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Sylvia's Farewell Album (Copy)

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Sylvia's Farewell Album (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: A Snippet of Sylvia's Journey 2007-2011

FC: Sylvia's Journey Bay Area, 2007 - 2011

2: Jakarta, February 9, 2011 11:35 PM I’m not really sure what to write when Widya asked us to write “pesan kesan” about you, since you’ll be coming home and I’m going to see you real soon anyways (hence I waited ‘til last minute before the due date hehee) Even though I’m going to see you again soon, I still want to say something about you. I guess I can use this occasion just to tell you how glad I am to have you as a friend and to thank you for being a great one My last year in SF was an awesome one, and I have to say you contributed a lot in it I miss the times we spent together as roommates: eating bok-choy soup almost every single night, cooking together and trying out each other’s dishes, watching good and bad movies together, chit-chatting til way past our bed-time (even on the weekdays), having a complain-about-our-jobs-and-lousy-bosses-sessions, jammin’ on the the piano and guitar, midnight snacking and bubble-tea-ing, playing cards with the gank, frantic browsing of church music for the weekend’s choir practice, going out for Saturday brunches, shopping on Union Street, and most importantly, just you being there for me whenever I need some ears to listen to my stories. In that case, of course, I have to say I’m glad you’re coming home soon (YAY!). We all miss you here (and Bella Canzoni needs you, Syl!! Hehee). I’m so excited for you and the future you’ll embrace here at home; I’m sure it’s going to be a great one. Getting used to living at home again is probably going to be tough for you as it was for me, but as long as you have friends and family to support you, nothing in the world will be too hard to endure. I can tell you for sure that I’m here for you if you need a friend, and I do hope we’ll see each other often (especially since you’re going to be one of my bridesmaids in June!! ) . Well, I’ve missed you Syl, and I can’t wait to tell you in person: “Welcome Home.” Love you always, Felice-

7: Syl, when we found out that you decided to no longer postpone your "back for good" date after about a year, terus terang kita sedih. Moments spent with you are always playful, full of laughter, djayus, and most important of all, your presence brings people together. So knowing that we are going to "let go" one of our amazing friends, we can't help feeling down a little bit. On the other hand, we are sure that other people that will cross path with you in the near future will get to experience the joy that we've been feeling around you. From Madison, WI to San Francisco, CA, you have always been a great friend and we are grateful that other people will get to experience that too. We are sure you are going to do a lot of great things and be successful in whatever you set your mind to. We also hope that you will find "the one" that you've been waiting for =D So Chris and I wish you the very best in your future endeavors, please keep in touch, and you do know you have to come back here if we decide to tie the knot here, don't you? Big hugs and kisses for our friend, Sylvia Wijaya. Good luck and see you next time. Mira + Chris

8: Yo Sylv, I'm glad we can finally meet again after who-knows-how-many years. It's been great times hanging out with you even though it was only for a litle while. You're such a great friend and person, I'm sure you will succeed on any path and decision you will choose and go through. Believe in yourself!! I wish you all the best for the future. Keep in touch! We're only a facebook away from each other... hahahaha... ~Anton

9: It doesn't seem that long ago that we met, but most memories I have with you is a fun one. You are independent, hillarious (not to mention, also jayus) and you are a great friend. You gave me words of encouragement when I am down and you are there when I need someone to talk to. I always know that I can count on you. Semoga stay loe di US, especially di bay area is a fun one and I hope that you learn a lot of things during your stay here. Go chase your dream and never ever give up and don't forget to always pray to the Lord and ask for his help and guidance. When you are feeling down, and I hope you never will, you know that you can always count on your friend to get you back up. And as James Taylor sang in his song, You've got a friend in me. Hope to see you in the future and good luck with everything!!! George G.

10: Sylvia, Eventhough I've only known you for a relatively shorter period of time compared to others, I think you are one of the coolest, most down-to-earth and care-free person I've ever come across. You're not only musically talented but you also have the charisma and characteristics of a true leader. SF choir team will trully miss you. I will miss you. Thanks for all your hardwork. Thanks for the food that I freeloaded at your house. Thanks for the warm welcome when I first joined choir. Thanks for the smiles and laughter that you've given us. If I ever visit to Indo, we will surely hang out. And if you ever come back to SF for a visit, there is always a place for you in amidst of us. I am not good with good-bye's so I'll see you around ok? Wiganda

11: Sylvi! it is a pleasure to be your friend. Wow, gak kerasa time flies so fast,It feels that I just met you yesterday. Spending time with you were wonderful and fun! You are a great friend, a wise tutor with charming personality. I hope this is not a goodbye message, because I am sure that we'll meet again, maybe in Indo, States, or somewhere else,but for sure you'll have a friend to call. I'll be missing You ^o Evelyn

12: Hey Sylvi, wah, ga kerasa lu beneran jadi for good. I thought somebody can convince you to stay. Pas pertama g ikut choir, g inget Felis bilang kalo dia ama lu sama2 mau pulang Indo pas summer. And I was like.. yeh.. baru ketemu... uda pada mau cabut. But anyway, it is a pleasure to know you, bisa choir n hang out bareng. Thank you for being a good choir coordinator as well as a good ibu RT buat emerygank. hehehe. Thank you buat apartmentnya yang selalu open buat dijadiin tempat ngumpul, latian, nginep, dll. I think the trains become really quiet at late night. Sebagai kenang2an nih dari SF choir, sebenernya g lagi berusaha minta elu buat maen piano pas February mass. Ga tau deh berhasil apa ngga, tapi kynya si lu ga bakal keberatan buat maen piano. I think it will be a new SF choir "rule" that whoever plans to go for good will have to either playing piano on the last choir or being a soloist. Trying to exploit one for the last time.. hehehe. Anyway, I wish you luck for anything that comes next di Indonesia atau di mana pun. Good luck in your career, life, and in anything you do. Keep in touch and God bless you always. mayo

14: Sylvia, Wishing you all the best for your next journey! Glad for having such a great, fun and cheerful friend like you. We'll see you in Jakarta ;) Mirna & Robin

15: Dear Sylvia, So the day finally comes I guess. Well what can I say? On the one hand, I'm sad to see you go. On the other hand, I'm happy that you've made a decision that you see best for your future. You will be greatly missed here, that's for sure. You founded Emerygank and have been its heartbeat ever since the beginning. You united all of us and provide a fellowship that we can always turn to. The tradition will live on, but you can never be replaced. It's been a little more than two years since we met. Looking back, it's a bit funny how it happened. There was a period in time when we were both in Berkeley. I bet we've seen each other in Newman Hall numerous times. We even attended the same Engineering commencement. All that while, we never knew each other hahaha... Well eventually we crossed path in misa SF.... sure glad I decided to check it out that day. A few months later, I have no clue how a guy who has never sing like me ended up in the choir.... but hey you did it!! lol... And then Emerygank is founded. Wow! Time have surely flown. Seriously, I'm glad I met you and the gank. It has been special! The various things going on in my life has kept me on the edge all the time, leaving me hardly any time to spare for anything else. However, I honestly treasure all the moments I spent with the choir and Emerygank. It was fun and comfortable. I feel that I belong there. Thank you Sylvia for making it happen! Thanks for all that time you arranged fun things, offered your house for practice and gatherings, teach us to sing, and even fed us. I enjoyed the games we played, movies we watched, and all the laughter and jokes we shared. Thanks for coming to my dance competitions that day too. I have found a passion and that was a nice end to my first season. I am glad to see you find a passion too in saxophone and that I have the chance to witness one of your inspiring performances. I am eager to see you play again...maybe a performance when we meet again? hahaha... Well for now it's good bye. But we'll see each other again for sure, in Indo or if you come visit us again. All the best for your future! I hope and pray that you will achieve your goals & dreams: life, career, passion, etc... Take care & till we meet again!! Best Wishes, -Rhesa

16: Dearest Lia, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Ni te perjalanan hidup di amerika akhirnya complete. Look how much you've accomplished! Good job! Time to go home and rock the next chapter of your life. I'm very happy and excited for you, tapi on the other hand, it's really hard to believe it's time to say good bye and let this physical distance come between us. Kita di sini ga terlalu sering ketemu, but knowing that you're just a few minutes' drive away comforts me and makes me feel that i always have someone to turn to. Tidaklah mungkin bagi wo untuk menuliskan semua dalam secarik kertas (dan juga untuk mencegah kege-eran hahaha...) Tapi ini intinya nih... You're such an great person and you're blessed with such a good heart and amazing talents. I know that wherever you may be, you'll be a a source of joy to the people around you. Thanks for being my best friend right from day 1 of my life. God has been so good to me :) I wish you happiness, success and health in every step of your journey. Know that no matter the time or distance, you always have a special home in my heart :) Love you lots, Wanlu

17: Dear Sylvia, What can I say... it has been a blast knowing you right from the start!! I still remember when we first met in Seattle, cramping six people together in a small hotel room, and doing a nightly "curhat" haha! Then, I was excited when you decided to move to Berkeley for your Master's degree. I must say that having you here brings positive change in a lot of ways. You have always been the cheerful one, it is always nice hanging around with you. Your dedication to the SF choir also has been amazing! I will surely miss you! All the games that we played (polisi-maling, gajah, etc), all the concerts that we attended, all the roadtrips that we shared, I will keep those memories very dearly! All the best in your next step in life in Indo! I am looking forward to the next time our paths will cross again (hopefully soon =D). Alvin Tamsir

18: My dear friend from Wisconsin and Berkeley! You will surely be missed!! I will always remember your sense of humor and contagious laugh.. it’s amazing how you can make other people laugh without making any jokes, but just by simply laughing yourself!! :D Anyway, it’s been a great time hanging out with you. Thanks for all the good times and fun you have brought to all of us. Really glad that we moved from Wisconsin to Berkeley together. So, all the best of luck and success in Indo. Keep in touch ya! Alvin Tantri

19: “Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song.”

21: Cupid loves SF

22: Bryce Canyon, 2009 | Lake Tahoe, 2008 | Point Reyes, 2008 | Lake Tahoe, 2010 | Santa Monica, 2010 | Yosemite, 2009

23: being silly

25: We'll miss you!

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