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The New Girl (Copy)

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S: The New G

BC: The End

FC: written and illustrated by Michaela Dodds | The New Girl

1: The New Girl Written and Illustrated by Michaela Dodds Dodds Publishing

2: Once there lived a little girl whose name was Galinda! Galinda wore nothing but pink. She wanted to stand out so everyone would notice her at all times. She does not wear jeans or pants, just dresses and skirts. Galinda has brown long hair and usually wears a pink bow in it. Now, no one wanted to mess with her because they all knew she was part of the “popular” crowd. They knew what she would do to them if they did something wrong to her. She had the power to tear you down and leave you thinking that you wished you could crawl in a hole. Galinda thought she was so cool, because her dad was the principal, and her mom was a teacher at the school. This in her mind gave her the right to do what she wanted in school, whenever she wanted to do it. Her parents loved her but they didn’t give her much discipline. Galinda was an only child and liked it because she would get more attention from everybody. Her parents were either too busy or too exhausted from school to do anything about Galinda’s bad behavior. She wasn’t just bad at school she was bad every day, every hour, every minute.

4: She had the biggest room in the house. But it wasn’t a normal 10 year olds room, it had a fridge, a flat screen T.V. food , and everything else a kid wants. Galinda could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. She loved school, but just to pick on kids that weren’t as good as her. You would think that her dad would do something since he is the principal, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t believe that his little girl would ever do such things, so he does nothing. The other kids don’t think that it is fair but they have to deal with it because he is the principal.

5: The school had just gotten back from summer vacation, and it was the first day. Sitting in class, with her perfect cotton candy pink new dress on, Galinda was ready to start the day. She wondered who she could get the best of. The teacher walked in and said. “Class I have a great announcement to make” The class couldn’t wait to hear what the good news was. Galinda was even anxious to know what it was. Until the teacher announced that there was going to be a new student with them. Her name was Elphie

6: Elphie was a normal 10 year old girl, except she was born with GREEN skin. She looked like a frog. Her parents had died when she was real little, and she lived with foster parents who were trying as hard as they could to find a good school, where no one would make fun of Elphie. So far, they had not succeeded. Elphie had been to eight different schools and none of her experiences at those schools were positive. So they tried our school and that’ s why Elphie was at this school, Carmon Flower Elementary School, ready to start a new year. She had an older sister,(Clare) who was normal but cared for Elphie like she was her own child and Elphie learned to count on that. Elphie was VERY thankful that her foster parents decided to take Clare with them too. She didn’t know what she would do without older sister.

7: Elphie’s foster parents were very caring but didn’t have much money so they had to get by with the basics. One major issue that Elphie had was that she had to wear the same clothes over and over again. She only had four different dresses. In fact you could call them frocks. She wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do this year to make her frocks look different each day. When the teacher had Elphie come in, the class didn’t know what to do. They just sat there staring. Then all of the sudden Galinda started to laugh and soon the whole class was laughing too. Of course Elphie was sad but didn’t do anything to stop them. The teacher didn’t stop the laughing either. She just led Elphie to her new desk and she sat down. Feeling like she could cry, she opened her book and started to read. “Oh, so she’s a geek too,” said Galinda. The class laughed even harder. This time a tear ran down Elphie’s face. She just couldn’t hold it in. “Now class that’s enough,” said the teacher. But that didn’t do anything to stop them. Galinda was so excited that she had a new target.

8: She had another school making fun of her. “Maybe if I’m nice to everyone they won’t be as mean,” Elphie thought. She managed to get through the day but she was not sure how she would ever handle that girl, Galinda. When she was at home, she and her sister talked about her situation and they decided that the next day she would bring in a gift for everyone. So she did. A candy cane is what she brought in, since it was close to Christmas time. Everyone was a little nicer to her. Except for Galinda. So maybe it was going to work all she had to do was win over that bully Galinda.

9: At the end of the day, Gainda went up to Elphie and said, “You think giving me a candy cane is going to make you not green and me be nice to you? Well your wrong.” Elphie replied with, “ Well, hope you liked it anyway.” Galinda was surprised, “ I thought she would cry again like a little baby,” she said to Amy (one of her friends). “ Maybe she’s nicer than you think,” said Amy. “Yeah right, ” Galinda said. “You will never know until you get to know her better, ” Amy said knowingly. “ Please don’t make me gag,” Galinda said scornfully. “Well, it’s true,” Amy said, “How about a challenge? I bet you can’t be nice to Elphie for a day.” Galinda replied, “But what if she’s not as nice as you think she is?” Well than I was wrong, but I do think she’s nicer than you think! You just have to be nice for once in your life,” said Amy. “Oh okay. I guess I could do that but for only one day,” said Galinda, “and then you’ll see that being a bully is much more fun.”

10: The next day Elphie went to school and when she saw Galinda coming her way she was ready to have another horrible day. But Elphie was surprised to see Galinda wave at her and smile. She was not sure what was going on. She was ready for the bomb to drop. When Galinda finally got to her, Elphie said, “I thought you hated me so why did you wave at me?” Well, my friend challenged me to be nice to you for a day so I waved,” said Galinda. “Really, just for a day?” Elphie said. “Yeah, I thought I would give being nice a try and see how it feels. So here goes,” Galinda stated. “You are not the first person who laughed at me and you won’t be the last so I’ll take one day of niceness from you.” Elphie admitted. “You look nice today!” Galinda said. “Thanks,” said Elphie. “Look I’m sorry I was so mean yesterday.” Galinda apologized. “You are actually a really nice person!” Galinda said. “Really you think so?” Elphie asked. “Yeah, so can you forgive me?” Gainda also asked. “Sure thing Gainda!” This kind of talk and behavior continued all day between Galinda and Elphie. During this time, Galinda learned many things about Elphie’s life and hardships. She also found out that Elphie had a good sense of humor and was fun to be around. When the day of over, Galinda didn’t want it to be because she had so much fun with Elphie and really felt good inside. This was something that she had never felt before.

11: Elphie was never made fun of at that school again. Her life had changed after that week. And she had never felt better. Galinda was way nicer to everyone , and she was respected by others, she even respected others. Everyone treated Elphie the same as everyone else. Galinda and Elphie became best friends after that week and will remain friends forever!


14: Michaela Dodds is a seventh grader at Cambridge springs High School. Michaela enjoys to go on adventures, such as horse back riding, Whitewater Rafting etc. Her favorite food is Pasta and Bagels.

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