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The Cripes

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S: Friends of the Cripes 2010

BC: With Much Love

FC: "Some of the best things in life; Good Food, Good Fun, Great Friends" | Joanne & Glen Cripe | MEMORIES

1: Friends

2: Now, we live in a nice, quiet neighborhood, I mean, very quiet, neighborhood in Ragin Estates. Our neighbors are friendly, but nothing like those folks on Plantation Road. It's been years since we received a call from the Thompsons inviting us to a cookout at their neighbors' home. My response was "That's nice, but we're not their neighbors." Sharon's reply: " It doesn't matter to the Cripes. They ring this big bell on their back porch and everyone within hearing distance is invited. You'll understand when you meet them." And we did! Within ten minutes of being introduced and welcomed to the biggest spread of food I've ever seen in a single-family residence (and I'm a southerner by birth and have met some pretty big buffets in my time) we were talking family, telling jokes and feeling as if we'd known the Cripes for years. What generous, loving, open and passionate folks Joanne and Glen are. They do not meet strangers anywhere. Joanne can know someone's full family history in three minutes flat, and remember to ask about your great aunt Sally the next time you meet. Glen spares no one from his big ol' bear hugs, and aren't we grateful that! You haven't really experienced Christmas- and I'm including the Rockettes and Macy's-until you've been graced with an invitation to a Cripes' Christmas party. We make it through the long, dreary winters and hot-as-fire summers thinking of those almond creme filled cookies, glazed hams, scalloped potatoes, shrimp-have I mentioned those creme filled cookies? And, I think Glen and Joanne may have a record on their hands for number of Christmas trees in one house. All the decorations beautifully themed throughout each room. We wait each year in excited anticipation of the additions that Glen so graciously affords Joanne to purchase to add to the splendor! We are honored to call Joanne and Glen our Friends. | Martin & Marybeth Hughes

3: What can I say? You guys have always been there. Requesting cake in my face on my birthday, And before my shows, helping fix my hair I can't even imagine a life Without you two. I won't make a girl my wife Without full approval from you Looking back on all the parties, laughs and food Always seems to put me in a better mood Knowing you, I feel extremely blessed Because you guys are, without any doubt, by far the world's BEST | I honestly cannot think of a single major event in my life that you didn't contribute to. You were there for every concert and clapped after every solo. You asked for report cards every semester and pushed me to do better. You helped me understand women (that's a lie, but you tried really hard). You were there when I got Eagle, when I got accepted into college, and when I graduated. You always had side work for me when I was in dire need of cash. You always had open ears and wise advice whenever I needed someone to talk to. You've always made me feel proud to be me and I can honestly say that I'm proud to have both of you in my life. I love you guys, Shawn

4: True Friends We are such close friends, it's like we are family. Glen, our friendship started when we were kids in elementary school. There were many memorable times, sled-riding, West View Park with Colleen and family. JoAnne we met you in high school when you and Glen started dating. We spent a lot of time with Dwight and Colleen going to their camp and up to ours and our trip in their motor home together. Our boys were born within months of each other, were in each others weddings, and are still good friends today. Let's not forget our canoe trip down French Creek and the Allegheny River. We came to rapids just before Franklin. Glen you told JoAnne not to get out of the canoe, you would walk it through the rapids. (JoAnne had a terrible sun burn at the time) Well, you got out of the canoe alright and so did JoAnne and everything else in the canoe. We thought JoAnne was going to kill you!! Glen had a real nice place picked out for us to spend the night.I think you said you camped there before, possibly with the boy scouts? JoAnne was still mad at this point, when we pulled over to set up camp. We had to wade in knee deep mud to get to land. We walked through weeds waist high (at least for JoAnne) Glen thought it was good enough, because JoAnne was ready to stop. Everyone else didn't think it was the ideal camping spot, with us under the metal deck bridge in the heart of Franklin. :) Fortunately within another mile we found a nice spot. The next day with torrential down pours, was the icing on the cake for you, JoAnne. With the rain pelting your sun burnt body! With Tom under his green umbrella fishing, while I paddled the canoe. | The second canoe trip was with Bud and Kutz, Brian and Dianne, Mark and friend and I can't remember who else. Anita doesn't remember much about that trip either! Wonder why?? :) Remember the weekend trip to D.C. Dwight and Colleen kept the kids. We toured a good bit of D.C., but Glen and Tom just had to go to the bay for fresh crab. They came back to the car happily, with their fresh crab in hand. Only thing was, they had nothing to open them with. Tom's bright idea was to open | them with a screw driver and channel locks. (That's all they had to work with) JoAnne, you and I were making wise cracks while they tried to open the crabs. They got them opened alright, in pieces! I don't know that much about crabs, but there was something about the vein running through the crab. Don't cut the vein. Well guess what, they cut the vein! It stunk so bad that you and I had to get out of the car and go for a walk, laughing all the way! When we got back to the car the smell was unbearable. The guy's were literally gagging! I don't think they got much crab out of that mess, did you Glen?

5: Their hands stunk so bad that we drove with the windows down, with Tom's worst smelling hand out the window!!! From what I can remember, it wasn't all that warm out. We, and many others, were saddened when we found out that the both of you were moving to South Carolina. Tom and I flew down to help get the house prepared for your move. Glen and I scrapping wall paper of the family room wall, while Tom and JoAnne worked on the kitchen cabinets. Later that night we went out to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse. We had good food, wine, and especially the salad with pepperoncini. Remember that Glen. Tom and you liked them so much, that you bought a jar of them to take back to the hotel! Last but not least, remember the many Christmas's and New Year Eve's that we have spent together. Times like, when we celebrated too much and took the quad for a ride upsetting it in the deep snow or when we flew down to SC to bring in the New Year with the both of you. We were so glad to get away from the cold weather of Pittsburgh to the warmer weather of the Carolina's. Wrong!!! Tom and I brought the snow with us! We celebrated in the hot tub, of course, with a glass of wine. Tom hopped out of the hot tub and made a snow angel on your deck! You have pictures of that one!!! Mary said to tell a story, not expecting a book. Truly we had so many good times together we could write a book or two! Wishing both of you a Very Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy many more together! LOVE YOU GUYS! TOM and ANITA

6: Glen and Joanne, You are the best neighbors anyone could ask for. You have been so good to our family for almost eighteen years. We have had so many good meals with you and too much fun to even start telling about. I guess one of the favorite times would have to be when we drank too much and sang Christmas carols in August with Clark and Sandra. And of course, the drinks in the swing with our darling neighbor from across the street. God Bless you and Congratulations. Love ya, Yogi and Annie

7: Dear Joanne & Glen We like our easy, comfortable way The welcome that never ends-- The things that we share, The ways that we care-- That wonderful warmth between friends. You are two of a kind-- and one in a million. Love you both Kathy & Fred

8: THE BEST OF FRIENDS The best of friends, Can change a frown, Into a smile, When you feel down. The best of friends, Will understand Your little trials, And lend a hand. The best of friends, Will always share, Your secret dreams, Because they care. The best of friends, Worth more than gold, Give all the love, A heart can hold. | Joanne and Glen: Thank you for all of the wonderful memories, good times, laughter, and the wonderful hospitality you have shown us over the years. You both are truly "wonderful friends". It has been a privilege to share your friendship. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Leo and Mary

9: Our friendship began when I was the secretary for the Freedom P.T.A. You had a gripe about getting toys for the Kindergarten classrooms. After the meeting I approached you to ask your name for the minutes and you stated Joanne Cripe, not Mrs Glen Cripe, and we began our friendship that night! Now here comes the REMEMBER WHENS.....The garage sale for the P.T.A., the Fair for the P.T.A, the afternoon drinks at your house on the swing with Rosemary Kaye....The trip to the hospital to get Orville's wife Lois a hospital bed and I almost killed you when I went around the bend and the door came open and you were hanging on with one arm, wow what a ride huh? And who can forget all of the beautiful cakes that you made for weddings, graduations, birthdays, and the cheesecake that you made for me when I was on the Adkins diet that was not the usual, but made with REAL cheese and decorated with all sorts of veggies! And you still made Bud and Danielle cupcakes. There were times that I was sick or feeling down and you did all sorts of things to cheer me up. Remember your 1 cig a year at the Installation Banquet down at the Freedom Fire Department and all of the water battles that Glen and Bud were in and they still won! We had many shopping excursions and trips to Pittsburgh because I was afraid to drive in that city. And of course we cannot ever forget all of the times I would get mad at Glen for not agreeing with me and he was always right anyway! Oh, Joanne what about those rides to work for H&R Block and how I would always be so happy in the morning and I bet you couldn't wait for me to get in the car to see my smiling face! The two of you always had fun things to do and we had a blast the first time that you took us on the incline and I was so scared and of course everyone thought it was funny. We did enjoy the ride and the four of us had a great day! Colleen had an experience with us when we went to the Expo and the two of you had to practically drag me down the escalator. There are many memories- that we can go on forever, but we will never forget them or our friendship. We Love You Both! Forever, Bud and Kutz

10: How does one distill into a few words about what started as an agreement of convenience, splitting the Christmas and New Years Holiday lab schedule at Rochester General Hospital, into what has developed from being an acquaintance, to friendship, to very close friends, and into a brother/sister family atmosphere? As we grew closer we've enjoyed holiday parties, birthday parties, family dinners, back yard picnics, pinochle games, race night fund raisers at the Freedom Firehall, the birth of our children, high school and college graduation parties, the weddings of Mark, Johnny and Lynda, the births of our grandchildren company picnics and parties, a move from our comfortable home and family surroundings in Beaver County to the unknown of Charlotte and Rock Hill, and being able to confide with each other about family joys and woes. Over the years Glen and john worked together, first at the hospital and then at BASF. They have also enjoyed adventures in Scouting, both at the troop level and in Canoe Trails. They also encouraged their respective sons as they endeavored to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. In Scouting there was a lot of fun, especially cooking raisins in the breakfast oatmeal just to get the goat of Jay Sterrett.

11: One memorable event was billed as the 100th Anniversary Party, a St. Patrick's Day weekend in Savannah, GA, to celebrate the combined wedding anniversaries of Jo & Glen, John & Lee, and Diane & Walt Beckwith. What a wonderful time that was. Although we are now living many miles apart we are still very close to each other in our hearts and minds. What a blessing to have such great friends. May God continue to Bless and Keep you two. Your friends, John & Lee

12: BEST FRIENDS Just thinking about our "escapades" together makes us laugh. Who else would fly to Washington D.C. for one night just because air fares were so cheap? Or, overnight to Asheville to see the Christmas decorations at the Biltmore mansion? Oh, how we enjoyed seeing "your" Pittsburgh through the eyes of someone who truly loves their hometown city. Then, of course, our wonderful trip to Ireland, Scotland and Spain. Two weeks together never once tested our friendship. None of these would have been half the fun without you two to share them. So many times we just sat outside on your deck (where we are most at home) enjoying good food, good wine, old music and an easy companionship that never grows old. Your friendship means we are never alone. We have had to face some rocky times, but your love and support were always there. You two are who we want to start each New Year with. Whether it is at your cousin Louie's or somewhere else, as we toast the coming year, no matter what it holds, we know we can rely on your love and support. We will store each little memory in our hearts. They are a part of us just as you both will always be. You make it easy to say "We Love You". | Gary & Donna

13: ODE TO THE CRIPES There once was a couple named Cripe The name is pronounced to rhyme with Yipe They were good friends with many and all If you knew them you'd be having a ball Now it was known the Cripes like to party When they host you don't want to be tardy By all means bring a dish if you must But be sure your appetite is quite hardy What's on the menu you may ask? Citing the list will be quite a task 'Cause it will seem like it's from pepperoni To the simple but delicious macaroni If by chance you like to play cards And to do it will tickle their fancy Be it pinochle, euchre or whatever They enjoy all games they endeavor But keep your cards close to your vest Because your playing skill they will test For if by chance you should happen to win You can consider yourself good and leave with a grin And so we say with hearts full of thanks We are are so glad to have been able to join your ranks Everyone always will have loads of fun Even if it is just a little conversation | GOOD FOOD GOOD FRIENDS GREAT TIMES

14: Joanne and Glen have always been there for me. When I was poor, there always seemed to be yard work to do or Christmas decorations to be brought down from the attic. When I was hungry, there was a seemingly endless supply of good food waiting at their house. When weekends rolled around and it was time to let loose, they were always there to provide the entertainment, whether it was a board game, cards, or even trivia (Combined, they make the greatest, most unstoppable team of all). Most of all, when I needed advice or words of guidance, they were always there to help me along my way. Joanne and Glen always acted more like grandparents to me than anything else. I was always treated like family with them, and I always knew that I had a home away from home. Joanne and Glen have always been excellent role models for me, but in the past few years I have come to realize how they set a perfect example in their relationship. Kristin and I know exactly who we want to be like when we grow up!! Their example of love and companionship is inspiring to us and we know we ALWAYS have someone who understands when we struggle as a young couple. Thank you so much for being there for me (and now us) unconditionally! We love you! Alex Schneider Kristin Thomas

15: FRIENDSHIP What is friendship? According to Webster's Dictionary it is as follows: 1. A person one knows, likes, and trusts. 2. A favored companion; comrade. If you look in our dictionary under this heading you will find a picture of Joanne and Glen. Jean and Duke

16: Joanne and Glen are one of our many Northern Southern friends. If we had not moved to the South, Mark and I would have been deprived of the wonderful friendship of two fun-loving, giving people. No one in our friendship circle loves celebrations of any kind as much as Joanne and Glen. Both are empathetic, good people who display boundless energy and endless giving. It has been our pleasure to enjoy your fantastic hospitality and to be able to call you- Friends. Annette & Mark

17: Dear Joanne & Glen: As I think back over the years, we, and now I feel so special to have you in our lives. You always made us feel so welcome and Louie loved going to your home and being a part of whatever was going on. You have always included us and now me in your get togethers. You were there for us when Ted died, bringing food and helping in any way that you could. When Louie died, there you were to do whatever. Your support understanding and love mean more than you will ever know. Once in a while I do have you down to eat, but only after I have "practiced" to make sure everything is as good as it is at your house! Ha! Ha! I don't worry about the wine though, it's all the same..... You have acquainted me with your friends and made me a part of that group. In closing I want to say Thank You for always being there for me. A friend is someone who thinks you're a "good egg", even though you're a little cracked. Happy Anniversary to both of you Love, Ann

18: First, they moved in next door, and we wondered what kind of neighbors they would be. Right away the parties started, with laughing and talking and carousing going on late into the night. Indeed, we were surprised that police were not summoned, but then we realized that most of the neighbors were at the parties. Eventually, the parties became legendary, especially their “pull out all the stops” Christmas extravaganzas. Needless to say, as time went by they became close friends, and we began to think of them as family. During good times and bad, they could always be counted on for their love and support. So, of course, we felt blessed, and planned on being neighbors for a long time. Fate had other ideas, unfortunately, and suddenly we found it necessary to find a new home. Our sadness ended, however, when we found a new place literally within “hollering” distance. Regular chats across the fence disappeared, but our friendship, we feel, became even more enduring. Every visit, every shared meal, and, of course, every PARTY became a treasured memory. Volumes could be written about what friendship is, but these folks practice it daily in every facet of their lives. Enthusiasm, compassion, and boundless energy are just a few of the qualities by which they set an example for us all. Rarely in life does one have the good fortune to encounter the likes of Glen and Joanne Cripe. | Happy Anniversary, Glen and Joanne! With love, Bruce and Sharon Thompson

19: Happy Anniversary to the Cripes! Glen and Joanne are two of the most wonderful people we know. They have been like grandparents to us for as long as we can remember. We share so many memories with them: their visits to Barcelona, the countless parties, mini golfing and tractor rides....we will always hold you dear in our heart. We are very lucky to have Glen and Joanne as part of our lives. Thank you for being you! With lots of love, Meredith, Kyle, Derek and Erica Thompson.

20: Who would have thought that this short, outspoken, full of energy, woman from PA, who was managing an H&R Block office in the South, where things are done much more slowly, would win the hearts and friendship of so many? After all the Yankee jokes were worn out (no bus tickets to PA were actually purchased) Joanne won everyones heart and admiration. We consider Joanne & Glen two of our best friends, and our children, whose grandparents have all passed, have adopted them as "their Grandparents". It's a role they jumped into with both feet.They have attended Birthday, Graduation, Choral performances, and award ceremonies whole heartedly. Once, when one of the boys showed Glen his school transcript, Glen asked for a copy and was so proud, he bragged on him as if he were his own! The boys used to take their girlfriends to meet and visit them, then wait eagerly to see if Joanne & Glen gave their "stamp of approval". One memory that makes me smile when I remember is when Alex was to be presented with the Charlotte Observer "Best Student" award. He was told he could bring 2 people to the award dinner. He immediately called Joanne & Glen to invite them. After seeing the stunned look on my face he offhandedly said to me "Sorry mom, I'll invite you and Dad next time!" You two have been such an important part of our family's lives that I don't even remember a time when you weren't there. You have always been game for anything! Picnics, cards, sight seeing, shopping and anything in between. I wouldn't have enough space to tell about all of the great and fun times we have had over the years. I love telling the cockroach story on Glen as much as Joanne loves telling the pizza story on me! Joanne is the first person who I haven't been able to embarrass, I have placed For Sale signs on her car many times when it was in the H&R Block parking lot (pricing it at less then $2,000.00) and always after several people are fighting over purchasing it, she calmly walks outside and takes the sign down and goes back to work. One time she actually left me, red faced. We were at Home Depot one night when Glen and Pat had wandered off to look around and Joanne and I were ready to leave. I said I would go look for the guys and Joanne said "no, don't bother" as I gave her a puzzled look, she just started yelling "Glen, Glen". It echoed through the whole store and next thing I knew, Glen and Pat came walking right up to us. Calmly Joanne announced "we're ready to go", as if this outburst was completely normal. She won my heart right there and then! It is our pleasure and our honor to be friends with you two. We look forward to many more laughs and good times with you. Your Friends Pat & Mary | Friends

21: Friends are important in everyone's life, They come third in importance after children and wife, There is just one couple who is rich as can be For they collect friendships, how lucky for me. The Cripes are a couple who never forget, To treasure the friendship of someone they met Their family's extensive, their friendships even greater They nurture them all and sooner or later You come to understand what they've known from the start To keep all your friendships real close to the heart. | There's nothing JoAnne would not do for a friend She's the essence of goodness, hard work and a blend Of optimism, hospitality and wisdom you see I just cannot figure why she's chosen me To be part of the circle of people to love For this sharing couple we thank heaven above. Let's not forget Glen, JoAnnes other half For they both walk together sharing one path There's no other person content as Glen Cripe, He loves what he does and enjoys all of life, He rarely complains, happy always to face Whatever life brings he steadies his pace There's nothing to gift to this man and his wife For they truly know how to celebrate life. | Love and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Anniversary Fran & Jim

22: Make new friends but keep the old One is Silver and the other Gold

23: Party Time!

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