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S: BSBA 5th Grade 2010

FC: 5th Grade BSBA | 2010

1: Olivia Babuka | The True Meaning of Christmas As the clock chimed “tick tock tick tock” repeatedly, my wishful eyes glared at the bright night sky as I dreamed of Christmas morning. I thought of all the wonderful presents that I asked for, and the true meaning of Christmas. The thought of a “jolly” old man in a red suit who brings Christmas presents to only the good boys and girls, and nothing for the bad ones. All of this just didn’t make much sense to me. Christmas had to have more meaning than this. I began to look at my Christmas tree, and think about a book I had read titled “The Three Trees”. Christmas wasn’t just about presents or reindeer or Santa, it was about three trees that stood for God. The first tree was used to build a trough for Jesus to sleep in when he was born. The second tree was made into a boat for Jesus to sail in and spread the word of God. The third tree was made into the cross that Jesus was crucified on. So as I look at my Christmas tree, I remember the true meaning of Christmas. That God sent is very best son to save us, so that we may have life with him in heaven, and for this I am thankful.

2: Marianna Bernal | “Juliana, get in the car, we are going to buy a fresh new Christmas tree”, my mom called inside the dusty, stinky, pesky garage. I didn’t even wait to answer; I just raced to the red minivan as if I was running away from a 50-foot crab! I took my seat, buckled up, and we headed out to where dancing snowflakes glide from the misty sky to the white ground below. When we got there, a man with a green tag that said ‘Steve’ greeted us and presented over a million Christmas trees! My jaw nearly dropped to the floor, or it would take forever to pick one, but it didn’t bother me, because it s one of my favorite things of Christmas. Steve helped me and my mom pick out one emerald-green, freshly-cut, tall and plump Christmas tree. Before long we found the perfect tree for us. It was humongous, and very plump. It was as tall as a six-foot black bear! We brought it home on our roof, for it was too big, and got right away to decorating it. Mother put on shimmering multi-colored dazzling ornaments that sat on the top of the fresh pine. A few minutes later we stood back and admired the beautiful tree. After that the simple grin that my sweet mother had on, faded and turned upside down. “Sweet-heart, I’m so sorry, but you’ll have to help me with the food,” she said, almost in a whisper. “Are you kidding me?” I yelled. “Christmas becomes even more special with the unique food we cook together, I love to do that! I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Well what are we standing here for, we got something to cook,” Called my mom, with a huge smile from ear to ear once again. We dashed to the kitchen, grasped some silver pots and pans and started baking. “A spoonful of that, and a pinch of this, “I said over and over. It didn’t take long before we had a perfectly good buffet ready for the whole family to enjoy. Yummmmm!!! “Now we just have to wait till everyone gets here”, and in the same, split-second.. Ding!!! Ding!!! The doorbell rings, and guests bundled in nearly 10 sweaters comes crashing into the warm and cozy house avoiding the “Land of Frost.” My mom stirred up some steaming hot cocoa for me and my cousins, which we happily drank. “Glad we could come here from Mexico!” My uncle chuckled. “We come here every Christmas!” My cousin Helena said, “Ya, what’s Christmas without getting together!” I said between a light laugh and a huge grin. “Hey what do you want for Christmas?” Helena said. “I want an iTouch!” “I want a book!” “I want an A+ in science!” We just went on and on. “Now its time for presents!” called my mom, expecting to hear all of us come rushing down to the living room. She was right. In less than a second the whole family trampled their way through. Then, all of us started opening the scattered presents on the tree skirt. After we opened all our presents, mom took us to a large room with almost no furniture. “Presents are the best”, I called. “Well, almost I almost forgot about Jesus’ birthday.” “That’s right,” said my mom, coming over to hug me. “We never want to forget that!” I smiled. “That is the best thing I like about Christmas.”

3: To some people, my Christmas miracle could be a thing in the past to them. It was just a harsh memory so it doesn’t matter anymore. Well, that’s not how I feel. Sometimes, when he is SO annoying, I take my blessed brother for granted and call him a brat. But after that, he starts gushing tears and I sprint to my room and say “What have I done?” I have to remind myself that he’s not like Payton and won’t try to fight back. Cole is basically helpless and that is what jogs back my memory to the day he was born. The blond haired, blue-eyed, pale as snow skinned baby who looked the total opposite of everyone in my family. The only person he looks like is my dad’s brother who drowned when he was two and they were identical as babies. Sometimes that scares me, but it also reminds me how much I love and am thankful for my brother. It all started ten months before he was born. My grandparents, my parents, my sister and me were all eating the hearty dinner that mom prepared for us in the dimly lit dining hall. My sister and I had cleaned our plates so well that they sparkled like sequins. My dad was done eating also, so he said, “come here girls.” He took us into the playroom and we sat down on the waterbed. He looked at both of us, straight in the face, with a bright smile gleaming across his face, and he spoke “you girls are gonna have a baby brother.” At first, I thought he was joking so I ran to the dining hall and asked my mom if she was pregnant. All she said was “yes”. I felt a surge of sickness sweep over my body. I dashed to my room, leaped on my feather padded bed, and started balling. Somehow, I felt like my world was collapsing and I had to catch everything in my stomach. Finally, I came back into the dimly lit hall where everyone was waiting for me with worried expressions. My mom asked “Paige, are you okay, or are you upset?” I finally got the courage to speak. I said I was fine because then I started to realize how much fun a baby brother would be. I also thought about how happy my dad probably was. Cole would be the only boy on my dad’s side of the family and with five granddaughters, I’m sure my papa was delighted too. I figured out that having a baby brother, wouldn’t be so bad after all. December 4th: School and After School Activities December fourth was Cole’s due-date. I was at school in my second grade classroom, and my dad was at the Brandon Regional Hospital where my mom had been for one day. For the past couple of weeks, I had been telling my teacher that my mom was having a baby December 4th, or, in one week or on one day. So, when I got to school I told Mrs. Russell (my teacher) that my mom was having a baby that day. This is what she said “Oh, I thought she was due in two days.” Do you know how that made me feel? I felt like I was a plastic bag drifting through the air that no one cared about, that no one listened to, that everyone forgot about. Well, I had to move on and forget about it, so I told all of my friends and they all said things like, “Bring in a picture of him as soon as you can!” or, “I wish I was having a baby brother!” After that I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Never in one million years would I have guessed that I, Paige Carter, was going to have a brother. After school, I always went to tennis lessons at River Hills Country Club. I didn’t want to, but my papa forced me to go. The hot sun glaring in my face did not help my mind try to focus on where to swing at the tennis ball, but finally the time came. Tennis lessons were over and I was stuffed with joy. When my papa got in the car though, he had an unhappy touch to his body that I did not like at all. December 4th: In the Car and at the Hospital On the trip to the hospital, my papa had told us that something had gone wrong. My heart cracked. He explained that the umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck and choked him. The nurses and doctors had to rush my mom into the emergency room and perform a C-section. He also said that the family would call us as soon as they knew a clue, but he hadn’t gotten that call yet. Crazy thoughts and ideas went through my head. “What if he doesn’t make it? What if people ask me ‘When will you get a picture of him?’ How am I going to explain to them that my brother died?” By that time, we had arrived at the hospital and rode the elevator up to the room where my mom was then. When we treaded silently into the room, I couldn’t see an infant, I knew right then and there that an infant probably wasn’t going to come into the room. I asked “Where’s the baby?” My mom replied “He’s where all the babies go when they have just been born.” I didn’t listen to another word she said. I was too thrilled by the fact that I had a baby brother. Now, Cole is part of my world. He’s a huge part of it, in fact. That day, I experienced a miracle. The miracle was that the doctors can save a baby’s life. The miracle was Cole himself and having him home on Christmas day. | Paige Carter

4: Three, two, one, brrrriiiinng and we all rush out the front door of the school. Blitzing to my car I could smell the fresh sweet scent of Christmas in the air. As I drove home, I realized I had 1 grueling week until Christmas. I waited and twiddled my thumbs for what felt like years until Christmas Eve. Covered up in my bed; waiting, watching, and listening for the soft sound of crinkling wrapping paper. Just like that I was out cold tired of waiting, watching, and listening. When I woke up the thoughts of Christmas filled my head the presents, dinner, and fun, so I ran out I saw the shape of exactly what I wanted a brand new LCD TV but I had to wake my parents up first so I dashed into my parents room and jumped up and down on the bed yelling “it’s Christmas it’s Christmas”. So finally I dragged them into the living room where the tree was and all the wonderful gifts. When we started to open them I got a new Xbox 360 game, a book, and gloves. But I saved the one I thought was a TV for last and when the time had come to open I did and I was right a TV but when my mom said there is one more I did not know what to think. So she walked me into our office and it was completely transformed it was a game room. It had beanbag chairs and a TV stand and all we had to do was move the new TV. That was my favorite Christmas gift of all. | Ryan Cramp

5: ho needs Santa when you have Grandma! | One day, on a frigid December 23rd morn, I had the busiest day of my life! I was so busy, that I barely had time to breath. I had to buy Christmas presents, a Christmas tree, ornaments for the Christmas tree, and food. Sigh, so much work for a girl. You might be wondering why would I be buying a Christmas tree. Is it like I don’t have one??? I am doing all of this work because in my neighborhood, there is a nursery home for orphan children, and I promised them I would buy them a tree, the presents, and food. I felt really bad when they told me they don’t do anything on Christmas. On December 24th, I realized I just didn’t have enough money to buy everything that was needed. I called my friend Kayla to help me make flyers asking for donations. But when we passed them out, people would throw them away like it was an old piece of gum. We came so close to giving up. Hours later, someone looked at our flyers. It was an old man with white hair like snow. He wanted to donate money. “I would love to donate $50,” said the man. “Make that $100,” shouted a lady. Suddenly more people started donating. Kayla counted up all the money and we had a grand total of $1,000! The fun part of it all was that we got to shop for toys! We headed to Toys R Us first. Kayla went to the girl’s section with me and then we tackled the boys. After the toy shopping we hit Publix. We bought apple pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, and more. Finally, it was time for the Christmas tree. We went to Lowes where there was a beautiful 8 foot tall Christmas tree with fake snow. It was perfect because the Christmas tree came with an angel on the top and ornaments. The only thing missing was Christmas lights for the tree. Those are what make the Christmas tree glow. YawnSuch a wonderful Christmas morn today. Yesterday was such a busy day. Oh my! The nursery home, the kids. Kayla and I rushed over with all or our gifts. It was so much fun! We played and laughed with the kids. Kayla and I knew this was a Christmas miracle. | Ashley Diniz

6: Mercedes Erausquin | What I was most thankful for Christmas is that I got to go to Colombia for the Holidays. This was also my second time going to Colombia and the first time I was two years old and I don’t really remember any of it so that it was good that I got to see the country where my mother is from. The best thing of all is that my Grandma had cancer surgery and the surgery went well, she healed and that she is up and about. She’ll have radiation done but it’s to make sure the cancer does not come back. I was also grateful because I got to spend time with my adopted brother and sister. He is 26 years old and she is 12 years old. He makes funny noises and is playful and she got to sleep over at my Grandma’s house. We played around got our nails done and gave my mother a funny hairdo. I did not like not having my dogs with me, they both had to stay behind because my Mom and Dad were worried the dogs would have to be put away at the airport for some time to make sure they did not bring any virus into the country, so it was OK because my Uncle had a beautiful, big German Shepherd, called Laicka. She is trained and I loved to spend time with her. Also, at my grandmother’s apartment there were other kids with dogs, which I got to play with. The kids did not talk much English, but we were able to get along with my little Spanish. I’m so much thankful for the whole entire trip and that at Christmas it was one of the coolest things ever because there is a thing called the “Novena” and it’s a Catholic tradition for the nine days before Christmas and every night you go to another person’s house and you pray a prayer and then you sing and hang out. I was thankful that God gave us a day everyday to wake me up and made it back home safe.

7: Jay Eurton | Everybody has something that they like about Christmas. Mine just happens to be the splendor of happiness from presents, family, and sweets. The reason why presents give me happiness is because I am always surprised. Sometimes I can tell what my mom got me from the size of the box. Sometimes it’s a gigantic box, other times its teeny tiny. Most of the time though, it’s just the right size to hold exactly what I want. My family brings me happiness. Every year we fly up to Massachusetts to see my dad’s family. It’s nice to see my cousin Kayla once in a while. I also get to see my uncles, aunt, grandma and grandpa. Uncle Paul is the most. We also go down to the frog pond. There is so much to do in Massachusetts and it’s always a ton of fun. The reason why getting sweets gives me joyfulness is because they are so sweet and delicious. My mom usually makes cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning. They are always hot with icing dripping off. Then my grandmother brings over 24 mixed flavors of donuts from Krispy Kreme. These sweets are the best I get all year. Christmas is amazing with everything there is to do, eat, and all the presents we get.

8: Smells of hay travel in the rushing wind. The radiant star beamed brightly in the night. These are all signs of the Christmas miracle that is going to occur. God had a plan in mind for every one of them. It all happened December 25 on Jesus’ birthday. December 25 Mary was in a room, and then swoosh! An angel appeared in the room and said do not be afraid. I am an angel of the lord. You will have a baby who’s name will be Jesus Christ. He will be the Savior we have all been waiting for. Joseph will be his foster father. So Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem and Mary had a baby named Jesus Christ. She had the baby in a manger on a wee little farm. As Jesus Christ grew older the people witnessed many miracles. He turned water into wine at a wedding. Then one day, Jesus met his eleven disciples and he went on a fishing trip with them. They had no luck catching any fish for a long time. Jesus fell asleep and a huge storm came. The disciples awoke him and he said cast on the left side of the boat. So they did and “splash” they almost tipped over and millions of fish were in the net like a 100 lb weight. Finally when Jesus was 36 years old he died on the cross for us. It all started when Jesus had the last supper with his disciples. Jesus said one of you will betray me. They said we will never betray you. Later that night one of the disciples betrayed him for gold and the people took him to Pilot. Pilot said that he saw nothing wrong with him but the Israelites were begging and then Pilot finally agreed. Jesus was crucified and died on the cross for our sins. | Joey Friedenberger

9: Wyatt Hickey | I got a lot of stuff for Christmas but my favorites were my phone and ipod touch and even a Play Station Three. First is the phone, I can call all my friends for free if they have Verizon. On my phone, I have my family’s numbers, and Tyler, Ryan, Joey, Jay, and my sister’s number. I can sync music, text, play games, and record hilarious sounds. You can text people from around the country. You can go on the internet and take pictures. You can use a calculator for homework and alarm clock for bed. You can buy games, buy ringtones, and music. Woooooooh. Next, I got an ipod touch. I got a case and a $75 itunes card. I have a little over 500 songs. I have two games. It has a calculator, pictures, and a camera. It takes videos, games, and music. There is an App Store to get fabulous games and movies. Its like heaven. Last, is my Playstation 3. You can get games of course. It can play normal DVD’s and Blu-ray. You can hook up your wifi and go online. You can get cheat codes and put pictures on it. You can do multiplayer on the game. Even the game is a Blu-ray disc. It’s awesome. That’s what I’m thankful for but the best gift is Jesus. It’s not about toys and video games. It’s about Jesus Christ. I am very joyful.

10: Tyler Hunter | One lonely night on Christmas Eve I could hear a tiny creek on my light brown chocolate floor and then it stopped. I walked out of my room as quiet as I could. I looked out my bedroom door to check if Santa Clause was waiting there hoping there was nobody watching. Suddenly I glanced at the cookies and there were no more. That’s where it all begins. So Christmas is around the corner with all my favorite things. Presents Most kids think the best thing about Christmas is the food. No, because sometimes they have food like cranberry’s and cranberry juice. Yuck right, anyway my opinion is that presents. Like last year, I got the new iPod, especially if you endorse a paintball-gun. Christmas Cheer, Happiness Christmas cheer is also so very great because if you ignore Christmas Cheer Santa might not come if you don’t have Christmas cheer and if you do have Christmas-cheer than Santa might come. Family Another great part of Christmas is having family members come to town, especially my cousins because I don’t get to see then that much. After and before all of my favorite things about Christmas. Wait. I hear something some kind of crunch, sound “chruuuunch”. I suddenly gasped in surprise. As I darted out of the room I saw old St. Nick sitting on my couch eating all the cookies.

11: Kayla Korte | One day in a small town named Forks, there was an old abandoned toy shop. The faded letters on the dark, rectangle sign spelled out CHILDREN. No one really knew why there was no sale sign or anyone moving in. Everyone wondered until, that one day. That one day was December 23, 1976 when Julie Faddel turned 22. She always dreamed about owning the little toy shop down the street from her house. Every day she would go to the homeless foundation and give the kids special presents. Just seeing their faces light up gave her joy. Someone at the foundation noticed her good deeds and wanted to give her something she wanted. “What do you want for Christmas dear?” asked the kind lady. “I don’t want anything from anyone, I just want the opportunity to own the toy shop”, said Julie hesitantly. The next day she brought more presents and toys. The lady from the foundation kept it a secret, but she went to the old toy shop every day and cleaned it up. She became Julie’s secret Santa. She tried to get the special gift for her. The lady would bring joy to Julie just like what she did for the children. This would be the best Christmas ever. That morning on Christmas day, Julie crept down the squeaky stairs to see the lady from the foundation standing by the twinkling lighted Christmas tree. “Oh, my goodness,” she yelled. “Why are you here?” “I came to tell you I granted your wish, you got your toy store, Julie!

12: Christmas lights Are so sparkly, They twinkle and They wink at me! They glow and They are bright! They stay on, Until morning light. Christmas lights Are beautiful to see, Their colors Amaze me! Christmas lights Go away so fast, Why can’t they Stay and last and last? Christmas lights on every house, Christmas lights for every mouse! | Connor Lake

13: What is the meaning of Christmas? Born as a child Meek and mild Born to die I’m going to cry My perfect gift He fixed the rift in my soul One holy night in the little- Town of Bethlehem He is the great I am. | Luke Oates

14: Taylor O'Connor | What if Jesus and never been born? If Jesus was never born we would have no peace, no hope, and we would not have the wonderful promise of his unconditional love. Can you imagine if Jesus Christ, “Jehovah Jireh”, was never born? “Jehovah Jireh” means God our provider, and there are so many things that he provides that we can’t do without! Here are three things that he provides that I personally can’t live without!!! Jesus provides peace. Peace is a calmness that knowing Jesus gives, even if things aren’t going your way. Without the peace that Jesus brings, we would spend so much time and energy with unfathomable worry. Worry clouds our minds and can make us sick in body, and spirit. Just think about it, how could you live without peace of knowing that he is with you always, no matter what? I’m so glad I know the peace that Jesus provides to those who love him! Jesus gives us hope, no matter what happens and what we’re going through. Hope is knowing that whatever unthinkable things you’re going through, you can know that things will turn out right. Even when we are in our darkest hour, a simple word of prayer or reading God’s word can remind us of the hope we have in him. I am thankful for the hope that Jesus gives. Jesus gives us love. Jesus is the perfect example of unselfish love, and without him, we would not know how to love others sacrificially. God’s perfect love is unfathomable, and we cannot understand how unbelievably pure it is. It’s the kind of love that is totally unconditional. Even when we sin and reject him he still loves us. How can we ever know the boundless love of God if he did not give his one and only Son to earth to die on the cross and save our sins?I hope you feel truly grateful after you read this.

15: There are presents galore piled to the ceiling. Which one should I open first? Should I open the big red one or the small one with tiny, yellow polka-dots? I think I should open the small one first. It’s the size of the Apple iTouch that I wanted for Christmas. As I rapidly ripped the paper my heart begins beating faster. I was right I finally got one of my favorite things. After everyone unwraps their gifts, we begin preparing for dinner. I rushed to Publix to get some food. I brought out my long grocery list to get started. I looked for the sweet creamy delicious mouth-watering sweet potato pie first. After running through the store, I grab sweet tea, turkey, corn, and bread. The check out lines were long because of Christmas day. It still didn’t take away the joy of preparing for Christmas dinner though. That joyful feeling reminds of the night before when I was shopping for my family’s gifts. Walking through the busy, brightly lit streets, I look for gifts for my family. I pass by thousands of stores trying to figure out what to get. We went in Learning Express for my sister, Jasmine. I walk in the store and see toys everywhere. Where should I go, the book section, the toy section, or the silly band section? Oh, let’s go to the Hello Kitty section. After looking high and low we found a beautiful Hello Kitty tote bag. Mom’s gift was next. It was easy because her favorite store in the world is The Loft. After getting mom a gift card, it was time to shop for dad’s gift. I knew the Oakley store would have the perfect gift - a black navy jacket and matching watch. Next it was time to start wrapping. It was nice seeing all my purchased presents sitting underneath mom’s eight foot over-decorated tree. As I admire the dazzling, twinkling lights, I notice candy canes hanging from each branch. I wonder if they know I ate one? Probably not! There have to be over fifty of them, matching perfectly with the sparkling ornaments. As I was admiring the Christmas tree mom calls from the kitchen needing help setting the table. Family members begin arriving shortly after I set the table. It makes my heart happy sitting around the table with my aunts, uncles, and cousins enjoying mom’s dinner. Christmas dinner is the best time to get together and spend time with your family. But mostly I love how Jesus was born on December 25th, Christmas Day. Although I have several favorite things about Christmas knowing the true meaning of Christmas tops them all. | Jaylen Palmer

16: Alex Preseau | It is Christmas Eve night and I’m waiting and wondering, when is Santa going to come down that chimney? I heard a little jingle. Then smacking, but before I could see Santa he disappeared. I was pretty bummed about that because I really wanted to talk to him this year. I only wanted to ask him a few questions. Then I went over to the Christmas tree and I was pretty sad. Well, my dog had a bell collar, and he was eating the cookies. Then I froze and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was an elf behind the tree shaking with fear. Then I realized Santa must’ve left him behind. This was my chance! I asked him “what is your name”? He told me his name was Jingle, and were he lived. So, I made a plan to get him back to the North Pole. So that night we slept a lot. Then the next morning I opened the presents and then I told my parents I was going camping for a week. I packed my tent, food, money, a rifle, and a flashlight. So, I went out with Jingle. I lived in Maine so it wasn’t a long trip. We packed the stuff in my golf cart, and headed off to the North Pole. I was so excited that I was on my way to the North Pole. Day 1, we found a good spot and set up a tent and started a fire and cooked some hot dogs. It was getting dark so we went to bed. Day 2, I woke up and I told Jingle we have to pack up. We drove to a dark. I saw a boat with cars on it so I drove to the boat and ask the man were he was going. He said he was going to the North Pole. We asked for a ride and he said sure. We got on and drove away. We ate lunch and related all the way there. Day 3, finally were at Greenland. I gave the man a tip and drove. Jingle and I were getting hungry so we made some pancakes. We drove all day and I couldn’t believe it. We made it to Santa’s castle. We went inside and I returned Jingle and Santa was grateful. I wanted to ask questions but they weren’t important anymore. Then Santa snapped his fingers and I was home.

17: One of my Christmas miracles is when I got two pet dogs from the animal rescue. It was December 24, 2009 it was Christmas Eve. My family and I went to the animal rescue to get new pet dogs. There were so many to choose from. There were big ones, small ones, fat ones, black ones, and brown. There was also a few who smelled like they’ve been in the dumpster. But finally I spotted the right ones, they were twin dogs they were puppies, they were white and had green eyes. One was a boy and the other was a girl. So I decided to take them both home with me. On the way to the car the frightened dogs started to do a little whining. Once I got into the car I took them both out and held them. But, then something gross happened they both peed on me! I had to hurry and put them back in the heavy black cage. Then we finally arrived home and parked in our garage. As soon as we entered the house I opened the locket to the cage and let the pups out. I guess they were shocked of how big the house was because they didn’t move for about three minutes. The first movement that they made was when they tried to get back in the cage but, I pulled them back out. When they kind of got use to us and the house I decided to name them. Instead of thinking of one name I thought of fifteen names. Then I finally got what I would name them Emily and John. When I got done thinking the next thing I know Emily and John had ran upstairs and didn’t come back. So I sprinted up the stairs and found them both in my room lying on my bed with their eyes shut. I tried to put John on his bed but he just growled. So John slept with me while Emily lay in her bed. The next day Emily and John were the first ones up. Somehow Emily jumped on the bed ad licked my face until I opened my eyes. When I finally woke up I went downstairs to fix Emily and John’s breakfast. When I opened up the dog food bag it smelt really horrible but, I still had to feed them. Then I just remembered that it was Christmas Day! After I got done fixing the pup’s water I hurried upstairs to finish making up my bed, brush my teeth, and changing out of my pajamas. When I got done doing all the things I needed to do I fixed myself a bowl of Applejacks. But I remembered that we had ran out of one percent milk so I used buttermilk and boy it was sour and butter like but, I ate it anyway. After we all finished eating breakfast I took Emily and John out for a walk. Emily had a purple and pink leash and John had a blue and green leash. When we went out for the walk it was all great until something scary, sad and bad happened. John was walking then a German shepherd came and chased him then before you know it John was on the ground whining and blood was coming from his hind left leg. The German shepherd had bit John. When I ran home holding John in my arms and Emily was dashing in front of me to the house. When I told everyone what the German shepherd did we all zoomed to the Vet to see if the Veterinarian could help. We had to rush into the waiting room and wait for seven minutes. We were patient; they had a huge TV and their chairs were really fluffy. Then the vet finally called us back into the room. When I told him John got bitten by a German shepherd the vet said his leg wasn’t broken but, was sore and he would need five stitches. So we all went back into the waiting room and left John with the Vet. It took about twenty minutes until the vet was done. He told us that he could still walk and he would probably limp just a little but he would be fine. And that was a Christmas Miracle for me. | Nykeria Reed

18: Amelia Rooks | He who saved my son, Has walked on water. He has paid the toll. He is my father. He has saved my life. He showed me the light. Took away my strife, He made the night. He who saved my soul, I love him so. He has paid the toll. His heart will always glow.

19: I am extremely lucky – I get to celebrate Christmas every year with a bucketful of presents. Last year though I met two young children just as old as I am but very, very different. Every year on Christmas Day, my entire family crams themselves in the car and drives to my cousin’s house out in Tampa. This year however, when I sprinted up the front walk to the door with an exhilarated smile spread upon my face, like butter on bread, I realized that this year it wasn’t just MY family there. Just as I opened the door, I was welcomed by warm faces surrounding me. I glanced down expecting to see my baby cousin but instead I saw a boy my age: short, tan, and shoes on backwards. I laughed expecting this to be some bad joke. But he just stood and stared. I felt as if someone had just slapped me in the face. Then I turned my head and saw another Spanish kid – tall, tan again – introducing herself as Claudia. Slowly I felt my color come back. Soon all of my cousins and I were in a circle on a wide open field outside kicking an old grass stained soccer ball. The two odd kids joined us in our game. When it was the tan boys turn he ran for the ball. But as he took the running start, he tripped. A wave of guilt flew over me. It all made sense. Then I understood why his hands were behind his back as if they were chained. Why his shoes were on backwards. For when he tripped his shoes fell off. I didn’t see ten toes wiggling to get back up. All I saw was his knee. His arms flew in front of him, revealing that all you could see were his arms. Then I realized that this boy had no hands or feet. The girl next to me dashed to his side and helped him on his feet. We all stood as statues. These were poor children who were waiting for their spot for free surgery. Once we learned the issue we started over again, treating them more warmly. We became good friends with Carlos (the boy with no hands) and Claudia. I learned that year that appearances aren’t everything. Also, that I should be thankful for every year I celebrate Christmas, because that’s the day our Savior was born! Now, Carlos and Claudia are well. Carlos was presented with a fake movable leg that he can use now. Every year I thank God I met them. They truly helped me discover the true meaning of Christmas. | Jenna Sierra

20: One day, a long time ago, God created himself in the image of man and he would be a king, miracle worker, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He did this so that this son of God would shed his blood for us like someone sacrificing a lamb with their sharpest knife. It all started one night when one of God’s angels, Gabriel, appeared to Mary. She was terribly frightened, but the angel said, “Do not be afraid, for God is sending Jesus. You will be the one called Mother!” That same night Gabriel appeared in a dream of Joseph’s (Mary’s fiancé). Joseph received the same message as Mary. Then Mary got pregnant and they began their journey to Bethlehem where Jesus would be born. When they got there all of the Inns were completely fully just like somebody after Thanksgiving dinner. They were so disappointed because they had come such a far way and” Ba boom, ba boom, ba boom,” their hearts were beating rapidly with fear. But then finally the Inn keeper said they could stay in his stable. They were delighted with that. Mary set up a little baby manger for Jesus. Soon after this, Mary gave birth to the little baby Jesus. “Ah, Joseph!” cried Mary. The rest of it went fairly well and when Jesus was in Mary’s arms, she winked at Joseph and hugged the baby tight. Then while the shepherds were watching their flock at night, an angel of the Lord appeared to them with a blinding light. The angel said, “Do not be afraid for I bring great news from God. Jesus, his son has been born in Bethlehem. This bright light in the sky will take you to Jesus.” Shining, luminous in the sky was the star. So the shepherds chose to follow it. When the shepherds arrived they saw baby Jesus and dropped their staffs and ran over to him and bowed down. When Jesus was 2 years old, 3 wise men which had also seen the star when Jesus was born arrived from their journey to see him. They brought him 3 presents: myrrh, frankincense, and gold. Every year at Christmas we celebrate this miracle. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is when God created himself as a person. Later in Jesus’s life he died on the cross for our sins. Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas and a true miracle. | Cade Spirio

21: Brooke Watson | The scent of cookies right out of the oven fills the room. The lights twinkle like colorful glitter falling from heaven. It was Christmas time, my favorite time of the year, especially when it’s a white Christmas. As I sit on my bed watching snowflakes dance across the sky I think of the Christmas story. I stop thinking though when I hear the jingle of bells and hear the clapping of reindeer feet upon the roof. I tiptoe out of my warm room and slide into the family room where the Christmas tree stands. I was not alone. Santa was there too! He asks, “Why are you up so late?” I answer, “I was watching the snow fall so delicately.” I crawl back into my warm cozy bed and fall back to sleep. Before I know it, I am awakened by Christmas music playing. I throw on my pink robe and blue slippers and peer into the beautifully decorated room with the gorgeously lit pine tree, my family sitting next to the fire. Everyone starts to open presents. My first consists of an iPod Touch with a case. My next gift is empty, except for a small piece of paper. The paper says, “John 3:16 – For God so Loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” I realize I am missing something, not a toy or a video game – but Jesus. This is my best Christmas ever. Not only are my family happy and I’ve received great gifts but I have asked Jesus into my heart. I continue into the New Year a Christian.

22: Hannah Wears | The best thing in the entire world that I am thankful for is my family. They are the best. They are kind, funny, and silly. On December 25, 2010 on Saturday, we went to my nana’s house to get more gifts. I said “I don’t care about presents just family.” So when we got there I shrieked with joy because I was so happy to see every one. When I jumped out of the car I tripped and fell in the soggy, light green and super soft grass. Then I got up and walked inside. When I walked in I got greeted with about 25 people. The tree was stacked up high with presents. The ornaments were glittering over the hundreds of colors of lights. I didn’t care about anything else but family. So I gave everyone hugs, hugs, hugs. I was squeezed to death but I didn’t care. So when we opened our presents I was kind of lighthearted. So my nana saved the best for last. It said my name on it. So I opened it and it was the best gift of that day. It was a Windows 7 laptop and it was blue. My second favorite color. My first is green. So I screeched with joy. I thanked everyone for it over and over again. Then all of us went to my grandma’s house for lunch. There was like millions of dishes of food. There was also tons of punch, sweet tea, and Coke. A lot of people got Coke. But what was funny was that they were telling funny stories. That is why I love my family better than gifts. I love my family to the end of the earth forever. I was so joyful that day. My laptop is like the best thing in the world it makes a buzzing sound when I turn it on.

23: Mya Whitfield | What would Jesus think of Christmas? “Silent night holy night all is calm and all is bright” The choir sounds like angels coming from heaven when they sing that song. Now picture this, two people spot the last pair of pink polka dot high heels. They started fighting aggressively over the shoes and security dashes to break up the brawl. What would Jesus think of Christmas today? I think Jesus would feel happy and proud but disappointed too. My choir and I go sing Christmas carols to the elderly every year. To me singing to the elderly is like giving my grandma a hug. I love to see their warm and smiling faces. I remember one time going to the mall and singing “Joy to the World” with my choir. This elderly lady kept smiling at me. When we finished singing she approached me, pinched my cheek, and told me how wonderful we sounded. I smiled and gave her a small hug. I feel Jesus would think that was wonderful and Christian-like. Jesus would be proud of us giving food like warm cookies and presents to the poor. The people that are poor and needy would be very thankful that you did that. I believe that this makes Jesus very happy that we give to others instead of thinking of ourselves. “This is my shoe,” said Tyra. “No I saw it first,” said Hannah. Jesus would be disappointed because people have forgotten the true meaning for Christmas. People go shopping and don’t give thanks to him. Jesus is probably thinking would my family remember my birthday on Christmas day? I think some people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Instead of shopping for presents at Toys R Us and Macy’s, they use Christmas as a reason to buy expensive gifts. What would Jesus think of Christmas? I think he would be happy and proud but also disappointed in us. We should give to the poor and not forget the true meaning of Christmas!

24: Morgan Whitten | It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas. A great time of the year, with laughter and holly and lots of great cheer. I can’t wait to see all of my family and friends. As we gather around the table and celebrate Jesus’ Birthday once again. Christmas is special not because of gifts and bows, But only because of Jesus and The love God bestows.

25: Christmas is more than trees and twinkling lights, more than toys and gifts and baubles of a hundred varieties. It is love. It is the love of the Son of God for all mankind. It is magnificent and beautiful. God Bless, 5B Homeroom

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