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Rustic Charm

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BC: That's All For Now (:

FC: Senior Scrapbook: From Diapers to Cap & Gown

1: Fatima Berry Ms.. Muniz English IV

2: I am a Capricorn. I was born in Michigan, but I have resided in Nevada for the past 15 years. I consider myself to be a very logical, structured, responsible, sympathetic, and sensitive individual. I tend to be a very serious person doing all work and no play, but I am fun and silly when all of my responsibilities are taken care of. I crave success; it is the only thing that satisfies and fulfills me (other than delicious food). I am a diligent worker in everything I attempt. I may be slow at finishing things, but that is because I am a paranoid perfectionist. I do my tasks the right way the first time. I want to become a clinical psychologist. I understand and sympathize with people naturally; their feelings become my feelings instantly. I enjoy helping people and making them feel better about themselves. I absolutely hate and avoid conflict at all times; I have always been a lover, not a fighter.

5: My life started with my parents being together, but they split up when I was in third grade. I lived at my mother's apartment in Henderson with my younger sister Nadia, and we visited my father in Las Vegas sporadically. My mom has never been strict; she would let me and Nadia do pretty much whatever we wanted as long as we were getting good grades in school. Unlike my mom, my dad was more worried and cautious as to our whereabouts and activities. I get along more with my father, but I love them both dearly. My parents are both very generous people.

6: My amazing father <3

7: My father has always put me and my sister first, before any of his needs or desires. He has always given his all to make us more than happy. He is the most unselfish, giving person in the world. He has taught me so much throughout my lifetime, as he is very wise and compassionate. He understands me and listens to me. He helps me and comforts me. He guides me and teaches me. He does whatever he can to make us happy, and deals with my mood swings to perfection. He has taught me many great words of wisdom, and always tells me to just use my brain and to not be an idiot in any situation I come across in life; I live by this quote. I could write pages on how wonderful my father has been, and how much he has taught me and Nadia.

8: There is no friend like a sister. | As for Nadia, she has always been my best friend. We have always done everything together and went everywhere with each other; I hated being separated from her. I would always get jealous and upset when she slept over at friend's houses because I loved her and missed her too much. She can bring out the goofiest side in me, and we have always gotten along extremely well. I trust her with everything.

10: I was such a cute and mischievous little girl. I did devious things when my parents were not looking. We would always go out to eat at buffets around Las Vegas casinos, and my younger sister and I would do ridiculous things. We would go up together to get our food, and make bowls of random food mixtures and just leave it to sit at the food bars; we would wait anxiously and watch the cleaning people get all furious when they discovered it. One time, we got caught and this Chinese lady yelled at us; I was laughing so hard. We loved to play innocent jokes like that, and laugh until our stomachs hurt. A little habit that I adopted when I was young was always curling and twisting my hair with my forefinger when I got extremely bashful or nervous. I was shy and stood behind my little sister who was the outgoing, frivolous one in public. I also loved to organize my room and clean the house; I have always been conscientious. To help me grow out of my nervous curl-twirling habit, my parents cut my hair into a mushroom cut; I hated it SO much. I thought I looked like a little boy.

12: I had the best elementary years ever; they were the greatest years of my life. I started becoming more outgoing and doing things that required courage, such as talent shows and races. I made a dance routine to "Oops I Did it Again," by Britney Spears in first grade with two friends of mine, and did "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in second grade by myself. I always played four square and schooled everyone, including the fifth graders. | I was always active, and loved all of my teachers. Ms. Frederick was my favorite teacher of them all; she was very amiable and sweet. She helped me get established at my new school at the time, which was Gordon McCaw Elementary (when I moved from Vegas), and she made me feel welcome and at ease; she was wonderful! I ended up fitting right in and making a bunch of friends at that school, some of which I still adore today.

13: I joined the school's running program, Desert Trackers, with Courtney Morelli and Kyler Campbell, and ended up getting second place in the most miles ran throughout my fifth grade year. I did my final talent show in fifth grade also; I made an awesome dance routine to "1, 2 Step" by Ciara. One of my best friends (at the time), Jeslyn, stopped being my friend because I "stole" her song she was going to do. She has said nasty remarks about me ever since. I sometimes miss those easy days where there were only field trips and field days to look forward to, but those days will forever be remembered.

14: After successfully taking care of my first pet goldfish, my mom bought me and Nadia a hamster; his name was Rocky. He was not like any other hamster, he was so loving and peaceful; he never bit anyone, and he adored me. It may sound silly that I express a hamster's significance to me, but he was without a doubt an amazing little animal. He would let you rub your cheeks on his face as long as you held him gently. He was so calm and content, he was not one of those feisty, hostile rats; he trusted us as his owners. Whenever Rocky escaped from his cage, he would leave a trail of pebbly poop all the way to his destination: a path so we could always find him and not get too worried.

15: Jeff, our neighbor at the time, had a female hamster named Penelope; we ended up putting them together, so they could mate. It was hilarious watching them go at it, | as Rocky failed many times to even get on top of her because he was such a fatty. They made many, many babies, but none turned out to be as precious as Rocky. | He died at age four in my mother's hands (no joke), and Jeff let most of Rocky's babies go into the wild. We chose not to let any other hamster ever replace our lard ball, Rocky. | Rocky & Penelope's babies!

16: I loved the grassy areas and how we were on the top apartment floor. | I lived in South Lyon, MI until I was about 5; we then moved to an adorable apartment in Las Vegas. My parents had many friends and family always visiting us and bringing us goodies. I remember in our complex there was a playground area where all of the kids hung out; I would always go there with my friend Nadia (she had the same name as my sister). I remember this one time there was a violent cat scrap on the apartment floor beneath us, outside of course, and it scared the living crap out of me. All of the kids who I was with were antagonizing and prolonging the cat fight; I was extremely petrified, and kept freaking out, asking them why the heck they were doing what they were doing.

17: I remember how I would just sit on the stairs and read my books; I was very content & serious at times.

19: My favorite game to play when I was younger was hide-and-seek. I loved playing with the neighbors; they were all middle school kids, and I was in elementary school with Nadia. They did not mess around when it came to that game, and neither did I. I was the BEST at hiding. I would hide for long periods of time until I heard them give up; I was like a sneaky little cat. I played rough wen I was younger; I loved to get my adrenaline going. We would jump off of our apartment roofs; they were not too tall in height, but still adrenaline rushing, especially to us being young kids. We would also ding-dong ditch and throw rocks into the streets; just angering people and watching how outraged they got made us laugh our butts off. We had this grumpy old neighbor, who hated us with his whole soul and he always yelled and cursed at us. One day, we went on a rock throwing spree: we spread ourselves out into different hiding spots and took turns whipping rocks as his windows and door. He came out with a wooden BAT, and I just ran! He started cursing at us, and I laughed so hard that I peed my pants. I had a BLAST when I was younger, but I am so happy that I have matured since then.

21: I had many little elementary school crushes, especially in fourth and fifth grade. I remember in fifth grade I had a HUGE crush on Kyler Campbell; he was really good at basketball, super short, had red hair, white skin, and freckles. I thought he was the hottest thing ever. He was in the D.A.R.E. program with me, and I remember just staring at him and loved how he turned all red when he got embarrassed. On Valentine’s Day, he chose me to be his Valentine, and I was so thrilled; he got me a teddy bear with two Hershey’s kisses. I would joke to my few girl friends and say how I wish he would drive past me on a motorcycle and say, “Hop on, pretty lady.” I was so weird. I dated him, but it didn’t last. He liked my best friend Courtney Morelli; I was so jealous of her because of that. I had more boyfriends after that, but my first real kiss was in seventh grade with my best friend’s older brother; coincidentally, his name was Kyler as well.

22: I wish I could see my old best friend Courtney Morelli again. She was my first friend at Gordon McCaw Elementary School in 3rd grade. Courtney was, without a doubt, the most genuine friend to me; I can say with certainty that I have only had about three real friends my whole life so far. She always kept my secrets, and I could always rely on her no matter what. We would talk for hours on the phone and have the best times together, no matter what we were doing. I remember having sleepovers at her house and playing Jenga with her and her little brother. We would stay up late, eat snacks all night, and talk about our crushes (the typical pre-teen routine). One night she told me about her astrology sign; she was a Pisces. I had no idea what in the heck she was talking about at the time, but ever since then I have become obsessed with astrology; I remember being so intrigued when she told me. Those are just some of the small, yet significant, things I remember. She was the most loyal friend I have ever had; I could tell her anything. She was the sweetest, friendliest girl ever, and very intelligent. We talk sporadically; every couple of months we talk about getting together and catching up, but it hasn't happened yet. I hope someday we can reunite and build our friendship back to our old level. I miss you SO much, Courtney Morelli!

24: When I think of middle school, I honestly just think UGH. Those are the years when I went through all of my immature phases. I remember going through a “gangster” phase. I would dress with matching, plain colors,and scrunch my hair like ghetto Mexican girls. I wore Jordans, Nikes, Baby Phat, K-Swiss, and other thuggish fashions. In seventh grade, I started being all punker like my friend LaDanna; we would always go shopping at Tillys and buy skater pants and seat-belt belts. LaDanna was my best friend for a long time, and her house was my second home for many years. Every weekend, I spent the night at her place; we did EVERYTHING together. I had a huge crush on her brother, and LaDanna and him were the “punky/skater type,” so I tried to be like them.

25: In eighth grade, I joined the cheerleading team.I was good friends with all of the girls at first until one day I got in a fight with Jeslyn, my supposed best friend, and she got me on everyone’s bad side. It ruined my whole year. They got a bunch of feisty Mexican girls to hate me as well; who knows what the heck I did? I was extremely vengeful towards these girls for the longest time, primarily because I had no clue why everyone hated me! I felt so betrayed and hated everything, including myself. | I took it out on my family at times, and looking back, I feel so stupid and regretful for that. I hated myself that whole year, and did stupid things; I would starve myself, workout excessively, and restrict my diet to like 200 calories a day, thinking I wasn’t good enough. However, I do thank the universe for those experiences, because the identity crisis I had helped me realize, later in life, that your ego will ruin you and people’s opinions are completely irrelevant to your life, your success, and who you are.

26: Going out to the movies will always be special to me, primarily because my father took my sister and me every weekend, and if not with my father, I would usually go with LaDanna. Some specific movie favorites were: Mean Girls, Bring it On, Déj vu, Pink Panther, Monster’s Inc, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, The Parent Trap, and Scary Movie. My father loved taking me and Nadia to the movies; we would watch one until it finished and then sneak into another. He bought us as much snacks and popcorn as we wanted. He has always been the coolest!

27: I remember watching The Ring and having nightmares for years; I still freak myself out and say she might pop up on the television screen. She petrified the heck out of me with her pallid complexion and eccentric, twitchy mannerisms. For many years, I would not sleep near a television or alone with the lights off. I could not sleep if there was no one home, or if everyone was already sleeping; either someone had to be awake, or I had to have the lights on and cover myself in layers of blankets. On the bright side, I had many great times at the movies and Mean Girls and The Parent Trap were my favorites for the longest time. The funniest movie I have ever seen would be Due Date; I was cracking up throughout the whole movie!

28: I was never one to be a “sucker for love” or “boyfriend crazy,” it was whatever for me if I had a boyfriend or not. Nobody was intriguing enough to me until I met my current boyfriend, Kirby Foster. It was so smooth and easy-going the first night we hung out; there were great vibes, and we felt instantly comfortable around each other. Everyone knows better than to discuss topics like politics, religion, and beliefs on the first date, but Kirby and I felt fine around each other and chatted away. We talked for hours! We had similar views and endless discussions; we expressed our opinions and life values. I became immediately obsessed with his intellect and knowledge. He was like everything I wanted in a man, even though I was not searching for one! He was so sweet and respectful. I told him about my love and desire to learn everything about astrology and spiritual energies, and come to find out he had already been studying astrology for 3 years. I was so amazed and everything felt so right as if the universe made us find each other in the right place, at the right time.

29: Our first date out was at Joe’s Crab Shack; I have never tried crab/lobster prior to that date, so it was an unfamiliar and delicious experience. We became official on July 7, 2011. He has taught me so much about life, philosophy, astrology, people, and loyalty; after all he is the teacher of the zodiac, the Scorpio. He is obsessed with loyalty and respect; I love his passion and intelligence. We fill in each other's negatives. He has shown his secretive sides to me that he doesn't let anybody see, and it is wonderful knowing he feels comfortable releasing his emotional, sensitive side, which is the side of him I love the most anyway. I appreciate everything he does for me, and all that he has taught me. I definitely love my Scorpio man.

30: The early years of my high school life (ninth grade) were taken very frivolously. I hung out with the wrong people and didn't take school as seriously as I should have; I slacked off and was always tardy. I didn't have any major crushes or heartbreaks, but I did have a major identity crisis, always trying to impress everybody; I got hair extensions that didn't even match my hair, I wore skanky clothes, and all I cared about was getting through school with decent grades, while getting drunk in the meanwhile. | I jumped a wall and Kelcey peed her pants.

31: I was always with this girl Kelcey; we were CRAZY together. We didn't have a care in the world and thought we were invincible when it came to getting caught by the authorities. Fortunately, ever since I was little, whenever I got scolded or reprimanded by my parents, I did not argue with them. I always know when I do something wrong, and that I need to pay the consequences when I disobey; I have always wanted and needed rules, regulations, and order in my life.

32: The most memorable, wonderful experience and vacation I went on would have to be my trip to Lebanon. I was only fifteen at the time when my dad came up with the random offer to fly me out there to live with hospitable relatives; I could not refuse. I was extremely anxious and excited to just start a new life with new people in an entirely different culture. I flew across the globe all by myself on a 17-hour split flight. When I arrived in Lebanon, it was dark and storming, and I was wearing Nevada weather clothes; the entire airport was staring at me, and later that night I found out it was due to my outfit. People who show too much skin are seen as flimsy and disrespectful. I started having to wear long sleeved clothing, so I could fit in with the culture. I have never met these relatives prior to my stay in Lebanon, so everything was scary at first, especially considering how shy I can be. Fortunately, they had a huge room for me all ready and stocked with towels, soap, a clean bed, a space to put my stuff, and a television; they were so welcoming and kind. | My cousin (the head of the house) is a Sheikh, which is like a Muslim priest, so everyone in the town highly respects him; people were probably talking for days seeing an American girl wearing shorts enter his flat. Sheikh Assad’s wife Amina became my best friend/mother while I was there. She taught me so much about their culture, religion, country, language, life and also how to write in Arabic! Every morning, their Philipino maid made me a huge breakfast, and every night Amina or Rena (my cousin’s other wife) would make delicious Mediterranean dinners. There were also 4 amazing oceans in Lebanon. We went shopping at all of the malls around Lebanon, visited historical sites, went to their house in the mountain where you could see all of Lebanon, went to the village way far away, and much more. I started wearing the hijab, or scarf, that the females wear around their head to respect the Sheikh and the culture; after all, that is where the majority of my father’s family originates.

33: I learned about the Quran and Muslim culture, and how beautiful it is. The Muslim people were the most hospitable, respectful, loving, friendly, helpful, genuine people I have ever met. All of their philosophies and ways of life are so caring and good intentioned. I felt so loved over there, and that whole year that I was by myself made me realize that there are good people in this world, and there is more to life than just partying and going out. The experience highly matured me and changed my whole perspective on life. | Flying over London | Lebanon flag

34: Fatima in Arabic

36: Finally, I am a senior in high-school, and the year is almost over. Overall, it has been a wonderful year for me. I learned even more than I expected to. I had some awesome teachers. I like Mr. Iglitz because he is unintentionally goofy, and an excellent explainer. I like Ms. Muniz because she actually helps you learn, and expands your mind to think critically and out of Pandora’s box. I like Ms. Simoneau because she has really good analogies and always bases the class’s test scores out of my score I got. | I met a few awesome kids this year too, and got closer to one of my current best friends, Jasmine Perez. Some people who made this year awesome for me were: Nick, Ernesto, Crystal, Lorena, Arianna, Dolly, Sabrina, Lisa, and Dillon.

37: Fortunately, senior year was not as tough as I thought it would be. I am so happy I will not have to wake up at 5:30 every morning, but I will miss the teachers and a few peers.

38: If I could live my life all over again, I would always make my family and school my number one priority. I would cut off those friends who I knew by intuition were shallow, fake, and deceiving. I would take back all of the times I wasted with the wrong people, and instead spend that time cherishing my family. | I would keep close ties with those few people where our pure and genuine friendship faded, such as Courtney Morelli and LaDanna Messerli. I would take those risks that I did not give a chance to, and all of those opportunities I was too scared to take.

39: If only I had not wasted my early teenage years partying, I would be smarter and even further in my life; I would have more brain cells too. I learned from all of my mistakes, but honestly if I could take back some immature, stupid things that I did I definitely would because I hate when people bring up some irrelevant things from my past.

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