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Winster Keepsake Book

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S: Winster Keepsake Book

BC: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

FC: Winster Keepsake Book

1: Introduction | is a social gaming community where friends help friends solve puzzles to win real prizes. Players pick the prize they want, then play engaging, fun games until they win their prize. A northern California housewife originated the Winster concept and is the model for her alter ego, Winnie Winster. She came up with the concept for Winster because she wanted to create a fun place to play games where people work together, rather than compete, to help each other win. Since its inception in 2006, Winster became a huge part of people's lives and countless lifelong friendships have been formed. Sadly, on April 17, 2012, Winnie announced the closing of, which led to the great disappointment of many who came to love the games, people, and Winnie herself. To help Winnie capture all the special moments shared at Winster, Winnie created this Keepsake Book for her wonderful community to cherish forever.

2: Table of Contents | Over 1,000 stories were sent to Winnie for inclusion in this Keepsake Book. Due to limited space and time, 170 stories were randomly selected. They stories are organized by player registration dates, from longest registered player to newest. | Players Since: 2006, 2007.......................................................pages 4-13 2008.....................................................................pages 14-32 2009.....................................................................pages 33-58 2010......................................................................pages 59-75 2011.......................................................................pages 76-107 2012.......................................................................pages 110-128 Charity Challenges..................................pages 129-133 134

3: Dedicated to our wonderful community and devoted staff at Winster.

4: Screen Name: Marlys Player Since: 2-17-06 Lifetime Points: 255,849,368 Thumbs Up: 410 Friends: 408 "It's been 6 years and I don't know what I'm going to do without Winster. I've enjoyed my friends and I hate to say good-bye. They say all good things come to an end. I want to thank again the friends who were there for me during my time with my stroke. I helped a lot of newbies who simply wanted to learn. Some became friends that would play time after time with me each night. From the start of Winster to the end it has been a journey. However there will be a large void in my life now, and at night I will wonder what the players from Winster are doing. So long but not goodbye."

5: Screen Name: LouisaaLou Player Since: 10-12-06 Lifetime Points: 33,110,258 Thumbs Up: 219 Friends: 344 "During my time as a heart patient, Winnie was there every day, making my life a wonderful adventure. Sharing with others, making friends, and just the thought of knowing that the next day I could go into her sight and know that a friend would be there, even if I never knew them or seen them it made my recovery so much easier. I had many down days but through it all I came out alright. I want to thank you Winnie and the friends I made for making it that much easier. This is really hard saying so long, I really am saddened by the closing down of the sight. You take care Winnie and Thank you so much for the many years you made it that much easier for the many of us who joined you each day."

6: Screen Name: Rewards3 Player Since: 2-6-07 Lifetime Points: 315,227,644 Thumbs Up: 826 Friends: 2874 "I was a gold member for 5 years (2007-2012). My favorite games were slot social, poker, chain gang, doku deluxe and spell squad. Every prize you chose you received. Winster never scammed its players. I became a host for Winster because I wanted to help teach others the ropes of the game. It could be very frustrating to others if you see your cards spun or players are not trading or they are spinning constantly so what better way if you want to help others is to become a host because few players read the tutorial for new players. I enjoyed making friends from all over the US including Hawaii and Canada. | I discovered individuals with diverse occupations such as, under takers, grave diggers, truck drivers, car salesmen, correctional officers, and a professor from UCLA and in between the lulls of tax time accountants. I was hope to many players who had lost their jobs encouraging them to go back to school using myself as an example being a nontraditional student. I had 2,874 friends and 826 thumbs up. I loved to chat with others and through the years have exchanged email addresses with players that I still correspond with. I've played with the handsome couple Jerry and Michelle Kaplan who founded this site and met a few of the technical crew who made the magic for Winster, and now I would like to say thanks for the memories!"

7: Screen Name: Jill1 Player Since: 5-5-07 Lifetime Points: 242,681,921 Thumbs Up: 259 Friends: 593 "I remember one night while playing on Winster, one of the ladies was scared because there was a tornado where she lived in Indiana. We were in a private room and we stayed with her for about an hour talking to her through via chats. We played the game also and that night brought the five of us very close until this day. I thought to myself friends helping friends, and boy did we that night. This is for Winnie for just one thing I love Winster for." | Screen Name: pinkyxoxo Player Since: 11-22-06 Lifetime Points: 3,004,392 Thumbs Up: 82 Friends: 35 | "I spent many a late night playing games while my son was swinging in his swing (he had colic and that was the only way to soothe him). So very sad to see Winster come to an end. Best of luck to you in the future!"

8: "My life has revolved around Winster since I discovered it several years ago. lol I will miss the game and the people I have met while playing. I was beginning to think, I should start Winster Anonymous for us addicts. The only upside of not having Winster, I will have more time for housework. :) Good luck and God bless one and all." | Screen Name: Bestbet Player Since: 6-23-07 Lifetime Points: 95,713,518 Thumbs Up: 321 Friends: 328

9: Screen Name: GLORIKAM Player Since: 6-25-07 Lifetime Points: 44,886,291 Thumbs Up: 290 Friends: 253 "I am heartbroken that WINSTER will close. It has been my saving grace from my bouts with cancer. I have made a lot of friends that I've kept in touch with over the years, writing, laughing, crying, commiserating, sharing and caring about each other. One friend in particular I will never lose from my heart is LINDY IN CINCY. We had a blast playing SPELL SQUAD. We were so crazy together, people used to request to come into our room for the fun. Lindy sent me a teddy bear to ease my cancer pain. It sure lifted my spirits KNOWING that she cared so much. Lindy was mostly bedridden, but never let it stop her bubbly personality. I sent her a new video cam to make a film for MAKEOVER HOME EDITION. She badly needed house repairs she could ill afford. She promised if she got on that she would make sure I was a part of it all. We were very excited about it! Sadly, last December, unexpectedly and suddenly she died just after Christmas. I was so sad to lose a wonderful friend. I feel some of the same sadness at losing another wonderful friend: WINSTER!"

10: Screen Name: SugarFreeKandee Lifetime Points: 28,435,791 Player Since: 6-25-07 Thumbs Up: 376 Friends: 796 Comments: In June of 2009, I lost a very special friend who went "missing" before I had learned of his death. Before I found out about his death, I went to Winster during my heartache and played and played to help me get my mind off things. I was very sad and in the back of mind, I was hoping my friend would return alive. In the meantime, Ii just started talking in chat openly to anyone and everyone who would listen because I needed someone to talk to about my friend. Surprisingly, people were there for me. They spoke and sent their best wishes and hoped for the best. Every day I went on Winster to talk and play. During the more difficult days, I cried while playing, but the players offered support to me, which I am still very grateful for. After learning months later that my friend was never going to return, I told my concerned friends on Winster about what had happened. They were all very comforting and supportive. I am so thankful for WINSTER and the friends that were there for me! :-)

11: Screen Name: TEXASTERI Lifetime Points: 60,744,995 Player Since: 8-27-07 Thumbs Up: 408 Friends: 498 Comments: I became a Winster member the 1st day I played. I have had invites to join other sites, but was never as happy with them. The prizes have been great, but that's not why I have played all these years. I met my BFF here. She lives in So Cal, so I have visited her often. In fact, on my 1st visit, we set up in her living room, and 3 of us members played doku, all in the same room - literally!!!! I have made some good friends here, and I thank you for that opportunity. I wish you could keep playing, I would volunteer a few hours a week helping you, as I am a peninsula girl, living about 5 miles from your corporate headquarters, if that would help. I wish I could share the many wonderful things that have happened in my life because of Winster. I wish you all the best in whatever you chose to do in the future. Thank you so much for everything!

12: Screen Name: holly12 Lifetime Points: 2,319,684 Player Since: 9-12-07 Thumbs Up: 91 Friends: 50 | Screen Name: mlaj Lifetime Points: 12,599,005 Player Since: 10-9-07 Thumbs Up: 423 Friends: 472 "I wake up in the morning and head for the 'ol computer! Can hardly wait to meet my old friends and find some new ones. The smiles and friendly talk greets me and they are so happy to share and wish me a great day. Volunteering and helping others is in my blood....and sometimes I get burned Winster friends are there to prop me up and make me feel special. If I have problems, they say something to bring a smile and a warm feeling, if I am happy they are too. Will surely miss this great boost to my life and I pay that all those wonderful folks I have met will think of me and remember the good times. Thank you are a lifesaver...and I wish you only good and positive joy in your life." | "I have met so many people on Winster and have met people from all over the United States as well as different countries. I have met so many new friends and keep in touch with several."

13: "I hope you always have a shell in your pocket...and sand in your shoes." | Screen Name: Efarm Lifetime Points: 55,126,909 Player Since: 10-19-07 Thumbs Up: 478 Friends: 799 Comments: I had so much fun making friends, helping others make progress, and also making enough points to get prizes. I have share and give every time I play and loved it most when I surprised a player to help them. I always get up and turn on my compute each morning and evening so I can play. This has been the best web site and I will truly miss it. May God bless you for sharing and I wish you all the best God has to offer you in the future. | Screen Name: supermom4 Lifetime Points: 32,552,625 Player Since: 10-19-07 Thumbs Up: 478 Friends: 799 Comments: I had so much fun making friends, helping others make progress, and also making enough points to get prizes. I have share and give every time I play and loved it most when I surprised a player to help them. I always get up and turn on my compute each morning and evening so I can play. This has been the best web site and I will truly miss it. May God bless you for sharing and I wish you all the best God has to offer you in the future.

14: 2008

15: Screen Name: snowball2008 Player Since: 1-15-08 Lifetime Points: 4,514,170 Thumbs Up: 79 Friends: 562 "We will miss you! You can't leave us now, it's summer. What are we going to do while we sit down at the beach? I will miss all my friends on here, I made so many of them. Thanks for Being There. You made our day and I will remember this game forever!!! I love snowball and ashleysnowball2008. I've been playing this game for five years. We will miss you. Ashley, my daughter, will miss you too. We met so many people on here. You are great, have a nice day! No one will ever take your place. My dog even liked the sounds of Winnie. He jumped up every time I played!!

16: Screen Name: JBlonde99 Lifetime Points: 4,567,946 Player Since: 5-29-08 Thumbs Up: 89 Friends: 130 "I am truly going to miss Winster and all my friends. Always knew if I wasn't busy I could get on and find a friend or two to play a game with. Great group to play games with and I'm going to miss you all. If any of you play Pogo games let me know, I play that with a lot of friends." | Screen Name: Lambchop96 Lifetime Points: 101,669,671 Player Since: 6-25-08 Thumbs Up: 242 Friends: 508 "They say 'parting is such sweet sorrow' and oh how true this is. I have met so many wonderful people on Winster and enjoyed all my hats and virtual gifts I accumulated. I sure will miss those hats, in fact lol, I copied them for a keepsake. Winster has been generous with happy hours, free spins, virtual hats and gifts and I will miss everyone."

17: Screen Name: xrsmartlady Player Since: 6-26-08 Lifetime Points: 1,481,755 Thumbs Up: 11 Friends: 15 | "This site has been a lifesaver from stress from going to school online and dealing with life. I will sorely miss everyone I have met here - and hope that those that I have befriended will continue to stay in tough through our personal emails. Have learned a lot from so many players-shared from their generosity- and passed it on to others. So many of us learned to deal with the negatives who found their way in, and I believe even they would admit they sometimes even changed their attitudes. Let us pray that one day Winnie and her crew will find a way to return, even better than ever."

18: Lasting Memories... | Screen Name: myword Player Since: 7-3-08 Lifetime Points: 9,525,130 Thumbs Up: 199 Friends: 239 "I really appreciate the opportunity to have played in the game rooms with so many people. I've made some good friends on line, and I'll be sad that we'll not be able to continue. I want to wish Winnie all the best and hopefully if there is another chance to start a new site that everyone will rally around it and keep it going! Thanks Winnie for the opportunity to share and play with so many and good people!" | Screen Name: hazelson Player Since: 7-22-08 Lifetime Points: 7,305,135 Thumbs Up: 142 Friends: 118 "The friendships that were forged on Winster will last a lifetime. Thank you Winnie for assisting in creating those friendships!"

19: Screen Name: cfrank86 Player Since: 7-22-08 Lifetime Points: 6,041,680 Thumbs Up: 127 Friends: 147 "I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed playing games, and meeting really nice and helpful players on Winster. A BIG Thank You!!" | Screen Name:skhdms Player Since: 8-2-08 Lifetime Points: 2,412,973 Thumbs Up: 71 Friends: 84 "Your web site has been a joy, I will miss is a lot. I met many terrific people & shared many hours of fun & laughter playing Slot Social with them & others. The prizes awarded were simply an added bonus. I would have played even without prizes offered. I didn't even mind the ads (I played for free) as I knew they were essential to running any web site. Best wishes to you & your staff in the future. Should you ever offer another game playing site like Winster, please let me know." | Screen Name:pkck1996 Player Since: 8-15-08 Lifetime Points: 1,180,226 Thumbs Up: 21 Friends: 11 Comments: The Winnie Winster site was such a awesome site met some fantastic people there...The site brought out the best in people, complete strangers would get together to help someone achieve there game goals that day...Awesome site going to miss it......

20: "An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest." - Judy Hand | Screen Name: tide1222 Player Since: 8-23-08 Lifetime Points: 2,285,337 Thumbs Up: 26 Friends: 91 "I have never had so much fun playing and meeting so many wonderful friends thanks to Winnie and the Games she has given us. She has to be the best person in the world to have for a friend thanks for being mine and God bless you in everything you have done and will ever do. I only wish that you lived close by so I could meet you in person. I feel I have known you forever, thanks again!" | Screen Name: Iwona Player Since: 9-17-08 Lifetime Points: 23,374,389 Thumbs Up: 186 Friends: 221 "I’ve made loads of friends from far and near, and will miss you all! Thanks for all the fun times, playing & sharing trades in the JP rooms & Cherries and some of the other games too. It will be hard to find another website as good as this one, my motto was always sharing is caring and that’s what made Winster so different from the other websites. I will truly miss you all & thumbs up to you all. Winnie you have made such an impact on all of us, thank you and good luck to you on your future endeavours."

21: Screen Name: TheSilverfox Player Since: 9-20-08 Lifetime Points: 1,088,085 Thumbs Up: 17 Friends: 1 "Winster games confirmed some basic truths for me. It is better to give than to receive and the more you give the more you receive in return." | Screen Name: feisty1 Player Since: 9-26-08 Lifetime Points: 2,290,445 Thumbs Up: 128 Friends: 29 Comments: When I found Winnie Winster I just thought it was another game. Little did I know how much I would learn. I didn't get to play long as I was involved in so many things at home and then we decided to move to Yuma, Arizona from the State of Washington. It was hectic at first but then I got back into the game. There are always the few that haven't quite learned about giving, but those of us who have, had so much fun helping one another. In the long run we probably had more wins than those that were selfish enough to help themselves. The short time I was with Winnie Winster I valued the companionship, camaraderie, friendship, and sportsmanship shown by most. I will cherish the memories of Winnie Winster for the rest of my life.

22: Screen Name: sandy46516 Player Since: 9-29-08 Lifetime Points: 5,761,260 Thumbs Up: 163 Friends: 584 "I have really enjoyed Winster. I have met a lot of new friends on here and have enjoyed having some laughs. Before Winster I led a boring life. Thank You Winnie for being such a wonderful person and for giving us a world of fun and friendship. We will greatly miss you." | Screen Name: StormCraft Player Since: 9-17-08 Lifetime Points: 44,077,320 Thumbs Up: 458 Friends: 471 MEOW! as I always say. It's been fun! I've had a blast these past many years. I haven't been on here the longest, I haven't won the most prizes, and probably haven't made the most # of friends, but who's to say I haven't had the most fun!!!! I'll miss spell squad teaching me how to spell those big words! I'll miss the happy hours where I work my paws down to the bone! I'll miss the friends I made on here, hoping to keep in touch with some of them. And I'll even miss saving up my points to win big prizes on amazon! I'll remember this site and my pals forever! >^,,^<

23: Screen Name: Pavementlicker Player Since: 9-17-08 Lifetime Points: 11,119,709 Thumbs Up: 498 Friends: 825 "Yep, I'm gonna miss Winster, where we've all joined and played together. I've chatted with and befriended hundreds of retirees, homemakers, homebounds, bikers, office workers on break, elderly, young adults, career volunteers, conservative radio buffs, iconoclasts, conformists, foreigners, natives, and travelers hugging their laptops far and wide. Winster has givers, takers, movers, shakers, narcissists, philanthropists, pigs, gourds, bunnies, space aliens, princesses, witches, wolves, party lovers, nuns, fairies, and more givers, even more givers, lots and lots of givers. Those of us with time to spare have searched far and wide, and nothing quite compares to joining the right Slot Social team on full bore, trade arrows flying in, out and all around, in perfect harmony... Funny, I've never been there and it's many hours and/or pat-downs away, but I sure have made a lot of friends in Indiana! Winster has been a great, fun, safe place to try on many hats and many personalities so, Winnie, thanks and cheers!"

24: Screen Name: everydayitraines Player Since: 9-27-08 Lifetime Points: 1,440,127 Thumbs Up: 63 Friends: 55 "There will never be another site as rich as I'm proud that I was able to participate in the original. I remember when I first found out about Winster I was floored by the number of people who, like me, can have fun through cooperation, rather than competition. Hurray for, its creators, supporters and participants!"

25: Screen Name: DixieL Player Since: 10-10-08 Lifetime Points: 51,081,188 Thumbs Up: 2127 Friends: 1142 "Winster has been a big part of my life for over 3 and a half years. I have always loved trying to help people get more points. I rarely took a jp. I would try to help other people get jp's. I loved making friends. I also loved getting thumbs up and giving them. I have also been a big part of Winster. I was really happy when I was player of the week. Even though very few people knew a few a my friends and 1 other person that recognized me. I was excited though I knew I was player of the week. I also gave points to some charities. My email is if anyone wants to stay in touch. To everyone else have a great life and I have been really happy knowing you !"

26: Screen Name: feisty1 Player Since: 10-7-08 Lifetime Points: 1,903,452 Thumbs Up: 11 Friends: 18 "It has been wonderful being able to play games on this site for these years. I have been able to play when I wanted to and when I had the time. I will miss this little "special" place to retreat to from the busy world! I have not been a daily regular, but it has been my retreat when | I could play and I loved the caring and sharing acquaintances that I made with each game. I even was remembered by some when I played again!" | Screen Name: momtbk01 Player Since: 10/17/08 Lifetime Points: 8,322,664 Thumbs Up: 241 Friends: 264 "Many lonely or stressed out nights due to a bad day, I got on Winster and played games and chatted here and there with many friends. I have enjoyed the games here."

27: The more you laugh, the longer you live. | Screen Name: jdortch50 Player Since: 10-18-08 Lifetime Points: 6,945,710 Thumbs Up: 265 Friends: 294 "I would like to say thanks to all the players who have played games with me, especially on many of the lonely nights I have been unable to sleep. Thanks to for being with us for 8 years and giving us games that are fun and make our life much more enjoyable. I especially like the Slot game and the Bingo and Match Maker games. | Thank you Winnie for working so hard to keep the web site functioning and adding more features to it as the web site grew. I have enjoyed the prizes I have won along the way, especially the rice cooker. I love it." | Screen Name: JimGunsch Player Since: 10-27-08 Lifetime Points: 18,744,765 Thumbs Up: 232 Friends: 823 Comments: I want to thank the people at for all the fun games, my favorite game is Slot Social, I have many games installed on my computer, but your gaming site always came first! It was not until 11:00 P.M. that I could go to bed because of the fun games that you had. I will truly miss your game site, and all friends that I've made. Winnie,I want to thank you for all the fun times that Winster has given me.

28: These Are The Moments I Live For | Screen Name: jneesr13 Player Since: 10-30-08 Lifetime Points: 52,878,580 Thumbs Up: 366 Friends: 133 | "Winster wasn't always on top form, but bless the I.T. staff--they worked very hard and were always positive in their replies. The community of players were mostly caring and fun to get to know. Many good friendships will continue long after Winster has become a fond memory. I will miss my time "spinning" like a fiend and chatting with my fellow Winster-holics. Catsrule-dogsdrool." | Screen Name: deirich Player Since: 10-29-08 Lifetime Points: 17,544,930 Thumbs Up: 387 Friends: 255 "Winster closing is so sad. It's like losing a good friend. I will miss the game and the friends that I have made over the years. I found Winster when I was sick and had no voice. You helped me make it through. But God in His great wisdom has given me that small voice. Thank you for all you have done and may God bless you."

29: Screen Name: jteddy93 Player Since: 11-14-08 Lifetime Points: 135,301,208 Thumbs Up: 753 Friends: 913 | "Winnie..... Winnie..... Winnie...... How can one begin to describe the Winster experience? The Great Gaming, The Forever Friendships, the overall Joyous Experience. Oh..... and did I mention the DRAMA? Yes, the Drama. If you were a part of Winster, you were a part of it. No need to tune into Daily Soaps - Winster gave you the opportunity to live one each and every day. It was all there: Love, Hate, Victory, Defeat, Great Times, Agony and all at the click of a mouse! Live and uncensored, it happened 24/7, 365. And although you may scoff, you came back for it every day. Didn't you? I hope to keep up the friendships I have made either on FB or some other gaming site Jerry may come up with. (The Man is a Genius). Love ya Winnie and Team. - And so sorry things came to an ending this way. Maybe down the road, we can all hook up again!"

30: Screen Name: LynnSkiK Player Since: 11-24-08 Lifetime Points: 3,199,972 Thumbs Up: 179 Friends: 369 "There has been so much laughter involved with playing Winster, laughing at the chat during games. One of the funniest that I remember was when Flash was gone (BRB) for a long time one night. After a while we were guessing the cause of his long absence. When he finally returned, he apologized and said he had to go out in the yard and get his dog Bruno who was chasing a raccoon. We all just LOL'd ourselves to death over that and I still inquire about Bruno whenever I run across Flash. I will miss Winster more than even I can imagine. " | Screen Name: Mrs.Magoo Player Since: 11-16-08 Lifetime Points: 6,143,271 Thumbs Up: 90 Friends: 91 "I have not played as long as many Winster players but it is a fond farewell andWinster will be missed. I tried to play every day and the only game I cold play is Bingo because I am legally blind and it is the only one I could kind of see the shapes to play. I could only write notes - not read them so the players in the room sometimes thought I was rude - but eventually realized I always shared when I could. It is a marvelous concept and was the pioneer! Kim Hong and Winnie worked with me to try and make the site more accessible and there was success to some degree. I loved to play and will be missing Winster on June 1st. Kudos to a great concept, a wonderful website and superb staff. Thank you Winnie!"

31: "What an absolute fantastic time I have had with everyone! From Thailand to Vegas to AZ to FL and so many places in between, I have enjoyed playing with so many wonderful people. I know we will keep in touch, but it just won't be the same having 4 wonderful friends with me playing Spell Squad. The kindness and | Screen Name: vjsplinter Player Since: 12-11-08 Lifetime Points: 1,526,800 Thumbs Up: 42 Friends: 33 "I found WINSTER while rehabbing from knee replacements...made my time fly by. Thanks so much, Winnie and Staff!" | Screen Name: catlovertwo Player Since: 12-11-08 Lifetime Points: 35,172,516 Thumbs Up: 294 Friends: 255 | generosity of these people has really amazed me. I still in awe that so many fantastic people came together on Winster to play. The day passes, hats, ad free weeks, extra spins and the birthday and holiday well wishes-who would have thought people would be so nice to me? I often said I was addicted to Spell Squad because I needed my daily fix with my group of friends. I deeply thank everyone for their friendship and kindness. I will truly miss the wonderful conversations we had-thank you for allowing me into your lives to get to know so much about you, your families, your interests, your pets (especially those adorable cats!) and just your day to day lives. I know I can speak for all of my friends-we will TRULY miss Winster!"

32: camaraderie | Screen Name: loebtmc Player Since: 12-12-08 Lifetime Points: 3,361,920 Thumbs Up: 69 Friends: 46 "I discovered Winster during an out of town tour, and kept playing whenever I had time. As I was going through some difficult times, I learned how to play, taught people how to play, and made friends. I can't play every day, but when I do, I helped fellow players who lived far away solve a few specific challenges, and commiserated over illness, death, marriages and births among the life moments. There were a few trolls among the rainbows, but nearly all the time, I was always delighted by the camaraderie and the shared fun. It was wonderful to win by doing what my mom always taught me - that by helping others, you help yourself." | Screen Name: jstone Player Since: 12-22-08 Lifetime Points: 101,722,021 Thumbs Up: 939 Friends: 620 "Playing Winster for over 3 years, I have made many friends, some of which will be lifelong friends. I have actually met 4 friends in person, which was a great experience. I will miss playing Winster very much and will miss all the wonderful people I have met."

33: 2009

34: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us. | Screen Name: clot Player Since: 1-21-09 Lifetime Points: 6,651,605 Thumbs Up: 124 Friends: 78 "I will miss playing all the games---my life changed when I found Winster. My housecleaning came second which use to be my priority. It was like sitting at the machines at the Casinos, except not getting any money. Thank you for all the good times---we will miss you." | Screen Name: luv2shop2 Player Since: 1-25-09 Lifetime Points: 2,839,910 Thumbs Up: 44 Friends: 52 "YOU HAVE SAVED MY SANITY. I AM DISABLED AND SPEND MY DAYS HOME ALONE AS EVERYONE IS AT WORK OR SCHOOL. IT HAS BEEN NICE TO HAVE ADULT INTERACTIONS EVEN IF IT IS ONLY TYPED WORDS. YOU ALL HAVE FELT LIKE FRIENDS EVEN THO WE DONT KNOW EACH OTHER. YOU HAVE ME THROUGH GOOD TIMES AND BAD. THANK YOU ALL."

35: Screen Name: aqua65 Player Since: 2-22-09 Lifetime Points: 1,385,429 Thumbs Up: 20 Friends: 5 "I have truly enjoyed playing on this site. I always had lots of fun. Everybody was always very friendly and always willing to help each other. One of my favorite things to do on the computer is to play games and interact with others. I will certainly miss being able to play games on this site. However, wishing all the best in future endeavors." | Screen Name: loriya Player Since: 2-24-09 Lifetime Points: 8,320,477 Thumbs Up: 480 Friends: 586 "I want to start with THANKING EVERYONE who is a part of WINSTER for the hard work and dedication you give every day!! I was really saddened to get the message from Winnie saying the site was shutting down. I've been a member since 2009 and over the years have many friends from all over the Country. I have come on just about every evening and would look forward to meeting up with old friends as well as making new ones. I thank Winnie for starting this site and as we all know, it has its' moments when it lags or 'acts up' but all of us still returned every day no matter what. Thank you again for bringing so many people together!!"

36: Screen Name: AZDennis Player Since: 3-1-09 Lifetime Points: 2,547,685 Thumbs Up: 54 Friends: 40 | "It's been fun playing on Winster! It just helps me pass the time over here. I only played the games on here for fun, and that's about it. Most of the time, I'll give someone a wild jackpot, giving someone something for free does make you feel good." | Screen Name: sandwich Player Since: 2-24-09 Lifetime Points: 3,451,775 Thumbs Up: 139 Friends: 62 "I have truly enjoyed playing games at and meeting new people from all over the United States. It helped me relax after the end of a long day at work. My grandchildren (6 and 4) also enjoyed playing the different games. Winster will truly be missed. Good luck and May God Bless you!"

37: Screen Name: wtr27513 Player Since: 2-27-09 Thumbs Up: 9 Friends: 523 "I want to let you know that playing Winster's Slots Social helped me actually forget about the horrible pain I felt while I had my mind on playing | the game. It was a lifesaver for me many long sleepless nights because after taking the most powerful pain medication for almost 6 years 24/7, they ended up acting as if I was just taking an aspirin! I was also on additional powerful pain killers too. I'll miss you and all the help gave to me. I did win one gift but that wasn't why I was playing your wonderful game. I would also like to thank you for sending me birthday cards for the past several years, they made me feel good too! I made quite a few friends but one very, very, very special one too! Her name is Linda Daley from Chicago and I'm sure our great friendship will continue for a long time! I plan to keep the icon on my computer for sentimental reasons! THANKS again Winnie!" | Screen Name: ladyvet Player Since: 2-4-08 Lifetime Points: 138,194,118 Thumbs Up: 340 Friends: 811 | "I was a host for years and the players I encountered ran the gamut from the ridiculous to sublime. I miss the tremendous people that made playing on Winster fun and entertaining. Thanks for the site --- it was an excellent idea and concept."

38: Screen Name: hasi Player Since: 3-19-09 Lifetime Points: 12,436,940 Thumbs Up: 704 Friends: 315 Comments: Winster was for me not only a game site which I loved to visit every day to play, it was something very special. I met other people and found over the past 5 years I played so many friends and some very special ones for life. It never would have happened without Winster. It wasn't only about playing, it was about chatting, having fun, looking forward to something nice on the end of every day. I truly can say, I really miss Winster and all my friends on here. Thanks again to Winnie Winster and her team for some wonderful years of my life. | Screen Name: frankly1 Player Since: 7-2-09 Lifetime Points: 52,476,200 Thumbs Up: 546 Friends: 752 Comments: Winnie & Staff. I so enjoyed your sight! Thank you so much for the fun! I was disabled in a car accident in 1999 and your site helped keep my mind off my issues. I enjoyed being able to share with other players. May God bless you and your staff now and in your future.

39: Screen Name: allimac Player Since: 4-17-09 Lifetime Points: 11,053,005 Thumbs Up: 287 Friends: 403 Comments: YOUR site was one of a kind and I know that you realize how VERY much it meant to us ALL! This year it has meant EVEN more to me. I broke my neck [a severe compound fracture of C#2 and the ONLY socializing I have been able to do since SEPT of 2011 is with my friends on your site. I thank our Lord for it as I REALLY do NOT know what I would [or will do] WITHOUT it. It kept me SANE! I realize that you have to move on and I wish you ALL of the BEST! BUT I will really be LOST without your site. Thank YOU for your creativity and the uniqueness of this site! It is the ONLY one on the web where you can make REAL FRIENDS! I have three whom I call EVERY week and some whom I call sporadically...ALL because of YOU!

40: Screen Name: ScrubBuddy Player Since: 5-30-09 Lifetime Points: 13,434,075 Thumbs Up: 257 Friends: 425 "Winster has given me great games to play, especially Slot Social, but most of all I have made many friends and we will keep in touch through e-mails. I will miss playing and having daily contact with many of them. Thanks for all the fun!" | Screen Name: CaptainCatRageus Player Since: 5-28-09 Lifetime Points: 31,523,320 Thumbs Up: 254 Friends: 199 "As I'm about to send out my final AHOY MATEYS! Greetings, I bid to you all a fond farewell ! It's been a fun journey, sometimes rocky, sometimes frustrating, but for the most part fun! I'll certainly miss my favorite game, spell squad, as well as burger buddy. One unforgettable moment in burger buddy happened, when a newbie was playing, and kept asking for my seeded top bun! she spun over all her cheeseburgers, regular burgers & buns, and just kept asking for that top seeded bun. I finally had to ask her out loud, "why do you keep asking for my top bun when you have 4 of them already?' and she replied, "I'm going for 5 of a kind! ' and the entire room busted out laughing! Well, the time has come to set sail from winster land...I'll miss all my friends I've made on here..perhaps we'll meet again in another game site to come. So here it is, as promised.... AHOY MATEYS!!!"

41: Screen Name: Teksgirl Player Since: 6-3-09 Lifetime Points: 17,336,220 Thumbs Up: 132 Friends: 525 "Hello! I will start off by saying that I have made many friends near and far while playing. Slot Social is my favorite game. I have been a Club member and a regular member for a few years now. I have recently bought a home and Winster has come with me. Winster has been my comfort zone during some tough times or after a very long day when I just need to breathe and say hi while playing with some friends. Winster has even been with me during my annual trips to Aruba or for the last couple of years while there I would log on, save my spins and it would help me look forward to transitioning back into everyday life. We are going again in June and it will be so sad not to come home to Winster! If there is any way the site can stay open and we as players can help, please let us know! Winnie, I personally just want to say thank you to you and your staff for the excellent job you do showing players what life really is all about-helping each other out, making friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime, and every once in a while in this hectic life of ours, a few breaths now and then need to be taken. Thank You Again! All of you will be missed greatly!! PLEASE DON'T LET SUCH A GOOD THING END!!! Please keep in touch!"

42: Screen Name: 331 Player Since: 6-9-09 Lifetime Points: 15,371,257 Thumbs Up: 168 Friends: 581 "THANK YOU WINSTER TO ALLOW ME TO BE APART OF WINSTER WHEN I FRIST PLAY WINSTER I DID NOT KOWN HOW TO THE HOST WAS VERY NICE TO ME AND OTHER PLAYERS ALSO, I HAVE ENJOY ALL MY NEW FRIENDS PLAYING AS A TEAM AND LEARN HOW TO HELP OTHERS MY FRIENDS ARE MY FAMILY ON WINSTER WINSTER IS AVERT GOOD SITE TO JOIN I CANT GET OUT UCH IAM ON HOME OXGEN ,BUT WINSTER KRPT ME GOING AND PUT HOPE IN MY HEART THAT OTHERS CARE ABOUT ME AND THE KIDS I TAKE CARE OF AT HOME SO THANKYOU SO MUCH I PRAY EVERNIGHT THAT WINSTER COULD FIND AWAY TO NOT CLOSE THE SITE LOVE YOU WINNIE I HAD LOTS OF FUN" | Screen Name: luv2bwinner Player Since: 8/6/09 Lifetime Points: 87,226,125 Thumbs Up: 361 Friends: 244 "Thanks for the super gaming site!!! A great memory for me is that the originator of the site had so many innovative ideas that showed you put your heart and soul into it. You were receptive to new ideas. You improved the site so much with chatting, Wheel of Winster, creative gifts and hats, cute visual and fun audio, newsletters and more. It is unique to be on a site where everything seemed "up close and personal" including the creator of it all!! Your customer service staff was always there to assist. You thought of it all. I am sorry that with all your wonderful planning that it ever had to end! Good luck in all your endeavors. You as well as the site will be missed! Just maybe, hopefully, we will "see" you again!"

43: Screen Name: BeckyBones Player Since: 8/16/09 Lifetime Points: 42,730,630 Thumbs Up: 387 Friends: 172 "Everything in my Winster profile is true. I am a happily married woman with a silly sense of humor. However...I didn't know just how silly I was going to become when I began buying Hats from the Gift Shop. The first hat I got was the Santa hat...I named her 'joy jolly'. After that I was out of control. I don't want to bore you with every detail...but it was so much FUN buying and naming my Hats! And when Winnie added expressions to choose from..."pure heaven". My heart is so sad about losing my Hats and friends :( I truly hope everybody had as much fun playing with joyce**joy**joyjolly**holly**becky** becky'aka'bones**and becky la` they all did playing with you! Take Care and God Bless Us." | Screen Name: Singer97 Player Since: 9-24-09 Lifetime Points: 85,511,180 Thumbs Up: 263 Friends: 1144 " is a unique and very special website. There is nothing else like it on the web today. Instead of players playing against one another, they play with each is much more than just a social gaming website it is a community of people from various walks of life who come together to play games and make lasting friends. will be greatly missed."

44: Screen Name: gunnho Player Since: 7-3-09 Lifetime Points: 15,921,980 Thumbs Up: 182 Friends: 47 | OUT THERE SOMEWHERE Don't hear their voices Their appearance is a mystery Meeting can be chance or choice As space present and endless void Wonders of man's discovery prevail Contact not considering the miles For those who ignore the mail Finding friends creates a smile Carefree days keeps hope alive Time and space will collapse The day will come none to soon Defeat the Grim-Reaper claims Face to face we will be Not my imagination at all Friends you are real My thanks to Winnie Winster Meeting you just spinning the wheel

45: Screen Name: Sam9491 Player Since: 7/4/09 Lifetime Points: 16,039,374 Thumbs Up: 245 Friends: 384 "I hope all of you know how much everyone, especially members, has enjoyed your games. My particular favorites are Slot Social and Burger Buddy. I have made many friends and acquaintances through the games and loved buying Gifts for the other members in my game room. We really needed some pretzels with our beer! Best wishes to you and all your staff in future endeavors and thanks for many a fun-filled game room."

46: Screen Name: ArizonaAngel Player Since: 7/17/09 Lifetime Points: 2,025,173 Thumbs Up: 54 Friends: 38 "When I first started playing Winster, it was me and my little sister Darla. We played every day and had so much fun helping each other out. Darla passed away in December 2010 and I haven't played much since. Those were the last days of our lives together and I will always remember what this game meant to the both of us. Thank you for making her last days a little more comfortable."

47: Screen Name: just4win Player Since: 7-24-09 Lifetime Points: 58,465,025 Thumbs Up: 621 Friends: 492 "I will dearly miss Winster for finding a niche and serving its purpose. It was good therapy for me as well as making so many friends. Winster helped us stay connected by the cards, gifts, and rating. Every evening was set aside for Winster. All we have left soon are the friends we made and the memories."

48: Screen Name: kupicakes Player Since: 8/1/09 Lifetime Points: 65,176,047 Thumbs Up: 236 Friends: 293 "For the last few years, I have been playing Winster and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Not only has it brought me peace of mind, but it has also brought me so many good friends that I am going to miss so much when it comes to an end...It just breaks my heart that this great site is closing. At the end of each day, the only thing I can think of is getting on Winster and being with so many friends that I have met. I have learned a lot about different cultures and hope that someday it will return. Thanks for many fun nights - it has been nothing but great!" | Screen Name: kathy73026 Player Since: 8-1-09 Lifetime Points: 49,709,990 Thumbs Up: 684 Friends: 936 "This game has changed my life. I never got up so early or got off to bed so late -in years, I will be sad to see it go. I had a wonderful time and I met so many people who had the greatest hearts. Thanks to all for the mornings and evenings spent with you."

49: Screen Name: rndiver Player Since: 8/18/09 Lifetime Points: 25,300,549 Thumbs Up: 393 Friends: 560 "How did I meet 560 friends world-wide and across the United States since August 2009? Friends from different ethnic backgrounds, a wide range of social and economic diversity and ages? When would complete strangers fly and drive from Ohio, Denver, Oklahoma, California and Arizona, to meet in Las Vegas? How could I win gift certificates, donate to charity, receive and send free ecards to friends? Why did I laugh, cry and sometimes get mad with unseen friends playing online games? How did I learn to share, be more patient and caring? online game site developed with principles and integrity, designed to encourage caring, sharing and friendship! I’ve played as rndiver almost every night at home, on vacations and while away for business. I’m already grieving for the loss of not just a game I love but my friends. I’ve learned their names, where they live, their family’s names, and shared in happy and sad times of their lives. This March, a group of friends from Winster, that included “jiggers (Roberta jiggers)”, “sa2000”, “seacarp”, “rndiver “ and “mia31155” met in Las Vegas and Prescott, Az. We spent time talking, shopping, eating, sightseeing, laughing and more talking! Thank You Winnie!

50: Screen Name: babygirl1313 Player Since: 8-23-09 Lifetime Points: 820,400 Thumbs Up: 5 Friends: 6 "Being a member of your gaming website, Winster, has been a great experience. I have made many friends through this site. It was nice to have a site where you can play games with others without any competition. Everyone on this site was willing to help you out and communicate with you. For a disabled person, like myself, this was a nice free site I could log into and know that I was welcomed by the community. I am very sad to hear this news. I wish you and your family many blessing for the coming future. "

51: Screen Name: midnite113 Player Since: 9/1/09 Lifetime Points: 9,397,665 Thumbs Up: 253 Friends: 212 "To my friends, acquaintances made, and Winnie! There's been nothing like it. Blessings to all those who have been there for me each time I came in to play, chat, or send a note to. I will miss U all. God Bless, and may we meet again someday in this vast space we call the net. With Love, Hope, prayers & many, many thanks for all you've done. The prizes, hats, gifts, e-cards, Free games, good company & all the love & laughs shared amongst us. They will all remain forever in my heart. Forever grateful to Winnie, her staff, and her family. Much, much Love."

52: Screen Name: Elizarea Player Since: 9-12-09 Lifetime Points: 7,083,138 Thumbs Up: 132 Friends: 203 "I am truly going to miss Winster. I discovered this site through I was visiting my daughter and her husband stationed in Tacoma WA where it rains every day. I was bored to tears and home alone most of the time. Through Winster I found many friends. I could log on anytime of day and find at least 2 or 3 of my friends. We also began to coordinate our time to plan on meeting on line. The best thing about it was that we were friends who looked out for each other. We understood that when one person wins we all win. Sharing was winning. What a great concept. I am really going to miss this site. I can't play as often because I care for my new born grandchild but whenever I can I go on and visit with one of my friends and play. Thank you Winnie. I am wishing you and yours blessings in your future endeavors."

53: Screen Name: ncpiney Player Since: 10-10-09 Lifetime Points: 20,521,720 Thumbs Up: 208 Friends: 139 "WINSTER HAS REALLY MEANT SO MUCH TO ME, ESPECIALLY FOR A 78 YR.OLD WOMAN WITH BAD HEALTH I AM LIMITED TO WHAT I CAN DO. I HAVE MET SO MANY WONDERFUL SPECIAL PEOPLE THRU THE GAME IT HAS REALLY FILLED LONG LONELY HOURS. I WILL REALLY MISS MY FRIENDS I HAVE MADE, ALONG WITH THE GAMES." | Screen Name: neecee03 Player Since: 10-8-09 Lifetime Points: 19,490,900 Thumbs Up: 202 Friends: 192 "Over the years, I have loved playing on winster and have made many friends, some close to home and have become friends outside of winster with those that share the same interests, like kayaking for one. We have gone on kayaking trips and really are grateful to winster for bringing us together. I also have a "Winster Husband" (only online lol) that everyone who plays with us calls us husband and wife. It is very sad that winster is closing down. I have been looking for another site, but have yet to find one that allows us to play and chat at the same time. I will miss Winster very much and all the great fun I've had there. Good luck to everyone in all future endeavors."

54: Screen Name: Celese111 Player Since: 10-24-09 Lifetime Points: 10,913,202 Thumbs Up: 211 Friends: 170 "When I came across it was a wonderful day. I have had many many hours of fun playing the games. I have met a lot of nice people on here,,,,and there are some who have been sour pusses and didn't want to trade or do anything but be scornful and rude with all. The majority of the people have been fun and caring and sharing which is what Winster is all about,,,,Caring and Sharing. To the makers of Winster,,,,,please keep my email close and let me know if you come up with anything else as I would love to be a part of it. Thank you for fun games."

55: Screen Name: wackypat1 Player Since: 11-18-09 Lifetime Points: 1,867,206 Thumbs Up: 72 Friends: 52 "dear Winnie, It has been such a pleasure to play so many different games on your site. I hate to see it end. I have chatted with many friends over the few years I have been playing on the site. I am fortunate to be able to meet one of my friends in the near future. I call her Vegas Mary since that is where see is from. My husband and I make a trip to Las Vegas once a year for his bowling group. When I became friends with Mary and found where she is from we have made a point of getting together May 4, 2012. I'm very excited and give Winster a BIG THANK YOU. You will be missed." | Screen Name: LindaSue24 Player Since: 11-26-09 Lifetime Points: Thumbs Up: 64 Friends: 47 "When I found Winnie, I was a stay-at-home caregiver for my mother who had dementia. Most of my "friends" deserted us. Did they think dementia was contagious??? I went days without seeing anyone besides my mother and my sister. But I had online friends. And an online friend introduced me to Winster. At Winster, I found friends that I could help. I found people who prayed for me. I found people who liked me! I am sad that Winster is leaving the online world. I will miss my friends. I will miss the games. I will miss my Winnie! But, the world's journey takes twists and turns. I am glad I knew Winnie along the way and I wish Winnie and her friends many thanks and many good wishes for the future."

56: Screen Name: Pacelligrammy Player Since: 12-6-09 Lifetime Points: 2,372,675 Thumbs Up: 176 Friends: 467 "I had fun playing your game. Met a lot of people and even some close to my home. Never met up with anyone but had fun chatting. This is way better that Facebook. NO SWEARING. That's what I hate about Facebook the most. I sure will miss this game. I don't play as much as I used too but it is a lot of fun. It may only be a game but it let me see just how honest some people can be. And of course those who weren't but after all it is only a game. A GREAT GAME, I will miss it." | Screen Name: tinacraig Player Since: 12-20-09 Lifetime Points: 28,484,475 Thumbs Up: 176 Friends: 467 "I love all the sharing and help to win prizes. I met two awesome women on here, Jogger3 and Flack01. I went thru some serious personal issues in early 2011 and these two helped me thru it all. There are tons of people I like, but those two mean the world to me. Hope to meet them both in person someday. And, although they don't play much, I got my mom and daughter to join too. I will miss you and your awesome site Ms. Winster. Thank! Tinacraig, a coastie wife."

57: Screen Name: hearl10 Player Since: 12-30-09 Lifetime Points: 36,519,814 Thumbs Up: 348 Friends: 434 "It was a sad day when I read the email about Winster closing down. I have met some pretty special people on this site and have enjoyed teaching new people as they came in. I was proud to call myself a host...Although we complained about the site at times we were still playing as we complained...Winnie your site will be missed...and we hope you start up another one. We all will miss our playing friends and your site was the only place that let that happen THANKS SO MUCH.....I have been a daily player for 2 1/2 years."

59: 2010

60: Screen Name: modellew Player Since: 1-23-11 Lifetime Points: 5,414,058 Thumbs Up: 69 Friends: 19 "I'm writng because i hate to see winnie leave it was very good game l love to play met good friends even met shopping granny who lost her mom and many more i really will miss this game it was my calming time and keep my mind together good luck winnie God bless." | Screen Name: pamela215 Player Since: 3-8-10 Lifetime Points: 34,112,034 Thumbs Up: 284 Friends: 116 "I have met some of the nicest people on here and many are my true friends, it seems like we always know where to find each other, start the day off together and sometimes close the room down at night to catch some sleep, then start all over the next day. I remember one special person I met on here, he taught me how to play the game, and still remains a good friend. Thank you for all the good times!! I wish you and your family the very best, Blessings to you!!"

61: Screen Name: mrsmama48 Player Since: 3-6-10 Lifetime Points: 11,505,195 Thumbs Up: 237 Friends: 202 "Winster has lead me to so many friend from all over the world people that have touched my heart and soul people who will be my friends for years to come we have been through births, illnesses and so much more i am a stay home caregiver for my husband so Winster has given me a place to have people to be with since i really never to go out to socialize with other people and Winster has given me that and will always be grateful for that and am so so sad to lose that part of my life but am for the years iI have had thanks from the bottom of my heart." | Screen Name: countryboy1020 Player Since: 2-2-10 Lifetime Points: 1,276,841 Thumbs Up: 10 Friends: 45 "I really had fun on It's too bad it's shutting down. I made a lot of friends and enjoyed the time I spent there. Thanks Winnie for everything you did. I really enjoyed your site and I'm going to miss it, along with the friends I made there."

62: Screen Name: Boss2 Player Since: 4-26-10 Lifetime Points: 1,294,060 Thumbs Up: 14 Friends: 18 "I have had such good times on winster. I have met people that have enhanced my life that I never would have met in my lifetime. I will miss my Slot Social and working as a team toward a JP with a group of good friends. We all love you Winnie." | Screen Name: sieglind Player Since: 3-9-10 Lifetime Points: 1,083,650 Thumbs Up: 9 Friends: 4 "I have really enjoyed playing the slots here on Winster. It is a fun and relaxing place to go when you are stressed out. The people are friendly and very helpful. I remember when I first came on to the Winster site, I had no idea how to play the games and felt lost. A few minutes into the games, a fellow player explained the strategies and wow, behold, I caught on in no time. Since then, I have helped other newbies feel comfortable and at ease in their playing."

63: Screen Name: maryellenw Player Since: 3-30-10 Lifetime Points: 24,210,890 Thumbs Up: 236 Friends: 103 "I have played slots for just over two years and just became a Gold member a little over a month ago. I have a few close Winster friends who I play with as often as possible. These wonderful women are true friends, I have exchanged e-mails and even phone numbers with a few. My most special friends are Laura, Grantam, and Deb86. These three are my closest friends on and off Winster and we fervently wish to meet in person. I also have to remember Walk and Talk, Shadowmom, Olyotter, and Paige4books, all of | whom I have played slots with day after day after day. These people have become my closest friends on Winster. It was with great sorrow, (and anger, too), how we felt about Winster closing. We have shared happiness and great sorrow. Best wishes, Winnie."

64: Screen Name: LynAry Player Since: 5-3-10 Lifetime Points: 879,019 Thumbs Up: 8 Friends: 5 "Enjoyed immensely being apart of the "Winster family" - the games played were my therapeutic remedy after working long exciting hours in the hospitality field in the Bahamas. The camaraderie experienced while playing the games with other players was unbelievable and one that I would never forget. Wish you much success in your future endeavors..."


66: Screen Name: Tigerz25 Player Since: 5-17-10 Lifetime Points: 63,578,090 Thumbs Up: 81 Friends: 127 "For me, the site is much more than just a social gaming network. It is an escape from the problems I face in my everyday life. I am legally blind, and it's not always easy for me to get out of the house, especially in bad winter weather. However, the Winster community provides a place for me to escape to, with a network of friends who accept me for who I am. I also suffer from major depression, and there are days even with the medication that I just don't even want to get out of bed. The friends I made in the Winster community gave me something to look forward to and a reason to want to get out of bed, if only to see them and play with them here. There were days I thought I could not go on, and I turned to my Winster friends for help and support. The Winster site | helped brighten my days of loneliness and depression. There were many rough times that this site helped me to suffer through over the past two years. Harsh dental procedures, the loss of my cousin Nate, and the loss of my cat are just a few of them. Without this site to turn to, it would have been a much worse two years. Also the friends I have made here have been there for me to provide support when my family didn't."

67: Screen Name: missmusic Player Since: 5-18-10 Lifetime Points: 29,792,416 Thumbs Up: 294 Friends: 318 "I came to the Winster site just to see what gaming would be about. The site was so different from others where you compete and gain nothing unless you win. Friends helping friends IS what Winster is about. I made so many new friends from around the country. And we helped each other not just with sharing Winster pieces, but with everyday worries, problems and laughter. It is such fun to share humor as you play. It will be so sad to lose these friends now, and to lose the fun of daily getting together to play and help each other with the game and with issues of life." | Screen Name: HydraFemme Player Since: 6-7-10 Lifetime Points: 1,883,895 Thumbs Up: 32 Friends: 40 "I knew I could always count on somebody in Slot Social to help me keep my spirits up at times when I felt very depressed at life. Most of the folks there are so sweet, it's unlike anywhere else!"

68: Screen Name: Kimbersek Player Since: 6-23-10 Lifetime Points: 2,534,997 Thumbs Up: 50 Friends: 88 "I first want to say that I am very sad that this website is not going to be around anymore. I have met so many Great People on here. Some of the people that I have met have really helped me because they have some of the same health problems that I do and they truly understand what I | am going through. We can relate to how each other are feeling. I will Miss this the most. I hope that I can stay in touch with these people. I would love to be able to keep playing games on here but I can understand that sometimes things have to come to an end. I Will Miss this Site and "Thank You So Much Winnie" for starting this site and allowing me to play on here. Had fun and will definitely Miss this Site!!!"

69: Screen Name: WinisterXP Player Since: 7-11-10 Lifetime Points: 1,859,353 Thumbs Up: 10 Friends: 11 "Winster changed my life in a way that the site gave me an opportunity to compete for cash and prizes for free many others they do don't that so that how this site changed my life." | Screen Name: fruiti24 Player Since: 7-17-10 Lifetime Points: 3,413,854 Thumbs Up: 93 Friends: 117 "I have been addicted to this site ever since I found it. I have made lots of friends had many nights full of laughter. They always say "goods things must come to an end" well that's true in this case. Sad but true!!! Thank you for all that you gave to us."

70: Screen Name: spiritcloud Player Since: 8-7-10 Lifetime Points: 870,960 Thumbs Up: 3 Friends: 7 "I enjoy playing the games and making friends, and meeting old ones. It was a game where people enjoyed sharing, trading, helping, and holding other players' game pieces, especially the winnies. There was also chatting, where people | Screen Name: spiritcloud Player Since: 8-7-10 Lifetime Points: 870,960 Thumbs Up: 3 Friends: 7 "I enjoy playing the games and making friends, and meeting old ones. It was a game where people enjoyed sharing, trading, helping, and holding other players' game pieces, especially the winnies. There was also chatting, where people were very polite with ty, wc, yw. That’s about all I normally | type was the ty, wc, yw, w. People try helping others by saying if you get all one you get more points ex: 5 7’s, or 5 diamonds, instead of 3 diamonds and two wild cards, it wasn’t just because they wanted the wild cards it was true, but when you had almost no spins left or going off for what ever reason you still would cash in with 3 of 7’s and two wild cards. Also they held your wild card some times because they you wanted them to, also with the winnies. If you didn’t want it back you could say it’s ok! you can keep it. Then people also help people to get the jackpots. They ask are you going for the jackpot, if you would say yes they would say ok! People would say, ok! such and such a person, is or are going for the jackpot, let’s help, and they help. Even when you had no more spins and stay on for a bit, people would still try to give or help, such as if you had, 3 diamonds need two, people would still trade to you could cash in, before leaving the game till you got more spins."

71: Screen Name: Banditt25 Smiley: Player Since: 8-8-10 Lifetime Points: 4,384,561 Thumbs Up: 56 Friends: 133 "Hi Winnie, I just would like to say that this was the first game site that I have every played and I enjoyed every minute of it I met some nice people and made a very good friend that is my friend for life I met her here and we have played games together ever since!!! My friend has been with me threw a lot and I'll all ways be grateful for this game site. Winnie you have done a great job and sure hate to see you go!!!

72: Screen Name: Peggy2548 Player Since: 8-22-10 Lifetime Points: 30,345,946 Thumbs Up: 596 Friends: 517 | "Dear Sweet WINNIE. I cannot say in 200 words what you've done to help me get back to relating to nice people. I think I may have a problem again of not having anyone as good as you to talk to. I know it hurts you to shut down. I will miss our private talks. I will miss you so much. I feel like I lost a very close family member. With tears in my eyes this is hard to say. You and your wonderful site got me out of the saddest time of my life. Sorry if spelling is off. Hard to type and CRY | at the same time. I am so afraid of going back to where I was until I found a place so caring and loving as Winster. I will never forget you and Kim Hong and the Winster Team. I wish there was a way we could still talk to each other. I know you have my email address. I would love to hear from you again after there is no more Winster. That was hard to print. I have to admit and accept the fact. All good things do end. I hope you and your family have a great new life to look forward to. I will never forget you Winnie. Ok crying bad now. Need to say good night and hope to send you another conversation before you go off to new things. Forever grateful for the time we had together."

73: Screen Name: magesc70 Player Since: 9-5-10 Lifetime Points: 15,036,555 Thumbs Up: 200 Friends: 108 | "I quit my job (19 years) and migrated to the US to be with my husband. I became jobless and missed my family and friends back home (Phil). This site is what keeps me going. It keeps me from being bored and homesick. Playing your games, making friends, and earning points, keeps me busy every day and makes me happy. Thanks to you guys for making my life bearable." | Screen Name: mick1940 Player Since: 9-12-10 Lifetime Points: 11,551,868 Thumbs Up: 303 Friends: 192 "Thank you Winnie and crew for all the fun, you were here through broken bones, sad times and happy times. You were so honest and I felt safe, which is good for a 71-year-old granny. May all of you have success in the future!"

74: Screen Name: katee1234 Player Since: 10-11-10 Lifetime Points: 1,328,790 Thumbs Up: 6 Friends: 9 "I have met some really special people on Winster, wish we didn't have to say goodbye. Your site brings together some very caring people to have fun in a family style atmosphere. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Your site will be missed!"

75: Screen Name: janwood Player Since: 12-8-10 Lifetime Points: 28,414,983 Thumbs Up: 276 Friends: 340 "Dear Winnie and Staff, what a surprise to hear of you leaving. I got an immediate "oh no" feeling in my gut like i just heard of a friend that just passed away, and Winnie that is what you are to me, 'A Friend'. You were there when I needed someone. It didn't matter what time of day it was, you were there with your friendly greeting and happy face. I met a lot of people at your place that I wouldn't have never otherwise met. At your place we not only played fun games we shared stories and ideas, we laughed and made fun, discussed our children and spouses. We were concerned about each others health and worried if we didn't see them on for a while. Winnie......what can I say, I will certainly miss you. You were the very first and only game site I have ever played on. I felt safe there. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. It was a pleasure to have you as a Friend, Thanks again, Winnie, Best of Luck!"

76: 2011

77: Screen Name: pauu Player Since: 1/15/11 Lifetime Points: 24,650,338 Thumbs Up: 112 Friends: 6 "I've been playing your games for over year. During this time, I fell and fractured my skull, ribs and ankle. I play your game 3 to 4 hours a day to release myself from pain, anxiety and suffering. I enjoy the games so much and will miss it. Thanks again, and again, and again." | Screen Name: dannyfannin Player Since: 1/22/11 Lifetime Points: 7,240,947 Thumbs Up: 125 Friends: 190 "I will always remember everybody on Winster. I have made some real good friends. They have purchased day passes for me, helped me get jackpots, and invited me to play in private room on slots social. We always have a good time. Even when I make a mistake, they simply say, "don't worry, we all make mistakes." Thank you so much. May God truly bless you all, amen."

78: Screen Name: snowmam Player Since: 1/26/11 Lifetime Points: 9,568,041 Thumbs Up: 89 Friends: 11 "This website is a genius!!!!!! You have no idea how many people you have helped !!!!!!!! Blind, hearing impaired, depressed, lonely, etc. BLESS YOU AND YOUR HUBBY in everything that you do!!!!!!!! Nothing lasts forever..... It was awesome while it lasted.... We will never forget your heartfelt compassion!!!!!! Leave us with no regrets....I COMEND YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN TODAYS SOCIETY.....THANK YOU WINNIE for all that you have done....Live a happy life and don't look back!!!!!!!!God bless you. Now, it's time to think of yourself!"

79: Screen Name: carol2140 Player Since: 2-5-11 Lifetime Points: 21,738,236 Thumbs Up: 129 Friends: 219 "Well, I would like to say some things about Winster. Over the year and a half I've been a member here, I have made several good friends. Of those good friends, I've met 4 and soon to meet the 5th. I've never thought a site like this would bring so many people together of all ages and races, and beliefs. When I am in a room I feel like the other 4 people I play with are right there with me. I have made friends with 5 women and 1 man and we play in a private room every night. We have been together for over a year now. We play almost every night and we enjoy each other immensely. I have been a shoulder to cry on and a friend that helps others. I cannot even imagine life without Winster. I rush home from work every night for our nightly game of slots with our group from 630-8 est. I live alone and don't have much of a | social life. Winster does that for me, it gives me a social life. Well, I can't say much more than I will miss Winster dearly and the friends I've made here. I will continue my friendships that I so lovingly cherish even if it's through emails and skype and occasional visits to their homes, again Winster will be missed!"

80: Screen Name: Roberta6710 Player Since: 2-14-11 Lifetime Points: 2,384,622 Thumbs Up: 16 Friends: 54 "What a wonderful web site. Since I retired, I looked forward to play Winster while my family watches Wrestling on TV. I don't watch wrestling. Most of the people were very kind to me and to others. You all put a lot of work and I appreciate all your service to Winster." | Screen Name: singer4950 Player Since: 2-19-11 Lifetime Points: 3,772,286 Thumbs Up: 93 Friends: 83 "I have so many great friends. I will miss of them. Sometimes I would start the game in a down mood and one of my friends would lift me up. Thanks again for all of my friends."

81: Screen Name: nu2tech Player Since: 2/20/11 Lifetime Points: 1,074,671 Thumbs Up: 4 Friends: 3 "Thanks Winnie, haven't been a member long but you have helped me show my kids that adults know how to share and that there is good out there and not all bad. You will be missed." | Screen Name: olale896 Player Since: 3-14-11 Thumbs Up: 12 Friends: 6 "I just wanted to say I really enjoy playing slots on It is the only site I use to play slots on the internet. It's sad to see you go. Thanks for the late nights I had with my nightcap where I had fun trading and playing with other people. It truly is a help and have fun site. Good luck with your next adventure."

82: Screen Name: tward0857 Player Since: 2-23-11 Lifetime Points: 3,273,693 Thumbs Up: 63 Friends: 56 "I'm sorry to see Winster leave because I don't have much to do since I'm disable and there's not too much I could do. I thought it was very interesting how I could help others meet their goals in the games I had played." | Screen Name: Fuzzian Player Since: 4-3-11 Lifetime Points: 49,955,097 Thumbs Up: 343 Friends: 873 "I will miss Winster so much because Winster sure saved my life from depression and being so sad all the times. I will miss playing every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pray that Winster able come back alive sooner."

83: Screen Name: gryrd6 Player Since: 4-16-11 Lifetime Points: 16,683,362 Thumbs Up: 100 Friends: 76 "I would like to say what a joy it has been for me to be a part of the Winster community. I would like to share what I will miss about Winster. I will miss all the friends I have made since being a part of Winster. I will miss coming to this site every morning and playing Slot Social with people all across this country. I would like to thank all the people that gave me special gifts, which they paid for so that I could keep on playing these games. Sometimes when I played I would get items like teddy bears, mugs and candy canes. Winnie also gave me free gifts. The favorite gift I received on Winster was the fishing pole that Winnie gave me. My favorite hat is the witch's hat that I purchased from the store around Halloween. | How could I ever forget when I was invited by Winnie to play alongside her and some other people in a private game of Slot Social. I learned how to play this game from Hosts that helped me to learn how to play this game. I learned that patience is a virtue. I have learned things such as the importance of sharing game pieces so we can reach our goals. I won several Amazon gift cards while playing the game on this site. It has been a great experience for and it has been so much fun to play these games. I will miss coming to this site. I can't express in words everything I would like to say about Winster and all it means to me. I would like to wish Winnie and everyone at Winster much success."

84: Screen Name: sperk Player Since: 5-2-11 Lifetime Points: 8,429,760 Thumbs Up: 87 Friends: 162 | "I've been a member of Winster for almost a year (it will be a year right before closing) and I'm really surprised I got 'attached' to heads with names and hobbies. I like Winster slots very much and all the kind, thoughtful 'people' I 'met'. The time I've spent playing slots and buying hats and making friends has been fun in a creepy kind of way." | Screen Name: pepsi173 Player Since: 5-18-11 Lifetime Points: 1,204,345 Thumbs Up: 18 Friends: 23 "Winster became my HOME. I met so many friends that would help me when I was down and needed a smile. I will miss everyone and the challenges. Thank you for the memories."

85: Screen Name: IoneEsther Player Since: 5-8-11 Lifetime Points: 2,672,215 Thumbs Up: 67 Friends: 71 "Thank you for one of the most fantastic experiences on the worldwide web. I never imagined or expected such a wonderful cooperative spirit among human beings. Your Winster presentation has been uplifting to me, the other players that I would encounter, and my family. Yours has been a ministry for those who had no other way to have friends and know wholesomeness at its highest level. Many who have been shut-ins will particularly miss interacting with your various games on this website. Thank you and know that I am particularly grateful for your imagination and forethought in producing such a venture. God's continued blessings to you and all of those you love. Peace and Love."

86: Screen Name: Lizette52 Player Since: 5-19-11 Lifetime Points: 2,709,875 Thumbs Up: 70 Friends: 73 "I like so many others will miss not having winster here, my husband on the other hand can't wait to get his wife back (smile). Playing slots almost every night has been a pleasurable experience, there have been a few times when I have wanted to grab a team mate and shake him or her for not wanting to share or a host whose aim was to get the jackpot rather than help those that didn't have much of a clue. For the most part it has been FUN and I hate to see you go."

87: Screen Name: Selwynp Player Since: 6-7-11 Lifetime Points: 936,090 Thumbs Up: 5 Friends: 7 "I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Winnie Winster and the entire team for this site which they have developed and maintained since the beginning.I really appreciate the hard work put into making the gaming site and one thing which I feel everyone should take the message is to "Help each other"..Wishing the entire team the very best in LIFE...Thanks once again to put the smile on everyone's face..."

88: Screen Name: Powerslp Player Since: 6-5-11 Lifetime Points: 26,557,872 Thumbs Up: 393 Friends: 559 "When I first started to play on Winster, it was fun and soon a couple of people showed me that spinning off 'Winnie' was not a good idea. I had recently decided to retire, and my mother needed me to stay with her. Barb and Lois sent me care packages to help mom. That was about the same time we started the "hat pack." We had hats alike and it was started in support for Barb who has terminal cancer. Three look alike hats. Then in December, mom fell and broke her hip and during the same week my brother died suddenly. The love and support I got from my Winnie friends was totally awesome. I will never ever forget them. They were on the phone constantly with me. They helped me get from one minute to the next. Although we were miles apart, they were there holding my hand. I shall never forget. It was then that I met Betty from Tennessee in person and Cheryl from LA. I 'm not sure when Cheryl and I became friends, but I do know it was almost instant. We both had lost our husbands and both are caregivers for our moms. It was a friendship meant to be by our Angels. Over time the hat pack grew, one hat at a time. Mom was in Rehab. She received a bear and a homemade hat that looked like the hat pack from Cheryl and Lois, cards and phone calls from other hat pack friends.... (continued on next page)

89: ....By the time she left the center everyone knew about Winster and the hat pack. Mom wore our hat and carried her bear everywhere. They did not know it then but that's what I think truly helped her want to get better. In the meantime, Folks that played nice, were kind and helped each other were given a hat by another hat. We knew when we saw a hat that we had a friend in the room. We chat a lot and truly care about each other just like the first time Barb told me she had terminal cancer. The game of winnie is fun to play but it's not the game that keeps us all coming back. It's the friendships that have been built over time. We have helped each other over thick and thin. Good times and bad times and during life changing events. We cheered on folks that finally got a job, went through surgery, had babies, grandbaby's, lost family, got through some sad times when the tomorrows did not seem possible and good things like going on vacations. The HAT PACK group always seemed to be around. It seemed like we could always go on Winster | day or night and find a "HAT" to play with or to just chat with because we couldn't sleep. The numbers of the hats have grown to over 200 now. Folks have talked about waiting sometimes two hours to be able to play with other hat friends. WOW!!! Who would have ever thought that the Hat Pack would be so popular? I LOVE YOU MY HAT FRIENDS!!!! Thank You Winster for giving me the place where I needed to be at the given moment." - Linda and Mom

90: Screen Name: JohnEndicott1 Player Since: 6-7-11 Lifetime Points: 14,014,731 Thumbs Up: 137 Friends: 368 "I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you, Miss Winnie, Winster, and all the people who have brought us this wonderful opportunity to meet, play and laugh with people we probably would never meet in life, let alone f2f. I have been homeless for the last two and a half years. Winster has given me the chance, using Public and University Libraries, to take my mind off the daily struggles, the sadness, the despair and the hopelessness of being homeless. If only for a few short hours a day. I have met some wonderful people through this game site - people I will be friends with for life. The select few who I have told of my situation have been nothing short of completely caring, kind and giving. There is hope for the human spirit. I have been a member of Winster for almost one year. During that time, I thought that I would be on the street forever, and was always grateful for a few InBox Dollars to buy things like batteries for my hearing aids and other things you can't get with food stamps. Like a bus fare once in a while. (continued on next page)

91: A few days ago, I found a home. It seems hardly coincidental that my homeless plight should end (Thank God) right as Winster was closing. As if Winster had served its noble purpose. But I have to say, the faith, support and courage I have been shown, not to mention the friendships I have made here, and the love I have received, have kept me alive and kept me going. I really don't know if I would have made it through without you guys. Thank You. I wish I could have donated points to the wonderful charity challenges, but sadly, I would have been the recipient. However, I greatly admire that you people have embraced those causes. We're all in this together. I write a blog here in Tucson, which attempts to bring awareness to homelessness, poverty and hunger. I would be honored if you took a minute and took a look: | Thank you all again for so many wonderful memories, and for keeping me going and keeping my spirit alive. I couldn't have done it without you all, and the kind, loving people I have met here. Really. God Bless You. And Peace." - Johnny

92: Screen Name: jaynia Player Since: 6-14-11 Lifetime Points: 3,568,590 Thumbs Up: 82 Friends: 65 "Winnie I stumbled onto this site it was the best stumble I ever had. I love this game site I can sit for hours and hours playing love the people I have met on this site from all over. Thanks for a great experience if you come up with something else in the future I am here. Thanks!!!" | Screen Name: doodlebug38 Player Since: 6-14-11 Lifetime Points: 19,531,264 Thumbs Up: 325 Friends: 152 "When I first came to Winster I didn't come here to find friends. Just came for something to do during my spare time. But to my surprise that quickly changed. I started not just coming in my free time but making more free time to spend here! I met someone that I love and always will. He always makes me feel so special I hope to one day be able to move closer to him :) I have also met some really good friends here at Winster. They always could make me smile even on the worst of days! Winster gave me something to look forward to every night! Winster will truly be missed."

93: Screen Name: iwannawinster Player Since: 7/4/11 Lifetime Points: 1,505,685 Thumbs Up: 45 Friends: 111 "I've been here since July of 2011, made friends quite easily, made requests for friendship, some accepted and some didn't but that's fine! Just here to make friends and help all that I can. More times than not, you could get a group of 5 in the slots (my favorite game of all), you might have 1 friend or not, but wow, trading starts and the JP's would rock out! Everybody helping each other get those JP'S in Alpha order. It was totally cool.. I'm gonna really miss that." | Screen Name: valentine21450 Player Since: 7/8/11 Lifetime Points: 733,758 Thumbs Up: 1 Friends: 1 "I would like to say thank you for this wonderful manifestation. One would like to think our world could be more like Winster, where people are sharing, living and loving people. Thank you with all of my heart. I love the way you think."

94: Screen Name: KarlaRR Player Since: 7-13-11 Lifetime Points: 3,377,423 Thumbs Up: 84 Friends: 86 "I am so happy the day I found Winster Games. My kids have left the nest and I have retired due to a disability. I do have those blue days | Screen Name: chileez Player Since: 7-17-11 Lifetime Points: 2,362,207 Thumbs Up: 104 Friends: 95 "Thanks for helping meet so many new friends and for so many hours of fun!" | and when I do I play Social Slots on Winster. I get a complete attitude change with being able to help and from all those who have helped me. I have met many people but one very special friend CDCoplin, somehow I just feel we share a lot in common. We have done some communicating on our own. Thank you Winnie for coming up with a game that can change your mood and make you feel good."

95: Screen Name: gvsever Player Since: 7-19-11 Lifetime Points: 8,867,401 Thumbs Up: 71 Friends: 89 "It was a sad day to learn Winnie won't be coming into my home anymore. So many friends have been made, and I thank you for initiating such a wonderful playroom for adults to have great fun." | Screen Name: zbbh1 Player Since: 8-6-11 Lifetime Points: 3,258,310 Thumbs Up: 111 Friends: 106 "I am so sorry that I will be losing my Winster friends as they are the ones who helped me divert things after my mom and brother died last June. I really felt their support whether I played one game or a hundred with them. I hope that there is a way to keep in touch with those I felt the closest with. Thanks for all the things you did to connect people through caring and sharing!!!"

96: Screen Name: flutter0506 Player Since: 8-16-11 Lifetime Points: 2,187,541 Thumbs Up: 56 Friends: 134 "Winster gave us a great place to meet people and show that there is hospitality left in today's fast-paced world. I made so many friends that I am going to miss. Winster I will miss you the most! The games were great and the rooms were always full of people you wanted to relax your evening away with. You will be missed Winnie thank you so much for sharing Winster with us!" | Screen Name: quanneanne Player Since: 8-17-11 Lifetime Points: 8,179,607 Thumbs Up: 65 Friends: 3166 "I thought it was wonderful that so many people wanted to become friends with ME!!! Some requested my friendship, others I requested theirs. It's Great!!! At last check, I have more than 3160 people who I became friends with--- because of Winster!!! These are people I would have never met otherwise! Thank you Winster!!!"

97: Screen Name: moochie511 Player Since: 8-14-11 Lifetime Points: 17,537,371 Thumbs Up: 208 Friends: 426 "Winster has been a huge part of my life, especially before and after my surgeries. I met so many good friends and I will truly miss each and every one of them. When I was working, I rushed home to play the slots. It was my favorite game. I couldn't wait for weekends so I can play longer. I was very happy when I joined. Now I'm very sad. Love you all. Take care & God Bless! Miss you a lot!" | Screen Name: chance4444 Player Since: 8/25/11 Lifetime Points: 1,184,525 Thumbs Up: 16 Friends: 46 "Just wanted to say, I've only been here since August of 2011, but I have met quite a few people and made some new friends! Helping others to gain their goals here is Winster Land. I'm glad my one friend Butcher57 turned me on to Winster. It's been one heck of ride... Thanks for being there!!"

98: Screen Name: Gjorvick Player Since: 8-26-11 Lifetime Points: 6,357,521 Thumbs Up: 289 Friends: 941 "Last fall I discovered through some type of solicitation in my email inbox. After I checked this game out I was a little reluctant on playing, since I was more of a competitive player with games of a violent nature years ago. Boy did this change my routine and my opinion about Winster! Slowly I was gaining friends throughout the rooms and developed what I considered acquaintances for the time being. I did not fill out my profile until a month or so later, kept changing my photo from my current picture to a much younger one (what was I thinking?) and back to my current photo with my mother, with whom I have been living with since she had her stroke in March of 2008, shortly after her debilitating stroke. Long story short, I moved from Iowa to the Twin Cities to provide home assisted care for almost 4 years. I updated my profile to include a photo not just of me... but with my mother Margaret Hanson, who turned 95 on 02March2012. Then the day before my mother got her promotion to be with Jesus, I got Winnie’s email that this game is ending. (continued on next page)

99: with a wonderful game that provides more than just entertainment... you provide an avenue where people can discover new friends in a very friendly environment! | I thought “There goes my support group!” as these friends were becoming very very involved through prayer for my mother and I. Now that my Mother is in Glory as of 19April2012, my plan is to continue with certification and stay in either the Nursing Home and/or Hospice Programs when I was younger. I’m turning 60 in a few more months, and I’m healthy and strong in my faith and physically fit. I have had many friends donate a “Day Pass” to me because I cannot afford to spend much money on an online game... and the more friendships that I was able to create within this game are many, and we plan to stay in touch through our emails. Again, I say to “Winnie” ... you are a wonderful woman | with a wonderful game that provides more than just entertainment... you provide an avenue where people can discover new friends in a very friendly environment!

100: Screen Name: norules12 Player Since: 8-28-11 Lifetime Points: 7,512,347 Thumbs Up: 55 Friends: 74 "Winster is GOD's way of sending his angles down to show us he is still here to help us find our true soul mates and friends." | Screen Name: SgtPyle Player Since: 9-5-11 Lifetime Points: 16,575,902 Thumbs Up: 194 Friends: 134 "The impending loss of Winster to the Internet Community is a true tragedy. Especially to the older members who have come to anticipate, with no small amount of joy, the opportunity to once again join newly made friends, in what you have so perfectly described as Sharing and Caring. Thank you, Winnie, for allowing us this treasure, upon which no price can be placed."

101: Screen Name: livelypink Player Since: 9-25-11 Lifetime Points: 1,366,880 Thumbs Up: 18 Friends: 9 "I have had so much enjoyment for months. I will miss Winster very much. I am 84 years old, and this game has been such fun to me. Thanks." Screen Name: salem123456 Player Since: 9-29-11 Lifetime Points: 723,335 Thumbs Up: 1 Friends: 2 "I would like to say that Winster is one of my favorite sites and I love it. I almost cried when I found out about it closing. It's the best site ever."

102: Screen Name: MissHLA Player Since: 10-4-11 Lifetime Points: 4,084,127 Thumbs Up: 125 Friends: 103 "I am very sad knowing we are no longer having this great program that was established by Winster....It not only help me from only concentrating on my husband that has Alzheimer's disease but help me from the stress that I was going through....It kept me busy between taking care of my husband and not allowing me to think the sadness of him declining. It kept my mind elsewhere. I want to thank you for having such a great program but sad that you are departing from it, but do understand the hard work that is involved on this program. God Bless you!!!"

103: Screen Name: papatom777 Player Since: 10-5-11 Lifetime Points: 13,334,065 Thumbs Up: 176 Friends: 179 "I have tried to create smiles on the faces of many with free spins. I'll bet I have succeeded in bringing joy to many. I don't need recognition but for those who received free spins and ad free weeks, I want you to know that you have been very special to me for some time. I also want to send thanks to Diane teachpre. I have tried to pray for all of you in the "hats" and I have felt the prayers of many as I endure this cancer that has attacked my prostate. May GOD bless you WINNIE and may GOD bless all that have been a part of my life. May joy follow you everywhere and fond memories be in your heart."

104: Screen Name: babydollss Player Since: 11-1-11 Lifetime Points: 11,567,152 Thumbs Up: 111 Friends: 269 "I will miss all my friends. Winnie you have a great site here. For disabled folks like myself that can't get out and around, your site gave me a whole new life. I have made an awful lot of new friends and family. Your site has made me very happy. GREAT FRIENDS and MEMORIES here on Winster. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Too bad more people in the world would see and feel the love to help each other. Thanks again. Good luck!"

105: Screen Name: chbrandy Player Since: 11-5-11 Lifetime Points: 5,453,065 Thumbs Up: 92 Friends: 62 "Dear Winnie and all my Winster Friends, I've only been playing Slots since November of 2011. I became addicted to it. It's really sad that the sight has to be closed, just when I was getting good at it. I have never met such a nice bunch of people. I had a great time giving gifts and chatting with some of my closer friends here. I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR THE HAPPINESS AND JOY YOU HAVE ALL GIVEN ME. May God bless each and every one of you, and have a safe and Blessed Life."

106: Screen Name: grantknight Player Since: 11-1-11 Lifetime Points: 3,016,128 Thumbs Up: 102 Friends: 61 "I have enjoyed playing Winster and making so many friends. I will miss playing the game. I hope your next endeavor is as successful as Winster." Screen Name: KaylaJacobs Player Since: 11-18-11 Lifetime Points: 770,023 Thumbs Up: 3 Friends: 33 "Winster has changed my life in so many ways!!! I have made so many friends. :) This website has changed my life because It made me realize that there are so many great people in this world that will share and help you out when you are in need. I hope that everyone that has played this game has had a great time playing!!!"

107: What Winster Means to Me! I am sorry to see you go, No words can ever show! The fun I've had with friends new and old, our friendship, I will always hold! It seems as though I just got here, All I can say is You are all very dear! I will miss all my friends, Till days gone by ends! You all seemed like my family, I will hold you close as can be! Just remember the good times we all laughed and played, Even those who poofed , and I'd wished had stayed! I learned new sayings, While I was playing! Like: HAGD, TY, TY!, YW, NP, WTG, If only I could have captured, for all to see! Just remember the times we had, And Thank Winster and be GLAD! I will miss you all so very much, So let's do lunch, but remember it's Dutch! Now I sit here, the last days coming to an end, with tears streaming from my face, I hope this will not be the trend! I Thank You All for the fun we had, Even when we might have been sad! My favorite thing to say, Was really not Have a Good Day! But wait for it SMILE :) I'll never forget you! SMILE :) | Screen Name: IQpon42 Player Since: 11-8-11 Lifetime Points: 9,710,341 Thumbs Up: 219 Friends: 455

108: Screen Name: loveablemom Player Since: 11-19-11 Lifetime Points: 1,478,625 Thumbs Up: 26 Friends: 17 "I've only been a member since November 2011 but I can tell you one thing and that is I've met a lot of great people online while playing Social Slot from all over the country. For example, Thursday, April 19th, I was playing Social Slot and I ran out of spins. Instead of signing out until the next day, the other players helped me get spins. I paid someone else last time while playing Social Slot. I've met a lot of caring people on Winster. I'm going to miss playing the games." Screen Name: keno618 Player Since: 11-20-11 Lifetime Points: 3,338,850 Thumbs Up: 45 Friends: 31 "First of all I would like to thank Winnie for hosting a great site. I have meet alot of nice folks on this site. I am so sorry to see it go away. When ever I was stressed I would come to Winster and share with others, who were just as stressed as I was, and it helped a lot. Sharing slots with others is the way to go. Thanks to all my friends and THUMBS UP TO ALL!"

109: Screen Name: misbmisb Player Since: 12-17-11 Lifetime Points: 1,298,535 Thumbs Up: 27 Friends: 100 "I haven’t been playing on Winster as long as many, but I’m going to miss it. I enjoyed the slots and met a lot of wonderful, team players. Thank you Winnie, for your time and effort you put into the website. " Screen Name: Vivmay Player Since: 12-23-11 Lifetime Points: 5,326,282 Thumbs Up: 31 Friends: 21 "It has really been awesome play the slot machines and meeting friend. I really loved to help the new comers, some liked help and some just did not want to be help I tried anyway. I am going to miss you Winnie wish I would have found you earlier. Hope thing go your way in the future." Screen Name: mrsandman37 Player Since: 12-31-11 Lifetime Points: 7,708,491 Thumbs Up: 29 Friends: 53 " has always been a fun site, since the first day that I signed up, I found myself logging in daily, just to catch a few spins at SLOT SOCIAL. I met a lot of new friends on this site, and I am very sad to see the site being taken down. I truly wish the best for all the staff and I look forward to your next gaming site..."

110: 2012

111: Screen Name: ShabbotShalom Player Since: 1-6-12 Lifetime Points: 11,926,756 Thumbs Up: 77 Friends: 58 "THANKS FOR ALL THE HOURS OF DAILY ENJOYMENT. ALL THE WORK YOU AND YOUR TEAM EFFORTS POURED INTO YOUR LABOR OF LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. THE APRIL FOOL'S JOKE WAS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. I TRULY BELIEVED YOU WANTED TO BE A SINGER SINCE YOU WERE A LITTLE GIRL. HOWEVER, YOUR VOICE AND THE JUDGES RESPONSE WERE ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUSLY FUNNY." | Screen Name: reikilil Player Since: 1-6-12 Lifetime Points: 2,513,178 Thumbs Up: 81 Friends: 99 "I came across Winster by mistake, and was dumbfounded. I felt like the Grandma with the bananas. Winnie has done so much for us. Winster has become part of my daily routine, I feel as if an empty space is all I'll have left once Winster is gone. Thank you Winnie for all that you've done for sooooooo many people. Wish we can do the same for you. Angel love and hugs."

112: Screen Name: Leonard59 Player Since: 1-9-12 Lifetime Points: 2,423,360 Thumbs Up: 12 Friends: 9 "I would play to meet new friends - the art of giving is something special. I love playing the slots. I hate to see you go. THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

113: Screen Name: shotsy673 Player Since: 1-16-12 Lifetime Points: 1,309,927 Thumbs Up: 36 Friends: 36 "I never liked playing online games until I joined I found myself play more than an hour, and found new friends who love to share. I will miss playing Winster and all my new friends. I love you all."

114: Screen Name: willow420 Player Since: 1-21-12 Lifetime Points: 1,121,457 Thumbs Up: 22 Friends: 33 "I really loved this site. I like the community feel. When I first joined and started playing games I had no clue what I was doing, then other players started helping me. After I became familiar with the games I started helping new players just as I was helped. I enjoyed meeting up with friends on the site and playing for hours while we all worked together. I will miss winster. I'm sad to see it go."

115: Screen Name: toffeelady Player Since: 1/20/12 Lifetime Points: 8,309,500 Thumbs Up: 173 Friends: 255 "Dear Friends of Winster, since coming on this site, I have made soo many wonderful gaming and lifelong friends! I have been isolated from | a lot of the world due to a disability - physical and emotional! I have stopped participating in a lot of life, afraid of being hurt! I had seen this site for years, but never wanted to play with other people, afraid, for whatever reason! Well, I decided to give it a try and now I am addicted. I don't come for the points, or the jp's, but for the friends!!! I wish everyone the best that life has to offer and I hope that you all find another place to "BELONG"! To those I am taking with me...see ya on FB!! LOVE YOU ALL" - DIANNA "TOFFEELADY" ASHLEY

116: Screen Name: fan4life Player Since: 1/23/12 Lifetime Points: 2,704,805 Thumbs Up: 48 Friends: 34 "Thanks for the great time and fun. I didn't think I would enjoy the people and the game this much. I will miss the caring and sharing. Great concept hope you come back soon. - Millie "fan4life" | Screen Name: majkleen Player Since: 1-30-12 Lifetime Points: 1,534,179 Thumbs Up: 24 Friends: 16 "I have had great fun playing at Winster. I met some great people who I would love to keep in touch with. I am extremely saddened to see Winster go, and I know this sentiment is shared by everyone. I am going to miss my daily visits. I wish Gods speed to Winnie and her family. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me and countless other."

117: Screen Name: luvsavings Player Since: 1-25-12 Lifetime Points: 728,120 Thumbs Up: 3 Friends: 2 "I'm new to this site and I didn't even know how to play the slot game, as a matter of fact I'm still learning...It is of such great pleasure to know that someone like Winnie Winster made it possible to bring people together and be a team! Such an amazing and intelligent person she was and still is. I'm so happy that I had the opportunity and chance to play the game with some of you. I didn't get to meet or gain any friends because I honestly really thought that it was just another online robot game, LOL! To those who played the slot game with me, I thank you." | Screen Name: GoldieSch Player Since: 2-1-12 Lifetime Points: 1,621,934 Thumbs Up: 39 Friends: 67 "I met a lot of new people and made some real friends. Thanks Winnie. I will miss you being a part of my life."

118: Screen Name: anitatee Player Since: 2-3-12 Lifetime Points: 1,615,235 Thumbs Up: 35 Friends: 27 "Since I have become a member of, it has kept me busy and occupied. I have been having some personal issues and it has kept my mind and time occupied and not thinking about my problems. I have lots of fun playing with other members. I have a son and he watches the TV and even when he's playing with his toys he wants the TV on his shows so this site has been a godsend for me. Thank you so much for creating this site and I will miss it very much."

119: Screen Name: marianhookailo Player Since: 2-10-12 Lifetime Points: 3,622,755 Thumbs Up: 17 Friends: 11 "I am actually a new comer on this site, found it by accident, and fell in love with the concept of playing a terrific game with others who helped each other to WIN. Being a REAL senior with no LIVE friends left, this filled a void in my lonely existence and now sadly, I will no longer have this piece of joy I found to keep me sane. I understand the reasoning behind Winnie's decision to close down, but for people like me, it was indeed a special joy. I have no idea how I can find another source of computer entertainment that I can be part of the "play"! Not too many my age (soon in June will be 87, PLEASE GOD) even own a computer where I live in an over 55 community. My Imac (just spent my savings on a new one) brings me new friends all the time, and even here, I started to gather more. So, "goodbye" to a wonderful concept - and may Winnie and her family enjoy their future.

120: Screen Name: sisi1955 Player Since: 2-18-12 Lifetime Points: 3,771,820 Thumbs Up: 41 Friends: 62 "I was diagnosed with cancer the same day I started playing on Winster (around Feb). I remember I poured a glass of wine and sat for hours playing slots! My mind just went blank while I concentrated on the game. Today, I was finally given "The Cancer Free Diagnosis!" I poured a glass of wine and will continue to play until I lose all my spins. I still do not know what I am getting with my points but I am a winner having beside me through these 3 months."

121: Screen Name: Ccraddle Player Since: 2-26-12 Lifetime Points: 726,885 Thumbs Up: 0 Friends: 1 "It was truly an honor playing your games. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Your game site will truly be missed and is well loved. It is great the way you brought strangers together to play as a team, you will never be forgotten. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart."

122: Screen Name: LonelyGal2 Player Since: 2-19-12 Lifetime Points: 3,263,976 Thumbs Up: 33 Friends: 38 "While many of us are saddened that your site will be closing in the near future, your philosophy will continue to endure. Currently, players--often times complete strangers-- are continuing to 'share and care for each other'. This is an accomplishment that you all should be proud of. Throughout history, a good idea usually doesn't die. It may fade away for a while, but will eventually reappear under a new name or title, perhaps even slightly altered in appearance, but the core concept is still there. I have--for better or worse--predicted in the past a number of trends that I have since seen come in vogue. I have a strong hunch

123: that the concept(s) you incorporated in this very special website will make a future appearance: the name and general format may change, but the concept will still be there. Why? Because it appeals to the better natures of many people. The mass media would have us believe that most people are selfish, greedy, and self-centered brutes. But my experience in my decades of experience as a student of human nature has shown quite the opposite. Thank you for taking a great concept and actually putting it into practice. Many a good idea has been dismissed for various reasons, and so is never given a chance. So once again, thank you for actually giving yours a chance to prove its worth. :)"

124: Screen Name: candy6688 Player Since: 2-20-12 Lifetime Points: 2,346,251 Thumbs Up: 70 Friends: 59 "I haven't been a player on Winster that long, but Winster has become an important part of my life. I have met many wonderful people here and enjoyed countless hours playing on this site. Since the first day I started on Winster, I have given up playing on the sites I used to play on. I was really looking forward to getting a membership when I received the sad news of its coming departure. The prizes offered are not what keeping coming. In fact, my first prize was the gift coupons which I used to purchase more play time. They aren't what keep most people coming as can be seen by how many people have millions of points that they haven't redeemed any by the millions donated to charity. The whole concept of Winster was an incredible idea, one that you should be commended for. Winster will be sorely missed. I am among many who aren't giving up on the idea that Winster won't go. If it does, we will have lost a great friend. Thank you for the pleasure I have had playing on Winster and meeting such incredibly wonderful people."

125: Screen Name: ikemo Player Since: 2-26-12 Lifetime Points: 9,759,209 Thumbs Up: 75 Friends: 113 "It all started with my joining a site to earn $ filling out surveys. My only regret is not finding Winster sooner. Everyone in the world should have the opportunity to experience Winster. The world would be such a better place. PEACE ON EARTH. It is people helping people in the most phenomenal way that cannot be duplicated. And | with absolutely no doubt, whatever it takes no matter the cost, WINSTER SHOULD BE SAVED."

126: Screen Name: cuziwuz Player Since: 2-28-12 Lifetime Points: 7,686,380 Thumbs Up: 65 Friends: 130 "Winster you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have only been a member of your site since February 2012, but from the first day you and all of Winster made me feel like I belonged. is the most awesome site that I can | say I was proud to be a member of. My husband and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience what we did! The feeling of true friendship, a place to come and play games, and meeting and making new friends who open their hearts to you. Living in a world where I wondered if there was any good in it anymore. Wondering if life was even worth living for. Winster made a "Believer" out of me again. It gave me the feeling of belonging, I felt comfortable to be me."

127: Screen Name: Neice35 Player Since: 3/2/12 Lifetime Points: 3,667,575 Thumbs Up: 27 Friends: 160 "Thanks for ALL the good times Winnie!! I will indeed miss playing with my friends and enjoying the games, especially slot social and spell squad. It was a great pleasure to serve as a Winster Host and helping others. The best of friends I met on Winster was Hatshepsut, Maria neceloveheart and trulywonderful. Thank you again and Good Luck to you in the future." - NANCY "Neice35" | Screen Name: LRWDAW Player Since: 3-9-12 Lifetime Points: 2,604,360 Thumbs Up: 19 Friends: 14 "Winnie, this is the best online game. Hate to see it go. I have had a lot of fun playing and meeting new people. Everyone has been wonderful, have met new friends. Thank you very much for all the fun."

128: Screen Name: carlrj Player Since: 3-13-12 Lifetime Points: 926,885 Thumbs Up: 7 Friends: 9 "I only recently joined Winster, but I have had so much fun and have enjoyed all the caring and sharing that takes place. As a healthcare provider, I realize how important those 2 qualities are and it really shines through with the Winster crowd!"

129: Winnie's Charity Challenges

130: What is Winnie's Charity Challenge? Many of our players wrote to Winnie requesting for ways to donate their points toward a charity, so we came up with Winnie's Charity Challenge as a fun and creative way for players to Pick, Play, and Give! The idea was simple - play free online games at, earn points, and donate them to the worthy cause selected by Winnie for the challenge.

131: Winnie challenged the community to meet a specific goal (e.g. 350 million points), and if it was met before the deadline, Winster hosted two celebratory Happy Hours in honor of those who donated points toward the charity. Winnie launched eight Charity Challenges and to no surprise, each and every goal was exceeded! What an outstanding achievement! A special thanks to everyone who made a positive difference in the real world!

132: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Goal: 100,000,000 points Donated: 780,000,000 points | American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Goal: 250,000,000 points Donated: 428,000,000 points | One Warm Coat Goal: 350,000,000 points Donated: 518,000,000 points | Habitat for Humanity Goal: 350,000,000 points Donated: 435,000,000 points

133: North Illinois Food Bank Goal: 350,000,000 points Donated: 441,000,000 points | GLIDE Goal: 500,000,000 points Donated: 508,000,000 points | Soles 4 Souls Goal: 350,000,000 points Donated: 664,000,000 points | Embrace Goal: 450,000,000 points Donated: 865,000,000 points

134: Epilogue | I fondly remember that sunny day when my hubby took me to lunch, and together we dreamed up the idea of games where people played with each other, rather than against each other. We thought it might be fun to build a web site based on this notion and see what happened. Well, let me tell you — running an Internet game site is a lot harder than it looks! We started in our garage and after several tries came up with our first game: Chain Gang. It was an instant hit, and quickly grew to thousands of regular players. But soon people wanted more — more games, a way to win prizes, a way to make lists of their friends and invite them to play, greeting cards for special occasions, gifts, memberships with special privileges the list goes on and on. So over the years we worked diligently to add new games and features until we built the Winster you know today. It’s hard to imagine now, but back then Facebook was just getting started, and ‘social games’ didn’t even exist! Since then, just about everything you could conjure up has happened at Winster — people have found true love, helped each other through difficult times, reunited with lost relatives, traveled thousands of miles to visit their Winster friends, even held annual reunions with favorite players. I remember enlisting our kids to help mail out the Gold Member mouse pads, and posting a picture on our website (see photo on the next page). Take a look and consider that two of those little sweetie-pies are now in college!

135: But all good things must come to an end eventually, and Winster is no exception. We simply can’t continue to operate the web site in its current form. The resources and effort required to run the servers, distribute prizes, and support our staff are just too much to bear. Can you believe we make all this happen with the help of just six dedicated people? Our hardworking staff was brokenhearted when we told them the news, but I want you to know they are committed to ensuring a smooth conclusion for all our treasured players. I want you to know that it has been an honor and a privilege for all of us at Winster to get to know you and to serve you for all these years. I especially want to thank our hard-working Hosts, who have volunteered their time to make others feel welcome, and also our long-time players for their endless patience during our many growing pains (especially our first Member Marlys, who has played nearly every day since February 17, 2006)! | I hope that you have enjoyed our time together as much as I have, and that you find happiness and prosperity in your future endeavors. And always remember the precious lesson we at Winster have learned from this experience — that the best way to live a rich and rewarding life is to help others achieve their chosen goals!

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