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African Safari '09

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African Safari '09 - Page Text Content

BC: Photography : G. DaCosta, M. Scipior, M. Baker-McDermid

FC: A f r i c a n S a f a r i ' 0 9 | Mariette Baker-McDermid

1: Shake with the beat of the African street, Shake with the vibe of an African tribe. Stamp with joy of an African boy, Dance and whirl like an African girl. | Hear the rum , rum , rum , of the African drum , S H A K E to the beat of the African drum ! S H A K E in the H E A T of that African beat ! Let your P U L S E go ... Allow the R H Y T H M T O F L O W ! Be S T R O N G , Be B O L D ! Let the R H Y T H M , take H O L D !

4: The safari is over 8000 kilometers . . . Deserts, mountains and lakes- winter time BRRR !

5: Great sites, awesome food, and people who chat, The locals brought out the 'Welcome Mat' !

6: South Africa is full of vineyards and raisin plantations , Supplying wine and fruit for many nations . Orange, lemon, and pecan tress - Watch out Gillian, these are full of bees !

7: The sociable weaver is quite a bird, 300 of them live in a single nest, mark my word ! The nests are huge, often over a power line, Who knows which hole is mine?

8: Namaqualand South Africa Calvinia is a historical town so Dutch , A two bedroom bungalow was almost too much. Our waitress was ‘Ohhh , so sweet', She was a ‘plesir’ to meet !

9: Fish River Canyon, a site to see, Harold, the bartender, didn’t use condoms and impregnated almost three ! The second largest canyon, Nice quartz, sunsets, and fun! | Fish River Canyon South Africa

10: Augrabies Falls, a rocky and red place, Very similar to Drumheller, home to many a lizard race. | Very nice falls and Dassies too …... Strange rat/pig like mammals- I wouldn’t want in my stew ! | Augrabies Falls South Africa

11: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park was our next stop , Our first look at the wild made our jaws drop! Springbok, many did we see . . . Light brown, white, black, and stripes three ! How they move , is called pronking, Like part deer and kangaroo …boing, boing, boing ! | Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park South Africa

12: Fitness geeks would think it was play, Number 45 dune was how we started the day ! Way up (130 meters) high . . . Lukewarm coffee, minced springbok sandwiches, for a picnic breakfast, we had to try ! | Namib Desert Namibia

13: Then the 5 kilometer dune walk began, We trudged through soo much red sand. | The sun got hot and so did we . . . Running down the dune was especially fun, for everyone including me !

14: Walvis Bay, sand and sand some more, Drifting across the road, dust galore. Hard to see and tough to walk, Even a ship wreck- missed the dock? | Walvis Bay Namibia

15: Namibia is home to these famous rock engravings and paintings - Posters, rubbings, are made to show these artefacts- even rings ! So old from the Stone Age from 7-10 000 years ago, It was incredible, what Honey did tell us and show ! | Twyfelfontein Namibia

16: Termite mounds are wherever it’s hot, Some are black and some are not. They can be seen in fields far and near, They eat wood so keep it clear.

17: The kudu are huge like moose, With curly horns and on the loose. The zebra they can out run, Avoiding the lion and enjoying the sun.

18: Himba Tribe Namibia Meat drying in a tree, From a giraffe who used to roam free. Hair braided and red ochre thick - Many rituals that for generations stick . Four bottom adult teeth missing, With a stick and stone it would surely be stinging ! It tells what tribe they come from, And also helps them speak their native tongue.

19: ‘Morrow’ means hello, good day, Little orphans who love to play. They are not picture shy, And insist to give our digital cameras a try,

22: Guinea fowl are all around , Running away quickly on the ground ... | Oh, so many in a group, They are a marching traveling troupe.

23: Giraffes are really oh so tall, How they drink without a fall? They spread their legs, apart so far, Drinking so quietly under the Southern Star.

24: Elephants have such a memory, Must cull a whole herd or you will see . . Them destroying people’s stuff, And as you know they are strong and tough ! Elephant herds are increasing in Namibia, here, They search for water. Wrecking wells, so humans fear .

25: Happy Hour is important to Maribeth and me, The local beer ( Castle, Tafal, St. Louis), rum, or wine are the choices: What will it be? After a long day's drive, it all tastes great, Snacks included, and chats with our 'mates'.

26: Ngapi Camp Namibia Ngapi camp is our home for two nights, We are overlooking the Okavango River- so mossies will bite! A tree house is where we did sleep- Two trees running through it- no doors so lots of friends (birds, bugs) we did reap. The ideal spot for a retreat- semi-tropical, innovative, Says Kembo- a real special treat. | http://www.ngepicamp.com/gallery.htm

27: The tree house would you believe? Has running water, a warm shower and toilets that flush The outdoor shower might make passerby’s blush The view is amazing and the sound is too Songbirds, bees, grunting hippos- oh so true! To get to our lodge We had many a corrugated road to dodge We thought it would never appear But soon the lodge and water buffalo were near

28: Sit by the campfire sipping a beer With new friends, sharing stories, from far and near | The ‘loos’ here are oh so clever, Poopafalls, lav-a-tree- many with a view of the river!

29: The sunset cruise got off to a slow start - As the boat did sputter and fart . The birds did chirp and fly some more , The hippos bobbed their heads but we heard no roar. The sun did set and all is well. We are drinking wine and stories we will tell! .

30: The zebras are striped-black and brown, Sometimes alone but usually in a crowd- up and down. A herd can be several hundred, A watering hole is found before bed. At the watering hole one is always on gaurd - Watching in the distance- real hard.

31: Namibia to Zambia, $80 U.S., Tourists are helping to pay for the bridge, I guess ! | Crossing the Zambezi River, The hydro project, do they remember Murr? Cool hairdos, even gel nails, Zambian girls lookin’ good for their males.

32: Victoria Falls Zambia/Zimbabwe Victoria Falls are jaw dropping ! That water, even in low season, is not stopping ! You will get soakin’ wet . . . Grab a raincoat and you are set . Rainbows here are something to see, They stretch out over both sides- a great place to be !

34: Chobe River Botswana The river cruise we did go, It was done when the sun set low . Crocs, hippos, elephants, giraffes too, Ibis, stork, egret, to name a few .

38: 1000 years lives the Baobab tree, Upside down, the roots are free. Cream of tartar- its fruit is used to make, Of course you will use it when you bake.

39: In Namibia condoms are free, 30% of Botswana folks pay the HIV fee. | AIDS / HIV –everywhere is information, Posters, billboards- lots of education.

40: Enroute . . . It was a 300 km day, Picturesque, as usual, we did say. Farming: millet, sunflower, and maize, Crops galore and where the cows and goats do graze. Pot-holed is the name of this major road, Heavy trucks do carry their 'abnormal' load.

41: Limpopo River South Africa By the Limpopo River was our home, Happy Hour included the bats and the wildebeests that did swoop and roam. The rooms were of an African animal decor, The giraffe was ours from top to floor.

42: Our dinner was sausage and a t-bone steak Barbie, | The bushmen danced and sang clothes free, | Even the workers had a special song to sing, | In the morning it was –-2 C so winter coats we needed to bring!

43: Robben Island South Africa Political passengers that is what they were, Nelson Mandella caused a tremendous stir. Robben Island is where he stayed, For 18 years he never strayed. To the Portswood he then went, Then soon after he became their President.

44: Simon's Town Simon’s Town is where the jack-ass guys live, Thousands of them entertain tourists which photographs give. Oh, so cute, black and white Tiny and wobbly in full sight

46: Stellenbosch Region South Africa Vineyards here and vineyards there, But the ones on the map, where? For 25 Rand and samples five, Lucky, Maureen is here to drive. Four vineyards later we found the best - Needed time in between to rest ! Bought a couple of bottles and their ' late harvest' too, Good ones and an exceptional few !

47: Noah of Cape Town ,an a cappella musical of sixteen, Talks of how the world’s past has been. Water and healthy people strong, Destined to live life- real long! Now no water or animals here, Noah needs a plan- this is c lear. To build an ark and save the day, Can he convince them and show the way? The Lord does speak - The sky began to leak. Drip drop, drip drop, All is well, for the farmer’s many a crop. | Cape Town, South Africa

48: Itinerary | CALVINIA Departing Cape Town we pass through the picturesque Namaqualand region arriving in the historic town of Calvinia, nestled on the foot of the Hantam Mountain range. http://www.southerncape.co.za/towns/calvinia/welcome.php AUGRABIES FALLS NATIONAL PARK We head north to the Augrabies Falls National Park. Here the mighty Orange River plummets 56m into the gorge below. We spend the afternoon enjoying the falls from its many viewpoints. http://www.sanparks.org/parks/augrabies/ KGALAGADI TRANSFRONTIER PARK We head north into the magnificent Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Covering over 3.6 million hectares this is one of the largest reserves in Africa. http://www.sanparks.org/parks/kgalagadi/

49: FISH RIVER CANYON We head west and enter Namibia and visit the Fish River Canyon, which is the second largest and awe inspiring canyons in the world. http://www.namibia-travel.net/southnamibia/fishriver.htm SESRIEM Our journey takes us into the Namib Desert. In the morning depart for Sossusvlei, stopping in the dune belt to witness the changing colours of the world’s highest sand dunes. We undertake a 5km walk to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. In the afternoon we enjoy a short hike through the Sesriem Canyon. http://www.namibia-travel.net/southnamibia/sossusvlei.htm SWAKOPMUND We lunch at Walvis Bay, checking out the flamingoes. http://www.walvisbaycc.org.na/tourism.htm DAMARALAND / TWYFELFONTEIN We drive inland through the Damaraland region with its vast and rugged terrain. We visit the Twyfelfontein area for walks to the Bushmen paintings. http://www.travel-southernafrica.com/english/map_9/twyfelfontein.htm

50: HIMBA VISIT / ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK In the morning we visit the Himba tribe, a semi-nomadic tribe, living in scattered settlements throughout the region, learning more about these fascinating people. After our visit we proceed to Etosha National Park where we enjoy game drives over the next two days. Etosha is one of the most important reserves in Africa with thousands of wild animals making this area their home. http://www.namibian.org/travel/namibia/etosha.htm ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK The day is spent on game drive through the Park from the Western to the Eastern side of the Park. OKAVANGO RIVER We enter the Caprivi Strip where we spend the night set amongst the lush vegetation overlooking the Okavango River. http://www.go2africa.com/okavango-river CHOBE RIVER We enter Botswana heading for Chobe National Park. Chobe is famous for its beautiful scenery, magnificent sunsets and abundance of wildlife and birdlife. We relax on a game-viewing cruise on the Chobe River http://www.bushways.com/chobe.html LIVINGSTONE / VICTORIA FALLS We travel across the Zambian border to Livingstone to view Victoria Falls - without doubt one of the greatest and most spectacular sights in Africa. Also, time is available to spend in Zimbabwe. http://www.zambiatourism.com/travel/places/victoria.htm .

52: James and Robyn teach at ISB Vegetarians is what they claim to be Coffee cup on her ankle- a tattoo She’s 46, he’s 40 and they’re Canadian too ! | Bob and Tristan are from the USA Grandpa d grandson, 80 mils from the Bay At 77, Bob doesn’t hear, so doesn’t know what is going on.. He is confused from dusk to dawn.

53: Eunice has recently learned all about the law A widow from NSW she reports what she saw Red wine is her choice drink She has traveled a lot and she isn’t done, I wouldn’t think! Phil and Linda are Aussies on a budget They have seen a lot, I would bet They like their wine and beer But expensive buffets and set menus they stay clear! Steve and Chris are quite a pair He talks more than me- which isn’t fair His camera is a Canon big shot Which his daughter had for his birthday bought They expect a five star tour But pay for a two star- because they are local currency poor Chinese food is what he likes best Aussie Asians who like to jest! | The rest is made up of us Who love to travel a zillion kilometers by bus, We are known as the ‘eating team’ Which means we are now broader in the beam! Kembo, is our travel guide Originally from Zimbabwe, he’s always by our side Looking for a special girl from far and wide He loves taking human cargo for a sightseeing ride

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