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Father's Day

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S: The Story of our Dad

1: Father's Day | I love how you act so tough, but we all know you are a big teddy bear at heart. ~ Ashley | You were always a secret softy... I will always remember you bringing home a box of kittens; taking us, while mom was at work, to get hamsters and the day we got Silver Swirl. You taught us your love for animals. ~Anna | I will never forget when you surprised us and brought home a box of kittens! It was one of the best days of my life as a kid ~ Amanda

2: I will never forget the AMAZING cardboard house Dad built us (one of many). This one was in Florida on Redwing Circle. He even strung it with Christmas lights! We had windows and a door. We had so much fun in that house. Definitely one of my favorite memories. ~ Amanda

3: I will never forget the cardboard clubhouse that you made for us girls. I will definitely make one of those for my kids! ~ Ashley | That cardboard house was our favorite hideout. It meant so much that you built it for us. By far, one of our best memories. ~ Anna

4: I have always loved when you find something REALLY funny - you have the best laugh. ~ Amanda

5: " | Your passion for cooking, was incentive enough to come home. The smell of your home cooked meals is something I miss everyday. ~ Anna | I love how much you love to read and how fast you can read. I wish these were traits that I acquired... maybe someday. ~ Ashley

7: Ten Things We Love about you... I love that you love to listen to us girls and Mom sing. ~ Ashley I love that every time we leave the house you say "be careful going down those stairs" or "drive safe, watch for deer". ~Anna I love how you always refer to us as "Daddy's girls" ~ Amanda I love that your hands look like hard working hands. ~ Ashley

8: I love that you love chic-flicks! Don't deny it. ~ Ashley I love our chats when it is just Me and You... You have always given me the best advice. ~ Amanda I love that you can watch the same movie over an over - Juannaman ring any bells? You passed that trait onto me. ~ Anna I always loved going to play Mini Golf with you or go to the driving range. You always did fun things with us. ~ Amanda I love that if you are in front of a mirror you keep making faces at yourself. ~ Anna

9: We love how you tell your jokes.

10: You and Mom were very good about rules and boundaries; monitoring our candy intake etc. This is why I think I am not bad about eating a lot of junk food! So thank you. But this also played a huge role in why I think the three of us are well rounded, mature and good people. I am proud of who we all have grown up to be. Thank you for taking the time to be a PARENT. ~ Amanda I will never forget the time you poured syrup on my head. What the?? ~ Ashley I got an egg on my head? You convinced me that I could move the ladder all on my own and it ended up falling backwards and landed on my head. Then you laughed your butt off!! I think this explains a lot! ~ Amanda

11: I will always cherish the day you and I built our snowman together. That was the best! Every time it snows now, I think of that special time. ~Anna Makes me laugh to think about the fact that you lock the bedroom doors upstairs that way you know if someone is in them when you get home. Thank you for passing on that paranoia to me. LOL ~ Ashley I loved our trip to Saratoga; playing cards till all hours of the night, all four of us picking our own horses to make one bet and walking over with you to watch the horses parading. ~ Anna

12: A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. | You show us through the million little things you do that we are loved.

13: Thank you for always being such a hard working Man for this family. You always provided for us and kept very little for yourself. ~ Amanda | Want a blanket? Here have a blanket. Need I say more? ~ Ashley | I see Pepé in you in how you take care of Mom and us girls. ~ Anna | It makes me laugh to think of all the get rich quick books, casino strategy books, e-bay business books you have bought over the years. ~ Ashley

14: I will always remember the time you took us to the state fair to see John Connelly. We were so excited because we all loved him so much. Afterwards you took us to the pet store and bought us a bunch of fish (because only one of us had won one) -- and then we killed them all within a matter of 24 hours (but that’s neither here nor there). You always spoiled us and wanted to make us smile. Thank you for being you! ~ Amanda I miss the days of swimming in the pool and having you throw us up in the air! ~ Ashley I always crack up thinking of the time you and Mom decided you would save money by showing each other your cards at the store instead of buying them. Classic!! ~Anna

15: I will always remember you taking us to the Holsum warehouse in Florida and letting us ride around on the bread tray carts and go in your truck. ~ Ashley I love that you always got us the same dessert you got for yourself, you never got something better for you and mom. ~ Anna Thank you for always preaching to us before we left the house in the morning. I will always remember to be a light when I leave the house in the morning. I may not always succeed at it, but I will remember. ~ Ashley We love that you are such a sharp dressed man and that you often allude to the fact that you should be on the cover of GQ. ~ Your Girls

16: I love how much you love red shirts. ~Ashley | I love how handsome you are! ~ Amanda

17: "Get me my brown pants!" | I love how you are all serious until the camera comes out. Strike a pose! ~ Anna

18: You are always the life of the party! ~ Amanda

19: I will never forget when you broke out singing and dancing to MC Hammer's "Too Legit" at Ashley's wedding! ~ Amanda

20: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. -Joyce Brothers

21: I love that you started family traditions like watching Scrooge, driving around to look at Christmas lights and taking us to get pumpkins, even when we got older. ~ Anna

22: S H I T M Y D A D S A Y S | "Your dogs are hungry!" "It was the cat" ""Minty" "We're taking the scenic route" "I know how to push her buttons!" "You are so feisty" "You'll be fine!" "You see 'Dancing with the Stars' last night" "What do you live in a barn?" "Walk it off, you'll be fine" "She's off the grid" "Did you hear I got that new Apple phone?" "If you start losing big, you have to bet bigger!" "Hiss-hiss" "You love daddy???"

23: 'We're never going to the casino again..." (one month later) "We went to the casino last week"

24: Ever | Ever since we were kids - we were always spoiled with a home cooked meal by you and Mom. Thank you for ALWAYS having us sit down and eat as a family. Love that we still do that to this day. ~ Amanda

25: I will never forget playing the HORSE RACE game with Dad. We always looked forward to it SO much and Dad would always go out of his way to make it an “event”. Popcorn, snacks and soda – and the TV blasting! Always loved those days ~ Amanda Thank you for teaching us how to bet at the races. ~ Ashley

26: "Cherish your yesterdays, dream about tomorrow but live for today" | I swear you bear a striking resemblance to Robert De Niro. ~ Anna

27: It still makes me laugh to think about all the times you made us girls stay home because we "had been out too much already." Secretly we all knew you just didn't want us to leave you. ("Why you want to leave me???") ~ Ashley

28: I will always cherish the copy of The Pilgrim's Progress that you bought us; remembering the time that you read the whole thing to us girls. Somehow reading it on my own is not the same as listening to you read it. ~ Ashley I will always remember and cherish you reading us The Pineapple Story and The Eagle Story. I now own a copy of The Pineapple Story because of you and can't wait to read it to my kids. ~ Ashley I love how we could all see the love in your heart the day you renewed your vows. That was the sweetest moment. ~Anna

29: You always emphasized how important family is, and how us girls should always look out for one another and always remain close in life. I can honestly say that Ashley & Anna are my very best friends. Thank you for giving in to Mom and having three girls – because I truly CANNOT imagine my life without them. You have played a big role in us being so close all of these years. Love you Dad! ~ Amanda I love all the nicknames you have for me. ~Anna

30: Thank you for teaching your little girls how to fish like little boys. ~ Ashley | I love how you and I always let Mom and Jimmy win in cards; even though I know it kills you to lose. ~ Anna

31: I love that you love to make people laugh and I will always cherish that I got that from you. ~ Ashley I love that because of you, all three of us think we are comedians. ~ Anna You were always so protective of the three of us as we were growing up. We always knew that you didn’t want anything to happen to us. ~ Amanda I will never forget the time us girls pretended that one of us fell down the stairs on April fools and you came running so fast! (And mom didn't move!! LOL) So you do care. ~ Ashley

32: What Is A Dad? A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail...

33: Thank you for all you do and for being our Dad. No matter how much you say you never wanted kids, we know you can't imagine your life without us and we can truly say the same about you. Love with all our hearts, Your Girls (aka The A-Team)

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