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Time for Cake!

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Time for Cake! - Page Text Content

S: Time for Cake! Haylee Furka

BC: The End!

FC: Time for Cake! | By:Haylee Furka

1: Dedication: I dedicate this book to my grandpa.

2: Life in a freezer, cold! Although, spending time with Icey and all my other great friends is the best. Puff is a cream puff and has pink sprinkles on it; Creamy is a Cheesecake with caramel drizzle and a strawberry on top. She is as sweet as a lollipop. Then came the pies, Johnny and Carl. They are the tough guys; they always make fun of the little canolas in the corner. They always are the annoying ones that think everything’s a joke. Recently, I heard the bakers are making another cake, just like Johnny. Everyone’s worried to see if that is true. Last, Icey is a chocolate and vanilla cake, with cherry blossom frosting. She has flowers on her top and is SO tasty. I’m a chocolate cake with vanilla icing, with rainbow sprinkles. I have a pink, a orange and a purple balloon on me. And also there are words on me that say Happy Birthday!

3: Best Friends Forever

4: My friends and I are in a clear glass door, and we can hear the footsteps of the people stopping and looking at us, then moving on. Anyways, the windows have a film from the Windex cleaner they used this morning to clean them. “Beep, Beep,” I can hear the faint registers at the front of the store.

5: The Best Day of Our Lives

7: “Hey Icey!” I cheerfully giggled as I hope she will answer, so I am not getting even lonelier. “Hi,” She voiced back. You can tell Icey was getting lonely, her voice was soft. “When do you think we’ll find a home, I’m tired of sitting here doing nothing.” I explained. Sitting in a freezer all day and all night, is so boring! You just sit here in a box in the freezing cold, hoping someone will pick up me and bring you home. Icey interpreted my thoughts, “We will just have to see.” I feel my frosting hardening up every day I sit here.

9: . I remember when I was born. They mixed my batter, it tickled. I spun around the bowl like a record. Then I got poured into a greased pan. I know the worst part was coming up. All of a sudden, I like a rush of hot air, as hot as the sun. Finally, I am in the oven for 25 minutes. After I’m done baking, they take me out and they me cool off. I watched the people shopping for other cakes; I figured that would be me soon. Next in the process being a cake being born is the icing and decorations.

10: The brown haired girl gets a bag and fills it with an elegant, but simple orange color. I look in the cake freezer and see not one other cake with the same color icing. I think to myself that I am the special one and will be bought before all the other cakes. She starts icing my base. Then she put a pink color in the bag, kind of like a sunset, the lady pipes another cicrle on me. I try to figure out what she could be drawing on me. She finishes the circle, and gets some shiny, purple icing. The purple icing is as Shiny as a balloon. I feel one last circle getting piped on me. She finishes up the design, with a few words and puts me in a box. That is when my life started, and I felt ready to embrace the world.

13: “Bam!” I come back to reality, the door slammed. I see a cake box in someone’s hand, and they are walking away. The cake box goes into a cart, and I realize it was Icey. Something is rolling down my icing. It’s wet; this never happened to me. Johnny snaps, "Suck it up, you baby. Stop Crying!” I think about that, I’m crying, I’m upset that Icey is gone. I will miss her so much. Maybe I will get taken home soon too. A couple minutes go by, and then a couple more.

14: “Are you okay?” Puff asked me. “Yea, I just really upset. I hope I get a home soon,” I mumble. “You’ll find a home,” Creamy adds in. I look out the window and someone is looking at us. As they open the door they are reading me label. Then they look at the cream puffs. “Yay! I think one of us are going to a home!” Creamy and Puff say together happily. “I think I will sell first out of all of you cheap desserts!” Johnny is being himself, snotty and mean.

16: The person goes back to me. She picks me up and everyone starts laughing, so happy that someone is going to go to a home. I start thinking, what if she brings me home. It would be maybe a tan house with a lot of glass. Or maybe I would go to someone famous house. Like, Cherry Underwood, Jelly Clarkson or even Foodacris.

17: All these thoughts start flying in my head. What if I am going to a little princess birthday party? If I am taken to a home, the things that can happen. She starts inspecting me, and she starts to shut the door. Before it closes all the way, I yell back to my friends.

18: “Bye guys, hope you get to go to a home some day!” “Bye. We will miss you!” They shout back. I will miss them too, but my lifelong dream is finally coming true. I can’t believe I thought I would be stuck in that freezer for all my life.

21: My new owner puts me in the shopping cart with all the groceries. I see the tomato sauce next to me, and I can small the fresh bagels in back of me. “Beep Beep,” The cash registers are getting louder. She checks me out and I see her hand the cashier some green paper things. It was a rectangular strip of green paper, with a face in the middle of it. I had never seen them before, but let’s face it; I haven’t seen many things in the life outside the freezer. She puts me in a bag with the bread. We go into a cart, and she wheels us out in a basket. We go into the trunk of a red pickup truck; it has black seats. And there is a black cover over top of the truck.

22: “Why is it so bumpy?” I reply back, hoping for an answer. “I have no clue,” he voices back. Then the bags shift to the right, and then the left. “Are we almost there?” I say hoping that we are. “I hope so!” He said while laughing. The driver hits the brakes, as the car jerks back. All the yellow bags with red writing on them slide to the left. The car stops, the driver door opens and then slams shut. The trunk opens, and all I can see is the sun. The sun is as bright as a yellow star in the dark purple night sky.

25: As she carries us in, she walks up eight cement stairs that lead to the front door. She opens the front door and there are a set of a spiral staircase with a brown railing. I look to the right and i see a small wooden dark brown with a candle and a picture. The picture has a whole family on it, but one person stands out the most. She looks familiar, like I have seen her take away Icey. That can’t be possible though. No, it can’t, Icey is in a safe home. She can’t be here, Maybe they are having a party too.

26: “It is so cold!” The bread said to me. “I know,” I say back. She picks us up off the tiles and takes us out of the bags and puts us on the counter. She walks over to the freezer and puts me on a pull out rack at the bottom. It must be colder in here than the freezer in the store. It is as cold as ice in the winter. She shuts the door and it gets really dark. I cannot see anything.

28: “Hey!” someone says, no one knows cause you can’t see anything in here. “My name is Icey, I am a birthday cake!” The voice repeats. “Icey!” I shout back trying to see where she is, “It’s me!” That crazy thing is happening again. When I am crying, tears roll down my icing. I am so happy, it’s Icey. “It’s me your best friend,” I repeat hoping she knows it’s me. “The cake with Vanilla frosting that says Happy Birthday! I missed you!” Icey yells back. I have hoped we would see each other.

31: I am SO happy, Icey is here. I can’t believe it. After all this, we heard footsteps outside and screaming. “Sounds like the party has started,” Icey said to me. “Yeah,” I reply back, just happy we are here together. Someone opens the freezer door, takes me out and then takes Icey out. They put us out on the table next to each other.

33: “Cake! Everyone!” The person who takes us out of the freezer yells to everyone. I can see that person that took Icey and that I recognize in the picture. All the kids run over. The kids and adults start cutting slices out of me and Icey. We look at each other and we smile.

34: Well, that was my wonderful life with Icey and my other friends. Through this journey I have learned that dreams can come true, I finally found a home.And as always, everyone lives happily ever after.

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