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Merry Christmas

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S: BSBA 5th Grade 2010

FC: 5th Grade BSBA | 2010

1: Danielle Arigo | My Christmas Miracle It all began when I met a new kid on Christmas break with no mom or dad. We were coming back from the grocery store in the morning and my dad noticed a little boy on the side of the road. At first, I thought I was dreaming but then I realized it was true. He looked from my view to be about five years old and was only wearing a black pair of pants and a green shirt. Finally, my parents decided to let him stay with us over Christmas. It seemed like he felt a lot more comfortable. Once we got home, he said “food.” So I went to the pantry, gave him five Ritz crackers, and gave him a glass of ice cold water. My parents called the police to report that we took in a missing child. The police distributed flyers about a missing boy with his pictures on it. He told me that his name was James. I asked where he lived but he did not know. We had a great time watching cartoons on the TV for the rest of the afternoon. We ate pasta for dinner then headed to bed. The next morning, we woke up and could not believe it was already Christmas Eve. We ate eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast and then I asked James if he had written his letter to Santa this year. He said, “No.” I suggested that we write one today so that Santa Claus knows what he would like for this Christmas. Being that he was only about five years old, I helped him write his letter: Dear Santa, My name is James. I would really enjoy getting a few new racecars and a Wii system this year. However, the one thing I really want is to find my mom and dad. If you can make that happen, it will be my best Christmas ever. Love, James After he wrote his note to Santa, he put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mailbox. I said to myself, “I hope he receives that special gift this Christmas.” Then we taught him a new game called duck, duck, goose. He likes to be the person who is chased around the circle. It was funny how he ran it was as if he was skipping. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We all sat down at the table and I said a prayer and asked God to help us find James’ parents. After dessert, we played a few games and then we went to sleep. It was hard to fall asleep because all I could think about was James’ letter to Santa and hoping that it comes true. The next morning the doorbell rang and we all dashed to see who was at the door. It was two adults, my parents opened the door and said “Merry Christmas” can we help you. They looked down and saw their little boy. They both reached down to pick him up and hugged him so tight. We invited them to stay with us for breakfast. After breakfast, the parents took James, said “thank you” and went home. I can say I witnessed a Christmas miracle today. It was the best Christmas ever.

2: Christmas is coming, It will soon be here. It’s only five days away with people and cheer. Jesus’s birthday is coming so fast. It’s my favorite season I wish it would last. | Blake Barnett

3: Bottom of the sixth. Two outs. The dirt-stained bases are loaded. My best friends Steve, Joe and John are on base - Steve on third, Joe on second and John on first base. It is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Steve is five foot two with chestnut brown colored hair. Joe is four foot eleven with forest green eyes. John is four foot nine with shaggy blonde hair. Now let’s get back to the story. The pitcher throws a forty five mile an hour baseball. We’re breaking up! While the game is on technical difficulties let’s talk about the season and the post-season. First, there was the regular season that started on November 19. We were projected to be the worst team the league has ever seen. They were wrong. John, Joe, Steve, Dan, Jeff, Lee, Scott, Blaze, Wilbur, and I were actually one of the best teams the league had ever seen. Our team was the Trojans. We fought every game to win just like the real Trojans did. I was the best first baseman ever. I hit five homeruns and hit .429 batting average. The rest of the team hit seven homeruns and .365 combined. We hit .397 total and twelve-a whopping twelve-homeruns. Our overall record was thirteen wins and one loss. That was enough to clinch a number two seed in the postseason. The postseason was the most nail-biting, heart-pounding, clutch playoff series of games of all time. First, we played the number seven seed, the Spartans. They were tough as nails. We beat them nine to eight. Joe, Steve and I each got three hits. I hit a freak two hundred sixty four foot homerun. Next, we faced the defending champions, the Lizards. The scale-bellied team had almost defeated us in the regular season, but we came back and won 12 to 10. They were even tougher than in the past season and they almost beat us. It was three to zero in the fifth inning and they were winning. We thought we were done when Dan came up to try his luck against the perfect pitcher. He killed the ball with seams to the heart of the baseball diamond, dead center. That sent a spark to the team. Scott came up and hit a triple to left field that set the way for Jeff, the worst hitter on our team (and also the tallest). He.bunted! It was a perfect safety squeeze to score another run, 3 to 2 now. Then came me, Matt. I hit a towering, monster shot for a homerun. Then it was tied 3 to 3. After that something amazing happened. We got out and then it was the bottom of the sixth. John came up and hit a base hit to center. Then Jeff came up and hit a walk-off two run homerun. We won the game and went to the championship! Okay, the technical difficulties are over. Here it is, bottom of the sixth, two outs. The dirt-stained bases are loaded. Steve is on third, Joe is on second, and John is on first. It is the annual Christmas game. I came up to bat, swinged and.BOOM!!!! That was the sound of the catcher’s mitt, not my bat. Strike one. The next pitch was a slider that had too much slide. It hit me. That forced in a run and the game is over! Thaaaaaaaaah Trojans win! We had won! It truly was a marvelous Christmas miracle! | Matthew Bradford

4: Almost everyone loves Christmas. For example when you get presents from Santa Claus, your parents and everyone. Well, that’s why I like Christmas. That is what I’m going to say. I really hope you enjoy it! Baking cookies is sooooo much fun. You get messy with sweet smelling chocolate and vanilla cookies. Then, when you are done baking and cooling , you can decorate them with red and green sprinkles and sweet icing. I bet everybody adores that part! Here comes the best part. Putting them out for Santa! I also like putting up pictures of me, my brother, my mom, and my dad! Next, putting up the snowflake and candy corn decorated stocking. I think that the door stockings with the picture of Santa Claus with his toy bag looks awesome on mine and my brothers door. Finally I think the present that I bought for my dog, Poco, will be great for him. Please, enjoy Poco! It is also fun to get out the ornaments out of the closet. My mom handing us very magnificent balls of twinkling silver and gold. I like when I can hang them up, even the ones I get frame very special places. Then , my Dad picks up me and my brother. Then It’s finally done we have put up the star! That is my story for Christmas. Also, it’s telling you my favorite things do to on Christmas Eve! Hope you enjoyed! | Marcie Bryant

5: ho needs Santa when you have Grandma! | Christmas lights sparkling, the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree, it’s Christmas – my favorite holiday of all! I love Christmas, but my favorite things about Christmas would have to be the lights shining, the smells of Christmas in the air, and of course that its Jesus’s birthday. I love Christmas, the lights on the roof make it extra special. I love Christmas lights because it puts me in the Christmas spirit. One time my family and I went into a rich neighborhood and some houses had amazing dazzling lights. It reminded me of a crystal at Jared’s Jewelry with all of the lights twinkling everywhere. The lights are always special when you take time and put them on your house with your family. I adore the smell of Christmas. I don’t know how to describe the smell of Christmas (other than to say smell your tree!) There is something special, a special smell when you go outside and sniff the cool frosty air. You can tell its Christmas. My aunt lives in a hot desert where its never cold! She came up to visit us one year and when she got to our house she said, “Oh my goodness, it smells just like Christmas!” Since it was December 24th, it probably did smell like that. Next Christmas day, sniff the air and see if you say ‘it smells like Christmas!” I love the lights on Christmas and the smell too, but most of all I love the fact that it is Jesus’s birthday! If Jesus wasn’t born I wouldn’t be writing any of this right now. One day I was at the park near Christmas time. I was seven, and an eleven year old came up to me and asked if I wanted to play. I replied with, “Sure, I’d love to!” So we played, and I asked her what she was looking forward to about Christmas. She shouted out “GIFTS!” I said, “Oh, I’m excited about Jesus’s birthday.” Then she whispered, “Who is Jesus?!?!” I told her the REAL Christmas story. She went home and hopefully told her family about Jesus and what he means to us. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that Christmas is my favorite holidayWith the dazzling lights, freshly cut tress, and of course most importantly – Jesus’s birthday. | Jenna Clinger

6: Susan Cole | A Christmas Miracle “ Whoosh, whoosh,” cried the wind in the highest part of the Northern Hemisphere. “Ahh!” cried a jolly voice overcoming the sound of the wind, “My test drive is a failure.” cried the most cheerful one in the North Pole. “Ouch!” cried the reindeer with the red nose. He was covered in red snow and his front leg was bloody like a stunt man that crashed on a motorcycle. “Ho no!” cried the man in the red suit with his snowy white beard down to his round tummy. “I definitely can’t fly this Christmas big S,” the reindeer whined. "We can’t just hook another reindeer on the sleigh. Rudolph’s the best,” announced Santa’s right hand elf. “Maybe we can,” cried someone in the elf crowd. Everyone searched for the mysterious creature. “Hi, I’m Christy. I would like to take Rudolph’s place,” mentioned the tiny voice in the crowd. “Christy what kind of name is that?” echoed a voice as it all got quiet like a deserted wild west. “Excuse me, but its short for Christmas,” said the reindeer. “Christmas?” said Santa with a questioned look on his face. Mrs. Claus searched through the reindeer records. “Is your last name Jingle?” said Santa’s wife. “Yeah, why?” asked Christy. “You’re one of Santa’s reindeer which means” Christy interrupted her. “I can fly!” screamed Christy in joy. “Yes, so that means” Christy interrupted again.“ I can soar, glide, and see all the countries tonight!” exclaimed Christy. Christy saw France, China, Japan, Ireland, Argentina, Hawaii, Egypt, and many more. On the ride home she landed on time and on the runway on her first time flying! “Well done,” Santa congratulated every reindeer. Back to the blizzardy place where it all began, Rudolph recovered and Christy could fly. It was of course the best Christmas ever.

7: Faith in Christmas Hi! My name is Alex Brotherhood and I’m an orphan. This is my day to help my friends do dishes, clean floors, and wash the windows. It’s not very fun but we have to do it or else Miss Emourl will get on to us. She likes us to call her Miss Emourl instead of Miss Emily. Her real name is EmilyJulia Emourl and do not ask me what Emourl means because I have no clue. My friends are Angelica, Amber, and Abby, I know it sounds weird. Four best friends that start with A’s. This year it is Christmas, my favorite time of year. I love it - there are chocolates, Christmas trees, gifts, ornaments, songs and my favorite of all Santa Claus. This year I’m asking him for a family. I really hate it here. It’s awful! The food is tasteless, disgusting, and doesn’t even look like food. If I get a new family I’d cherish them for all eternity. They’d be my prized possession and I’d love them with all my heart! This year Miss Emourl promised us a Christmas tree and she kept it. She went down to a tree stand and got us a 5 foot tree. I was amazed because she never keeps her promises. She always says “life is full of surprises”. But she says she’s not helping with the ornaments. (15 days forward) Today it is Christmas Eve. I’m so excited because tonight Santa Clause comes. It is 7:30 and we go to bed at 8:00. Next thing I know I wake up to the sound of bells. Also, I hear something in the chimney and the sound of footsteps. Someone is eating just like a mouse - quick and loving it. Suddenly I opened my eyes. I see a red bag by the tree. So I tiptoe over to the cookies and find Santa Clause. He is stuffing cookies into his mouth like he never ate before. I was joyful I felt amazed! Shocked! I said are you Santa and he said “Who do you think comes around here with a red suite and bag.” “It’s me Santa Clause I do it.” I said “I-I-I know I was just shocked to actually see you.” “Santa will you give me a family.” “Now, Now, Alex I have tried and I’m trying my very best for you so just wait to see.” “Now go back to bed and wait in the morning.” She took a large sigh and headed back to bed. The next morning she woke up and she opened her gifts from Santa she wondered why he hadn’t given her what she asked for. She told herself just to wait. Finally that afternoon a lady, a man and two girls walked in the orphan house and said to Miss Emourl “We would like to adopt a 9 year old girl please.” And that meant there was only one nine year old and that was me. I went home with them and I loved them. I really felt like I was part of the family. And that’s why I had Faith in Christmas. | Gina Duprey

8: Now a Christmas miracle I am going to tell you is about Jesus Christ. He is a Christmas miracle because he was born on Christmas. I think the reason for the presents and the day is because of Jesus, best present of all. He gave us salvation. It all started when Caesar Augustus issued a decree that said everyone must go to their own town to register. Mary and Joseph strolled through snow, sleet and horrifying rocks that were massive. They could stop and gaze at these rocks that were so beautiful or see waterfalls, so loud they are like a stampede of elephants! Then they finally got to Bethlehem by some miracle. But when they got there was no place to stay. There was a shepherd watching a flock. Angels appeared and the shepherds stood and gazed at the angels. The angels said “Go to the town of Bethlehem, a savior is born in the town of Bethlehem!” So the shepherds went to Bethlehem with their flock. Plus, three kings with gifts for Jesus Christ followed the star to Bethlehem but it took many days to get there. Then when everyone got there they gazed at the wonderful counselor, prince of peace and the mighty God, sleeping so peacefully in a manger. Next the three kings gave baby Jesus their gifts. The three gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. The birth of Jesus was a wonderful gift to man. He is God’s plan for man. With Jesus’s birth and death on the cross, we were given the miracle of eternal life. | Will Gilbert

9: Eddie Greaves | Christmas is a great time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. What I am thankful for is my family. It was Christmas morning and my family and I woke up and and went in the living room and gathered around the Christmas tree and prayed. We then opened our presents. The last present I opened was a Playstation 3. Then we hooked it it up and put in one of the video games I got with it. Then I played it for a long time. Later that day we went to my grandmother, Nana's house. We ate ham, rice, potato salad. After that we watched television. Next we went to my other grandmother, Nani's house. There we ate more food, visited with family and friends and ate more food. It was a great Christmas and my most favorite time of the year. This is why I love Christmas.

10: Katherine MacLean | “Father into your hands I commit my spirit, when he had said this Jesus had breathed his last life.” Luke 23:46. The world would never be the same. When Jesus was crucified on those rough, scratchy, painful beams of the cross he changed the world forever because we would have the choice of living with the Heavenly Father for eternity. We would not drown in our sin like the world drowned in the flood. Satan would be powerless over us. One of the reasons we are here on earth is because of God! He gives us the choice of living with him forever in his majestic and glorious house. It is more beautiful than the Garden of Eden, imagine that. When you’re a Christian you have to worship God. Did you know you can talk to God and he can hear you? In heaven you earn crowns and with those crowns we give them to God. (If I could, I would give God a million). We are so blessed God died for us because when he did he took away our sins like whiteout can take away words from a paper. At least we won’t have to live with our sins, forever. In heaven you are also judged for your sins. You can hide a lot of things from a lot of people, but not from God. He sees everything. You make the mistake of trying to find somewhere to store your sins, but they always come back to you. When you don’t know where to put them they become a heavy, big, rocky, burden. It’s like having a backpack and putting bricks in it. Thank Goodness we have Jesus to take all those burdens away. Jesus takes care of everyone. It’s so sweet. He’s like an animal fur blanket. He took care of Satan, but not sweetly. Did you know Satan and God are having a war so that Satan won’t tempt us? Satan was once betrayed and he now betrays other things. Like Eve thought the serpent was her friend but that sneaky, little, mean, ugly, serpent deceived her. He tricked Eve. God would never do that and God never sins - unlike everyone on earth. Wow, that’s kind of amazing. Now you know why this impacted the world so much. God lets us live in his glorious, majestic, wonderful home, we aren’t drowned in sin, and Satan has no power over us. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.”

11: Jeb Massaro | A manger, a cross, and a tomb, that’s how Jesus’s life can be summarized. The birth and death of Jesus affected the world. It’s affected us because our sins were forgiven and there are more believers. Jesus is the greatest gift given by God. We were forgiven when he was hung for us. Now our spirits can float to heaven when we perish like my Great Aunt, Nano, Nana’s friend, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma. You also don’t have the horrible guilty emotion. If you do, because Jesus died, you can repent. For instance, when I shattered a vase with an earsplitting “pshhhh!” I felt really guilty, so I prayed and he assisted me by snatching the horrid sentiment out of me. You also don’t have to sacrifice to be forgiven. It says so in the Bible. I’m glad because it would be as hard as finding a needle in a mile of hay to sacrifice a lamb. There are also more Christians. That means sin rates plummet because Christians try to be better, like my family. They are all Christians and they strive to be more obedient because Jesus desires us to do so. There will be more deeds for great causes. My family gives to church and a foreign boy. Jesus says you should give to the church and we do. Also, more people will soar to heaven if you’re a Christian. That’s good because God wants us to go to heaven and nobody wants to miss Heaven. Jesus has affected this world in many ways. Two ways are our sin being forgiven and more believers. I’m thankful for Jesus and what he did. So go and thank the Lord for what he did.

12: God is great. God is good. He knows all, he even knows how Many hairs are on your head. Wow! If you sin he already knows What you did. God is your Friend in all ways. God is the Person you should pray to. Accept God into your heart. Remember he knows all. | Josh McAllister

13: Waking up on Christmas morning dashing down the wooden stairs so fast you think you might fall down, when your feet finally touch the ground you see the thousands of presents under the glistening tree, and the cookie crumbs on the plate near the milk. This is my favorite thing about Christmas. Hearing the alarm go BUZZZ!!!! in my ear could never make me have a bad day when I know its Christmas. Running into our living room and seeing my family there making a big breakfast with glowing eggs, sparkly potatoes and sizzling bacon. Every Christmas for dinner we go to my grandmother’s house, she makes lasagna it is always so good that we call in the “World’s Best”. When we are done eating we go back to our house and open-up the glistening presents. After we are done opening our presents and it is dark like night without a moon. We watch Christmas movies. Every time we watch Elf because it has one of my favorite lines, “We elves like to stay with the four food groups candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.” When we are done watching movies we goof around with what we got. This year I was playing on my computer and I heard a loud crack!! I glanced at my computer and it had frozen and broken. When it was Christmas morning I opened my presents and I got a laptop!! These are a few of my favorite things about Christmas. | Conner McKinley

14: Amber Miranda | Picture it, a golden star on top of a fresh pine tree. That’s just one of the things I love about Christmas. Well I really have three. The Christmas tree, the presents, and the snow. Well it doesn’t snow in Florida but my family and I go away. The number one thing I love about Christmas is picking out the perfect tree. When we come home setting it up as a family. Putting the silver tinsel all over the place. Dazzling silver and gold bulbs hang like jewelry in a shop window. Last, is putting the gorgeous golden, white angel with a soft smile on top of the tree. The second thing is the presents. The number one Christmas gift is our Lord Jesus Christ. On the 25th of December our Lord was born. Also the shining silver gift wrap with a big red bow on top. Then there’s the fact that on Christmas eve Santa Clause comes and you can’t sleep. On Christmas day, you are running to the tree for your gifts. Imagine, on Christmas day waking up and getting the best present of all. Shining and sparkling snow. Imagine waking up in a winter wonderland. One year me, my mom Mary with sparkling hazel eyes and light brown hair like a browned gram cracker, and my dad with sky blue eyes and grey hair like a shimmering moon. And that’s what I love the most about Christmas. And I hope you have a Merry Christmas too.

15: “Wake up Mom, wake up Dad!” I said jumping on their bed. It’s Christmas, wake up! I rush out of their room just like a cheetah chasing its prey. I was so excited to see all the presents under my green pine as fat as a pregnant elephant. “Oh. So many beautiful presents!” You know Christmas isn’t just about presents or Christmas trees, it’s about how Christ was born” said mom. After that we prayed. I was so excited to open my presents. So I ate breakfast and I had to wait for my family to come see me open their presents. They finally got here. I was so excited! I rush over to the beautiful pine as green as it could be and right when they go into my huge family room I start to tear open the packages as soon as I could. “Wow a kitty cat, I’m gonna name her Mischievous as she was climbing up our tree, but Missy for short. Everybody else got me so much more. Ugghh I’m tired of opening present I said to myself. I took Missy (she’s a calico girl) with her shiny silk feeling coat. We went into our TV room and watched the movie called “The beginning of Christ.” The movie was maybe about two hours long. I was so excited that I learned so much about Jesus. After that we prayed, “Dear Jesus, thank you for dieing on on the cross for us.” ‘Ahh.” I just love all of my Christmas tree’s all over my beautiful yellow house. My tree is 4ft bright hot pink and pink lights. I have all my favorite ornaments all over my tree. Then I have a like a fuzzy giraffe print that silk and fuzzy’s on it, I also have a really big bow on top that’s also a giraffe print. Now moving on to my playroom tree. It’s a loft tree with bright red, blue, green, orange and yellow light that their so bright they dazzle your head. Now my 10ft Christmas beautiful pine is in my living room. It’s as fat as the most fattest Chinese wrestler. It has dazzling lights; with red velvet bows with gold sparkling twigs stick outs, with eye catching ornaments. Ughh It’s still Christmas and I never want Christmas to end. It’s 9:00 at night and I’m so tired. I’m so happy that I got all the things I wanted. “Meow meow”. What’s wrong? Missy jumped out of my arms and got her Party Mix for frisky’s. Wow she’s hungry I said to my mom. “Ahh” I finally fell asleep and visions of sugarplums dancing through my head. I am a truly blessed child of Jesus.” | Julia Odiorne

16: Brittany Owens | Hearing the jingles of Christmas chime, that’s what you hear on Christmas night. My favorite things about Christmas are helping family with the Christmas tree, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and watching Christmas movies. The first thing I love about Christmas is helping family decorate the tree. First of all you need a place to put the tree and you start putting the lights on. My favorite part is putting the ornaments on the dazzling jingley beautiful ornaments on. That’s what you do to make your tree shine! Your tree doesn’t have to be perfect just not a mess. What can be difficult is when a little bulb goes out on your lights! The second thing I love about Christmas is celebrating Jesus’s birth! Christmas is not all about receiving its rejoicing. Jesus was God’s one and only son and Jesus was born on December 25th on Christmas day! Jesus is the real gift of Christmas not the ones under your tree! Christmas is the time when you celebrate Jesus’ Birth. You can also enjoy your gifts to just celebrate Jesus because it makes God and Jesus happy. The last thing I love about Christmas is watching Christmas shows and movies. One of my favorite little clips is the Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s about Charlie Brown not knowing what Christmas is really about. Then his friend tells him the whole story of Jesus’s birth. You can start watching movies and clips on anytime you want but not before November or December. There are tons of spectacular movies to watch on Christmas. What is one of yours? Well, those are the three things I love about Christmas!

17: “A cow! A cow! A cow!” Grant hollered across Mrs. Paul’s room. “Well we only have $200 and we need at least $500 to buy a cow” Mrs. Paul sighed and felt Grants pain. That’s how my God started raising money for a cow. Well my mom said all things are possible with God. Now I am going to explain to you three ways how God did it: 1. kids in her class started bringing in money. 2. Mrs. Carnley called my mom up on stage by surprise to talk about it. 3. kids from all classes started bringing in chore money and tooth fairy money. This truly was a Christmas miracle. One way my mom raised money for the magnificent cow was by asking the students to bring in money. Now since they already had enough to buy two chickens ($200) my mom wasn’t stressing. However at the end of the day after she had seen all the unsatisfied faces, after she said “Guys I don’t know if we can buy this cow so don’t get your hopes up!” She was now determined. “Wow” Those kids really wanted a cow. Another way my mom got to raise money by a special “God thing” surprise was being called up on stage by Mrs. Carnley. Mrs. Carnely announced “Hello students today we will have Mrs. Paul come up here and give us a speech about how she will raise money for the cow her class wants”. My mom said with a wierded out face “I got this handled”. Her face was as red and firey as a hot red hot. My mom was definitely NOT READY but she handled it as well as she could. (God definitely had his hand on her). One more way my mom got money for this wonderful cow was by having kids bring in chore money. One kid even brought in their tooth fairy money! Now my mom had finally reached her total and was ready to buy the cow for the kids in China. Oh did I mention that they raised $700 which was enough to buy 2 chickens and a cow, “yay!” this would be the best day EVER! Remember raising money for a cow isn’t easy but it is easy if you have God with you! Three ways you can do it is by telling friends, informing a dog show director or church pastor about maybe talking about it in front of the people watching, and having people from all over reach out and help! This was the best Christmas Miracle ever! | Olivia Paul

18: Sydney Prall | Early Christmas morning a little girl gets her Christmas wish. It’s wonderful to spread what Christmas is truly about while helping someone. Even though you think it wastes time, you will actually feel good inside. A few years ago, I helped a five year old when she wanted a few books and toys. Though, she had five siblings so her parents couldn’t buy those things for her on Christmas. Around the same time, I asked my parents if I could help a little girl or boy and they said yes. We went to a place where we could help a child and picked out Sophia. Then we went to the mall for the books and toys she wanted. We took them home and wrapped the presents and put a big sparkly purple bow on the boxes. Next we went to Sophia’s house while she was at school and gave the presents to her parents and told them it was for Sophia. The next year we found out she loved the presents we got for her. This year four 6th graders and I helped a seven year old girl with five or six siblings named Maya. All she wanted was skates, a new outfit and one pair of shoes. All of us strolled to Sears and got her three outfits. While we were shopping and more than half the time passed we decided to go to Payless. We bought her ballet flats, black polka dot socks, and tennis shoes. We gave the gifts to the lady, went back to church and left, we all had a blast! An amazing time is always helping others on Christmas. Though the best is making little kids wishes come true. You can always go to a place where you can help a child for Christmas. I love to help kids younger than me because it’s a caring thing to do. Do you like giving to little kids?

19: Dazzling lights, room filled with singing. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! The cold weather, gifts under the tree, its exhilarating with all the gorgeous decorations around the house. The cold freezing weather with the snow falling down having snowball fights with your family whats not fun about that? Making snow angels it’s even more than fun. When I think of Christmas I think of cold weather and having fun with my family. I love my family. I love to see them during Christmas especially since I don’t see my family that often. When I see my family I see the best gift in the world and nothing can beat that. I don’t care about the gifts they give I care about the love they give me and no presents can top that. They are the best gift in the world and nothing else. Gifts are fun to have but they are not important. I love presents but it gets in the way of what is really important. Gifts can be cool they can be fun they can be long they can be short but don’t let that fool you. Gifts are just gifts. You always have to get the one that speaks to you. Then you bring it home with you and decorate it. The best part is putting the angel on top. The twinkling lights are beautiful to see especially at night. White, green, either one just pick the one you love. Of course it’s a tree. It’s all over the house! Twinkling and dazzling lights its decorations. Gorgeous as gorgeous can be. The decorations in shapes like Rudolph the red nose reindeer and Santa clause. You can express yourself with decorations. If you are out going then you can do a lot of colorful decorations if you are shy then you don’t do a lot of decorations and maybe stick to one color. Just be yourself. My absolute favorite part of Christmas is celebrating Christ. He is the reason we have and he is in my heart. It is the day when Jesus was born. I love him with all my heart. He died on the cross and now I am a Christian. He is the real reasons of Christmas. Christmas is an exhilarating day but never forget the most important part of Christmas Jesus. Jesus loves us, so let us love him. The decorations are a lot of fun with your creative ideas and using your personality. So which pine did you pick? White, green, long, short, wide, skinny which one? Santa Clause will always get you the right gifts so you don’t have to worry about that. I bet you were in good spirits when you saw your family. The cold weather was amazing it felt great, having snow ball fights and making snow angels is all done now. This Christmas was an awesome one. I can’t wait till next year! | Angelica Rosario

20: Sitting on the tan comfortable carpet, with the blazing fire burning on my face, while waiting for my turn to open up my present.That was the Christmas of 2009. That Christmas was glamorous. There was food, reasons to praise God, and giving and getting presents. I woke up to the smell of my Grandma’s famous homemade cinnamon rolls. I opened my door, and walked down the hallway, and turned around the corner. Then, I saw my mom and my grandma making breakfast for the family. There were fruits in a clear glass bowl, cinnamon rolls coming just from the oven, egg casserole, a variety of muffins, and much more. The drinks were steaming hot chocolate, non-stop coffee, cold milk, and tangy orange juice. Before we ate, we prayed. Then we dug in. What’s the real reason of Christmas? You get to praise God. Do you know the real Christmas story? It all started with a mother, father, and a new born baby, Jesus. Christians knew He is King of Kings. Other people made fun of the Christians, cause He was just a new born baby. They were wrong. He is the Lord of Lords. People try and take out the word Christ in Christmas and put X-Mas. That is not right. Clear scotch tape, check. Wrapping paper, check. Oh, presents! I forgot all about them. I got a CD for my mom, a gators shirt for my dad, and a ball for Toby, and my present for my sister was a Nike basketball. I got a candle for Mimi, and a Guy Harvey shirt for my Papa. Beep, Beep, Beep, I checked out my stuff and headed home. We opened presents. When I saw their gifts after they opened up my gifts I bought for them, they were shocked. You always need to know the real important Christmas presents, is God gave Jesus to die for us. Always remember the real reason of Christmas, I can’t wait until next Christmas. Happy Holidays. | Emilee Runnels

21: Ethan Hymes | Faith is a powerful word that has been around since Adam and Eve. Faith has different meanings to different people. To some people faith means fully trusting in God. To other people, it means surrendering their life to Jesus. To me faith means bravery, passion, and comfort. Faith has helped me conquer my fear of climbing a mountain and has enabled me to travel on a plane. Faith helped me when my family and I traveled to Georgia. My mom took us to a park called Stone Mountain and she wanted to take the sky lift up to the top of a 50,000 foot mountain. Faith and my mom helped me because she dragged me along the ride and said, “COME ON, Boy!” Then all I knew was I was 50,000 feet in the air. I screamed so loud China heard every sound wave. Faith helped me conquer my fear of heights and allowed me to experience Stone Mountain. It also helped me the time I was traveling on an airplane. Faith helped me the time I had to fly to Detroit. The plane ride to Detroit was long and scary because you never know if the plane will crash at any time. Also what if you get robbed on the long plane ride? Well faith helped me be calm, settle down, and almost fall asleep like a baby. So once again faith saves the day. Faith does very powerful things to different people. My faith helped me survive mountains and airplanes. It has also helped me during bad days at school or when I was grounded at home. I’m glad I have my faith to support me in life.

22: Isabella Stansbury | No more school, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks. Christmas break is here. My moms car pulled up, I sprinted to it. When we got home the sweet smell of twisted candy cane drifted through the air. My sister plopped on the couch and snatched up the tv remote and flipped through the channels. I ran to my closet and got on flip flops (something we can’t wear to school) and slowly went to the front door because I saw a wasp. The sky bright blue, the sun was shining. It looked like it was smiling at me. When the garage opened it made a ear popping, creaking sound. I pulled out my bike and started going around the cul de sac. I played outside for about three hours. Then I was about to freeze so I went inside. My mom made steaming hot chocolate. When the clock turned 6:00, we ate dinner. We had macaroni and cheese. After dinner we watched a really funny movie called Deck the Halls. After the movie was over we were so tired that I almost fell asleep while I was walking. That night I fell off my bed. That morning I was thankful that school was out because I got to sleep in late. What woke me up was my brother trying so hard to sing. His face was as red as an apple. My sister was still asleep. My mom told me to wake her up. So I threw ice cubes in her bed. Her bed was soaked in freezing cold water. Luke, my brother thought she peed. We ran to the table and ate pancakes with blueberries in them. Then I got dressed. I put on shorts and a t-shirt on. Then I went to the backyard and played on the monkey bars. Then I got tired from hanging there scared to fall. So I went inside. I was thankful to be off school. When it was lunchtime we had broccoli cheddar soup from Panera. Then I jumped on the couch while playing Wii Mario Kart. We ate outside on the back of my dads gold truck for dinner. At 8:00 I watched my brother dance. It was hilarious. We played a computer game where a great white shark eats humans and pulls down airplanes with its sharp white teeth. Then we went to bed because we were really tired. I am thankful for my family coming on Christmas and having no school. What are you thankful for during the Christmas season?

23: Abby Walston | Racing around, desperately trying to at least get a glimpse at every single light bulb on every single house. This is only one thing out of a billion other things that I like about Christmas. Three things that I love about Christmas are hearing Christmas songs like Jingle Bells or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or the smell of soft and warm peanut-butter cookies baking, and all of the sparkly decorations. Most important of all, don’t forget it is also Jesus’ Birthday. “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose” this song is one of my favorite Christmas songs. The thing about Christmas songs it that they are only play the tunes once a year on the radio. That STINKS!!! I wish on the star that brought the three wise men to Jesus that they would play Christmas songs all year long. The whole month of December there is Christmas music playing. It makes my home more exciting. When Christmas songs are playing it seems as if the whole world is dancing and singing along. Warm peanut-buttery smoke rises from the oven and twists around your nose, enticing you. Baking fresh home-made cookies is probably my favorite thing about Christmas. I love to bake yummy cookies like chocolate chip cookies that are so hot the tiny chocolate chips melt into a puddle. Gingerbread men bake till they are crisp and the rest of the story goes after you take them out of the oven and look away from a second they jump up and run away! All of that hard work and a mouthwatering wait for nothing. At least I would have the other soft and gooey cookies to look forward to. The bright green Frasier fir decorated with sparkley decorations that are all shades of green, blue, pink, orange, and yellow. Don’t forget about the puffy dark green garland or all of the lights on every last limb, and last but not least the gorgeous shining star or Angel on top of the tree. I like all of the statue Santas dressed up in puffy white red coats with silver buttons all down t he front. The reindeer statues stand as still as a tree when the wind isn’t blowing. The shining stars hanging around the room, reminding you of the star the three wise men followed to find the tiny baby Jesus. The Christmas cards, yummy cookies, or even all the decorations, these things are what I love about Christmas. It is a time for crisp white snow and building snowmen out of freezing ball of pure white fluff. Spending time with my family or ripping open colorful presents. The thing that I love most about Christmas is that Christ our savior was born.

24: Sammy White | My favorite thing about Christmas is, well it’s hard to choose. There are SO MANY things to choose from like seeing and getting a glance at my family from far away as in ITALY. Even though I got presents, treats, stuff like that my favorite thing about Christmas was getting to see my cousins from Italy. That has to be my FAVRIOTE thing about Thursday, my house two days before Christmas. When I looked out my door the day of our Christmas party, I spotted some people in fancy outfits. The girls had ironed white shirts, long black stockings, pearls on there necks, and two of them were wearing a dress. The boys were wearing navy blue jackets, and long gray pants I opened the door for them and a girl one year older from me said “Hi”. The mom of my cousins said “The girl one year older than you speaks Italian and a little English, but you can speak to her with your hands”. I said “ok”, and then clasped into the girl I was embarrassed. The girls name was Nichole she said “Hi” I said “Hi” and with my hands I told her to come up to my room, then I asked what she wanted to do and she said we should go outside and that’s when the fun begun. We had a bounce house at the party so I and the girl jumped and played basketball, we had a bucket full of fun. The next thing we did was hoola hoop, and we weren’t so good at it but had fun after all, and Nichol’s dad tried to hoola hoop it was hilarious, because it fell to the ground the first time. The third thing we did was throw the football I was afraid she didn’t know what that was but she did, we kept hurting our fingers “Yow” Nichole gasped because she thought I was hurt “Are you ok Sammy” I told her I was fine. There we SO many other things we did but she had to go we said we would write to each other than we’re going to. I said “bye” so did Nichole. That’s why my cousins from Italy were my favorite thing about Christmas. I had so much fun with Nichole. Usually only little kids come to the party, but this time Nichole came. That is my absolutely favorite thing about Christmas.

25: Christmas is more than trees and twinkling lights, more than toys and gifts and baubles of a hundred varieties. It is love. It is the love of the Son of God for all mankind. It is magnificent and beautiful. God Bless, 5A Homeroom

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