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Father's Day

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1: Happy Birthday Dad! We love you! Steve & Kristin | May 2011

2: Pho | Photos courtesy of Pat | Uncle Paul, Thanks for many years of memories and laughter. I'm so lucky we all got time to spend together on the cruise!!! Happy 60th birthday!! Love kristi

3: Paul - my ‘favorite’ brother-in-law, I have a book full of wonderful memories of times that you and Marilyn, and Mike and I have spent together from the simple times of just visiting at each others' homes to some incredible experiences traveling together. One of my favorites was the awesome trip together to Montana. Our time could not have been more memorable. From the time we stomped around the tall grasses at the farm that Duane managed, only to have my worst fears realized a few hours later when saw that van pulled over alongside the road and pistol drawn to shoot that rattlesnake when ‘supposedly’ it was too cold for them to be moving about, to the time that Marilyn and I dressed in matching flannel nightgowns for our two knights in shining armor at the stagestop. Of course, that entire trip was focused on finding those “F---ing” elk, and somehow you managed to find them actually in the act in Yellowstone, not to mention that we almost hit that big moose that crossed the road on our adventures in search of those elk! We have made many other memories that will always be dear to our hearts and cemented in our minds. Marilyn and I are lucky to have found our Georgy men – even though you both come with a few traits and little quirks that might get under our skin from time to time – just I’m certain the same is true about us. But we are blessed that you put your family first and know the true meaning of love. So here’s to your 60th BIRTHDAYmay you continued to be blessed with good health and happiness, and let the good times roll! Love to you, Tina | Paul, uncle, godfather, I just wanted to wish you a happy 60th birthday and ask you a quick do you pronounce the word R-O-B-E? haha =) Even though this may have been an embarrassing game of catch phrase for you, you are an intelligent and remarkable man, and make 60 years look wonderful! Much love, Stacy Strieker

4: Dear Brother: I don’t have the same childhood memories as you do. The ones of me telling Dad I was sorry and will never do the wrong thing again but you always bending over and getting the ruler broken across your bun cheeks. The early years we did not do much together. You were in high school and I was in grade school, so you did not want me hanging around. When I made it to high school you were off to college. After college we both married and started our careers. Since then we have had many happy memories of our families doing things together. You have taught me many things about life, family and career. I know I have taught you and your sons many things. I only wish they were as useful and as meaningful as what you have shown me: life, career philosophy, and the idea that success comes from hard work. With LOVE and RESPECT, Your Brother Mike

5: Dear Paul, Wow, 60 years old!!! Chuck always says, “ I guess that’s better than the alternative”. And that is true! I remember when I was a kid and mom and dad were in there fifties. I thought that was really old; but now that we are there it sure doesn’t seem that old, does it? I know my kids are thinking that about Chuck and I, but the majority of the time I don’t feel old. Paul, you are six years older than me, and I don’t really remember you being around much when I was growing up. I do remember you going away to college. I would have been 12. One incident I remember is when I was sixteen and just starting to drive. I guess you must have been home from college and one particular day you let me drive your car. If I remember correctly, it was an all decked out Chevelle. I was driving on Route 161 just outside of New Baden. I was going around the first curve headed for Mascoutah and you made a comment that I was taking the curve pretty fast and that I better slow down (there were some other words mentioned, but I don’t recall them specifically). I don’t know why I remember that, but I do. Maybe it was one of life’s lessons that stuck with me. As we look back on our lives, I think we can be pretty proud of what we have accomplished. I am talking about every one of us: you, Pat, Mike and myself. I know Mom and Dad would be extremely proud because all of their kids are doing well. As Mom and Dad had always been to us, each one of us is a shining example for each of our kids. I guess I reminisce because Mom and Dad are not with us anymore and I find myself looking at our lives as a kid growing up. Mom and Dad did not have a lot of money, but they made the best life, for each of us, as they could. I am sure you would agree, looking back, we had what we needed. Yes, we always wanted more, but we had a great life with a lot of great life lessons. I remember Dad being involved in 4-H and you and Mike also being extremely involved. I think those experiences helped us get to where we are today. I remember this particular 4-H awards luncheon/ceremony. I don’t really remember the details of the event but I know you were going to be the Master of Ceremonies and you were planning to tell a joke at the beginning. I don’t remember the joke (maybe you do); but it was a great hit and the event went off without a hitch. I am sure you are using that same technique these days when you lead a meeting. I give our parents credit for teaching us this, in particular, (and many more things that don’t come to mind right now.) If we really thought about it, I am sure we could come up with many examples. I know your children would have the same stories of little (and sometime big) lessons that they have learned from you. I guess the point to all of this is that we have come a long way and we can be proud of who we are and how we got here. I know I am proud of us and our families. Our heritage of integrity and ethical behavior will be carried on by each of our children. I know this was supposed to be a fun letter to celebrate your 60th birthday, but along with the fun comes the hard work and hard lessons along the way. Let me recall several things that we can laugh about now but maybe couldn’t then. I remember you breaking the basketball backboard at Mater Dei and I can recall the famous word ‘robe’ that can be pronounced differently. I just had to bring that up!!! Anyway, Congratulations on your 60th birthday and I wish for you continued health and love . Aggie and Family

6: Paul, Sorry I don't have any funny stories about you. But, you are one of the older cousins and I'm the youngest...haha. Hope you have a great birthday and many many. Happy 60th birthday! Love, Craig and Bpnnie Markwardt

7: Happy Birthday Paul, and many more. I remember one thing very vividly: I really don't know how old you were, but I think two or three months, and you had colic. We would walk, rock and sit with you; but you cried and cried. The only thing that helped was when I took you in the chicken house. You would watch all the chickens move about. I used to go to your mom and dad's house during the summer months, when there was no school, and help out. Picking beans, peas and strawberries was also included in my helping. In other words, this was about 60 years ago. Where did time go? Happy Birthday and a whole lot more. Love, Aunt Helen Becker

8: Happy Birthday Uncle Paul!! I can't believe that you are turning 60!! I would have to say that my most vivid memory of you was WAY back in the day when Kristi and I used to come up and spend a few days or a week with the Crystal Lake Georgy's in the summer. I remember one afternoon lying on Laura's bed, relaxing and chatting, and listening to the C.D. 'Bone Thugs and Harmony'. You walked in the room, walked calmly to the other side of the bed where the C.D. player was,opened it up, grabbed the C.D., cracked it in half and walked out. I told Laura "Your Dad is SO SCARY!!!" She just laughed. The funniest part was that NOTHING else was ever said about it. You had made your thoughts and opinions on that VERY CLEAR!!! Of course I also have to mention the time that we all got to spend together on the AMAZING cruise that we went on to celebrate your big milestone. I have to say that it, honestly, was one of the best times I have ever had. I laughed more and felt more relaxed than I can ever remember. The best part by far was getting to spend that time with family. Thank you so much for that opportunity to all be together and have memories that will last a LIFETIME. Love, Dana | When I got to know Paul Georgy, his mother (Barb) helped me keep the Trenton Senior Citizens hold their meeting, a meal and bingo. Barn took me to Paul's office and to the meeting. When my wife passed away with Parkinson's in 2003 it felt like Barb took her place. I miss them both. Paul wrote to me and said if the weather would get warmer he and his wife would come to Trenton to visit me. Paul, now that you are 60, you have the best looking family. I saw in the bulletin that there will be a mass for Joe and Barb Georgy this week. Happy 60th Paul, Erwin Kalmer

9: Happy 60th Birthday to a man who really likes to celebrate birthdays. I know this because we celebrated my birthday 3 times the first year I met you. From the days working at Bull Valley to cruising the Caribbean, you have lived a life that demonstrates a generous spirit, integrity and love for your family. We look forward to celebrating many more happy and healthy years with you as the candles on the cake make your life brighter by the year. Love, Darrell and Pam | Uncle Paul, Thank you for being there for me all these years. Happy Birthday! -Elizabeth

10: The most unforgettable times I had with Paul were when Marilyn and he were dating. Marilyn was never ready when he came to the farm to pick her up so he used to wrestle with us little kids. Plus all the times I would stay with them over the summers up on Windy Hill. All those fences that needed to a painted! Paul was and still is one of my favorite brother-in-laws. A big Happy Birthday to him and many more. Thank You, Susie | Happy birthday Uncle Paul! Love, Rachelle | HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEA BISCUIT! I’m just kidding. I hope you remember that though. Have a great birthday Uncle Paul! Love, Your favorite niece, April | In almost 40 years of knowing you, we have had so many good times together. We are looking forward to 2013 when we go to Hawaii again. Paul, hopefully you and Bob will get to see another "water nymph" on this trip. It's going to be 15 years later, so it probably won't be the same hope. Life has been lots of fun so far and all of us are just getting started. Thanks for the memories. Let's get started making more! Happy 60th birthday! We are right there with you. Love, Bob & Karen

11: I have a funny story about Paul. About 6 yrs ago we stayed at the cottages at Carlyle Lake for a weekend and we planned a surprise 50th for Diane. She didn't know Paul and Marilyn were coming, we sent Diane out on the boat for the afternoon so people could arrive. Paul and Marilyn came and loaded up a shopping cart (it was there for us to unload) to the top with all their stuff. Paul was pushing it up hill on the sidewalk to the cottage, the wheel went off the sidewalk and all their stuff went flying. Watermelons and cantaloupes rolled down the hill, and a bag of trail mix (opened in the car so Paul could have some) rolled down the hill too. It was quite a site to see. Paul got so mad he kicked the cart and threw it down the hill too. We all laughed so much. Paul had help picking up all the stuff and he said he hoped the raccoons get the shits eating all his trail mix. It was a fun time!! Lois" | One other thing I would like to say about Paul. He is the greatest host ever. When you visit, he will go out of his way to make you feel welcome. He did a great job on the tattoos on one of our sister trips! Lois | It is very hard to put something into words but, to Ferdie and I, he has always been someone we can depend on. We have always respected his opinion and for 40 years we have always enjoyed his friendly attitude. It is too bad that we live so far apart. We have both missed out on many good times!!. Ferdie and Janet

12: I would sum up my memories of Paul as follows: I met Paul when I was about 9 years old. We loved all the attention he gave us when he would come over to take Marilyn on a date. After he became my brother in-law I would spend several weeks every summer visiting with them, and Paul was always fun to be around. It was an added bonus, when I was a teenager visiting, that there were plenty of good-looking young farm boys working for Paul in the Bull Valley days. I believe Paul contributed to the boy craziness of my youth. We’ve all gotten a lot older now but Paul has never lost his charm and the ability to make every girl want to hug him (as you can see from the photos). Happy birthday Paul and many more! Love always, Sandy (one of the S-mers) | Paul, I have many memories of you, however there is one that has always stuck with me. In the 80’s, Grandpa Kampwerth would always watch the WWF (wrestling) on T.V. There was a wrestler, “Andre The Giant”, that reminded me of you. He was tall, had curly dark hair, and would just tower over everyone. And being about 4’ tall at the time, everyone towered over me! Every time Grandpa and I would watch together, I would say, “There’s Paul on T.V.” and we would have a little laugh. I know it’s not the most flattering comparison, but you’ll always be “The Giant” to me! So, in honor of your 60th birthday, I’ve prepared a little photo of what you may have looked like as a wrestler. But don’t worry, I’ve never once imagined you in those shorty trunks!! J Love you and Happy Birthday, Paul! Deborah

13: My how the years fly by – from the moment Marilyn started bringing him around the family it has always been chaos and craziness. Never a dull moment when Paul was around. Never had I danced with him that my feet stayed on the floor or my shoes stayed on my feet. Always picking us up and swinging us around. But who can say no to such a big guy and if you hid from him he would find you. Also who could forget the famous “Reach Around” that was invented by Paul and Karen and perfected on all of his sister-in-laws. Ask any of them and they have a “reach around” story to tell. You knew it was coming if you sat next to him (which is why we always sat next to him). The brother-in-laws were all jealous of what they called his ape arms and hands. All kidding aside we couldn’t have asked for a better brother-in-law and hope for many more years of fun. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY PAUL!!! Love Ya Big Guy, Elaine and Gary | Happy 60th Birthday to the guy who towers so tall and has the most contagious laugh and smile. The Kampwerth family has great memories sitting on your lap whenever you've worn that red suit. It has always been a special treat, and it's always nice to see you. Paul, we hope you have the BEST birthday ever!! Gary and Louise Kampwerth and family | I think the biggest thing that I can think of right now is that, whenever I go to spend time with him during the summer, he always teaches me something new about life. Whether it is about Hooters and women, or good morals. He taught me about getting things done right the first time; like mowing the grass or washing the car. But I really remember the last summer I was there when he took me to an arcade and played the games with me in a full suit. I just appreciate that whenever I needed advice, he always gave it to me. Brent Petermeyer

16: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL We wish you the best birthday ever!!! We cherish fond memories of your visits to Ft. Wayne to “audit” us. We especially enjoyed the last year when you brought Marilyn along, and we all had a great time at the Cork N Cleaver. We will never forget attending the Allendale Conference in January 2010. We asked you for permission to put the Allendale logo on t-shirts our daughter was making for a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis to help find a cure for our granddaughter, Samantha, who has CF. Not only were you willing to have the logo on the t-shirts, but you also so very graciously gave a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for their research !!! And again this year, we are so appreciative of the donation from Allendale to the Great Strides Walk for CF. Question ------ What do you call people who work for Paul? Answer ------ VERY LUCKY !! It is so nice to work for someone who knows the secret to being a good manager being a good person. May the coming years hold great blessings in store for you and your family Best Wishes for a wonderful day !! David and Jean Kohli | Being fairly new to Allendale, I’d simply like to say how much I appreciate Paul and the entire Allendale family. Thanks Paul for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Allendale and for all your help! I find everyone’s friendliness and willingness to help to be a strong testament to great people who make up a great company. That comes from great leadership and great character. Thanks for leading the way! And, having met “The Great Cornak”, it’s apparent you’re a guy who knows how to have fun too. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY PAUL! God Bless. Eddie Hart

17: Paul, You are a true gentleman and the best mentor a person could ever be lucky enough to cross paths with. If I had a dollar for every time I said that about someone, Id simply have one dollar. It’s an honor to be part of your team. Thank you also for the gift of laughter. It truly is the best medicine. I wish you a happy 60th and may we continue to laugh together for many years to come. Scotty D | This is a photo of the NIBA Board of Directors taken at our annual meeting in Chicago in 1997. Your Dad served on the Board for a number of terms, and in every office we had. In fact, the joke among the board members was that once he held all the offices - President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chairman - in the same year! As you can see from the photo, he was always in the middle of things. Your dad is very knowledgeable about our business, very generous with his time and knowledge and a really great friend. Happy 60th Birthday Paul -- you're still just a kid! Warm Regards, Melinda Schramm | (Logan)

18: Dear Paul, Where do we start? Of your 60 years, we have been together nearly 30 of those years. That's unbelievable! Who would ever think a couple of farm boys from Illinois could start up a commodity business? It has been a true honor and blessing to have you and Marilyn to be a part of our lives for so long. We pray it will continue for the next 30 years. Enjoy your 60th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!! With much love, Bill & Penny | (Olivia)

19: Dear Paul, It seems like yesterday that we celebrated your 50th birthday. That means I have known you for 10 plus years. I have to say that it has been a pleasure knowing you first as an employee and then as a frinend. We have shared many good times and some not so good times. I could always count on you for a good gossip session every now and then! I wish you many more happy years. Happy 60th birthday Paul! All My Best! Love, Sonya | Paul, Happy Birthday and Best Wishes! My “fond memory” of you is in your corn coat! I love being a branch office with Allendale! Best Regards, Jim and Sarah Ritter

20: Although I have a ton of great memories with Paul, these two stand out: One day at work I remember finding some 10th row tickets for the Madonna concert, but they were $300 each so I couldn't find anyone willing to go with me. After I got home I received a phone call from you saying that you & Marilyn would go with me if I wanted. I thought that was so thoughtful of you to attend a concert with me that was pretty darn expensive! I had a blast though & enjoyed watching all the different types of people in the crowd :) When I purchased my first condo I decided I wanted a couple of ceiling fans installed, but after my friend blew a fuse trying to put them up you offered to come over with Steve & install them both! They worked like a charm & were done in no time! I really appreciate all you've done for me personally & professionally over the years. I hope you have a fantastic 60th Birthday & many more to come! -Monica | Dear Paul, Happy 60th Birthday!!! Although I have only known you briefly, your impact on me has definitely been great. I admire you for your honesty and integrity, and I greatly appreciate those and other qualities that you possess as a boss and mentor. I look forward to spending much more time with you over the years as an employee and a friend. Sincerely and Congratulations, Chris Stadele

21: HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Paul Georgy Happy Birthday for 60 years of accumulated wisdom Happy Birthday to you - The Company you created is the “Cornerstone” to our success Happy Birthday and thanks for always taking the time to talk and listen, Happy Birthday from our ND’s McHenry to your McHenry, Illinois Happy Birthday and cheers for your 60 years! Happy Birthday and thanks for this wonderful reason to CELEBRATE! Happy Birthday and Best Wishes from the Melvin Branch Gerald & Hattie, Randal & Kristi, and Jon Melvin

22: Happy Sixtieth Paul, It has been a pleasure as well as a learning experience working across from you for the past sixteen months. You are a great guy & a good boss as well !! Keep up the good work !!! Kirk Dawson | Paul, Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday!! May God bless you and your Family for all you do. Mark Davis | One of the nicest things Paul did for me was when he hired a guy off the street to clean the windows at work. What a surprise when the rotund gentleman who smelled like “rotten fish” proceeded to give me a full view of his ever-so-overflowing stomach as he cleaned the windows with the front of his shirt right in full view of my desk. Wow! Then Paul said “Maybe he can come back soon for a touch up!” NOT! Happy Birthday Paul! Jennifer Swanson

23: The first time I met Paul was when I came to an Allendale Conference in January of 1997. I was impressed with everything about the conference and I know Paul had a big part in all of that. I do remember the first time I talked to Paul personally (and boy was I nervous). It was after John Moss asked me to become a broker for Allendale. Paul made me feel very welcome and encouraged me to pursue becoming a broker. Since then he has become a "Great" boss and even a better friend. I think he enjoys coming back to Nebraska each year for the annual audit as Wanda and I put on a meeting for my clients at that time. One year we had the meeting at our local restaurant. He found the cattle panel with lights over the front door to be very interesting along with the tumble weed that was stuck in a bench beside the door. The final straw was finding out the meeting was going to be held in an old garage that had been redone into a dining room. It bowled him over. They had even left the roll-up doors at one end. Paul made the best of it and like always the meeting was a success. I want to wish Paul the happiest of birthdays this year. I am celebrating my birthday today as I am writing this and am only a couple of years his junior. With deepest love and respect, Rich and Wanda Mosier | Paul, I just hope when I get to be your age I can be in as good of shape as you are. In all seriousness I look at you as one of my best friends and respect your opinion and judgment. I truly enjoy working with you over the years. Happy Birthday and many more, Merlin Martin

24: Paul Georgy, You started out as my boss 20 years ago. Now in addition to being my boss, I consider you a dear friend. I’m proud to say you’ve been an advisor, a mentor, and a role model for me all of those years. I appreciate the time and energy you expended in growing the business by taking a personal interest in all the brokers you hired over the years. I have always felt like I could call you to talk about any business concern. I learned early on that you were a patient and tolerant leader as long as I was an honest, truthful, and hard-working broker. I’ve only ever known you to give good advice, based on your years of experience. You made me feel like for every mistake I made, you’ve “been there and done that.” So we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back to work – pick up the phone and call somebody. That never changes. You and Bill always taught me that if you’re not busy talking to a client or a prospect, you don’t even have a chance to make any money today. One of my best memories of our time together was maybe 16 or 17 years ago when we took that road trip to Nebraska. We never turned the radio on – we talked the whole time out and back, and we talked about religion and lots of things. It was a good time and I will remember it always. Do you remember the time we went to Chicago together and we were walking downtown. You have such long legs that while you were walking your normal stride, I had to “double-time it” just to keep up. I felt like a little kid walking with his dad! I think I was huffing and puffing and getting shin splints while you were just “ambling” along. I hate walking with you! You have so much to be proud of Paul, and I hope your birthday is a celebration to remember. I hope someone gives you a bag of manure, like I got for my 50th birthday party. I never found out who gave it to me. I don’t know if it was you, but between you and Bill, my suspicions have always been strong that you are each demented enough to give such a loving gift. So I hope you get some kind of fun “surprise” gift that makes you laugh like the body bag I got with the toe tag – which I thought was especially thoughtful. It reminded me of my mortality. Always remember the older we get, the closer we are to our eternal home, so remember to live life to its fullest every day you have left. I hope you have a great birthday, Paul. Just remember one very important thing. No matter how old you get, I’ll always be 7 years older than you! Happy Birthday my friend, you are a special man, and I appreciate having you in my life. Jerry Neff

25: Paul, It has been great to get to know the “real” Paul over the past few years. I never knew you had such an offbeat sense of humor. It is inspiring to see the love and passion that you put forth into everything you do. It definitely shows through your family and professional success.! Happy 60th birthday and may you see many, many, many more.! Greg McBride | Paul, It has been just about 4 years since we first met. I'll never forget the day you said, "Brian, I'd like you to quit your job and start working for Allendale...tomorrow." In retrospect, that leap of faith to join Allendale turned out to be one of the most important and best decisions of my life. I'll never be able to thank you enough for all of the hard work that you put into Allendale over the years. It, in turn, has allowed me a place to work hard myself and provide for my family in both good times and bad. It's difficult in this day and age to find someone to work for that treats you fairly and with respect. My loyalty to you is unwavering because you do just that. So happy birthday Paul. I look forward to sharing many more with you and my Allendale family. Peace and love, Brian | To the Great Paul Georgy, I can honestly say that there are many things that I have always admired about you. You build upon your life experiences better than anyone I’ve ever met, and I’ve always been particularly impressed with your quick innovation. One of my first encounters of this, was at a glow ball party at Medowshire. Naturally, we all had glow sticks to help light the course, and wore glow-necklaces around our necks to add to the ambiance of the night. Everyone that is, but you. You proved to be different and innovative, and had your glow necklace stuck in your ears, and your glow sticks stuck up your nose. It was Paul Georgy innovation at it’s finest! Thanks for taking a chance on me and Happy 60th Birthday, Paul! Jeremy Shelton

26: Dear Paul, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We are so happy to be able to send you a message to tell you how much we love you and how much a part of RJO you are! We cherish our friendship with you. Isn’t it fun to grow old together in business and in life? Through the 22 years of our partnership you have brought to our relationship, professionalism, friendship, expertise, humor, loyalty, a spirit of generosity, and most importantly, a gorgeous fun wife. (That last part is from RJO, Sr. J) We are with you in spirit as you celebrate the BIG 6-0, as we are quickly following behind! Happy Birthday! May God bless you with many more wonderful years of fun, smiles, laughter and love. Sincerely, Mary Ellen, Jane, Gerry and ALL you friends at RJO!

28: Happy Birthday Paul! “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.) May your staircase continue to move in the direction that supports your faith, cares for your family and invites each day to be a celebration of the gifts you have created and have yet to receive! Paul Laudick | Happy birthday to our good friend Paul! In life we get to meet many many people. But finding a friend that you can laugh with, travel across the continent with, who can bowl a mean Wii game (we'll never forget your prancing), who will share a few bottles of the grape (ok a few cases), and more is rare. We all have friends, a few close friends, and only a few best friends! Thanks for being the best! love, Dan and Jen

29: My first recollection of Paul Georgy goes something like this: I had been with Country Insurance for 13 years already; the last five years as a manager in Tucson, Arizona. I had come back to McHenry County to be an agent and Paul & Marilyn were in the book of business assigned to me. I went out to do a review with Paul & Marilyn. In that process I reviewed my background with them with the hope of instilling their confidence in me because of my experience. We reviewed their auto, home and life insurance. We answered all questions along the way. As usual I went to wrap up our session with the one final question of, “Do you have any more questions?” At this point Paul leaned back in the kitchen chair by the table and said, “Yeah, how long are you going to be around here, because all you guys say all this stuff and you never stick around to see it through.” Talk about being “cut to the quick.” He made a BIG impression!!! The best I could do was to say, “Well, I’ve been an agent for eight years and like that. I was a manager for five years and didn’t like that. So I guess I’m your agent until I retire!” His answer to that was simply. alright then! I then proceeded to go home to my wife Sue and opened up by saying, “Let me tell you about this guy I met today!” Thank you for the chance to relive this moment. John Lusk | I can't believe he is 60 since I am already there. Does he remember all the trips from Carbondale to St. Libory on Saturday nights? And then leaving all our liquor bottles (empty) in Tom Smith's mail box in Denmark on the way back to C'dale? I bet he hasn't talked about that. Please say hi to Marilyn for me too. I can't believe she has stuck around that "old fart" all this long. Just teasing! Happy Birthday! Mike Williams | Tom Egan 'Wall St. Apartments 1972

30: HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY, PAUL In celebration of this momentous occasion, we would like to share two stories about you that will forever make us laugh! Paul, you certainly know how to stir the pot. I will never forget how you caused some serious fighting and swearing between Doug and Diane on the cruise to the Bahamas. We all thought those two love birds would end up on an episode of Judge Judy. We all got an education on the creative ways to use the word F**K! Thanks for the entertainment! Sincerely, Butch Paul, it was difficult to choose one story as there are oh so many that are memorable. However, my number one choice was your rendition of I WANT TO LICK YOU sung like a true Southern Illinois white boy trying to imitate some famous black rapper. This outstanding performance should have been sung on American idol instead of at John’s MAN shower. Once again, you were in rare form! (Seems that happens a lot!) Happy Birthday, Stud Muffin! Love, Claire | Wow, 60 yrs old!! I remember like yesterday working at Bull Valley Beef and selling fifty pound units! I was so afraid of you! I did not want to mess up. From babysitting John, Steve and Laura to sitting at hockey games together I have realized you are not scary at all, just tall. You did give us all a scare when the heart skipped a beat or two.... Our family would like to say "Happy Birthday Paul, and many more"!! Thanks for being YOU!! Love, Debbie, Dennis, Ashley and Emily. | Dear Paul, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the advice you gave me on men after my divorce!! I learned so much and your support was so reassuring!! Best of all, you always made me laugh. Happy 60th birthday! Remember, 60 is only a number! Love you, Gina

31: I don't really believe Paul Georgy is turning 60. I think he is lying about his age so he can soon draw Social Security and get Medicare. He has seen others enjoy these privileges, and he is jealous. Sorry, Paul, you can't fool me. You have to wait! I regret to tell you, Paul, but when you are really old enough to enjoy the benefits of old age, there may not be anything left. But, I'm sure you can deal with it. Now, just settle down and get back to work. When Marilyn turns 40, then you can try to convince us that you are nearing 60. It has been fun knowing you two. You have made the world a better place for everyone you meet. Relax and enjoy those grandchildren and your "other" home. Life goes by way too fast. I know that because I already have a grandson in college. Best of everything for the future. Love, Edna | Paul, Bill and I would like to wish you a very happy 60th Birthday! We have known you and Marilyn a long time and truly enjoy your friendship. You're are part of the family. Enjoy this special day and many more. Love, Bill and Onie | Paul, Happy, happy 60th!! We look forward to a celebration boat ride this summer! Love, Colleen and Warren

32: Wow, 60 yrs old!! I remember like yesterday working at Bull Valley Beef and selling fifty pound units! I was so afraid of you! I did not want to mess up. From babysitting John, Steve and Laura to sitting at hockey games together I have realized you are not scary at all, just tall. You did give us all a scare when the heart skipped a beat or two.... Our family would like to say "Happy Birthday Paul, and many more"!! Thanks for being YOU!! Love, Debbie, Dennis, Ashley and Emily. | Happy birthday, Paul! 60 years. Imagine that! No wonder it is hard for my brain to remember back to the days on Hidden Oak when we were all young sprouts. We did have some good times on our little cul de sac. There were the great weekend parties, the little league games, the hayrides, the cows mooing in the field behind (and the periodic roundup when they got loose) and the block parties at the barn. We often met out front to watch the kids ride bikes up and down the road or for a pick-up game of ball in the back. I think I have a picture of your legs at a Halloween party at our house but we are moving and the pictures are all packed away. Each wife had to find her husband's legs in the dark and I think yours won the most votes. (of course, my memory could be faulty). Happy 60th! Jack and Macy | Paul, Happy Birthday to a remarkable person! You make everyone feel as if they have known you forever. You're a truly special person who deserves all the love, laughter and friendship the world has to give. Happy 60th!!! Love, Judy & Bill Pelinski

33: The Eberle Family Anecdote of our friend Paul.. Through our involvement with St. Thomas and the Crystal Lake Food Pantry, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Paul and Marilyn. Everyone knows, a story about Paul usually involves Marilyn too! As such, it’s no surprise that this particular memory of Paul involves the Food Pantry, and at the same time, reinforces Paul’s optimistic outlook on the world (and it crosses paths with Marilyn’s can-do attitude too)! Back in the early stages of the Food Pantry’s Capital Campaign to raise $1 million dollars for the purchase and renovation of the Helping Paws building on King Street, Jackie and I jumped in with both feet in part due to Marilyn’s gift of inclusion and finding a role for everyone. Very early in the campaign, a fundraising event of some sort occurred. As I type, I can not recall the actual place or location, but the turnout was rather low. I commented to Paul about the size of the group and his comment will stay with me for the rest of my life, “Ron, there’s just that much more opportunity out there”. Paul’s success in life is rooted in this simple belief that tomorrow’s another day. Now with the above said, take a look at this picture. We love ya Paul, Ron and Jackie Eberle | Hi Paul, We wanted to share a favorite memory from the past twenty-five years. No, it's not the camping trips at Yogi Bear, nor is it the numerous Little League games. It is the fond image of you wedging yourself into your Chevette mobile with your knees on either side of the steering wheel just like some college frat boy competing in a trike race. Have a great 60th birthday! May each new year be happier than the last. Love, George and Barbette

34: Paul, Congrats on turning 60. I hope you can handle it with the grace that both Karen and I have handled it. My only regret in the many years that I have known you is that I did not give you and Buddy Nystrom the red cards that you deserved for heckling the best volleyball ref ever at those PR games! Actually, flashing those cards at you two behind my back and hearing you guys laugh still makes me chuckle every time I think of it. And, Karen says she doesn't like you and I,the twin towers, sitting between her and Marlyn in church to keep them from chatting through the whole mass. Wish we got together more, Tom and Karen | Paul Georgy I have to tell you, he definitely is not one to draw attention to himself. He loves without a doubt the accomplishments his children have made and the grandchildren that now enrich his life. Paul has a very unique gift when it comes to interpreting a story he has heard. He has the foresight and knowledge to explain the possibilities of many scenarios. He does not question why ..................he simply put things into perspective and will share these uncanny abilities with others if asked. He's like the "Mentalist". I think Paul is also multi-cultural. He's a sharp dresser but when his flair for "Italian" comes forth he is very seductive. He is subtle but effective. He thinks he is not noticed but "he is". He has integrity and a clear conviction when it comes to honor and honesty. Both Dennis and I are glad we are friends of both him and Marilyn. He is the "Best" Dad from the "Best" family. Happy 60th Birthday, Dennis and Karen Vito

35: I think the most outstanding memory I have of Paul Georgy is from many, many years ago. We had a going away party for some neighbors of ours: Marsha and Larry Kimball. That night was a rare evening with lots of fun, dancing and, oh yeah, a gorilla suit.......And who would have the guts to dress up like a gorilla and be the "life" of the party? TALL PAUL! I think he was the only one who actually fit in the costume. In any event, I don't know who enjoyed dressing in the gorilla costume more: him or me? (I got to help hang a bunch of bananas around his waist.) It was an unusual evening; everyone having fun and even Rick Duncan MIA. Later we found him in the culvert across the street. This is only one of many, many memories we have. Great neighbors, great friends and memories we will always cherish. Paul, where have all the years gone? We can't believe you're 60.......We're right behind you. Don't forget it......We cherish our friendship over the years with both you and Marilyn and hope there will be many more memories for us to reflect back on in years to come. We love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday. Even though it is your 60th............ Love, Paul and Nancy Jefferson

36: Don't forget--- -the beautiful accommodations at the prestigious beef center. -the intellect and workmanship of Bob Francis at the barn. -Bob’s favorite Polled Hereford bull crapping on his office chair. -Hodson asking you and I info about Francis. -Dan Mau coming to the beef center after having a minor problem at the poultry center (baseball bat and turkeys). What was the death rate? -Mau stealing a tractor from the farm center and being chased by Jim Meno over the scenic hills and hollering. -you and I trying to clean up the manure spreader (gas and fire was appropriate). I thought we did a great job but very little credit was given-- who knew fire could fly that high. Safety was our motto. -Strackt lectures. The guy was pretty cool. -if we had a cow that was a problem breeder or a disposition concern, Strack had the perfect solution (on our recommendation): tract removal. -the research projects conducted by the Masters Program students. Did we ever give cattle proper lbs. of feed? Did we even give the right feed? -Harold Hodson. A brilliant man but got lost going from the classroom to the cafeteria --the great times with the judging team. -G.B. Marion-the little General. We probably should have listened to him more often, he was a really good repro man. -a lot of great memories and great people at SIU. Paul was and is one of the best. Paul---your family must be really concerned for your mental health; wanting you to reminisce about old times. Ha Ha! Have a great 60th! Your friend always, Eric Rincker

37: Dear Paul | Dear Paul, So you're going to be 60. How time flies. Happy happy birthday! The first time we met you was when the Judging Team that you and Eric were on, from SIU, and your judging coach came to our place, near Windsor, and judged a few classes of hogs and cattle. When finished judging you all came in to eat supper. That's when the action began. It was great. Our treat! We thought you all were hungry and such a nice, fun, energetic group. We have enjoyed all the nice Christmas letters and pictures of you and Marilyn, and pictures of your children and their marriages and of their families. Enjoy seeing you on RFD! Lots of Good Wishes, Leland & Davadia Rincker

38: Hi Paul... Wish we could be with you to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Steve hopes you'll be starting to get your Friday t-times in at the Booner. Those were some really enjoyable afternoons. It seems like just yesterday we were crowded in your garage, dodging the rain wishing you a happy 50th.....where does the time go? Enjoy your day, remember 60 is just a number & how you "feel" is what really matters. All the best! Miss you. Love, Dawn & Steve | One warm summer evening, the Knupp kids plus Sherri hooked up with the Georgy's to rollerblade. We had a great time until Laura fell and sustained roadrash. Upon returning a teary eyed Laura to Hidden Oak, we all were in a wee bit of trouble, including Mrs. Knupp! I recall Paul stating strongly, "And what were you doing rollerblading in the dark?" The Knupps immediately skated home. Happy Birthday Paul! Tick and Sherri | Dear Paul, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 60 WOW!! Enjoy your birthday reflecting on your many accomplishments and "good deeds." The boys and I will always be very grateful for your willingness to transfer me to Wisconsin so that the boys could attend school there. It would have been a real financial hardship for all of us without your cooperation. Plus you helped create two accountants! Thank you again - have a great birthday! Fondly, Kim Stephen, & Al and Bill Dabbeck

39: I have some guilt when I think of Paul’s shoulder problems. I think that I might have caused some of the extreme wear and tear on them. Eric Hammarstedt and I had the pleasure of golfing with Paul at Steve’s bachelor party outing. Well, Eric and I got extremely tired and totally exhausted by the time we reached the 12th hole. We found that not only could neither one of us hit the ball well, but because of our extreme exhaustion, and I might add our complete dehydration, we could no longer keep our golf balls on the proper fairway, let alone find the greens. So Paul stepped up to the plate and hit the rest of our drives and golf shots. I know that this was the reason that Paul had both his shoulders worked on. I feel bad about that. Happy Birthday Paul Best of Luck, Greg | Happy Birthday Paul, 60 wow! What an accomplishment. I am very happy that our children found each other; which lead to a trip to Galena so that the four of us could get to know each other better. We got to know one another better and, needless to say, so did they. I am so happy to have you and Marilyn as part of our extended family. Here’s to you and here’s to many many more birthdays. Love Sue

40: To Marilyn and Paul, What can I say? I met Paul soon after Marilyn did. All I have are precious memories of them. They are the most loving, beautiful couple that anyone could know and wonderful parents to three wonderful children. Marilyn was my babysitter for awhile and we always loved her. My fondest and ''secret'' memory of her and Paul was of a weekend she was house-sitting and had a little party - let her tell you the rest; including burning a big black ring in the kitchen counter with a hot pot. Loving thoughts & memories always, Mama Shirley | (Jake)

41: (Jake)

42: Paul Paul is many personas: wonderful husband, loving father, caring grandfather, good friend, community leader, food pantry volunteer, countryside driver, party giver... but most of all..... Paul is tall. We never appreciated this more then when we went to a Cubs game. Not only could we see him, but it was great to be behind him. It reminds one of the parting of the seas.... Your sage advice has resolved many a quandary....especially about swollen legs on cruises. We are fortunate to have you as a special friend and wish you blessings for your new decade. Hugs and Love, Art and Peggy | to paul: Happy birthday. i can't believe you are 60; but then again, i am 80. it has been a pleasure to know you and marilyn all these years. i hope you have a beautiful birthday with your great family and friends. I still remember going downtown to see fiddler on the roof in the limo with doug and therese. Great time. god bless joe & joan rubino

43: Gilbert and Karl | Gil's dad on scooter Paul on bike | Paul in the middle with the homemade scooter | Paul enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the Emig’s. All he had to figure out was if he wanted to ride a horse, a motorcycle, a put-together scooter or just walk. | Just think if the producers of the movie Wild Hogs would have seen Paul then; maybe he would have taken the place of Dudley. | I wish I had pictures of our early years of weight lifting. Paul knows what I'm talking about. Happy Birthday! Gil and Margie

44: Hello Paul (& Marilyn), Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoy remembering the days we were all working at Bull Valley. Everyone looks so young; guess that was 36 years ago! We appreciated all of your hard work; and you fellows worked hard to have a terrific Bull Valley. We hope you hear from the other former employees. Do you ever hear from Mike and Linda Rea? I missed getting pictures of the house at Windy Knoll. I had pulled them out for our 50th anniversary. Dale is still fighting cancer. He's on and off the treatments. He has taken a cold which he had avoided all winter. He started additional medication for the cold today. It is hard to fight of colds, etc. as the cancer medications lower one's resistance. We hope this finds all well with both of you and your family. Have a terrific birthday and many more. It's good to see you, Paul on RFD-TV. Love, Dale and Virginia | The buildings at Windy Knoll | Winter and spring at Windy Knoll

45: Carl Watson and his pet calf, Tathy. | School children visiting the farm

48: Dear Paul, Congrats on your 60th birthday celebration. I don't know if you remember our first meeting as well as I do, but it really made a positive impression on me. You and Merna entered our Bull Valley Simmental headquarters driveway unannounced. We visited a spell and you asked if there might be an opportunity for employment. We were not in any way seeking additional people at the time. After you left you remained on my mind for some reason; and after a few days I became convinced that you could make a major contribution to our operation. I called you and told you we could create a position for you if you were so inclined. The rest is history for both you and Merna. To this day, I am grateful you accepted. | Bullseye Dominic | You, Merna and Colleen at Tommy Dodge's wedding. Thanks for coming. | Just thought I would throw this in.

49: You and I loaded one of the first polled purebred bulls in America and headed to New York for the New York State Simmental Sale. Made it back to Michigan on Mother's Day to surprise my Mom. Long drive. | C | Calves as a result of transplants. We thought we were going to be rich!! | In general, how could we ever carry out calving season without Dick Trownsell? Did Darrell ever try his favorite whiskey again since our infamous hayride and square dance party? How many people know how you got the nickname Mongo? Paul, it has been an honor knowing you. I have always viewed your family as the "perfect model!" Many, many more healthy birthdays. Love, Bud

50: It was a Sunday afternoon that Paul and Marilyn came to our farm, Bull Valley Simmental. I was the general manager and my wife and I were doing some chores. Warren Schwenn was our only employee other than myself. Paul was employed by Davis in Elburn, IL. Mr. Davis ran an order buying business. I responded to Paul's question seeking employment that I didn't believe we were hiring but agreed to talk with my employer Bud Dodge. Upon talking with Bud, he was very interested and we arranged an interview which greatly changed all our lives. Paul and I worked very closely together for many years thereafter. We all became a "Bull Valley family." Marilyn became our secretary at the farm. We had built an office/sales barn facility and held production sales, club calf sales and many other activities at the farm. The Chicago Farmers utilized our farm for an annual picnic and outing one summer. They wanted a horse race as part of the activities. We had five quarter horses and decided to practice one evening with a race toward the road (Crystal Lake/McHenry Blacktop). We had left the gate open at the road. Here comes five quarter horses heading out at full speed. Kevin, our crops manager, had a horse that we had not had very long. The horse did not want to stop when we reached the white board fence. Out the gate he went, Kevin holding on; traffic on the highway going by. The horse turned right on the shoulder of the road and promptly slipped and fell. Kevin was rolled upon by the horse and we were all fearful that Kevin would be badly injured. To our great relief, he got up unhurt except for being sore for a few days. We decided to not test St. Christopher any further and canceled the race. Rickie Saly was at the function representing the mayor, his dad. With Paul and Marilyn as part of the family, we grew to 2000+ acres and over 1200 head of cattle at our peak. It was a great experience for all of us. We all learned a lot and were pretty successful at establishing Simmental cattle in the Midwest. We had the highest average per lot production sale two years in a row. Paul, I want to wish you a very joyous 60th birthday. I can tell you life keeps getting better. Diana, my bride, and I were married July 24th of 2010. We have sold off some cattle, but have around 50 cows and 60 heifers we will sell as bred. She loves the farm and spends as much time outside with me as possible. We want to wish you and your lovely family the very best. Come and stay with us if the opportunity arises. All our love, Len & Diana Sievers

51: Our Tribute to a Longtime Friend and Associate: P Patient A Ambitious U Understanding L Listens G Grateful E Energetic O Organized R Respectful G Generous Y (I cannot think of anything great that starts with y) Hi Paul, The friendship we have enjoyed with you and Marilyn and your great family through the years has been very meaningful to us. The way you have lived your life for the past 60 years has been an inspiration to your family, friends, community and the business world. We wish you God's blessings for good health and happiness for many more years to come. Happy Birthday! Your friends, Bob and Lill Seegers | (Reagan)

52: Dear Dad, When I reflect on my memories of you over the years, I am filled with happiness, love and comfort. Respect, honesty and selflessness are a common theme in every memory. Well, that and laughter, hipness, adventure and unpredictable actions. Let’s take a look at some of our fond moments together over the past 30 years, shall we? The earliest memories involve road trips where you established your stamina and skill of driving. Whether it was driving to Southern Illinois for the holidays, to the old County Stadium, or the mountains of Montana, you were the captain behind the helm that lead us to great adventures. At this point, I should discuss the realization of your long arms. You had incredible ability to catch baseballs and pucks, strength to hoist me onto your shoulders and the reach to discipline each kid (including the one sitting behind you) while driving. In the end, you made us feel special in every way. Next, we have the sports era. You expressed as much enthusiasm for ice shows and piano recitals as you did for hockey games – or at least you made me believe this to be true. Between selflessly taking me to softball practices, piano lessons, volleyball games, 5AM skating practice, etc., you without a doubt earned “Dad of the Year” many years in a row. Our father-daughter relationship may have encountered a few bumps in the road as I transitioned from a “teenager” into a “young-adult”, but you never lost faith or gave up on me. Too busy trying to discover who I was, I did not always recognize the best role model one could ever ask for was ALWAYS present and available. The turning point, for me, occurred in March of 2002. The reality, uncertainty and distance between us provided a wake-up call, illuminating what was important and meaningful in life. Ever since then, I have been so thankful for every moment as well as everything you have done and continue to do for our family and me. You are the glue that binds us as well as the engine that keeps us going. My endless love and admiration for you will never match that of what you deserve.

53: Moving on to the more-recent memories, how fun were the times we shared in Boston?!? Seriously! Not many girls get to tell stories about how they got to do so many fun things with their fathers. The spontaneous 6.5-mile Heart Walk, long walks around town, baseball games, PGA tournaments, fine dining experiences and picking out those fabulous Ray-Ban aviators that brought new meaning to the term “Pimp Daddy”. These memories may very well be my favorite because they provided the opportunity for us to strengthen our friendship and learn about each other as adults. Let’s not forget about the abundant times you have acted as my mechanic, mover, car salesman, electrician and carpenter. There was no task too big or small – you were always a phone call away. In closing, as you celebrate your 60th birthday, may you look back at your life and recognize all of your amazing accomplishments as a person, a husband and, above all, a father. I look forward to creating MANY more memories in the years ahead. The best is still to come. May you enjoy every minute of it! I love you, Dad. Forever yours, Laura

54: Dad, I probably have told you this over a 100 times, but I really do mean it. I am very thankful for everything that you have done for me and my family. As a father, you have taught and encouraged me to become a good person, good father and a good husband to my family and to others. I remember you would always say, “My goal, I just want to be a better father than my father was to me”. Well, I would say that you have accomplished this goal and have set the bar even higher for your children to follow. So for everything, I say thank you and Happy 60th! Love Always, John | Paul, Thank you for being the best Father-In- Law a wife could ask for! I hope your 60th birthday is filled with lots of laughter and love. Love, Abby

55: Dear Paul, I can remember the first time I met you. People had described you as an upstanding person: honorable, someone to be respected, etc. This is the individual I was prepared to meet. Then I walk into your kitchen and see a man nonchalantly leaning against the counter in a sweaty white T-shirt andbiker shorts (they might have been spandex). So I thought to myself, “Yes, I can definitely respect a man who is so sure of himself that he knowingly wears spandex in front of a stranger.” That takes a special person! I think the thing I love about you the most is this: You don’t say anything unless you mean it. (Even when you’re wrong.ha ha you knew I had to throw that in!) Any time you offer us your help, give us advice (or as your children all it “sermons”) or simply tell your grandchildren you love them, I know that you always mean it. With that said, let me repay you by saying something that I truly mean: Paul, to me, you are more than my father-in-law. You are my dad-in-law. Happiest 60th birthday! With much love, Kristin

56: "I'm so lucky as can be, the world's greatest Dad belongs to me." | Dear Dad, When I sat down to write this it was easy for me to think of things to say. It is your 60th birthday and I am so lucky to have been around for 32 of the 60 years. I really don’t know where to start to describe how you have influenced me over the years. Who knew some of my earliest memories of “going truck-o” and Saturday breakfast with Dad would turn into life lessons and sermons. As much as you thought I wasn’t listening, I was. It is funny how many of them I can remember even if they weren’t about me. For example: when John scored maybe 6 goals in a game; on the way home we couldn’t figure out why it seemed like you were angry. You weren’t angry, but you taught us that there is more than one player on a team and we need to use our teammates to win championships. One person going through life will have a tough time. Our family is a team and we do things together just like your team should do things together. That was a lot for an 8 year old to swallow. Those moments were incredible and will always be with me. I am realizing how hard you and Mom worked for us kids and how much we took that for granted. Now that I am a parent, I get it: Dad’s always know best. Don’t tell Mom or Kristin! I am also grateful that I get to see my father just about every day. There were times, when I started at Allendale, that I wanted to walk away because you were tougher on me than anyone else. But I understand why. You need to know that you are not only a father to me: you are a great mentor, a great role model, a great teacher and a great friend. I look up to you and hope I can influence my kids the way you have influenced us. Whether we are going “truck-o” , getting a sermon, laughing at our father-son golf outings, or just hanging out, I love you and appreciate everything you have done for me over the years. Happy birthday Dad! Love, Steve

57: Happy 60th Birthday Honey! Growing older with you has been the best experience of my life! I followed my heart from the first time I met you. Dad said you were a “draft dodger”, Mom said you where too old and “wet behind the ears”, but I thought you were just the man I was looking forand I was right! With you, we have been blessed with 3 incredible people. They have given us so much love and happiness and continue to surprise us, all the time. They learned many valuable lessons from you about life and love. Your example to them and to countless others has proven that you are an honest, trustworthy, giving and loving individual. If people think that “I” am someone special, it is because you have taken a major role in molding me into whom I am. I thank God often for having you in my life and feel so blessed to share the giftswhich is YOU! Happy Birthday Love and many, many more! Love Forever, Marilyn

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