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Still Crazy After All These Years

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S: Still Crazy After All These Years: Three Decades of Friendship

BC: Good friends are like the stars. You can't always see them, but you know they are always there. | Jennifer Blackledge 2011

FC: Still Crazy After All These Years: | Three Decades of Friendship Cemented by Page Boy TP, Big Hair, the Big Ten, Bridesmaid Dresses, and Budweiser

1: It's so hard to believe it's been thirty years or more since I met you and I still count you as my best friends. Some might say it's because we lack the ability to make new friends, but I like to think it is our shared history, sense of humor, and a deep affection for each other. The comfort of having old friends who know everything about you but love you anyway is a wonderful luxury. I love and appreciate all of you -- the hugs, the laughs, the weddings and funerals, the accomplishments and disappointments, changes and traditions, and some really good adventures. We've seen each other at our best and worst. Thank you for all you've brought to my life. I hope this book makes you laugh whenever you need it and remind you that you have friends who would do anything for you. Here's to another three decades (at least!) of friendship. Love, Jen

2: I may have forgotten some things, or conveniently left out others, but hey, I'm the author here! My archives are limited (they seem to expand around the time I got my Kodak "Disc" camera), so I left a blank page at the end in case I left out any really good stuff. Leave this book within reach of your children, parents or anyone else who might be disappointed in you at your own risk. Heh heh.

4: In the beginning... OK, in seventh grade (that's where I come in, anyway) I sat right behind Julie and across from Amy in Mr. Poindexter's class, where I listened to Marty Swank, Dave Schultz and Mike Mohney harass Julie. I also ended up in Dr. Ross' Reading Lab with Amy and Julie, where they had fun harassing me for actually reading (usually Agatha Christie), and for being invited to Dr. Ross's house to play her harpsichord.

5: Beth and I had a covalent locker arrangement (chemistry humor) in 8th grade. I met Patti at B-Sharp Club and all-school elementary band events (and were fellow clarinetists), and Shelly in Mr. Tyler's class through Ann Pitylak, but I don't have any photographic evidence of that. You'll have to trust my memory. | By the end of the first marking period in seventh grade, my original Owen School lunch table had scattered, and I found social refuge at the Anderson table. Little did you know you'd be stuck with me forever.

6: Soon, we began throwing the kind of wild parties for which we later became famous. | Roxanne: Birth of a legend (Jen's basement) | Playing dead in Patti's basement after we got busted for watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High (maybe it wasn't that particular time, but that was the scene of the crime). | Closing down Farrell's | Second best New Year's Eve ever just before Dave made off with the corks

7: Indeed, whether we were offering Trivial Pursuit or jello shots, no one would question our ability to throw a PAR-TAY. | If only I could insert some videos from Beth's slumber parties here... | Da-ling, da-ling, the phone is on...please call.! Send in the clowns...for godsakes, where are the clowns??? Big Time Wrestling

8: One big thing you need to know about us: we may be socially correct teachers' pets and in the National Honor Society and all, but we are pretty badass.

9: If you cross us, prepare to deal with the OPST. Watch your lawn ornaments.

10: Joy...and pain. Sunshine...and rain.

11: Beware: we can, and will, dance you under the table. | When you don't know what to do, just bust a move. | I came home there was company some young lady friend of the family

12: We love road trips

13: ...and we never pass up adventure.

14: We can probably give some credit to our fearless Girl Scout leaders for our love of camping... | Owie | Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.

15: Canoeing at Camp Bellowood | Sleeper State Park in the Thumb | Whitewater rafting on the Youghiogeny | A circle is round, it has no end; that's how long I want to be your friend.

16: Sometimes road trips go according to plan (or better) | Spring Break '92 | Siesta Key 2000 | Spring Break '88 (Bahamas) | Lucky to be alive on the way back from Don Cherry's Grapevine

17: Spring breaks, Siesta Key, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Cedar Point, Chicago and of course Purdue, U of M, Michigan State and Canada! | Scamfest '89 | Spring Break '88 - sleeping in the luggage racks | Puerto Rico 2011

18: And sometimes they don't... | Perhaps the pictures speak for themselves here. | Everclear...a bad, bad idea. | Mad Dog and ankle wounds

19: A lot of trouble probably could have been avoided by limiting our alcohol consumption. | Yes, Julie - that siren is for you. | Kicked out of Pinball Pete's, pulled over...but still smiling. | Woo...an epic night. I believe it involved a parking structure too. | This apartment is on LOCKDOWN. Nobody leaves until my tap appears. -- Beth | I feel the need to remind us that the Lifesaver shirt was not our idea. Amy, you are a trooper. | Beware the boomerang chiste!

20: And the biggest road trip FAIL of all...

21: Tailgating | Operating complex drinking equipment | Undercover work | Other fields in which we excel... | Prank calls | Stalking our 15h class reunion

22: We are VERY good at lining up | and saying cheese.

24: We've got major vehicle-painting skills. | Seriously, stay away from Cheryl and Cori during car-painting season. The only time my dad ever got seriously mad was when they painted SPANK ME on the back of my car. | Baby head on dash

25: Bar Stars -- celebrating our 21st birthdays in a major way | Dominating Thumper & the Vegetable Game | Creating nouvelle cuisine | This much rum...and this much coke | 3 Wise Men... two dumb girls ha ha

26: We can find something new each and every time we inspect our high school yearbook as a group. | We perform pre-marital inspections to make sure candidates are worthy. | We will never, ever let a good joke die. The more annoying it is to someone, the longer it will thrive. | 7 | Hey Amy...

27: We make spectacular bridesmaids and wedding guests (and late night S.W.A.T. team). | Finishing up at the Oak | Clear beverages only

28: Hostesses with the Mostesses We can't help it if all our parties are awesome. | Welcome, everyone, welcome... | R.I.P. Mrs. Van | We love you

29: Ladies of the Eighties Trenton Fads and Fashions in the Early to Mid-80s Pegged pants Acid-washed jeans Neon clothes Keds, Nikes and Reeboks Collars up on Izods Ripped jeans Layered socks Hooped formal dresses Perms and lots of hairspray Shaker knit sweaters with tanks underneath Coca-Cola rugby shirts Esprit The LImited Gunne Sax Jessica McClintock Vests, ties, pinstriped jeans Pleated pants and high waists Big earrings Jam shorts and giant shirts Panama Jack, Ocean Pacific, RonJon Flat shoes Trenton jackets and varsity jackets Skinny ties | I got my Swatch | 8th grade dance: drop waist dress and plastic jewelry | Flannel plaid and giant bracelet | BIG HAIR | Trendsetting It's a tough job but we take our fashion responsibilities very seriously. | Ocean Pacific Hoodie and Sun-In | Oooh...sweater dress to wear with stirrup pants | Cosby sweater and voluminous blouse

30: As evidenced below, we are very good at reproducing, too.

31: Yes, we are Renaissance women. Our greatest talent of all, however, lies in being loving mothers, aunts, godmothers, role models and, of course, friends.

32: Behind every stub is a story... | (and I won't tell anyone those stories if you won't.)

33: And speaking of stories... | Here's a bunch of random characters from our past. Some we pined for, some we wanted to punch, some were pals, some pursued us, and some were just...hanging around. | R.I.P. Vic

34: Church Lady Style | Are we high school seniors on spring break or soccer moms at a church picnic? | But thankfully, it seems we all dressed this way... | And these two young single gals gots their party clothes on. Hot. | National Honor Society? No, a National Sunday School Teachers Convention.

35: I think Amy sums it all up nicely... | It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

36: is cutting the sleeves off some Pendleton shirts my mom just got me. Triumph tonight at Joe Louis. Breakfast shift tomorrow is gonna suck. : P is chilling out to some Barbra. Tired after my 5 a.m. skate...ice show AND chem exam coming up! just watched Top Gun again. OMG, I love you, Maverick. The Mary Lou Retton special is on next! checked in at the Martins' living room. is excited for the Allen Ginsberg reading tonight...not excited about being dragged to a hockey tournament in Fort Wayne this weekend. : P is trying to get a grass stain out of my rabbit sweater after playing flag football with the Vellmures. : ( ***Penguins rule!*** wants to know who stole the little banana....and my parents' lawn ornament. We WILL hunt you down! | Amy Cameron | If we had Facebook back then... | Julie Angeliu | Patti Lynn Mills | Beth Owens | Beth Owens | Jennifer Blackledge | Shelly VanDierendonck

37: Jennifer Blackledge | was tagged in a photo. | Amy Cameron | was tagged in a photo. | up! How do you feel!?!?!?" | Julie Angeliu | likes this. | Jennifer Blackledge "Amy, you just got written | Shelly VanDierendonck | Too many Midori melon ball specials at Olga's, Jen? ; ) | Random silliness! | Spoons!

38: Class of '88 | Mary Lynn Rajskub... Trenton's claim to fame | R.I.P. Mr. Deku

39: First Day of School wardrobe FAIL | Social status, social status

41: You can always tell a real friend. When you make a fool of yourself, they don't think you've done a permanent job. - Lawrence J. Peter | Moms-to-be

43: Best New Year's Eve EVER

44: What's the name of the game? | 7th grade GS historical fashion show | Eating mofungo

45: A little summary of our formative years - like it or not, we are ladies of the eighties. | Let's not forget the Wyandotte Theater, the Showboat, the County Seat, Southland, Youngblood, Dirty Dancing, Micki & Maude, U2 in concert, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, the Far Side, ya benk?, docksiders, ten speeds, Florida Flings, buyingToblerones and gummy bears, Cedar Point, and the annual thrill of sending and receiving candy canes in class...

46: So who remembers the annual publication of the senior class wills and most memorable moments? Everyone could submit Christmas wishes to the Trojan Trumpet, but the seniors' wills were the summation, the last word, on their social experience. These in-jokes were all so hilarious and significant at the time, of course, but I really can't remember a lot of what we were talking about. Perhaps it's better that way, but it definitely sounds like we had fun. : ) | Endless | In- | Jokes

47: Well, friends, I hope this has been a fun look back at our first 30 years together. I know it skews heavily toward parties, but as you know that's where the camera usually comes out. I can't wait to make another one after we go skydiving on our 70th birthdays. I know you probably have your own special fantasy football league, softball team and varsity club memories, but you'll have to fit those on the last two pages. I left them blank for all your jock stuff and whatever it is you do when I'm not around. Just as you all have your own memories and perspectives, you'll have your own experience with this book. Here are my predictions... -- Julie will pull it out once in a while while the boys are at school and will sit cackling like crazy and send cryptic texts to tease us about embarrassing moments. -- Shel will be mortified and immediately hide it from Ava so she won't see it until she's 40. -- Beth won't have to hide it because she'll lose it within 48 hours of taking it home. -- Amy will sit there, open-mouthed and astounded, wondering what kind of magical machine I used to make this book. -- Patti will toss it in the recycling pile after realizing not one reference in this book rings a bell. Who the hell ARE these people? Looking forward to many more years of friendship... Lots of love, Jen November 2011

48: MSU | UofM | 87 | 46 | 0 00

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