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Christmas at the Abdella's

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S: Christmas at the Abdella's ~by~ Mollie Knight Abdella

BC: From our hearts to yours...we wish you all the love, hope, happiness & peace that The Christ Child intends for each of us! Don't forget to count your blessings! | With Love...from The Abdella's written in 2012 | Merry Christmas

FC: Christmas at the Abdella's | by Mollie Lou Knight Abdella's | 2008 | Our "Little Cabin in the City" | 18210 5th Ave NE Shoreline

1: This book is a Small Collection of Holiday Photos of what we lovingly refer to as.. "Our Little Cabin in the City." Along with some very special pictures of our wonderful family! | B | Bill & Mollie Abdella

2: I have always loved Christmas, ever since I was a little girl & my dad let me decorate my bedroom. As the years have passed, I have collected many, many ornaments & decorations. Some purchased by myself, some given to me by friends & family some, I picked up in my travels. All of them are very special to me & to Bill! I wish everyday could be Christmas!

3: As the song goes..."Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" | And so... begin to decorate as soon as Billy goes hunting, usually in early October! | Remember...Christmas only comes once a year. We feel that we might as well enjoy it as long as we can! | 2011

4: The Santa in the top left corner is from my sister-in-law, Ginger in 2003. The ornament top right was my baby brother Andy's 1964. I miss my little brother something fierce & hope that I will see him again one day. Bottom right is from Saks 5th Avenue NYC 2002

6: Last year for the SantaVillage at the Abdella house. Starting 2012 it will be at the Markey house.

8: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days! ~2011~ We are the luckiest Grandparents in the World... we love all you boys so much! You fill our hearts!!! | Pals...Mikey & Mason | Uniquely Cousins...... | Jack & Drew | Mammie, Jack, Drew & Tracy | Derek & Jack

9: It's beginning to look a lot like...... the 3 Musketeers! Mas, Mike & Drew | Four of our 6 grandsons...all unique, all so special. Drew, our oldest is such an amazing guy. He is so funny, tender, kind & generous. He is absolutely fabulous with little Jack-Jack. Jack adores him! Mikey & Mason are 2 peas in a pod. They all get along...perfectly! We feel so very fortunate to be blessed with 6 perfect grandsons! We often comment to one another, How full our lives are because of these fabulous boys. Justin & Isaiah are not in the picture because they are home with their mama's! | Our Boys! 2011 | Mason | Drew | Michael

11: Bill & Mollie | AND PIGS....

12: 1977 | 1976 | 1977 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | I loved taking the kids to see Santa... I never knew what was going to happen! I dressed the kids up and off we would go to Fredrick & Nelsons, where the real Santa was (all the others were just "helpers)." My gosh how the time Flies!

13: 1977 | 1978 | 1979 | 1980 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992

14: My babies grew up so fast. Notice that I saved some of the different clothes through-out the years & used them on the other kids. In 1977 Myriah looked like a boy. Will I ever live that one down? 1996 was the last year for Santa pictures. Our family went through some major changes & the kids were getting "too old" to go see Santa. What I wouldn't give for one more picture of them together again! | 1993 | 1994 | 1996 | 1995 | The Final Years... all my Markeys! | I love you kids so much!

15: The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach 2006 | Isaiah 2010 | Mason 2010 | Mammie & Drew | Mikey & Papa | Mason & Tracy

16: Myriah | Mike


18: 2001 | Drew & Tracy 2003 | Bill Jake Josh | H A P P I N E S S

19: Drew 2003

20: These are a few of our favorite things!

21: When Tiffanie got her apartment, we took a tree, lights & ornaments over. Michael had more fun playing with the lights & ornament boxes! | Daughter #2, Tiffanie is a huge blessing to our family! xoxoxo | Papa...listen to me! Put that ornament over there! 2004 | Tiff gave us this Santa in 2006. Who is that adorable little boy hiding?

22: The Gift of Family! | Drew & Mason Abdella (and Bud) | 2010

23: Lake Forest Park | 1997 | The Markey Kids... Myriah, Josh & Jake

24: Who needs Santa when we have Mammie & Papa? | Malia, Justin & Jack 2011 | Mikey on the "Dove Mobile" | Jake & Myriah 1999 | Mammie & Drew

25: Brothers Isaiah & Mike 2010 | Mason 2010 | Drew & Abby 2010 | Jack 2010

26: Let it Snow, Let it Snow...Let it Snow!! | Snow 2008 | 2008

27: The lantern below was given to me by my sister-in-law....Carol Gilmore Knight Ssauter xoxoxo | The lantern below was given to me by my dear sister-in-law... Carol Gilmore Knight Sauter xoxoxo

28: Deck the Halls!

29: From: Vickie Johnson

31: Table setting by Mollie & Malia

32: 2011

33: Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our guest room! | Our new front entry 2010

34: Through the years, we have gone through many changes. the one thing that stays constant is our love for the holidays and all the kids. It is so rewarding & fun to see them all beginning traditions of their own. I love sharing my enthusiasm for decorating with them!!

36: These are a few of our hundreds of special ornaments. The one above is to welcome our 6th grandson, Justin E. Markey in 2011 | Jack & Justin 2011 | Justin EmmettMarkey Novemeber 28th, 2011 | Vickie Johnson | 1998

37: 2010 | Mike, Jake & Isaiah | We love the Holidays

38: These flowers were given to Malia for her birthday. I love them so much that I had a canvas made of the picture!

39: Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree...how we love our Christmas Tree! (Its a little over 10' tall!)

40: The heart at the bottom was given to me by my son Josh. It is one of a series...every year when I pull it out, it feels like an old friend! | I love this guy! | From the kids dad 1992

41: I made this wreath in 1990 | Our old chandelier..2000. It now lives with my sweet friend, Audrey Serna & Joaquin Ivara. | From Derek & Tracy

42: Believe in Miracles...they are all around us, and they happen every day!

43: And "He" is the reason for the Season" | Christmas | For unto us a child is born.... Hallelujah!!!

44: WWe e | It is so much fun to see how things have changed through-out the years! Our bedroom doesn't even look remotely like that anymore, We have done so much remodeling along the way. We still maintain the cozy, cabin feeling that we love! | Jack 2010

45: 2004 | This picture painted by Cate Mandigo & purchased at her shop in Chesterfield New York 2007 | 2005

46: Deck the halls with boughs of Holly.... Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!!! | Jack-Jack 2010 | Myriah & Isaiah 2010

47: The pig was given to me by a dear friend in 1976. The year Myriah was born. She has a thing about me & pigs & will end up with it one day!

48: All things Christmas....

49: For years, we had our Christmas tree in the living room. Then, I finally got smart & moved it to the dining room as the ceiling is much higher, hence a taller tree! | Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

50: As you can see, I adore Santa Claus...I still believe that he is the magic in Christmas! I have been collecting them for years and am hoping that our grandkids will love them for me when I am gone. Every single one has a story behind it!

51: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas... | Jack, kissing his baby brother, Justin! | 2007 We love you all! | 2011 | Our New York Family | Our Wedding at New Brunswick Church | 2011 | I love these babies so much!

52: 2007 Northwest Trek | 2007

53: Derek, Tracy, Drew & Mason

54: Christmas is the Season for Love.... | Mason 2004

55: Mikey & Uncle Josh 2004

56: 2010

57: Santa Claus is coming to town... and we can't wait! | Isaiah, the littlest elf in 2010! | Jack is Rudolphs helper!

58: Random pictures of our family!

59: A few of our many Dickens Houses. | Sweet Isaiah 2010

60: Isaiah & Jake 2010

61: Papa & Mike 2003 | Mikey 2004 | Before remodel 2008...check out the floor! | 2006 | Drew & Abby 2010 | Mollie 2000 | Jack 2010 | The front driveway!

62: Lake Forest Park Rental House 1998

63: Our 1st Christmas in the Shoreline house 1999. Our friend Arnie Seppi had not even built our fireplace mantle yet & the walls are bare of paint! | Nice hair...Jake 1999

64: is A Time To Believe In Things You Can Not See! | He's making his list and checking it twice. He's gonna find out who is naughty & nice! Jackson Markey 2011

65: "Oh the fire is so delightful." The little reindeer that Mikey is holding he has had since he was born. Now Jack is enjoying it! 2006 | 2009 a bun in the oven!

66: Enjoying The Holly Days........................................... | We even had a visit from Uncle Mickey & Aunt Becky. Must be noted that we all feel sorry for whomever Mickey is talking to!! (Its a family thing!)

67: A Christmas To Remember | Family | Jake & Jim Christmas Eve 2009 at Josh & Malia's Condo | Aunt Carol & Cousin Ryan 2009 | Mikeys Bedroom Tree

69: it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!!!!! | Mikey & Drew 2004

70: We love the Holidays!!!

71: The old front entrance before our remodel. | A

72: Holiday Memories Warm Your Heart Even The Coldest Of Days... | Christmas Time Brings So Much Pleasure When You Have Wonderful Home & Hubby To Treasure 2011 | Warm & Cozy!

73: Just had to get our newly remodeled master bathroom in here!

74: 1975

76: Joshie & Myriah | I shot the Deshutes with Chris & Barrett Peck & Josh | From my son, Jake in 1997...

77: from Jake

78: Cheers! | Cheers! | from my sweet friend Tari Gordon

79: A | at the Abdella's

80: We bought this Santa in Vermont on our little Honeymoon! 2007. I love you...Boop! | Oh Holy Night...

81: Silent Night, Holy Night all is Calm,..all is bright.......

82: Ornaments I love my Ornaments! Each & every one of them! | I love my ornaments!!!!

83: The "Silent Night" ornament is over 60 years old! | The bear was given to me in 1998 by the woman who owned Thorton Creek Gifts.

84: 1980 | 1989 | A L L VERY SPECIAL !

85: 2010 | 2011 | 1994 | Made by Mollie's mother in 1985 | from Myriah in 2011, See I told ya she has a pig thing!

86: Love

88: Hi Ho the Mistletoe!

89: Jack & Justin 2011 Santa cracks me up, looks at Jack trying to pull his thumb off!

90: I adore our Christmas tree, it takes days to decorate. We have two different kinds of lights on the tree...mini white lights (800) & 75 of the old fashioned colored screw in bulbs. The lights are on remote control boxes. Sometimes we will just turn on the colored lights & enjoy the old time feeling. Lots of time & love goes into decorating our tree!

91: Above are the little musical toys that our grandsons love to play with. We have spent hours being amused ... watching their sheer joy in those little toys!

92: To the right is our tiny, tiny kitchen. Below are just a few of my Christmas Books. Middle left...every year the kids dad used to give me a Mr. & Mrs. Claus. That is one of many!

93: A friend asked me one day, "Of all of your Christmas Decorations, do you have a favorite?" My response..."all of them."

94: The big Snowman has been around for years. It came from the nursery that we used to own. Its now resides at Myriah's house where she uses it on her front porch....part of a very welcoming holiday entrance to their home! | Of course, we love the snow and feel so lucky the years that mother nature provides it at Christmas time! A couple of pictures above were taken in our yard! The snow makes everything look so pristine & perfect!

95: Ah...But the snow is so beautiful in our yard! | We adore our big trees all wrapped in their coats of snow....

96: SNOW...... | The picture to the left was taken from our bedroom deck in Shoreline....2012

97: A

98: Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful.....our fire is soooo delightful! | SNOW* SNOW* SNOW | Our little pond outside our living room... | Side of the house... | Our backyard... | We are a hunting family...of course this is hanging over the garage'! | My snow laden planter boxes that Billy made for me...in 2008

99: SNOW * SNOW * SNOW * SNOW * SNOW | This is what happens when the inflatables have too much fun! | *SNOW * SNOW * SNOW * | 2012 | Looking from the outside into our little Wonderland! | We have many little water features... so beautiful in the snow! | Our front driveway! | Magical lady of the pond.... | My little festival of lights!

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