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Someday By Madi Bellan Original story by Charlotte Zolotow

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S: Someday By Madi Bellan

BC: The End

FC: By Madi Bellan Original Told by Charlotte Zolotow | Someday

1: Someday By Madi Bellan Originaly By Charlotte Zolotow

2: I wish my classmates would admire me for my math skills (witch I have none now). Math is not my strong subject, and it is really hard for me to do! I wish that i could get straight A's without trying in Math. Math hurts my brain especially Algebra. My minimum time trying is 15 minutes at the most. To bad I am not the best in Math.

4: I wish my sister would stop being annoying! MY sister copies me on EVERYTHING and its really annoying! Some examples of her copying me is, she always wants to wear my flowers, and always wants to borrow my clothes and I wish that someday that she will not copy me for one day. I love grace but little sister are sometimes super annoying. That is something I wish I would change at home.

5: An activity I wish I could do better is dance because I am a terrible dancer. I wish that I would not look like an idiot when I am dancing. I try to act like I am a good dancer but whenever I do I usually fall on my face! My friends all know what I look like and it is not a pretty sight. That is an activity I wish that I could do better.

6: I also wish that I knew the rules for Volleyball because it would be hard to play if you don't know the rules. I also always get hit in the face. Someday I will know how to play Volleyball. | I wish that I could play Volleyball better because it seems like a really fun sport to play. When I play I run away from the ball insted of under the ball to hit it.

7: I wish that I could make everyone happy. There are so many unhappy people in this world. I wish that I could make them happier. | I would try and make everyone happy by starting a charity that would help provide shelter and clothing for the needy. Someday I will make everyone happy!!

8: Someday I wish that I could have nap time after lunch. It is really hard to try and learn something when you are tired. I have Social Studies and I want to fall asleep. I think not just little kids but 1st -8th should have nap time to.

9: I wish that my parents would leave me alone, my parents are really controlling and they want to know what I am doing every second of the day. I love my parents but they get annoying sometimes. I wish that they would give me a little more freedom, and trust me more. That is something I wish for.

10: Someday I will have my own cruise ship, with my own own helicopter that I could fly around. I could fly around until I found my cruise ship then I would land on the cruise ship and I get to relax. When I have to leave again I just get in my helicopter and fly away!!!

11: A pet i wish I could have is a Unicorn because they are so awesome!!! It would be so cool because I could walk it every day1 Then all of the people would be like holy crap is that a Unicorn!! I would be like yes it! :) I would name the Unicorn Mr. Unicorn because I already have a pillow pet named Mr. Unicorn. I think I am going to ave to stick with my pillow pet Mr. Unicorn. | Mr. Unicorn!!!!

12: A new place I would like to visit is Australia because they have so many different animals. In Australia they have really pretty veiws. Another reason why I want to go to Australia is because it is a different place and I have never been there before. If I went to Australia I would like to go on a jeep ride to see all of the different animals!

13: Australia!!!

14: I wish that I could be the president of Germany because Germany is so awesome and is so beautiful there. I think it would be fun because you get to meet all of the important people and it looks fun! I am really good at writing to so it wont be hard to right all the important speaches (I am kidding I think it would be really hard righting the speaches).

15: Something I wish that would happen is school is I could get A's in every class because in some of my classes now (math) is very difficult for me. I also wish that they could have a actually tutor for every subject that way if kids need any help they can go to them, and the teachers can focus on there work and not worrying about the kids that don't understand the material.

16: I wish for not just my friends but for everyone's friends that there would be no drama because I don't like to be in the middle of it or just see it going on at all. I wish that there would be no drama and people wouldn't be stupid and we could all just get along. That is what I wish for all of my friends.

17: If I could do something for the Earth I would stop global warming! People are so gross and they are ruining our Earth. All they have to do is recycle but people in America get there lives handed to them and they dont want t5o work for anything. I wish that people would reilize that Global Warming is serious and try and help save the world to.

18: Something I wish that I could do for the World is stop war. I think that war is sad so many peoples family members die and sometimes that side looses the war. I don't think it is right to just go out and start a war and sloter people. I wish that there was no war on this Earth!!!

19: I wish that the driving law did not exist I wish that I could drive myself to wherever I need to go. I wish the driving age was 13 because most kids know how to drive already by driving Jeeps or Quads. I also think though that if you are under the age of 18 the law should be stricter, like if you get more than two speeding tickets you cant drive for 2 years.That is the law that I would want not in exist.

20: Now it is back to going home after a 7 hour school day. When I get home I have a snack then go out to the barn to ride my horse. After I am done riding my horses my family and I go out to dinner. When we get home I have to feed the dogs and finish any homework I have. Then I finally get to relax and watch TV and text. Then I get up about 9:45 and go to bed. When I get up the next morning I do the same thing.

21: Mulligan | Emma | Smoke!!!!!!! | Elliott

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