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Thank You Jay

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S: ThankYou Jay Martin

BC: Presented with love by The Denver Juice Plus+ Coop September 1, 2011

FC: Thank You! | Thank You Jay Martin

1: Thank You! | As we sit and reflect and look for the words to describe our thanks and gratitude we are overwhelmed with stories and memories from our last 22 years with NSA. Our adult lives have been blessed and we call ourselves lucky to have been associated with only one amazing opportunity. Your leadership, loyalty, and consistency have allowed us to realize far more than we ever dreamed, for ourselves and others. Over the years we have loved hearing about the watermelon patch, the stiff lady, Red and all of the other North Carolina personalities and adventures. We especially enjoyed your insightful training on P.O.T. :) We are looking forward to the future and your next 20 years of inspiration! We love and appreciate all you do, Jay! Sean and Jennifer Myers

2: August 1, 2011 Dear Jay Martin, I have sent you at least one message of thanks before and on occasion have written numerous others that unfortunately never got mailed so I’m going to pretty much “cut to the chase”! I want to thank you for developing a company with a mission and a goal that shines with divine guidance. NSA glimmers and sparkles with the bright light of integrity. One of my favorite spiritual writers and mentors is Marianne Williamson. In her book, “Everyday Grace” , there is a chapter called “Working” that thoroughly embodies all that you are and all that you have created with NSA and Juice Plus+. Jay, you have created a community of people whose ambitions are not centered on themselves but rather are centered on the flow of love through service. This culture you have been so instrumental in creating has given all of those that work with you permission to release the divine spirit present within all of us. It has allowed us to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Your integrity shines in all the decisions you help shape. I will forever look at you as my very own, “Oprah” because you give and you give BIG! So thank you once again, Jay Martin. I’m not an NMD and really not one of your “shining stars”. I have been involved with Juice Plus for many years and may even one day earn the dubious honor of having taken the longest to reach the pinnacle. But that’s okay because I believe everything happens for a reason. It has taken me a long time because I have had much work to do on myself. Through the Juice Plus+ family I have learned, of course, a lot about a healthy life through good eating and exercise but more importantly I have been given the opportunity to become the person that God intended for me to be when I was placed on the Earth 58 years ago. When Marianne wrote her book in 2002 she issued a “spiritual challenge”. She must have known of you, Jay. Perhaps because you were already quietly modeling to the world that “how” business is done is far more important than the business that we actually “do”. She said that the workplace needed to change from “hierarchical structure of domination and competition to a new paradigm system of cooperation and partnership.” Once that “challenge” is met then those “with more enlightened work relationships will emerge with more enlightened goals; we will no longer abuse the planet when we no longer abuse one another. We will work to re-create our society in the image of our better selves” That is no doubt what you have done. You with your insightful vision have created a culture and experience that is so much bigger than “the biggest encapsulated product in the world.” It is about a man that understood and had faith in his incredible vision and was not afraid to move forward with it because he knew it would lead to a world of goodness, compassion, and soulful relationships. For this I salute you my soulful partner, I salute you. With the greatest respect, utmost gratitude, and unconditional love, Bette Sue Wachholz Lawrence, Kansas

4: Happy Days | I am both thankful and excited for the Juice Plus opportunity! I am looking forward to growing my business and making other's healthier! Thanks for making this possible! Rose Teague | Dear Jay, The strongest evidence of love is sacrifice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the dedicated years you invested to make Juice Plus+ a reality and positive influence to the world. I thank the Lord for Him choosing you to make an impact and believing in us, so that we have a purpose filled life, in order that many may have a better quality of life. Love, Joy Carpenter

5: I have had to wait to write this message due to being out of the country, (I was in England). I came home with at least five potential customers from the UK! I am mentioning this because outside of my own personal gratitude in your efforts in making Juice Plus, I often think about the tremendous amount of health, wealth, community, and just good 'ol happiness that has been created for people all over the world. Even more than that, the momentum just does not seem to cease! I never envisioned being part of any large company, (though it is so much more), that has such a level of professionalism and positive energy. I am personally so happy to have met Juice Plus and you! Christina Wilson

6: Healthy Families | Thanks, Jay, for truly caring and sharing about those you know and don't know! I can't thank you enough for promoting a product that improves people's health as well as their wealth (if they choose to promote it)! I really appreciate the "down-home old fashioned" manner in which you continue your mission making a positive difference for millions of people! May God richly bless you for what you do and how you do it! Jane Moore | Thank you so much for caring so much about other people achieving their dreams! Thanks so much for an amazing opportunity for so many, including stay at home moms!!! I am truly grateful!!! Sara Shaw

7: Making a Difference | Thank you so much for the opportunity! Rose Teague | Thank you, Jay for making Juice Plus such a solid company. I knew right from the start that Juice Plus made sense for me and my family. With each event I attend I get a stronger belief in the product, the company and my own ability to stay healthy financially and physically. Thank you for a solid plan B that is turning into a plan A. Phyllis Giangrancesco | We are so thankful that you've taken time out of your busy schedule to visit us here in Denver! Thank you for ALL that you do to make this an amazing company. We feel so blessed to have you in our life and to be able to share your vision with people who need it! Have a wonderful stay in Colorado! Love and Blessings, Ben and Dusty Jessen

8: Gratitude | Greetings Jay....and Welcome to Colorado!! Just a word of thanks for creating a company that has allowed my family to prosper in our health and really bless us in these 10 1/2 years I have been involved. My husband was out of work for 2 1/2 years...he just went back and I legally took over the care of my grandchild and had it not been for this business we would be broken financially and emotionally. That is what moves me forward and I am thankful everyday for this company, the insurance package and what we can offer to others as a life line!! God Bless and Love from Kathleen Blakeslee, NMD Brighton CO | Jay, The impact you have had on my family and others is immeasurable. Thanks to your vision and leadership in making Juice Plus available, my son's health history has forever been impacted. He used to have severe asthma and allergies and now he is a healthy, strong 16 year old. I can't even put into words how his life is different; for that alone I will be forever grateful. I also appreciate the opportunity you have provided for me and my team to make a difference in the world, while helping to make our own family's dreams come true. It is such a unique and fulfilling mission to be a part of. You have provided such wisdom, intelligence, vision, stability, compassion, and love for all of us. You are my hero! Thank you Jay!! Laura Harris

9: We love you! | Dreams | Come True | Sandra too! | Thank you for standing out in this world of me, me, me, take, take, take. You have a great heart and want to give, give, give. I love to work for this NSA family that goes above and beyond. God Bless!!! Mariel Kindl | Thanks for listening to Smokey and being the catalyst for changing the health picture of so many people and future generations!!! Sherry Cooney

10: Jay, Your devotion and love for the people and power of Juice Plus shows through. Thank you for coming to Denver. Jennifer Eberhard | FUN! | Connections | Jay, I was truly inspired by your story esp the "why would anyone buy from a grocery store guy" thing. I had fun hanging out with you at the Sat night party and can't wait to see you in Nashville! Misty Stover

11: Thank you for your thoughtfulness. | Success | Jay, So incredibly thankful for you, and very excited that you are coming to Denver. Having this business is changing my life. I finally have a purpose and passion! Thank you for making all this possible. Looking forward to seeing you and bringing team members. Kim Greenrod | Thank you so much for your vision and wisdom within NSA. This opportunity gives me tremendous hope that I will have the financial freedom to leave corporate America and have my VF as my full time occupation. God bless. Kathy Jackson

12: I forgot to add one thing to my original message......Bless your little heart! Misty Stover | Thank you for living out your values and for mission. Thank you for providing hope for a better future. Thank you for providing the Virtual Franchise so that we can take control of our financial future. But above all Jay thank you for creating and sustaining the Virtual Franchise because it saved our marriage!!!! Thank you for creating an environment that pushes us to become better people!! Emily and Scott Holden | Thank you so very much for all you do and for continuing to be such a blessing to all of us!! Kate Smith

13: j | Gratitude is the memory of the heart | GRATITUDE! That word says it all! Hans and I are so grateful, Jay, for YOU! Your vision in leadership for over 4 decades has created our amazing company. Linking our future to NSA was one of the best decisions of our lives. We're so proud to be aligned with YOU and our Juice Plus+ world. Thank you again for coming to Denver, and to Sandra, as well, for giving up part of your vacation in the mountains to be here for our Colorado Teams. We love you! Donna and Hans | Thanks for helping us make a positive change in the world through Juice Plus and the Virtual Franchise. Your vision has allowed us to touch many lives and we appreciate all that you do! Julie and Ed Berra

14: Jay has given us a forum to live our life on purpose, and with such incredible rewards. I am so proud of our company, and feel blessed to have enriching conversations around our amazing product and business every day. Julie Hammerstein | Thank you Jay for creating such a wonderful company. You set the tone and truly care about people. I am proud to be representive of Juice Plus. This company has integrity and we appreciate the simplicity of the system. I love the people and positive energy, while learning so much along the way. Thank you for all that you do to make it better every year for us! You are appreciated! Dalena Hogan Littleton, Colorado

15: Jay, You had me in stitches at my first Juice Plus conference in April 2010 (Phoenix) when you told the "It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times" talk. You are a master storyteller and comedian. Your dedication to your staff, to all of us distributors, to our customers, is beyond measure. I wish there were more Jay Martins in this world. It would be a better place if there were. Thank you for all that you do. May God bless you always. God Bless, Jenn Stevens | Hello Jay, I have been a part of your organization for over 15 years now. As a QNMD, I am so grateful for the opportunity you have provided with the Virtual Franchise. I have been able to create a career that I love with a passion, work from home so I can have a flexible schedule for my kids and husband, bring in a decent income to supplement our budget, grow that income into a primary income for the family over the next few years allowing me to send me kids to private school and eventually retire my husband to work with me. All the while, I get to really make a difference in the wellness of others. I know of nothing I would rather do. I'm looking forward to your visit in Denver to inspire others the way you have me. Thank you so much. Sandy Virden | Jay, Thank you for thinking about how you could bless others instead of just taking care of yourself. I thank you for the gift this business has been to me as a mother, wife, and woman. I have grown immensly and I thank you for the abundant health and financial blessing this has brought us. I've been able to stay home to raise my kids because of Juice Plus+ . . . and to get out of the house when they are driving me nuts because of Juice Plus+! Ellen Dolan

16: You have done so much for the progress of health and healthy lives in the US and around the world and with a sense of humor that is truly appreciated by many if not all. Looking forward to many years of association with NSA and Juice Plus. Pat Tanner | Life is Good | My first conference 11 years ago I was expecting a lot of " rah rah' and Hoop de la instead I met Jay Martin and knew I wanted to follow this man the rest of my life. Years late at the Elton awards we had the "MY PEOPLE" man. Jay kept repeating that jokingly through out the conference but I felt deep in my heart that he meant it and that I was so grateful to be one of "HIS PEOPLE" Thanks Jay for creating the company with the HEART! It is Your heart and we all feel the beat! God is Blessing our company and product through your Leadership! Keep on keeping on we are behind you! Lynda Shelhamer NMD 24 Club | Thank you for creating such an amazing opportunity for so many people to live a life that includes the most amazing group of people ever. We feel so blessed to have had this opportunity find us! We did try to out run it, but it caught us and now we have fallen head over heels with the mission that you so wisely saw before everyone else! It is always fun to see you and Sandra! Huge hugs! Reagan and Richard Dean

17: Dear Jay, I remember the first conference I went to and how interesting it was to me that you got a standing ovation from 5,000+ people. I had worked in corporate for 16 years and because leadership changed constantly, I had dozens of bosses. Yet I never worked for anyone that was admired the way you are by the people in your organization. Seven years later, you have yet to disappoint me. In fact, my respect and appreciation for you has only grown stronger and I am proud to honor you by standing when you speak! Thank you for being so worthy of the love, respect and admiration we all have for you! Sincerely, Taryn Bellavance | Dear Jay, You are SIMPLY THE BEST!... As that wonderful song goes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all you are and all you have done to impact so many peoples lives, mine included. With love and appreciation, Nancy Glenn

18: Jay Can words really express my appreciation? Not really. You have been a tremendous mentor and I am proud to know you. But I don't think it was wise of you to share with the world that I at fish fries on the way to Bend. Love Mitra | Jay, I have been an NMD for 5 years and this company has been a gift straight from heaven for my entire family. With so much love, gratitude and respect I thank you for giving me a fairytale life . Dana Murphy XOXOXO

19: Jay, Thank you for always making us smile and laugh, for a mission statement that not only shows the heart of the company, but the heart of the man behind it and for always having our backs. You are an amazing gift to all of us! Leslie & Steve Gates | Thanks Jay, for being a man of integrity. You have been a part of my life for 13 years and nothing has been the same! Thank You! Susanne Edson | Welcome to Colorado, Jay!! Just a little note to say a Big THANK YOU!! for the wonderful opportunity you have given us to be a part of the Juice Plus+ fAMILY and the wonderful support through the Virtual Franchise. It has opened so many doors for so many famililes not only healthwise, but businesswise. We truly appreciate your dedication and caring you have given us all these years. God Bless you and your family. Have a safe trip back home. Thank You, Hattie & Ken Bertrand | Hi Jay, If it wasn't for you, my family would not be near as healthy. I personally wouldn't have set some goals that I have made and I wouldn't be looking forward to a future of financial freedom. Thank you so much for all your amazing support and generosity! Your stories are great as well ;) I could sit and listen for hours! Ben Larrabee

20: Thank you so much Jay for all that you've created! I'm so grateful for your vision and your ability to execute your vision to help all of us. Because of this business I am able to stay at home while raising my 3 children which was my dream. This business has allowed me to accomplish that while helping many other moms do the same. What a gift and a blessing this has been to so many families. The blessings of this product and the NSA virtual franchise seem to be continuously unfolding in layers upon layers. I'm certain there are many blessings that we will never see or know. I hope you know that many of us are eternally grateful for all that you've done to make this happen!!! I hope your life is blessed beyond reason for what you have given to all of us and to all of the JP customers!!! Thanks for coming to Denver and for being who you are!!! Hugs, Cherlynn Felton and Family | Dear Jay, Thank you so much for the Juice Plus Franchise opportunity. If I never make another penny in my business I will always be so grateful for how the Juice Plus experience has impacted my life and improved the quality of life for my husband, our kids, our grand kids, our parents, our siblings, etc. My interest in researching Juice Plus resulted in both my husband and I discovering a whole new world - the power of fruits and veggies. This was the beginning of our wellness journey, one change at a time. Our passion to learn from our Juice Plus family and share the knowledge we are gaining has resulted in significant healthy lifestyle changes for us and the people we love and care about. Thank you for leading the company with integrity and for making decisions that make it possible for me to proudly say I am a Juice Plus Rep! Yours in Health, Leana Wilson

21: I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

22: I wanted to thank you so much for blessing us as you have Jay! I really believe the people we love and care about deserve to know about Juice PLUS+ and it is my deep conviction that I have a moral and ethical responsibility to share it with everyone I meet since I'm on a mission to change the health of America with good diet and lifestyle choices! I consider it my privilege to share this incredible product! At only 21, I was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer, in my femur bone, after graduating from UCSD back in 2000. At the time, I was NOT seriously doing everything I could in the area of prevention! I started exercising some and eating better, but the damage was done and the tumor board suggested I start daily chemotherapy and radiation right away. Due to the aggressive side effects, exercising and eating were no longer possible for me, so I had to be hospitalized and live on the oncology floor as they injected me with poisons with other sick people much older than I was. I had always been aware that fruits and vegetables were good food choices; however, I just never seemed to get enough of them in my diet simply because I hated the way they tasted. I even attempted juicing because a nutritionist had suggested that I juice for better health! Juicing on a regular basis did not last long for me. To be honest, I found juicing was expensive, messy and time consuming! I also wasted a lot of produce, and often felt I was pouring money down the drain which didn’t make me happy! When a friend and doctor introduced me to Juice Plus+ and told me it was 17 fruits and vegetables in a capsule or chewable form, I started my research and investigation, as did my friends and family members. Shortly after, we all added Juice Plus+ to our diets right away and we will never miss a day. May God Bless you for all you do for us - we really appreciate you more than you may know Mr. Jay Martin! I for one am grateful beyond words! :) Laura Farago | Dearest Jay, How in the world do we thank you for such great vision to produce such an awesome opportunity for each of us?? Please know that because of you - not only are many thousands of people healthier, but you have also given many of us a DIRECTION and a PURPOSE to live out in this lifetime...and what a wonderful PURPOSE that is!! Thank you seems so inadequate.....you are truly, truly appreciated! From my heart, Trixie Tobin

23: I can't remember when I wasn't "eating" Juice Plus ... since June 1995 even before any research was started. The vision you had Jay was absolutely incredible as I look back. I'm not one of your "fast trackers" but am a steady user and many many of my Juice Plus people are with me and stay with me for a long time. They know how good it is too. Our best of luck to you as we journey on our healthy highway together. Joan and Dr. Richard Sayer

24: Dear Jay, I hope this finds you well and completely Blessed!!! There isn't enough room to write how grateful I am to you for all this product and this business has done for me!!! Because of Juice Plus and the Virtual Franchise I am not the person I use to be! My body has and continues to heal! My paycheck continues to grow! Me as a person, well let me just say I have and continue to heal!!! I am growing and becoming who God wants me to be! I am becoming someone who can be used in a mighty way for God's glory. I know this is my calling to help people protect the health they have or to regain the health they once had! Honestly I think God sent Juice Plus to you for His people. He doesn't instantly heal as many people as He use to because He wants to teach us discipline. And that is exactly what Juice Plus does!!! It get's our health snowball rolling!!!! Thanks for this amazing journey and for being a president of integrity!!!! Debi Friedly Brighton, Colorado | Dear Jay, I want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for you and the company you’ve guided through all these years. Your commitment and loyalty continues to inspire us. I had never been in business before, and I am so grateful for the opportunity you’ve created, and the stable ground we can build a future on. I feel like we’ve found a home – a place of shared values, commitment to making a difference, and creating a better future. Thank you, Thank you! Sally and Eric Reinemer

25: Dear Jay, When our family tells our Juice Plus+ story, it always starts with my mom's prayer for something to help us with our health issues and our financial challenges. When she was given one of Mitra's tapes, she knew it was the Lord's complete answer so she snapped it up and never looked back. Her final two years with us were her best and happiest because of the quality of life she enjoyed, due to the product and the loving support of our Juice Plus+ family. It was her parting gift to me and my dad and we carry on her legacy with pride. Juice Plus+ has radically influenced my heath, and the huge impact of the community of people I've met through my affiliation with NSA simply cannot be measured! More importantly, my relationship with my dad has been sweeter than ever because his migraines went away, my diabetes mellowed and we've been taught so much about personal growth. That has been an invaluable gift to us both, especially after the loss of my mom. Thank you, Jay, for building a company of integrity that is worthy of our trust and investment. Our loyalty is yours forever because of the many gifts we've been given and because we believe there is no other company that compares with NSA! You and the people you've chosen to guide us have made all the difference because of their genuine care and character. Literally, you continue to be the answer to our prayers! With much love and gratitude always, Wendy Boltz and Barry Herman | Jay, I just wanted to let you know how grateful both Chris and I are to be affiliated with NSA! Juice Plus itself has brought so many positive aspects to our Family's health! We too are blessed to have a business that has brought so much joy to our lives. With the Virtual Franchise, we have the flexibility to attend all of the important activities in our children's lives as well as take time out for each other. Thank you for your vision, your positive attitude and leadership that has brought this company to where it is today. We are blessed DAILY to be part of such a great company that feels like Family and be part of a "movement" to better the lives of so many! We love you! Chris and Heather Allen

26: Hi Jay, I heard you speak at Keystone a month ago and was so excited about all you had to say. I have loved Juice Plus+ since I started it last October. I have a daughter who is very ill, and to think that I could help another family not go through what we have gone through just by helping with their nutrition is all the reason I need to keep sharing. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and for all you do. Linda McCurdy | When I first read the mission statement of NSA, "To build a stable and lasting company that will help as many people as possible realize their dreams.", I had to ponder it for a few days, wondering who you could be talking about. Then it dawned on me as I exclaimed, "Hey, Jay is talking about me, us, distributors of Juice Plus+!" This is what touched my heart and still does today. Glenda Besetzny | Dear Jay, When I think about the many blessings I have in life, JuicePlus+ is right at the top! The product the business the corporation I am so grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream of having not just a rewarding career, but one which I could work from home while raising my 3 boys. Mostly, I am thankful for you as our Commander In Chief! I never doubt the vision of the company or the direction we are headed, because I know the leadership behind both is stellar, full of integrity, and guided by you! Gratefully Yours, Ellen Lewis - NMD

27: You are the BEST! | Hi Jay, Once again we are honored to have you come and visit us here in Denver. Most people never get to experience the presences of their president, let alone get to speak and be around him. Thanks for being who you are and creating a company with integrity, great pay, great training, thoughtfulness and lots of fun for all of us. We are all so excited to be with you in Sept. Thanks again for making Denver part of your tour. Blessings are all around us, thanks for being one of them Jay! Kim Zinn

28: NSA has exceeded ALL of my expectations. Not a day goes go by that I don't thank my God for Juice Plus (the product & the business) and the difference it has made for me and my family!!! We love you Jay, Joshua, Tamara, Ethan & Micah Hill | I consider myself and my family abundantly blessed by Juice Plus and my Virtual Franchise. Since we began out JP journey all of my children have experienced incredible improvements in their physical, academic and social achievements. I would never have gotten involved in JP had it not been the endorsements of medical professionals like you, and the incredible scientific research JP is so committed to. Thank you thank you thank you. I cannot say it enough. It was such a joy to see and hear you in person in Keystone last month and it has simple re-energized me to continue to get out there, share the news and pray that I can make a difference in other families health and lifestyle. Deann Sickels

29: I've been with Juice Plus for 7 years. Thank you for creating a company that changes lives!! Blessings Sherry Cooney Denver, CO | j | "To Jay Martin...a one of a kind person, with kindness for all persons. Thank you, Jay, for your humor and 'the moral to your stories.' But most of all, thank you for your heart!" Yours in Golf 'N Health, Patti & Bobby Benson

30: Dear Jay, There aren't enough words (Big enough? Important enough? Meaningful enough?) that I know how to possibly express my gratitude to you, Juice Plus+ the Product and NSA/Juice Plus+ the Company. The product has had such an amazing impact on my health and those I know and love and I LOVE the business! I love how its structured and all of the personal development training and support and how easy it is to make money in the time frame and way that works for me! I am ALMOST as passionate about Juice Plus+ as I am about singing (And I'm a Professional Opera Singer!) Thanks! Love to you ~ Karen Patterson (Juice Plus Idol Champion Fall 2010)

31: We like P.O.T. and ential too! | Mr. Martin, What an honor to be associated with such a healthy company! I came across juice plus 8 months ago and new from the start not only did I want to eat juice plus I wanted to be a rep. I wanted to bless as many people as I could with this wonderful product and company. I am still new in the business and believe me learning alot but am so fortunate that I get to be considered part of your Juice Plus family! Thank you Jay Martin. Dawn Mahar | HI Jay, I want to Thank you for sharing the business opportunity of Juice Plus with us little guys. You could easily sell Juice Plus at Walmart or Target but then only a few would be able to acheive their goals. My goal is to build my dream home on the 40 acres we purchased and be able to stay home with my two girls. You should teach all the big wigs how to run a company successfully. :-) Maybe even put in a call to that government we have. Seriously though you, the product and the business are a God send! Thank you for all you do!!! Katie Baker, SSC Keenesburg, CO 80643 | Jay, Thank you for your positive energy and leadership! JuicePlus is such a wonderful product that is impacting the lives of so many people. I am looking forward to growing in this business and watching those in my life be enriched by the product. Thank you, Stacey Schalk

32: Hi, Jay. We have yet to meet since I'm so new in the company. But, I have to say that I have such a passion for Juice Plus the product and the company. The company, because of the people and how many Christians I found to be in the franchise (this I realized at the Keystone Bootcamp). The product, because of what it has done to help my family be healthy. My son was born with VATER syndrome and constipation has always been a part of our everyday lives until Juice Plus, now I don't have to worry about him being regular. My daughter's asthma is so much better and that is only after taking it for 6 months. I have not had a migraine, arthritis pain, or urinary issues, as well as a reduction in cold sores and an increase in my energy. I also firmly believe that it has helped my son with brain health as he has better self regulation and attention. (I'm really hoping there will be some research done on the benefits of fruits and veggies on brain health in the future). Thank you so much for all that NSA does to support us in what we do. I love the product and all the people I've encountered in the company!! Danielle Hicks, DD. | Hello Jay, I am so grateful to you for my business. You don't know how it has help to change who I am, and how I love myself NOW! The financial aspect of this is even better how it has helped us through some trying times. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS and YOU for how you have helped me and other people around me!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Lea Anne Sherwood | Thank you for what you give willingly to the people in this Co.!! I have enjoyed every moment of my 3 yrs and look forward to what the future brings!! May God bless you and prosper you with everything He has to give, for your generosity and faithfulness,all the days of your life!!! We appreciate you!!:) We are soooo excited to have you in beautiful Colorado!!! See you soon! Michelle Eisenbarth:

33: Dear Jay, My family owned business has always fulfilled my needs in life until the last few years when I frankly got bored. When my family started to take Juice Plus I had no idea that it would lead to more fulfillment than I ever imagined. Now with the help of your company and all the people in the Juice Plus family I am able to keep my place in the family business and grow a business of my own. I know that you may say that Juice Plus is not your doing alone but as a business owner it is the people that YOU hire and work with that create the community of the company. The Juice Plus community is your creation and I greatly appreciate your vision. Thank you so much, Tara Hieb | Dear Jay, Thank you for having the vision and guts to create a company that will make an impact on as many lives as possible. Most of all, thank you for sharing that vision and dream with others. Until I became associated with Juice Plus+ I had never dreamed and been encouraged to dream. Thanks for creating an environment of loving and caring people who want all associated to succeed! You inspire me! Donna Wiss Senior Sales Coordinator

34: Dear Jay, The respect and admiration we have for you, is reserved for only few people. The abundance you’ve precipitated downstream, to so many lives, is astounding and the impact on our family is eternal. You remind me a great deal of my Grandfather a true Southern gentleman, with a great sense of humor and humility, a master story teller, forged of integrity and a leader who’s built to last. Your stewardship, of it all, is a grand gesture of grace, gifts and abundance from above. Here are three pearls of wisdom you’ve shared with us, personally, that have been indelible: 1) “They Got My Back” - reminds us what relationships should be (2) “I’m impressed but not informed” – which helped me (Jeff) become more effective (3) We don’t pay the wrong people – absolutely brilliant. | John Eldredge says we crave three thingsand you’ve gifted all them to us: (1) A noble battle (2) A grand adventure (3) Beauty to rescue. This business has allowed our children to experience Mom & Dad being made more “fully alive” through their workwhich is a priceless example for our kids. It’s allowed me to work under my wife (assuredly the best position). We’ve never found another corporate logo with a heart in it or a mission statement with “stable”, “lasting” and “their dreams” all in the same sentence. You’ve built it to last and shown us all a brighter way. We know the best way to honor you is to pay it forward indefinitely. “My People”it’s time to go to work! Enduring gratitude, Jeff & Toni Olson

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