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Merry Christmas

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S: WILSON FAMILY October - December 2010

FC: WILSON | October 14th - December 2010

1: When we went to visit Topher's family in October, Linda wanted me to take a family photo for her Christmas cards. Afterwards, I just took a few pictures of Mom and Dad, and Sharee's family. Shown: Right, Callie, Aeryon, Topher & Addi Wilson. Left: Addi and Aeryon. Linda and Doug Littell. Honey, Topher & Addi. Zach, Audrey, Nate & Sharee. Addi & Aeryon. October 17, 2010 | True JOY is being with the ones you LOVE

2: All things grow better with love. | Erickson

3: on | Blair & Alice Erickson with Addi Wilson October 18, 2010

4: October 18, 2010 | On our was home from the Littell's, we went to Star Valley, Wyoming, to visit my grandparents. This is Blair and Alice Erickson, my mom's parents. I've wanted to photograph them and their lifestyle, for a long time and this was a start. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with both sets of my grandparents. We would go to their house for Sunday dinner all the time. My grandmother, Alice, always made bread from scratch. She used to make it everyday. I've actually never seen store-bought bread in her house. She's soft spoken, but works just as hard as the men. She has devoted her life to serving her family & anyone she around. Before you leave her house, she always has to give you something, even if it's just an apple off her tree or a stick of Big Red gum.

5: My Grandparents Blair & Alice Erickson | My grandparents work hard, very hard and are always grateful for the little they have. Family is their world and with twelve children, they have plenty of it. Blair, lived to work and worked to keep the farm going. He's known for his 'backbreaking hugs' and is rough on the outside, but passionate about everything in his world. He used walk beside his horse and lead, as he took me and my cousin Nicolina, for horseback rides. Their white farm house sits on top of a hill in Bedford, WY. It's the only house I've known for them and the one that they've spent most of their married life, living in.

7: October 2010

9: Topher, Callie, Aeryon & Addi October 2010 | z

10: Fall is here and the leaves are everywhere. The kids and I spent a Sunday raking leaves and cleaning the yard. Of course they couldn't resist jumping into the leaf piles and tossing them all up into the sky. I also enjoy the company of my two little helpers. October 10, 2010

12: We had a blast carving pumpkins OCT. 2010 | Carve Out Some Good Times!

13: Dad's | Addi's | Mom's | Aeryon's

14: School Halloween Carnival | Fairy Princess & Sheriff Woody

15: We took the kids to the local school Halloween party. They kids were so excited because they had been waiting weeks to wear their costumes. They played lots of games and won prizes, & even got balloon animals & their faces painted. | October 29, 2010

16: Happy Haunting! | Trick- | Finally, Halloween has arrived. Aeryon & Addi had been looking forward to wearing their costumes and collecting candy for months.

17: Trick or Treat! | Or-Treat | 2010 Halloween | They went trunk-or-treating at the community park; afterwards, they went trick-or-treating at a few of our neighbor's, When the Addi had to go potty, we decided to call it a night, but I believe the long wait was well worth it. They had so much fun and got plenty of candy.

18: MAKING MEMORIES | ...One Painted Pumpkin at a Time | The kids had so much fun painting pumpkins. This year they painted a lot! We had them displayed all over our house and front porch. Aeryon & Addi sure love to paint! October 2010

19: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Winter's First Snow | November 7, 2010 | We had SO many leaves in our yard and we had someone scheduled to come bag them, the day it snowed, so our leaves weren't raked this year.

20: NOVEMBER 2010 | We promised Aeryon that we would take him swimming & after traveling two hours, it turned out the swimming pool was closed. So, we drove back to Rexburg and got a hotel room, just so we could swim. The kids had such a great time though. Well worth it! 11/14/10

21: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen | Aeryon, 4 yrs old Addi, 20 mths old

22: November 2010

23: Decorating | Cookies | We bought bright green and black frosting and Sixlets and spent the afternoon decorating silly face cookies. What a mess... what fun!

25: "My little doggies, a heartbeat at my feet." ~ Edith Wharton | Topher bought a dog house for Zeus. They had so much fun playing in it. In fact, Aeryon begged his Dad to let him either keep it in the house or buy him his own dog house. Silly Puppies! | November 2010

26: Bring on the Volcano | Topher really wanted to make an exploding volcano for Aeryon, so we built it out of pop cans, floral wire, wooden poles, tape and paper mache. It took us several months to get it finished, but when we did...IT WAS AWESOME. | Started: October 2010 Date of Blast Off: December 2010

27: Every year, we host Thanksgiving and I love it! I enjoy the good company, all of the delicious food and snacks, and the day after Thanksgiving shopping. We just bought Kinnect for the XBox, so the kids showed Grandma & Grandpa how to play. Then the next night,, the Grandparents watched the kids, while Topher and I went on a dinner date. | Addi, Aeryon, Linda, Topher, Doug, Kevin, Deanna & Joey. | November 25, 2010

28: All things grow better with love.

29: It was the cutest thing, Aeryon had built sand dunes by his train tracks, with his blocks and an awesome castle out of Duplos. The kids love to bake cookies & cakes. They can never resist taste testing. We got Xbox Kinnect for the kids, but it's fun for everyone. I decorated our Christmas tree in beautiful white and silver. I love how it turned out. November 2010

30: FAMILY | bloom | November 2010

31: I took the kids to a school Christmas party and Santa was there. The kids were excited to see him this year. Last year Addi was terrified. They just went right up and sat on his lap. Aerupm told Santa that he wanted a computer and a snowmobile. Addi just kept saying, "Dora." December 8, 2010 | Santa Claus | Rexburg, Idaho | Here Comes

32: Time to B O W L

33: I took the kids bowling on December 9, 2010. It was Addi's first time bowling by herself. She had so much fun! After she pushed the ball down the ramp, she would do a little dance each time. I'm pretty sure Aeryon's favorite part was waiting for the ball to return. December 30th, the kids went bowling again, with their friends, Sadie and Kinley Kerbs.

34: All sides of Addi

35: "Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude" | 21 months old December 2010

36: Science Experiment | Topher wanted to build a volcano for Aeryon, so we built one out of paper meche, wires & pop cans. Aeryon carefully picked out the paint colors and helped his dad paint it and on the big day, we used baking soda and vinegar to make our volcano explode! It actually went pretty high. The kids (& Topher) thought it was so cool!

37: ...Explodes | December 2010

38: Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~ Marc Brown | TONKA TRUCKS

39: I love my big brother | December 2010

40: Our schedule always seems so crazy in December, but it's always filled with so many fun activities. While reading a Mickey Mouse book, Aeryon discovered Mouse Kabobs., so one morning for breakfast we made them and the kids had so much fun. Baking and frosting cakes and cookies are always a favorite in our house. Addi went through a fun stage, where she liked to snuggle her blankie in the kitchen drawer. Too Cute! | December Craziness: That's our Life

41: December 2010

43: Addi & Aeryon December 2010 December was filled with lots of fun craft project, including candy cane reindeer, paper snowmen, oh, and awesome forts.

44: “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” ~ Anthony Brandt | Aeryon's Thomas Train | Addi's new car seat

45: Good times! | Aeryon's Thomas Train | Aeryon & Addi December 2010

46: December 2010

47: US! | This is


49: { | { | LOVE | I just love these photos; Addi loves her Daddy so much! December 2010 (21 months old)

51: Aeryon loves to sled! We took the kids to the Sugar City (Idaho) Hill for the afternoon and had a blast. Addi was frozen after only a few minutes and wanted to go back to the car, but the boys were able to hang out together and go wild. December 2010

52: What a magical time of the year | Early Christmas Gifts... Hooray! | December 19-21, 2010

53: Starting three days before Christmas, we let the kids open one gift each day. They were so excited to open their gifts each morning and play with them all day. They received Legos, action figures, plush Spongebob and Dora toys. Topher's stepmom, Maureen, sent the kids gifts this year and she picked out the perfect things: a talking Dora doll for Addi and a Thomas trackmaster set for Aeryon. Just look at those smiles!

54: Time to Celebrate!

55: Count your life by smiles, not tears.

56: BIG GIRL BED | Addi was potty trained at 15 months old. By the time she was 21 months old, she wanted to start going potty by herself at night, which meant the crib had to go. We bought her a little sleigh bed and Dora bedding. It was perfect! She loved it! By the second night sleeping in a big bed, she was already going to sleep on her own. December 20, 2010

57: A New BIG bed for a Sweet LITTLE Girl!

58: Aeryon wanted to make a cave, so Topher took the shelves out of the kitchen cupboards and... vuala, they had the perfect cave to use their lanterns and flashlight. The lantern cast a cool pattern on the floor, so I wanted to take pictures of the kids, but Aeryon wouldn't let me photograph him, so Addi was my model for the night. I love how these photos turned out. LIGHT & WONDER


60: Christmas Eve (well, for us anyway) | We celebrated our family Christmas and Christmas Eve a few days early since we were going to go to Wyoming. On our Christmas Eve (December 21st) we read the Christmas story and then let the kids open two gifts. They both got puzzles and Spongebob jammies.

61: J O Y | Afterwards, we just hung out together and built puzzles and watched Mickey's Christmas Carol. I'm so blessed, to have such an amazing family. It's been such a wonderful year.

62: A Christmas To Remember... | Christmas was perfect this year! The kids were at such a fun age, to be able to really enjoy it and to get so excited. We decorated the tree so beautiful, in whites and silvers and hung the stockings above the fire. We made a countdown Christmas chain and every morning the kids would take off a link. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband & a beautiful 1 and 4 year old, whom I love so dearly!

63: 2010 | We decided to spend Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpa Littell's, so we celebrated our family Christmas on December 22, 2010. When it was time to open presents, the kids were still fast asleep. The kids slept in...what a perfect gift for Mom and Dad! This year, Addi was really into Dora and Diego. She LOVES Dora! Aeryon was into Spongebob. Every time we, or anyone else would ask Aeryon what he wanted for Christmas, his response was the same... a computer and a snowmobile. Only four years old and he's asking for his own computer to put in his room. His dad was so proud!

64: Some of Aeryon's gifts: a computer, racing track, spongebob video game, spongebob pillow & blanket, Legos, puzzles, games, learning books, picnic table, drawing boards, cars, school kit, ABC light-up game, kid sized keyboard and mouse, books, hot wheels.

65: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! | Some of Addi's gifts: a dora guitar, tea set, barbie, shopping cart with food, dora doll house, ABC scrapbook, stamp set, dora pillow & blanket, backpack, ponies, drawing board, puzzles.

67: This Christmas, our house was completely filled with Dora and Spongebob toys. Aeryon was thrilled when he opened his Krabby Patty maker and Addi absolutely loved her Dora 'packpack'.

68: Aeryon, 4 years old. ~ Addi 21 months old. ~ Christmas 2010

69: Aeryon's Gifts | Addi's Gifts

71: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days

72: All I want for Christmas is ... | I was so excited to give Topher his gifts this year because I was able to buy all of them with my OWN money. It just made is more special for me. I surprised him with a pool table for his office, Looxie camera, books, Star Trek stuff, some accessories for his Nook and a few other little things. It really was a perfect Christmas.

73: Topher gave me such fun gifts like, all the equipment to make home-made pasta, a new camera, lens and accessories and some stocking stuffers, but my favorite gift, was the little business cards he had printed, for Callie Ann Photography. They had my photos on them!

75: Although it's been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you! | Aeryon gave us a good laugh. After unwrapping each gift, he would careful stack them in an organized pile. Out of all of his presents, the one he was the most excited about was the 'unbroken candy cane' he received in his stocking. He spent the rest of the day playing with his hot wheels track and when his dad set his computer up, he told us that he had to 'go to work'. It never occurred to me before, that when his dad & I say that we have to go to work, we go to our computers, so to Aeryon, sitting at a computer, is work. What a silly boy!

76: Now it's time to play with the gifts! | Aeryon spent pretty much the rest of the day 'working' o n his new computer and playing with car tracks. Addi spent the afternoon mostly with her new grocery chart and food and her little ponies. Topher's main gifts were his Looxcie and a pool table for his office.

78: Christmas at Grandma & Papa's

79: "And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, How could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." ~ Dr. Seuss | 2010

80: z | Aeryon & Addi | Grandma Linda | Aeryon, Deanna, Addi | O, Christmas Tree | Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids jammies on Christmas Eve. Addi of course, got Dora ones and Aeryon received Buzz PJs. They also gave the kids an picnic table, baby dolls set, kitchen set, games, puzzles, Toy Story train Lego set, and lots of other fun things.

81: Grandpa Doug | Sharee & Zach | Aeryon | Addi

82: Left Page: Topher, Sharee & Zach, Joey, Deanna, & Aeryon. Right Page: Addi, Addi, Aeryon, Topher & Callie, Aeryon, Joey on Christmas morning

84: Addi | Aeryon | Aeryon | Addi

85: Sharee & Linda | Addi, Aeryon, Callie & Topher | Kevin

86: Christmas Day

87: It was such a wonderful Christmas Day and so nice to be all together. The kids played with their gifts all morning and then played video games. We made a wonderful lunch and set the table so beautiful. What perfect company for the perfect day. Dec. 25, 2010

89: So happy together

90: Between building blocks, playing in the snow, swinging, a sink bath, video games, XBox Kinnect, sledding, trains, and Grandma & Grandpa's company, the kids had plenty of fun!

91: There's always so many fun things to do at Grandma's house

92: We took advantage of all of the snow. We went for a walk, sledding and snowmobiling. It seems like every time we visit during the winter, we always get stuck in the snow. Well...we did this time too.

93: Chillin' at Grandma & Grandpa's House | Topher and I went to Mt. View and on our way home we missed our turn and ended up getting stuck, at night, with no help close by and we could only get phone service, if we laid on the jeep floor. After praying and lots of team work, we were able to get out by ourselves. We were so proud of ourselves. It was a good bonding moment for me and Topher. December 24, 2010

95: Topher, Callie, Aeryon, Addi Wilson and Grandpa Doug Littell

96: Topher & Aeryon Wilson, Zach & Sharee Smith, Doug & Linda Littell

98: Visiting Great Grandma Ruth

99: On our way home from Wyoming, we stopped and visited Topher's Grandmother, Ruth Schwab, in Evanstan, Wyoming. It had been a really long time since we had last see her, but she really seemed to enjoy the kids company. Aeryon was being so shy and didn't want to talk. Addi had a good time. She just sat on the couch next to her and chatted away. December 26, 2010

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