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Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

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Happy Birthday Mom and Dad - Page Text Content

BC: Happy Birthdays! | With Love Kids and Grandkids, 2012

FC: Happy Birthday Mom & Dad | "A simple smile can brighten any moment, and a simple hug can put joy in your day. A child's love will stay with you forever, and grandchildren will touch your life in every way."

1: Remember, as far as anybody knows, we are a NICE and NORMAL family . . .

2: Robert & Kerry | Kerry: My first memory of Lamond was when I was 7 years old racing barrels. He was announcing and said "this little cowgirl was conceived in Texas and born in Wyoming." Later asked my Dad what conceived means and he said "oh that damn Lamond..." I remember Lamond getting such a kick out of Justus torturing our cat. Doe? Doe has ALWAYS been there for me and the matter what and without question or judgment! | Robert: "Oh brother, what the hell, settle down and bullshit". . . just a few of the things I recall. I remember when I asked Dad if he was coming to the football game to watch me play in our first game. I don't think he was, cause when I told him I was starting (as a junior at a whole 115 lbs), he said "oh bullshit!" After the game I saw tears in his kidding! He teared up again when I took state in wrestling - he was so proud. He didn't think this Momma's boy had it in him! He chased down a referee too! He yelled at me to tell Coach Ehlers to go to hell...and he was sitting right behind him in the bleachers. LOL I cherish the many golf games I've played with both of Mom and Dad. I remember all the trips I got to go on when I was little - Wyoming Downs many times and the dinners afterwards.

3: "A grand- parent's smile can brighten any moment, and a simple hug can put joy in your day. | Josie: I remember Thanksgiving at your house. Grandma made a feast with turkey and potatoes. I remember playing card games with Grandma and four-wheeler rides with Grandpa. Lamond (Jack): I remember playing war with the cards. And when I would walk over to their house Grandma would make oatmeal just the way I liked it...not like Momma. Grandpa would always be sitting in his favorite chair watchin' CNN and when I walked in he would say "What the hell's goin' on?" Justus: I 'member playin' golf in the back of Grandpa's house. I frew wocks ober de fence and Grandpa would get mad. I 'member taking a bath in their big baftub with lots a bubbles. And she would take me to de' store to buy toys! And I would help Grandpa with the water and he would spray my dumptwuck. | Jorgia: I membo Gramma Doe fell down once. (unverified) And Grampa's tauwboy hat. And now I have two bows because I know my ABC | Mom? What can I say about Mom. I remember we used to get Pepsi's from Taco Time and "drag main" - I wished we'd had a limo to drive us around? You were ALWAYS there...whether sports, homework, tough times or good. You always had breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the homemade desserts. I remember trying to get your attention without waking up Dad in the TV room. All the unconditional love you've given me (and all of us, for that matter) over the years. I remember you and Dad laughing uncontrollably...more so lately. You guys okay? You've called me every week starting 24 years ago. I remember everything you've done for me and my family and I will never, ever forget that!

4: You brighten my day! | on a brand new four wheeler or prefer a shirt from the DI over a new one! Gramps your the man and I'll love ya forever! Nicole & Jace- I don't think I have ever been around grandpa and he hasn't made me laugh. I'll never forget the Christmas when he wrapped one of Grandmas shirts she had in her closet with the tags still on it in a nice new box. When we all started giggling she figured it out and said "I thought this looked familiar, oh Honey!" Or the time Gram and Gramps came to our apartment in Ogden and he went to walk out on our balcony and walked into the screen door and it busted right off. For the longest time Grandpa couldn't remember my name so he would call me Nickel or sometimes something else and he still gives me a hard time, but I think that is one of the things we all love so much about him. Jace loves Grandpa's four wheeler and is still a little upset that he sold his tractor. | Chet, Nicole &Jace | Chet-Where to start Gramps brings so many memories to mind. From of course"Let's go get a damn Slurpee!" to the two option lunch menu when Gram was gone, tuna fish pickle sandwich or bread and milk. Grampa has taught me alot; "If ya ain't cheatin' ya ain't tryin'", gambling ( betting the ponies from age 5-now), the basics of irrigating, gopher hunting under the hill (He's a damn good shot believe it or not), and many more. I do not know any other man that will cut a brand new pair of shoes, screw sheet metal

5: "A grandmother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever." | Chet- Gram Your the Best! I don't know what to say other than how do you do it! From taking a group of brats to Lagoon, babysitting several of us at a time for days, taking me golfing, putting up with all the bickering and whining. You amaze me from your patience to your unconditional love that has been so important to me and the entire family throughout my life. Your example of being a awesome parent is very inspiring to me now that I have my own family I see more of just how great you are. I will always love you and strive to be more like you. Nicole & Jace - Grandma is one of the most kind and loving people I have ever met. Going over for dinner is one thing I love because everything she makes is so yummy. I will always admire how loving and supportive she is to her family and friends. She loves with her whole heart and is an amazing example to me. One of the many funny stories Grandma told me was when she was talking on her cell phone and running around the house looking for the phone she was talking on. Jace loves going to Grams and Gramps and heads straight for the candy jar every time!

6: Fudge, fairy pudding, ribbon sandwiches. zucchini bread, snickers, slim fast, bread and milk, OH MY . . . | I have so many memories of growing up with Gram- I can't pick just one. She took Tiff and I to the store all the time and we always got a treat usually Lik-A-Maid. She always had popsicles, pudding and chocolate licorice for us. We would eat Wonder bread by the loafs and we didn't like the crust so we would put it in the blue vase on the hearth, I think when we were around 12 we looked in the vase and it was about 3/4 full of crust, whoops! I remember driving to SLC to shop and the distinct smell of the Cadillac and listening to Conway Twitty & Patsy Cline. We would play dress up in her furs, she would always read us a story and I think she saved change in a ziploc in her purse just for us! I love you Gram! | Tiff and I had rented a a couple movies and had not taken them back. Grandpa said "Rent-a-Flick called and you two have a $27 late fee, you better get down there and pay right now." Well we were probably 12 and didn't have any money, we were freaking out! We spent almost all day gathering all we had, doing chores for Gram and then talked her into giving us her change ziploc. When we turned in the movies the cashier said, "You have a $1.50 late fee" we were so relieved and mad at the same time! I love you Gramps- even when you are a jerk! | P E N N Y

7: Vivi loves her Gram!- always wants to snuggle and rock-a-bye | This last summer I had a very busy work schedule so Gram offered to come stay and take care of Jett, Lex and Viv for a few days. Well since she was almost 76 I was quite worried she would get worn out. I called a few times a day to check in and everyday I would come home to a clean house, happy kids, dinner and even a batch of her famous fudge- and I'm pretty sure she didn't even take a nap! I would say, "Gram how did it go today? Was everything okay?" and she would say "Well you know I HAVE done this before!" You are an amazing Grandma and an even more amazing Great-Grandma! | Jett and Lex love to hang out with Grandpa Dammit. They love to throw golf balls in the back yard and sit on his lap and make him play Angry Birds. Although they don't love when Grandpa takes out his teeth or yells "daaaaammit" or makes them smell his feet or calls them the wrong name on purpose or calls them "whimper-mires" but a word to the wise, kids- if you don't "enore" him he'll buy you a pony! | Much like Roxie., Grandpa Dammit loves affection. So it was always my little joke to give him a big hug and tell him that I loved him when I left the house. Now that we have years behind us I can comfortable telling him that I do indeed love him and am so happy that we have a Grandpa Dammit in our lives. Grandma on the other hand has never had a problem telling me that she loved me, in fact to this day she would say that I am the favorite "Grandson-in-Law! I love you Gram! | M A R K | The Kids

8: The best advice Grandpa ever gave me is when I was living with them in college and he asked me "How is school are you passing?" I said "Well I am failing Statistics" Then Gramps says "Well are you cheating?" I said "No" and his reply was "Well if your not cheating your not trying!" I live by that now :) | Tiffany

9: "Make good choices" Grandma's best advice I think I am going to need her to define "good" I think she is wondering in the picture below if I am making good choices! | My favorite memory is how every time Gram and I went shopping at Metro Mall neither one of us would ever remember where we parked and so we would end up in the parking lot searching for the car for a good half hour!

10: Reanna | My favorite memory with grandpa was when we were on the plane headed to Phoenix to see Cory’s graduation. We were seated in the emergency exit seats on the plane and we had to read pamphlets and listen to the pilot tell us that it is our job to make sure everyone exits properly in case of an emergency. We had to verbally agree to the terms so the pilot was going around to each person and we had to say “Yes I agree”. Well the whole time the pilot was giving us directions Grandpa decided that he wasn’t going to pay attention and try to talk to Grandma instead. So when it came to be Grandpa’s turn, he didn’t know what to say so Grandma nudged him and told him to say “Yes.” The pilot then asked Grandpa what he was agreeing to and Grandpa said “I don’t know she told me to say yes” as he was pointing to Grandma. The pilot then told Grandpa to get up and to move to a different section of the plane because he didn’t know what he was saying yes too. Grandpa tried to talk his way out of it but the pilot wasn’t going for it.

11: My favorite memory with Grandma was when Hannah and I would stay the night at their house on Friday nights. Grandma would take us to the movies but it couldn’t be just any movie, she had to make sure that it was a PG rated movie so that it didn’t corrupt our minds. After the movies we would then come home and play several hands of Uno or Yahtzee. The next morning we would wake up and get ready to go shopping and visit family members for half the day and sometimes we would even fit in lunch. After several hours, we would come home and right as we would walk through the door we would hear grandpa say “Where have you guys been? Spending all my money as usual.”

12: I remember roping out in the indoor arena until the wee hours of the morning when all of Scotty's buddies came to town and Mom cooking all of us breakfast while having to listen to and dodge the bullshit that flew | Joey

13: I remember check in at the National High School Rodeo Finals in Fargo, North Dakota. Dad did not have any paper work on our horses. That is health certificates, brand inspections, etc. Dad had us leave the horses in the trailer while he went and bullshitted or whatever it was that he did so we were allowed to unload horses. Then.......... After team roping in the first go around of the Finals. We were flagged and given a time only to have it taken away the very next day. Dad went into committee meeting ready to fight and to kick the flagger's ass. He gave them hell. They in turn gave us nothing.

14: Hannah | My favorite memory with Grandma is when I would go up to Lyman for the whole summer and spend time with her and Grandpa. While I was staying with them, Grandma would take me on her lunch dates with Vonda and her friends. After the lunch dates we would often make trips to Benedict's to buy groceries and Grandpa wasn’t too happy about Grandma making so many damn trips to Benedict's for pointless items. Another one of our routines was going to check the mail daily and then stop by Robert and Kerry’s to see the kids and we would bring one home with us.

15: My favorite memory with Grandpa was when he would take me under the hill with him and we would check the water and all that stuff. Then after checking the water, we would go to Maverick and he would buy me a Slurpee to drink.

16: My favorite memories of Gram would have to be all of the meals. Since for some reason Rox didn't exactly get the memo, Gram's cookin' is always the best. I always love eating dinner and visiting with ya Gram. Whether it's zucchini bread, fudge, or a big dinner spread, all the food is definitely my favorite part of Grandma's house. | Max

17: Grandpa Damnit! | At the time it definitely wasn't my favorite memory, but looking back, it only seems appropriate that my favorite memory of Gramps be the famous rollerblade jump. One summer day in Lyman, I was rollerblading around in front of Redi when Gramps came up from under the hill and wanted to build a jump for me. using nothing but a piece of plywood he had taken from the side of the canal, and a cinder block placed right in the middle of the plywood. After a few minutes of arguing i finally hit it. I don't remember much of the jump, my next memory is standing in the bathroom crying with Grandma as she tries to stop the bleeding in the middle of my forehead, Gramps didn't just leave me - he was there to stand over Grandma's shoulder and laugh at me.

18: Lance | Gramps, after all these years I will never forget what you want me to tell everyone when you pass - And I won't! I laugh of the day u told me that often - unforgettable .... And about that time you bucked me off the back of the seeder and didn't notice until your next pass. You didn't even ask if I was okay - you just pulled up and laughed! Grams, I will never forget all the times you played mother for me as a child while my mom was working at the clothing store. So many memories from Grandma's house will never be forgotten. Alll those road trips with fun-loving music especially "Are We There Yet"! I can always count on you for love or good advice. I love you, Grandma and know that I wouldn't be here without the help and guidance you have given me! Your favorite grandchild - Lance!

19: Grandpa Dammit & 2G's, Happy Birthday to you and um, and I will sing at your house tomorrow, and at your house in Wyoming too! | Lance | Kambry

22: Bill | When it comes to a memory about Lamond, it’s pretty easy. Many come to mind. I have a few from Wyoming like going down to the Onion, the fishing pond an one night in the Jim Bridger Club. There have been a few from the golf course - no Lamond - don’t worry I’m not going to publish that one. I remember Brad hitting you in the head with a shot that knocked you unconscious. I thought Brad was going to shit his pants.. He didn’t know whether to try to help or run for his life. There was another time that Jim left with a few holes to play at Red Hills - he wasn’t playing well that day but my favorite happened just last year. We were at the Country Club and my clubs were in Doe’s three wheel push cart. On hole #4 we had hit our drives and Lamond was ahead of me toward the bottom of a big hill. I pushed the cart pretty hard not even aiming for Lamond (my hand to God)but it hit something and jumped hard and started right for you know who. I yelled ..LOOKOUT!!! With catlike reflexes, he whirled Seeing this runaway cart and clubs bearing down on him, he tried to decide which way to jump. His arms spread wide, feet dancing left and right, his mind racing, that “deer in the headlights” stare - he just couldn’t get the body to move. To my relief he fell to the side just as the cart crashed into his clubs!

23: Grandmother of the Year! | When it comes to Doe, I have all of these memories of her..It’s kind of all the same one. Doe is taking care of everyone else. She is putting together a great meal making someone’s (or everyone’s) favorite thing and then cleaning up after everyone - never saying a word or asking for any help. She takes the grandkids Now the Great-grandkids. All of them and is playing cards or games fixing them treats , going shopping or rocking the baby to sleep. She always looks for the best in everyone even when they don’t deserve it. She always looks the best while she is doing it. She is truly one of the few people who do not have two sets books. When I say two sets of books, I mean most of us have the ones we show in public and then there are the ones we don’t want people to see. With Doe there is one set and it is as good as it gets. Doe, you really are such a tolerant, patient, generous, special and beautiful person inside and out. You are a great example to everyone. I do remember that one time you coming out of the Onion a little drunk but I won’t tell anyone about that.

24: Always in my heart | C O R Y | I enjoy every moment with Gram! But my favorite moments are when Gram and Gramps lived down in Arizona near the race track. Those were the days when I had grandma all to myself with no other grandkid competition. Every other weekend I would spend at Gram and Gramps. I remember all of the fun times I had when Gram took me bowling with her friend Connie and her grandkids. We would go to the bowling alley and eat lunch and spend the day together. And then we would go home and play Phase 10 or eat (which we still do to this day!) It's so hard to pick out just one moment since we have spent so many together. All I know is that you are the best. I don't know anyone else who would drive her grandkids to Lagoon and then wait for them all day to ride on the rides and then listen to them argue the entire way home to Lyman! That is true love and patience!

25: Every moment with Grandpa is time well spent. I have a few memories with Gramps. From as far back as I can remember (back to your Arizona house), you have always loved to sneak up behind and scare me shit-less. I always make the wrong choice of sitting with my back against you and you always sneak up behind and jab your fingers into the side of my rib cage and I jump about 10 feet in the air each time. You still scare me to this day whenever you do that. I'm always in a state of paranoia whenever I hear a sound of someone coming up behind me and so I always turn around to make sure you're not there! Another memory I have is when Roxie and Bill had a family ping pong tournament at their house many years ago. I got to the second round where I got to play you and I went in thinking that this would be an easy match. Instead, I lost and came out furious at you for beating me. This was probably the last memory I have of you partaking in a family sporting activity so of course, this memory is significant!

27: Gramps, I will never forget all the times Lance and I would try to ride through the field thinking that you would never catch us but some how you always know that we made the short cut through the field. I also remember coming up to the house and seeing you sleeping in your chair and sneeking around the corner to try and scare you. you would always jump up and say "God Damn it." Gram, i will away miss helping you out in the garden and sneeking in the garden to pick the peas out and eat them. All the card games we would play, and the games outside like mother may i. All the trips that you took all of us on like to Wet N Wild and Lagoon. I aways remember going to your house and going through all of your drawers in your bedroom and wear your shoe and all the scarfs that you have. Trying on all of your jewelry. | Rylea

28: Kyle

29: One of the things I loved the most about going to Gram's in the summer was she would make me zucchini bread every time. The first time she ever made it, I ate almost the whole loaf. A couple days later we made some together so I could set out a loaf for everyone and keep one for myself. After that year, we either made some together or she had some ready when I showed up. For my High School graduation she came down from Wyoming with two loaves of zucchini bread for me. Gram always pays attention to the little things we love and goes out of her way to do those for us. The best memory I have of Gramps has to be when we would wake him up in the middle of the night when bats would get into our room. Gramps would get out of bed and grab the fly swatter to kill the bat with nothing on but his tighty-whities and slip-ons. He was scared of the bat, but didn't want to admit it because everyone was watching. He would always flush the bat down the toilet, which blew my mind. One time though, Max found the bat in my shoe and Gramps threw my shoe outside and smashed it with his foot. He didn't seem to care that he killed a bat in shoe and that I would have to clean it.

30: R o x i e | I remember helping you hay down under the hill. Too bad your oldest kid was a GIRL!! It was a two man team, nonetheless. I was driving the tractor, pulling the wagon, ferris wheel and picking up bales. We would start in the middle and work toward the outside. The only instruction you ever gave me was, "When I say turn, TURN!" I would drive with sheer panic that I wouldn't be able to turn fast enough or hard enough when you gave "the word". If I ran over a bale, you would have to get off the wagon, pull the bale out with the hay hooks and we would start up again. Another memory that makes me chuckle . . . changing sprinklers. We would have the flags on the fence to line up the pipe. We could never get it straight. "Does that look straight to you?" you would impatiently ask (ha ha). And it always did . . . but you would go and realign each pipe we laid down. On the 4th and 24th of July when we had to do sprinklers by ourselves (ha ha), we would get to the top and I could see the zig zag through the alfalfa . . . I thought about this a lot when I started playing golf and realized my "alignment issues" went way back!!!

31: Mom got it into her head that she wanted to update the kitchen. I am quite sure that this was a long story, but to make it quick, I remember the day that she finally took matters into her own hands . . . and we laid linoleum! This giant roll of olive green, brick patterned linoleum had been hanging around long enough. We rolled it out (?), cut it (!) and then proceeded to glue it down. The glue fumes must have helped a lot as we began to roll it with a big, heavy roller that she had borrowed. We needed to hurry and finish before Dad got home, because he surely would not approve (!) As predicted, he came home before we were completely finished. His comment? "That's not the way you do it!" No surprise there . . . I think about this a lot - when I, a genetically created "do-it-yourself-er" am in over my head. My inspiration? If Mom can lay linoleum, I can do this!

32: B R I A N | Talk about "Time Out" . . . I remember the time when Brad and I were just upstairs minding our business. Probably studying or something. Dad got mad and sent us OUTSIDE in our UNDERWEAR in the DARK! We stayed out there in the cold - things weren't that funny anymore . . . Roxie came home from a date . . . then it really wasn't funny for us - or her! Dad fell asleep - Mom let us back in! | When I was in high school sports, I would go on an overnight road trip and nobody would tell me good luck or anything. When I would get to the hotel room, I would open up my suitcase and there would be a note from Mom. She would wish me GOOD LUCK and more. She was my biggest supporter! It meant so much to know that somebody did care what I was doing!! | Once when we were were roping, a good friend of Dad's didn't have a partner. Dad wanted me to rope with him, but I had no money. Dad said he would pay my entry fee, but he wanted 25% of my winnings. Well, I ended up winning and when I went to pay him, he wouldn't take the money. He let me keep it all! It was about $700!! I thought I had won the world!

33: B R A D | Someone brought a car to the house to sell, the guy had said he wanted $900 for it. Mom and Dad took it for a test drive. When they got back dad said, "So $800 huh?" The guy said, "No I said $900." Dad said "You said you wanted $800 before." Mom jumped in and said "No I'm sure he said $900, Honey." If looks could kill, she woulda been dead on the spot | We were at Regional Wrestling in Rock Springs. The ref made a bad call that cost me the match. I look up and here comes Dad out of the stands and onto the mat. It took 3 guys to pull him off the ref. Pretty sure he'd had a few before the match!

34: Wendy | Lamond Before I married Joey I remember you announcing my name: Wendy Hamilton at the rodeos. After I married Joey I remember you still announcing my name as Wendy Hamilton at the rodeos.

35: Doe I remember one year in Phoenix shopping with you at the mall. When we had finished up in the mall. We spent several minutes in the parking lot trying to find where we had parked the car.

36: Vicki | Dad came straight from the Green Onion to one of my basketball games. It was Lyman vs. Mt.View. After every basket I made (I think there were 7 that game), Dad would stand up and give a big ole "Yeeeoouuiweee....take that Tony Windis." When I was probably 12, it was the "Daddy Daughter Dinner Date". Mary Anderson was my teacher and she asked who would like to give a talk about their Dad. My hand went up immediately. No one else raised their hand. She kind of paused waiting for other volunteers, none came. After class, she came up and said that usually they have the daughter's father give the "Father" talk but she said it didn't have to be that way if I wanted to talk. Apparently she was thinking the same way I was "No way in hell will Lamond do this." The night of the date, much to my amazement, Dad stepped up and did his part!!! Addendum to Brad's page....I was very proud of Mom, when John Stevens drove off in a green wood panel side Vega!!!! | I knew when dad was late for dinner, we could talk him into throwing us in the air. We loved it!

37: I remember Mom fixing lunch to take down to Dad when he was haying and he would have a jam sandwich, and she would fix the rest of us tuna fish sandwiches and a jar of water, I always wanted the water that was left over cause by then it had some hay in it. Then it was back to the house and back to sewing or cooking. She made most of our clothes, the boys cowboy shirts!! She did the school shopping until I believe I was a sophomore the first time I got to go school shopping, I always like what she brought me - luckily! | I think Waylon said it best . . . "She's a good hearted woman in love with a good timin' man. She loves him in spite of his ways she don't understand. But she never complains of the bad times, or the bad things he's done. She just talks about the good times they've had, and all the good times to come."

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