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Craig's 60th

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Craig's 60th - Page Text Content

S: Craig Allen Richardson

FC: 60 Years & Counting

1: A Family Is A Gift That Lasts Forever

2: Craig Allen Richardson December 8, 1950 | Son of Glenn Allen Richardson & Bonnie Jean Graham

4: Bonnie Jean

6: The Richardson Clan

9: Craig Allen Richardson

10: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. -Joyce Brothers

12: Dear Craig, The first time you asked me (jokingly) if I wanted to marry you, I laughed and told you I would, but only if you would carve me a wooden wedding ring. The next time I saw you, you presented me with a beautiful carved wooden ring, and I knew I was a goner! My parents were very happy when we announced our engagement, they liked you from the start. I remember our first date, you took me to the County Fair. I was so nervous, I developed my first cold sore ever, just in time for the date. You bought me a corn dog, and I was so embarrassed because I got mustard stuck in the scab on my lip. I remember you being disappointed when I didn't scream on the scary rides. We've always had fun together. You've always been the event planner for our family, and I've always enjoyed all our little adventures. Right from the start all the weekend camp-outs on the beach at Padre Island, waking up with sand crabs in my hair, eating freshly caught gulf shrimp we bought from a fisherman, having dinner at the restaurant that was the old stagecoach stop in Salado, Texas. Spending our spring weekends at the sand-dunes, our summer weekends fishing, and our fall weekends gathering firewood. We always had a good time. When Sara was born, we were both ready to turn our attention to our own little family. You were so cute during my pregnancy,, very attentive to my every need. I remember the night, going home from the childbirth classes, when I told you I was craving a mud pie. You whipped into the Baskin Robbins, and ran into the store to ask for two mud pies. You didn't know what they were, just that I wanted one, and were taken by surprise when they brought out two full-size pies We were eating mud pie for weeks! Once Sara was born, you became the cutest dad ever! When you walked into the room, carrying Madeline, the little doll you bought for your new little girl, I couldn't have been any happier. The look on your face was radiant with joy. I loved you so much then and over the years I've appreciated what a good father you've been to our girls, more than you could ever know. By the time we were expecting Erica, you were an old hand at fatherhood.

13: It was you that chose her name; a strong name, because you wanted her to be a strong woman. I know how deeply you love her, and I appreciate that you would do anything for either of the girls. They know that they are loved and I thank you so much for that. We've had some wonderful times together as a family. You taught our girls to love the outdoors, to love animals and to appreciate the importance of family. You let them be girls but taught them to be self reliant and capable, while still being there for them when they needed their dad. I remember the first time Sara saw you cry, when you took her to see "My Girl," and I remember you sitting calmly while Erica styled you hair, pulling half of it out when she put in about 20 barrettes. Thank you for always being there for them. Thank you for always being there for me. You used to tell me all the time that I "overwhelmed" you. While I could never figure out why, I want you to know that I've always been "overwhelmed" with love for you. I may not always show it as much as I should, and I'm sorry for that. You deserve lots of hugs and kisses. I want you to know that my love runs deep. I don't put much stock in material goods, but one of my very favorite possessions is the tape you made for me with every rendition of the song "You are so beautiful," including the one you sang yourself. You've made me feel beautiful, and I thank you for that. I'm looking forward to growing old with you, and sharing everything (but toothbrushes). Your first 60 years went much too fast, but I appreciate having been able to spend 35 of them with you. I'm looking forward to the next 60 years, and hopefully having a new adventure, being grandparents together. No matter what we do together in the coming years, I know it will be wonderful, and filled with love. Have a wonderful birthday, I love you with all my heart, Janie

14: April 11, 1975 | All that glitters is gold

15: And she's buying a stairway to heaven

21: Daddy's Girls

22: Dear Dad, I am so proud to be your daughter. You have always been such a wonderful father, friend and support in my life. You have taught me a lot of useful things like never to pass up a good deal, the joy of owning a new car, how to fix a leaking sink, and how not to say "Ethernet." You've also taught me to be strong and speak up for myself and what's right. You've showed me how to love unconditionally. You've made me want to succeed and always do my best. I've always known I could accomplish what I endeavored because my dad told me so. A lot of who I am is because of how much you've loved me and how well you've taken care of me. I'm so grateful to have you as my father. Thank you for picking such a wonderful wife to be my mother, and thank you for such a beautiful sister to be my best friend. Most of all, thank you for being my dad! I am so glad I get to spend so much time with you. You always know how to make me feel loved, and how to make me laugh. I hope you have had a wonderful 60 years...and all the years to come! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you with all my heart! Sara Jane

25: Happy Birthday Dad!!! Thank you for always being such a great father and a great example to me. I know there are times when we butt heads, but it's only because we are so much alike. Thank you for always putting up with my messes, my pets, and my hair-brained schemes. You are a very intelligent and talented man and I will always look up to you. I truly appreciate everything that you do and have done for me over the years. You are a very giving and generous person, I have always admired the fact that you are willing to help anyone in need. Thank you for loving Mom the way you do, it has helped me know what I want and expect out of my marriage (and yes, that includes being serenaded with “you are so beautiful”). I love you so much and I am so proud to have you as a father. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! Love, Erica

26: The keys to my heart

30: It feels like home to me. It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from. It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong.

32: Now...

33: ... and Then

34: Dear Craig, There is something to say about a little sister having a big brother. Especially a big brother like you. It makes me so proud to tell anyone and everyone that i have a big brother. I'm very fortunate and glad you are in my life. I look up to you in so many ways. When I think of you, I think of kindness, loyalty, honor, courage, and someone who has a heart of gold. I love how you are a man and can be so sweet and sensitive. The people that know you the best would say you are a Big Teddy Bear with a Big Huge Heart, I know that out of all the siblings you probably have had the most adversity, but I truly believe that the trials we went through allowed us to not take each other, as siblings, for granted. It has allowed us to cherish each other, depend on each other, and rely on each other. As brother and sister, we know each other's hearts, We share private family matters, we remember family griefs and family joys. Because I was much younger than you, I don't have a lot of memories while we were young, but I do have a few that I want to share. I don't know what age I was when you came up with the nickname "Squirrel." However, because I looked up to you in so many ways, it was perfect. I have memories of you liking The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Iron Butterfly, and many others, I thought it was so cool that you could take apart anything and fix it. I admire how you are such a great craftsman. Anytime I would see an amazing home or building or any piece of woodwork, I would brag and say..."My brother Craig could do that, but much better of course. There isn't anything Craig couldn't do."

35: I missed you so much when you were drafted in the Army. You were my hero. I was always so proud of you. I remember you always telling me to not quit the violin and to get good grades (you even wanted to pay me $10 for every A I would get). Well I quit the violin, and I got pretty good grades. I was so happy when you married the love of your life, Janie. I thought you were the perfect couple. She is such a good person and you are both so blessed to have each other. You have a beautiful family. You have been an awesome husband and father to your wife and daughters. They love you dearly. I appreciate everything you have done for me personally and for my family. I love the attention you have shown my children, especially your interest in Cole. You have treated him like your own and for that I am grateful. In so many ways he is like you and that makes me very proud. You have been there to help finish basements, fences, and many other projects. You are so generous with the many talents you possess. I have loved our talks on the phone during the Jazz games and hope to continue this tradition. I love you with all my heart and I hope you have many more great years ahead of you. May your birthday wishes come true on your very special day. All My Love, Lynette

37: Wow Craig! I can't believe it's the big 60 for you! It really doesn't seem like you're the big're still a punk!!! Happy Birthday Craig! Love, Scott

38: Some people say that you are full of bull-crap because you have brown eyes, but I defend you by explaining that you just exaggerate slightly. When I think of you Craiger, I think of a loyal man to his wife, children and family. You are the type of person that would defend, honor, and always have the best interest towards the people you love. You are extremely giving, supportive, sensitive to people's needs, and have a lot of Christ-like qualities. I consider you a true friend and know that you would always have my back. I appreciate all the nice things that you have done for me and my family throughout the years. I enjoy and appreciate you allowing me to always tease Janie. I hope that life has many more rewarding experiences and cherished memories ahead for you in the years to come. Love, Paul | Dear Craig - Happy Birthday!!! Sixty years young!!! are an old man...the only trouble is, I am not too far behind you, and I hope you have sixty more years ahead of you. As I reflect back on the thirty-two years that I have known you, I view you not just a brother-in-law but as a dear friend. I have enjoyed golfing, hunting, Jazz games, family parties, political talks, but most of all, I enjoy listening to your stories. I like to hear about the two pound fish that you caught, or that four point buck that you killed, then later find out it was a 12 ounce fish and a spike.

39: Happy 60th Craig!!! Here's to 60 more! You have been such a great uncle throughout my life. It seems that every major milestone I have hit, you were right there supporting me through it. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. We love you very much! Love: Matt, ShaRee & Kids | Craiger!!! Happy Birthday ya old man! Thanks for everything you have ever been to me. The many sleepovers, trips, messes me and Erica have made, laughs, random eBay purchases... I love and cherish all the memories with you. Thanks again. Love you!!!! Kenzie | Dear Uncle Craig, Happy 60th Birthday!!! My earliest memory of you when was when I was about five years old. You walked in to Sara's room and discovered I was playing Barbies with the girls. You were disgusted. You took me out in your garage and showed me your motorcycle with the "fat tires." Thanks for helping me get on the right path. Love, Kirk | Uncle Craig, Thanks for not getting to Bogey before we we get to put up with all his naughtiness! You make 60 look good! Hope your birthday is super fabulous! Love, Brittany Allred

41: Uncle Craigers! Happy Birthday to you!!! You have been such a great uncle and friend and I am so thankful and lucky to have you as family! I can't help but laugh when I think of some my childhood memories of you. My favorite is all of the cool and crazy things that you would find in dumpsters and bring back home. I thought it was the greatest thing ever (not saying that it still isn't). I also love that you have a tool for everything and are such a Mr. fix it! There's nothing that Cragier can't fix or do! I would have to say that my favorite quality that you posses is the love that you have shown the girls in your life, including my mom! Thank you SO much for all that you have done for me over the years! I feel very lucky and blessed to have you in my life. I adore you, and love you! I hope that your Birthday is as FABULOUS as you are! XOXO!!! Natalee | Birthdays are good for you, statistics show that those who have the most live the longest. So do what's good for you and have a Happy Birthday Craig! Love, Judy

42: My dearest brother CraigI can't believe you are so old and I am not..HA, HA!! Kidding aside I think I am the most blessed girl on the earth because I have you and all the people that I love. My earliest memory of you is when we lived in Bountiful. I remember how you and Scott loved hanging out in the hills behind our house. You two were always catching some kind of critter or snake and chopping them up. I somehow remember that you liked the Gallespie girl that lived to the South of us. From that house we moved to Rose Park on Nocturne Drive. I was in 2nd and 3rd grade when we lived there so you must have been about 12. I remember that you used to babysit us and I remember the night mom and dad got in that bad accident, we were all scared because they had to spend the night in the hospital. We had that heater grate and all of us kids burned ourselves at one time or another on that. It left checkerboard burns on your body when you had that unfortunate fall. Mom used to always talk about how you loved to take things apart from a very young age. Grandma Richardson used to call all the time and have mom check your pockets to see if you had the knobs from her TV. From Rose Park we moved to the duplex in Bountiful. About this time is where I start remembering your antics a little more. I remember how you and Scott had all the goods from the little robbery of the concession truck. You guys would give Lynette and I stuff if we promised not to say anything. Well you guys did eventually get caught in your little candy robbery scheme and had to do service to pay it all back. I also remember going up in the hills playing up there a lot. From there we moved to our house in Taylorsville. It was in the summer of 1966 that we moved there so you were about 15 . I remember that this time after we moved to Taylorsville was the most turbulent time of our lives. Dad started drinking a lot and things could get real bad. Mom was working long hours just to try and keep us in a home and have something to eat. You boys seemed to get the short end of the stick a lot of the times, and I knew it and felt sad sometimes. It was also very hard because mom would try to mother us the best she could but she was working so hard and dealing with dad. I remember having some good times before he started drinking so much such as going to Bear Lake. We did go to Yellowstone when we were younger,

43: I remember all the bears just meandering around where all the people were. And you boys going deer hunting every year with some of the family like Uncle Dean, Uncle Bill, Uncle Don Jensen and the cousins which was a big deal in those days. I remember all the preparation that went into those trips. We went to our Grandma & Grandpa Richardson’s in Rose Park quite often but we seldom went to Grandma’s parents (Archie and Sybil). I remember that time when we lived in Taylorsville and mom was so mad at you that she chased you with the broom and you ran right through the glass front door. You have the belly scar to show for that one. Oh how you loved to play your rock music really loud and I remember just crying and begging you to turn it down. I remember your Beta haircut and tight jeans and two pair of adlar socks that were so thick I wondered how you could put your shoes on. You were always coming up with some crazy stuff like wiring that phone in your bedroom behind the bed. I remember how mad my mom was when she found it. I remember how you were at Patti Watkins house when I came up and showed you your draft letter and how sad that day was. Well you did come home from the service and were safe so that was a good day. Then you went off and joined the Army again and married Janie. I sure missed you guys on our wedding day and were sad you weren’t there. Our childhood was a pretty hard one but thank goodness we all survived and love each other. It took a few years of maturity for us all to come together but I just don’t know what I would do without you and all our family. Even though you have a tough outer shell (grrrrr) you have a heart of gold and would help anyone. You are a very special part of our family and I hope we all grow very old together. I love you tons. Happy Birthday Sweetie!! - Julie

45: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

46: Dearest Uncle Craig, I have been thinking about what to write to you as you approach your 60th birthday this year. I have so many wonderful memories of you but I tried to narrow them down to a few. I feel so blessed to have grown up so close to you and your family. You became like a second family to me and I knew that if I was having a bad day that I could ‘run away’ to your house and really stick it to my mom! I used that threat often. I remember going fishing and camping with you guys quite a few times and I will never forget the day in Wyoming when you took me out early to go fishing. I am sure the memory is a bit hazy, but I do remember being in front of you on a path as we made our way through an island in the middle of the river. You had carried me across in your waders. We turned the corner and the world's biggest moose (at least it felt like that to me!) was right there. You quickly picked me up under my armpits and backed up while telling me not to move or make a sound. I will never forget bumping into a moose! Another funny memory that I have is from 7th or 8th grade. You took Sara and me to see Ghost. We sat a row or two in front of you and during the steamy pottery scene you threw hot tamales at our heads to distract us from the movie. I used to laugh at you cursing out the kids that would walk through the field behind your house and kick out the fence slats. You would wait in the backyard until they came around just so you could let ‘em have it! And just like it was yesterday, I remember you picking me up bright and early in the summer to bring me back to your house to watch the girls. You always had your truck and a white equipment trailer in tow. I would always walk into your house, check on the girls while they were sleeping, and then fall back to sleep on your velvet patchwork couches in the living room while Mickey curled up next to me. I still love the smell of coffee because that is always what your truck and house smelled like. You helped to give me a wonderful, magical childhood and I will always hold those memories dear. You've have taught me about taking pride in what you do (you always had the prettiest yard on the block) and you made me want to marry a man who could build and fix anything, just like my Uncle Craig. I love you very much and hope that you have a wonderful day, surrounded by all of the wonderful family and friends you have made in this life. Suddenly, turning 60 doesn't look so bad. Love, LeeAnne

47: Happy Birthday to a generous, fun, loving guy! We are grateful for what a wonderful, husband, father and son-in-law you have always been. Love Always, Gary & Joyce

50: Hi Craig, Happy 60th Birthday! And what glorious 60 years it has been. You have been a contractor, builder, painter and inspector. In your spare time you have gone fishing, boating, camping and hunting. You have shared all these things with us all and made our lives happy and fun. But the things you have PERFECTED are a HUSBAND. FATHER & SON-IN-LAW. We love you and want you to know how much you have enriched our lives. Thank you for making our family so full of rewards. Have a wonderful Birthday, All our love, Dot & Kevin

51: Are you going to smoke that? | Are you in 4-wheel drive? | I think it snowed a skiff! | Nice dock dance. What's the matter, ain't you never seen someone fall in before? | Clean over the boat! | "HOYT" Pro Hunter | Happy Birthday! Thanks for a lifetime of entertainment! Love, Ron & Marnie

53: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

54: Craig, On your 60th birthday I want to tell you first happy birthday and second thanks for raising such a great daughter. The last year since joining your family has been great! Thanks for trusting me enough to marry Sara. Thanks for the adventures so far and the many more that I am sure we will have in the future. Love, Ben | Craig, I hope you have a great birthday! Thanks for all your love and support these past few years. I appreciate your advice and willingness to lend a hand or tool to all our many projects. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful family and am grateful to you for raising such a wonderful daughter. Thanks for everything! Love Aaron

55: Craig, As you turn 60, I just wanted to write and tell you that you have meant a lot to our family in many ways. We have all benefited from your generosity and helpfulness, to your entertaining stories and actions over the years. You have been a great brother-in-law. Generosity: You were always willing to help me out with construction projects, and you enjoyed finding me NPS treasures, as much as I enjoyed receiving them. I am grateful for your help help building garage shelves, redoing my kitchen counters, and updating the bathroom at my first house. Thank you for all of the power tools I got for NPS specials and the tools you just gave me to finish the jobs. And also all the other items you so generously gave me over the years. I always appreciated seeing you, Janie and the girls at my softball games. Camping and fishing: I am appreciative of the times we went camping with you, Janie and the girls that spring that Joyce was pregnant with Lisa (Dead Horse Point, Island in the Sky, Shafer Trail, Goblin Vally & San Rafael Swell), the trips pheasant hunting, elk hunting, and all the trips to the Gorge over the years., Remember after the Shafer trail switchbacks where we stopped for some lunch and we saw a big-horned sheep? You were determined to get pictures "up-close" while the rest of us were sure you'd get head-butted by a ram. You came back down with pictures and no injuries, and a big grin on your face. Also, on Easter morning in San Rafael we never found all those hidden Easter eggs. I'm sure one lucky animal found them later on. Stories: I think the best of what you have done for us is to keep us entertained with your wonderful stories. Whether you told them, or were a part of them! You know them better than anyone ."You could see its nose" (after the fish supposedly got away in the ice-fishing hole). "It jumped cleeeen over the boat" (a true fish story only Craig could tell). Then there's the ever so popular "Dock Dancing Story" that needs to be written and turned into a made-for-TV movie staring Craig Richardson as the 'Dock Dancer.' Happy 60th Birthday Craig!!! -Randy

56: Italy Poland 2007

60: We love when you feed us cheese & salami | I love your lap the best - so long as there's not another dog nearby! -Lucy

61: I love you more than the birdy tree! -Rusty

69: "To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."

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