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FC: Who Am I By: Katie Winkler

1: Who Am I By: Katie Winkler

2: Introduction My name is Katie and I am 15 years old. I completed this Who Am I portfolio as a freshman at Caldwell Early College High School in 2011-2012. I learned a lot about myself from this portfolio, including 50 things I can do. My favorite page is the picture collage page because it is memorable moments of me with friends. This year flew by for me with some memories of the Renaissance festival and the projects that we did. I hope to remember all the times I laughed during the year. I dedicate this book to my friends who inspired me to do my best and sparked my inner creativity.

3: Circles are, talkative, compassionate, intuitive,and sensitive. Katie , Kenny, Mrs.Allen, and Jessica are Circles. Squares are loyal, organized, dependable, and honwst. Diana, Taylor, Mathew, and Jeimy are squares. Squiggles are optimistic, emotional, innovative, and creative. Ashley, Lea, Austin, and Alex are squiggles. Triangles are leaders, competitive, respected, and confident. Mary, Preston, Josh, and Nolan are triangles.

4: My personality shape is a triangle. I am a triangle because, I like to be a leader, im good at focusing on important tasks, I love to debate, I implement change fast, and I am competitive. | My secondary shape is a squiggle. It is a squiggle because, I am creative, unique, handle many projects at once, and I act without thinking. | My strengths I am good in school, I work hard, I am good with music, and I am a good leader. | The shape I want to be more of is a circle because they are calm, considerate and supportive.

5: My Favorite Place My favorite place is the creek behind my house in our woods.. It is very long and travels all the way around our woods. It is surrounded by trees and has large rocks at the banks. There are a lot of small waterfalls and minerals along the stream. It is very healthy and hosts a multitude of animals.

6: 5 Relics One relic I own is a wedding band that I got from a friend of the family after she died. It's a good way for me to remember her. I also have an Esteban guitar that my dad gave to me that i am learning how to play. I have a antique picture of my great, great, great, grandfather who was full Cherokee that i rescued from the attic. I hung it up on my wall because it's interesting to look at. I have another picture that i have in my room that my aunt painted of our house during the winter time. Not only is it amazing but I love looking at it because it was painted before i was born so it shows our house before we added another room and it has my grandfather's truck in it, which is kind of special cause I never got to meet him. I have an arrow head my grandfather gave me when I was young that I have kept that is very special to me because It is a memory I have of him.

7: Things That I Do/Like music/singing nature animals sports band reading I feel pretty good. | Self Portrait

8: Defining Traits | I am. . . . Funny Creative Stubborn Curious Happy | Self Portrait

9: I see myself as. . . . a young person growing in Christ, learning who I am and what I want to do with my life. | Self Portrait

10: Descriptive Image I picked a bible because my religion is a big part of my life. | Self Portrait

11: My Favorite Photos! | Self Portrait

12: 3 Tech Favorites | 1. Cell phone - my whole life is on that thing. 2. Ipod- I love music mor than anything and my ipod lets me take it with me everywhere 3.Headphones-I love my headphones because i can listen to my music and here it really well and not bother others

13: Sing write draw fight play guitar play basketball bake bread swim do a MJ fade away imitate singers | make a mixbook do a roundhouse kick make a baby laugh fish Block a punch garden read fast read music count in Chinese | resolve problems keep promises keep secrets be trusted do 280 crunches send over 50 txts in a day make people laugh drive build a fire chop wood | scrapbook tell stories use tools start a car fix things protect myself | catch a crawfish play checkers | memorize guitar chords make a Molotov cocktail make iced coffee read over 200 words in a minute | lift over 50 pounds build a pool write 2500 words in a month | I Can . . .

14: My Favorites . . . Basketball Colts sweet tea cell phone Ford Hot Wings Tyler Hansborough Ray Stevens Orange Afternoon Johnny Depp Piano Bluebird Sapphire Longhorn The Nutcracker Dolphin Christmas debating Abba Guitar Grandma roses Jim Carry Pancho Villa Hollister Honey coloring Roses Singing truchs waterfalls Blueberry checkers gum Tarheels America Phantom of the Opera Deltora Series Ocean Oct.19 Friday Neptune Rainbows Metroid Sun Labyrinth Fall English laughing

15: Self Image | Nice fun funny loyal practical creative brave | Honest caring respectful patient fair considerate dependable | Helpful Kind friendly happy Mature

16: Graduate from a four year university graduate w/ associates keep up my grades | My Personal Goals

17: When I am at my best as a friend , I am a lighthouse showing a path during the storm | My Personal Metaphor

18: I love reading. I enjoy reading fantasy and adventure novels. I prefer fictional stories. I prefer novels over short stories. I like books much better than magazines. I am reading The Peaceable Kingdom. The Peaceable kingdom seemed like an interesting book because it was written in the 70's. I don't have a favorite book because I like so many. I really enjoy reading Garth Nix books. I have tons and tons of books. I talk about books with my dad all the time. I would much rather read a book than watch television. I like reading a book before seeing the movie. I don't visit the library a lot, I usually just buy a book and read it. My favorite movie is Labyrinth. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. When im not in school im usually doing something involving music or playing sports with my family. | Reading Preference

19: Family Tradition | Our family tradition is getting together every Sunday and eating at my aunt's house after church. This is just a normal thing that our family has done for a while now. It's something we like doing so we can see each other more often.

20: Family Recipe | Chicken Casserole Ingredients: (4-5) chicken breasts (3) cans of French Style green beans (2) cans of white corn (1) can of Cream of Chicken soup (2) cups of shredded Cheddar cheese Rits Crackers You start by cooking 4-5 chicken breasts. You want to mix up the green beans , white corn, cheddar cheese, and cream of chicken soup in a bowl. Butter a casserole pan and pull apart and spread the chicken. Pour the mixture over top of that of the chicken. Break up the Ritz Crackers over the casserole.Bake the casserole for about 45 minutes on 350.

21: Dear Grandma, You are the most amazing person ever! I love you so very much! I feel like I never can quite convey how thankful I am for you or how blessed I am to have you. You mean so much to me and It is the best feeling in the world to know how much you love me. I can always tell you love me a lot. I remember the time when I was going on a trip to Wilmington in the fourth grade and you said you didn't want me to leave and that you were gonna chain me up and let the bus leave without me. You think about me all the time. Like every shopping trip you go on you bring me back something whether it be a candy bar or something to wear. I hope you know that I appreciate all of it. Thank you for accommodating me when there is a storm and I want you to come to stay at our house to keep safe. I'm sure you remember all the times I called and insisted that you spend the night. I love all the times I've gotten to spend the night with you too. Thank you for letting me stay at your house and go out with you during the summer. Thank you especially for the fact that any time I'm hungry you share your food with me or cook me something amazing. You are the best cook ever, even though you don't like cooking. I appreciate everything that you do for me and I love you very much. Have a great Christmas this year! | Thank You Letter

22: Family History | .A few parts of my family trace back to the Cherokee . Cherokee can be traced from my great great great grandfather on my mother's side who was full Cherokee. Im not exactly sure of everyone who had Cherokee on my father's side but it is evident in my grandfather Fred and in my father. For the ancestry project I did I created a Cherokee blowgun that was used for hunting and as a weapon. .

23: Geno gram Fred Winkler Pearl Brinkley Dewey Coffey Doris Walch Fred . Jr. Sherry Bunny Wiley Terry Sherry (-) Donna Katie Winkler

24: Cell Phone Time line | 1996- Clamshell Phone was popular | 2001-Candy Bar Phone was popular | 2004-Razor style phone was popular -origional thin phone | 2008- Camera phones became popular | 2012-Age of the smart phone... | Tech Faves

25: I have a dream that one day this nation will come together to help it's people I have a dream that one day people will stop being persecuted for their differences I have a dream that one day everyone will come to know God I have a dream that one day societies will be able to move away from idea of conformity I have a dream that one day all people will be able to receive a higher education This is my hope and faith. With this faith we will be able to overcome every obstacle that we as a nation will face. This will be the day when we can all join together as one people and reestablish a sense of peace and prosperity around the world. | Dream Speech

26: Life Timeline Birth: October 19 1996 Grandpa Died 2006 state wide music talent show 2008 Got a trunk lid slammed on my head 2008 Started mma 2009 Pancho Villa came to Granite Falls 2009 My grandma died 2011 I got in my band in 2010 I met my bff Christina in 2011 I got into Early College in 2011 I began playing guitar and Ukulele 2011

27: My Greatest Accomplishment I did a Bootleg on my jet ski. A Bootleg is where you turn really sharp and it lifts the front of the jetski out of the water and you do a 180 degree spin. It was really awesome because that is a really hard and dangerous stunt to do but i pulled it off and even better i pulled it off with someone else riding on it with me.

28: Interests: Music Nature Art | I explore : music outdoors my options | Collections: Instruments weapons chords(music) | Hobbies: musician nature photography doodling | What do I Watch: mixed martial arts matches scary shows cartoons | Interests/ Hobbies

29: Living Links Katie Winkler For this paper I decided to interview my aunt, Patricia Baker, who is an artist. I chose to interview her because she is an exceptionally talented woman who has a lot she could share with the world. I interviewed her about art during the time period when she was still in school. I thought art would be a very unique subject and it is a place where my aunt shines. Patricia Baker was born in North Carolina in 1955. She is a very talented artist. She became interested in art when she was in second grade when she won an art contest. She started seriously painting when she was in high school. She has taken art in high school and at Appalachian State University. Since then she has been painting, drawing, and has illustrated a children’s book. Popular artists during that time period were people like Andrew Withe who was popular with the realists group and Lichtenstein who was popular with the pop culture group. She was influenced personally by Andrew Withe. She believed him to be a very realistic artist. She liked that he changed subjects and painted different things whether it was people or landscapes. The time period really effected who were popular and what styles were popular. There were things that affected how an artist became popular. There were some artists who had people that promoted their art or paid people to talk about it. And you had artists who were discovered by people with money and were hired or promoted by those people. They could also have people feature there work in places like museums. Patricia recalled a teacher she had named, Bill Dunlap, who was featured in artist magazine for a painting that he had made. She compared making it in the art world to making it in the music world, “A lot of people can sing and act and do things like that but it usually comes down to who you know”. The most popular art piece was a painting done by Picasso about the war. It was the one that people heard a lot about.The fact that it was Picasso’s and that it was about war made it popular but it was also well known because in some ways it was up for interpretation by the people. She made me laugh by saying, “ Some people said even he did not know what he was painting”. There were many different things being said with art. You could use for an example, Andy Warhol, who was all about commercialism. He was the one who designed the Pepsi cans and made art about movie stars. His art was about what people were focusing on during that time period. There was Lichtenstein who was trying out new things like odd designs or unnatural colors. There were always artists who did things like making backdrops for movies and portraits. Some odd things that artists were doing were plaster casts where you could mold the body and sculpting cement blocks mixed with sand. The air gun had also come into play. It was and art tool used to spray paint that consisted of a hose and a small tank. A lot of methods were things we still used today. Most artists were trained the same way. They took art classes, and learned how to do basic things and the tools of the trade. Most classes taught painting, drawing, and sculpting. More specifically things like drawing models and learning the formulas for drawing a basic face. Artists took these classes and then went out on there own to try their own ideas. It is still hard to become and artist but the journey to becoming one is a bit different, just because art is used differently then it was back then. Instead of being a fine art artist you could be a computer graphics artist. There are many more avenues to venture into, even things like art restoration. Patricia told me she would really be interested in being an art restorer later in life. It would be a great opportunity to travel and study art from around the world. To do a job like that you would have to be knowledgeable about how art from a certain time period was painted. A sort of fun fact was that a good amount of art was stolen during the war. The art was worth money and the criminals would steal it and resell it. It could also be stolen just for the satisfaction of owning that piece of art. There is more than likely still a pretty large black market going on today that is selling stolen art. Interviewing my aunt was a very fun experience. She knows a lot about art and I was very happy to be able to record some of her knowledge. I now better understand how the art world works and has worked in the past. I have an even better appreciation for art now than I did. I hope to visit some art museums so that I can examine some of Andrew Withe’s and other’s art because now I will be able to look at it more thoughtfully and understand it better. I really appreciate having a deeper knowledge on this subject.

30: Multiple Intelligence Results linguistic - 75% Visual / Spatial - 67% Interpersonal - 63& Interpersonal - 94% Musical - 94% Body/ kinesthetic - 67% Naturalistic- 67% I think that the closest thing to me in the results was the musical aspect . My brain definitely has to be at least 94% musical. As for the rest of the results they were pretty close but I am more naturalistic and linguistic than the results would show.

31: "I Am" I am curious and thoughtful I wonder about the future I hear an angels heartbeat I see the man on the moon I am curious and thoughtful I pretend the world is a safe place I feel the winds of change I touch the fabric of time I worry about change I cry for my hurt feelings I am curious and thoughtful I understand people make mistakes I say forgive and forget I dream of a perfect ending I try to preserve my spirit I hope to meet my maker I am curious and thoughtful

32: Katie Winkler Brinkley pl. Granite Falls NC 28630 Objective:I am looking for a job where I will be have the opportunity of using my musical talents and abilities in the field of performance or teaching to the public. Skills and Qualifications: Amusing and entertaining audiences Creating and interpreting musical ideas I am an experienced vocalist I can play instruments I'm a fast learner I can take personal responsibility Maintaining emotional control under stress Thinking of creative Ideas Meeting new people Interacting with people at different levels Expressing feelings Employment History:August 2009 - August 2010Butterfly Kisses cashierGranite Falls, NC .cashier .restock Education and Training:August 2011 - May 2016Caldwell Early College Highschool highschool diploma and associates degree Lenior, NC Accomplishments and Activities: I have won a statewide singing competition I have participated in multiple choral competitons I sing in a band Interests: Singing Playing instruments | Resume

33: Dear Katie, You have done such a good job in music. You have learned to play the guitar, the keyboard, and have mastered the ukulele. You are singing in a wonderful band (doing a kick butt job might I add) . You have continued to pursue your dreams in music and have continued to develop your vocal talent. Good job. You have also survived your first year at early college. If you remember anything when you read this again you will know that, that is a real accomplishment Hopefully you can still improve on a few things. Your tolerance, your endurance and your cooking skills. You suck at cooking. Does the word instant grits mean anything to you? You also get very annoyed at loud people and have a tenancy to become ill . You also enjoy running but you should keep working harder and harder to get better. Keep working hard, sincerely, Katie Winkler | letter to myself now

34: Dear You, What's UP? I have a few questions to ask you? Number one how bad have you screwed up over the past 35 years? I hope you have taken care of yourself and are not overweight or ugly. If you are than you deserve a big slap in the face by your former If not then you have followed the game plan which was to marry johnny depp, are a famous singer/ musician and have no kids Or you at least have a very extremely hot sexy husband. So in all seriousness which parts of the plan did you carry out? Do you have kids? a nice vehicle(not so important)? Are you married (please say yes)? Who of your family is still bothering you (alive)? What is your pet status? You will obviously remember this was an EC letter because this whole time you have been reflecting... and i am sure , enjoying every minute of it. Well hope life for you doesn't suck and if you haven't survived too see this point then siyanara! Love your biggesty fa, Katie Winkler | letter to myself at 50

36: My Wildest Dream | my Wildest Dream is to become a famous music artist It is my dream because it is what I lvve and what I am talented at I want to achieve by dream ASAP my obstacles include my lack of connections, money and the area in which I live To overcome this I need to get my name out their, start searching for connections and travel a bit more

37: Ready For College Career & Life | Colleges | Careers | Where I see myself in the future

38: My Nature Photos

39: I enjoyed being able to design this project and make it reflect my personality. My favorite pieces were the picture pages because I can look back and see experiences I had this year. If I did it over I would probably make sure I put a lot of thought into the design of the pages so I wouldn't have to redo them so many times. I would probably take out the personal metaphor because I create so many for myself that assigning one doesn't really reflect me. Overall who am I was cool. I really did learn a lot about myself which was the point. | Self Reflection

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