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Father's Day

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FC: Share Your Life With Me. . . A Journal of Childhood Memories

1: What was your date of birth? | November 21, 1964 | Tell of nicknames in your family. Trudy: Troots, Trudy Tootie Grandpa used scuff as a nickname Grandpa Lloyd: Snooks | Where were you born? | Roosevelt, Utah Hospital | Name your siblings and their years of birth. | Bartley C. Smith- October 24, 1962 Trudy Rose Smith- August 7, 1966 | Name the towns you lived in before you were 20. | Tabiona, Utah; Rexburg, Idaho; Provo, Utah; Tuscon, Arizona

2: What was your Father's full name? | - Horseman - Horse doctor -Ranger in Uintah's Primitive Area - Tour guide at Dude Ranch | Dixie Lee Roberts Smith Jones | Chester Elbert Smith | Did your mother work outside the home? | What was your Mother's full name? | Yes; School Secretary (Tabiona k-12) and Bureau of Reclamation | What did your father do for a living? | Tell about a favorite Aunt. | I have 11 aunts and Dad's sister, Wanita is my favorite. | Describe your military experience or that of someone in the family. | I was never in the military but my dad served in WWII.

3: When you needed punishment as a child which parent corrected you and how? | Mom belted us and Dad would cuss. Grandpa yelled and Grandma made us feel better. | Tell a fond memory of your Grandpa | Grandpa Smith loved to hunt rocks, just looking for nice rocks. Grandpa Snooks always took us deer hunting, he always knew where to find them. | Tell a fond memory of your Grandma. | Grandma Tracy is the best cook in the world. She always made sure everyone was full.

4: What did you and your siblings fight about the most? | Tell about the naughtiest thing you ever did. | Me and Bart locked the babysitter out of the house. "I was a fightin' little bugger, always gettin' in fights." | Me and Bart were always fighting but it was about whatever came up. | Who was President when you were born? | John F. Kennedy | Tell about your graduation. | I was glad to graduate, I had a 4.0. I was Salutatorian but had to give the Valedictorian speech "It just ain't right."

5: What was the dumbest stunt ever pulled by you and a sibling? | Up in the High Uintah's with friends I went fishing till dark. We went to go home and my flashlight broke and my friends' died so we got lost. | Me and Bart stole our Mom's car and took it up Tabby Mountain. On the way down the brakes stopped working, and we ran off the road. | At what age did your first vote and who did you vote for? | I was 21, I voted for Reagan and he won. | Do you have any knowledge of the origins of your family name? | Joseph Smith's Uncle is the lineage where I came from. | Share a memory involving a war during your childhood. | Vietnam was the war that was finishing up when I was a kid.

6: Tell about the worst winter storm that you remember as a child. | Mom woke us up to get her car out of the driveway. There was 3 1/2 ft of snow, we were up to our chests! We drove snowmobiles everywhere, it was so fun! | What did you use to go sledding? | The windshield of a jet airplane. | What extras did you use for your snowman's face? | Same old. Carrots, coal, sticks, and rocks. | Share your ice skating memories. | We had an old wash and it was 4 ft. wide. When it would snow we would shovel it off with our skates. Then when we wanted to skate we just went down to the wash. I spent a lot of time on ice skates.

7: Tell about a big fib you told. | When we burnt down Roger's dad's barn we fibbed about that before I squealed to the cops. | Tell about someone who had a big influence over your life. | Grandpa Snooks. I worked for him, my parents were separated so I spent a lot of time with Grandparents. | Tell of a nickname given to you by friends or classmates. | Bosley. I was always with these three girls that called themselves the Charlie's Angels so I got called Bosley. My CB radio name was Mr. Clean | What was your favorite meal as a child? | Grandma;s homemade noodles in Chicken Noodle Soup or Homegrown Fried Chicken.

8: Tell about family reunions in your childhood. | Who was your first girlfriend? | I didn't have a steady girlfriend because I had a lot of girl friends. I would always go to dances and dance with everyone, even girls that had dates. | Tell about a special valentine you once gave. | Me and Christy always met between classes and I bought her a rose and gave it to her between classes. | Tell about your first date? | Jan Jackson, I took her to Prom. | Smith family reunions were always a big one. They always had a good time. | What was your favorite subject in school? Least favorite? | How did you spend your Sundays? | Working. Grandpa said Sunday was just another day. | Math | English

9: Gilligan's Island MASH Little Rascals | Tell about your favortie TV shows. | What is the biggest problem you had in Grade School? | What is the biggest problem you remember in Jr./Sr. High School? | Fighting. I was always scrappin' with someone. | I shaped up and got good grades. I don't remember many problems. I was voted in Student Body President. | Describe a place you like to go to be alone. | Today: flying my airplane Kid: on the farm, cutting hay or driving the tractor. | Tell of a place that you discovered or built as a "haven" for your gang? | We built a four story tree house.

10: Tell about a favorite hang out place for you and your friends during Jr. or Sr. High. | The Tabby Mountain Reservoir riding four-wheelers or swimming. | Tell about the best pet you ever had. | Muffin the cocka poodle dog. | Tell about other pets you had. | Tina, a stubborn Shetland Pony and Pup, a fighting dog. Pup got in a fight and got its neck ripped up and he died. | Tell about being in a school play. | State Champions! young people (newly weds), old people (same people 40 years later). Me and Jan Jackson were the old people. I was in lots of plays but that was the hi-light. | Did you ever fake sick as an excuse to stay home from school? | No. I didn't like sitting home all day.

11: Do you have a good story about yourself cussing? | I'm not yellin' I'm just sayin | How did you spend your Saturdays? | Working on the farm in the spring and fall. During the winter we went snowmobiling, sledding, or ice skating. | What was the naughtiest thing you did during school? | I mixed the salt and pepper shakers together. | Me and Jesse Espanosa threw rocks at kids after recess so they could not go inside. We got 2 swats from a big board with holes in it. (the Education Board) | Did you play games in the car when on trips? | No, not when we were young. | What was your favorite radio program? | KNEU 1250 Country music and the classifieds. (the only station you could get in Tabby)

12: What did kids tease you about? | What was your favorite movie as a kid? | Footloose Grease The Little Rascals | Being big and fat. | Tell of a difficult school essay. | A big paper about Honeybees. We did not have internet, I had to find all of the information in books, write it down on flash cards, and organize it. It was about 8 pages long. | Do you remember your first pizza? | No, My mom made pizza all the time. I never had store-bought pizza till I was quite a bit older. | Tell your major and how you chose it. | Diesel mechanic; I liked to fix things. I grew up on a farm fixin' things.

13: Tell about your first smoke. | Ricks college, in Rexburg Idaho because that's where my friends were going. Then I went to Utah Valley Community College because they had a good diesel mechanic program and it was closer to home. | First and last chew was when my cousin gave me some while working in the feild. He told me to swallow the spit, it made me sick and I was dry-heaving all night. I was so sick I thought I was going to die. | We took some of our dad"s Prince Albert tobacco and some paper to roll your own. We went out back and almost killed ourselves trying to smoke them. | Which college did you go to and why? | If you ever hitch-hiked, explain. | We were coming home from Boys State. The bus dropped us off at the Tabby turn off and our parents never showed up to get us, so we hitch-hiked.

14: Fall, cause hunting season was in the fall and I loved to go hunting. | What was your favorite time of year? Why? | Describe some chores you had as a child. | Clean my room, water and feed the animals, and weed the garden. | Which chore did you dislike the most? | Feeding the horses | Tell of a childhood illness. | Bails Palsy. It's when your face sags. I had it for two months. | Tell an experience at the dentist's. | Mom made me go to the dentist every year, we used to have a spittoon when our mouths got full of spit. I always slobbered everywhere and I hated it. | My best school chum was Roger Jones

15: There was a big activity at the church, Me and Roger went and stuck potatoes up the exhaust pipes of all the vehicles, none of the cars would run. | Did you ever need stitches? | Well I never broke any bones, I probably did need stitches but I never got any. | What were some crazy names or nicknames in your school? | Everyone had a nickname, Camel, Carrot head, Cricket, Snooks. | Tell about a prank you played. | As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? | A heavy equipment operator

16: Tell about your kite -flying experiences | They always ended up in the power lines. | Did you ever feel a hatred for another person? Explain. | Ray Jones. He would throw our clothes outside so we had to go get them in the morning. He backed up into my pretty boy truck. He was always doing stuff like that. | Did you ever try to adopt a wild animal? | Nope. I shot them too fast. | Make up a limerick about yourself. | I'm not making' one up about myself that's stupid.

17: Tell a favorite spring memory. | Me and my friends went log haulin' and we got stuck. We tried to get ourselves out until 3 a.m. then we started walking, got to Hanna about 6 a.m. | Did your mom or Dad ever find something you had hidden? | Heck if I know. Bart had a trunk full of beer, Dad found it and said "If you're gonna be drinkin' all that don't be driving." | Share a memory of going to Church. | We went to Catholic Church, I hated it, it was the worst thing in the world. | Share a memory about a church social activity. | I was Vice-President of seminary and was not even a member of the church. | Did you ever have a recurring dream as a child? | Easter egg hunt all over the house and yard. We'd always go up in the mountains and have a picnic | Tell about any Easter Traditions. | Swinging on a swing way high, coming out of it at the very top, but I never hit the ground so it never hurt.

18: What is the biggest physical problem you had to deal with? | When you played make-believe what did you pretend? I didn't have a make-believe life. | Tell about sports you played. | Basketball, baseball, about the only sports they had in Tabiona. | Did you ever write something you were really proud of? | An essay about Honey Bees. after that me and grandpa got bees and worked honey bees for a few years. | What is the best book you ever read as a child? | I didn't read books. | Bails Paulsy. I never had no broken bones, tonsils removed, none of that.

19: Did you have any superstitions? | Nope, always thought that was the silliest thing. | Where were your best hide-and-seek places? | Behind a telephone pole. You could hide behind one and they would look for you for hours. | Tell about the first time you were ever behind the wheel of a car. | I was 8 years old, I couldn't reach the pedals. It was a stick shift my dad put it in first and said when you want to start just turn the key when you want to stop turn it off. | wanna str | Did you ever take anything that wasn't yours? | Ya. Nails from that Hannah Store. We were building a tree house and we needed nails so I put some in my pocket, the owner saw and talked to me so I put them back. | Do you have a story about a big surprise? | Christmas was always a big surprise. We weren't a big surprise family.

20: What childhood fear do you remember? | We were tubing down the river during high water and I fell off my tube and I got drug down the river, hung on to a rock I couldn't let go cause there was a barbed wire fence down the river. I eventually got out of the river. | Tell about a May Day tradition. | "The May Day dish man, with all the beans!" | How much do you remember paying for an ice cream cone? | 20 cents, actually 25 cents. Coming to The Frost Top and get a soft serve ice cream cone about a foot tall for 25 cents. | Did you have a tree house? | YES. A big old, three story tree house. We spent many a night in that tree house. | Were you ever bitten by a dog? | Ya. My dad was shoeing a horse and the horse started kicking so dad threw a rope around the horse, the owner and I grabbed the rope and the owner's blue heeler dog bit the back of my heel and started ripping.

21: Tell a favorite memory of your mother | Did you Mother ever make a special gift for you? | For my graduation present my mom got a new paint job for my Ford Pinto. | The best cook ever. I loved to go home to see what she cooked for lunch or dinner. | Tell some good advice your mother gave you. | She was always telling me, get a good education, be smart, go to college. | Relate your family Mother's day traditions. | The kids were always in charge of cleaning up after the big Mother's day dinner. | What was your favorite singing group or band? | Alabama

22: Name some popular hit songs from your youth. | Do you remember childhood songs or rhymes? | The skunk said the stump stunk, the stump said the skunk stunk, so which one stunk? | I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. | We are the Champions Rollin on the River Open Arms | What kind of dances did you do as a youth? | Country Swing -That's the one where ya loop them, then ya loop them, and ya do the spider. | Tell about the first dance you went to. | I have no idea. i just know I went to dance, I did not sit on the side, I danced. If someone took a date and was not dancing I went and danced with them. | Tell about your high school prom or formal dance. | Took Jan Jackson. Went and danced and went home, didn't even get a kiss. -Mom "Did you want one?" Dad "MMMM yeah."

23: How many students were in your high school? | What year did you graduate from high school? | 1983. The last graduating class from the old high school. I had the second largest graduating class from Tabiona High School with a grand total of 18 people. | We had k-12, we only had about 60 in our school. | Tell of someone you envied and why. | I don't think I envied anybody. I didn't appreciate kids because they had the gospel and didn't appreciate it. I envied what they had that I couldn't, being a member of the church. | Did you have homework? | Ya, I always had homework, I had to work for my grades. Bart is smart, he A'ced school without work. | Describe a very proud moment in your childhood. | When I won 1st place in the Science Fair competition at school and got 2nd at region. I raised plants in the closet, upside down, in the sun, etc.

24: Did you play a musical instrument? | Share a special memory of Memorial Day. | "Why would ya do that? I have no idea." | Guitar. | Is there anything you have now that you have kept from your childhood? | My guitar, a fly pole I built in high school, my dad's gun that I shot my first deer with. | Do you have any good bath time stories? | "Bath time stories, Heaven's no! Hated em. We'd do anything to get out of a bath, took too much time." | Tell about a strange person in your town. | The Hansen Family, he was a school teacher and they had 2 kids they were just a strange family. They thought weird.

25: I don't remember hot dog or marshmallow but I remember cooking potatoes in the fire. Just throw the whole thing in, let it cook, peel off the burnt layer, and eat the potato. | What was the funniest name or nickname in your town? | Cricket- that was her real name, she was 6ft. 7in. Snooks- was the best known. | Did you ever sleep under the stars? | Oh yeah, many a time. Raid gardens and have sleepovers. | Tell about a hot dog or marshmallow roasting. | Did you ever go on a camp out? Tell about it. | Which one? We were always camping out. Get on our motorcycles and go till who knows where and just camp out. We were always camping. We went fishing sometimes. Depends on where we went to what we did.

26: Did you ever go on a snipe hunt? | uh, huh. I don't think I ever was the snipe hunter. | What food did you learn to cook or prepare first as a youth? | Deer meat. Learned how to dry it and make jerky. I done a lot of that. | What was your first job? How much did you get paid? | Workin on grandpa's farm. moving sprinklers, hand lines no less. That was back before all the fancy wheel lines. $500.00 a month 7 days a week 10 hours a day. | Tell about any other jobs you had as a youth. | I hauled hay for all the farmers. We had a team of 5 and we had competitions between teams and my team was best. I worked for another farmer. Also hauled hay for Russ Tillack. I always had a lot of jobs. | Were you ever chased by some animal? | Ya. I was chased by a badger, I shot him and then the badger went in a hole. I went to the hole and the badger popped out and chased me so I shot him again.

27: Share a horse riding story. | If you were ever in a parade, tell about it. | Went into the grand daddy lakes (we did a lot of horse riding, dad was a horse nut, a ranger for the primitive area). So we get up there we have a tent with a wood floor and we let the horses go free all night long but we hobbled two of them. It snowed 6 inches that night. The horses didn't like it so the hobbled ones headed out. So dad went to get them and the hobbles rubbed the skin off the horses ankles | Tell a childhood memory about a death that affected you. | Aunt Dolly hung herself. She asked me how tough the bailing twine was and the next morning we found her in the cellar. | I was in the parade with Grandpa Park. I filled up the trailer with water and sprayed people. Parades in Tabby were big, we always put streamers on and rode their bikes in the parade.

28: Relate your happiest memory as a youth. | The day me and Bart got our motorcycle. It was a Yamaha 80. | How did you learn to swim? | Took swim lessons at Duchesne City Pool.Me and Bart were the best swimmers. | Where did you go swimming? | Tabby Mountain number 1 reservoir. | Tell a favorite memory of your father. | Horses, High Uintah's with his chaps and cowboy hat. Workin' with the horses. | Tell about some good advice your father gave you. | He didn't say say much but he taught me how to be a handy man and to tear into stuff and fix it. | Did you ever go skinny-dipping? | No, I was lucky to get into a pair of shorts. If I was going swimming I usually did it in my pants.

29: Did you father ever make a special gift for you. | He wasn't much of a gift guy. He was always fixing broken stuff. Took apart my bike and made it look brand new. | Did you have a special nature place where you went to explore. | We were always in the mountains. Not ever a particular place, walking, biking, hunting, motorcycling, snowmobiling, etc. | Did you ever make mud pies? | Ya, probably not as many mud pies as I did roads in the muddy sandpile but I still made mud pies. | Did you go barefoot in the summer? | No, We were too busy farming. | Describe a few of the favorite hair styles of your youth. | Splitting it down the middle was the guy hairstyle and girls had fluffy bangs. | Tell about a bike you had. | Me and Bart went in halves on a motorbike it was the happiest day of my life. It was a yellow Yamaha

30: Tell about your first very own car. | Ford pinto. Ugliest green you've ever seen, hatch back. Pretty rims, extended spring shackles so I could have big tires on back. | Did you ever have or make a swing? | Yeah! We were always making swings to swing into the river. Just wooden ones. | Tell about seeing something you thought was very beautiful. | The sun coming up in the morning. It's even more purdy in a plane. | What kind of fireworks did people have when you were a youth? | M-80s, bottle rockets, firecrackers, the normal stuff. | Tell about Independence Day traditions of your childhood. | Oh Geez, we used to have the biggest parades and rodeos. that was the most exciting day of they year. 50 people in the parade, not just advertisement floats it was people having fun. | Do you have a special July 4th that you remember most? | Nope, they were all fun when I was young. I got all cowboy'd up, always had brand new clothes for July 4th

31: Just the Duchesne County Fair or Utah State Fair when they had carnivals. | Did you ever go to carnivals or amusement parks? | What kinds of rides were there? | How would I know? I got sick really easy when I was a kid so I didn't care for rides much. | Tell about going to a circus. | We went to the Barnum Brothers 3 ring circus. | Tell any favorite summertime memory. | Going into the High Uintah's with dad. Me and Bart would stay for a week. That was always a lot of fun. | Did you Go fishing in your childhood? | Yes. All the time, we'd go up on our motorcycles and go fishing everyday after school. Even when there was snow on the ground we fished in the Duchesne River. | Tell about your biggest catch. | Caught a 21 inch German Brown out the Duchesne River.

32: Do you remember having a favorite candy? How much did it cost? | Yes, Black Licorice. 5 cents for a big piece 6 inches long as big around as my pinkie. Come to think it was 3 cents. | Do you remember having a favorite snack that you made at home? | Honey on saltines, Peanut butter on a banana. | Share a memory about a picnic. | For Easter we always had a picnic in the mountains. | What kinds of party games were popular? | CLUE, Monopoly, and Twister big time. | Share a memory involving a heatwave. | We had a winter where there was no snow. January came and it was warm and sunny outside but we never had a heatwave summer. | What did you do to stay cool? | I was always on the farm when the sprinklers came on so I would walk through them or go stand in them. | What was your favorite holiday? Why | Christmas was awful exciting. Christmas and 4th of July. The hunt was most exciting, we took off school and work and everything to go hunt.

33: Share a birthday memory. | I don't know no birthday memories. We weren't big on birthdays. | Tell about the neatest shoes you ever owned as a youth. | I'm sure it was a pair of cowboy boots. I don't know which pair but I used to love to get new cowboy boots. | Relate a memory involving a flood or cloudburst. | We used to have what we'd call toad stranglers. It'd rain really hard for an hour then it would drag sticks and rocks into the field and we'd have to go clean it up. | Relate a memory of a tornado, hurricane, or destructive wind. | Only one I ever remember was the one we had in Duchesne 3 or 4 years back up Indian Canyon.

34: Share a special memory about riding in a boat. | When we were at the gorge and we were out in the middle of the lake and it started raining and hailing. We were under the glove box trying to hide from the weather. It was back in the yellow boat with no open bow. | What memories do you have of lightning or thunder during your childhood? | Tell about a family vacation. | If we were farming and it thundered and lightning then Grandpa would have us come sit in the truck for a while. So it was always fun to have that and get out of some work. | The only vacation I ever remember was to Yellowstone it was fun, we seen everything. | Share the best vacation experience you can recall. | I think my favorite was Bryce Canyon where we took our camper and stayed up there for 3 or 4 days. | Tell a memory about riding on a ferry, bus, train, or plane. | When we went to Seattle we rode the ferry, that was the only time I rode a ferry. Don't have much with trains, bus. Of course we've ridden in planes a million times. | If you were to return to your youth what would you do differently? | Hmm, Nothin.

35: Describe your childhood home and neighborhood. | I grew up in Tabiona, town of 500 people, lived a block away from the school, high school and elementary so I walked to school everyday. Everyone drove vehicles and motorcycles before we were 16 because there wasn't a cop in town. | Tell about going to a summer camp. | I didn't do boy scouts so there was none of them. I think the only summer camp I went to was Boys State. | Tell of an experience climbing a mountain or big hill. | I always went to North Fork and climbed to the cave but that wasn't a very big climb. I always hiked during the hunts, we hiked everywhere. | Tell a memory about having company at your house, or of a family party. | We used to have the pastor come up an we'd have mass and we'd eat my my house. | Tell about games you played as a youth. | Oh, we played card games all the time. Grandpa loved card games, he always had a new card game to show us. | What was your best talent? | Probably wood working, is that a talent? Building stuff out of wood.

36: Did your mom or dad have a favorite remedy for what ailed you? | We had to be sick to get medicine, I did not go to the doctor unless we were sick sick. Not like today where you get a sniffle and you run down to the hospital. | Share an experience about poison ivy. | I don't know how many times I ended up in poison ivy. We'd figure out where it was and have our friends walk through it cause we thought it was funny. All you had to do was brush against it. | Tell about a time when you got lost. | I've been lost in a big city in a car but never in the mountains. When I went to Mac Tools in Florida and rented a car I was trying to find the airport and I was so lost it wasn't even funny. | Did you ever play in the sprinkler or hose? | Ya, all the time. I played in the BIG sprinklers on the farm all the time. | Tell about being stung my a bee or wasp. | Oh, probably the worst was me and Roger knocked a big wasps next down and went running for the house but before we made it there we got stung 3 or 4 times. | My family wasn't much for singing. we didn't have any special songs we sung together.

37: Tell about your bedroom. | It was upstairs, me and Bart shared, it was like an attic, you had to be in the middle of the room to stand up in it. It was a million degrees in the summer. | Share a memory of staying overnight with a friend. | I always had sleepovers, in the yard of somebody dink around all night. Raiding gardens, lighting off firecrackers, doing stuff we probably shouldn't have been. | If you ever ran away from home, tell about it. Nope never did. | Do you remember being really curious about something? | Haha (thinking) I'm curious about everything, so I'm always curious. | Share your childhood experiences with roller skates | I used to go to the red barn out past Ballard and go skating. It used to be a skate rink. We'd go there for mutual, I was one of those that showed up for the big activities.

38: Did you ever experience home sickness? | Yes. When I went to Boys State and when I went to Rexburg for college. | Did you ever make a purchase that you later regretted? | Mom: The black ford Dad: Ya, that's probably the top. | Tell about a favorite toy. | Probably our Hot Wheels Track, that was my favorite. The ones I got whipped with when I was in trouble. | Did you have to abide by a curfew as a youth? | No I didn't my parents didn't really care. | If you ever had a hero, tell who. | Hero, hmm, Popeye was a cartoon hero of mine. I used to love to watch Popeye. | Describe how you used the phone to call a friend. | Well, they were phones that had the dial on them you had to dial it. They weren't cordless you had to stick close, you had to know numbers of everyone not just find a name and push dial.

39: Did you ever have a fire in your home or accidentally catch something on fire? | The fuse box in our attic caught on fire. One of us had just gotten out of the bath and dad said bring me up pails so we just kept throwing water on it. We got a small hole in the roof but dad fixed it. | Me and Roger caught a granary on fire building a fire out back, put it out. 3 days later it flared up and burnt the granary down. | Tell about going to box socials or pot lucks. | When me and mom was newly married our newlyweds ward was always having socials of pot lucks, always having a party somewhere. | Tell about an incident when you were very angry with your mom or dad. | I wanted to buy a bigger motorcycle and mom told me no. It was my own money even I was buying it with. | Tell about an incident when your mom or dad was very angry with you. | When me and Bart had a babysitter we were causing trouble and the babysitter locked us out of the house so me and Bart broke the window screen. We got a whippin with a Hot Wheels Track.

40: Share a memory involving an outhouse. | My mom's brother had an outhouse out back he went our to take his morning bathroom break and I was out feeding the chickens and I looked up and there was my uncle with the door open doing his business. | Tell about a school bully. | There was some but they never bullied me, I was built like Morgan, I wasn't scared of no one. A couple of them tried to bully me so I threatened to meet them behind the church and they never showed up, the chickens. | What do you remember doing at recess? | We threw rocks at people so no one could go inside, We got the education board. | Tell about the playground at your school. | The OLD metal swing set with 6 swings and a slippery slide. That's it. | Tell about who you thought was the smartest kid in school. | Bart. He's always sit in class reading then Ace every test, he never studied a day in his life.

41: Tell about the naughtiest kid in school. | I don't know. If you don't know who the naughtiest kid is then maybe it was you. I did my fair share of trouble causin. | Tell about a teacher's pet. | Mr. Park let me run the projector so I was accused of being the teacher's pet there. Kirk Humphreys was the teacher's pet. | Name the schools that you went to. | Tabiona High all 18 years. | What was your most embarrassing moment? | I played guitar and Reed Turnbow talked me into playing at something. I got half way through the song got mixed up said "I can't do this" and went and sat down. | What teacher did you dislike the most? | LaMay Humphrey's. She would hit kids on the top of the head with a yard stick. | Did you ever have a crush on a teacher? | No. I knew other guys did but I didn't. | Who was the best teacher you ever had? | Reed Turnbow. Drama and English he taught me at my level.

42: Describe your typical school day outfit. | I was named best dressed in the High School Yearbook. Dockers and things like that. | If you were ever in a fight, tell about it. | Which one? Me and Jesse Espanosa got our boxing gloves on, boy we battled it and battled it. We actually became good friends after we both gave up. | Tell about your worst report card. | I don't know in High School I got 4.0's during Elementary I never got an F but they weren't very good. | What is the worst thing that you remember a teacher doing to a student? | The Education Board. Mr. Roberts was always using it. | How did you get to school? | Walked or rode snowmobiles or motorcycle. I only lived one block away. You could out run cops on a snowmobile like oh yeah! | Do you remember a special school custodian? | What was his name? Mr.? He committed suicide. Got up opened the school at 3, took a nap, cleaned up after school. Ray got the job next, that's how Ray and Dixie met.

43: What were your school colors? | Purple and White | School Mascot? | Tabiona Tigers | Did you ever have a "good friend" who did something mean to you? | I don't know. I only had 1 good friend, Roger, we just palled around all of us just messed with each other. | How did your school observe Homecoming? | We had a Homecoming dance during Basketball season. We had a big assembly, had a Homecoming pageant, picked a queen. we didn't have all the dress up days. | Did your High School have cheerleaders? What did they wear? | Yes, the same thing they wear today, hasn't changed a bit. | Can you recite any of your school cheers? | No, I don't know if I ever even said any. | Tell about any other extra- curricular activities. | Drama, me and Reed Turnbow spent the most time there, Baskteball, Unified Studies which was a wilderness class. | If you ever played in the leaves, tell about it. I don't remember doing it.

44: Do you have a good piece of advice for me? | Mom? "If you want something done right you better do it yourself." "Don't blame other people for your problems. " "If you do the same thing everyday you get the same result." | Do you have any special memories about raking and burning leaves? | Me and Roger decided to burn the garden one day. The weeds were 4 feet high and the fire was 16 feet in the air. Luckily the fire piddled out once it got to where we tilled. | What allowance did you get? | Allowance? never. Living under the roof was allowance enough and we did all the chores. Horses, and horses, and horses, and horses. . . | What was your most prized possession as a child? | My motorcycle. Yamaha 80 man that thing was priceless.

45: What was the strangest thing you ever saw in the sky? | We were up at the farm and we could hear something loud coming and it was the funniest looking plane about 100 feet in the air. We thought it was some undercover thing that no one was supposed to know about. | Relate a story about a mouse in the house. | I don't remember a mouse in the house. We had a rat where we worked and we found it in the sofa so me and my boss shook it, it came running out. I tried to step on it and it tried to run up my pant leg but I stepped on it's head and killed it. My boss was over in the corner. | Share a memory about a bat in the house. | I've never seen a bat in the house. | Did you ever have any other strange animal in the house? | Nope. Just a dog named Pup. | Tell about pulling or losing baby teeth. | Oh my dad would just go get his pliers and yank them out. | Did you ever loose something really important to you? | My class ring. I never found it. I payed for it myself too.

46: My senior year, our awards banquet. They gave all the awards then after the awards banquet they gave me all the rest of my awards because of Patty Gines. I got cheated out of being Valedictorian too but I had to give the speech. | Did you ever break something that belonged to someone else? | Ya, I blew up my mom's car. | Was an injustice ever done to you? | Share a favorite fall memory. | Hunting. | Do you have a story about standing up against odds for something you really believed in? | Ya, Becoming a member of the Church. My whole family was against it. | What is the farthest you ever walked or ran? | We walked 13 miles in one day. | Did you ever pick apples? | Ya, we had 15 trees up Mitchee, we always picked apples.

47: If you had a watch, tell about it. | Grandpa went to New York and brought back a bunch of watches (rolex look-a-likes) he'd bought for $10 and not one worked. I never got one but I remember that. | What hobbies or collections did you have as a youth? | A hat collection. I put them up in my room, we put them under the house then threw them away a couple years ago. | Share a memory about being very scared. | Me and my friends stole my friend's brother's truck and rolled it. I was scared to see what happened when they found out. | Tell about a time when you dressed up in a costume. | Oh Geez, up at Ricks I dressed like a nerd and I went to go pick up my date and she wouldn't go with me. I mean I was a NERD! She finally came with us but she wouldn't be around us. | Did you ever tell ghost stories? | Not much. We went snipe hunting. | What did people do at Halloween? | We went Trick-or-treating for heaven's sake. We came home from hunting and went trick-or-treating.

48: Do you have a special Halloween memory? | Me and mom were dating and we went to the asylum for a haunted house it was pretty messed up. | Tell about how you first knew my mother. | She was dating a guy up in Tabby then went to a dance and sat in the corner the whole time. That was the first time I saw her. | Tell about your first date with my mom. | We went to see The Jungle Book movie in Roosevelt. | What qualities first attracted you to her? | Personality, she was cute, all the things that attract you to people. Her dad was awesome.! | Tell about where you lived when first married. | Bought a single wide trailer in Hanna in a cow field. The cows liked to rub on the house. | What was your job at the time? | Working construction Central Utah Water Conservative District tunnels making 30 dollars an hour | What qualities in my mom did you try unsuccessfully to change? | I don't think I tried any. Mom: Only that I'd cook like your grandmother.

49: Tell about how you proposed marriage to my mom. | Down at Clint's shop. I told Clint I wanted to propose and I wanted to do it at the shop and so Clint had Christy come down, I set up a table with candles and Diet Pepsi's. Christy came down in her PJ'S and bathrobe and i proposed and Clint shot off fireworks. | When and where were you married? | Duchesne 1st and 2nd ward building by Bishop Moon (it was the only church). October 10,1986 | What did you wear? a tuxedo | Who performed the ceremony? Who stood up with you? | Alton Moon performed it Scott Peterson stood up with me. | Tell about any other circumstances of your wedding day. | We left at 11 and we hadn't eaten all day so we stopped at a 7-11 in Heber and ate cheese, hot dogs, and doritos. That was our wedding dinner. | Did you go on a honeymoon? | We went to Park City woke up Saturday morning bought our furniture, set up our house. I went to work on Monday. Then later that year when my job ended we went to Jackson Hole.

50: Tell about the most serious problem you faced during your early years of marriage. | I don't think there was anything big. We were poor but it was okay. | Tell the full names, birthdays, and birthplaces of each of your children. | Lindsey Camile Smith; August 16, 1988 Provo, Utah Jennifer Rose Smith; May 24, 1990 Provo, Utah Emily Elizabeth Smith; January 24, 1994 Roosevelt, Utah Morgan William Smith; March 12, 1998 Roosevelt Utah Cassidy Smith; January 20, 2000 Roosevelt Utah | How did you choose my name? | I wasn't the name chooser, mom was. | What do you remember most about my first month of life? | Work, that was my life. | Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory. | I remember me and mom home sick, and grandparents took the kids to Susie's but that wasn't a favorite. This one we just had was probably most enjoyable. | As a youth who was your favorite movie star? | John Travolta, or Kevin Bacon.

51: Food: Dumplings | My favorites: | What foods were on your Thanksgiving table? | Pasta, homemade pasta of every kind. Dixie and her sisters had a competition to see who could make the best pasta dish. We had a small turkey to please people but it never got eaten. | Book: Where The Wild Things Are. | Movie: Footloose, Grease, The Ultimate Gift | TV Show: Gilligan's Island | Song: We are the Champions Rollin' Down the River | Color: Blue or White | Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Ammorites,in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. | BIble verse: | Pastime: | Flying my plane. I haven't found something more enjoyable than flying my plane. but that has been my dream since I was 15. | Tell about your favorite store to browse in as a child. | The Arizona Swap Meet.

52: Do you have another good piece of advice for me? | You can do anything you think you can. Be a hard worker that's what your generation is lacking. | Were you ever in a life-threatening situation. | If I have I probably didn't know it. | Did you ever have a bad experience with a haircut? | Lindsey cut my hair once, it was pretty scary. Terribly uneven, bangs hanging down, everything else was gone. | Tell about something you built or designed as a youth. | My grandfather clock, designed and built it. | Were you ever in a church or school Christmas pageant? | Ya, we had one at Tabby every year. | When did you put up your Christmas tree? Where did you get them? | As soon as we got it. usually we went up Rock Creek. | How did you decorate it? | That's a stupid question, we put lights on it. A few times we made paper chains and put them around the tree. | Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your mom. | Me and Bart both made ceramic elf's that's the only thing i remember giving.

53: Tell about the neatest present you remember giving to your dad. | I'm sure there was something but I don't know what it would be. | Tell about the best Christmas present you received as a child. | One year I got a set of Craftsman tools, I still have all of them to this day. | Tell about the worst Christmas present you received as a child. | My parents getting divorced. it was around the holiday. i don't know if I received it but I got it. | Tell about your experiences with Santa Claus. | One of the guys in Tabby dressed up as Santa but he ran his snowmobile into a ditch and dad had to go pull him out. He may have been a little sauced. | Is there anything else you would like me to know about your childhood? | I lived for hunting and fishing, that's all I thought, all I wanted to do. Anything we just hunted.

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