today. Little Brother- Noooooooo! Big Sister- Ambrose! Everything is not yours! Little Brother- Mine! (And yes, there were that many exclamations marks simply because they were both yelling.)

13: Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory Chile | Nana's Visit

14: 25 weeks | 29 weeks | 32 weeks | 34 weeks | 8 weeks | 12 weeks | 29 weeks | 37 weeks | 39 weeks

15: Odessa Eve Pecaut 5/2/2010 8:33 am 7 lbs 14 oz 20 in

16: Mark's Announcement: Well, we have a little baby, Odessa Eve Pecaut, 7lbs 14 oz, 20 inches long. If we model her as a long thin cylinder (assuming the density of water) she would have a radius of 1.87". If we use the default spherical model she would have a radius of 3.74". Of course, neither the spherical nor the cylindrical model predicts the observed poo excess. She was born 8:30am Sunday and we got home from the hospital Monday at 5:00pm or so. I feel sleep deprivation like I've been on an observing run for the past 3 days except that I don't have any data and the telescope cried a lot and pooped in it's pants every two hours. Anyway, things are good here. I'll try to be in Thursday for 15 Million M dwarfs. -Mark

17: Some memories: Odessa's sneezes sound like tiny little coughs. She had milia on her nose when she was born. Since I only pushed one time and she was out, everyone kept telling me she looked like a c-section baby (no cone head at all). I love the little round 'o' mouth that she does, gazing wonderingly all around whenever she is awake.

18: Mother's Day gifts, smile cracker made by Athena, tiny baby in a big ole bed and other general baby cuteness

19: Sleepy baby, personalized Diaper from Jen, quilt from Granny P, hat crocheted by Mom, little guy watering plants

20: Strong Museum

21: Mark receiving his Masters Degree in Physics

22: Sick little guy | GGMa's Quilt | Buzz Cut

23: First Bath and the Daisy Scout Completion Ceremony | Handmade blanket from friend, Africa shirt that was Ambrose's, trying to cheer up Odessa

24: Odessa's Coming Home Outfit @ 1 Month Old, She's busting out! | Mark's Trip to Kitt Peak Telescope

25: Something Athena was never able to accomplish and Ambrose did before he was even 2 years old. He locked Mom out of the house. Oh yes, we're waiting outside for the bus and he's fiddling with the door. I go to open it and he's locked the screen door! So I spent about 30 minutes outside pointing and trying to get him to unlock it (he seemed thoroughly confused the entire time but I think he was laughing inside). I walked around the house a couple times and finally decided to just grab the bottom of the door and yank as hard as I could. I probably bent the screen door but oh well. Stinker.

26: Ann's Wedding

30: Fourth of July, Tea Party with Mairi and the Zoo

31: Happy 2nd Birthday to my little guy!

32: Camping in the backyard, playing with the hose, Athena's swimming lessons and a lot of general goofing around.

33: Cheese! | Green Caterpillar | Loose tooth | Look at those strong legs! | heading out in the rain | Tooth Pillow Knit by Mom | Cocoa Puffs sent by Grandpa B | Big Smile | Bumbo Baby | Cute Handme down | Love <3 | Cut that out, Mom. | I'm serious! | Damn, I'm cute. | Beautiful Girl | Mom, I got a new place. | Beret | Cute baby! | Baby Odessa | Dress up at the Library

34: What happens when you have a big sister. | Athena's First Book

35: First Tooth Lost! | Mini Dance Recital | Naked Baby Butt

36: Pine Cone Project | Pictures taken by Athena at Martin Rd Park | Asleep in a sea of popcorn | Knitting with Mom

37: Odessa's first tooth at 4 months! | First Day of !st Grade: Crane Elementary and Mrs. Auinger here I come! | Playing footsie with Mom | "I know you have a bloody nose, Ambrose. I want to cheer you up but we can have lots of fun. I love you." Letter to Ambrose, from Athena | Dress made by Granny P

38: Athena's 6th Birthday | Rochester Marathon, ran race then ran 8 miles home | My little tap dancing machine, Ambrose and Odessa's buddy, Finnegan

39: Camping with the Henry's

40: Apple Picking! | Fresh from the bath | There's nothing cuter than a baby wiggling on the floor. | Picture of Ambrose's foot while he lays on the chnging table (taken by Ambrose) | Odessa's 5 month birthday cupcakes | Ambrose at Wild Wings watching the crow | Answer to the question: How does Ambrose get so dirty? | MOMS Club Peeps

41: Playing with blocks that Great Grandpa made | Cheese! | Crocheted Hats, made by Mom | Ambrose got into the Nutella | Two attempts at a holiday card picture, never did quite get one with everyone smiling. | Fun at Mendon Ponds Park

42: Daisy Scout trip to Stokoe Farms, Strong Museum, Dog Sitting, knitting and other randomness

43: Mark's First Oil Creek 100 Mile Race 27 hours 22 minutes Titusville, PA | Black Toenails

44: Halloween Festivities | Fall Fun

45: Once again, Ambrose is fascinated by his socks and decides to takes a picture of them (at Wegman's). | Mad (but cute!) Odessa | Always with the coffee :)

46: Sitting up on her own! Kids refused to let me get a pic of her all by herself | Viking Boy and Flower Girl | I'm a baby too, Mom | Hide and Seek (Odessa an dAmbrose are in there) | Socks | Mischief | Breakfast cooked by Athena (french toast)! | Cause everyone needs shades while they brush their teeth | Mom made yogurt and Ambrose loves it! | Sleeping Buddies

47: First food: Carrots Not too fond of them (see face) | Playing school downstairs (with GGMa's hand-me-down school desks). Ambrose is not happy that he never gets to be the teacher. | Ambulance Tour

48: Thanksgiving | Dress up for Dinner (one of the Advent activities) | Looking at the snow outside

49: Santa at the MOMS Club | Athena's December Dance Recital (which I MISSED because of my stupid back)

50: Calliope's stocking and her gift for 2010 (forget-me-nots) | Decorating of the tree | Pulling to standing at 7 months | Goofing around in the snow | Snuggles with Granny and Grandpa P | Stockings hung!

51: Christmas Eve Presents | PJs from Mom and Dad | Not so happy with her bow and headband | Decorating of the Gingerbread Men

52: Christmas!

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