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Siantar's Book

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1: Retreat ICF

2: MG Bulan Getaway at Huron, OH 2011

3: Mangki Beb Yow! | Yo mangki, there a lot to be said but will make it quick Looking back ... knowing you was quite a joyride ... kita dari sama2 cacat pas di SG, kena rebuke sama sony, crazy BF2 moments with your traits of always triumphing over people's stats in no time, moments when you let go of your past ... nangis2 bombay, struggling with your "nur" in the past, and juga recently ... kena swine flu lah ... hampir brantem sama lester ... ckckck ... indeed fun and exciting ... :) But seeing too how god transformed your life is truly amazing ... first was to let go the idol ... then stepping up as leader ... with your strength as people person, you invest in people ... being hospitable to them ... counseling them through your siantar session ...I always inspired with your relationship too with the Lord, through quiet time and reflections ... can see the passion and love you have for the Lord ... and also for the Body of Christ ... Furthermore, thanks for your investment in my life ... as a friend, disciple-er, mentor, fellow soldier and brother in Christ Thanks for offering me a real friendship, persist to pursue me during my "rat hole" moment, help me to see my sin issues, empower me to be radical for Christ through many encouragements and rebukes. I really enjoy our meetings, even our last meeting last Wednesday. I'm gonna miss you a lot ... and having you as brother in Christ, here in Columbus I think it's fair to say that you indeed fit what John 15:13 said, that "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." :) My message for you is to remember the height you have fallen ... the love of Christ that has been evident in your life ... so that you can love other people too (remembering the previous verses in John 15:12 "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.") ... know your tendencies, fears and idols ... hehe Will be prayin' for your relationship with the God, your ministries to parents, nur and church ... I'll see you surely later ... if not in heaven :D ... Thanks mangki!! :)

4: Waddup Gung, Mungkin km inget waktu sg gateway, waktu ngomong sama km, aku jd tiba2 diem, mikir. Emg so true, why i can't even think the words to encourage you; well I guess I know the answer now: It's me yg take your presence as a granted. I just think that you are just a random leader yg God randomly put in my life. You know, I even can't think any memorable moments with you. Emg segitunya ya I don't care about your presence? But yea, thanks be to God. He gives me another opportunity to mencurahkan hati what I've been thinking about you and also the privilege to encourage you. It's truly sad that I never appreciated you presence, but to be honest, actually you have been impactful to me. Given the same personality and our sin issues, seeing you is just like giving me a glance of hope that God is also able to use a wretched guy like me yg isinya performing tok ae. I'm just this glad because I somehow project myself to be useful for our fellowship in the future, only by imagining you as the future TRM :p You know, I always think why I am so craving for people's praises. Padahal yah, look at you, the skillful guy yg so smart in business, social skill and even games; compared to me yg sucks in everything. And more importantly, you are sold out to God. That's so cool. I mean, I truly mean it, seeing you is just like the faithful worker who has ten talents but still sold out to God. So I wouldn't be surprised if one day you will be a big man, with a big God :) So I guess I know the answer now why I never cared about you: I am simply annoyed (because you have the tendency of impressing people), and envious and feeling competitive side from myself (because you are simply more skillful than me). That's why; through this letter, please accept my biggest apology and good luck in Indo. I'm sure God has a GREAT plan in your life. You are simply an awesome guy. Thank you so much for bearing with me, being my leader and my friend (even though I always don't care about you) Upik.

5: Showing Some Brotherhood Love uhuiiii | Yow brother! I still remember the day you start following the Lord seriously. That day I was so encouraged and see how God will use you greatly in serving him. Over the years, I had the privilege of seeing you grow up. You are one of the few whom I had the chance to witness somebody goes a long way from being an unbeliever until becoming a faithful shepherd. Thank you for all the years serving together, partner! I felt God really enrich our leadership together as a team with your emotional side and empathizing with people, including to me. Thanks for being a great listener when I shared my thoughts. I had always enjoyed our time whether that's a meeting or simply chilling together. I will certainly miss you as a friend, brother, and partner. The fight is far from over bro! Keep fighting the good fight. I look forward to even more impact God will deliver through you. Leo

6: Thank you for being a part of my life. Sayang kita baru build relationship pas kamu mau pulang. I admire your integrity. Masalah tip, t-mobile phonemu, beli lagu or watch movie (ngak piracy). You still doing that either people watch you or not. Inspiring!! Relationshipmu sama Tuhan juga super awesome. Gimana kamu bisa relax and talk to God as a person. It shows how personal and deep your relationship is with him. Your quite time sharing juga makes me drawn to God's word. God also uses you, a broken and sinful man, to teach me how to be humble and able to proclaim your weakness to others. I see God in you. That's why I can be comfortable with you. It's rare that I can be safe with a person without making deep relationship. I am totally grateful to God that He shows a piece of Him in you. God is with you and always in control of your life. Don't ever doubt that!! Our wisdom, feeling, logic may fail us, but He is higher than our wisdom (Isaiah 55:8 - "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"). His Spirit is with you so I am glad that you are not alone. Keep fighting the good fight!! Let's meet again in Indo and then meet again in heaven, where we will receive our full reward!!! Maybe some fun times you guys/gals share with him Slapping him!!! I'm his first!! LOL! Agung'ss stupidity in various occasions ... kikikiki I guess the last SG Getaway is awesome!! Lap dance time!!! Love it!! hahahaha.... menjiwai banget sih km haha.. Thanks Nez!!! btw, thx juga buat pork chopnya hawaian BBQ yg dulu haha.. lupa ngmg. Thx berat!! reallyy need it at that time. Bincent

7: You have impacted my life a lot, Lex. You were one of those people yg introduced me to God waktu d cols, yg faithfully and patiently answering my questions and doubts (you were the one yg baptized me too). Trs jg through conversations mb kon, God shows me different new perspectives yg help me in my struggles (kyk misal waktu makan trakhir di Akai Hana, you told me about his struggle dulu about being a leader. You told me that God reminded him through your reflection kalo ya what difference does it make being a leader or not in ministry-ing (to ability to love other etc)? That really struck me. The important thing is to do what God wants us to do, out of our love and appreciation to Him. We're doing all of this for His Kingdom anyway, not ours. I admire your patience, other-centeredness (still mikirin about ICF, sampe puasa2 sgala; I mean it's easy to just careless abt the church but he chose not), and generosity. I also admire your closeness with God, standing firm in His words. That's why I thank God for putting people like you in our fellowship. Keep walking by faith in Christ that He is the only one who will deliver and give contentment, joy, peace and comfort to you no matter what happens. Keep relying and depending on Him. I'm sure that you'll impact people di Indo as you have impacted a lot of us here in Columbus. Will miss your craziness, stupidity and presence here, cakk. Btw, I always laugh whenever I remember kejadian pas beli mobil pas beli mobil. Total misunderstanding between us haha Hi Alex, my name's Bryant - nice to meet you LOL anyway, I felt very served coy wkt mbo temeni beli mobil sgala macem, thx a lot brah and I'll see you nang sby!!! IVAN

8: Gung, thanks for being a good friend in Columbus. Even though kita gak terlalu deket banget so far di Columbus, but I know you can bring a good influence to other people surrounds you. Thank you so much for your advice that you gave to me. Good luck in Indo! God bless you always in everything you do! ~Hache | Hai gung!! Kungfu panda O.O It is a privilege to know you here and be part of your life. Ga kerasa km forgood very very soon. Thank you for everything; pick me up in the airport (midnight) hehhe, you help me a lot here, and I really enjoy talking to youJ wish you all the best in everything you do, your career, health, relationship with God. See you in indo! God bless youJ Micel

9: Thank you for being so personal with God like He is your girlfriend, and representing His character who is compassionate and merciful. Looking forward to see how the image of God in you will be used to reach the lost in Surabaya!! Acink

10: Message From the Girls | Siantar Message: Firstly, One of the memorable events with you was going to Cedar point. Yah, i learned a lot of things from you and at the same time, I saw some stupidity from you. Pas di cedar point, lo tos 2an sama bule itu pretty gak jelas tp at the same time yah lumayan lucu seh. Pas lo naek rollercoaster saking stressnya, cara releasennya pake cursing... In addition, di cedar point gak cuman fun tp yah there are things yah i actually admire about you. Gw admire your pastoral care because within few hours of the trip, i could speak very comfortably about my story. You listened and you encourage. Gw felt served during the trip. Trus, yah you can ask to pray together for other people. Pas abis valentine, you asked me how i felt about it. Gw felt served by your care and by the encouragement. Thank you for all that and don't stop using your gift. Just wanna say, keep pursuing god walaupun di indo pasti banyak tantangan.Walaupun bakal susah, tp yah don't give up because by persevering you can make impact to people's life. Definitely, keep on using your gifts to impact people. Jgn lupa sama org 2 ICF di Columbus and keep in touch. We will miss your presence. ~Steffi

11: Siantar!! You have been a great friend , brother in Christ, fellow workers and also fellow chit chat kongkow sampe pagi friend. I think almost every retreat kita kongkow sampe subuh ^^. I have enjoyed our friendship a lot! You are there for me during my good time and bad times (spt pada saat patung pecah). You always spare some time to talk and listen to my stories too. You also pointed me to the right direction when I probably do not know whats the best way or still struggling. Have to admit we do have many memories together both karnal and gak karnal hahaha. Through out the years here, I am always encouraged by how you see your relationship with God, how personal God is too you and how close He seems to be in your life, your prayer life and your generousity in giving to others. All what you did was inspiring. Your reflection slalu encourage gue and as the result I can use your story to encourage other people in areas yg I have never experienced before. May be because of that too we become great partner in ministry. I had an awesome time witnessing how God works in people’s life through our ministry mulai dari Herlien sampe Teguh. Thanks for always being there and got my back many times. I believe God will have great plan for you in Indo because He always works best for those who love Him. We will definitely miss your presence here Siantar. Keep up the good work..resist all worldly temptation there and also watch for the idols + “patung” hehe! Until we meet again my friend! Itu tangan latian jg biar kuat haha.next time kita panco lagih buahahah! ^o^ Agnez | For the BN legend hehehe

12: Never Bored to have fun! ^o^

13: It's always hard to say goodbye. But we will always remember what you have done in our fellowship. I'm very grateful I can know you in ICF. You are the first person (as I can remember) who bravely rebukes me and challenge me to sacrifice my time to do God's work. You also challenge me to learn how to say sorry to others and forgives other.I can see how God has been using you changing people's life. I pray so that God keeps using you anywhere you are. Circumstances in the future might be getting harder, but He who start a good work in you will carry it on to completion (Phil 1:6) and keep remain in Him, because apart from Him you can do nothing.(John 15:5) Farewell Agung! We will meet again someday :) Take good care of my best friend Ria :) ~Johanna

14: Fun Times during the Cold Winter! | Location: River Apartment | Snowy Day in Columbus

15: Birthdays In Columbus!

16: Just Having fun with my Bro and Sis hehehe

18: Siantar aka BN

19: With The Rusli Family

20: Hola OB, I would like to give you an encouragement sebelum kamu pulang Indo. I could not thankful enough to have you in our fellowship even with you messiah complexness haahahahaha lol.... I also do appreciate with things you have done in my brother's life. Even though nampaknya ga jelas hasilnya, but I really appreciate it so much. Aku jg terencourage with your patient to him and it really reflect my perspective in serving my brother and also other people. I hope di Indo nanti kamu still continue to serve people and become a great testimony for your family and people surrounding you. I am gonna miss calling you BN or OB hahahahhaa... especially with our fav. song with roger semasa retreat..." Obese boyyyyy,, rolling down the hill...". Semoga jg kamu ama nur bisa sampe kakek nenek dan bring an impact in Indo.... 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. semoga verse ini bisa berguna pas di Indo nanti. ~Dudut

21: Gunggg!! Akhirnya lu harus for good jg huehuehue Gw ga exactly remember kapan pertama kali kenal lu.. eh pas Nov 2008 deng, pas kamu jemput Nur and me ke concertnya Slank hehe.. Not much impression about you back then. Tapi I got to know you better sejak kalian tinggal di Weber J Dengan “kebawelan” lu, somehow to me you are very approachable, easy to get along, and not intimidating at all hehe.. Got to know you much better this year, eh I mean, last year. You were my coffee shop buddy at Luck Bros’ for some time waktu gw masih siapin thesis then pengangguran for a while.. Really enjoyed the talks and appreciate your interest in my life. Although a lot of times our day became less productive gara2 too much ngobrol haha.. Well I would like to say thank you for your investment and counsel in my life. I pray that you can be used in even more impactful ways setelah kamu pulang Indo nanti. I pray also for growing obedience and increasing wisdom from God in following Him, in your new job, in family, and also in your relationship with Nur. Jangan lupa ngundang yah kalo dah mo merit!! :P Hold on tight to His Word and promises because you know that He is more than able to sustain you (Psalms 55:22) and His promises will always come through (Hebrews 6:18)! :D Pau2

25: Perbuatan Aib | SG Bekaz

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