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Section A Yearbook

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Section A Yearbook - Page Text Content

S: Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2009, Section A Yearbook

FC: Harvard Business School MBA Class of 2009, Section A

2: Alfonso Diaz | How could we forget Alfonso's ability to befriend any bouncer at Rumor and smuggle everyone into the club pronto? x Kirsten | Best cold-call dodging of the RC year, obviously on a Friday morning! Paris | Cholo! Seguro te dan el Rumor Scholar Award por tu persistente y constante participacin en Rumor! Pablo | Alfonso rocks the party that rocks the party. Jordan B | Cholo! Thanks for immortalizing all of our section memories in digital form. So when is the next Vargas Llosa running for Presidency of his country? Stay in touch! Marc | Skydeck Neighbor, Rumor King, Fonsie, El Cholo, Puma Fanatic .. I know you by many names and love them all. I look forward to spending time together in Peru, Singapore, New York or whichever part of the world it may be! Shilpa | Thanks for organizing the great Peru trip in RC year. I will never forget bbq at the beach outside of Lima! Wouter | Will never forget that outstanding meal in LIMA with those Ceviche shots! Thanks a ton. Rahul | The best New Year Eve party ever... go Asia!!! (31.12.07, Peru coastline) Ben | Bailando o filosofando sobre la vida. Siempre te tendre en a mi corazon. Beso fuerte. Sara | I never forget when I met you at the learning team in pre-MBA. You are the first person who I interacted with at school!! Hide | It was an exciting day when I looked across the room and realized that I had known Alfonso Diaz... el Cholo... for 13 years already. He is still the same wonderful person he was at that Peruvian high school! Shannah | Wait, what's a Cholo? Blake | You can still be Peru's first Formula One driver! Anuroop | The best pisco tour in Peru! Shweta | So wanna call Tatiana for a table in Rumor or should I call Heather? ;p Teebs | We'll always have Rumor. Steve

3: Amant Dewan | I'll never forget the email you sent me after the Saudi case! You said you were lucky to have me in the section but in reality, I am the lucky one! Teebs | Amant: pushing everyone a little futher than they might have otherwise gone. Jordan | Class was always entertaining sitting next to you - at least when you showed up! :) Mia | One of my most memorable comments at HBS was from Amant: "hmm....I still agree with me..." Joey | Amant, sorry for eating all your ice-cream. Let me know when you come again to Greece, assuming you can settle for something less luxurious than what you are accustomed to :) (great bachelor party by the way, too bad you were not there!) Paris | Thank you for inviting me dinner together with you and Gayatri in India. That night was the greatest night in India!! Hide | Hope your 15min at 300 words/sec comments will bring joy to your employers! Pablo | Amant and Gayatri, you guys give us hope that you can still be fun and outgoing after getting married. Better get ready to show off your favorite city, Mr and Mrs New York! Shilpa | No one but Amant can respond to a simple question with the most convoluted answer, and still make total sense. Wouter | Definitively the best connected guy in the section. Especially in the porn industry. Paolo | Indian Gordon Gecko and I mean that in the best possible way! Michael N | Hey Tito Jr., it was nice representing the workers with you against those cost-cutting managers. Way to stick it to 'em! More seriously, it was great having you in class. Best of luck with your whatever's next and let's stay in touch! Marc | I'm glad to have grown closer & closer to Gayatri & you. The small group dinners were the only reason to look forward to Sunday nights. Will miss you and hope we will stay in touch. Pato | Thanks for your fascinating speeches in class -- it was always worth waiting to see who would become more incensed: you or Vietor! x Kirsten | Amant, I've never met someone who made me so much smarter, while leaving me so confused! Thank you for all of the great memories! Steve | Your arguments in favor of inequality make all Republicans proud. Blake | You always inspire me with your passion for understanding businesses and having fun! Our secrets will be our secrets! Anuroop | Remember, if you want to complain about diamond rings or number of shoes, do give me a call! Sara | You don't talk often, but when you talk, YOU TALK! Danish | I got to know you more in the 2nd semester as your seatmate. I enjoyed sitting beside you. I will never forget you drew that “MBA” boy picture on my cup, going to your engagement party, having dinner at your place and in Grill, etc. We lived for our moments, for the present. I cherish your friendship. Our journey will go on. I hope you will be optimistic as you always are and enjoy every bit of your life with your family. Sandra

4: Anders Havneraas | Mr. Anderson, do we have a judgement yet? Rahul | I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor. Mornings just aren't the same without being asked, "Are you excited?" Elizabeth | It's a good thing that you have interesting things to say, because you are without a doubt the loudest whisperer in the history of mankind. Eric | I never forget your role play in LCA! Hide | I hope you'll have one more chance to say "When I worked at Exxon" in your career. Pablo | Although sitting next to you in Supply Chain drove me up the wall and the prospect of working with you later next year makes me want to jump out the window, I have learnt to live with it and even enjoy your company every now and then. Hope you find more people to imitate and more things to draw so that you can continue to keep me entertained. Shilpa | Here come the Vikings! Wouter | One of the dirtiest minds in the section (see Wouter) Paolo | Anders, someday you'll have to help me understand how the F&*K you Norwegians manage to have BOTH a functioning economy and high levels of social protection... Have fun in Asia and stay in touch! Marc | Who could forget your legendary acting performance in LCA? x Kirsten | And I still believe you should start a career in "impersonations". The Austrian Girls. Christine | On the first day of school, your "feedback" to Tim Butler that the mandatory career session was less than helpful was priceless. Your early stand made it clear we had a strong guy on the A-Team! Blake | I hope you'll have one more chance to say "When I worked at Exxon" in your career. Pablo | One day, we will organize our "brown & grey" party! Anuroop | Michael Cera is your long lost twin! Caroline | To my car-mate and seatmate in our first section retreat, thanks for feeding me muffin. It was delicious. Sandra

5: Ann Christensen | Now how old did you say you were when Frankie and you learned to s*** (hint: its a southern dance)! Rahul | Ann is awesome. Jordan | Will always remember your random cold calls in PE Finance. Alfonso | It was great for you to participate in Japan Trip! Also I was very happy to study right next to you in EVCHC class. Hide | May all the sports-teams in Boston win for your joy! Pablo | Ann, love your stories and I'm looking forward to more of them but all safe and with happy endings:-) Love you, Nataliya | Ann, I'm no fan of the Blue Devils or the Red Sox but after observing your fervor I guess I'd have to root for them just for you. It was great sharing the RC year and I look forward to reading your updates over the years ahead - you're one of the funniest writers out there! Marc | Thanks for sharing the great Ben & Jerry's Winter Festival expedition during the section retreat in Vermont! x Kirsten | It was great to serenade you in Japan... Blake | Miss Ann - I've really enjoyed the great stories of all your adventures. Here's to racking up plenty of new ones! James | I am almost a SOX fan now thanks to you!! Anuroop | I like the balance you gave to the class. Loved to hear your comments. Sara | Greatest chugger of orange soda, ever. Tina

6: ROOPA! Rahul | Do you remember Zip car accident when we went to a Japanese restaurant? That was a funny moment. Hide | Cheers to all our Cycling, Power Abs, sitting on bridges and Starbucks chats! Joey | Hope these two years here finally made you learn the lesson. When an opportunity presents itself - grab it! (-) The White Lemo Crew Ben | Next hike- Killimanjaro! Shweta | I hope you'll remember when to play X or Y!! Pablo | One of the dirtiest minds in the section... if he only could get the jokes (see Danish) Paolo | Anuroop - if I multiply 8 by 100 do I get: a) 8 b) 8,000,000,000 c) 55 The right answer gets a free visit to me and Sarah in Paris anytime you wish! Take care buddy :) Marc | Your carrot munching will forever be in my right ear. Michael N | It was such an unforgettable experience to ski together during our last section retreat in Killington. I really enjoyed the peace and excitement while skiing in between the mountains together. The ski journey has had an end, but our life journey will still go on. I hope you will enjoy every minute of your life going on as we did during the ski trip. Sandra | As in... Anuroop you are, hands down, the most upbeat person I've ever met. Look forward to great things in life! Steve | As in...I don't know what to say? Blake | Anuroop is the healthiest eater I know. I can attest to the fact that he consumed more baby carrots first semester than a roomful of bunny rabbits. Shannah | How you managed to get CLPN to dress up as a carrot we will never quite know! x Kirsten | Great party style. Smooth and elegant! Sara | Hopefully next time Goldman is pitching business to me and you are on the other end, let me know ahead of time! Danish | Anuroop Sreekumar

7: Art McGill | Anuroop Sreekumar | I hope by the time you read this, you would've already taken me to the Plough and Stars!! Teebs | Art will conquer the world, one beer label at a time. Jordan | Jager anyone? ;) Mia | I would listen to you over Elvis Mitchell any day of the week. Possible career for you?? Thayer | Art, you will remain my first ever FRC AND FIN1 tutor... Joey | To my favorite QB - You didn't just help me get through the finance final, you made studying enjoyable. Aaron Sorkin is the man. Elizabeth | I never forget summer of 2008 in Dubai. It was so hot but the beer I drank with you was great and playng darts was so fun!! Hide | May all the beer find your way! Pablo | Hey Art, I can't say I've met many American ballers who ALSO happen to be well read in French lit... It was fun sharing the classroom, the court and the field with you! Let's make sure to have our pre and post reunion events at Petsie Pie's and at the Plough and Stars! Marc | Thank you for bringing the Plough & Stars into our HBS lives -- I'll never forget the celebrations there on the last day of RC classes! x Kirsten | The next Oracle of Omaha. Blake | I love that you didn't notice that I had an earring in my right ear until retreat. You'll always be Art to my left. Tina

8: Ben Ellencweig | We're the hope of peace in this world! I'm gonna miss you both to PIECES!!! Teebs | Ben and Dani - You both have become such dear friends to me, especially this last year. I'm going to miss spending time with you, but will definitely be down to visit you in NY! Mia | At the end of the day... I think you may still be a spy. Eric | I remember going to Harvard Square with you before the official MBA started. Also, it was fun collaborating wth you in LEAD mid-term exam. Hide | Who doesn't know Ben - to the most popular guy at HBS. Pablo | I will miss all those nights you planned when we went out drinking (wink!@) Rahul | Thank you for such an amazing trip to Israel. It is one that I won't forget. Michael N | Most fun-loving spook I have met! Wouter | Ben, you and Dani are so much fun to be around and I am sure we will continue to keep in touch way beyond our year together in New York. Shilpa | Big brother, you and Dani have a special place in my heart. I'm really glad for having been your neighbor for a semester. Who will give me advice on guys now?? :-) xx Pato | Ben - all my best wishes to you and Dani for the future. It was great getting to know you and I hope we stay in close touch! PS - Thanks for introducing us to Ory Zik, he is a very cool and inspiring CEO indeed - just like you predicted! Marc | When Itzhak and Ben started negotiating in Hebrew, it was clear their opponents BATNA was getting a beat down... Blake | If you want the beads, you know what to do ... Danish | The White Limo and its constituents shall forever remain elusive man!!! Anuroop | Definitely the most mysterious section mate -- but those consulting firms loved the "blacked out" resume! x Kirsten | The boy among the girls, great listener, great thoughts! Sara | AT THE END OF THE DAY, I think Ben is one of the sweetest, most caring, most perceptive sectionmates we had! He always brightened my day. Shannah | Hope next time we see after the MBA is in Israel! Alfonso

9: It's not a good idea to steal people's shoes and hide them... Thayer | A few more meals at Super-88 and you will officially be Asian. Rahul | Hey Blake, it was fun hanging out with you these past few years. Keep it real in Chicago and thanks for keeping Thayer and Phil on their toes for the rest of us :) Marc | Amazing memories over the past 2 years. Bryan B. | Wanna play the shoulder game? Teebs | Would have conquered Europe, if only Napoleon hadn't beaten him to it. Wouter | I was happy to share the moment in Japan. You were so funny at Karaoke and I am amazed by your "Linda Linda". Hide | Old Chinese proverb: "Golfing with union leaders might take you to the White House?" Pablo | Here's to all our constant chats about how Omegas are for gents and Rolexes are for... Joey | My dear row-mate, I got away without putting up the Texas Flag! Sara | Blake, you will one day be able to beat me at Formula One! :-) I will never forget "I need to pee like a racehorse" outside Rumour! Anuroop | Thanks for teaching me your winning techniques for section bingo...Lorsch's class will remain a highlight for that reason alone! x Kirsten | You are the first person I met from the section, will always remember the negotiation exercise with you!! xx Pato | I know you'll still email me 10 years from now asking, "Is it okay to have alcohol when I'm on X medication?" Tina | Money Bags, you're the best treasurer ever! Caroline | Blake Slansky | Shortest and coolest yearbook comments. Alfonso

10: Wanna shot? or two? or maybe 25??? Teeba | Will miss your dance moves Mr. P! Mia | You're on your way to becoming an Iron Man. Thayer | I'd never imagined we would be in a same section when I got email from you before school started. It was fun we went to Chinatown together! Hide | In spite of your considerably weakened performance the second year, I am confident that you will always be there to have a shot or two with your friends when work gets too stressful. Keep it up! Shilpa | Most unlikely German ever... Wouter | Warm greetings!:-) Nataliya | Boney, Herr Poovan, it was a pleasure sharing this HBS experience with you. I wish I'd gotten to know you even better outside the classroom (I've got that arm-swinging video of you at Rumor stuck in my head) but we've got life ahead of us for that to happen! Congrats on your engagement my friend - stay in touch. Marc | Thanks for making us all laugh when you turned around in the front row and had a cat nap while the professor had his back to you x Kirsten | What should I say ... dancing, shots, party, ... I will miss it!!!! Christine | Knowing you, I will never dance without my hands in the air again. Blake | Our secrets shall remain our secrets! Remember Redline? :-) Looking forward to South America! Anuroop | I like the way you party, tough to keep away from shots. Sara | I had my first deep talk with YOU during our first section drink. I really enjoyed it. Our talk reminded me of some of my past experiences and feelings that I had. Meanwhile, it also opened a new chapter of my life in our section, at HBS. Thanks for sharing the journey together. Sandra | Go Bo-nay, just 15 more shots! Danish | Boney Poovan | Thanks for talking me into going to octoberfest, I had an amazing time!!! Parties would not have been the same without you :) xx Pato

11: Brian Musto | Flag football would not have been the same without your intensity. Keep your pencil spinning and your hair shaggy. Elizabeth | Great memories over the past two years. Bryan B. | Every time I talk with you, I cannot help laughing. Thank you for conveying funny moments all the time. Hide | Musto's success in life proves that nice guys DO NOT finish last, but they do get injured every time they step on the basketball court. Eric | By far the most passionate person I know, in terms of love for Atlantic City. Joey | Every morning you ate a packet of Cheerios with two small containers of milk -- thanks for making the rest of us feel unhealthy ;) x Kirsten | Greg Paulus would have made a better... just kidding, look forward to intense basketball debates Steve | Hey Brian, it was fun sharing the RC experience with you! I often found the stuff you said in class very insightful - especially when you started your comments by saying "Hey... I don't know..." :). Anyway, hope you keep up the b-ball and that we can play again soon! Marc | I never want to go out to eat with you and Vince again. You two are like food soul mates. Danish | Go HOYAS! And New Jersey! And HOYAS from New Jersey! Musto is just so proud to be who he is. :-) Shannah | Your ability to hold a one liter beer stein to your face with no hands is an inspiration to us all... Blake

12: Bryan Berg | I hope you won't ever forget that "uncomfortable ride" at Martha's Vineyard that I forced upon you. Rahul | Representing Canada's frat boys everywhere. In Buzious, we crush beers. Blake | You gave me new appreciation for how awesome Canadians are! Elizabeth | Brian’s openness to people and ideas is inspiring, and makes him a lot of fun to be around Jordan | There was a funny moment every time you were drunk! Hide | Thanks for making sure the Commonwealth voices were heard! x Kirsten | I still can't believe I bumped into you guys in Brazil!! Haha.. Craaazy times!! ;p Teeba | Bryan, best of luck for everything that's ahead, Canada's future depends on you! Marc | Scotch master... really enjoyed the ski retreat and the ginger w/scotch. Alfonso

13: Bryan Gitomer | Same seats! Kim | One egg is un oeuf. Kate | We talked about this the whole first semester, but alas we never really did get a chance to "go to New York together" to visit oiur girlfriends. Joey | Congratulations on your engagement and wish you both all the best Shilpa | I hope you will have a chance to visit Tokyo office of your firm in the near future. Hide | I want to build to Gitomer's comment .... Danish | Bryan Gitomer is funnier than everyone in Section A, hands down. Jordan | The sexy Chris Costello Wouter | Hey Gitomer, thanks for greeting me every morning with my Chinese name. It is really so nice and sweet of you. I enjoyed every little talk we had in the hallway and on campus. I appreciate that we build our friendships through those small talks. “Don’t be too intense, man!” Sandra | Bryan, I wish you all the best and hope we can stay in touch. Marc | Really enjoyed being your neighbor during RC Year. Congrats on the engagement! Alfonso

14: Thanks for doing so much for the section. Octoberfest was SO much fun with Nathan & you. It's not fun to play mafia with you though... Xx, Pato | Prof. Emeritus Wang - once you retire, you can't retire again! Can't wait for social events in the next decades! Ben | If everything else fails, just organize the social events for your employer and you'll quickly climb up the corporate ladder! Pablo | I hope you're going to take good care of those cheeks after we leave HBS, Rahul | #1 Social Chair...Thank you for making our time at HBS so great! Elizabeth | C Dubs is our social glue. Jordan | Needless to say, you are the MVP among all the social reps in our year. Also, it was great to have you in Japan Trip and visit your house on Thanksgiving day. Hide | C Wang, you will always been my favorite biking partner. Michael N. | Thanks for educating me about the Wii!! Gonna miss those days! Teebs | Section A could not have imagined a better social chair. It was great partying with you over the past two years. Bryan B. | Hey gal, we got to know each other much better towards the end of this two-year journey. I wish we had hung out more early. However, it’s never too late to “learn” (a new friend). Thanks for sharing bed with me during different section retreats. Thanks for inviting me over for Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Thanks for inviting me to your b-day dinner. I really enjoyed your company. Sandra | Caroline, mademoiselle extraordinaire! Thank you for doing such an amazing job organizing our social life for the past 2 years. I'm jealous you're heading back to SF - make sure to catch some Cal games while you're there and cheer on our Golden Bears for me! Marc | The best party organizer, ever! Paolo | A truly amazing job as social chair. Speechless... Joey | Thank you thank you thank you -- without your efforts to organize our social lives our section experiences would have been incredibly dull. Thank you for your persistence and for never taking no for an answer! x Kirsten | You were an amazing Social Chair - Section A would not be what it is without you!!! Thanks so much. Hug, Christine | Bravo to the person that single-handedly kept the entire section together! Thank you so very much :) Shilpa | Professor Wang, thanks so much for all the great activities and trips. I'm sorry we are such a "grumpy" bunch! James | What a phenomenal woman Caroline is! The countless hours she put into organizing everything for our section will one day pay off in good karma... and will also probably make Caroline the most successful one of us. Shannah | Thanks for being a great cruise director, wangsta. Blake | I hope Prof. Wang organizes events for us for the rest of our lives. Tina | C-Dub, where's the party at? Danish | Caroline Wang

15: Chris Costello | Same seats!! Bryan G. | Hey Chris, whaddup man, great to have you in class... A partner in crime and a partner in physical pain! Take care and say hi to your Mom for me :). Marc | Dude, he has a girlfriend. Bryan B. | Thank you for showing me Vegas and bringing your volleyball skills!! I will forever think of you when I see Smartwater. Elizbeth | Do you remember we are in learning teams that collaborated several times? Also, I want to play volleyball with you again! Hide | Critobal! May your Spanish be fluent forever! Pablo | Chris is the man, the myth, and the legend. Jordan | The sexy Bryan Gitomer, Wouter | You beat me in the marathon. There, I admit it. Michael N. | Scuba parties 4eva! Kate | Chris, thanks for sharing my ridiculous sense of humor. I've never had more fun than first semester in (of all places) Aldrich 011. Steve | Thumbs up for Costello's beach performance in Argentina. Blake | It was so fun sneaking into the private pool area in the Bahamas. Vegas baby, vegas. Tina | Rumour goer, can't keep up with you. Xx, Pato | Thanks for all the help in my search for "alpha!". James | Christopher! Thanks for keeping us awake during RC 2nd semester... Alfonso

16: What am I gonna do when there is no TLP right by my side making me laugh and lifting my spirits when I am in need??? Expect random phone calls, woman! ;p Tu me manquera beaucoup! Bisssouuuss! TLS. Teeba | There are dancers. There are good dancers. And then there's the next level--Christine at a club. Jordan | My dear Pippi! Always so warm and positive - I'm going to miss you. But at least we'll be in touch. Until the next costume party... maybe this time we'll remember the glue. Mia | Thank you for advising me how to travel in Germany and Austria. Thanks to you, it was a great trip for me. Hide | Boston will miss your partying skills! Pablo | My dear TLP ...through all those dinners, parties, travels, field study meetings, classes and conversations together, I have come to regard you as one of my most favorite people at HBS. Hope to continue the Oktoberfest tradition every year! Shilpa | German girl !!!!! Or was it Austria... I never seem to remember... Wouter | To the dancing queen - great times!:-) Nataliya | Salut Christine! Quel plaisir de t'avoir en cours! Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonnes choses et pense a me rendre visite a Paris des que possible. Marc | TLP, you are within my dearest 'amigas', we shared a lot together! Thanks for being so positive, cheerful and for caring so much about your friends! Te QUIERO MUCHO! Pato | Who could forget Oktoberfest! Thanks for having everybody to Munich! Blake | Was it J.Crew or Benetton? Was it Green or Blue? Was it Caprice or Rumour? :-) Anuroop | Christine is a perfect combination of fun/carefree and thoughtful/considerate. She is such a warm and genuine person! Shannah | Ich hoffe dass wir wieder spass ins Leben zusammen haben. Du hoerst, du verstehst und du bist da. Eine wundebare Freunde. Danke. Sara | Christine, I'll never forget the great memories from our trip to Germany for Oktoberfest! Caroline | You are the sweetest, most sincere person I've met. (And you rock the dance floor). Tina | Can you nudge the dude beside you? He seems to have dozed off. Danish | Christine Raschke

17: Whether we're struggling through image, crushing carafes of wine or teaming up to takeover the world, I'm so happy to have you as a friend! Elizabeth | 2nd Semester RC was the Best! You dressing up as Carrot, I will never forget! At some point of time, I will write you a song again! :-) Anuroop | I will still never fully understand the carrot song or any of that skydeck, but I fully enjoyed it all. Thayer | Do you remenber a photo we took with a Sumo wrestler in Tokyo? That was a kind of highlights of Japan Trip seriously. Hide | Smile! To the our ever-smiling sectionmate... Pablo | CLPN: merci merci merci for picking me up every morning in fall 2007 - don't know how I could have done it without you! You are one great lady with lots of carrot in you (lol) so I'll be on the look-out for news from Massachussetts' fashionista :) Marc | eeeeeeeeeoooouuuuuuuuu Rahul | Karaoke is your strong suit...oh, also shopping. Blake | Our ten year reunion will come faster than you can say Christina Elizabeth Helena LaPointe-Nelson. Danish | CLPN! I love her fiestiness and passion for issues. She makes me glad to be a woman in this world. Shannah | Christina LaPointe Nelson | CLPN!! You were the bestest neighbour. ... Nii

18: Dalia Rahman | 7abeeeebty!! Meen 7aylifilly 3yono bil 9af?? O meen 7ayeshkili wa ana ashkilo da2iman?? Ya wailik lo tinshi'3ly 3anni ib GS!! Amooot feeeeeki :* Teebs | How could I forget Miami! Sara | It was nice to sit close to you in term 2. Hide | I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor with whom to share all of my hopes, dreams, and reflected best self. I was lucky to have you! Elizabeth | We're glad you made it. Blake | I hope to call you 2 years after business school and discuss life ahead! Will be interesting to see how career decisions take people on completely different paths! Anuroop | Run, Dalia, run! (SF Marathon, July 09) Ben | Dalia, fabulous job on the talent show girl! The very best 3 hour time block of my days at HBS. Rock on and see you at the next one! Marc | Won't forget the pact Graham, you and I made @ Cocoon on Regent St to be in London - too bad that you made it and we didn't. Have a blast Rahul | Don't feel we spend enough time together, no choice but to make it up in London :-) Iupi! Pato | I have no doubt that Dalia will have deep impact on the world around her, likely with far geographic scope. Jordan

19: Dan Bogard | Keep crankin' with those engines and I'm sure you will hit the jackpot someday! Rahul | The future car czar. Bryan B | Detroit, what. Elizabeth | Thank you for organizing some sport-related (mostly baseball) activities. I still remember your knowledge in TOM. Hide | May your passion for cars endure through good and bad times! Pablo | Explain to me again, Dan, what is a Dodge neon? Wouter | I hope to buy one of your cars one of these days. Michael N | Good luck with everything you'll start! Nataliya | Dan my man, thanks for introducing me to the art of baseball batting cages, that was a lot of fun. An entrepreneurial venture for France if my cleantech job falls through?! Come visit soon! Marc | I wish you all the success with the electric cars! Hope you continue to bring hope to the unemployed. Exitos!! Pato | GM's best hope... Blake

20: Dan Osnoss | Keep up the Spanish, you rock! Pato | The awkward bird dance was the biggest hit of fall 2007. Thayer | Dan’s ability to oscillate between serious and funny at a moment’s notice makes him a blast to be with wherever we go. Jordan | The Swan. iFart. Nuff said. Elizabeth | The coolest nerdy guy you will ever meet. Bryan B. | Osnoss, you're a real mensch. :) I'm going to miss our randomly serious conversations. Mia | Hey Dan, thanks for all your great insights in the RC class, I learned a lot from you! I hope all goes well for you in NYC and that we can keep playing b-ball at all of our class reunions, no matter how old or less able we get :) Marc | I was very surprised when I met you in a Christmas party in NY. I like your sense of humor and intelligence. Hide | I was there, when she had her 100,000 mile birthday! Joey | Best of luck at Caipirinha Capital. Blake

21: Danielle Broude | What am I going to do without someone to over-analyze all the little ups and downs with me?! I'll miss you my dear. Mia | The best bun-wearer any company has ever seen. Thayer | Thank you for representing the girls who want families as well as careers. You are a strong, amazing person! Elizabeth | I love xxx* !!! * xxx = whoever she is thinking of at that precise moment. Wouter | Gonna miss our MSO class together! Rahul | Your smile makes people happy. Thank you for making section A happy! Hide | I'll forever miss those "What the beep is going on" looks we always passed each other every 10 minutes in class... Joey | Best of luck at Caipirinha Capital. Blake | Hey Danielle, I wish you all the best! Marc | Nice work pranking New A. Blake | A beauty & always in a good mood! Loved seeing you in Argentina! Pato | I like your style and your open heart to life. Sara | Dan! Thank you for your wonderful advice and warm energy every day... I was so glad to have you right in front of me as we slogged through second semester! I know your candor and caring nature will take you far... I can't wait to see where you end up. Shannah | “Can I please try your engagement ring? I really love it! I just really love it!” Said you. “Do you also love my man?” asked by me. Haha… Thanks for being a fun friend around! Sandra | How cute was the Starbucks barista? Danish

22: Hahaha KIMONO! Love, the kid who got offended ;p Teebs | Give Jasmine my love. Rahul | One day, as you promised, when we're both in Korea, you must take me to that tailor of yours that you keep raving about. Joey | May you enjoy many years of excellent service. Blake | What happend in Palo-Alto - stays in Palo Alto! (dare you to wear the weirdo red hat from New Orleans to class!) Ben | Your comments in class made even BAV early in the morning relatively entertaining. I will get you back for the coffee incident, sooner or later, so keep a look out Mr. Danish. Shilpa | In someday, I will use Singapore Airline, reminding of you. Hide | Danish, warm greetings from Nataliya Vasilievna:-) | Danish - please come visit us in Paris soon! No need to bring your toys though, it won't get you anywhere with French women. Seriously, you were a great classmate and I hope can hang out again soon. Marc | Hey 'me time' boy, I will miss you, hope you come and visit in London. You like taking flights anyway, right? Pato | Thank you for being the first person to set the section off into fits of laughter -- no one will ever board an airplane with a straight face again! x Kirsten | THE craziest mind in the section. Paolo | Always willing to cross the line, but proud! Sara | Cuba. Boney | Danish Yusuf

23: David Roberts | Never before have I met a Canadian that drinks in such moderation. Bryan B | ROBERTSOPEDIA!! Thayer | Robertopedia. Gloves. I will miss trying to moderate your trashtalk. Elizabeth | I learned a lot from you the Canadian way of thinking and drinking! Hide | Rememeber that it's bad luck to run out of beer!! To the most talkative Canadian we know. Pablo | Do I know you? What's your name again? Michael N | Roberts - thanks for sending out that awesome SNL video about the Republican's hypocrisy - one of my all time favorite videos EVER! Well, we didn't end up winning too many football games in the end, but I really enjoyed playing with you and will miss HBS if just for that reason! Stay in touch and bonne chance back in the "real world..." Marc | Thanks for increasing the volume of the former colonies! x. Kirsten | 60 / 40 (60 year old man / 40 year old body). Blake | I'll always call you if I ever have a Canadian History category question. Tina | A Canadian that has never curled is not a real Canadian. Danish

24: I'll never forget our adventures in Mina's wedding! Ummm, so do you always park in the last floor in parking lots? ;p. Teebs | D'-Weed: I will miss your refreshing comments. Always remember: you are like my son - and i shall continue to take credit for your accomplishments. Rahul | Your genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for life is truly a pleasure to be around! Elizabeth | I am impressed with your insight and smile all the time. Hide | Thanks for your inspirational speeches in class! Pablo | I love the warmth of your smile! Sara | And we'll all be doing well by doing good! Big Hug!:-) Nataliya | Hey David, thanks for all the breakfast treats, you're the best! It was a pleasure sitting next to you during the first half of RC, I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor. I wish you all the best in NYC and hope you'll come visit us in Paris soon! PS - Guys are much attractive there :) Marc | Everytime I see you I smile, you have a special spark and I am sure great things await you. Hope I have some place in your big heart :) Pato | I'll never forget the LVI rep with his whistle and bell constantly monitoring non-PC behavior! x Kirsten | David, you sound so incredibly positive and eloquent -- even when you disagree! You're amazing. Blake | David Zhang is my favorite philosopher, hands down. I can't wait to read his first book. I wish he would hurry up and write it. Shannah | LVI rep... yeah right :-) Wouter | DZ, I love you and all your quotes from random people! Mahjong forever! Caroline | Zhang Xian Sheng, I just can’t believe that 2 year will pass so soon. We will go back to where we want to belong to, but our friendship established through this journey, on this campus will fortunately go on. The impact of our friendship on me is beyond words. I enjoyed every minute of our talks and discussions and time we spent together. Thanks for sharing this journey with me together! Sandra | David Zhang | On my business checklist ... "What Would David Say. " Thanks for your passion and great heart!! Nii

25: Derek Brown | Tambourine man! It was a pleasure adventuring through southeast Asia with you...You have given me new appreciation for onomatopoeia. Elizabeth | [insert any of the hilarious catch-phrases you used non-stop during our trip to Asia here] - Thayer | Amazing memories over the past two years buddy. Bryan B | Derek has presence—as if he has nothing to prove to anyone but isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, and he carried that calmness throughout our time here. Jordan | It was nice we sat close in BSSE. I remember I learned election processes from you. Hide | Hey Derek, I hope all goes well for you after HBS. See you at the World Cup 2010, say at France vs. USA?! Marc | Thanks for being a great seat mate in the second semester (I learnt a lot about share trading)! x Kirsten | Pole position! Blake

26: Drew Thomas | Drew is immensely thoughtful and humble, and most everyone around him knows it, even if he doesn’t want them to! Jordan | Amazing memories over the past two years buddy. Bryan B | Felix Da HouseCat! Thayer | Hi...hai...hi...I will never look at a coozie without thinking of you. Elizabeth | When your first comment of RC year was a recommendation for Erik Peterson to go "radio silent", I knew we were in for a treat. Eric | Thank you for giving me a drive in section retreat. That was hilarious. Hide | Drew, hey man, all the best for HBS and beyond. Thanks for always keeping us on our toes about the "other" America (i.e. Iowa) - otherwise these New Yorkers would have us think there's nothing interesting between the coasts - au contraire! Marc | The most incorruptible midwesterner ever (okay, mostly incorruptible...you do wear half-zip sweaters). Blake

27: Elizabeth Green | Elizabeth’s genuine, open concern for others makes her unquestionably one of the nicest people at the Harvard Business School. Jordan | You were a great “Big Sisters” buddy .. thanks for driving us there every week! All the very best for your post – HBS life. Hope we stay in touch. Shilpa | One of the nicest memories from RC year was Newport weekend - and it was so nice to spend it with you and Brian! Mia | The most lovely bestie I could ever imagine! Thayer | Hey Terrell Owens, you are seriously one of the best wide receivers HBS has ever seen! It was fun hanging out with you in class and on the football field, and I hope we stay in touch! Marc | Remember admit weekend? You were among the first people I met from the section. I wish you the best and hope that our paths keep crossing. Xx, Pato | Great job leading our volleyball team! Your leadership proved! Hide | Sweeter than apple pie. Blake

28: Emmanuel Cassimatis | N'oublies jamais la cool saoudienne dans la section! Teebs | Thank you for trying to make me more Greek. I promise to stay Greek when you and Paris aren't around to help me. Thayer | Here's to my pool, squash, ping-pong and video game partner! Joey | Manolo, I hope to see you back in Greece soon - your slang vocabulary needs refreshing! Paris | It was my honor to share the room with you in section retreats. I learned esprit from you! Hide | Manu, you still haven't given me the secret to your radiant skin! Shilpa | Great times at the Ski Retreat. Alfonso | Is he French? Is he Greek? Who will tell? Wouter | Half greek, half french and half what? Wait, how is that even possible, Marc? Paolo | To the best painter of the sexy women :-) - great memories of fun times! Nataliya | Hello Manu! Ca m'a fait vraiment plaisir d'apprendre a te connaitre au cours de ces deux annees. Je te souhaite tout le bonheur de monde et compte te revoir bientot a Paris ou ailleurs! Marc | Thanks for inspiring us all with your social enterprise in Burkina Faso and commitment to helping others! Kirsten | Had a lot of fun with you in the EC. Now, let's get ready to repeat in the EE ;) Steve | International man of mystery. Blake | Manu, being Greek and French I gave you a hard time, but the Portuguese in me could not help it, too much love for soccer! Sara | Manu: Its time you stop dieting. Eat your heart out. All the best! Rahul | Hope we’re still having this much fun in 20 years! Sunil

29: Eric Hart | Eric is the modern day renaissance man. That’s awesome. Teeba | I learned political matters so much from you. Also, I am very impressed with your talents on music! Hide | Perhaps Micky can teach Winnie how to go "ratting" one of these days. Michael N | Hey Eric, I'm so glad I've *finally* met an enlightened and (relatively) well-informed Republican :). More seriously, thanks for always bringing your A-game to BGIE, it would have been a lot less fun without you. And great job on the HBS talent show, let's do that again at the first opportunity! Marc | Let's see, town employee, farmer, trucker, consultant, political pundit, basketball player...it's like the swiss army knife of men. Blake | Jazz it up! Hope there'll always be a piano where you can perform! Pablo | Thank you for always thinking about class, money issues, and the little people, even though you are a Republican. You know what? I may even vote for you one day. Shannah | Your piano lights my Sunday evenings! Sara | You are the most talented person I have ever known.. And a great chili cooker! Lluvia | Dear Eric, what a great two years! You worked hard, never wasted an opportunity to learn and were a great support to me throughout. Georgie says that just this once, she'll share her Dingo. Chafen | "The Republican with soul ..." Thanks for being a great jam partner. Wish we had more time! Nii

30: Geoff Ebeling | Where will Bill Woland be when we need him to prove our freeedom?? Teebs | Geoff belongs on everyone’s list of “Top People to Take on a Desert Island” (although that may just be because he has experience climbing palm trees and building rafts…). Jordan | Amazing memories over the past two years buddy. Bryan B | HOFF. HOFFANNA. Thayer | Hoff. You're good at charades, decent at football, pretty smart in class, but where you really excel is in growing facial hair. Elizabeth | I like your beards though I know you are shaving towards the graduation. You are always caring to everyone! Hide | May we see you in our 5-years reunion with a ZZ-top beard. Pablo | When I grow up, I want a beard like his. Paolo | Hoff, mister baller, keep it up buddy, and whatever they tell you at Bain, keep at least the stash!! Marc | The most impressive beard in section A! x Kirsten | How many toothpicks can you fit in that beard, Hoff? Blake

31: Graham Ward | I'll never forget your active participation in both my birthdays!! Good times ;p Teebs | HAWKKKKK: stop stressing and live a little. be a true Bahamian. Rahul | Hawk, you made sitting through second semester RC year so much fun. Look, she's asleep again! Thayer | Always my No. 1 agent! Joey | Hawk, sharing a condo with you guys was funny experience. You are the biggest person I ever met. Hide | My man Grahamas the Hawk! Thanks for bringing the Caribbean pace to our section! Pablo | The gentle giant... except on the b-ball court :-) Wouter | TA DA!!!! Paolo | Hawk! I am always glad you were on my team. Michael N | Best wishes to the Big man! Nataliya | Graham my man, thanks for a fabulous trip to the Bahamas, that was amazing!! Stay in touch and do come and visit us in Paris soon! Marc | Thank you for giving us "The Hawk"! x Kirsten | GWardy, Hawk, bummed you can't join me in LA. Had so much fun last summer, you'll have to come visit. Steve | Some would say you're the "hawk" -- I remember you as Vietor's favorite accountant. Blake | Thank you for organizing the MOST AMAZING Bahamas trip! It was fantastic-- I totally saw the islands in a new light. :-) Shannah | Always a smile and a nice word to say! Sara | I never going to turn my back on you ... just because I feel safer that way! Danish

32: Hide Hirama | I'm gonna miss you so much neighbor!!! I'll never forget the note you left me in class! You always knew how to cheer me up! Teebs | Hide! It was great getting to know you at HBS. Wish you the very best. Rahul | Hopefully I was an influence in your drinking and American education at HBS? And thanks again for Lena Fuji! Joey | Your volleyball skills are unmatched! Thank you for all of your support. Elizabeth | In Japan - thank you for always enlightening us with how things are done in Japan. Pablo | Hide, hm, I'm thinking of switching to pencil as well!:-) Nataliya | Hide, it was a pleasure having you in section. I hope you have a lot of fun traveling the US this summer and that we can stay in touch! Marc | Hide I loved sitting next to you in MITI and feel glad to have met you in Pre-MBA! Remember that you have an Argentine friend that will be glad to host you in London or Argentina! Take care. Xx, Pato | Our debate about national identity was one night in John Harvard's is one night out in the square I will never forget! x Kirsten | Thanks for an awesome Japan trip! Blake | I will think of you every time I deploy the "nuclear weapon." James | It was great learning from you! Sara | You are an awesome volleyball player! Tina | I think Japanese rice is worth the price. Danish

33: Itzhak Gartenberg | Thanks for showing me so many ways to pass the time in class! 3D tic-tac-toe anyone? Kim | Sitting behind you RC year I learned that you are a world-class doodler, a gentleman and a scholar. Thayer | Thanks so much for having me over for dinner once every year! Joey | Buzaglo, who's turn is it to do SHMIROT between 4-5 AM? Ben | I like to think that I got smarter just being in your presence. Elizabeth | I remember the brunch you kindly took me to in fall of RC. It was great to talk with you in your favorite place. Hope you will be a great entrepreneur!! Hide | Monsieur Itzhak, it was a real pleasure having you in class. I'll keep a close look out for a new "Gartenberg Hall" at HBS in the next few years - and will proud to tell people I know a thing or two about the man :) Marc | Piano man, we didn't share much time together but enough for me to tell that you are a GREAT and very talented guy! I wish you & Caroline happiness & success. Xx Pato | Thank you for your sense of humor -- and for throwing one of the most amazing dinner parties I have ever been lucky enough to attend! x Kirsten | Board of Directors...I mean Tick Tack Toe....Blake 10, Itzhak 5. (not weighted by attendance) Blake | I know everyone else is very taken with your professional future... but gosh, I would really like to see you play the piano more in public! What an amazing and talented person you are! Shannah | Dynamic Markets was fun! Let's do it again with some real money :) Nii

34: James, James, my Spangler procrastination partner... sing me a song! haha. Mia | Dude, I'll always remember your method of calculating whether a relationship results in a positive NPV before investing... Joey | I should have learned guitar from you. You did an amazing job at talent show and other occasions! Hide | Thanks for the fantastic flight to Martha's Vineyard. Definitely a day to remember. Michael N | :-) - to the only pilot I feel safe to fly a small airplane with! Nataliya | Hey James, thanks for your great performance at the talent show, it will be remembered for a long time! Marc | Amazing singer, guitar player and special guy. Wish you the best, keep in touch. Xx, Pato | Thanks for being a great seat mate during the first semester and for dazzling the section with your self-taught guitar skills at both talent nights! x Kirsten | I love to hear you playing the guitar! Hope to see you on stage again! Christine | Keep working the Sloan factor. Blake | Key takeaway from James: there is value in being skeptical of everything (but, you know, if you look at this value graphically, you may find that it has diminishing returns after a certain point). Shannah | I loved getting to know more of the US with you! Sara | James, I'll miss your fussiness and crazy driving! Caroline | I hope I get a DVT patient when I go back to medical school... I feel like an expert by now. Tina | James Sloan

35: Jamie Parker | Jamie’s high virtue is intently looking out for those closest to him; it shines through in everything he does. Jordan | That's my partner! Thayer | Grandpa...One redbull at a time. Elizabeth | I clearly remember you organized hiking in fall of RC. That was really fun. I respect you as a mature person. Hide | Portland here I come. Thanks for all the help and I look forward to hanging on the other side of the country. Michael N | We did not spend much time together but it's easy to tell that your friends are very lucky to have you around. All the best!! Xx, Pato | Top ten guys to share a beer with. Blake | I want a bowling rematch. Red high. Tina | Will always remember taking the RC Soccer Intramurals. Alfonso

36: Jason Bhardwaj | Jason has an amazing capacity to get things done and take none of the credit, like he has found comfort with how he engages the world. Jordan | Wild Card no more. Thayer | That's my partner! Elizabeth | You did an amazing job at HBS show! Also, it was fun to play volleyball and basketball together. Hide | :) It was fun sharing Oktoberfest and Bhangra practice sessions with you, Jason. I hope we stay in touch! Shilpa | Hugs to my dear neighbor!:-) Nataliya | I really enjoy the few but very nice talks we had. Hope we will have many more. Xx Pato | Beer testimonials. Blake | You can put your Bhard in my waj! Caroline | When we start a business together in 2030, I'll tell people we bonded through dance parties, SLT, an doing papers over wine. Tina

37: Mexico taught us how to be more tolerable to Tequila shots, No? ;p Baby Teebs | Jason Sunderson | Amazing memories over the past two years buddy. Bryan B | So many wonderful memories... and what sticks out is Tevia and I dragging you on a trip to Target. Thanks for always being so wonderful - I'm going to miss you and Jill! Mia | Hey, it's Thomas, not Joey; Joey, not Thomas... Joey | Volleyball MVP - Oh how I will miss the Fundersons! Elizabeth | You can do very well whatever they are. You are the star! I'm impressed with your intelligence, volleyball and drinking as well. Hide | Playdates for Rehan and little Sunderson! Shweta | Hey Jason, we've come a long way from that first i-banking dinner at Z-Square with Boney and Itzhak, haven't we?! Best of luck with everything in Chicago, and I hope we can stay in touch! Marc | Haven't spent much time together but enough to tell you are a great guy, very nice, very intelligent, excellent explaining to others and no doubt you will be a great father!! All the best! Xx Pato | Everybody's best friend. Blake | Jason Sunderson-- thank you for being the voice of reason and kindness when we talked about our memoirs in LEAD. Our conversation meant more to me than you will ever know. Shannah | You and your M&Ms! Sara | Our time at HBS may be at an end, but I know I'll see you in second life, Johann! Kate

38: Joey Chung | Thanks for the Hello Kitty stuff! I love them!! Teebs | Joey: If you need any help whatsoever getting a good deal on flat screen Taiwanese TV's, you know who to ask! Rahul | Joey projects quiet confidence, lends it to the people around him, and everyone is a little better off afterwards. Jordan | It was my favorite time to hear your personal lives. That made me very excited!! I was so happy to talk with you closely. Hide | No matter how rich you might get, always remember the cost of producing a Polo shirt!! Pablo | Joey, Mr. Hello Kitty, it was really nice getting to know you last year, and also this year during the ski trip. All the best and do stay in touch! Marc | Thanks for all the laughter -- Hello Kitty is lucky to have you on their team! x Kirsten | Taking over the world of retail, one pink kitty at a time... Blake | Man, I don't want to say I am going to miss our intense yet fun conversations about life! because I really hope we keep on having them often!! Gonna miss you though! Anuroop

39: Jordan Bazinsky | India was just a start for our upcoming adventures! I am expecting a visit to the ME! Teebs | J-Baz! Its been great being at HBS with you. Ten years from now, we're gonna look back and laugh at our stressful JST days @ Spangler Rahul | When I think of Dean Light, I think of you in a bathrobe on stage. Thayer | The forever king of Skydecks and high-fives... Joey | Good times in India: the mafia white suit, the class dance and... the last night... Ben | Master of Skydeck. King of Blackjack. Provider of guidance & wisdom. JBaz for Preseident! Elizabeth | You are the best skydecker! I cannot forget your presentations. Also I cannot help thinking of Dean every time I see you. Hide | JBAZ! You took the Skydeck concept to a new level! Thanks for all the fun. Pablo | Jordan, Kate: great times together rock climbing and getting "plastered" (did I use this word correctly?:-)) Love you guys, Nataliya | J-bazz, you are the man! Thank you for the amazing skydeck videos, you took all of us to a whole new level! Take care and do stay in touch! Marc | Kate & you rock!! I don't remember ever seeing u in a bad mood, you bring happiness to those around you. Tks for making me laugh so much! India was amazing! Xx, Pato | JBaz, your eternal optimism is an inspiration. Thank you! x Kirsten | You are the best "Sky-Decker" ever - I will miss it!!! Christine | J-Baz, your stunning performance as section bullshit bingo champion, skydeck captain, and HBS show star livened up the whole first year. Behind the joker, however, is a genuinely nice guy that I've enjoyed getting to know. James | King of skydeck, the nicest smile, sweetest wife. I know I can count on you. Sara | I hope we live in the same city again so we can have poker nights again! I can't believe the guys tried to get you to run naked after mafia. Tina | Proud member of the best sky deck row... Alfonso | J-Baz movies are a brand second to none. Blake | You got my vote. Michael N

40: Kate Wattson | Kate is an absolute bundle of energy—of fun and introspection and laughs—that you can’t help but get caught up in it even when she is in thoughtful repose. Jordan | It was very nice to sit right next to you. Also, I was so amazed by your dancing at HBS show. You are a great dancer! Hide | Congratulations my dear dancing queen Wish you and Neil a very happy married life. I look forward to seeing the wedding photos and hearing all about it. Lots of love xxx Shilpa | Hugs,:-)-Nataliya | It was super getting to know you Kate! I really wish you and Neil all the best - especially for your big day in September, make sure to send out some pictures of the beautiful moment! Marc | Hope you never loose the passion I see in you! Passion for sports, for the environment, for dancing, etc etc etc. Wish you lots of happiness in this special year for Neil and u. Xx, Pato | Thanks for joining me watching the Boston Ballet performances and forcing me to "escape the bubble" momentarily! x Kirsten | Dance it up... Blake | Kate, I love your passion for the environment. Keep saving the planet and ocelots! Caroline | You are such a wonderful, sweet person. I'm still so impressed at your dancing! Tina

41: Kim Burns | I love how Brian, you and I managed to have a very intense engineering conversation in a bar after a hockey game! Good times!! Teebs | Kim sees the world through such poignant and possible eyes that it’s exciting to follow where she is gazing. Jordan | Your smile makes people relieved. Have a happy life with Brian! Hide | Thank you for keeping me sane in BSSE! x Kirsten | Thanks for keeping an eye on Itzhak. Blake | Thanks for teaching us Indian moves! Sara | Amazing performances at the HBS Show. Alfonso | Keep laughing, Kim! Your laughter lights up the whole room! Nii

42: Kirsten Porter | Aussie Aussie Aussie, oy oy oy: I will never forget what you always said to me - "its a mans world!" Rahul | So, which one of you used to work at Bain? Mia | To my favorite Aussie...and our weekend small group dinners, skate performances and the Iceland trip that could have been... Joey | Career team wouldn't have been the same without you. I hope your career brings you empowerment and happiness! Elizabeth | How gorgeous you are! I was lucky to have ample opportunities to go out with you (dinner, movie, short trip in the UK etc) . Keep in touch! Hide | To our own Aussie! Thanks for organizing small-group dinners during the whole 2 years of the MBA!! Pablo | We will always share a chuckle remembering Ben Ed's sef praise in class! Shweta | Love you my dear!!! Hugs!-Nataliya | Hey Kirsten, thanks for getting us out of Baker Library and into the Cambridge Repertory Theater, it would NOT have happened without you! Marc | You kept your Aussie accent - you sticked to your plan :-) Cheers, Christine | Way to get us all into skirts. Blake | Thank you for always bringing arts and culture to our Section A lives! I enjoyed our theater outings. :-) Shannah | We should have had more theater nights! Thanks for being such a great person! Sara | Kirsten, you always bring such great style with you everywhere you go. And thanks for introducing me to Tim Tams! Caroline | Can't forget how excited you got at Ben & Jerry's. Fun times!! Keep up your good spirit, Kirsten! Nii

43: Kosuke Nagata | Always asking about others. Always seeking to know people better. Kosuke was always ensuring that people felt seen and heard despite the noise. Jordan | You still owe me big time for saving your Valentine's Day... Joey | I was very glad to have another Japanese student, Kosuke. You helped me a lot. Also, I enjoyed your sophisticated fashion! Hide | The inspiration to "Big in Japan". Best guide ever to wild and exotic Tokyo. Wouter | You should definitely visit us in Russia, especially after we've discovered that Russian and Japanese family and food have so much in common!:-) Nataliya | Kosuke we've come a long way since pre-MBA and I still have not tried your rice machine. Hopefully next time we see each other after the MBA. All the best! Xx, Pato | I will never be able to buy a rice cooker that costs less than $1,000 again! x Kirsten | Leader of the best Karaoke evening ever! Blake | My row mate who was my incentive to focus in class! Sara

44: Brunch, gym, and much more! You always managed to keep us in touch!! xx Teebs | My dear yoga partner! I'm going to miss having you around, but don't worry, you'll get plenty of phone calls to ruminate over life. :) Mia | A fantastic gab-partner during dog-walks. Thayer | I really miss the days of you and Ben sitting behind me...Joey | Yeah for breakfast club!! Bryan G. | To the strongest person I know - I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Here's to Christmas mixes and chocolate advent calendars! Elizabeth | How's your dog? I was very impressed with your work at Healthcare Conference. You were the star, seriously. Please keep teaching me healthcare stuff! Hide | Winnie already misses Aiden. She will never find another boyfriend like him. Michael N | Kristin, the year's already coming to a close, but I have a feeling we'll be getting to see more of you in the near future! Marc | Sweet woman, thanks for spending time with me. You are a strong and deep woman and I hope nice surprises await you! Please keep in touch. Xx, Pato | Ready to move the west. Blake | Kristin Myers lives her life with her full heart, so her life can only bring wonderful things. I can't wait to meet the person that she will be, and the beautiful family that she will have, 20 years from now! Shannah | Can't wait to do yoga and hang out in cafes with you in SF! Caroline | Kristin Myers | Sham Sham! You're the best!! Nii

45: Kristin Naragon | The artist formerly known as the Pillow Fighter!! Eating those super za-spicy hot dogs with you was a humbling experience I will never forget! All the best.. Rahul | Kristin’s capacity to be social glue is immense—connecting with everyone, bringing people together, making all sorts of situations just work without even trying. Jordan | I will never forget being a member of the RC ring bearers club, having my ring broken on the first day, walking up to you sad, and you giving me another brand new ring right there! What an uplifting and magical moment! Joey | Will never forget the fellowship of the green ring!! Alfonso | Rita's Water Ice and Philly cheesesteaks in Bucks County! Bryan G | I laughed all the time when I talked with you and Ryan. Thank you for giving me a great time. I never forget your kindness. Hide | Miss extraordinaire. That's all I'm going to say. Same for your husband BTW. Marc | Nice pick on the husband. Blake | Buffy the vampire slayer! I'll miss sitting next to you in class... you rock! Caroline | I know that we will be in touch! Danish | Hold on to the dream – Bob believes. Sunil

46: Kyle Sable | Its been a pleasure getting to know both Allison and you. RC year wouldn't have been half nearly as great of a learning experience without your insightful NPV oriented comments. Rahul | No individual has performed an many DCFs as you. Bryan B | Taxi rides will not be the same without you. I will think of you and your wonderful wife whenever I hear the phrase "NPV Positive." Thayer | Dad! While I still wish you would have signed my newspaper, from Asia to Aldrich, you've taught me the importance of positive NPV decisions. Elizabeth | So glad that you started the blog- it has been a blast! Your diplomacy in political debate was evidenced by a comment in our first editorial meeting: "Not to be rude, but that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard" Eric | Needless to say you are smart, but I noticed you always try to make others enjoy and feel comfortable. As a person, I respect you. Hide | May your life be filled with NPV positive projects. Pablo | Hey NPV, thanks for all your help and advice outside of class and great insights in class. I hope you and Allison find a great place to live and work and that we can stay in touch. I know I'm going to miss our BGIE and CMFS classes! Marc | You were definitely NPV positive to the section and I'm sure to all those that have been lucky enough to share a lot of time with u. I'm really glad I got to know you & Alison better in NY. All the best! Xx, Pato | Thanks for organizing great summer picnics in Central Park! x Kirsten | Always stay NPV positive ;-) All the best, Christine | A true Grendall's Scholar. Blake | It is not always easy to find someone as bright as you that is always willing to give out a helping hand. Sara

47: Lance Toler | Thanks for all your financial tutoring! I'll never forget your help!! Teebs | Always great chatting with you buddy. Bryan B | I wonder why you were always sitting in the worm deck despite you are so tall. But because of that, now I cannot imagine you sit other than the front row. Hide | The stormin' mormon. Wouter | Warm greetings!:-) Nataliya | As long as Lance is in or near DC, the TARP is in safe hands. Great getting to know you Lance, the US needs you to keep an eye over all these i-bankers :). Marc | I guess this was a very special year for you! I wish you lots of happiness in this new stage in your life. Xx, Pato | King of the Worm Deck -- congratulations on making it through two semesters in the front row! x Kisten | Mr. President, please don't forget the little people when you're running the country! Steve | I think you might just save the financial system Blake | T-Lance, I'm not sure I would have eaten in Peru if not for you. I hope we get to travel again - after you finish saving the economy, of course. James | Lance. Please fix it. We are counting on you. Thank you. We promise to repay you in political capital one day. Shannah | I am happy we got to see your special "transformational" experience! Sara

48: Le Yu | One of the funniest people at HBS, disguised in the hushed tones of intellectual curiosity! Jordan | Thanks for all the discussions and car ride conversations, they were very important HBS memories....from one young kid to one elderly classmate... Joey | Thanks for taking care of us in Shanghai and for our very best Chinese food of the whole trip! Alfonso | I know you are crazy about skiing now. This illustrates how enthusiastic you are. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and unique views all the time. Hide | Warm greetings!:-) Nataliya | Thanks for the ride to the snow and back! I hope you will enjoy yourself at McKinsey in China and that you can come visit us in Paris. Marc | Remember, Australia is a model for (good) corporate governance! x Kirsten | The narrowest name tag in school Blake | Le, you are racing ahead in your ski'ing skills. I will never forget our first year section ski trip though when you flew right past that hill and landed on your head :-) and got up acting as though nothing had happened and hoping no one saw you!! Looking forward to many more trips together! Anuroop

49: Lily Bradley L | Notorious BIGGIE girl: Section A 2009 is gonna miss our choir of laughs. Rahul | Lily, my fellow Californian, you always made the spirit a bit lighter in class! Mia | I wanna be where her daydreams are. I wanna be, wanna be romancing’ Hanging around with those, (Whad'ya call 'em?) oh EC's... Studying Fin you don't get too far Fin’s not required for drinking, dancin' Liberals don’t give a damn about (What’s that place?) Wall street. Randomly talk Make bathroom runs. Don’t ever care about getting a one. Happy with 3’s, Wish we could be, Part of her world. Eric | It was great to take healthcare immersion together. Your smile makes people happy! Hide | In 20 years I am SURE that I will still be able to still pick laugh out of a crowd. Michael N | Big hug Ms. Lily! :-) Nataliya | Hey Lily, I fully expect you to take over the ZS San Mateo office! Have fun out there, it's a great clan, and do stay in touch and come visit in Paris every now and then! Marc | Thank you for your eternal optimism and ability to put sunshine into everyone's day! x Kirsten | We laugh when you laugh. Blake | I don't need to check where that lively laugh is coming from! I can tell it's you from miles away. Always makes me smile. Sara | Lily, my fellow California Chinese girl! See you back there soon! Caroline | Keep smiling. You have such a good heart. Tina | hahahahahahaha. Danish

50: Marc Oman | Je ne peux pas attendre pour nous de runir Paris! Teebs | Irrespective if anyone agrees or not - French tomatoes rock! Rahul | Picnics in Central Park... and accidentally discovering a special ring purchase. :) Mia | One of my best EC memories will be you, me and Le at a very traditional Mom & Pop breakfast cafe on a Sunday, having eggs at 9:30 am in Vermont...doesn't get much better than that... Joey | I will never eat a French tomato without thinking of you! Elizabeth | I was happy to sit close to you in term 2. I am impressed with your music skills at talent show. Please advise me how to find good Tomatoes. Hide | My fellow drummer! Hope you'll keep the "funk" back in France. Pablo | Hope you have a wonderful married life, my campus tour buddy! Wish you and Sarah all the very best. Shilpa | Is he American? Is he French? Wouter | Half american and half what? Paolo | Don't think I am forgetting. Anne and I are looking forward to our dinner in Paris. Michael N | I love our Panda!!!:-)-Nataliya | Marc, I really wish you and your AMAZING fiancee Sarah all the very best. Marc | I admire you Marc. I see in you a great friend, a very good professional and I hope I will be lucky enough to keep on seeing more of Sara & u. Xx, Pato | Thank you for being French (and having a great sense of humor)! x Kirsten | Salut mon ami, j'espere de te voir bientot en France!!!! Bisou, Christine | If the tomatoes are that good... Blake | One day we will do something good for the world together. Now... maybe not just yet! Sara

51: Marcus Newman | I'm gonna miss our sporadic laughs in class!!! Teebs | MAARCO!! Wish you the best. Rahul | Everything that Marcus does, he does with immense Style. What a great approach to life! Jordan | To one of my favorite paper partners...remember to follow my lead, and lay off the fried chicken and fries! Joey | Thank you for organizing social events for the section! Hide | You can talk sh*t all day long in my world. Michael N | Marcus my man: always a classy guy, both on and off the courts. Be well my friend and keep me posted where you end up, I'm sure Sarah and I will be back to Tennessee every now and then to visit her family. And if we can't make it I fully expect a visit from you in Paris before too long! Marc | Don Juan of Playa Del Carmen. Blake | Dude, what happened to the other social chair? Caroline | Where is my website? I'm still waiting .... Danish

52: Matthew Rascoff | I must admit, your sleeping patterns kept me amused in class! ;p Teebs | I have such fond memories of our drive to our first section retreat... and yummy pupusas on the way! Mia | Indeed, being an intellectual is a tedious profession… ZZZ ZZZ… Ben | Professor Rascoff can and will save the world...one beautiful lady at a time. Eric | I like your thought process. You have unique views. It was great to share room together with you and talk a lot at the retreat. Hide | Sleeping beauty... only hairier. Wouter | Hey Matthew, that European Immersion would not have been the same without you! Ahh... that last night out until 3 am with Aurora, Rahki, Mogan, and Mugda will be engraved in my memory for a long time! I hope life takes you to wonderful new adventures and places, and that you'll keep me posted! Marc | Dear editor, thanks for always being so nice to me. I hope we can go ride our bikes before we leave, otherwise you will have to visit me in London :). Always stay touch, ok? Don't want to lose our friendship! Xx, Pato | I will miss 'keeping you awake'. How will you make it in this world without me?! :-) Christine | ...has Ron Burgundy's leather bound book collection. Blake | I could always count on an interesting conversation when you were around. Sara | One day you can hire me to be your professional elbower to keep you awake during board meetings. Tina

53: Mia Boserup | I'll never forget how a night with brownies and wine on a bad snow stormy night just before a marketing exam lifted me up when I was so down. Thanks for being there!! xx Teebs | achat, shteim, shalosh, arba, hamesh, shesh... (1,2,3,4,5,6 in Hebrew)! Ben | Although you put me to shame with your Shabbat dinners and homemade halvah, I am so grateful for our friendship and for all the fun times. You are a rockstar in my book. Elizabeth | I was impressed with your remarks at the last section retreat. Was this an effect of public speaking classes we took? Hide | Boston will miss your partying capabilities for sure! Pablo | Mia, it has been so wonderful to share so many special days with you, whether it be my wedding,our famous celebrity party, the black and white ball or section retreats. I hope we get many more such chances in the future. Shilpa | Also known as "Marylin Monroe" in Argentinian airports. Wouter | Hugs,:-)-Nataliya | Hey Mia, thank you for being the Best Secret Keeper Ever! I missed your company this year and hope we can stay in touch and hang out again soon! Marc | I'm glad we could enjoy spending time with you. Don't know many people as strong and mature as you. Hope you never loose that Mia. Love, Pato | Thanks for being such a great NYT team mate and for always looking for the silver lining in every cloud! x Kirsten | I will miss you Marilyn :-) Christine | Your singing duo with Tevia will not be forgotten... Blake | I am glad and proud you chose to be around us. I admire your strength and your ability to love. I will be here for long. Sara | Your smile always spells trouble :> Danish

54: Thanks for educating us about all the different American sports! We had many many good times!! Teebs | Great memories over the past two years. Bryan B | Exclusive Dance Partner. Thayer | Coach K - from LT 133 to the Sports Rep - the man and the whistle. Ben | Coach - You gave new meaning to Shakira's 'The hips don't lie'. And never forget it - Justice will prevail. Elizabeth | Thank you for organizing many section events. You are the best athletic rep! Hide | Thank you for teaching us this most valuable lesson: if you see the bottom of the glass it's time to buy another beer! Pablo | Coach K, when do our alumni soccer leagues in Paris start? Lights or dark? Gooooooo Pandas! Marc | Thanks for forcing me to learn about all the weird and wonderful sports adored by US fans! x Kirsten | Butch, you throw a good shindig. Blake | If X were an animal, what type of animal would he be? Tina | Michael Kerin

55: Michael Newton | Do you know how many times I was absolutely overjoyed to see a fellow section A face at a section H event? Mia | It's good the year is coming to an end, because I'm tired of chasing you up and down the court. You need a serious lesson in laziness. Eric | I am very amazed by your intelligence and basketball skills! Hide | Good taste in women... Belgians rule! Wouter | Hello handsome. Michael N | Don't forget you have a client for your car insurance company in MA or in EU or in Russia...:-) Good luck with everything you'll start - I believe in success!! Nataliya | Don't forget that Sarah and I owe you and Anne a dinner in Paris! Marc | Thank you for your thoughtful comments in class (especially in the dying 30 seconds)! x Kirsten | Truly thoughtful guy. Blake | My seatmates this year are all confused when I come into class and unpack as if I've just hiked across Nepal... James | Michael Newton is a genuinely good guy, with genuinely phenomenal ideas about how to make the world a better place. I may even move to Oregon just to buy his insurance. Shannah

56: Mina Nguyen | A wonderful wedding, birthdays, retreats, parties here and there and much more events to come where I will celebrate with you both! I can't wait!! xx Teebs | Eeena-Meana-Myna-Moe: I'm gonna miss our sessions. Rahul | Mina, you and Viet have always been so wonderfully kind and welcoming to everyone. I hope you'll stay in touch! Mia | Brunch is the best with you and Viet! Thayer | Shooter! I couldn't have asked for a better craps partner and loved our Vegas excursion and all the fun we've had since. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Elizabeth | It's a good thing the two Republicans were seated next to each other the entire year. Logic and common sense are pretty contagious, and HBS wanted to keep the infection contained. Keep fighting the good fight, and please tell me when FEC rules allow me to write a check to your exploration committee. Eric | It was one of great moments that I could visit your place during Thanksgiving! That was really fun night. Hide | Mina, it was so wonderful to have you as my neighbor in Cambridge and to travel together with you. Kunal and I are very inspired by your's and Viet's extraordinary hosting skills. I hope we stay in touch! Shilpa | The first female/Asian president? She has my vote! Wouter | Hugs!:-)-Nataliya | You are a wonderful person and have a special place in my heart. I know that I can share tears but also laughter and dances with you. Hope we see each other after HBS because I would hate to lose touch. Xx, Pato | Thanks for sticking by Eric when Vietor was on the war path! x Kirsten | Could there be a warmer, more generous friend? Blake | He is not that into you!! I am writing this right after I watched it! Anuroop | Mina is one of the first people I met at HBS, and when I learned what she used to do for a living, I thought to myself, "Holy crap! How did I get in here?" She is the most humble person I know. I hope she finds someone to walk in front of her throughout her life to toot her horn for her! Shannah | Love to hear you speak! Love to party with you! You will be famous!(even more) Sara | To many more reunions with wining and dining in style!” Boney | I'm going to come to you for evening gown advice and for wedding planning! Thanks for making BGIE the most entertaining class of the year. Tina | Thank you so much to take me for bridal dress shopping. Thank you for inviting me over for parties and to share your delicious food. I really learnt a lot from you as a person, beyond your excellent comments in the classroom. I have full confidence in you that you will be very successful in your career no matter what you choose to do. Please drop me a line to share your success with me in the near future! Sandra

57: Monique Saint Louis | No matter where I see you, in class or the tunnels...the sight of you walking towards me always brings me a huge smile! Joey | VCO Captain - your patience and leadership skills are truly admirable. Beacon Academy as Runner-up for the Team Excellence Award? All you. Elizabeth | I like your positive thinking and enthusiasm! Hide | A true verbal AK-47. Wouter | Mo, I will forever have a man-crush on your hubbie. You better make sure to keep him locked down. Michael N | Mo'! Hope your wedding goes super! You guys look so cute I bet all of NYC will come down to snap a picture of newly weds. Do stay in touch! Marc | Hey Monique, I really enjoyed dinner in NY. Hopefully there will be more of those coming up after HBS :) Good luck with the wedding! Pato | Thanks for putting a smile on everyone's face with your enthusiasm and excitement! x Kirsten | Who could forget Munich with Monique? Clap. Clap. Clap. Blake | Mo. Is. So. Funny. Shannah | Mo, I heart you, your drunk text messages, and positive energy. Keep it coming! Caroline

58: Mrinal Sinha | Mir-nil: Not to add any pressure but people like you make me believe in the future of politics in India. Rahul | The world can be divided into three types of people: FIRSTLY - those who believe the world can be divided into three types of people; SECONDLY - those who don't believe the world can be divided into three types of people; and THIRDLY - ... ... umm did I say three points? Well...umm I had only two points, but ... THIRDLY...umm I believe I'm done! Nii | It was great that we met in Mumbai during summer. I hope you will succeed in building schools in India! Hide | 2 things - hope you'll always be able to frame everything in 2 things... Maybe you'll even have twins! Pablo | Very much looking forward to visiting you and Tanu in India sometime soon. Michael N | Mrinal, setting up a firm that sells start-up ideas - really, you can make a lot of money:-) Hugs, Nataliya | If I could vote to elect the next President of India you'd get my vote Mrinal. Just don't let that odd Rahul character be your PM... and don't forget to say two things at each of your public addresses! Marc | Thanks for joining the best Spring Break tour ever! x Kirsten | 1) Intelligent 2) Insightful 3) Predictable. Blake | Looking forward to your grand entry into politics in India Mrinal. We need people like you!! Anuroop | I like your thoughtful comments and I love when you came party with us! Sara

59: Nataliya Novikova | Move back to Russia soon so I can come visit for a holiday! Rahul | I'll never forget your amazing poses for pictures in India! Mia | Thank you for sharing Ice-Fili with us! Elizabeth | Russian Dinner was really great time for me. I like your spirits of challenging!! Hide | Always remember the "Russian baby" concept! Pablo | Thank you for the delicious Ice-Fili ice creams Nataliya! Marc | The barbecue at Blake's was very special for me, thanks for the trust! Hope all goes well :) Xx, Pato | Nataliya, you're a truly exceptional person...I couldn't have made it through HBS without you! x Kirsten | Someday your dance floor psychoanalysis skills will pay great dividends. Keep honing them ;) Steve | Not sure what you meant about the frozen chicken, but I've got your back. Blake | Miss Nataliya, I am going to miss wine & cheese, hikes, and conversation. Who is going to keep me from overthinking everything? James | You are an amazing person and I will love to follow your path. Sara | Dancing in the HBS show will be one of my most memorable experiences from HBS. Thanks for making it all possible! Kate

60: Nathan Dutzmann | Nathan takes the philosophical seriously and incorporates it into very meaningful personal relationships. He makes people feel that every interaction is genuine, every comment considered. Jordan | I never forget your song at Marketing. I like your sense of humor! Hide | Please send notice when you record your altered lyrics Christmas Carols album! Pablo | Nathan, it was great sitting next to you in my favorite class at HBS! Shilpa | When I need a witty ditty, you're my man. Michael N | To our amazing singer-songwriter Nathan: bravo! I hope you are well and look forward to hearing your updates as life progresses and we each make our way forward.... Marc | Your song about Lily is one of my favorite section A memories! x Kirsten | A new level of humor. Blake | I would like to live inside Nathan's brain. I believe it is likely perfectly ordered and brilliantly timed, like his comments. Shannah

61: Nii Dodoo | I think I purposely spilled Whiskey all over your head during the first retreat...those were the times.. Joey | It was my honor to sit right next to you. Your soccer and music skills are really wonderful. You are so talented!! I will call you when I am in tech troubles. Hide | Hope your heart will always beat in its own unique way! the Niiiiiiiiiiii way! Pablo | Niiiii.. can we continue to call you when tech stuff doesn't work? Shilpa | Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Paolo | Remember the magic power of Niiiiii!:-) -Nataliya | So good jamming with you buddy! Keep it up and let's rock out at each of our class reunions! Marc | You have a huge heart! I wish Jana and you the best! Thanks for always being so nice to me, hope we will stay in touch. Xx, Pato | Thanks for sharing the great Ben & Jerry's Winter Festivak expedition during the section retreat in Vermont! x Kirsten | Thoughtful. Blake | I love it when Nii is kidding, but delivers his joke with a straight face so you just can't tell. He always holds the face for just long enough for me to think... "wait, is he serious??" Shannah | I like your style, quiet but always present! Sara

62: Pablo Jerez | If I was walking down a cobblestone path in a random city and happened upon a sidewalk cafe I would want Pablo to be the guy at the table with an extra chair ready to swap stories. Jordan | Better known as Pedro... we all know where the Pisco comes from, let's leave that aside! Alfonso | It was great to sit together in Corporate Strategy. I enjoyed chatting with you! Also, great job at talent show!! Hide | Class bingo memories! Shweta | Pedro? Paolo | M. drummer! Best of luck with everything that lies ahead and keep the rock alive! Marc | Am pleased that someone else was as excited about flying to Australia as I always am! x Kirsten | Sorry I beat you at 3-in-a-row! Sara

63: Paolo Morra | When you return to Italy, and eat your mama's delicious home made pasta, I hope you will one day learn not disagree but instead acknowledge that pasta came from China and you are merely eating a creamier form of Shezuan noodles! Rahul | My favorite Italian of all time! Bryan B | If you still remember, we actually first met at a blind small group lunch before the start of RC at Borders Cafe... Joey | Don Paolo, it was a pleasure. Hope you find real pasta in Texas :) Paris | I miss your disagreement. But I learned a lot from your insightful comments. Hide | I think you will agree that we will miss your "I disagrees" to everything! I have to admit I still struggle with your comparison of genetical diversity between a Sardinian and a Roman to explain political diversity in the US? Pablo | It's like bringing pizza to a pizzeria (or having a girlfriend when coming to HBS) Wouter | Paolo, I wonder how many "disagree" words are going to be on this page:-): but "the more we disagree, the more chance there is that at least one of us is right.":-) -Nataliya | Paolo, I disagree, you really DID have insightful things to share during the RC :) Marc | Guess why I enjoyed Energy and IMAGE so much? I had a great neighbor! Will not forget the talk we had over lunch, you are a great advisor but specially a great friend! Gracie! Xx, Pato | For disagreeing (almost) everytime...and forcing us all to work harder to convince you, thank you! x Kirsten | There's no R in Steve, but somehow you managed to add one in and roll it. Well done ;) Steve | I agree with your disagreement. Blake | Paolo, I am reminded of a bull dog whenever I think of you! Super intelligent, Super sexy (i can't stop thinking of the wrestling photo), and super friendly! Bites only on the Rugby field! Anuroop | Paolo il p***** (you know what I mean :> ) Danish

64: Pareee - Thank heavens you had a way with Greek women - won't ever forget our Virgin Atlantic story. Rahul | Greek people (even fakes like me) stick together! Thayer | Remember, if you're ever in trouble with your girlfriend...call me for some Hello Kitty...put me on speed dial... Joey | It was nice that we shared a condo at the retreat and had dinner several times. I like your smile and sense of humor. Hide | My dear Malaka! Thank you for reminding us the importance of a well maintained butterfly collection. Pablo | Meeeeeeh. Wouter | Paris: I love furry animals! Paolo | Mastering salsa and supply chain together - Greek-Russian team rocks!:-) Nataliya | Paris Deligiannakis | I knew from the minute I read your first name that you'd be a good guy. Except for that time you made me save you a seat for no reason at the RC spring retreat :). Have fun in Greece and please buy a large house on a beautiful island so Sarah and I can come visit very often. Marc | Thank you for joining the "Internationals" Thanksgiving! x Kirsten | The humor sneak attack... Blake | Can you make sure you do perform the stochastical simulations of the derivative relations in the supply chain exercise next time you take a class with me? Anuroop | I will definitely visit in Athens! Sara | Please don’t forget to drop me a line when you become a Mck partner in 5 years. You are such a fun and smart man. I really enjoy your humor and insights about life. Sandra | Bulgarian Feta. Need I say more? Danish | The funniest phrases in Spanish. Alfonso

65: Pato Otero | Cours de franais, le gym, faire des courses, sances de thrapie, les ftes, "sleepovers", etc... Avec qui je vais faire toutes ces choses??? Bisous, Teebs | Mi espaol no habra sido tan gran si no fueron para usted. Gracias por es tan paciente y me ayudando aprendo. Rahul | Pato, you're a wonderful, compassionate person and I'm really going to miss you! I'm already looking forward to catching up again - hopefully in some exotic place! Mia | From admit weekend onward, its been a great ride! Elizabeth | It was great to sit right next to you in MITI. I felt your energy and beauty all the time. Hide | Pato!! Thank you for reminding us the nutritional importance of apples in the morning! Your partying capabilities will be missed by Boston's nightlife... Pablo | Pato, you are one of the most thoughtful and caring people I have ever met. Thanks for cheering me up in my sad moments and for encouraging me to practice my fast-fading Spanish speaking skills! I will cherish our friendship forever. Shilpa | Didn't seem to be too affected from living with the Dutch for a few years. Thank god! Wouter | Pato: warm hugs to my soul-mate: I wish we'll find everything that we dreamed about! Love you, Nataliya | Hola Pato! Thank you for keeping us focused on the key pieces of data throughout the RC year :). Seriously, it was a lot of fun having you in section - viva Argentina! Come visit Paris soon! Marc | Hey my little duck, hope to see you in a River Dance Performance someday! TLP | Could there be a more friendly smile? Blake | Pato, hiciste mi tiempo in Harvard muy especial. Siempre con una palabra amiga, una mano para ayudarme y tiempo para escuchar. Me gusto muchsimo verte crecer. S que vamos pasar muy bien juntas a Londres! Sara

66: Philip Meicler | You were always there to support me and push me further!! Thanks neighbor. Love, Teebs | Phil’s admirable intensity captures collective ambition and focuses it on singular efforts—a bit like holding a magnifying glass up to capture sunlight, although with more ridiculous antics along the way. Jordan | I have never met anyone as intense and extreme as you. Great memories over the past two years. Bryan B | My first memory of you is a loud argument during the first week about balance sheets and statements of cash flows, and lots of use of "bps." I understood none of it. Thayer | Boyfriend in law (Bill) - Thank you for taking such good care of my girlfriend and for always looking out for me too. Elizabeth | It was great to sit close to you in term 1. I like your intelligence and craziness at drinking. Hide | No, I won't do the paper! Paolo | Hey Phil, it was fun being in class with you and discussing "French business politics" at the Spring EC retreat. I'm passing along your recos to President Sarkozy so stay tuned :) Marc | Never replace your unique tight shirts!!!!!!!! XX, Christine | One gear: "high gear" Blake | I will miss someone who is always sure about the numbers! Sara | Thanks for teaching me your crazy workout routine – if our investing industry gets overregulated one day, I can now become a psycho gym trainer. Boney

67: Rahul Anand | I am NOT 21 anymore! DAMMIT! ;p Baby Teebi | You know, I still have video of you snoring on a couch in Spangler... :) Mia | (deep guttural laugh) Thayer | Your style made me relax all the time! I miss your "Hahaha". Hide | HAHAHA - to the trademark laugh in our section. Hope I'll be able to adopt it! Pablo | HAHAHAHA .. I will call you when I need to hear that infectious laughter. All the very best to you and Tasmai. Be a good husband and try to stay out of trouble! Shilpa | Delhi so much better than Mumbai! Shweta | Raul Gonzalez Blanco. Wouter | Rahul, looking forward to your trip to Russia one day! Give me a call - and we'll meet you guys in Moscow!:-) Nataliya | To the man with the best singing repertoire... and the loudest snore ever! Marc | Are you ever serious Rahul? You make me laugh so much, hope you never loose that happiness! Best of luck with the wedding! Xx, Pato | Thank you for covering your class notes with a wealth of pictures and graffiti to keep the row behind you awake! x Kirsten | Will miss hearing your comments in class... aaahh,... actually when I think about it, not really ;-) Christine | A laugh twice as wise sounding as it is. Blake | Rahul - having dinner at your house was one of my favorite experiences in India. I'm sorry I'm going to miss the wedding, but congratulations! James | Please throw away the green jacket and checkered shorts. At least don't wear them together again :-) Anuroop | GUFFAW! Shannah | I still don't understand why you can't keep your eyes open in pictures! But we still had a good time! Sara | Rahul, I love pinching your cheeks and hearing you laughter! You really brighten up my day! Caroline | I love that we took 100 packets of hot sauce from Taco Bell in the airport. Tina | I know what you did in Montreal! Danish

68: Ravi Sarin | Ravi’s ability to stay true to himself spills over onto the people around him, settling each of them a bit more along the way. Jordan | Argentina, anyone?? Mia | You are so smart, intelligently and phisically. Hide | Combines the force of 2.4 billion people, and it shows! Wouter | Hey Ravi, it was great getting to know you! I hope we can stay in touch and wish you all the best! Marc | Calmly and quietly smarter than most everybody else. Blake | I want to see you drunk more often!! Anuroop | My seatmate, you have such a charming/cool character! I enjoy your amazing comments in the class. I enjoyed your company during the ride to Amant’s engagement party. It was such a beautiful afternoon. Keep up to live the way you want to live – being layback and enjoying every minute of your life. Sandra | This is a wake up call for Ravi Sarin, your online poker buddies are waiting .... Danish

69: Roberto Soler | RJ smells like a baaaaby! What a coincidence! Haha.. Love, Baby Teebs | There are two types of people—those that take the world really seriously and those that do not. Roberto is the third type, who manages to do both simultaneously and makes it fun for everyone in the process. Jordan | Roberto, you and Lluvia hold a really special place in my heart. I don't see either of you that often, but I will really miss you. I hope we'll be in touch! Mia | Little RJ is a very lucky boy to have such an incredible father (and mother!). Vegas baby! Elizabeth | Congratulations again for having a baby. I always felt from you "love" to your family. Hide | Roberto!! Mil gracias por tantas sesiones de Guitar Hero, Rock Band y tantos whiskeys en tu casa! Espero RJ siga tus pasos!! Pablo | Congratulations Roberto and Lluvia. Robertito is definitely a winner! Shilpa | Playdates for RJ and Rehan! Shweta | Roberto, mister Poppa, great getting to know you! Marc | Hey Daddy! Congrats for an amazing year! I'm glad that we met and I'm sure we will stay in touch. Xx, Pato | Going to be one heck of a dad! Blake | Roberto is the king of the most beautiful family I have ever seen in my entire life. He and Lluvia and little R.J. are amazing! I wish them all the happiness in the world. Shannah | You are cool! Lluvia is cool! Guess what? RJ is going to be beyond cool! Don't stress him out, remind him to love life! Sara

70: Ryan Beltramini | Ryan brings out the best in others. He finds the energy that people draw inspiration from and taps into it for everyone’s benefit. Jordan | It was nice to attend together social enterprise immersion and sit close in EVCHC. I like your fashion. Hide | : It was great getting to know you and Alisha. It’s a pity we never got to be neighbors in EC year.. I felt quite out of touch with the latest in men’s fashion! Shilpa | Best dressed.Blake | Thank you for sharing this amazing time in your life with me. As you graduate, I want you to know how much I believe with all my heart that you will not only have a successful career, you will change the world while pursuing it. Alisha

71: Sandra Weng | Sandra: You are one of the most dormant entertainers at HBS. I will never forget our car ride to and from Vermont! Rahul | Thank you for showing us Shanghai and taking us to such a wonderful dim sum meal! I hope we can do it again. Thayer | I'll miss suddenly grabbing your feet in class and making you jump, sis.... Joey | Sandra, loved to have you as a neighbor in the first semester - although your random outbursts were even more entertaining from a distance :) Paris | We first met in pre MBA. Since then I like your positive enthusiasm. Thank you for conveying excitements! Congratuations again on your marriage! Hide | Hi from Brownie. Paolo | Big hug to Sandra! Nataliya | Salut Sandra! Ca va? Bien et toi? Ca roule? Bisous! Marc | Hope we will go to Yoga together before we finish! Would love to spend more time together :) Pato | ...will say ANYTHING! (and smile, too) Blake | Sandra, I will really miss getting distracted with you in class. You are so sweet and fun to hang out with! Caroline | ni hen ke'ai. Danish

72: Sara Vicente | Even with no house keys, piano, gym clothes, coffee, couch, and food on the table, I hope I'll always and forever be your other "usual"! I adore you Mama! Much love, Teebs | Sara, thank you for everything you do - sometimes I really marvel at how much one woman can accomplish, and still manage to have quality time for her girlfriends. I'm already looking forward to seeing you girls again! Mia | Sweet and thoughtful. An awesome friend. Alfonso | As an international rep and as a person, you are so committed to the community and section. Thank you for organizing everything. Hide | Home is where the heart is - Thank you for making us feel part of your life... Pablo | Sara, thanks for letting us hang out at your place even when you are not there and for taking care of the baby in the group ;) I am so glad I met you and look forward to our reunions in the future. Shilpa | Remembering the M&Ms in class! Shweta | Hugs!!:-)-Nataliya | It was great having you in section, Sara! When are we starting an NGO together?? Marc | Amiga, thanks for being there, for your words of comfort, for the sundays in mass, for the dinners, for the european retreat, for reading cases together....You deserve lots of happiness and I have no doubt we will have an amazing time in London. Hope I can meet all your children in Mozambique! Te QUIERO MUCHO, Pato | Thank you for hosting such a fabulous end-of-RC-year party last year and for always being so generous with your time! x Kirsten | Ich werde dich vermissen! Aber zumindest sind wir am gleichen Kontinent! Schmatz, Christine | The passionate banker. Blake | Sara is amazing. This girl gets stuff done!! I love to tell prospective students about this investment banker/orphanage non-profit director as a symbol of how scary-accomplished some HBS students are. Shannah | When I started my second year at HBS little did I know how life would change… What was to be just one more year became the first year of the rest of my life. Thank you for hitting on me. I love you! Bernardo

73: Scott Stallbaum | En retard means late in French! I am SO gonna miss our laugh fits in class "mon voisin"!! Teebs | I tried to take a nap today, but it just wouldn't take. Kim | Silent, yet strong. Thayer | In my humble opinion, it's still Crazy Dough's over Papa Gino's and Domino's any day... Joey | Burgers at Charlie's Kitchen! Bryan G | It was nice we sat together in EVCHC. Hope you found healthcare interesting! Also, I like your unique sense of humor! Hide | You will always be our Twinkie-eating champion! Pablo | Warm greetings!:-) Nataliya | Silent but deadly. Blake | Thanks for keeping an eye on me during the hiking at our first section retreat. You are just such a humorous man! Love your company! Sandra | Twinkie! Danish

74: The most wonderfully dedicated and diligent Ed Rep ever, who made all of our lives easier and more productive! Thayer | Shannah Varon | I would not be here if it wasn't for your amazing ed rep emails every few days...a sincere thanks! Joey | Ed Rep Extraordinaire! I would not have made it through first year without you! Elizabeth | As an Ed rep, you did an amazing job! As a person, I feel your vision and belief. I respect you. Hide | How much will we miss your patented "Tricky things this week"!!! Pablo | De facto, which means in fact,... Once a teacher, always a teacher. Wouter | Ed rep for life! I hope you are prepared for phone calls from me for the rest of your life. Thank you! Michael N | The best Education Rep Ever!!!!! XX, Christine | Always ready to disagree with me, and even to send me back to Europe, but I still love you being truth to youself. Sara | Shannah, I can't wait to see all the great things you will do for education in the US. Stay true to your passion! Caroline | You're so kind and humble. I can't wait to see all the incredible things you will continue to do to make the world a better place. Tina

75: Shanti gets it. She is fun. She cares about others. She understands both delicate situations and raucous parties and handles each with the intensity that it deserves. Jordan | Shanti Grandhi | My dear Argentina bunk-mate, I'm going to miss you! Stay in touch! Mia | I think you're mistaking the balance sheet for the statement of cash flows... Thayer | The WSA couldn't have asked for a better representative! Elizabeth | It was great to sit right behind you in term 1. I miss these days. Hide | Keep up the arts Shanti! You are one of a kind girl so keep up that special talent of yours... and visit me in Paris soon! Marc | I can't wait to see what Shanti ends up doing... she is such a special person, an artist and a finance guru... she could go anywhere!! Shannah | I really should still set you up with the Mormon friend... Tina

76: We didn't hang out nearly enough. Bryan B | Shilla Kim Parker | Shillllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Bryan G | 12 hrs in Vegas and you smiled through it all - I know your amazing attitude will take you so far!! Elizabeth | You always smile and it makes people comfortable. I like your hair style as well. Hide | Those wavy locks... I'd recognize them everywhere! Wouter | We are still waiting for your most important contribution to society and the world... Paolo | Shilla KP you have the best hair ever! Let me know where you end up and come visit in Paris soon, we never got to hang out enough while at HBS! Marc | Shilla, illa, illa, eh... Blake | I loved that the casino dealers would yell out, "Shilla-Shilla!" I know the trip was short, but I hope the snowstorm in Vegas was worth it! Tina | Anyong ha sayo! Danish

77: Shilpa Jhunjhunwala | Shilppiiiiiii, you corrupt me by teaching me poker AFTER I went to Vegas tsk tsk.. well, at least I beat Kunal, ehm, once ;p I'm gonnnaa misss youu too much!! Baby Teebs | Shilpi: Never forget how you let me down on HBS international day, cause I certainly won't. Here's wishing you & Kunal, the social worker, the very best. Rahul | Shilpa, there are so many great memories and I am so glad that Ben and I were there for your wedding - what an amazing experience. Thanks for being a great friend and a really rational, steadying force. :) Mia | Always smiling and in a good mood... who can be a better neighbor? Alfonso | I loved our weekly lunchtime rides & chats. I wish I had a Big Sister like you! Elizabeth | Congratulations again on your marriage. You are friendly to all the people. You have a definite leadership! Hide | What will Boston do without you at night? Pablo | The prettiest bride ever! Wouter | Shilpa, warm hugs, my dear! Nataliya | Miss Tour-guide extraordinare! So lovely to get to know you, Shilpa. Mafia at your place was a highlight of the RC! Take good care and stay in touch. Marc | Amiga, I run out of words to describe what you mean to me. I know this experience would not have been as nice without you. You are extremely warm, have a huge heart and I know this is only the beginning of a great friendship for life. Will never forget India, Miami and T&C! Te QUIERO MUCHO! Pato | So many special moments that I will never forget! I hope there will be many more - whereever we may be on this planet. Love, Christine | Let's go clubbing! Blake | One of my favorite parts of spring will be memories of coffee breaks in Harvard Square. James | Madam, you amaze me! Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious! Looking forward to Singapore days! Anuroop | Shilpa has a special way of making you feel that you are the only person in the world when she talks to you. Somehow she even managed to make me feel this way at her own wedding! This is a precious, precious gift... I think it will be the source of her great success in life. Shannah | Sweet and sure of what you believe, strong and always there for me! I loved being part of such important moments in your life. Near or far, I will be there for the next ones too! Sara | Princess Shilps, I'm so glad I got to know you these past two years. I hope we'll continue to travel and cook together in the future! Caroline | I'm so glad we traveled to Tanzania together. I can never keep track as to where in the world you'll be next! Tina | Shilpoo ... there will always be BAV. Danish | Hello princess, another round of shots? Boney

78: SHWAY-TA: Its been a pleasure getting to know Asita and you, and climbing Machu Pichu with all your moral support. Rahul | Shweta Kabadi | Shweta knows where she wants to be in the world and through her connection to others helps them see the same in themselves. Jordan | Congratulations on having a baby. It was great night when you and Asita invited us to your home. Hide | Congratulations to you and Asita. Rehan looks adorable! Shilpa | Wasn't that Sweetie? Paolo | Love you my friend! Nataliya | Most of us leave with just an MBA but you leave with a baby as well! Keep over-delivering! I wish Asita and you the best as parents!! Xx, Pato | Shweta, thank you for being such a phenomenal person -- you have been such an inspiration, especially in this second year, and I know you and Rehan will go on to achieve amazing things! x Kirsten | Won't forget our great trip to China/Vietnam. Blake | We had fun in our little corner of skydeck. I really enjoyed being able to share your thoughts! Sara | You've clearly had a transformational experience while at HBS - you're going to be a wonderful mother and I wish you and your family the best! Kate

79: Sid Shenai | Sid - party on! It's you and I next year... Mia | It was nice to sit close to you in term 1. I feel from you the balance of intelligence and drinking. Hide | I am glad I was able to schedule some time with you to hang out in spite of your "real" classes at the law school and all your responsibilities at Adams House. You have finally given up drinking, right ? ;) Shilpa | I swear I didn't tell you to get naked! Paolo | I expect to see you at each of our section reunion pick-up bball games, Sid, Supreme Court hearings and Board Meetings notwithstanding. Marc | Thanks for sharing the great Ben & Jerry's Winter Festival expedition during the section retreat in Vermont! x Kirsten | Quiet in class ... but outside of the classroom the party doesn't stop ;-) Have an amazing last year in Boston! Christine | Smartest guy in the room. Blake | I'm going to miss drunk conversations about constitutional law and pork spending. James | I sense you are on to great things. I will be there to see it! Sara | Sid, as my mom said, you are really a nice Indian boy. I look forward to many more mac n cheese nights! Caroline | I’m gonna miss taking care of the smartest guy I know. Sunil

80: Steve Rowell | Steve brings total purpose to everything he does, always on, always ready to go, always. Jordan | You know, I'm not surprised we made the finals. And I won't be surprised if we win. :) Loved working with you Rowell! Mia | I can't believe you remembered Tzu-Wei for 2 years... Joey | It was just amazing you wore the clothes you bought in Japan when you did Cheeseberger eating competitions. You made me laugh in Japan trip. Hide | To our own Scuba Steve who made a temporary career switch to Cheeseburger eating champion! I'll always remember you making me pay the highest price in NEG! Pablo | This guy knows how to organize a vacation, let me tell ya... Paolo | I’m sure my predictions will come true!:-) Nataliya | Steve, your talents at selling "Cadillac" vacuum cleaners to Indian house-wifes will long be remembered. Have fun in LA and Go Celtics! Marc | Thanks for being such a great NYT team mate -- hopefully you will have more hours to sleep after HBS! x Kirsten | A man of the locals. Blake | I love your american way of sneaking into European parties, you will love visiting in London, I will be waiting! Sara

81: I can't believe it's been almost two years since analytics and those two hour late night shifts! I already miss those days my LT-mate! Teebs | Sumaiya Balbale | SOMEY: I hope you don't forget all those sacrifices I made for you, especially that "cultural and sightseeing" trip you convinced me to take to Machu Pichu! Rahul | It was honestly the great moment that I went to your house in Thanksgiving. Also, needless to say, it was fun to sit together in term 1. Hide | For putting up with me in class you truly do deserve a monument. Perhaps we can continue our table soccer in the future. Michael N | I'm glad we got to hang out in NYC last summer... let's do that again soon! Marc | Really enjoyed dinner in NY. Thanks! Stay in touch. Xx, Pato | I hope your entrepreneurial plans come true! x Kirsten | Philosopher. Blake | Sumatraa!! Nii | I wish I had Sumaiya's capacity for ideas!! Her incredible creativity combined with her deep thoughtfulness are an astounding combination. If we all were like Sumaiya the world would be a better place! Shannah | Your hand up always meant something that I would want to listen was coming! Sara | I love how you take such genuine interest in so many things - you clearly have a zest for life and I hope you continue to embrace it! Kate | You are so inspirational. There is something about you that is so genuine and amazing. I admire you for your strength and for your conviction. Tina | Thanks for all the "personal brand consulting"! James

82: Great memories over the past two years. Bryan B | Sunil Nagaraj | Sunil, Sunil. There's too much to say. So all I'll say is this - you better keep in touch. Mia | Mr. President, Thank you for all you did for us. I look forward to hearing about your wild entrepreneurial success! Elizabeth | I want to thank you for leading our section as a president. Hope your business will reward you financially and personally. Hide | We never went Salsa dancing as often as we would have liked but hope you keep your salsa dance skills alive even in the working world. Shilpa | M. Prez, can I invest in your start-up? You did a fantastic job leading our section through the worst recession since the great depression and for that you deserve... finding the best girlfriend ever! Enjoy SF buddy and stay in touch. Marc | Hey presidente, thanks for doing so much for the section!!! All the best! Xx Pato | Never having seen you on campus in addition to your lack of basketball IQ made me question whether you actually went to Carolina. But your compassion, generosity, and leadership sold me that you did. Steve | Ready to apply his section passion to tech. Blake | Mr. President, thanks for leading us. Enjoy life, smile at the little things! Sara | I think we'll always run into each other around the world, like we did in SF. I know you'll do amazing things. Tina | The king of online dating websites! Danish

83: I am proud to be your Mama, make you study, reward you with Piano time, cook for you, make you go back to script... watch your pink shoe tremble with tears in my eyes. The definition of uniqueness is to be everything at once. You are a beautiful person, never let anyone tell you otherwise. Sara | Teebs! Thanks for your spontaneity and for showing how Baby Teebs might have looked like! Pablo | Teeeebi: when i'm one foot in the grave and about to go, remember to invite me to your 30th birthday.. Rahul | It was fun sitting together in term 1. Also, I am so impressed with our music talent. Hide | Teebooozzz .. we love your emails. Please continue to organize stuff for us lazy people even when you are in Dubai. I will miss you princess! Shilpa | Shots? Boney | Teeba, I'm going to miss you so much. You have such a big, wonderful heart and you always manage to brighten the day. But no goodbyes, we'll see each other soon! Mia | Teebs, I can't believe you're only 23. You are such a mature, independent, and smart woman! Caroline | Hugs,:-)-Nataliya | Teebs, it was such a pleasure getting to know you! J'espere qu'on pourra se voir souvent lors de tes passages a Paris. Il faut que tu continues a parler francais!! Marc | TLS, life with you at HBS was AMAZING! I will miss you so much - and all our fun moments. Stay as you are! Your one and only TLP | Amiga, I am SO lucky to have met you. You are very special and an example to me. Thanks for your words when I was sad, for making me laugh, for all the rides with amazing music, for french classes, for french movies, for India, and specially for T&C. Never doubt how special you are. Te QUIERO MUCHO!!! Pato | You're my favorite Saudi engineer woman! I love your propensity for fearlessly breaking barriers, it is impressive and inspiring. Kate | Spark plug. Blake | So are you 21 yet? Danish | Teeba Alkhudairi

84: Temitope Abereoje | Temi Temi Temi... who is Sarah going to hang out with in Paris? Please come visit us!!! Marc | Hugs!-)-Nataliya | I hope you enjoyed Japan Trip. Also, it was great night that you made me African dishes. Your smile make me happy. Hide | When people walk away from Temi it is always with a broad smile, bigger than the one they had before, no doubt caused by her infectious optimism. Jordan | Thank you for always having a huge smile on your face no matter what time of day! x Kirsten | Sorry about that first negotiation exercise :) Tina | Temi section dinner was special, I had a chance to confirm what an amazing woman you are. I'm sure God has incredible surprises for you. Take care and please keep in touch, Pato | Temi Temi Temi. Don't ever forget those golden words of wisdom that I imparted to you. All the best! Rahul

85: Thank you for being such a great NYT team mate and for being such a kind, generous and thoughtful person with your time. x Kirsten | Thank you for providing so much source material for my finance PhD thesis: Excess volatility and absolute return - a study in dating Latin American women. Steve | My dear roommate and wonderful friend. So many fun memories... I don't know what I'll do without you next year! (Well, I'll be visiting you in NY all the time) Haha. Mia | Amiga, GRACIAS! I discovered in you a true friend and an incredibly mature women. Hope you think of me when you need a friend that can listen and comfort you. Wish you LOTS of happineess. Te QUIERO MUCHO, Pato | Na na na...From Playa del Carmen to skydeck and girls' nights, I hope there are more good times to come! Elizabeth | Can I crash at your place in NYC? I presume you'll be sleeping at the office at least 2 nights a week, no? J/k... was awesome having you in section Tevia! Marc | Thank you for organizing several section events! You were outstanding! Hide | Tevia!! Night life in Boston will not be the same without you... Now you'll have the opportunity to make your mark in NYC! Pablo | Best neighbor ever... deals well with spilled tea. Wouter | Dude, I still owe you A LOT for the zillion things you taught me.. Although, I think it's better not to mention what they are here ;p TNT lives on from Purdue, Paris, HBS and forever. Teebs | Tevs, our trips or nights out would not have been as much fun without your crazy stories and fun dance moves! I know I can always count on you to party it up no matter how tough the workload gets! Shilpa | To the dancing queen -great times!:-) Nataliya | Who else could be more fun to travel and party with than Tevia? Blake | What I love about Tevia is her ability to take risks. Tevia makes big decisions, and doesn't look back. She is so courageous. I know her life will be full of big, bold, and wonderful things! Shannah | Admiro verdaderamente la tuya fuerza e honestidad, la tuya amistad y capacidad de amar. Estar contigo me cambi para ser una persona mejor, con ms amor por las pequeas cosas de la vida. Qudate con tus valores, te llevaran lejos. Siempre cerca in mi corazn. Sara | Where is my breakfast? I'm still waiting. Danish | You're an awesome woman - I have always been inspired by your self confidence and I love your sense of humor. Kate | Tevia Segovia Sanchez

86: Thayer Christodoulo | Thayer, I love your rare combo of being diligent and hard working as well as high spirited and fun loving. Never lose it! Kate | Endless tolerance (for Phil...). Blake | The lady with the dancefloor moves! Marc | Always ready with a zinger. Wouter | Thanks for taking care of Phil! Hope you'll be able to keep him in the right track! Pablo | It was fun to collaborate with you on negotiation exercise in TEM. We got a great deal! Hide | Girlfriend - My love for you knows no bounds. Thank you for being my everything. Elizabeth | Interesting beach reading: Introduction to Judaism... Mia | Thayer is both fun and funny and brought the intangibles to every party that made things awesome for everyone else. Jordan | You pulled off that TEM cold-call like no other! You got us all fooled! That was amazing!! Haha.. xx Teebs

87: Thomas Leung | When you are in Hong Kong, hope you can pop over to Singapore every now and then to cook for me. I will buy you a drink or two in return. Deal? Shilpa | Most eligible bachelor in Hong Kong. Wouter | Food photography! Shweta | Hugs,:-) Nataliya | Am still waiting for that restaurant to open -- make sure section A is invited on opening night! x Kirsten | Cold call hat trick. Blake | Looking forward to eating at Che Thoma restaurant in Hong Kong! Anuroop | Can you run the whole credit/debit thing by me one more time? Danish | Sweet row-mate. I had the best time sitting next to you. Thanks for the patience and for the smile every day! Come back to Portugal when I am there! Sara | Thomas, Octoberfest was SO much fun with you! Hope we can celebrate more birthdays together! Xx, Pato | Thomas, you are the human incarnation of an old advertisement by Lindt chocolates: "Quelques grammes de finesse dans un monde de brutes." Marc | You did an amazing job at talent show. Next time, I want to hear your solo song. Also, your impersonation of Francois was unbelievable!! Hide | Thanks for taking some heat off of me in FRC...you took 4 bullets for the team bro... Joey | And why is February 27th the best day of the year??? I’m gonna miss your dual celebrations!! Teebs | Chef Tomaaaas! I hope you will forgive me someday for frightening you in your sleep that one crazy night on the Inca trail. Rahul

88: Tina Wu | Tina rocks. She sees situations with clarity and seeks out honesty in all her interactions. She’s also really fun at parties. What more can you ask for Jordan | Thank you for being my partner in crime for intermurals! Elizabeth | It was great we could take healthcare immersion together. I often felt your passion and belief. I believe you can make a difference in heathcare! Hide | I will always remember my Tanzania trip.. it was incredible. Thanks for organizing it and hope we get to travel again together to some exotic country! Shilpa | Your ideal bachelor... is a lucky man! Nuf said. Marc | Tina, I have no doubt we'll see each other soon (likely in a random Newport Beach bar). Steve | Could I have my poker losses back? Thanks. Blake | Miss Tina, I wish I had your work ethic. I hope you still find time for pho and sushi as you change the world. James | Tina marches to the beat of her own drummer-- but her drummer is smarter and cooler than everyone else's. I love Tina's ability to be completely and totally herself. I admire this more than anything Shannah

89: Will Boland | I will miss you and your alter ego Bill so sooo much!!! I have learned many lessons in life from you especially during the retreats, haha ;p Teebs | Will doesn’t do pretense. He does candor and humor and brings his A game wherever he goes. Jordan | Bill, you are always the life of the party. Bryan B | Pop culture afficianado... if there is ever another World Series of Pop Culture, I want you on my team. Thayer | I'll miss your pop culture wisdom. We'll always have Ben & Jerry's (and David Godes). Elizabeth | I was amazed how you change when you are drunk! But I admit your knowledge on sport industries. Your explanation was really helpful! Hide | Stand up ability revealed! Sara | Shag, marry, or kill? Tina | Will Boland-- we will always have the New Orleans Piano Bar! Shannah | Bill, you give a heck of a talk... Blake | Thank you for your fabulous speech at the last retreat -- gold! x Kirsten | Dude, your spooning story has traumatized me for life. J/k - it was great hanging out with you on and off the courts/fields! Marc

90: Wouter Maes | I'm actually a little jealous you'll be in Boston next year.. Don't miss me too much though! ;p Baby Teebs | Wouter's nothing but trouble. But when we look back on this yearbook we need to remember that it's meant in a Good Way! Jordan | Yes mom, we look good together, but no mom, we're not a couple. Mia | Whose butt are you going to grab now that I'm gone? Joey | Wouter, well done for succeeding at your main goal at HBS! I'm obviously not talking about classes... you naughty Belgian! Paris | The women in Boston won't know what hit them...we sure didn't:) Elizabeth | After the first semester, I remember telling Chafen that "Wouter's a great guy, and super smart, but if we had a daughter I wouldn't want him anywhere near her." By the end of the second semester, I realized that my comment was uninformed and completely unfair. Unless something goes dramatically wrong, our daughter won't be Asian. Eric | To our politically incorrect Belgian! Thanks for all the fun! Pablo | I remember we went to buy Priscilla stuff together. That's strange shopping. I like your sense of humor and preference of Asians. Hide | It is always fun to spend time with my favorite Belgian. Make sure you keep in touch! Shilpa | One of the dirtiest minds in the section (see Anders). Paolo | You're my second favorite Belgian. Michael N | Warm greetings!:-) Nataliya | Vive la Belgique libre :). Keep up the good shooting and odds are you'll end up in the White House soon. Marc | Thanks for the very nice words! Wish you lots of happiness!!! Xx, Pato | Looking forward to when you will visit me in Germany ;-) Christine | Masking risque remarks with an accent, one at a time. Blake | Be careful before you think that the girl who sits next to you has a BIG crush on you because she's nice to you :) Thayer | You will want to come to the "Brown & Grey" party!! Anuroop | I am glad you said what I wanted to say or at least thought what I was probably thinking. Go internationals! Sara | You are just a fun MAN!!! Sandra | A lifelong legacy of inappropriate comments! That’s the way we love you. Boney | In the words of John Lennon "instant karma's gonna get you, alright" Rahul

91: Yao cares so deeply about the people around her, yet she does it in a way that makes her 100% Fun. It’s a real gift. Jordan | No once in the section can recognize (except for Kosuke), but your Japanese is really great! I felt you always tried to help others. You are really great!! Hide | Yao, I have no idea where you find that limitless supply of energy every day (or for that matter, that limitless range of water bottles). Keep it up! Paris | Thank YOU for always being there! Your silly faces, cards, presents, and ongoing encouragement are things I will always appreciate! Lots of hugs and kisses, Teebs | Sweet Yao, thanks for your smile! Sara | Worst sneaker ever. Wouter | Is there anyone in the world as perfectly unassuming, kind, and giving as Yao? There isn't. We are lucky to know her. Shannah | Warm greetings!:-) Nataliya | Nice job in IFM with Desai! You really know your stuff :) Marc | Yao, you are a completely delightful ball of energy. You never fail to cheer me up and I'm always happy to see you! Kate | Thank you for forcing me out of the HBS bubble to attend the ballet each semester! x Kirsten | Yao Li | Thanks for the chopstick lesson and your sweet smile! Nii

92: Perhaps one of the most incredible things to come out of an HBS class full of 90 headstrong, opinionated people is the strength of the bonds created here. Through it all, we have stuck together: helping each other through cold calls and hell weeks; celebrating engagements, weddings and babies; comforting one another in times of loss and uncertainty. We have learned that no matter how independent we are, there is no weakness in finding solace and support in each other. We may not know what the road ahead brings, but we should remember that it won’t be a lonely road. | Sumaiya

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