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FC: Thirteen Days to Midnight

1: I dedicate this journal to Jake and Oh , Jake you are brave for taking on this burden for the rest of your life

2: October 8th Entry 1 Jake Fieldings is finally back after his foster father's death. He never told me how he died, but I'm guessing it must've been bad. It was strange that he was wearing his school uniform perfectly, I thought he and I agreed we would slack it as much as possible, I guess times change. I introduced him to the new girl at school, she seems to like Jake even though they barely know each other. Then something really weird happened: We were in the car, and she was skateboarding alongside us, she tried to swivel around the hood but ended up falling flat on her face, she got up and told us she was fine.... as ussual he said, "I gotta go" and bolted

4: October 9th Entry 2 I might be going crazy, today we discovered that Jake has a 'super power' that gives him immortality. We tested this by throwing books at him, after he attempted to burn himself. He never felt any pain the entire time, he didn't even get a bruise. The final test he jumped over the second story loft in the library and landed on a lamp, he could have been killed by either the electricity or the sharp bulb. He shouldn't be alive right now, but he is. Apparently he can even transfer the powers between people, he gave it to

5: d | me and I tried smashing my hand with a hard back book, it didn't do anything, I didn't even feel it. I think I am going insane... | -We can't stop there, there is more to test.- Jake

6: October 10th Entry 3 Today after school we met and discussed the 'ability' that Jake has, Oh came up with some good questions that we started to answer, the codeword for the power is 'the diamond'. We started to try to answer the questions but were having a bit of trouble. After a couple hours I was beginning to get hungry so we left the book loft and went for a drive, I dropped them off and borrowed some change from Jake then went out to get something to eat. Something tells me this is going to be an interesting year.

7: -What are you not telling us?- Oh

8: October 11th Entry 4 \We've run into a problem with the stuck up rich kid Ethan, he's transfered schools and now he wants revenged on us this time with his new buddy Boone. While Oh was testing something with the diamond Ethan and Boone showed up to try and beat the crap out of me and Jake, luckily he got the diamond back and gave it to me before the managed to throw the first punch. I punched him right in the eye and he ran off. He better not show his face around here any more. Apparently Oh tried to jump off the side of a roof

9: to see if it would affect her while she had the diamond, is there nothing this thing can save you from? | -This is far from over...- Ethan

10: October 12th Entry 5 Today was by far the worst day so far with the diamond, the apartment next to Oh's was on fire and she just had to be a hero and run in to save people, she almost gave away the secret. Even worst was that while she needed the diamond so did I, Ethan came back and attempted to write 'Homo' on the side of my car in yellow paint, he still didn't learn his lesson so I gave him another one. While I had him pinned to the ground he managed to land one on my jaw, now it's swelling like crazy. On the other hand Oh managed to get

11: inside and save someone, at least no one else got hurt. She left for her father's house for the weekend, and apparently Jake lost his phone to Miss Pines, isn't this just a jolly weekend... | -Take a break from all this stuff for the weekend, we will start back up on Monday- Jake

12: October 15th and 16th Entry 6 The weekend was a snore, nothing happened which I am kind of glad that nothing did. Apparently Oh took the police scanner with her and was monitoring the dangers like crazy, we attempted to save an old man from a heart attack, but it seems like the diamond only saves you from things that haven't happened yet, this is just getting weirder and weirder. Of course whenever I try to add in a joke every now and then Oh freaks out and yells at me, so I just walked out of the room.

13: October 17th Entry 7 Jake is really getting hit hard with the diamond, he thinks he killed a guy by giving it to someone else he thought would need it more, but it turned out the one walked away unharmed while the other died. This we refer to as the Mount Hood Bank Heist incident, and it seems like things may get worse as we are deciding who lives, and who dies....

14: October 18th Entry 8 Jake and I took a trip to the shore today to visit the place Mr. Fieldings wanted him to visit after his death. We found some answers. Apparently Houdini was related to all of this because he was one of the previous holders of it like Mr. Fielding. The problem is that we shouldn't have passed this thing around because it brings the burden of those who should have died with it everywhere it goes. I fear that Oh may be under some sort of curse... -I think Oh is in trouble...- Jake

15: October 19th Entry 9 Oh went crazy today, she attempted to kill Ethan but Jake managed to stop her. Then she ran off and we can't seem to find her, we were searching franticly and we still cant find her. Somethings going wrong, maybe this curse is really a curse after all. If I am right then we have to find her quick and find a way to counter act it. I fear that this is out of control and we may lose her forever. -Shes gone Milo.....- Jake

16: October 20th Entry 10 I cant explain everything, but I can say that everything is back to normal. To counter act the curse we had to kill how many lives we attempted to save, thats 27..... ya it sounds crazy and it was. After that night we went to the beach and sat down to have a nice chat, now Jake is the keeper of the diamond and he isnt going to try to help anyone else. I wish this never happened to us, because now we have to die in the end without our friend....

17: -If i could have one wish, it would be to stick with you guys until the end, but i cant and never will-Jake

20: Happy Halloween

21: We had a Frightfully good time at the Halloween party this year

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