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5G American Revolution

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5G American Revolution - Page Text Content

BC: 2013 | Thanks Mrs.Blair | Thanks Mrs. Giraldes | Thanks Students

FC: ABC | American Revolution Book | By Mrs. Giraldes's 5th Grade Class

1: A is for Benedict Arnold. | When the war started Arnold joined the continentals and was a good soldier. | He got promoted to a general by George Washington when he fought for the continentals. | A few years later he started giving private information to British troops like where American troop camps and storage were. | A year or two later he traded to the British to fight for them. The British were fine with that.

2: B is for the Battle of Bunker Hill. | The Battle of Bunker Hill was first started in 1715. | The battle stared in the town of Charleston in Boston. | The night of June 16,1775 around 1,500 American troops of Massachusetts attack. | 2,400 British troops against 1,500 Americans.

3: C is for the 2nd Continental Congress. | They made paper money called Continental Currency. It was illegal at the time, but the colonists were against the British and were boycotting many British goods. | The 2nd Continental Congress organized the Continental Army so they can start fighting against the British with a real army instead of a militia. | Also at the 2nd Continental Congress, they wrote the Olive Branch Petition, trying to get King George lll to repeal the Intolerable Acts. | During the Congress, they voted for George Washington to be the leader of the Continental Army. He was the best choice for the job out of the other people trying to get it.

4: D is for the Declaration of Independence. | Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. | John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence | This document was written in the Pennsylvania State House. | The committee of people that helped with this important document was John Adams, Roger Sherman, Ben Franklin, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson

5: Ethan Allen was a Patriot of the American Revolution. | E | e is for Ethan Allen. | Ethan Allen lived from 1738 - 1789. | Ethan Allen was leader of the Green Mountain Boys. | Ethan Allen was born on January 21,1738.

6: F is for First Continental Congress. | The people from Georgia was not at the meeting. | There was 56 people at the meeting. | It was held on September 5th to October 26, 1774. | All of the people were wealthy white land owners.

7: In 1770 King George appointed Lord North as his minister. Years later Lord North resined from minister. | King George suffered a disease and died on January 29, 1820. | G is for King George the III. | He was the first Hanoverian monarch to use English as his first language. | King George was 22 when he took over king.

8: H is forJohn Hancock. | One of the many things this man was very famous for was he signed The Declaration of Independence. | He also wasn't that brave though. He tried to go on an exploration but got scared and left back home. | He also was the Patriot Sons of Liberty leader. | Finally, this man was born in 1739 - 1793.

9: p | n | I is for Intolerable Acts | Britain made a blockade until all the tea was paid for from the Boston Tea Party. | The Intolerable Acts meant that colonists could only get tea from Britain. | The Intolerable Acts closed courts in Boston. | The Intolerable Acts led to angry colonists.

10: John Adams began his carrier as a lawyer and became a judge. | J is for John Adams. John Adams grew up in a small farming town called Braintree. | His hobbies included flying kites, skating, and hunting. | John Adams assisted Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of independence.

11: Henry Knox was born in 1750. He was born in Boston.He fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill,The Battle of Brandywine,and the Battle of Germantown.He was the artillery commander for American army. When the American army won at Fort Ticonderoga,Henry Knox helped with all the new artillery. He gathered 80 pairs of oxen and 80 sleds and they pulled the 60 tons of artillery 300 miles to Boston. | k is for Henry Knox

12: L is for the Battle of Lexington. | Revere reaches Lexington at MIdnight and warns Sam Adams and John Hancock. | The Battle of Lexington results in eight Americans dead, and ten wounded. | At dawn on April 19, 1775 the British began making their way back to Boston, and on the way, they got shot by farmers and rebels hiding in trees. | The Battle of Lexington took place in Lexington, in the year of 1775.

13: M is for the Boston Massacre | A colonist is yelling at a British soldier to get away. The soldier hit the colonist and that was the start of the Boston Massacre | The Boston Massacre is occurring. Five men died and six men were severely injured. | Crispus Attucks was a released slave. He was supposedly the first person to die. | The coffins of the five men dead after the Boston Massacre.

14: New Jersey was a state that had two major battles: the Battle of Trenton, and the Battle of Princeton. | Patriots of New Jersey were called " Jersey Blues" because of their blue uniforms. | The battle of Princeton was just a day after the battle of Trenton. The dates were Trenton: Jan 2, Princeton: Jan 3. | N is for New Jersey. | General Washington decided to came around the back of the British troops without the noticing in tne Battle of Princeton and won.

15: The petition was wrote in 1775. | The Olive Branch Petition was sent straight to King George III and he addressed the laws wright away other wise it would also impact the king if they went to war. | George Dickinson wrote the Olive Branch Petition. | The Olive Branch Petition was a form that got sent to King George the III and it told that they want all wrongs to be fixed. The Americans also did not want to go to war with the British. | o is for Olive Branch Petition

16: Patrick Henry's famous line was "Give me liberty or give me death!" | P is for Patrick Henry. | Patrick Henry made a flag for him and the Minute Men. | Patrick Henry was a part of the Boston Tea Party. | Patrick Henry signed the Declaration of Independence.

17: The Quartering Act was a act forcing British solders to live in the colonies. | The solders got to take the owner of the houses bed . | While the British solders were living with the colonists the British solders didn't have to pat for rent or the food. | q is for Quartering Act | The colonists had to feed, dress and bathe them.

18: R is for Paul Revere | Paul Revere was born on 1734 in Boston. He was also involved in the Boston Tea Party. Paul became a part of the Sons of Liberty. He was a Silversmith like his dad. | Paul Revere was on a midnight ride while he was riding his horse. | Paul was one of America's most famous patriot. | This is Paul Revere's horse that he rode

19: n | S is for Stamp Act Congress. | The Stamp Act Congress was located in New York. | It was in October in 1765. | The Stamp Act Congress told colonists to boycott stamped goods. | It repealed the Stamp Act.

20: T is for Boston Tea Party. | There was a tax on tea called the tea act. | Some of the colonists dressed up as Native Americans to dump the tea into the Boston harbor. | They even closed the Boston harbor to stop the colonists from dumping tea | They bought tea from the east India tea company because it was the cheapest tea.

21: U is for the U.S Constitution. | 54 men signed the U.S Constitution. | We the people was signed on the Constitution. | The Constitution was written in September , 17th, 1778. | The Constitution was Penned by Jacob Phallus.

22: At Valley Forge, the Continental Army camped there. | Due to brutal conditions, 2,000 people died at Valley Forge. | A person with a letter from Ben Franklin became a troop and became a teacher in the art of war. | Training at Valley Forge helped send the British from New York to Philadelphia. | V is for Valley Forge.

23: W is for George Washington. | George Washington was the general of the Continentals in the Revolutionary War. | George Washington was from Virginia. | George Washington was a great horseman. | George Washington did not like to wear wigs.

24: X Marks the Spot for the battle of Saratoga | The british where ambushed and surrendered to the patriot army. | It was a major win for the Americans. | They used trees and rocks to defend themselves | The battle of Saratoga was the turning point in the war.

25: New York was a huge import and export area. Almost every one got their goods form New York. | The Stamp Act Congress took place in New York. It was an extra tax that the king made the colonists pay. The tax was on anything that was printed. | New York had a lot of important battles that took place there. Such as the Battle of Long Island. New York was a very important city during the revolutionary war it had lots of battle around it. | Y is for New York

26: BBB | The Americans and French marched out of Williamsburg and arrived before Yorktown on September 28th, 1781.Once they got there, they formed a semi-circle around the entrenchments and putting the British under siege. | ihia | Z is for Battle of Yorktown. | On October 19th,1781 Cornwallis's army marched out of Yorktown and surrendered. | In August 1781, British general Charles Cornwallis and his troops were settled in at Yorktown. | The Americans and French won the Battle of Yorktown.

27: B is for Battle of Trenton | The Battle of Trenton was a sneak attack Washington and gis army cost the Delaware to attack the Hessians on chrisms. | the Battle of Trenton happed on December 26th 1776 | the roamer of the Battle of Trenton Some say that the Hessians were drunk wen the battle happed. | When the Battle of Trenton was dun next Washington and his army went to Princeton. | The Battle of Trenton was one of the many battles that we won in this war.

28: 2013 | A - Logan B - Kelsey B - Pablo C - Katie D - Zoe E - Ayden B. F - Mackenzie B. G - Nick B. H - Jack I - Joey J - Evan K - Nick F. L - Kenzie M - Aiden H.

29: N- Mari O- Marissa P- Jacob Q- Josh R- Lauren S- Ashlyn T- Avery U- Kennedy V- Tyler W- Gus X- Alec Y- Audra Z- Cailin

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