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Merry Christmas

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BC: Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.

FC: Twas the Night Before Christmas

3: So lets have a Christmas that's merry and bright, Love and kindness to others will make things just right. I'm wishing you each all your dreams come true, And that this will be the merriest Christmas for you! Stretch the holiday season to last all the year, Keep the memories of love, the laughter and cheer! Thanking God always along the way May He stand beside you each and every day! Merry Christmas Family Mom

4: Christmas 1949-1960

6: Christmas 1971

7: Dear Santa, I can explain...

8: "Welcome Christmas, bring your light Fill each one's spirit on Christmas night! There are no lists to tell where to start But Santa will guess what's in your heart." Mom | Christmas 1973

9: Christmas 1974

10: Christmas 1975 | There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.

11: Christmas 1976

12: Christmas 1977

13: Christmas 1978

14: Christmas 1979

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40: These are my thoughts on Christmas and I write them just for you. To bring a smile upon your face and also give a clue. Someone who loves you has toiled through the night, So your Christmas spirit will be high as a kite! Brian, when you are sleeping and dreams come in your head, Do feet have wings and do you see Christmas color...red? Just for you Scott we called across the nation, So gifts you open up will fill you with elation. Kara your busy, but always gentle and kind, Your gift for this Christmas will last a long time. David, your good will for nature and men, God's blessings are showered on you once again. Sue and Randy you chase Scrooge right out of the scene, you make our Christmas Eve shiny and green. Ryan my love, when your gift arrives, it will last Three hundred and sixty five. For our pretty Jill, there can be no doubt, For her gifts she'll give you a kiss and a shout! Dad still loves Christmas---more or less, If he's awake Christmas Eve he'll pass the test. So lets have a Christmas that's merry and bright, Love and kindness to others will make things just right. I'm wishing you each all your dreams come true, And that this will be the merriest Christmas for you! Stretch the holiday season to last all the year, Keep the memories of love, the laughter and cheer! Thanking God always along the way May He stand beside you each and every day! Merry Christmas Family I LOVE YOU MOM XO*XO*XO | Christmas 1992

41: Christmas 1993 Come family,celebrate Christmas while we can- Together with heart and hand in hand. A new little angel came into our world Give her Christmas lights and things that twirl. A new baby for Scott and KAra is the ultimate bliss, No Christmas gift could bring you a present like this. Brian, Santa for you had the very latest, A sign that proclaims one of the greatest!! David, as you wrap the gifts you plan to give to others, The Christmas spirit spread and grows to me and to your brothers. Roy Jr., you've been busy ,your good work has no measure, So especially for you-i"ll share a Christmas treasure. Susan and Randy are running, you wrap and you shop, The surprise you have will make others drop. Ryan, it's hard to believe,but your old enough to drive Now Santa' s gift to you says you've arrived. For sweet Christmas dreams upon her bed Jill's gift is right for a princesses' head. Now there's candy and cakes and pies number three But all of us wonder what's under the tree. Mom has been busy, she's trimmed all in blue, It's to remember I taught you God Loves You! Christmas just echoes the love in my heart, So remember that, and let Christmas joy start. Merry Christmas Family, Love MOM

42: Christmas 1994 Let Christmas come into our world and bring us warmth and cheer Thank God we're all together to celebrate this year! Ill make the cookies, pies and cakes, until the weight makes our table shake. There;s lights and greens, gifts wrapped in gold and better than presents is the magic they hold. Scott are having those old Christmas dreams? You're gifts won't always be what they seem. Brian, for you gifts could fill your truck, I hope Santa packed good and you have good luck. Roy Jr. I wish I knew how to give your spirit a lift Then maybe once again you'd open up our gifts. David there are presents as high as a tree Santa hopes you like them and will jump up with glee! Ryan as a Grandson you are really a honey, Ask Santa to bring what you like best-lots of money! Jill, now that you are all grown up you make all the boys stare, So we'll ask Santa to bring you some Sexy underwear! For Sue and Randy's Christmas it has a new sound Knowing this year you'll all be Disney bound. Gramy's little angel, your the best gift from above Everything you open is filled with all my love! Dad won't like his gifts, wood copper or tin. What he really wants is a lottery win. A thousand lights are twinkling, There's music in the air, We're really blessed in having a family that cares! Merry Christmas Family I Love You XO MOM XO

43: Christmas 1995 Welcome Christmas, bring your light Fill each one's spirit on Christmas night! There are no lists to tell where to start But Santa will guess what's in your heart. For you Roy Jr. I know just where to start Being Mr. Picasso is dear to your heart. David, when Christmas makes us all fume and cuss your always the one to rescue us..Santa remembers, he never forgets. A surprise is what you'll surely get! Brian, you asked las year Christmas?How? Now Erinn has turned your Christmas into WOW! Scott it's long hours and makes to little pay, But it's worth it when Ashleigh says come-Daddy play! Susan and Randy are planting good seeds, They're gaining a halo with their Christmas deed. Ryan there's no beard on your face, I can see, but your a real Santa on your family tree. Jill, count the days and I'll give you a clue all the love at Christmas will cheer up you. Little Ashleigh's Gramy's angel God sent from above. I'll trade in all her presents for her one small hug. Our house full of toys, small and big trees An attic full of gifts to please. Mom's fast track to work has built up a heat, Why even the snow melts under her feet. Everyone waiting to hear Christmas bells ring For Jesus' birthday- the angels sing! I Love You-Mom XO

44: Christmas 1996 There's a tangled mess of wires that litter every floor It must be close to Christmas cause I've done this all before. No one has a lot of cheer It doesn't seem like Christmas is near. Each day starts with a dash down the hall To work all day in the crazy mall! But Christmas, you know, doesn't come from a store--- Maybe-just maybe-it's a little bit more! Hopes and wishes still come true, But it only happens when someone loves you. Like holly comes with berries and a gift comes with a bow, It's our Brian and his Erinn that have the Christmas glow. Scott does it seem the skies are grey? Then let Christmas chase the :blues" away. David when you get whats under the tree, There will be a smile where a frown used to be. Roy Jr. may Christmas instill a gladness in your heart, then you'll feel the love our gifts to you impart. I'll bake a ton of cookies and fill the candy dishes. I'll pray to God to please allow to fill your Christmas wishes. There's my love in each present,in each poem and in each line, Keep loving each other and we'll all be fine. Disney makes magic, Santa does too. And family it's coming-- right down to YOU!! Merry Christmas!! Love, Mom XO

45: Christmas 1997 Uh oh! How can this be? The evergreen are winking back at me. The neighbors houses in a row, have taken on the Christmas glow. We're a "Big" peoples house alas and alax! If we wish hard will Santa co;me back? Shop and wrap and lists to make. Put trees up and theres cookies to bake. Gifts pile up into a tower, And now the dumb mall has longer hours. With tired feet and aching head, We don't want sugarplums- just our bed! But some how it happens, the Christmas spirit comes in, And we start doing good deeds for strangers and kin. Roy Jr. at Christmas Scrooge has No Part! We all know that underneath you have a good heart. David your gift will fit you like a glove, We'll all give you abundant love. Scott what your wishing remains a mystery to me, But you'll know your gift if the snowman you see. Ginger you have a big surprise in store and we'll all hear your happy roar! Brian and Erinn your my heart melting pair, Santa already knows you like something to wear. Susan and Randy your so faithful and true Gifts chosen with love are just for you. Ryan you've made so many nights bright, I hope in your gift you'll find something just right. Granddaughter I think you have an angel's face, So I'll gift you with something with pretty lace. Now family we have our ups and downs and sometimes need a transformation. Let Christmas love into your hearts and it will bring elation. I,too, look in the starry sky and tears may flow as I ask why? The answer comes with Jesus' birth.God tells us all that we have worth. So Thank God always for this day Eat, Drink and be Merry is what I say! I love you always, Mom XO

46: Christmas 1998 It's three days before Christmas and all through our place Mom wonders around with a bewildered face. Now where in the world did I put the stockings? And the list of To DO is really quite shocking! With lights and trees, work and shopping, We're all getting ready-never once stopping. Brian and Erinn shop early and late. You know that their gifts will really be great! Scott had a new job and a fantastic new car. Did angels hear him wish on a star? For Ginger it's really a happy Holiday season Her brand new diploma is a good reason. Ryan needs sleep, he can't shop or doze, By the time he's off work the stores are all closed! Poor Jill for some days has been sick in her bed. Now how can she possibly "paint the town red"? Checkbooks and clocks send Sue and Randy's heart sinking They both ask themselves, what was I thinking? But we look forward to basking in the Christmas "glow" With all of the loves ones and friends that we show. Mom's taking a vow, I really have swore, After Christmas I'll not enter another mall store! We may all fall asleep on couch,floor or beds, Still visions of sugarplums will dance in our heads. FAmily count your blessings and Thank God for Christmas night His star in the sky is still shining bright Love, Mom

47: Christmas 1999 I hear Ho Ho's so it must be, Time to put up lights and tree. Make the cookies,hop and wrap, All I want is a little nap. Brian and Erinn your still my heart melting pair Santa picked gifts that were chosen with care.Ginger and Scott your both a marvel and wonder, I hope gifts for your house won't be a big blunder. Roy Jr. has moved and left not a trace, You've traded your room for a lot more space. Martha Stewart makes perfect, Sue and Randy know, So they follow directions for their Christmas show. Ryan's so busy that I seldom see your face, To give you a hug I'll have to give chase! To Jill's beauty and talents there seems no end, I wish for you presents that number ten. Five days left before Christmas Eve, A Christmas tapestry I'll help weave. Gifts fill the room from wall to wall, Work long days at the stinkin mall! But through it all my heart jumps with glee, When we're all together around the tree! Merry Christmas family! Love Mom

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