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The Day That Lissa Murdered

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The Day That Lissa Murdered - Page Text Content

S: The Day That Lissa Murdered That Fateful Birthday, Plus Other High School Memories

BC: Created by Alex Dempsey Featuring art by Anna Corrales

FC: The Day That Lissa Murdered | That Fateful Birthday, Plus Other High School Memories

1: Dear Friend: It seems the German troops are about to enter Paris. The roads South are a hopeless snarl; the trains are full and one cannot find space aboard them. Yet to remain in the city and watch the Nazis brutalize her will not be a pleasant thing. This letter offers what may be your last chance to escape. At 5:00 p.m. on 13 June, 1940, a government train under military guard will depart platform 7, Gare d'Austerlitz station, for the relative safety of Southern France. Attached to this train will be a private pullman car and a dining car. The accompanying Transit Authorization will see you past the military guard and on board. I do hope you will come. Who am I to offer this service? Well, for the time being, I won't tell you that. Think of me as someone much like yourself, a citizen of the world. There will be eight guests; they are a distinguished group. I will make it a party of nine. Do bring proper attire. We will dine elegantly. our chef is the man who made travel by train a delicious experience, Master Lester (Les) K. Arrgowe. Oh, yes. Each of the train cars has a name: the lounge-dining car named 'Delice' and the pullman sleep car named 'Desire.' Don't be late. Miraculously, the trains are running on time. Number Nine | Dear Friend: Thank you for coming. I apologize for all the secrecy but there were reasons why my name should not be known until you were safely on board. Please join me for cocktails at 7:30 in the Lounge where all will be revealed. Fiona Fae Tahlle | Welcome Guest: The train will be departing at 5:00 p.m. Cocktails will be served at 7:30. The military train, conducted by Monsieur Jean-Pierre, has an attached a dining and Pullman sleep car for your comfort and use. You shall be in Cabin No. 1 for our journey. Please feel welcome to contact the staff should you need assistance. | Conclusion: 1 of the 8 other occupants of the Pullman Car murdered the occupant of cabin 9 by stabbing her with a thin-bladed weapon after a vicious fight. The body was placed in a large canvas sack and thrown from the train at 6:00 p.m. as the train passed over a railway bridge. The sack was caught on the bridge and found by military | Body of a nude woman found in a large canvas sack, hanging from railway bridge. Woman of medium build, blonde hair, 25 years of age.Died of a knife wound to the

2: A well-traveled and worldly individual, Mr. Ageant is seldom home in the British Isles due to the necessities of business travel. Distinguished, impeccably dressed, and courteous to a fault, he is welcome in the finest hotels and restaurants on the European continent. Yet there is an aura of mystery about him and no one seems to know what his business is or why he travels with such regularity between Berlin and Paris. | He is a master spy employed by the British Secret Service and has established a network of agents in Germany which he regularly visits on his "business" trips. He also operates his own private spy network and earns a considerable income by servicing a discrete and well-paying clientele of his own. The British don't know about his sideline and would be particularly displeased if they found out. Fiona Fae Tahlle was for a time one of his agents. She as difficult to control though, and he had grown to suspect her of being a double agent. He had, in fact, issued a 'hit' order on Fiona through his action group. He was perhaps motivated in this decision by the fact that she knew of his private spy business and had become a serious competitor. | Journalist for a great metropolitan newspaper, Mary has lingered in Paris to send home to her readers the true story of the War in Europe. She has interviewed men in the street, soldiers and generals, ministers of state and celebrities. Her articles are published in papers across the U.S. under the byline Mary Trairie, but those who remember her past remember her as little Mary Kohn, daughter of the late Augustus Kohn, journalist, publisher, and newshound. It was Augustus who said, "There's them that wants news and there's them that wants truth. Don't ever confuse the one for the other." Mary was briefly married to a young city editor named Harold Trairie, but the marriage didn't last. She has clung to Harry's name, feeling her father's to be a trifle austere. | As a journalist, she has stirred up quite a fuss. One of her stories filed 24 hours before the German Invasion predicted "on good authority" that the Germans were "unlikely to invade France" and that they would "simply bounce off the Maginot Line if they tried." The General who made these comments is the same man who issued your transit authorization, General Fargonne de Rearre. Another story of hers caused a sensation in Paris and back home in the U. S. A. when she reported "Sensational Scandals At High Levels In French Government," an affair that closely involved a high government official and his mistress, none other than the hostess, Fiona Fae Tahlle. Her story was to appear in a series of articles and, after the first was printed, Mary received a threatening letter, unsigned but with clear intent: "You have wantonly divulged information that was, for reasons you obviously fail to comprehend, best left secret. Be warned that a reoccurrence will not be tolerated. Your own secret past would make equally sensational news." She was quite correct about Mary's past. She won a journalistic award, the Percival Upton Litzer prize, for a penetrating article on the life of a G-man. The featured FBI agent, C. Ruekid Kaup, was portrayed as a shining example of honesty, strength, and professional skill. In fact, he was a scoundral, on the take and thoroughly corrupt. He eventually was jailed and died by his own hand in prison minutes after being interviewed for a follow-up article. The fact that Mary brought a pack of his favorite cigarettes (heavily dosed with poison) was never discovered. | Khover T. Ageant | Mary K. Trairie | Kyle Ridenour | Camren Crose

3: Barbara may be described in a few words: "rich, spoiled, and beautiful." Daughter of the French perfume king, Louis Z. Enhussie, now deceased, she was brought up to extravagance and has carried on this tradition of the Enhussies in all respects. Chateau Enhussie, on the outskirts of Paris, and Barbra's spacious apartment in the city, are centers of lavish social activity. Everyone who is anyone is a regular at Barbra's. | Her apartment and chateau are more than centers for social extravagance; they are hot spots for international espionage. Intrigue is as commonplace in her living room as romance and it is often unclear whether an intimate conversation is motivated by one or the other. Military figures, government officials and spies from around the world are frequent guests. Fiona Fae Tahlle began it all by encouraging her to invite important political figures to her parties. She went along with the idea because Fiona knows the secret of Barbra's father's death-- the fact that Barbra murdered him by putting cyanide gas in a vial of perfume that he was testing. Of course she had reason to murder the old tyrant. He was tight-fisted and critical of her extravagant social life. Fiona has quite openly told Barbra that she knows the truth. She was not disapproving-- being apparently without morals herself-- and has never threatened to use this knowledge against Barbra. She is mortified with fear though that Fiona will nevertheless tell someone of her crime. It would, you know, be so embarrassing. | Another royal victim of the German advance, the Duke had to fight his way through the enemy lines to reach Paris. His own small army in tatters, he and a few hand-picked men succeeded in bringing to the French High Command valuable information concerning German troop disposition. The Duke remains a hero to his now captive people, the sturdy peasant stock of the region known since ancient times as Alzase-Laverne. The Duke is a man of noble bearing, schooled extensively in military matters, and is a swordsman of considerable talent. Young to be a leader of even so small a nation, the duke has never married but is considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors in Europe. | He is a political scchemer and, had the Germans not chased him out of his country, would have attempted an invasion of his own. The rich forestland of Tchirle borders his country and is governed by Princess Idelle Chattre. He had hoped to marry her-- though he has never actually met her, only seen pictures of her-- and gain control of that country and its resources, but thelady rebuffed his written marriage offer. The Duke's plans for invasion were forestalled when a secret agent intercepted his orders to the commander of the border troops. The spy, Fiona Fae Tahlle, naturally, threatened to disclose his plans both to Idelle and to the French Government. In his rage, The Duke ordered her killed and gave the job of terminating Fiona to the deadly assassin Kurt N. Down. | Barbra Z. Enhussie | Duke Schwazhe B. U. Klare | Madison Lane | Paul "Squid" Perrone

4: A "coutouriere extraordinaire" is the way Belinda is desribed by her wealthy clients. "Really, I'm only a simple dressmaker," she says blushingly, but the women in the inner circle of Paris society know better. Owner of a thriving high fashion studio, Maison Screete, this clever and educated American has thrust her way into the Paris Fashion World. More than a caterer though, to the patrons of high fashion, Belinda participates in that society as actively and as well as any. Vivacious and charming, she is a frequent guest at the mansions and chateaux of the wealthy and influential citizens of Paris. | She is a malicious gossip-hound and the book she is writing is about her many extravagant experiences among the rich and the powerful. That is, she was writing a book before this nasty old war came along. When Belinda's book is published, it will make a lot of people very unhappy and will cause more than casual embarrassment. If World War II hadn't happened, half the French Government would have had to leave town anyway when her book appeared. It has been suggested to her that publishing this book will not be an entirely healthy thing to do. She has been bribed by important people to keep their names out of this book and she has been threatened. Recently, she has been blackmailed: "If your book is published, my dear," the note read, 'I will certainly feel free to tell the world what I know about your partner's untimely demise. Prudence, in this case, and silence are one and the same, don't you think?" The letter was unsigned. The unfortunate truth of the matter was that she did murder her partner, Poule A. Roti. He died in a freak accident at his sewing machine. Apparently due to faulty wiring, he was electrocuted. It cost Belinda a lot of money to arrange for the faulty wiring. | Known to his squadron as 'Wey,' Captain Awfcorce is a pilot of renown. His squadron of Laklustre Bombers is likely to prove one of the most formidable armaments available to the British Armed Forces. Shot down on a reconnaisance mission over Germany before the commencement of hostilities, Wey managed to evade capture and make his way to Paris where he is making every attempt to return to England. The son of English nobility, educated at Oxford, he epitomizes the strength, endurance, and nobility of character of that island race. | He wasn't on a reconnaissance mission at all. He crashed at night when he attempted to set his plane down in a cow pasture, mistaking it for a landing strip. The landing strip he thought he was landing in was supposed to be in Alzase-Laverne, but the cow pasture he in fact landed in was in Germany and in the path of a rapidly advancing tank division. Unbeknownst to Wey, World War II had begun, and he found himself placed rather poorly. What was he doing flying around in Alzase-Laverne? Well, the girl's name was Brigitte, and he hadn't seen her for a few weeks. The squadron was tooling around on a nearby training mission. It seemed the perfect opportunity. And how did he end up in Germany instead? Well, Wey is easily lost and has never learned how to read a compass. It was family influence that got him in command, not any flying skills he possesses. Even so, the way he and his men fly all over the countryside has allowed them to develop a profitable sideline. Mal has often hired him for ferrying black-market weapons to his customers. The crew refer to these flights as "gun runs." They also fly an occasional "fun run" as well, flying call girls between the continent and England. It would not do for the true story of his crash landing or other activities to be told in England. Unfortunately, there was a witness to the affair that knows the truth. She is the hostess: Fiona Fae Tahlle. Wey thought her name was Brigitte. He learned her true identity when he met her after reaching Paris. | Belinda Screete | RAF Group Captain Weyland W. Awfcorce | Sam Viramontes | Daniel Dunning

5: 'Mal' is a soldier of fortune. Restless, cynical, and secretive, he is nevertheless well-known in Paris society where it is whispered that he, for some undisclosed reason, cannot return to his home in the United States. Some say he killed a man; some say it was an affair of the heart; there are even those who say he makes his living in the active and thriving black market of continental Europe. Whatever the truth, Mal is a welcome participant in Pris high society where his worldly toughness stands out against a backdrop of leisured affluence. | The reason he can't go back to the United States is that they would put him in jail and probably hang him. There, during the Prohibition, he was a rum runner and in his various tangles with the law had to kill a G-man or two. Mal is handy with a gun and earned the nickname 'Gat.' His real name is Floyd Lingun, the American gangster, and he is wanted for murder. Mal knows Fiona Fae Tahlle and has occasionally engaged in illicit activities with her. He is, obviously, deeply involved in the European underworld: running guns, fencing stolen goods, engaging in various nefarious activities for well-paying (if violent) clientele. He found Fiona competent and vaguely familiar. One of Fiona's notes to Mal addressed him as 'Gat.' It seems likely that she knows his history and he has intentionally avoided doing business with her for that reason. Khover has instead referred Mal to many of his customers and Wey's squadron has, for a suitable fee, often delivered some of his shipments (he recently provided weapons to both The Duke's army and Idelle's). It is interesting to speculate on Fiona's reasons for inviting him aboard this train. | A royal refuge driven to Pris by the advancing German troops, Princess Idelle is the sole surviving representative of the ancient and noble Chattre family. The line of European rulers traces its ancestry in direct line of descent from Nonnes Taupe Chattre, who, in the year 1124, at the head of an army of kinsmen and fierce Northern tribesmen, conquered and carved out a small, easily defended and heavily wooded land where his descendants now live. Despite her youth, Idelle is aware that she alone carries the family line. Strong-willed and quick to anger, she is nevertheless quite beautiful and, it is rumored, possessed of considerable family wealth safely invested overseas. She lives a rather secluded life in Tchirle and has not participated in the social life of Paris since arriving there. | Her ancestor, Nonnes, always intended to annex to Tchile the neighboring land of Alzase-Laverne and Idelle has been pursuing that ambition with unabated zeal. At the moment when she fled her country just ahead of the German troops, she was building up her army and plotting to take over The Duke Schwazhe's country. Oddly enough, considering that she is the hostess on board this train, Fiona Fae Tahlle is in Idelle's employ as a secret agent, and her information about The Duke's affair's has proved invaluable. Fiona has not, however, proved entirely worthy of Idelle's trust and has recently demanded a large sum of money, thinly disguised as a fee, for not disclosing the princess' secret plans. It is certainly vital that The Duke not discover them from her. Unfortunately for Idelle, she is not the rightful heir to the land of Nonnes Taupe Chattre. Her ancestor, Indles, was an illegitimate son, although this was not discovered until quite recently and has been kept secret. The Duke Schwaze is the heir of Cennslus, the legitimate son of Nonnes, but he does not know it. If Idelle can keep the secret until recovering the family fortune, all will not be lost. | Malcom R. Conntint | Princess Idelle Chattre | Jonathan Lownsbery | Lissa Kummer

6: Idelle is the murderer, but she isn't really Idelle and it wasn't Fiona she murdered. She is Fiona Fae Tahlle, disguised as Idelle, and she murdered the Princess. As Idelle, Fiona would take up a new life and, after a time, memories would grow dim. The muddled thinking of the military investigators would certainly result in the arrest and confinement of some or all of Fiona's antagonists. | Unfortunately for Fiona, Khover T. Ageant did some ruthless detective work after the murder. He had been attempting to warn Fiona, well aware of The Duke's hired assassin, Kurt N. Down. Of course, The Duke's assassin was on the train as Malcom 'Mal' R. Conntint and he, along with The Duke and Fiona's many blackmail victims, certainly made their efforts. Khover was quick to embrace this as investigations were made. He had wanted Fiona dead, of course, but not while he was around to take the fall for it. | In fact, perhaps the only one who did not want her dead was the strikingly British, stunningly incompetent pilot, RAF Group Captain Weyland W. Awfcorce. Even Wey's lusty remembrances could not negate the suspicion aroused by the perfumed canvas sack that he lugged through the train. The body in the sack was live, however, and is further evidence of the Captain's favorite vice. Mary K. Trairie's bladed umbrella or the cyanide last used by Barbra Z. Enhussie should have caused more concern. | In the end, it was the drunken Duke Schwazhe B. U. Klare who came to the truth. The Duke is fond of the drink, however, and by the time the coq au vin was served, Fiona Fae Tahlle was safe. Even Mary would not print his story, one of a murdered Princess and a spy hiding among the "innocent." Drunk and flailing though he was, The Duke was not far off, a fact the party should have realized as Barbra revealed that Fiona had left the train to meet Idelle earlier-- in the guise of an extravagantly mustached officer. | Princess Idelle Chattre was easily disposed of, and few would listen to the ramblings of The Duke. Now a princess, Fiona seeks to retrieve Idelle's considerable fortune and then retire. It is a story that could have made Belinda Screete's book a best-seller -- if she hadn't arrested for the murder of Fiona Fae Tahlle. Now Fiona is free to enjoy the birthday festivities that the party had surprised her with.

8: 2010 Top Alternates

9: Decade of Dominance | Eleven is better than ten

10: RELAY | Relay for Life Cupcake Assassins 2010-2011 Relay for Life Team Captains Camren Crose 2010 Lissa Kummer Alex Dempsey 2011

11: Happy Birthday, Relay!

12: Sprout sprout sprout the grass | ing | is here. | Disney must feel like Moms are secure enough Tn their bikini bods Not to notice that mermaids Aren't really built for swimming by Alex Dempsey | by Anna Corrales | Trim, trim, trim the hair Shave, shave, shave the beard Date, date, date is here An annacole poem by Tammy Dumpy | Mr.Nickerson

13: Your face. A rabid cat Would enhance its beauty If it were to slash its claws at Your face. | To Lucius; Love, Arthur Poem by Jenna Castellanos, Lucius Malfoy by Anna Corrales | Poplar trees glower. Dominos doubly paired 'long the shadow lane. Look upward. Treetops loom like by Camren Crose the future, suffocating. | Too few babies. They Should be clogging our streets and Stealing our women. Babies. by Daniel Dunning

16: Letters, as you mentioned, are definitely a must.. And we should go to Tags, and antique shops, and look for wooden boxes to store the letters in-- like in old movies! Sooo much fun. Here's to keeping up the amazing, wonderful times! Lissa | pan- ,40 | O U R B I N D E R S A R E H U G E T H E Y A R E F I L L E D W I T H I N F O - R M A T I O N O N E V E R Y - T H I N G F O R T H E G R E A T D E P R E S S I O N W E W O N B Y A L A N D - S L I D E E L E V E N I S B E T T E R T H A N T E N | Miss Sue from Alabama, her real name is Susanna. Sitting in a rocker, eating Betty Crocker, watching the clock go tick tock, tick tock, banana rock, tick tock, tick tock, banana rock! A B C D E F G, brush those spiders off of me!

21: --Hey cool cats, We just got off BART at San Francisco, and believe me, it is just incredible here . Candy shops and hat shops galore, plus this totally epic old-timey arcade. Shiny as the city was, the best part was the company. You know it! --Love ya!

27: Senior Class Party 2011

29: Special Thanks To: The creators of How to Host a Murder: The Last Train From Paris, as well as Tracy Butler, Mary GrandPre, J. K. Rowling, Disney, and the creators of the green llama and Ariel images, whose content was used without consent, Specal thanks too toAnna Corrales, Jenna Castellanos, Camren Crose, Diane Dupree-Dempsey, Thomas "Tammy Dumpy" Dempsey, Kyle "Craven" Ridenour, Daniel Dunning, Alissa "Lissa" Kummer,Mrs. Jones, and Mixbook, whose poetry, pictures, and assistance were used with consent.

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  • Title: The Day That Lissa Murdered
  • Part Two of Lissa's birthday present, this scrapbook covers her murder mystery surprise party and many other high school experiences, ending with graduation. Featuring the adorable art of Anna Corrales.
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