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Vicky's Scrapbook

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BC: "A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it."


1: Victoria, I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.

7: Little Treasures


12: Viva Vega

15: Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

16: Once upon a time, a group of ants marched on a line to find a new nest. A wise lady bug flew above the ants and shouted at the oblivious ant group, "You ants should march in rank instead of a line!" Hearing the ladybug's comment, the ant commander got confused and asked, "Why should we follow your words?" The ladybug replied, "Not only will you be safer, you can see more things," and off the ladybug flew, leaving the ants bewildered.

17: High School Days

20: Hey Vic, Well done you! You finally made it, after all those years- some we spent together, some you spent with others. But we remember everything about you. You and your jokes. You and your silly trips to the sick bay. You sitting there at the back of the class. But look at you now. You’re done with the books, you’ve found the dream guy. Seems that God’s prepared you to take on the big world. There’s only one thing we can shout to you now: CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK! WE LOVE YOU, SIS Girls Forever !!! <3

21: Hey vic.. Sorry can't be there on your big day, but then again you weren't there when Tessa and I graduated hahaha kidding, i wish you the very best and what people say about "this is when your real life begins", yeah i couldn't agree it more! God bless you for everything and may God guide you to the right path Charlotte | Darling Vic2, I still remember our crazy adventures like they were yesterday. It's nuts how time flies, now we've both graduated and living in two different continents. U'll always be one of my best friends and I can't wait to have another adventure with u! -tebbiko/bakuteriasan

22: And Just About Everybody Else | Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things

26: Hello torr, Happy graduation yah! May all your dreams come true in the future. Thank you for all your friendship and memories... Even though, we may part after our graduation, I still hope all the best for you. I love you my friend, Esterlia Sanjaya

29: Dear my sweetest Vicky Congratulation on your graduation, Vic! Yes, we did it!! It did not seem very long since the first time we met in orientation, don’t you think so? Time really flies fast. You are the first person who greeted me in LMU! You are also the first one who asked me out when I did not have many friends yet in LA. Honestly, you are the friendliest, sweetest, and warmest person I have ever met. I feel like hugging you now!!! Two years had passed, and despite we did not spend much time hanging out together, our holiday in Greece is one of the best memories which I will always treasure in my life time. We should plan another Greece trip in 10 years from now. Bringing our babies and hubbies with us! Or leaving them with our in-laws hahahaha LOL I wish you the best for your future. Hopefully all your dreams will come true. Live your life to the fullest, Vic. Work hard but don’t forget to take a break and have fun. Keep in touch and don’t forget about me when you go back to Indo, Etika Tio

30: Congratulation Vic! I'm sure that a beautiful life is expecting you after graduation. Keep moving forward and achieving the many goals you have! I pray that it will be a life full of happiness and joy! Have a wonderful time in Shanghai with Jeremy! -Irwan

32: Congratz vicky on ur graduation! Best wishes for your future n maybe we'll b related in the next few years. =) -Heru | Deareast Vicky, Happy Graduation! *big hug* I wish I could be there to attend your graduation but I am back in Jakarta fulfilling babysitting duties =( You must be very very excited to be done with school!! I wish you the best of luck with job searching, for good-ing, masters or whatever you plan to do next...I am sure you will excel in everything as long as you put your heart into it and let God guide you through it. Always be the shining light and stay strong in Him! I am sure you are very touched to see the scrapbook Jeremy made for you...hope kalian berdua lebih lengket and lebih lovey-dovey ya. Cannot wait for you and Jeremy to be back! Hope you have a blast vic! Cheers! Love, Henny Susanto =)

33: Congrats Vic!! Your Journey in life is just about to start, but don't worry, life is awesome if you think it that way! You will learn that life will only get tougher every day, so make sure you keep your learning spirit high!! When I heard that you were making polo to sell, I felt very moved because of your spirit and will. Keep that up!! You will need it when you are back in Indo. I hope you and Jeremy will enjoy your last few months in US. Jalan-jalan sepuasnya and I hope both of you will go to Shanghai eventually to start learning Chinese. Believe me, you WILL NOT regret it!!! Just make sure you use your time wisely ok!! Thanks for being a good girlfriend to Da Pis!! Hehehehe! Congrats again my fellow Lioness! -Enrico

34: Congrats ci vicky!! You've just opened a new chapter in your life! Never be afraid to dream! Haha, congrats again, all the best! -Nico

35: Congratz Vick!!! I pray for you to become successful in the Future! Last But not Least, Stay Forever with Jeremy!!! Lol. -Henry | VICTOR-ia kalo kata si esterlia! Congratz yah for ur graduation! If you had not realized it, you were one of the first few people I met in LA and you really made me feel comfortable, though I was away from home. I still remembered staying over at your place, went o CG together, and other fun stuff. Time flies very fast. You have been an awesome friend to me and also to others. I wish you good luck on whatever coming ahead of you. And not to forget, I am hoping you can be a part of my big family in the future. - Xoxo, <3 claudia -


38: Congratulations Vicky! Graduation is a time to celebrate your achievements, prepare for a future of opportunities and embrace a world of infinite possibilities. Erry Sutisna | Vicky Congratulations for your graduation! I hope that you'll be successful in your career. GBU = ) -Arindra | Dear Vicky,, Congratulations on your graduation ya!!!! It's been great knowing you! You and your sister are one of the kindest people I've ever met. I included this picture of the three of us at the Getty Villa from a zillion years ago. I think this was the first time I met you pas di introduce ama your sis.. I had a great time! and the view were amazing I remember! Hope you had a ton of fun on your special day and I wish you nothing but the best for your future! I heard from Kartika you're going to China yaaa? Have a good time! and Studyyy hard! biar bisa lancar mandarin nya nanti:D God bless! Sam | Congratulation on your graduation Vickyyy! Hope you'll have a bright future ahead of you and may all your dreams come true! Have fun di cina Vic, semoga bahasa cina elo nanti tambah bagus ya hahaha and keep in touch, see you soon! =D - Tiff

39: Vic, Congratulations on your graduation! Nice knowing you all these years. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, more success in whatever you will be doing. We will miss you and Jeremy a lot! Best of luck in China and keep in touch please! Sasha & Christian | Vicky, Congrats yah for your graduation! Good luck for your future endeavors. I have enjoyed the memories we shared. Best wishes for the future! Marlene | Vickyyyy. Happy graduation yaaaaaa!!! :) :) :) Welcome to the semi-real life! Figure out what you want to do and excel at it!! Don't forget to give back to your community, but of course some break after your grad day will do you good! :D have fun and congrats again!!! *HUGS -Karin

40: Vicky!!! Congratulations!!! Good luck on your future vic:) Nanti ketemuan ya di Indo hehehe main board games lagi Edward & Stephanie

41: Hey Vicky!!!! Teman bermain board game dan penasehat terbijak sayaaa MUAhahahaha Congrats for your graduation!!! i hope you'll be successful in everything that you do in the future. Makin langgeng jg ama Jeremy, ntar aku tinggal tunggu undangan aja yaaaaaa :D From the one and the only, Albert The

44: vic it took me 2 day to find picture yang ada gua sama lo nya. hahaha. Dari dulu g yg pegang camera trus jd nga dapet foto. anyway, CONGRATULATION!!! good job making ur parents proud. I've seen you grow alot since pertama kali dikenalin sama kartika when you came to SMC. Continue grow in Him, don't let anything stop you from loving God. I believe you've touch many people's life in LA. All the best for ur future career. Blessings, Albert

46: HAPPY GRADUATION Ci Vic!! stay happy happy for your graduation and in everything else!!!! :D good luck for your future and gbu always :) -Kevin | Hi Ci Vict, Congrats ya ci da graduate. Haha at last :) Its sad that we don't hangout anymore and you're going back soon :( I just wanna say thank you for being not only a nice cg leader, but also a caring, fun and loving sister. I miss those times we spent together, camping, hanging out. Kl dah for good, jgn sombong2 ya ci. Pas i in indo hrs ktmu ya ci. haha. Will really really miss you a lot a lot. I wish you nothing but the best for your future, career, love life with ko jer ;p, relationship with your family, your friends and God. Love you ci :D Love, Ekus

47: ci vicccc!! CONGRATS!! :DD Wooohoooooo! Feel happy for you ci! :) Be proud of yourself ci! You've made it! :) All your hard work have been paid off finally! I wish you all the best for your future as you embark on a new journey in life! Spread your wings higher and see what's beyond ci! I hope you're getting closer to your dreams! Thank you for being a lovely friend & sister for me! I'm blessed to have you in my life! Your smile is like a sunshine, always bright and warm! Keep smiling ci hehehe :p Love you ci! And once again congrats!!! -Jessica Kusuma | Ci vic... gilaaa ah.. First of all.... Thank you loh ci dolo pas saya pertama x datang udah banyak dibantu...Sorry kalau selama ini lom bisa membalas budi baik cici sepenuhnyah hahahha...Sekarang cici udah mau lulus dr universtity. Pastinya ntr ke depan cici bisa sukses dan bisa langgeng trus sama ko Jer XD Pepatah mengatakan “You have knowledge in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the woman who'll decide where to go.” Apapun yang bakal cici decide to do and where to go, kita teman2 cici akan selalu mendukung sepenuhnya.(sob).. Well, kalau bisa sih jangan cepet2 dolo pulang lol.... make memories dolo hahahahah...Thank you di sini udah diajak untuk bisa participate di graduation dinnernyah... really really appreciate it...Sorry kalau selama ini udah ada ngomonganku atau tindakan yg salah hahaha....Last but not least... semoga apaun yg cici akan lakukan...smuanya bisa sejalan dengan apa yg Tuhan kehendaki... GBU & Family.......... Thank you and sorry (lol), Ferdy Wan

48: Dear Vicky, Congratulationssss on your graduation. Finally it's doneeeeeee yahhh :). I pray that you find your calling in Him and He will finish the work He started in you. | That you will be the unwavering strong tower of God in your family, friends and environments wherever He puts you. Thank you for showing love, faith, kindness and caring to me and your brothers and sisters. Thank you again!! :) Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Hendra

49: Yellowww my darling from half the globe away... WAH AKHIRNYA!! kalo kata Tuhan Yesus, "IT'S FINISHED!". Eitsss but it's not finished yet darling, this is really just the beginning of many more sufferings hauwhauwhauwhauwhauwhauwhauwhauhwauwha. JUST KIDDING! Anyway, congratulation on your super fast achievements. Planning kedepannya bagemana ini? apakah master? atau langsung menikah? Whatever you plan to do in the future, one thing I can advise you is to not lean on your own understanding but trust in the Lord that HE Himself knows the veryyyy best version of your life (dikutip dari bapak Amsal 3:5). Living God's way it's not the best way sometimes but it's the ONLY way. So... after you walked down from that panggung and received your thingy, I pray that God will guide your very steps so that 10 years from now, many many things will be fulfilled in your life according to His Glory. Okay darling... selamat ulang tahun ke 17 yah...awakwawkakw Jesus loves you and I love you too.. Love, Single-parent Momma

50: Yooo vic!!! Time flies seriously~ I wish you can stay longer after graduation, vic! hahaha! Anyway, I just want to tell you that I feel so blessed because I met you! I don't know what I would be, if I didn't met you! My life would be so mundane if you didn't drag me back to God! I feel like God sent an angel in the form of you, to change my life totally! You've been so impactful that I can be what I am right now! I'm so thankful that you were my cg leader (best one so far haha)! I learn a lot from you vic; craziness (less for me, more for you haha), heart of servants, willingness to sacrifice for others, togetherness, and many more. Keep being extraordinary! Keep being impactful to others! Don't be satisfied with what you are right now, because God is never-ending with you! Don't be afraid of what the future might hold, vic! The world said, "Life is full of uncertainties". However, God said, "Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He's the one who will keep you on track". There's no probabilities, but certainties if we walk with God! :D GBU vic! See you when I see you! Ciputra

51: Vic, these is the only best pictures i have about our friendship when we went to lake tahoe together with ferdy, linus, titin, ciput! LOL! i hope u like it, especially foto lu yg wkt tidur (hohoho), and the other picture is when before I got stuck at the top of the mountain! OMG! I can't believe that time already pass by so fast! don't forget about us here in L.A. ya! Anyway, Congratz ya uda lulus! God bless u always! =) Lingga

52: Cii vic, ga berasa udah mau for good aja cici, cepet bgttt. Cc take care ya di indo, tetep deket sama tuhan :) , cc nanti you are going to learn chinese right? kalo ketemu ajar2in ya pengen bisa chinese jg hahaha. Anyway cc vic, you have been a very good leader lho in our cg, very proud of it :) , that's why your place is irreplaceable here. oh ya ci, kalo aku ada salah ato bikin cici vic marah, maafin aku yaa ciiii (peace) hehehe, nih list2 pesan dari aku: -Tetep deket sama Tuhan -Learn Chinese with passion -Keep in touch sama kita smua -Long last sama koko jerr -Make more people know God -If there is any problem, don't hesitate to share ya cii Oke deh cii, take care yaaa dimana pun cc berada nanti :) GBU -Geofrrey

53: Find the odd person...


56: Vicccchouuu!Akhirnyaaaa graduate juga ya!I'm sure this is the day you've been waiting for. Pasti everything is paid off ya vic :D, all the hard work and sleepless nite hehe. I'm so happy for you! I wish you all the best in everything you do,especially now that you will get out in the "real world". I wish I could be there :'(. Miss you vic! <3 you!keep in touch xoxo. Brie.

57: VIC. Thank you for showing me LA and being such an amazing friend :) Hopefully you'll always be that one happy-go-lucky person and share your happiness *like you always do! Invite me to your wedding cos I'm so damn curious to see you looking pretty in wedding dress and ring from sixflags. Haha ;) -Greace

58: Victoria Just a little something for you. As you graduate today I pray that you will know How very proud I am of you Though it may not always show I thank the Lord every day For all He’s done in you And through the years that lie ahead Know God walks there too xoxo JLU Vic

66: VIckyyy ~ Big CONGRATULATION on your graduation yaaa... Finally you made it!!! Whooowoooo.... Now that you've graduated, pursue your own dreams and desire :). Make an impact in our world today become the woman that God has design you to be and be the witness to OUR GREAT GOD!!! I am not sure of the world out there but I know that You will do EXTREMELY WELL with Him stand beside you. Keep holding on to GOD because He's our strong hold in our lives don't ever go far from Him as you will face many different kind of obstacles in your next journey!!! Just wanna wish you again, CONGRATULATION!!!! Don't ever forget me yaaa~ I'll miss you dudd!!! It is sad but happy!!! Many things on my mind but I don't know where to start or how to type them into words... I am just very HAPPY, TRULY HAPPY for you sistahhhhh!!!! All the best in everything you do and may God's blessing be upon you always.... Luv, 'tine

68: Dear Victoria, Unlike the usual editor's letter, I'd like to place mine at the end since I want you to pay attention to other things. This is probably the only time I can fake my handwriting to be as good as this so I will make use of this opportunity to write as much as possible. First of all, I want to say congratulation for finally graduating from LMU. Although it is not your dream school, you should not forget the effort you have put to reach up to this point. In the end, it's just a "degree" and what you do with it is much more important than where you got it from. Secondly, why did I make this scrapbook? Firstly, I have to thank someone's Birthday project and a Groupon. But it cam done to a simple inner urge to do it. I for a certain know that you will be ecstatic to receive this book, look through the photos and read various people's comments just like a child who opens a book for the first time. There were thousands of reasons to do it and not a single one not to do it. Lastly, I want you to have this scrapbook as a token of my appreciation for you have probably changed my life more than anyone else could have ever done and I hope you can carry this scrapbook and create a new one for your new chapter in life. So don't be afraid to venture into the deep, wild or dark place for every step you take, I'll be less than a click away. Love, Jeremy

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