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Father's Day

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S: Happy 60th Birthday Dad

FC: Happy 60th Birthday | Birthday Wishes from Your Family and Friends | March 26, 2011

1: When I was thinking about your 60th birthday and what to get a dad that has everything, all I could think of was how good you are to other people. So I thought of a way to show you how much you are appreciated, loved, cared for, respected and looked up to by the people in your life. I contacted your family and friends to see if they wanted to contribute a birthday message to you in this book. I was overwhelmed at the responses I received and the amount of time and effort people put into their messages. They wanted to let you know how you have touched their lives, how you helped them in the past and how they feel about you as a person. After reading all the messages, I realized that my dad is even more special that I thought. I am happy to share this book with you and show you what a special person you are. You deserve every ounce of credit and appreciation that is displayed in this book. | Happy 60th Birthday Dad! Love your Family & Friends | Dad ,

2: The first time I saw you, standing at the Elmwood High water fountains, I knew I wanted to go out with you. The perfect opportunity to ask you out arose when I ran for Carnival Queen at East Elmwood Community Club and I needed an escort for the dance. Thankfully you accepted my invitation to be my escort. Good thing I asked you out because if I waited for you I may still be waiting...since it took you 7 years to ask me to marry you. Well, here you are spending your 60th Birthday in Arizona in the heat just as you like it. Time has just flown by..and you have accomplished a lot in your 60 years. Your uncanny knack for making money grow has allowed your family to enjoy some of the good things in life. I remember the story your Mom told me about when you were 8 and you saw that a pig had 12 little piglets. She said your little mind was thinking....if 1 pig could have 12 piglets you could make a lot of money selling pigs. Well, you didn’t sell pigs but you were always buying and selling something to make extra money. That seems to be your lot in life. Buy,Sell --- Buy,Sell ---and Buy,Sell some more. | Buying and selling was not your only passion. Your 3 children are the other focus of your life. Always helping and guiding them in all their endeavors..even though sometimes they may not have wanted your advice, they took it anyway. I know you Love them and are so very proud of them.

3: We have lived in 6 different homes and you made renovations in each of them to make them comfortable for your family. Our cottage was built so that our family could enjoy the summers at West Hawk Lake, and renovations are still going on. Not sure if it will ever be complete. Your life seems to always be a work in progress. I did learn the lesson to be more careful when helping you though. Remember when we were building a door frame in the basement on Killington and a level dropped on my head and I had to have 3 stitches? | Your career as a Firefighter took you down a few different paths. Active firefighting, Arson investigating, and Fire inspections. Your favorite was Arson investigating and you still love to use those skills. | I am so very happy that you accepted my invitation 43 years ago. You are my Best Friend, my nurse maid, my financial planner, and most of all the Love of my Life. I look forward to spending at least another 40 years with you (preferably not in a nursing home. I am hoping one of our children will keep us at home). | Louise | Happy 60th Birthday. With all my Love and as always 3 Kisses.

4: Dear Dad, We are all so lucky to have you in our lives. You always have a way of taking care of people when they need it the most. Whenever anybody I know needs something you are the first person they look to for help. Ever since I was little you have pushed me to do my best, from teaching me to read, to forcing me to play the organ (in hindsight the guitar would have been cooler). You took me to concerts like Kenny Rogers, Tina Turner, and Stevie Wonder, my love for music definitely started with you. You are the reason my favourite vehicle is a 1972 Chevy half tonne. You are the reason I know the importance of shooting a puck while in stride (only the best goal scorers can do this), you never could convince me to stay out of the penalty box though, sorry about that. I’ll never forget going downtown and watching that big fire with you, as a little kid it was pretty amazing to see. When we were growing up you always made sure we could spend time at West Hawk and it will always be a huge part of my life, and even though you made me collect beer bottles and I hated it, it still taught me that hard work does pay off. I still have not learnt the value of a dollar but I am working on it. When I was in grade 6 someone stole my skateboard and sure enough you got it back for me, I just wanted to say thank you again (I definitely still have it in my room). You were there to help me catch my first fish and when we went on our canoe trip I remember that being the first time I ever saw you seem scared (stupid water). You backed me up in court, even though I lost (I still think the judge wasn’t listening to me), and you helped me buy my first house. I will never forget all the lessons I’ve learned from you or all the support or love I have received from you all my life. I love you Dad and couldn’t be happier or luckier to have you in my life. | Love your son, Joey

5: Because you are my dad I know the tricks of the traffic lights I know when to change my oil I know the value of a dollar (kind of) I know hard work pays off I know right from wrong I know that no matter the situation, always love your family | Because you are my dad I don’t bite my nails I don’t like to make my bed I don’t shovel my driveway | Because you are my dad I look for good deals I like raw perogies from the church I respect my elders I take care of my shoes I learned to be confident in myself I chose the right path for my life | Because you are my dad I am who I am | Love Lisa | But most importantly, | I remember back in 1991 at Westerns. I looked waaaaay up into the stands just before I started my beam routine and I saw you standing there by yourself just watching me. You being there gave me the confidence I needed because that was the first beam routine I stuck all year! You were always there to cheer me on (and stick up for me) in life and I appreciated it so much. It was nice to have a dad that would do anything for you. I also loved having a dad that knew everything. It meant I always had a person close to me to turn to for the answers to my questions in life. Even today, you still have all the answers for me even when I sometimes already know the answer. Mom always says that I am just like you.and I take that as a compliment. We are very similar in many ways it is scary sometimes. But I know it is because of you I made the right choices in life and ended up right where I am supposed to be. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family and thank you for being an amazing Dad to me and a loving Papa to my children. I am very proud to be your daughter. Happy 60th Birthday Dad! I love you!

6: I’m so grateful for the values and common sense that you have instilled in me. I hope to pass along all that you have taught me on to my own kids one day. Weather its been picking me and my drunk friends up from the bar or driving me back and forth to Calgary, you have always gone over and above to help me out. Thank you so much for all the help with my new house. I couldn’t have done it with out you. Happy 60th Birthday Lots of love Michelle

7: Richard, In the years that I have spent with your family I have learned many things about you. For starters, how you go the extra mile for people. I have experienced this many times. I remember the time you suggested that we insulate around the foundation of our newly poured basement. Not only did you go all the way to Grand Forks to pick up the insulation, you then helped us install it. I remember the time that you came to the house and stayed till 3 am to make sure I didn’t fall off the scaffolding while wiring that stupid 13 wire remote control ceiling fan. You must have thought I was nuts, but hey, you were there next to me to make sure I was safe. I remember the multiple times that you checked my oil and gave me a look of disgust and then in the same minute you filled my engine with oil as it was near bone dry. I remember all the times you cleaned the bathrooms at my shop just to help us out and didn’t complain once. Rather you made jokes and we laughed. You are extraordinary in how you help people and there should be more of you to go around! One other important thing that you’ve taught me, you’re one not to mess with. Being fairly reserved myself, you’ve taught me a lot about how to deal with people and be more confident. No matter what rank or position you are in, if you are in the right you should stand up for what you believe in no matter who you’re up against. Thanks for the life lessons, they are always noted whether you know it or not and they are very much appreciated. Happy 60th Birthday! Darren

8: Taylor

9: "daba daba dub uhhh da ba dub dub" (Happy Birthday Papa!) Love Hudson

10: One of my favorite stories about Richard is one of the first times that I got to experience one of those wonderful Winnipeg socials that fell on Halloween. On Michelle and I's return back to Richard and Louise's house I stumbled upon a pumpkin on the door step. I had the great idea to cut out the bottom of it and put it on my head.... and better yet, Richard was sleeping so I crawled into bed with him. When he figured out it wasn't his wife running her fingers through his chest hair and it was this pumpkin head next to him, I thought for sure the pumpkin was going to be gone with my head in it. But he just laughed with Michelle, Louise and myself. I just want to thank you Richard for showing me the ropes in Winnipeg. For example, where to get the best bread (two different kinds), lunch meat, cake and those wonderful all you can eat perogies. I think I am still full. And coupons for A & W, I really enjoy those times with you. The hockey talks we have and the funny things we hear just axe him he will tell you. But the best thing about you is how you have brought me into your house and treated me as a son, a feeling I haven't had in a very long time and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. | Andrew

12: THE BIRTH OF A SON I remember the phone ringing just after 10:00 p.m. on July 25, 1977. Richard sounded calm but a little excited. Would I please come over to the house on Milford. Upon arrival I found Louise in the bathroom shaving her legs, apparently she had started labour and refused to go to the hospital with hairy legs, typical. Anyway, Richard decided that since my car had vinyl seats it would be better to use as they would be easier to clean up. We all got into the car and off we went to the baby factory (Women’s Centre) to await the birth of Richard and Louise’s first child. On the way there Richard wanted to go through every Red light, unfortunately we never had to stop. Richard was very excited and kept repeating the song lyrics to a Trooper song, We’re here for a good time not a long time. He was right as usual because within 8 hours the birth of a son Charles Joseph (Joey) was experienced. I received another phone call and went back to pick Richard up and we went to the Maryland Hotel for breakfast. Richard was on cloud nine and I don’t think he will ever forget that moment in his life. I was very happy to share this with him. | Richard loves his Cabin, we all know that. He enjoys the wild life that choose to live there as well. Always feeding the deer, hoping the bears do not show up, but one animal he just loves is that pig. All the children who visit seem to have food for the deer, but for some reason they never get to feed or see that pig. He always seems to be around but is never seen. I wonder why? | Happy Birthday Richard Love Nellie

13: Wild life seem to have a way of showing up at the Yallits cabin. One very hot summer some bats decided to make a home in the vents of the fire place. I happen to be sleeping one night and heard a fluttering around my head. I reached over to turn on the light to see what was happening. Something grazed my head and I screamed. I woke everyone up and said I thought there was a bird in my room. We could not see it but soon discovered it as a bat that had taken the wrong turn out of the fire place vent. Low and behold it took the three of us, on a very hot day, with the fire place set to high, to evacuate the bats from the cabin. | Renovations are always underway at the Yallits summer home. I remember one summer when Louise and I were enlisted to help with they drywall on the ceiling of the front extension. We were both up on a table holding the 4 x 8 sheet in place when Richard needed to check something. He went about his task but forgot the two of us with our arms held over our heads and trying to keep this piece of dry wall in place. To make a long story short, as our arms were just about to give up and have the dry wall fall to the floor, Richard finally came back and nailed the piece to the ceiling. Always a good time when working with Richard. | Another story involved the posts that surround and support the deck of the cabin. The parking lot is out there and Louise and I were always afraid that we would knock one out one day, well believe it or not it was Richard himself that did this. Again Louise and I were out there trying to move this support post into place. Richard you were very good at making sure we did this correctly.

14: I was able to come across 4 pictures of Uncle Richard when I was very young and one with Kevin when he was first born. The picture that is blurry is of Richard and me as well as the one of Nana, Richard and me. They were taken at 458 Martin Ave Dec 25, 1960, making him 9 years old. | December 25th, 1960 | December 25th, 1960

15: The next picture of me with Richard is a year later, Dec 25/61 at 458 Martin Ave. The last picture is of Richard with Kevin in August 1964. Richard is 13 years old. I have never known a time where Richard was not in my life. He is like an older brother. Happy Birthday Richard! Love Ricky & Marie | December 25th, 1960 | August 1964

16: Attention Antique Dealers 60 Year Old Classic One of a Kind, Rolled off assembly line March 26, 1951 Original Motor with 525600 hours Wheezes and sputters a little Very little rust or body damage (Over loaded seven or eight times) Engine OK but a little temperamental when overheated For smooth operation add a few ounces of Baileys or Sambuca Exterior surface in excellent condition, may need a new muffler due to age and excessive backfiring Very dependable and works well and bonus.... now qualifies for 10% discount! Item may not be exactly as illustrated but a Happy 60th birthday is wished to this classic, otherwise known as Richard.

17: What is “Success”? At age 4 success is not peeing in your pants! At age 12 success is having friends! At age 16 success is having a drivers licence! At age 20 success is having sex! At age 35 success is having money! At age 50 success is having money! At age 60 success is having sex! At age 70 success is having a drivers licence! At age 75 success is having friends! At age 80 success is not peeing in your pants! Well Richard it appears that you have achieved success so far, let’s hope you will continue on the pattern and achieve success all the way to 100. | A few more words on your 60th birthday – Wisdom comes with age but sometimes age comes alone. It’s frustrating when you know all the answers but no one asks you the questions. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optimal. With all this in mind we welcome you to the over 60 club with its benefits and senior days that come with collecting CPP | Love | Grant & Marietta

18: Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you have many more to come. I am so glad you are my brother in law. You are a very special person. You do love a good argument, a good deal and good friends. You can always be counted on to lend a hand and to give sound advice. I know your brother is very proud of you and all your accomplishments, even though he probably has never told you so or often enough. I have always appreciated your concern, interest and care you have shown to all my children. You have always been a special person in my life and you always will. Love Barb, Lorey, Chris, Stu and Theresa | You have made it to a very special birthday. In the last 60 years you have seen a lot of things. Some happy, some sad and now you deserve to feel as proud of yourself today as your family and friends feel proud of you. Best Wishes Always. Frank | Happy 60th Birthday Richard. Hoping you have the best birthday ever. Wish we could all celebrate together. From the girl with your favorite buns!!!! Love & best wishes Noreen

19: You saw in me what I could not see in myself. You gave me the courage to do something that I never thought I could. You became the biggest pain in my you know what... To teach me that I really could succeed and for your patience and determination to make me believe in myself, I am grateful that I have been a part of your 60 years!!! Love Christine | Happy 60th Birthday Uncle Richard I want to let you know that I always keep my room clean now and because of you I know the difference between lbs and Kg (How many days do I still owe you?). Also, a HUGE thank you for helping me buy my first car, that Corsica did me well. Take care and we love you. Love Kerri, Bill, Hailey and Olivea XXOO | Happy 60th Birthday Uncle Richard! We Thank You for all the love & support you have shared with us throughout the years. Here's to hoping you all the best for many, many years. We love you! Love Kelly & Len xoxoxoxo

20: Wow, what a milestone... 60 years!!! So... We were thinking about what someone like you would do to celebrate??!! We realized quick, "No time" You're a busy man... Or so you seem to remind us all the time! The thing about you Richard, is that you are NEVER to busy to do for others. You have this HUGE exterior wall that you put up to make others back off, but honestly.. It's not working!! Give it up!! We've been reminded time and time again just how very large your heart is underneath that HUGE exterior! When it comes to needing something, or someone, you are the first in line to step up to the task even at times when your opinions seem strong and your words tough to swallow, you always have the very best intentions in mind and you are there no matter what; and being who you are, You go out of your way to make each and every one of us important in the only way you know how, you just tell it like it is! That's why we love you the most! It's because of you, our kids have learned that feeding a deer, is just part of the beauty of the outdoors that they can experience! That is precious! It is because of you that we learned that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything! You have taught so many that, whether it is finding a tractor, or building a home! It can be done! You are an amazing man, and you're appreciated by so many, even if you never give us the opportunity to express it! So for your 60th Birthday Richard, we can only hope you will look back and reflect on who you are and be very proud that you have instilled those same values, morals and true being that you as a person have, on each of your children, and in turn they will do the same for their families!

21: 60 years.... The door is always open, the cupboards always full. This is something you make sure you check on every visit, don't ever change, you are always welcome here! Although Alvin and I don't say it enough, what you've done for us over the years has never been overlooked, and what you've done for my Mom & Dad being there as if you were one of their own will never be forgotten. Thank you for being 60 years of you! You are very much appreciated and loved. Love Alvin and June | We love you, appreciate you, look forward to more lunches brought fresh into Wolseley or out to Niverville and of course more of your homemade Pea soup... a personal fav. Cheers with many shots of black Sambuca on your 60th Richard! (oh, you taught us that too, is there any other way to celebrate??) We Love you!! Happy 60th Birthday! Dave, Alli, Jett, Kayson & Dallin

22: Well Richard congratulations on another milestone. Seems we have shared a few milestones along the way, 40, 50 and now the big 6-0. Just remember you are always one step ahead of me old pal. So I'm supposed to tell a funny story about you that I remember. Well I have to say to limit it to just one is a tough assignment. There were a few, so lets start off with one of the Arbor Grove open golf weekends. Do you remember the time I switched your golf ball with an exploding one. I remember your comment after you hit it, "That would have gone a mile." Priceless! Next one I have to say was my second favourite. The time you were about to leave for work and you noticed Hal and I sitting on the driveway having a drink. You came over to mooch a quick drink and you were not aware that Hal had brought over some home brew. You took a big swig and had to sit down after you realized it was not the normal rum and coke. Hope you did not have a call that night. Well, wish I was with you to help celebrate your big day, but will try and make it up next time in Winnipeg. All the best to you and hope you are enjoying yourself, you deserve it. | Frank Hiebert

23: Ohhhh Richard, where should I begin? There are so many memories I have of you tormenting and bugging me, I don't know where to start. I think my earliest ones are of you tying my socks into a knot at the toes. They would be tied so tight that they would have to become a dog toy. Or maybe it's of me sitting down at the piano and playing a few keys and then you would shout from anywhere you were in the house, that I owed you another quarter. Or what about when you zipped my chin with my zipper? I know what you do that bugs me the most is when you point to my shirt and say "What's that" and hit my noes with your finger! What a PUTZ!!! Not much has changed, except that now I come with a side kick, mini me and I see you bug her just like you've always bugged me! Richard you always put a smile on my face, thank-you for always being there for me, you are one of a kind! Happy 60th Birthday Richard! | Love from Rayna, Kris & Emily | Richard, What can I say about a man whose main goal in life is to think of others. For over 27 years of friendship, you have been there for the big stuff, the small and everything in between! Thank you for all the years of sending boxes full of perogies, garlic sausage, and Kubs bread with Jason and Rayna when they came here for Christmas, and the many times you would just go and pick up sausage and bread for me when you knew that I didn't have the time during my visits to Winnipeg. However there is one thing you did that I have always considered going above and beyond the call of friendship. When Jason was nine and Rayna six, Simon (our little Yorkie) died and Frank asked Rayna "where should we bury him?" and she picked a spot basically in the middle of the yard. I couldn't stand the thought of his little grave staying there and being constantly stepped upon. Frank wouldn't do it, but when you saw how upset I was you dug Simon up for me the next day and re-buried him in the corner of our yard! I talked about how much that meant to me for years! So for all that and more, thank-you. You are truly a wonderful friend. Happy 60th Richard! | With Love and Best Wishes....Michelle

24: Richard is a special person who never forgets his old friends. We have had some special talks about our kids and grandkids and he always keeps in touch. I on the other hand could take a lesson in that department. Love to hear from people who have touched my life through the Fire Department career and he is one of them. While still working in Fire Prevention I used to keep Richard “tuned up” in regards to his “whining” at times! He will know what I mean by this. While here he bought me a Fan for my “hot flushes” which I still use – not so bad flushes anymore!! These thoughtful things are just a small part of his thoughtfulness in his daily life. He worships his children and grandchildren which is a very admirable trait in my eyes. A small but very close family which is very similar to our family. Just had a nice e-mail from Phoenix even remembering my Birthday of all things. The list goes on and on. Your kids are truly blessed to have wonderful parents. Our wishes for Richard’s 60th Birthday are endless – keep enjoying winters in Phoenix and many many more healthy and happy years ahead. It does my heart good to know that he has joined the 60 and over club with the rest of us. Cheers and Much Sambuca!!! Love Viida and Murray | When I worked at Palliser, your Dad and Mom would often visit us as staff. Their visits were especially fun because they regularly brought food. They lightened up the evenings and we laughed a lot. Your Dad was always looking for a deal and I am positive he persuaded us into selling him many great bargains. He is hard to resist with all that charm. We shared many things during those visits, especially the scary time he went through with his health. You as children will remember those visits to the showroom as well because you accompanied your parents at times. Those were great times! I wish Richard many more years of happiness and health. He is a wonderful man and the love he feels for his family is evident in how he speaks of you. He deserves his time in Phoenix and we can hardly wait to hear what his next scheme will be. Thank you for asking me to share. It is a privilege. | Wally

25: I am excited to be apart of this special birthday book for Richard! This story took place about 10 years ago. Louise, Wally, Betty and I attended a fundraising event for the Dugald Costume Museum held at the Fort Gary Hotel. Wally offered to pick each of us up. We arrived at the Fort Gary Hotel just in time for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. This was a formal event with wonderful food and a beautiful fashion show. The collection of vintage costumes was amazing. As the afternoon ended with a cup of coffee and delicious desert, we all piled in Wally’s car and headed back on Henderson Highway. I noticed a car parked on Henderson highway with a For Sale Sign. I shouted out to the girls, “Take a look at that loser car, it is parked illegal, for they can not advertise on city property.” “Oh boy that loser car is going to get towed with a hefty fine.” Louise started to laugh out loud and looked toward me and said “You will never guess whose car?” I replied, “Not Richard?” Louise replied “Yes.” Well, we all roared with laughter as I added “Richard called the cops to tell them it’s my car and you better not to give me a ticket.” I will never forget the fun we had over another one of Richard’s on the side, steal of a deal business! Happy 60th Birthday wishes to you Richard! I am grateful to have you and Louise in my life. You are both the nicest down to earth people. I am lucky to have you as my friends for ever and ever. Love you all. Love “Marvelous” Melony Biedler

26: I have worked with Richard on the Winnipeg Fire Department and UFFW executive. I met Richard when I became a Union Executive (Secretary). We had some great times and I always respected him for his knowledge and hard work for the members of the Local. Especially on the Safety Committee. In those days a lot of the education an executive received was through his own hard work and determination. Richard was so dedicated he even paid his own way to a Redmond Health and Safety Conference in Toronto and was present for many presentations on the safety and health of fire fighters. I was tasked as an executive to deal with Fire Prevention Issues. Whenever there was an issue that required my attention, I was sure to contact Richard and ask him for his input. He was always willing to give me his time and knowledge concerning Fire Prevention issues. Through the years he developed a knowledge of Fire Fighter turn out gear that to this day is probably one of the top in Canada. I enjoyed our times together as Union Executives. I do have one funny story. One day we were having an executive meeting and Richard was seated on my left at the end of the conference table. The meeting was about half over when he casually reached over and unplugged my laptop computer. Now, ordinarily this would not be an issue as laptops have back up batteries. However, this laptop was an older model and the battery no longer worked so the computer crashed and all the minutes of the meeting were lost. I casually informed him that all the information was lost and that he was responsible. The surprised look on his face made everyone in the room as well as myself start laughing . It took some effort to recover the info on the hard drive and I credit him for making me get educated fast on computers. We still laugh about it to this day. (cont'd)

27: I have a cottage at Falcon Lake and your family has a cottage at West Hawk Lake, so we see each other from time to time. Richard and Louise are down in Arizona this winter and it has been a pleasure socializing with them. They have fit well into our group down here. In closing I have found you very respectful of other peoples feelings and willing to help in any way when needed. You are a great family man, always trying to not burden others with your needs. I consider you a friend and look forward to many years of friendship back at the lake and down south. So Happy Birthday and don't spend the CPP checks all in one place. P.S. I didn't realize you were sooooo old!!!! Victor Basarowich | Doug and I would like to wish Richard a Very Happy 60th Birthday. When I hear the word Sambuca I always think of Richard. He loves making pea soup and making deals; and he is always so willing to drive Louise and I to MTC and pick us up. What a wonderful husband. Betty and Doug

28: Strange Gifts from a Friend It was just after we had purchased our cottage in St. Laurent. Richard had stopped by our home in Winnipeg and dropped off a number of items that he had gotten at one of his package purchases from the federal government. We weren't home at the time and on our return were wondering where these treasures had come from. He later confessed to Doug that he had dropped them off as a joke knowing that we liked wine. There was a dozen stemmed wine glasses, a wine rack and a variety of aboriginal artworks. About a week later Richard called the house to speak with Doug and I asked what he was up to. He responded by saying that he had some friends that had purchased a cottage and he was in north Winnipeg scouring BFI containers to find them some original aboriginal artwork and other sundries that they might need. To this day the pictures grace our walls at the lake and the wine rack sits in our living room holding ten bottles of wine. Richard, you and Louise are always welcome to drop off your surplus items and stay for a drink of wine. Thanks. Joanne McGiffin

29: Happy 60th Birthday Richard! Rich, I hear that March 26th is a Special Day. We are sorry that you will be under the warm Arizona sun, far away from the cool temperatures of Winnipeg. Probably wishing you were back here. Here on your 60th Birthday. I remember when we first met, another Special Day, September 27, 1976. That was our first day at the Training Tower on Empress Street. A day that turned out to be the beginning of a great friendship of almost 35 years. You were there on another Special Day, July 25th, 1981. A day when you honored me to be in our Wedding Party. Debbie and I were so grateful for that. You are a true friend and we wish you all the best on your birthday. Have a cool drink and think of the 59 Winnipeg winters you didn’t miss. All our Love, Barry and Debbie P.S. Personally, I can’t wait to turn 60. You are so lucky to be able to apply for Early Canada Pension. Now you will be able to just sit back and watch the bank account grow and grow. To keep up the Good Luck, on March 26th go out and buy a lottery ticket.

30: It was San Francisco and Richard and I were there for the Redmond Symposium and rooming together at the Hilton. We had attended on behalf of Local 867's Safety Committee. The day of lectures was a long one and we had attended about ten hours of the sessions. We decided to go out for a well deserved dinner and partook in a couple of post dinner beverages. Might I add that we were dressed in our suits and looking a little dapper at the time. On our return to the hotel we decided to stop at the Hilton's main floor bar for a night cap. Richard decided that he liked a life sized cardboard statuette of Joe Montana displayed in the corner of the lounge. The Super Bowl was being played on the coming weekend and this was a NFL promotion standing in the lounge. Richard asked me if I thought that he may be able to take Joe to our room for a souvenir. In our unreasonable minds we schemed up that it would be a reasonable thing to do. I suggested that if he just walked up and deliberately tucked Joe under his arm there would be no repercussions by staff or security. It sounded like a reasonable plan to Richard at the time and with that Richard proceeded up to the end of the bar and tucked Joe under his arm and left the bar. I looked over and the hotel security guard approached Richard and asked what he thought he was doing. Richard always being quick thinking on his feet immediately replied that I had said that it would be fine gesturing towards me. With that I nodded back and gave the security guard the high five signaling my approval. The guard waved back and allowed Richard to carry on. Next I went to the elevator lobby and there was Richard and Joe Montana waiting for the next elevator. We took Joe to our 10th floor room and turned in for the night. | The Night Richard Slept With Joe Montana

31: The next morning we awoke to find this six foot cardboard statuette of Joe Montana standing over us in our room. Not wanting to create a scene in the lobby by attempting to return Joe to the lounge, Joe roomed with us for the rest of our stay. We had comments from the maid who was startled when she pulled the drapes back when making up our room. After that Joe was banished to the balcony only to be seen from anywhere in downtown San Francisco as we were on the tenth floor. In the end at checkout we left Joe Montana in our room and left a healthy tip for the maid to look after his safe return. That's the night that I witnessed Richard and Joe Montana spending a night together in the San Francisco Hilton. Gotta love ya, Richard! Your good friend, Doug McGiffin | Approximately 23 years ago I wore a new green dress to work. It was a nice non-descript green dress. I wore this dress a few times to work. One day Richard asked me if I was going to wear “my green dress” to an upcoming function (I think he has a fixation about green dresses). The question was asked while he was wearing his lopsided grin. The green dress promptly went to Value Village. While Rick and I were on holidays in Mesa this week (2011) he is still asking me about “The Green Dress”. (I think I will buy him a green dress)! Happy 60th Birthday Richard! Diane Stuart

32: I met Richard in 1980 at fire station #7 (Pritchard & Sinclair) where we worked on opposite shifts. Although we were never stationed together, over the years, we always stayed in touch with each this very day. Two of the great qualities of Richard is that he has the ability to look at a situation and immediately formulate an action plan as to what is required and how he can help and secondly he has an over abundance of "common sense". I'm sure that everyone reading this has been touched in one way or another by Richard....whether he sold you a T-shirt, gave you a ring of garlic sausage, took you for a boat ride, showed you where the "deals" were, took you to the airport, visited while you were in the hospital or offered his cottage....his love of giving, seems endless! During the flood of '97 while I was sandbagging my home, we ran out of metal ties for the sandbags....Richard called "someone he knew" and within minutes a MTS truck showed up at my door and delivered about 10,000 zip-ties! How did he do that?? Several years ago my car happened to breakdown right in the village of West Hawk Lake....Dead! I knew no one in the town except Richard and didn't even know if he was there. I called his cottage and he and Louise were there in a few minutes, to rescue us. Not only did they give us a ride back to the city but he arranged to have the car towed into the no charge! How did he do that??

33: For a large 2007 funeral relating to an on duty firefighter death, Richard magically figured out that there was a need for a shuttle service to bring people from the parking lot to the church....Well, on his own time and ambition, he contacted a car dealership and arranged for some shuttle vehicles. Another time, in a phone conversation, I casually mentioned that I was flying to Phoenix on "Tuesday" of next week.....well on Monday night he calls me up and asks, "What time do you want me to pick you up?" I said that I could order a cab....but he insisted! Once again.......promptly on time! Richard was instrumental in organizing the construction of a home at 851 Alfred Ave for "Habitat for Humanity" in the North End of Winnipeg. He had his list of "guys" that were talented in certain trades....made the schedule and the home was finished in no time. How did he do that?? I have always looked up to Richard as a person that has "been there before" and as such, I have always been able to call him up, at any time of the day, and run things past him. Should I do this first or that? Is this legal? How do you fix that? Who can I call for this? For some reason he has all the answers...or knows who does! (Continued Next Page)

34: Thought a lot about this. Had many ideas of what I could say but I keep coming back to a simple “Happy 60th to a person who has been a true friend” Dave Peters | His nature is to be there for those in need; and he does a great job of that....but this one time he went over the edge: We were driving out to Brandon several years ago and there was a sign on the highway that said "Clean Washrooms Ahead" he did! Yes, we've all heard the old "Post Office" and "Limousine Driver" stories and how he walked to school....up hill both ways....but this is Richard! Deep down he is a VERY proud son, brother, uncle, husband, father and an even prouder grandfather. Congratulations on your 60th Rich! J.R. Jonsson

35: Richard Yallits - Happy 60th Birthday - Let me know what it feels like for I'll be joining you in another 8 months! Helmut in 3 months! We think you are a pretty neat guy. Always kind, always friendly and surprisingly helpful. I guess that the latter is something that really strikes us about you. We recall these instances: * Darren & Lisa's wedding social and the lunch - you actually stood there and served my chocolate cake to all the people - now, what guy would do that? I really appreciated that. * You call me up out of the blue and ask me if I need any fabric; you get me tons and then won't take any money for it! What really impresses me is the fact that you were hoping I could give some to our church. Actually, some ended up with a family here in Seven Sisters and she put it to very good use. I did make curtains for my two bedrooms upstairs with some. And I have mentioned the fabric to the lady at our church who puts together baby layettes and bandages for the White Cross. They send them to needy countries. * Another day, you phoned me and said you were going to see your 'fabric buddy' and you wanted to know if I needed anything. As a matter of fact, I did, I said. I needed a large zipper for my son-in-law's parka. And did you get me that zipper? You sure did, and left it for me at Darren & Lisa's just before you went off on your Arizona vacation. The zipper has been put in and both Jon & I are very thankful! * How good you are to Darren & Lisa and us and Leanne & Jon. We appreciate everything you have done for us and we couldn't ask for better in-laws, Louise included! We hope you will be around a long, long time so we can enjoy one another's company! And by the way, Richard, you are going to have to spend the night here at our place, and NO excuses! Helmut & Carol

36: Who would you think would sell you your first car for $125.00 - Richard! Who would find steel stairs in the garbage weighing 2000 lbs. and carry them and put them beside the garage and damage the K-Car and find a buyer - Richard! Who would buy desks and chairs from a government auction, put them in his garage and sell them to another government agency - Richard! Who could buy 100 sheets of decorative glass for $8 and make a fortune re-selling them - our buddy Richard! Who has lived in so many houses, we have lost count - Richard! Who has bought and sold so many cars, we have lost count - Richard! Who can't stop laughing about a midget with a hair lip who wants to buy a horse - Richard! Who's favourite song lyrics are "Turn Me Loose", "Turn Me Loose", "Turn Me Loose" - Richard! Who does everyone ask about advice on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING - Richard! Who would make you run over a skunk when driving a towed car - Richard! Who calls every Sunday from Richer - Richard from Richer!!! Who can talk to anybody, anywhere - Richard! Who knows everybody and what they do - Richard! - (Who needs facebook or google with Richard?) Who uses a 5 wood on a 135 yd. par 3 - Richard! Who would have a 20 litre pail of roof tar for our sudden leaky roof - Richard! Who would the Firefighters union ask to organize the memorial for two fallen firefighters - Richard! WHO IS THE BEST FRIEND WE COULD EVER HAVE - Richard! (and Louise too!!!) Richard, we appreciate all the wonderful things you do for us and for others. You are a kind, warm-hearted, unselfish individual! Happy Birthday old man! Here's to many more! | Colin & Janice

37: "Cherish your yesterdays, dream about tomorrow but live for today" | When we think of Richard, we think of having our socks tied together! I think that when I was growing up, I remember that I would see Richard at my Grandma & Grandpa's place grabbing lunch and I even remember bugging him about how he was always there. I can honestly say that there is nobody that spent more time with my grandparents in the last years of both of their lives. The lunches never stopped except that he would now bring it with him. He has been more of a son to both of them then anyone else. I only hope that I will effect my fathers last years as much as he has effected theirs. "I appreciate everything that he has done for my family and my Grandparents in ways that I cannot express, We wish him all the best and many more sock tying years to come." Happy Birthday Richard Love Tim, Karen, Alyssa & Katy

38: I remember one thing i thought was funny ... Richard and Louise stopped by for a quick visit and we were sitting in my living room when this old lady (I think she was in her late 70's) Mary, comes by and Richard says to her "Hey are you Ukrainian?" she says "Yes." "OOOHHH," he says, "then you must know how to make potatoe pancakes." "Yes I do" she says. Next thing you know she's in my Kitchen grating all my potatoes by hand and then frying up potato pancakes for like two hours. Then Richard had Don running to the store for sour cream!!! But when Mary said she makes potato pancakes you should of seen Richards face and the drool running down his chin!!! It was hilarious!!! Happy 60th Richard! Love Don and Terry

39: Happy Birthday Uncle Rich! When asked to say a word or two about you I knew right away what I would write about. To say that you are one of the nicest persons I know would be a understatement. You exemplify what the word HUMANITY means, always putting others before yourself and never wanting or expecting anything in return. Whether it was helping me buy a van, or calling me to let me know that I just bought a boat, you are always on the lookout of the best interest of others. Uncle Rich, this world could use more people like you. I have always looked up to you and consider you like my 2nd Dad. I hope you live another 60 years, because its a honour and pleasure to call you my friend. All the best! Tommy

40: Richard, first a thank you from us and our kids for building a huge cabin for you, Louise and your kids. That allowed us to use the trailer and enjoy many great summers at West Hawk. On this your birthday, we just wanted you to know that -- after all these years of having you as a crappy landlord – we’re still not going to complain about your high rental fees, your lack of interest in painting the trailer, fixing the broken boards on the deck or replacing the broken toilet. We’ll just continue to grin and bear it. And we’ve always appreciated that you left the shed behind for us even though we only had about one square foot to use. We were often tempted to throw out the water skies that Lisa used when she was six -- or the baby carriage that louise used for michelle when she was a baby -- or the wagon that Joey used when you forced him to search all of West Hawk looking for empties -- or the propane bottles that expired in 1968 -- or the dozens of suntan lotion stained bamboo mats that your family used at the beach. But we didn’t complain or throw the stuff out – we knew you always planned to sell the stuff one day and would probably be quite upset if we got rid of anything. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from you old buddy – it’s never throw anything out – there’s a buyer somewhere willing to pay good money for it!! And by the way – whatever made you pick a trailer that had a one foot gap at the bottom of the bathroom door? Which was it -- the sounds or the smells that you enjoyed the most? Just kidding old timer. Thanks for keeping the old trailer around and taking the time to renew the lease every year. It’s been very special to our family. And speaking of special old things – you’ve always been a great friend to our family and we all wish you the best on your 60th birthday. Have a great one!!! | Dennis, Linda and Family

41: I came across these pictures I had of a Halloween party we had in the basement of our first house on Chalmers Avenue East – FORTY years ago in 1971! I thought you might like to use them for your Dad’s birthday book. There are two pictures of your Dad dressed as Robbie the Robot. Even back in those days he was proud to be called a “Blockhead” by Uncle Ed. Since the party was in October 1971 – that means Richard was 20 years old at the time. Too bad we didn’t have a picture of him without the costume. On the other hand – maybe it’s better that we don’t. We might be surprised to find that he was actually good looking back then. LOL. Let’s hope he remembers this costume. Dennis

42: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" | Winston Churchill

43: Happy 60th Birthday

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